So You Think You Can Dance Results: Did the Right Four Dancers Make the Season 8 Finale?

It doesn’t matter who made the So You Think You Can Dance Season 8 finale, executive producer and head judge Nigel Lythgoe declared during Thursday night’s results-show telecast: “The only winner is dance.” Roll your eyes all you want, but the man kind of has a point, doesn’t he? As we come to the end of a sensational summer of hip-hop, contemporary, jazz, ballroom, and not enough offbeat stuff like African jazz and Bollywood, it’s time to put your hands together one more time, as the glamorously attired Cat Deeley instructed, for the week’s evicted hoofers, as well as the undeniably awesome quartet left standing.

Without further ado, here’s the scoop on what went down:

Caitlynn Lawson
Ricky Jaime

Final Four
Melanie Moore
Marko Germar
Sasha Mallory
Tadd Gadduang

Awesome Musical Performance By

Before we got to the results, of course, there was plenty of song and dance to fill the hour. Here’s a rundown of the routines:

* The strange opening number, set to Lia Ices’ “Grown Unknown,” featured the Top 6 dancing around some kind of alien flower that took flight at the end of the routine. Call me obtuse, but I didn’t get it.

* Our Top 3 ladies then took the stage for some blink-and-you-missed-em solos. All season long, I’ve found Sasha’s partnering and group work far more compelling than her solos, but her piece to “We Gonna Win” by Miri Ben-Ari was absolutely worthy of the standing O it received from the judges: Powerful, athletic, and packed with tension and drama. Caitlynn betrayed her slight immaturity as a dancer with a messy, twee performance to Natasha Beddingfield, and Melanie, while emphasizing mood over technical difficulty, was nonetheless deeply compelling for the second night running. (That flying leap leading into a total body collapse was a real wow moment.)

* Even though I felt like he’d overstayed his welcome by outlasting Jess, I have to admit Rickyhad the evening’s best solo among the male contestants. His “Requiem for a Fall” saw him leaping so high and extending so far that those Bad Boys of Dance might want to recruit the dude. Marko, meanwhile, danced to the same James Morrison tune that he did on Wednesday (bzzzzzzt!) while Tadd pulled some nifty tricks and balanced himself on one arm while Cat ambled back to the stage for her teleprompter work.

* Lauren and Kent reprised the Emmy-nominated “Collide” and got a comic scolding from Cat when the end-of-routine smooch went on a bit too long. Are those kids adorable or what? Now bring back Robert, too, please.

* Oh, wait, they will! Robert will be a finale All-Star alongside Lauren, Joshua, and Mark! What-what?!?!

* The Bad Boys of Dance looked like what would happen if the NFL made a baby with Tron: Legacy — they were dancing to music from the movie’s soundtrack, after all– and I mean that in the best possible way. Their routine was so fast, so muscular, and so unrelenting, I almost felt like I’d gotten a workout, too, when it was done. So You Think You Can Exercise? Not today, but thanks anyway!

Now it’s your turn: Hit the comments and let me know: Did the right dancers go home tonight? Who are you hoping will win it all during next week’s finale? And have you downloaded Pia’s single yet? (C’mon, it costs less than a bottle of Diet Coke!) Sound off in the comments, and for all my reality recaps and news, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. renee says:

    no, tadd should have been eliminated. ricky, sasha, and melanie are the best dancers on the show.

    • noel says:

      I 100% agree. I loved Ricky from the start. His solos are WAAAY better than Tadd’s. I don’t really care if Tadd can do every style, so can Ricky!

      • sadtroll says:

        Tadd can do every style! Just not very well. Too bad about Ricky, i was hoping he was coming on strong at the end.

        • djm says:

          Ricky was the right choice to go home – he was in over his head. I think if he had waited a year or two he’d have a maturity that would have served him better. Oh, and I think someone needs to school Slezak on what the word “AWESOME” means – surly it’s not an orange woman lip syncing to a rather lame song. Just sayin…

          • hawk_941 says:

            Not sure what you were watching, but there was no lipsyncing going on. I thought Pia’s singing was very good, even if her stage presence could us a lift.

