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Fox's Top Exec Sounds Off on Glee Controversy, Possible Spinoff and a More 'Focused' Season 3

Speaking out for the first time about Glee‘s summer of controversy, Fox president Kevin Reilly concedes that things got a little out of control, but insists the show remains on solid creative footing as it heads into its third season. 

“I think it has taken on a little more heated momentum than it in fact is,” said Reilly of the kerfuffle that raised questions about the fate of stars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer. “This show is a big management undertaking. There are many successful shows on the air that have genuine controversy and fighting. That has really not been the case. It is a good group of people with [different] personalities.”

Reilly confirmed that Rachel, Finn and Kurt will graduate at the end of the season and may be spun off into their own show next fall. “We collectively decided to revisit [the spinoff] in the back half of the [season] when it should be visited,” he explained. “It got out [in the media early] and then got a little bit crazy.”

And what about reports that the brouhaha strained relations between Glee co-creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Fulchak? “Those guys get along really well,” Reilly maintained. “Brad is the most even-keeled, mild-mannered guy in the world. And Ryan is who he is. He is a creative force… When that spinoff came around, I think his wheels started turning… and this got out. And I think the second it did, I think all of us were really surprised at how it took on a life of its own. This is something that was probably a two-day issue, that somehow it has taken on a bigger life.”

Reilly was bullish about the direction of show’s upcoming third season, which he described as “focused” and “back to [the] basics” that made it so successful. “There aren’t going to be any big guest stars, there aren’t going to be any tribute [episodes],” he said. “We’re focused on our core characters and relationships. [There will be] an incredibly clean arc. There will be a graduation at the end [of the season]. We know the three characters who will be graduating. How that’s going to play out I’m not going to say. There are some surprises; it’s not going to be predictable.”

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  1. Karen says:

    Nothing about what the heck happened with Chord Overstreet? Ugh. So done with Glee.

    • Allie says:

      They revealed that a while back. Chord was a recurring character and so he didn’t have to return to Glee if he didn’t want to. He decided in the end to leave, so no Chord next season.

      • Bob18 says:

        Re Chord: they could have picked up his option and made him a regular. They didn’t and leaked that he was gone except for just a few episodes. Negative fan reaction. So they asked him guest in 10 episodes and maybe then they’d make him a regular. He said no thanks. Too bad. He was great on the show. We don’t know yet whether he has real other opportunities. I wish him well. I wonder if they cut out a lot of his screen time in the concert movie. I wonder if they invited him to the premiere tomorrow night. I wonder if he’ll go. All too bad.

        • Michael says:

          They could have. You are right. But they didn’t. He chose to move on to “greener” pastures. I’m not sure what all the hubbub is about. Besides the fangirls and boys, I doubt that anyone will be affected in any way by his absence. He was one of the least integral characters and I’d much rather see more into the lives of Mercedes and Tina than him.

    • E says:

      Chord left. His choice. End of story.

    • Red says:

      If you were watching Glee just for Chord, don’t let the door hit you on your way out. Chord was fired at the end of the Glee Tour then asked back by FOX. Homeboy probally thought he got dissed and let his people talk him into leaving. Chord is a relatively unknown actor unless you watch Glee you don’t know who he is. It didn’t matter to me whether he stayed or left. Lets not play him as the victim. Because regardless of what Glee has become its still a vast money maker and extremely popular, more popular than the first season or ever do to the anticipation. And at the end of the day, Chord is still out of a job.

    • Aha says:


      Chord got bent out of shape when Fox promoted Darren & Harry, & not Chim. He was offered a contract to stay as guest star, which he refused because he wanted to get promoted. Fox told him tough, take it or leave it. So he left.

      Stupid of him, its not like he had anything else on offer.

