Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on Both NCIS Shows, Two CSIs, Criminal Minds, Chuck and More!

Which NCIS series is set to put a bullet in one of its regulars? For Criminal Minds‘ Prentiss, will it not necessarily be “happy to see me” when she returns from the “dead”? What’s the mind-blowing twist on tap for Chuck fans? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from some of TV’s hottest shows.

NCIS: Los Angeles | We love it when show boss Shane Brennan starts a sentence with: “I’ll tell you something I don’t think Ive told anyone else….” This time around, during a chat at a Wednesday-night Television Critics Association soiree, he shared with me that not only does Season 3 pick up a mere three minutes after the finale left off, but the proceeding 43 minutes of the premiere will unspool in “real time” a la 24. “It has a narrative drive that is such that you should really go to the bathroom before you watch this show,” he advised with a chuckle. “We cocked the gun, so to speak.” Among what’s on tap, including the next surprising beats in the “Who is Callen?” story: A main character gets shot, “and the ramifications of that resonate for four episodes.” What’s that season premiere date again? Oh, yeah – Tuesday, Sept. 20.

NCIS Nabs Lily Tomlin for McGee-Centric Episode

NCIS | Turning now to the mothership’s own Sept. 20 opener, Cote de Pablo (seen here!) tells me, “It’s a heavy DiNozzo episode,” which is no huge surprise given the mysterious assignment he was handed by the SecNav at the end of last season. Still, she stresses, “He goes through the mill,” setting the stage for De Pablo’s most favorite kind of Tony. “Watching him get in touch with his emotions is a really beautiful thing,” she says. What pretty lady will help Tony land when he crashes from all the pressure? Fret not, it’s strictly professional: Judging Amy‘s Wendy Makenna will return as NCIS shrink Dr. Rachel Cranston.

Criminal Minds | With Paget Brewster rightfully restored to the cast, the first order of business this season is “resurrecting” Prentiss, whose death was faked so that she could evade arch nemesis Ian Doyle. “The first episode [airing Sept. 21] is about how I have to come back,” Brewster previewed for me, “and people are surprised.” Well, not everyone. After all, both J.J. and Hotch were in on the ruse. As for those left out of the circle of trust, “Some of the gang are peeved,” says Kirsten Vangsness, “but I’m just like, ‘Whee!’ Garcia is happy.” Still, it sounds like Reid, Rossi and/or Morgan might feel snubbed. As A.J. Cook teased (quite dramatically, bless her): “Relationships will unravel!”

CSI: NY Exclusive: Smallville Alum Cops Role in Premiere

CSI: NY | As has been reported, CBS’ Big Apple-based crime drama will opens its season with Mac reflecting on the 10-year anniversary of his wife perishing in the 9/11 attacks. But if it’s a highly charged, emotional hour, know that it’s for a good purpose. At the end of the Sept. 23 premiere, which will feature flashbacks to a blissfully wed, smiling Mac, “You’ll feel — you’ll know — that he derives a certain amount of closure, including from a special act that he makes at the end of that day,” exec producer Zack Reiter says. “I hope we are able to convey that he’s able to move on in many ways… and hopefully in a way that allows him to open up and have a relationship that is more meaningful than maybe some of the past ones he has had.” Paging Madchen Amick? Claire Forlani?

Ted Danson: My CSI Boss Is ‘Trying to Hold a Crazy Group of People Together’ – Watch Video

CSI | Given the news that Season 12 (premiering Wednesday, Sept. 21) is very likely Marg Helgenberger’s last, it’d stand to reason that William Petersen might make an encore, playing Gil to her Catherine. But as of Wednesday, when I spoke to show boss Carol Mendelsohn, nothing yet was set in stone. “Listen, every year we go to Billy – it’s sort of like a pilgrimage – to say, ‘Will you come back?’ Last year we were successful, and he came back for that one episode [via Skype with wife Sara].” And now? “We talked to Billy a few weeks ago, and he was talking about what Gil might cook for dinner for Sara — and he said ‘grilled cheese went very well with beer’ – so you never know. I mean, they are married, and we’d like the audience to be able to see Gil and Sara sometime.” So cross those fingers!

Zachary Levi Shares His ‘Somber’ Reaction to Chuck Ending, Promises Much Heart in Finale

Funny Business | Previewing possible blasts from the past for the coming season, The Big Bang Theory exec producer Bill Prady says, “Christine [Baranski] is absolutely coming back [as Leonard’s mother], we certainly hope Laurie Metcalf will be back [as Sheldon’s mom], and at some point, we’ll have to see Wil Wheaton again”…. Speaking with Chuck cocreator Chris Fedak this week, he teased of the fifth and final season, “There’s something we’re working on right now that I think is going to make people’s brains explode. I hope they really dig it.” Um, OK — any details? “It has to do with Sarah and Chuck.” Hit comments with your speculation…. Fans of The Office this season can look forward to an episode in which the entire Dunder Mifflin crew pays a visit to Schrute Farms! (With additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

The Office Spoiler Alert: Who Else Is *****t**g?