          • KevyB says:

            Come on! That was the most obvious lip-synching EVER! Honestly.

    • AK says:

      Tadd is about 1000 times more interesting as a dancer than Ricky. He may have had some of the best Dance for Your Life solos this show has ever seen, but in performances, Ricky often failed to match up. I’m so glad to see the uniquely and diversely talented Tadd make the finale!

  2. NineDaves says:

    100%! There’s no one else I’d rather see in the finale. Sasha FTW!

  3. Ash says:

    Yes, the right people did go home! This is the perfect top four, and all of them have been my favorite dancers since the start of the season! I’d honestly be happy if ANY of them won :)

  4. Beth T says:

    For me this is the right Top 4 (given that Jess went home a week too early…)

    I love them all – and much as I would like to see a male contemporary dancer win again (none since Nick won S1), I don’t really see anyone taking the crown away from Melanie – she really is superb. :)

    • Daniel says:

      +1 on the Jess comment. Can’t wait to see him and the rest of the top 20 back next week!

    • Boffo the Wonder Sheep says:

      Make that + 2 for. I’m happy with the top 4, but wished the pocket dancer could have snuck in there.

    • Joann says:

      +3 on the Jess situation — Ricky should have been gone weeks ago — he’s too pretty. Coming from a theatre background, I couldn’t understand what everyone was so upset about — you’re on stage, you need to use your face as well as your body to communicate when you’re dancing. Uncle Nigel should know that — he pulls more faces than Eve! But as for the winner — I have a feeling it’s going to be Melanie, from the start with her audition I thought if she doesn’t make it no one will; and then there’s Tadd — an incredible talent, I would love to see him win it all!

  5. Danielle Notaro says:

    Melanie alllll the way. Go Marko. Go Sasha. Too bad Jess didn’t get to really do his thing. I’m not normally a jazz dancer fan but he was splendid. Melanie has been my fave from the start with Sasha a close second. Marko is pretty sweet too.

    • charlie says:

      Agree. I’ll be shocked if Melanie doesn’t win and I’ll be doing all my power voting for her for 2 hours. I love the others also and have given both Marko and Todd some of my votes to keep them in the competition, but Melanie has totally enchanted me from the first that I saw her audition and her demeanor– so sweet and humble. I hope they all get great choreo next week so the show will be another great finale.

  6. jailynn says:

    My top four were Melanie,Jess,Sasha,and Tadd. But I hope Melanie wins. MAd props to Tadd, to see a natural out there with no pro experience is cool as ever!

  7. jacquinta says:

    I want Sasha be winner cause be the better dancer.

  8. Melanie says:

    I too agree that Jess deserved to go farther. My dream top four was Melanie, Sasha, Marko, and Jess (not saying Tadd isn’t good though.)I really think Melanie deserves to win; that solo last night was spectacular and by far her entire body of work on the show is easily the best. Sasha is good too though, and Marko as well. It’s going to be an amazing finale! (And I’m sure I’m not the only one eagerly waiting to see Melanie and Marko dance together again!)

  9. ladyhelix says:

    It’s going to be a great show – and I’m more excited than usual about seeing al the top 20 back to dance in the results show. It’s been a wonderful season – I just hope the fact that people have so many other choices to watch doesn’t jeopardize next season in ANY way.

    BTW: do you think Nigel is scaring off All Stars by saying that this years contestants are “out dancing” them? Just curious (careful Nigel!!)

    She looked pretty and sounded great, but I’m saving my nickles and dimes for a diet coke. Or Allison Iraheta’s next single. Sorry Michael.

    • Ziamp says:

      I do not think that Michael will mind in the least if you save your dimes for Allison Iraheta’s next single. To be honest, although Pia Toscana is one ragazza who can belt out a tune, that pseudo-country sounding ditty did not do her justice, and seemed a little too packaged to that demographic who purchases Lauren and Scotty. Where were her soaring ballads? What about rock and roll? No, the tune did not suit her, and did not seem ‘authentic’… That is one problem the divine Ms Iraheta never had. She was always 100% the Rocker!