      • Rowan says:

        Not QUITE the way it happened. He was told he would not be coming back. At all. And then it was announced, the fans all rebelled, sending petitions (with over 10,000 names), emails, tweets and phone calls to Fox to complain. They realized that he was popular with the fans and backpedaled, saying he was always going to come back and it was up to him to show up. That was a lie. They only offered to make him a series regular (after 10 more episodes) when he had already turned them down for yanking his chain and making him look like a baby. He has a large fan base and is likely getting offers for work. They were treating him like a yo-yo and it was unprofessional of them to do that. He was smart to walk.

        • Lily says:

          The whole public yo-yo with actors in “main” roles like Cory, Lea and Chris might be an indication about how things are dealt with internally. So I may deduct that they also played the yo-yo game with Chord who is just in a “supportive” role.

        • Guy says:

          Lol, just a couple thousand of calls, emails and tweets? Out of the millions that watch Glee. I REFUSE to believe was a fan favorite. Had Glee just kept their mouth shut until the show aired and everyone saw Sam was kaput the fans would’ve got over it. FOX pressured Glee to bring back Chord, it wasn’t Glee’s descision they made one already. And I’m sure they did lots of test analysis and research to see if letting go Chord would significantly hurt the show. So what if they made Chord feel or look like the fool, he should’ve been flattered enough of HIS fans gave a rats a*s for him to get his job back. 10 episodes then becoming a series regualr should’ve been fine, because I doubt has anything better in the works. I didn’t know Chord before Glee, probally wouldn’t know Chord if I didn’t watch Glee, and probally won’t remember Chord after Glee. Btw, if he goes to the Emmy’s this year. Can someone say awkward?

  2. Josh says:

    The ‘basics’ for Glee pretty much means ripping off an artist’s music, passing it off as their own, and throwing cheesy dialogue in between songs. So yes, let’s get back to that, please. Glee needs to stop buying into its own hype.

    • SpyKi says:

      When did they ever pass off another artists music as their own?

    • Rowan says:

      No one is ripping of artists on Glee. Everyone gets to say yes or no to their music being covered on the show and they get paid for it. How is it any different than when Van Halen covered “Dancing in the Streets?” It’s not.

    • H says:

      Isn’t that the purpose of a Glee Club? Singing covers of other people’s songs?

      • Lily says:

        Yes, I was surprised there were a handful of original songs on Glee. I thought all songs were supposed to be covers… Love the mash-ups though…

  3. Kendal Walworth says:

    When will this show stop giving me a headache?
    Ryan just said they are doing one tribute episode. I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine that, but then again you never know with this show.

    The most annoying this is I still love this show with all of my heart and just put up with this bull. Ryan & Brad should just run off into the sunset with their American Horror Story show and let the new writers take charge.

  4. SpyKi says:

    No Finn in the spin-off please.

    • helen says:

      Yes, please to Finn in the spin-off. I won’t be watching anything without Cory in it.

    • kay says:

      Even though they may have a lot of obsessive fans, Kurt and Rachel are very polarizaing characters for the general audience. The spin-off wouldn’t work without a character in the middle.

      • Saulo says:

        They have this character: Kurt. Remember he is Rachel’s (best?) (only?) good friend and Finn’s half-brother.

        • rowan says:

          You mean step-brother. A half-brother would mean they share the same mother or father. Step-brothers has no biological connection through either parent.

          How do people not know this?

      • Pall says:

        Have Jesse in the spin-off and I will be watching :) No offense, but Finn can’t make it in New York…

    • Rachel says:

      agreed. no finn. I don’t really care for him and besides he has no plans on leaving ohio where Rachel and Kurt want to get out as fast as possible.

      • Lily says:

        Yeah, should be Kurt, Rachel and Santana. But who will keep the peace at the house when these 3 diva’s all get their emotional meltdown at once ?

    • P says:

      Yes no Finn. The Finchel storyline has been drag enough, I hope Rachel goes by herself (on the love department) to NY.

  5. Mallory says:

    Falchuk, not Fulchak…

  6. Sam says:

    Hahahaha, “remains.” That should be changed to “never really was but for about seven episodes appeared to be.”