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  1. ChuckS5 says:

    OMG…Fedak is so cruel..lol

  2. klutzy_girl says:

    Cannot wait for Rachel’s return on NCIS! I loved her and I’m excited for Tony’s storyline!

    Interesting about the Chuck spoiler.

    • sadtroll says:

      Ditto, for the Kate’s sister return. Loved her first episode and if anyone’s gonna help fix Tony in a non-head slappy kind of way it should be her.

  3. Alicia says:

    Soooo pumped for Paget’s return! I wouldn’t be surprised if the premiere brings in larger-than-ever numbers since pretty much every CM fan is psyched for her & AJ’s reinstatement.
    Thanks for the scoop, Matt–also, love your “rightfully restored to the cast.” It’s nice when industry people don’t walk the line of PC neutrality and actually acknowledge that it’s good she’s back.

    • Lorie says:

      Alicia, ITA with you! I can’t wait for CM’s season premiere. Now that the whole gang is back, all is well.

    • Chelsea says:

      Yes! I was totally thrilled to see that AJ Cook and Paget Brewster were coming back. I’m counting down the days to Criminal Minds’ return. By the way, it’s 48.

    • Lori says:

      Sooo totally agree!She is, in my opinion, the best actor on the show. They are all great! It should be a very interesting storyline about the return of Prentiss. I can’t wait!

    • Lauren Reyolds (is dead) says:

      Right there with you guys! I am so Happy that Paget is coming back to the show. Prentiss is my favorite character and I can’t wait to see what interesting storyline they are cooking up for her return!

  4. Esaul says:

    Loving the scoops. But what happened to the share button? I love sharing these articles on facebook…>.>

  5. Mel says:

    Thanks for the NCIS scoop! Can’t wait. Michael Weatherly just breaks my heart when he plays emotional, and it’s always great to see him show something more than the funny side of DiNozzo. Love this show and their talented cast!

    • Suzanne says:

      Oh yes, I’m thrilled with this NCIS scoop as well. Michael Weatherly is one of the best actors on TV – yet he’s so underrated by all the so-called experts. I can’t wait to see his character put through the mill by this mission he’s been given. Bring it on!

      • Ozzyols says:

        There is such a subtly to Michael Weatherly when he is ‘serious’. He’s up there with Brad Whitford as two of my favourite actors. My question is, why hasn’t NCIS been nominated for an Emmy? Just too popular?

  6. CM says:

    AJ Cook says “Relationships will unravel”. What kind of relationships?
    Also, I’m really expectant to see how they will bring Emily back. From the pics I saw, it kinda looks like Hotch is on an undercover mission. Is he the one who brings her back? If so, I couldn’t be more thrilled, ’cause Hotch really needs more on-screen time this season. We barely saw him last season.

    • Mandy says:

      I would assume the relationships that unravel will mostly involve Reid. He and Prentiss were getting close and he will feel betrayed that she could just leave like that. Also, he and JJ are super tight (he is her son’s godfather) so he won’t like her having kept him out of the loop. I think Morgan and Rossi both understand the job first mentality, but not Reid. Plus, he totally has abandonment issues (see episodes with his father and Gideon’s departure) Can’t wait to see Matthew Gray Gubler portray this!

    • Ele says:

      Agree with you! We need more Hotch this season!

  7. jamie says:

    Grissom cooking for Sara? Now that’s something I definitely want to see! :)

  8. Suncatcher says:

    – NCIS-LA – I sure hope they don’t knock off Hetty in the season opener! In the season closer, Callen and she were in serious danger…
    – NCIS – I hope the writers come to their senses and stop with the multiple arcs and sidebars and guest stars – and get back to basics. We tune in to see Gibbs, Ziva, Tony, McGee, Abby, Ducky and Palmer – not the plethora of strangers thrown at us as in the last 5 weeks of last season! You needed GPS to figure out who was who and what they were doing in simultaneous arcs. Awful finale. Come back, “Classic” NCIS!

  9. Leing says:

    Thank you so much for the CSI NY information. I really looking forward to the sept 23rd Episode.

  10. marlo says:

    When I comes to the Chuck bit, how is this a spoiler? Exaggerate much?

  11. Gaby says:

    So glad Paget is back in her rightful place. I am very excited to see how the dynamic changes within the team once all is revealed.