      • Anita says:

        I agree with your opinion of Pia on all points, and will add that her stylist was off too. Sorry, Pia. Melanie & Sasha are both incredible dancers, but Melanie has the edge for me. I hope she wins it all.

      • djm says:

        Sorry, but Pia’s single is totally WHACK and she looks like she is in physical pain when she sings – oh, and she’s WAYYYYYYY too orange. Send her back to the Jersey shore. Please.

    • Jacob says:

      Nigel said last year that Kent out danced all the all stars. He held his own against Mark, Kathryn, Twitch, Allison and Neil (twice)!!! I am amazed that Sasha could hold her own against Twitch and Kent!!! Especially with her rough start with Alexander…I have a feeling that it could be either Sasha or Melanie that will win!

  10. JVC says:

    Joyful, joyful, JOYFUL DAY!!!! We got the right final 4. Beth T you’re right that jess shouldn’t have gone home last week, would’ve been able to get behind seeing him in the finale. But when he was eliminated, it had to be tadd to join marko as top 2 guys this season. I too am excited to see marko and melanie dance together again. While my dream top 2 are either melanie and marko or sasha and melanie, I’d be happy no matter who wins. Plus It’s a diverse group as well.

  11. ziamp says:

    But, can I add, SASHA 4 the WIN! I LOVE that girl – she does with her dancing what Adam Lambert does with his singing! It is sublime spectacle, and I love it! No one’s dancing affects me as much as Sasha’s, and I readily admit to crying my eyes out watching her dancing against the wall. She is so fearless; and every week I tune in just to see what she will try next… hmmm, that sounds familiar, too…

  12. Kamil says:

    Watched this show just to see Pia! :)

    • Faz says:

      Well, you kind of wasted your time then, didn’t you? She lip-synched to a forgettable song. Even if she sang it live it wouldn’t have been very interesting. Plus she was orange for heaven’s sake.

  13. Tess says:

    Sasha for the win. Despite her obvious talent, this season’s been a bit of a disappointment — weak choreography, uneven balance of dancers. And truth be told, the All-Stars are outperforming this season’s dancers. Where are Sabra, Danny, Benji, Danyelle and Heidi?

    • Kate says:

      I don’t know about the others but I know Danny’s dancing as a soloist in a ballet company in Norway so it might be a little hard for him to make it to the show :)

  14. Mike says:

    Take off the idol-colored glasses Michael, Pia’s performance was beyond generic, and her voice sounded disappointingly weak. Apparently the machine has decided to try to youngen her up, and has spit out an oddly tanned hybrid between Celine Dion and JoJo.

  15. anon says:

    I don’t get how Pia is getting all this attention…didn’t she get voted off idol waaay early on in the competition? There was a reason for that, so why is she getting so much exposure when the majority of America didn’t like her the first time. Not trying to be a hater but just wanted to share my input, i thought her performance was average…anyway I am content with tonight’s result but will always and forever be a fan of Melanie and Marko. I hope they get paired to dance next week!

    • charlie says:

      First week sales for Pia’s record: 19,000. Far less than stellar, I’d say, especially since there was such a hue and cry from what seemed like a huge number of fans when she went off Idol at number 9.
      They they all seemed so excited when she got a record deal. Now she has a single out and where are all those fans? Personally, I think Pia has a great voice for power ballads, and this song doesn’t suit her at all. Could that be why sales are not great?

      • Faz says:

        Well, as I have said before — she isn’t that interesting of a singer — there are 1000s out there who can sing like that or better. She just isn’t all that good. It was an Idol boomlet, but Michael has a lot emotionally invested in her.

        Plus, she’s orange (I’m just saying).