  7. Jenny says:

    Please. This obviously got out for a reason. They wanted to gauge a response. Obviously there’s an audience for a spin-off. I hate when studios play these stupid games.

    • Rog says:

      diddo. it was one big publicity stunt

    • Rowan says:

      Actually, no. It “got out” because Ryan opened his big mouth (again) and was trying to punish Chris, Lea and Cory(he DID say that he decided NOT to do the spin off after-all right after accusing them of all lying that they didn’t know they were going to be off the show). Brad is the one that usually does all the smoothing over for Ryan’s mouthiness with a ton of backpedalling, but this time it’s Kevin O’Reilly.

      Notice how he words things when he talks about Ryan. Talk about spin. This is not a man who is happy dealing with Ryan’s almost constant messes.

  8. Annie says:

    The article ends with a quote saying that we know which three are graduating…but I seriously thought more of them were sophomore’s during the first season. Sorry if I’m totally off base, but this is the first thing that popped into my mind after reading this.

    • Juliana says:

      Me too!

    • Mel says:

      I thought that a few weeks ago too. I thought they were all the same year.

    • harmograz says:

      Maybe they meant that they know which three are DEFINITELY graduating and they don’t want to let out any more names or something. I’m fairly sure that there are more than three graduating…I thought at least Quinn, Mercedes, Puck and Santana were all the same age as Kurt, Rachel & Finn.

  9. Lea says:

    Glee needs to go back to basics. Move back to the 9pm slot and stop trying to cater the show toward kids. The show was just as successful when it was back at the 9pm slot, and the critics reviews were much better too. Why warp a shows identity to suit a fringe conservative loons? It was a successful show on its own merits, now it’s only successful because people feel inclined to watch it for what it once was. It was never a kids show. I want the black humor back, I want the edginess back and yes I want the continuity back – they had all of this in season one.

    Season 2 was an utter mess, toward the later part of the season Lea Michelle (Rachel) and Naya Rivera (Santana) were pretty much carrying the weight of the entire show. It was inconsistent, people were out of character, there were literally no story arcs in the entire season but rather random plot-devices thrown in for an episode and forgotten about by next week. The Warblers/Blaine/Dalton Academy hijacked the show, the first half of season 2 seemed to revolve around Kurt and Blaine, Kurt singularly as a character and then Kurt/Blaine as a couple. Whilst the core cast got shunned. I like Kurt as a character and likely always will, but it was beyond ridiculous.

    Great season 2 episodes like ‘Born This Way’ and ‘Rumors’ give me hope, but Glee is basically a shadow of its former self.

    Season 3 has a lot of making up to do. They’d be wise to have Rachel/Santana/Will/Quinn lead the cast, reduce Kurt’s screen time back to that what it was in season 1 and allow other characters to come to the fore. Also, less relationship melodrama – most of season 2’s love triangles etc. felt forced and lacked any sort of emotional punch. They were poor rehashes of season 1’s subplots, and at least then they made sense.

    The only thing I’m looking forward to next season is them exploring the friendships again, Rachel becoming more of a character than simply pining over Finn for a season, and the relationship between Santana and Brittany which has ironically become the most organic on the show.

    Sadly, I remain pessimistic.

    • Yvette says:

      The writers need to figure out how to write better for their lead male characters, Will and Finn. Will needs to return to being the caring teacher and the heart of Glee and they need to stop using Finn as plot device to prop up Kurt’s storylines or to carry a stupid love triangle just for creating conflict. They were wonderful characters in Season One. Whatever happened to them? The quality of the show went down along with the quality of the writing for Will and Finn.