  12. RvE says:

    Aaw, when I read that some of the team members were going to be ticked off about Prentiss faking her death (and Hotch and JJ keeping that from them), I KNEW Garcia wouldn’t be one of them! :)
    Can’t WAIT for the premiere!

    • Bev says:

      Yeah, I think I am most excited to see Garcia’s responce to Emily’s return.

    • BobInCC says:

      I would think that all the team members would be ticked off that Prentiss’ “death” caused them to have to babysit Ashley Seaver for several weeks…

  13. Lisseth says:

    Any Bones scoop? please… latin-american fans are crazy about it! Thanks.

  14. Tracy says:

    Paget back on “Criminal Minds”. All is right with the world.

  15. jenna says:

    Sweet! Gil and Sara together on screen again. I’m in!
    And I love grilled cheese and beer. :)

    • Tracy says:

      Gil is supposed to be coming back for Catherine’s departure. If they make it about GSR I will be extremely disappointed.

      • mandy says:

        I’m sure the thrust of the episode will be about Marg/Catherine’s departure, as they have promised her a grand exit storyline; but some GSR in an episode is always a plus. Gil and Sara are married, so it would be weird to not have some scenes with her, don’t ya think? I wouldn’t be worried; WP is a true ensemble player and will allow Marg her dramatic exit. He didn’t even want his last alltobrief appearance to be promoted. And Grissom cooking for his wife? Come on; that’s just adorable. Hopefully, their dog will be included as well. :)

        • Tracy says:

          You’re probably right, but it was kind of alarming to see the talk go from WP will be back to send off Marg to GSR talk. I’m not a fan of the canon ships on the CSI franchise in general. I think the only one they’ve done decently is Flack/Angell on NY. I know Sara and Grissom are married and will obviously interact, I just fear the focus will shift to it being more about that than about Catherine’s departure.

  16. CMForever says:

    I have a feeling that Reid and Morgan are going to be the two that are mad about Prentiss’s return. Reid because of his friendship with Prentiss and his abandonment issues, and Morgan because of the guilt he has been feeling about her death. As for Rossi, he’s seen it all, and it honestly wouldn’t surprise me if he was miffed about not being trusted with the secret, but had already figured it out.

    And “relationships will unravel”. Hmmmm… Interesting indeed. I sense a shift coming.

  17. Trinity says:

    NCIS-Just as long as they stop giving Gibbs some sort of red head stuck up romantic love interest. I love Gibbs as much as anyone, but hate when every red head that comes to the show end up being some sort of weird love interest. A man who’s been married 4 times is not a man who’s ready to settle down. They make the women too brazen paired with him and they all act the same way around him. It takes away from the show. Then when they do get these red heads, Gibbs turns into James Bond type character. I like him being the leader and keeping business.

    I also think Vance is the best NCIS director this show ever had. He matches better with Gibbs and Gibbs seems to have more respect. Vance is also smarter and move involved with his crew while working with Gibbs.

    How about giving McGee and Abby more love, and Ducky. It’s always Tony and Gibbs being love struck. I love Tony and his sense of humor, but sometimes he’s just too hard on McGee.

    Love the show

  18. Tracy says:

    Love the CSI:NY scoop. I’m really looking forward to the premiere as I’m sure it will be a powerful one.

  19. Sara says:

    “With Paget Brewster rightfully restored to the cast,”

    Best line ever, Matt. I’m so happy that CBS brought Paget back and am excited for next season. Thanks for the news on “Criminal Minds” and on “NCIS”. :)

  20. Jason says:

    I love me some angsty DiNozzo! And for the love of God, stop with the stalling, give us tiva already.

    Reid is suppose to feel betrayed by Prentiss, from what I’ve read.

  21. Jill says:

    Wuhoo!!! Welcome back Prentiss! CM will surely rock once more as the complete gang is back, can’t wait!!!

  22. Katy says:

    Oooooh sooo excited about CM and NCIS!!!! I’ve been hoping and praying for JJ and Emily to return since they left and am soooo happy now they’re back!!! Also, wish Tony and Ziva and Abby and McGee would get together in NCIS!!!

  23. ncisfaaan says:


    • CBStv-Fanatic says:

      I love Cote De Pablo. She is great in her role. Beauty, and her character is amazingly needed for the show. Tony would not know what to do without her.

      Sometimes I almost think both Tony and Gibbs may go head to head over her. LOL

      Like Abby I absolutely love her character and her toughness. She brings it out.

      I didn’t think anyone could replace Kate’s character, since I cried like I knew her personally when she was shot and killed. Didn’t think she could be replaced.

      But I think the character Ziva was a perfect replacement. Her mysterious background made her even more interesting. Plus she’s funny, and has great chemistry with the other actors.

    • She's hot says:

      She’s hot.