  16. ricky says:

    I like sasha but I think Melanie is better. It’s kind of unfair though because it seems like sasha will get more support because of her association with adam lambert, so all his fans are going to of course support her because they have to obey their master…

    • Lana says:

      I’m a big Adam fan but I don’t go for Sasha because she danced with him, that’s just stupid Adam isn’t a Master and who knows maybe he likes Melanie better or Marko and Tadd. I think Melanie is better than Sasha because she can emote with her beautiful dancing so much better than Sasha. It is going to be a great final next week I can’t wait, though it will kill me to say goodby to my favorite show until next season!!

      • gabby says:

        They didn’t act like she was the only one with a hard life they were simply making a comment. If they had said melanie ur short hair makes u look stronger it wouldn’t mean that she was the only one they would just be making a comment. And I honestly don’t see this attitude ur talking about she just focused u don’t have to be overly bubly to be happy.

  17. MyLittleMargie says:

    Yes, Sasha is a terrific dancer but I am seeing a bit of attitude lately. Not charming. At all. Can’t put my finger on it. I do know that I didn’t care for the way she (and the judges) acted like she’s the only one who has had a hard life. Get real. I like Marko but I’ve seen enough of his mommy problems. Melanie is a beautifully gifted dancer but her dolly dimples personality is a little hard to take. Is she for real? Regarding Tadd…I like him but walking on ones hands does not make one a great dancer. Don’t get me started on Pia. Why her? Wasn’t she voted off early on? And, she was lip syncing, right? Oh, and I hate the way Nigel manipulates this show and Idol. I hate the way he keeps telling everyone that they are his “favorite”! Don’t ask me why I watch reality TV. I don’t have an anser. Agg-ra-vat-ing.

    • Lisan says:

      Yes! I actually agree with every single thing you’ve said! There is just something really off about this season. While I recognize that the top 4 are great dancers (and I guess Melanie is my favorite?) I don’t care about any of them the way that loved contestants from previous seasons. Honestly? I don’t really care who wins and not because I love them all equally like I did Benji and Travis or basically the entire top 12 & 10 for seasons 3 & 4 (those were the days…). I don’t know if the contestants had less time to show their personalities this season or what, but the only one who stood out for me in that respect was Tadd, who does not deserve to win based on his dance ability.

      Also, the dance variety this season was atrocious! I used to love contemporary, now I almost dread it. Just once could they do a week without contemporary and jazz? And bring back disco!

      Last thing: the judges used to actually critique the contestants, but in the last few seasons (especially this one!) there has hardly been any criticism, even when there were many routines that were far from perfect. It seems like, Nigel & co are so concerned with proving that each new season is “the best season yet!” that they’re now afraid to point out any flaws. It’s hard to take this show seriously anymore and it breaks my heart.

  18. MyLittleMargie says:

    One more thing…I usually think Michael Slezak is spot on – so I don’t understand this thing he’s got for Pia. It’s beyond me.

  19. MyLittleMargie says:

    PPS If Sasha beats Melanie out, it will be because of the Glambots voting for her. And, that’s just wrong.

    • AK says:

      What about all of her fans who discovered her on the show this season? I’m no Glambot, but I’ve been taken by Sasha since her first audition. She’s always been one of my favorites, and after her piece with Kent this week (in which she actually made me cry!) and her phenomenal solo tonight, she easily has vaulted to the top of the pack. I would gladly vote for her to win in the finale next week.

    • Ladyhelix says:

      It would be wrong if that were the case – but I really don’t believe that it is. (“If Sasha beats Melanie out, it will be because of the Glambots voting for her. And, that’s just wrong.”)

      Sasha has earned the fans she has, and although Adam’s fans are loyal – we are not sheep. Melanie and Sasha are going to have to dance their hearts out for my vote next week. It’s going to be a great show.

  20. AK says:

    Considering Clarice and Robert’s was the first truly interesting Bollywood since about Katee and Joshua back in season 4, I would recommend either doing away with this genre or finding a new choreographer to spice things up. Otherwise, I’m in total agreement with the need for more offbeat genres like African jazz.

    Also, that Pia Toscano performance was painful. As someone who does not watch “American Idol,” I did NOT get the appeal. Nigel Lythgoe, why do you insist on trying to make this bland girl happen? I would rather sit through Blush again than that (yep, I said it).