      • sm says:

        Ditto to everything you’ve said. Will became a secondary lost in his vision character only pining for Emma. Emma’s marriage to Carl was so outlandish I just forgot who they were. Now Finn they tried to give his character conflict just as Quinn had season 1. But he was altered too drastically where it was distracting and sometimes unable to follow the wishywashy storyline. Glad that Will and Emma will be back on track. So hope for great storylines for Finn Puck Quinn and Mercedes. These characers have been maimed IMO by the inconsistent writing season 2. Quinn became so broken and lost from the spunky and confident character. Mercedes was a wall ornament. Puck lost his coolness to his going with Lauren. Puckmeister going with her made no sense. Finn became a shell and sham of his former self. Glad to hear no guests stars or tributes for season 3.
        The writing was aimed season 2 at couple drama Artie/Britanny Santana really shined season 2. Kurt and Blaine was the feature season 2. Too a small degree Sam.
        Now I do have to say there were good episodes season 2. But were few. We all have our preferences on episodes and I’m sure they will vary. But mine are few. Hope season 3 will be great.

      • Rachel says:

        see I think they have problems writing for women. rachel is shrill one episode and in the next she is a doormat. Mercedes doesn’t want to be in the background and all she does now is holler at the last note (and has no dialogue or story arc to speak off.) Sue has become a caricature of herself Tina has no scenes except to cry and get booed off a a stage and quinn became a crazy person. Oh and why bring on Jonathan Groff if you are going to take anything interesting or compelling out of him? what a waste.

        Season one is on netflix streaming and after watching it again there seemed to be a sense of (dare I say it) Realism on the show.
        I was upset that New directions didn’t place at regional but I was happy that it was unexpected. Rachel talking about her aspirations and then a slushie is thrown into her face, cutting her down in a second. Bigger budget does not equal bigger show. go back to your roots glee~

      • Lucy says:


      • Lily says:

        Love the Finn-Kurt relationship, even more than Blaine – Kurt.
        Finn does not really support his stepbrother’s storyline, I thought it was the other way around, It was a major story arc from “awkwardness towards” till acceptance of the fabulousness of Kurt. I am not a fan of Finn but when he interacts with Kurt, I pay more attention to Finn than to my favorite Kurt.

        Looking forward to more “ladychats with warm milk” between Finn and Kurt when talking about graduation issues.

    • Agreeing 100% with Lea says:


    • Ashleiggh says:

      Totally agree. Had it not been for Lea and Naya, I would’ve droped Glee a while ago. I stopped watching religiously after the Super Bowl episode and its revival of Fuinn. Does anyone seriously like that couple pairing? And Cory and Dianna have no chemistry its ridiculous. There are so many things they could of done with Finchel besides causing unnesscary drama (ex: Rachel meeting Carol, Carol not approving of the relationship, maybe she could’ve thought they were moving to fast, a pregnancy scare, I’ve always wanted to see Rachel have a breakdown and see what Lea can do with a real dramatic scene). I could understand all the focus on Dalton, Kurt was there the majority if the season. I feel like the characters were going backwards, I have no problem with the gay storylines but it was just to much this season. Santana was entertaining but all the ping pong was getting a little annoying (will she come out, will she not) eh. Eh. Eh.

      • Rachel says:

        cory has no chemistry with anyone! that’s the problem!

        • Ashleigh says:

          Well, maybe he should work on that. Some scenes with him and Lea are believable and sometimes its lukewarm. I’ve seen people who hate each other off screen but bring it when the camera light turns on.

    • Rachel says:

      hell to the yes

    • Lauren says:

      CHURCH! I had to stop watching it. It was way too predictable and the guest stars were getting so annoying. I think I’ll check out the premiere… See if they’re back where they should be with their off-handed comments, pamphlets and hilarious black comedy.

  10. J. says:

    The show seems to show some promise when it comes to improving upon it’s disastrous second season, but it seems like they are really shooting themselves in the foot for anything after the third season. Letting your three headliners go before you even have concrete plans for a spinoff series is insanity and seems to me like ratings suicide in the event said spinoff fails to materialize. These guys better hope the bulk of their fanbase will be willing to watch whatever crap they churn out.