  21. Jake says:

    This is the Right Top 4 even though i still dont see the big deal in Sasha, but to each his own.
    I really hope Melanie wins this competition, she has been my favorite since her audition but id be happy with Marko winning too.

  22. Nellie says:

    Melanie, Marco and Tadd should all definitely be in the final. I feel Sasha is overrated. Her first partnership faltered because she couldn’t contain her dislike. It was clear she thought she was better than Alexander and most of the other dancers. Look at the way she carried on over Gaga’s shoe, too arrogant to think Melanie should even be permitted to hold it even after Melanie out-danced her.
    As an aside I thought the judges not standing for Caitlynn’s solo was tacky. Nigel’s last dig at Caitlynn saying she danced from her head was also uncalled for.
    As for Pia, she left idol early because the was boring, lifeless and a howler. Nothing has changed, who cares if she’s pretty, she a mindless automaton with no real artistry.

    • AK says:

      To each their own, I guess. I thought Sasha slayed that Sonya routine, and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her (even when Melanie’s technique was stronger, her passion at that moment was not ). And the Gaga shoe incident was awkward, but it just seemed like an excited girl getting carried away to me. At times, she would offer it over to Melanie so that they could both hold it, but would then wildly wield it in celebration once again at the judges’ compliments.

    • Lana says:

      Nellie you hit the nail on the head with everything you just said. I remember thinking how tacky of Sasha to not let Melanie hold that hideous shoe, Melanie was only allowed to stroke it. Sasha acted like it was thrown to only her. I have also felt Sasha’s attitude was very condensending towards all the other dancers through this whole time. I thought the judges stood for all three girls solos but did not for any of the guys and I felt that was rude. The guys weren’t any worse than the girls so if you stand for the girls you need to stand for the guys or else don’t stand for any. If the boys had been worse then I would understand but they weren’t, they did just as good as the girls.

      • MAS says:

        Sasha and Melanie had fantastic solos. No one else did. Caitlynn’s was an improvement, but not worthy of an ovation. Ovations are not about treating everyone the same. Sometimes some people do perform better than others. This is not about them as a person, but about the performance. People shouldn’t be judged, but performance should.

    • Karen says:

      I completely agree about Sasha being overrated. I just don’t get what all the fuss is about. I much prefer watching Caitlynn dance. And as much as I like Tadd, I’d rather have seen Jess in the finale. I’d have chosen Melanie, Marco, Jess, and Caitlynn. I really think that this was the best top 20 ever, but I’ve been left feeling a bit cold this season. I don’t think the choreography is as strong as it used to be and there haven’t been any dancers who really stood out. As much as I like Melanie, I haven’t connected with her as much as I have with contestants on seasons past.

  23. Mary says:

    I’m always mesmerized when watching Sasha dance. I would love her to win this thing!

  24. Claire says:

    I have no problem with Melanie, Sasha or Marko winning. They’re all superb. Tadd is quite good, too, but he doesn’t have a prayer against these others. But really the important thing all of the dancers get out of participating in the show–especially the ones that last to the end–isn’t the title of “winner” but the exposure that they get that will make their work known by others and further their careers. Melanie, Marko and Sasha are all now bona fide stars of dance, and their careers are assured. (If they want them–I seem to remember that Melanie is actually in school to be a painter, isn’t she?)

  25. Paris says:

    I love how people say Sasha is overrated. To me the overrated ones are Melanie and Marko. Melanie is technically perfect but I feel nothing when I see her dance. She does the feminine soft side beautifully. But I want fire and passion, which I have not seen from her. When she is finally out of her comfort zone with the hip hop number, she disappointed me. It was not hard hitting, it was too fluid and soft which she excels in. I am angry that the judges did not seem to criticize her. Marko also bores me. He has not grown this season and it seems like he has no personality at all. When he dances, I feel nothing.

    • D says:

      I agree with you 100%. I had to rewind Marko’s solo the last two nights because it was so boring, I wasn’t even paying attention. He is better with partners in his own genre, but his ballroom has been lame.

  26. Lisa says:

    I agree with the top 3 picks, not completely sure about Tadd though. I think he got in the top 4 more b/c of his personality, but he is also a good dancer and has grown over the season.

    The judges did stand for all 3 girls solos but not for any of the guys. I also didn’t think it was necessary for Nigel to add that criticism of Caitlynn and staying in her head too much. I think he was right though on the head, feeling and soul approach for the girls dancing.

    I’ve not thought about Sasha’s behaviour really until reading the comments, and I agree that she couldn’t hide her dislike for Alexander, and I thought that was wrong. Clearly they come from different worlds, but figure out how to make it work. I’m not sure she thinks she’s better than everyone else, but she tends to go from acting like a child (gaga shoe thing) to closer to her age. Perhaps she just needs to get her childishness under control in public and people won’t get a wrong idea of her.

    In the end, I love Melanie and Sasha and would be happy for either girl to win, but I find Sasha’s lines at times off putting. I like Marko as well, but the girls are stronger. I give Melanie the edge and my fingers are crossed for her to be the winner.

    • Magically Suspicious says:

      To quote Nigel….it’s America’s FAVORITE dancer, not America’s most talented dancer. Personality plays a huge role in the winner getting to the end. They can have all of the technical moves down to a science, but if they have no personality, they won’t survive (case in point: Ryan). BUT….I love Tadd and I don’t think his talent is anything to sneeze at. He’s such a powerful athlete, but everything he does is graceful at the same time. I was happy with the final 6. After Jess left, I was good with all of the remaining dancers. No one will be beating Melanie (and rightfully so), but I think Tadd is amazing and deserves to be in the Top 4.

      • Lisa says:

        yes you’re right, it is Americas favorite dancer, not most talented. Don’t get me wrong, I like Tadd a lot as well. I think his solos are fantastic and very original.

        It’s been a great season 8 – so many great dancers.

      • LovesDance says:

        Thanks for reminding some that this is about our “favorite” dancer, not the technically best. My early favorites were Tadd, Jess & Caittlyn. I was hoping Tadd & Caittlyn would make final 4 together with Melanie & Marko.
        Tadd has stolen my heart this season and, for me, is the most personable & loveable dancer, as well as one who has shown immeasurable growth. I would love nothing more than to see him take the crown…yeah, I know…not going to happen, but I’ll wish for it anyway :) .

  27. MAS says:

    Ok – I am clearly alone here, but my favorite moment of the night was the announcement that Joshua will be an all-star next week. Now I am excited for the finale. I also loved the Kent/Lauren routine. Sasha gave her best solo ever, in my opinion. Melanie’s was good, but Wednesday night was spectacular so she had to try and out do herself. (Also, I am wondering what early Friday morning means. Isn’t it already 11:30am out there on the East coast?)

  28. Goob says:

    Watching Ricky’s best bits package last night – I was amazed he survived partnering Ryan. He deserved better than her and I’m glad she didn’t get him eliminated and he made the top 4.

  29. NotAFan says:

    I’m a little confused by your use of the word “Awesome” to describe this week’s musical guest….unless you’re being sarcastic, in which case I totally understand. My husband said of Pia (sarcastically), “I can see why they had her on the show with her great stage presence and moves”. She has no charisma, for me, and she doesn’t seem to have grown as a performer since her time on Idol. No matter how hard she gets shoved down our throats, I am not buying her as the next great pop diva…sorry.

  30. Keokiana says:

    Pia is still boring as hell. And about time Ricky was booted!

  31. T says:

    There was no doubt in my mind that Melanie, Marko, Sasha, and Tadd weren’t going to make it into the finals, but it was still sad to see Caitlynn go because she had a great night last night. Check out my other thoughts here:

  32. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    Huh, I really don’t get it. I want anyone BUT Melanie to win this thing. She’s so painfully dull to me. I see not much in her beyond mere competence. Sasha is my favorite but I’d be okay with Marko winning. Tadd would make me go hmmm, but he’d be a better winner than some of the others they’ve had. At least he’s nice and upbeat.