  11. marta says:

    LOL…Oh so Brad Fulchak is now happy with his unasked for role as Ryan Murphy’s full-time apologist? Murphy shoots his mouth off (spin offs, cast reductions, cast promotions, musical artists who don’t kiss his ass in the manner he expects his ass to be kissed) and then Fulchak has to go in and clean up the mess, always pretending that Murphy was misunderstood, misquoted, mis-whatever. lather rinse repeat. Who wouldn’t love that?

    The one good bit of news is that they’re ’86ing the tribute and useless guest stars. Maybe they can actually write decent epsiodes when they’re not trying to fit in a Britney Spears song into an established storyline.

  12. just sayin says:

    Hmmm….only the 3 will graduate? In the Madonna episode Santana said she was slightly older than Finn…..shouldn’t she be graduating as well?

    • sm says:

      R Murphy has his thoughts going all over the place like Finn’s. He makes no sense. For me He is just talking to hear himself talk. Like what What did I say? Or he babbles to keep all listeners wondering What the Hay?

      • mp says:

        RM said in the first interview that Rachel, Finn and Kurt were graduating and that others would ALSO be graduating but you would have to tune into the first episode to see who they are, apparently more than HALF..so I expect Puck, Quinn, Santana and Mike. Brad said Tina is a Junior. Blaine is still undefined, tune in to find out, however I can’t see him as a Junior but whatever. my predictions on the others Lauren is a wild card. Brittney will fail. Arti is a junior. Sam is gone. They have announced a new girl Sheila (Joan Jett) who can sing..so maybe a new member. I’m excited for the new season and can’t wait to see how the first episode plays out. We should know then.

  13. Dougg says:

    So only Rachel, Finn and Kurt are leaving? Bull. Quinn said she was 17 in ‘Born This Way’ and Santana said she was older than Finn in Season 1 in the Madonna episode. RM said that ‘Quinn, Puck, Finn and Rachel’ would be graduating. I can NOT believe Quinn and Puck are younger than Rachel and Finn. The main reason because they look so much older besides the fact they’ve said numerous times they were older. Also, Santana and Quinn ran for JUNIOR Prom Queen, I can ignore that next season since Quinn’s Prom Queen arc was a lengthy amount of episodes. Out of ALL the characters why would you graduate Rachel, Finn and Kurt? This makes me think Ryan and Co. have a spinoff in the works. Why get rid of the money. Mind all of you that Blaine also should be a senior because he said he was a Junior member of the Warblers in Orginal Song. Ugh. Glee can do all this backwards talking. Its still offical, no Rachel nor Kurt (which is so stupid considering this year they could’ve graduated Quinn, Puck, Tina and Mike) no Season 4 for me. Adios.

    • A. Elliot says:

      I don’t think that Reilly ment that ONLY Rachel, Kurt, and Finn are graduating.  As of right now, they’re the only characters the producers are positively sure are graduating.  I mean, I’d like to think that Quinn, Santana, Mercedes, and Puck are all seniors.  I’d also like to say the same for Blaine, as it would be very awkward at this point for Kurt’s originally-mentor-now-boyfriend to turn out to be a year younger than him.  But, whatever the case, Glee has some pretty talented writers this season and I’m anxious to see Season 3 get back to the original focus of character development and story arcs after a year of episodes that were just thrown around and didn’t really follow a significant plotline.  As much as I love the big characters like Kurt and Rachel, I think Tina, Mercedes and Mike should have some big story lines.  We don’t need more Sams and Matts.  Lets just hope for the best for Season 3!

  14. Max says:

    I love the line “Brad is the most even-keeled, mild-mannered guy in the world. And Ryan is who he is. He is a creative force…” That’s pretty much Hollywood-speak for “Brad is a good guy. Ryan is a colossal douchebag.”

    • Lisa says:

      Yep, pretty much.

    • Marta says:

      You nailed it.

    • Allison says:

      I must admit, I felt the same way… until I read his Q&A interview with Deadline, where he admits he made a lot of mistakes. Assuming his words can be taken at face value, Ryan Murphy redeems himself a lot. It could all just be part of the backpeddling scheme, but it seems pretty candid.
      So… he may not be as much of a douchebag as he seems!