  33. Jake says:

    Personally would have preferred Caitlynn over Sasha, but otherwise pretty happy with the Final 4. The entire season has been pretty great.
    Pia is excellent and I love her voice, but that song just isn’t very good. She sings it well, but it isn’t selling well because it just isn’t very good, regardless of who’s singing it.

  34. Trisha says:

    So glad Sasha made the finale! She truly owns the stage – and what a compliment from Nigel – she dances from her soul – wow!

    We all know Michael has lots of love for Pia, so no dissing, I’ll admit she has a powerful voice. But that song is banal and last night, in addition to her singing flat toward the end, I heard a goat bleat in her vibrato. I think Stevie Nicks is the only one who’s ever pulled that sound off successfully. Hope her album is better than this effort.

  35. Sarah says:

    Hey I am right there with you to the person who was excited about Joshua! We see tWitch all the time and no one remembers that he was the second place person for their season. I lover tWitch don’t get me wrong…but Joshua was someone with Katie that I had a lot of fun watching. I am happy that they finally brought him back for once!

    Especially since he was such good friends with Comfort and all and she seems to come back every season!

  36. Volcfom says:

    I don’t think “This Time” suits Pia at all. I have a feeling it was written for Jordin Sparks and it didn’t make the cut for her latest CD. Also, it reminds me of JoJo’s “Too Little Too Late”.

  37. Mary says:

    I personally never liked the Pia sound, but I actually think that song was perfect for her, and she sang it strong and beautifully.

  38. Demi says:

    marko didnt dance to the same song it was just the same artist

    • Tucker says:

      Yeah, that caught me a little off-guard at first, too, but it was too different songs: ‘Wonderful World’ on Wednesday and ‘You Give Me Something’ on Thursday. Both were acoustic versions, which might have caused the confusion.

  39. Tucker says:

    The right four definitely made the finale. Melanie and Marko have been my tops from the beginning. Sasha stepped up a week or two in. And Tadd came in a little later, but all 4 have been who I’ve been pulling for most of the competition now.
    Caitlynn is a lovely dancer and sunny presence but she really didn’t have any defining dances until Top 6 Wednesday. Her samba with Pasha was wonderful (though she kept spinning her head ’round to the audience and involving them a bit too much), but her jazz routine with Marko revealed all kinds of depths and levels and a commitment into the story regardless of the audience that we hadn’t seen prior. Unfortunate that it had to be the final dance of the season before the finale for that to happen.
    Ricky is a gorgeous dancer, but he seems to lack a maturity and a groundedness that works against him when he’s partnering. When he dances solo he puts on an elegant and compelling show. When he’s given someone else to dance with, his confidence seems to falter and he loses a connection to his partner, to the piece, and ultimately, to the audience. I could never get into Ricky all season because of that, though I appreciated his solos.
    Both voted out were the right choices and I look forward to next week’s finale. Hard to believe it’s already here. And yes, I must admit that I squealed when Cat said Joshua’s name as one of the All-Star’s next week. Although Melanie’s giving him a run for his money, Joshua’s still my all-time favorite.

  40. Mandy says:

    I tend to fast-forward through some of the chatty parts (thank god for PVR) because the 2 hr, then 1 hr shows can be soo long. So I missed the announcement that Mark will be on the finale. I could not be more excited!!!! He, Twitch and Neil are always the most exciting all-stars to see on the show.
    I could have kept Tadd or Ricky. Like them both.
    There hasn’t been enough variety this season in dance genres. I didn’t notice until I saw Melanie dance hip-hop, I don’t really remember her branching out of her comfort zone much. Sasha is perfect for African Jazz (it is what she often has for solos) so they shoudl have done that more. And Lil’C has judged twice but hasn’t choreographer a krump dance all year. More variety! No one everyone looks so good this year. They aren’t really challenging them.

  41. RG says:

    I am just happy that the two top guys left standing are both Filipino-Americans! Go Marko and Tadd!!!