      • Lily says:

        Some people can be candid but still pay attention on how to deliver a message to the public. Hope this is a good public relation lesson for Ryan Murphy and for all of us.

  15. Lisa says:

    “Ryan is who he is”? That’s not a ringing endorsement of Murphy’s personality.

    Glee has a lot to prove to me this season. If it’s more of the same, I’ll be taking it off my DVR queue.

  16. Lucy says:

    They keep talking about how Kurt, Finn and Rachel are graduating. What about the others? I know it was revealed that Blaine, and Tina are going to be juniors in season 3. I’m more concerned about Puck and Quinn! Are they graduating too?

    • Deena says:

      Hopefully, and the door can hit Quinn on the way out. Good ridance.

    • P says:

      When was that Blaine-junior revealed? Brad said that Tina is a Junior, but did not answer about Blaine, he said you’ll have to tune in.

    • A. Elliot says:

      I don’t think it woul be a smart decision at all to introduce Blaine as a junior in season 3, considering he was mentioned as a junior many times in season 2. It would just be another plot hole in the show. Besides, he doesn’t really gain anything as a character without Kurt. Blaine leaves, Kurt is still a strong enough character to have those big storylines. Kurt leaves, Blaine disappears entirely from the show. His whole storyline basically revolves around Kurt, so it wouldn’t be any fun to watch him go solo. Don’t get me wrong, the two are my favorite characters, and I love both Darren and Chris, I’ll hate to see them go. This is just my opinion on having Blaine be a junior.

  17. Saulo says:

    No comments about The Glee Project winner?

  18. Michelle says:

    Wait wait. Please clarify. Does that line at the end mean ONLY three will be graduating, or that they know the three, as in the three we’ve been talking about, will be graduating?
    Cause we know for certain that Santana, Quinn, Finn, and Puck were all juniors in season 2 (because of prom). And then they basically told us that Rachel and Kurt will be seniors this year, provided they don’t change their minds.
    How are they getting themselves out of this one?

    • Lily says:

      Everyone gets pneumonia in Glee club and do not pass their exams.

    • P says:

      I think it only means that those 3 are the ones we know for sure so far. As I mention in a post above, the is an article on E where Naya says she’ll be a senior.

  19. Puckleberry says:

    The more I read about Glee, Ryan Murphy and all that, the more I fear Season 3 will be just as uneven and all over as Season 2 was.
    I hope I am proved wrong, and we get back our funny, edgy, and entertaining Glee!

    • Paul says:

      i don’t think it will be as uneven as season 2. From what they’re saying it seems like they are really trying to bring Glee back to what it was in Season 1. But with Ryan Murphy there is nothing you can know for certain.

  20. MB says:

    Season has not yet started and Murphy already contradicted what he said many times. I’m doubtful that new writers will be able to salvage the show. What good is it to have 5+ writers when the show was already going haywire with only 3. It seems the writers didn’t communicate with each others at all and simply wrote what they felt would be great without even knowing how the plot and characters were modified in the previous/following episode. If there is a spinoff it will mean they will have to write for 2 shows (+ that other show Murphy’s introducing in Fall). Good luck with that. Incoming guest stars and tributes episodes.

  21. Sarahliz says:

    We all know that Ryan Murphy caused this drama on purpose in order to create buzz for a show coming off a sophomore slump. I don’t see a fourth season in Glee’s future.

  22. Allison says:

    Either the whole thing was a publicity stunt, or Ryan Murphy stepped in it big time and left a trail of stink all over the fanbase.
    Whatever it is, this article makes me optimistic for Season 3, since it seems like Kevin Reilly will be reining Ryan Murphy in. If S3 is everything he describes, it will be fantastic and I will continue to tune in and spend my hard earned cash on concert tickets and merchandise. If not, well… I might have to close my pocketbook and find a new obsession.
    I’m happy the Fox producers realize this, hence the intervention!

  23. Fact Check says:

    I saw this reporting elsewhere as three characters to be named later are graduating (and three , not that he said Kurt, Finn and Rachel would be graduating. Three unnamed characters allows them to do a switcheroo in second half of the season if spinoff doesn’t pan out. Check this please!

    And I love Mark, but if they graduate Kurt before Puck, I will slap them, especially who makes claims about being realistic. I would bet the house on Finn graduating, but they also have a realistic way to keep him around the show if they wanted, though I doubt they will.

  24. Phoebi says:

    I still don’t even understand if Lea, Chris, and Corey are leaving the show after season 3… the last time I checked they were back to leaving?

    • Allison says:

      My understanding is that Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Cory Monteith are definitely graduating in season 3, but not necessarily leaving the show.
      As Brad Falchuk said at comic-con, they’re not going to let Lea Michele get away when they have her under contract, so I think it’s a safe assumption that she, at least, will be around in some Glee form for a few years yet.
      As far as I know, Ryan Murphy was the only one who ever said the trio was leaving, and then he clarified that they were leaving for the spin-off, which is now on hold. All of the other producers have made a point of saying they are only graduating, not that they are leaving.
      So I’m assuming that if the spin-off happens (to be determined next spring), they will leave Glee and go on the spin-off show. If the spin-off does not happen, they will stay on Glee.
      (But who really knows, though, hey? For a while it seemed like every week the info was changing back and forth!)

  25. love glee says:

    We all know that RM is the top dog of Glee and all his talk is blown out both sides of his mouth like a politician. You never know if what he says is true or not. It’s just as if his interviews are for speculation and renewed interest to the show. Last season was a milestone for the show new and different concept, new story arcs, showbiz performances, guest stars who were much over rated IMO, and the principle creators who write direct produce and over see all production gave themselves over achieving tasks of all duties. What they ended up with was a product that was less than their vast potentials allowed. They fell prey to fans opinions and fans demanding wants so they tried to give us fans what we wanted and it became a jumbled inconsistent hodge podge of prose. The powers at be including RIB have gone back to the basics of their creation to bring back the charm and momentum of Glee. Of which I’m glad. They are trying to prepare us fans for introductions of new characters to expand the show to future seasons. Trickle them in slowly. This is highschool new kids come in all the time. I for 1 a fan of the original cast will be bummed when they whoever they are graduate. I will not miss watching this last season with them. I am hoping for a great season of writing bringing in some adult decisions that the characters have to make and live up to. This would be a culmination of all good things for the original cast to go through. Have them become adults to move on or in a spin off. Which I am very hopeful for. Rachel Kurt Finn Santana Puck Blaine Britanny all in New York. This would be my new Glee. Of which I would watch as long as it would be on air.
    RM said alot of contradicting comments which made a fury in press but really all it has done is bring attention to the show and that there will be changes in its format. All for press. Politician a good one at that.

  26. HarryFREAKINPotter says:

    I ain’t gonna lie, I’m a huge fan of Glee.  But Ryan and Brad need to stop giving the fans every little thing they want and just WRITE.  If I had every thing I wanted on that show, it would probably just be a trainwreck called “The Klaine Show” or something along those lines.  I mean, let’s just think back on this season, shall we?  Fans want more tribute episodes: BAM.  Producers give us random out of storyline Britney episode.  Fans want more pop music, Ryan hands over Katy Perry and some Disney Channel-esque original songs which, although sung nicely, were not as successful as “Somebody to Love” and “Don’t Stop Believing” covers.  I think the only time it really worked was when Blaine was introduced, he was only ment a three-episode-arc as a mentor.  However, the fans loved him so much he was kept for the rest of the season, which worked nicely for the purpose of Kurt.  But seriously, RIB, the show was better off when it was just starting out at a 9pm time slot, only ment to last a season with hardly any influence from a fanbase whatsoever.  Please, save Glee, and make it the plot following show we loved from the beginning, not some string of unrelated episodes like the last season.