    • Suzanne says:

      Ziva’s a great character – she’s the perfect foil for Tony. I’d love to see a Ziva/Tony episode. We haven’t seen one of those in a while. Put them both in danger and watch the sparks fly!

      • Sophie says:

        Totally agree. I wouldn’t watch the show without CdP or MW and love to see them together (I MISSED TIVA in season 8!).

  24. Andrea says:

    “Paging Madchen Amick? Claire Forlani?”

    Yes to Madchen Amick. Absolutely NOT to Claire Forlani! Keep Peyton on the other side of the Pond. Since the 9/11 episode will address the history of Mac and Claire, are we going to get to see Reid? He is Claire’s child, and last we heard, still has a good relationship with Mac.

  25. King says:

    Thanks again for CSI: NY scoop! Keep them coming!

  26. Della says:

    Can’t wait for the new season of Criminal Minds! The gang is back together and lots of interisting stuff to deal with. Emily being alive, Hotch in the know while having the team talk about their grieving, AJ becomeing a profiler. I’m so curious how all the relationships will be effected. I’m expecting Morgan and Reid will havea big issue with trusting Emily and Hotch again.

    Speaking of returns, still hoping Stella will be back for some episodes on CSI:NY. Her and Mac were BFFs, so a visit from time to time would be nice.

  27. Juliab. says:

    I liked Madchen Amick and I wouldn’t mind seeing her again. However, if Mac gets a new love interest I would like to see someone who is closer to his age. There are lots of ladies in Hollywood who could fill the role.

    • Tracy says:

      I agree on both counts. I thought Aubrey was great, but I would really like to see someone older in the role of his love interest.

  28. Steve T says:

    I liked Kate but I love Ziva. It has been 6 years. Get over it. Kate is not coming back from the dead.

    • Bobbie says:

      That what I say! I love Rossoli and Isles.Cote de Pablao is a great Ziva.I think it takes all of our team to keep up the dynamics!I just wonder what is going to happen with Franks daughter in law and grand daughter. I do not know about Stratton the new agent?

  29. mary says:

    OMG in NCIS:LA a main character gets shot?

    Callen or Hetty

    Noooooooooooooo =/

    Love Callen and Hetty

  30. zombie says:

    oooh I do love story lines that involve Chuck-Sarah exclusively! I’m excited!! I just hope she’s not pregnant… yet.

  31. A Webb says:

    I could go the rest of my life without seeing Gil and Sara together again. Ever.

  32. Rhylee says:

    Thanks for the CSINY scoop Matt.

  33. ncmacasl says:

    RE: Chuck – sounds like more from the finale: “you have no idea” meaning TONS of plotlines from previous seasons will be tied together, even stuff we thought had NOTHING to do with anythine else (perhaps like BSG did with their follow-up movie).

    My guess is there are probably more spys at Buy-More with more back story (Big Mike, Jeffster).

  34. Sean says:

    Re: Chuck, I could see it having to do with Chuck discovering something major in Sarah’s backstory!!

  35. AngelMoonGirl says:

    Tony goes back to the shrink? Well, I don’t really mind that- I enjoyed Rachel’s character. But seriously? You have Cote de Pablo in your grasp, telling us about emotional Tony, and there’s not even a scrap of Tony/Ziva goodness? I’m disappointed :( Please don’t tell me “Tiva” won’t be getting much love this season.

    • ncistiva says:

      I love Tiva too, but come on, it’s not always about Tiva. And let Tony have an episode where he can be serious,angsty tough Tony instead of the silly jealousy and mooning over Ziva that goes no where. I can’t wait to see an on the edge DiNozzo, and see the very talented Michael Weatherly act the hell out of it. After that, yeah, hopefully, some Tiva love, if we live long enough, lol. Right now though, Ziva has a boyfriend, so let Tony do his op.

      • Alexm says:

        This is Angelmoongirl you’re talking to. She can’t leave a single comment on an NCIS spoiler, however much it isn’t about Tiva, that doesn’t tell the entire world just how much she loves Tiva and wants more Tiva scoop.

        She and most Tiva fans have no interest in NCIS beyond Tiva, and they certainly don’t care remotely about any drama Tony might have or any episode he might have that isn’t about Ziva. Although strangely, they get excited about any episode that’s about ZIVA, regardless of the Tiva quotient.

        You’re rare among Tiva fans in giving Tony his due and caring about him as an independent entity. Most Tiva fans only care about the Tiva and Ziva and couldn’t give a stuff about Tony.

  36. as says:

    as far as the NCIS scoop goes, glad to hear that Tony will be going to the mat, absolutely love the casting of Lily Tomlin & have i heard rumblings of an Abby backstory? Will be glad to see Rachel returning to help Tony….& really, really hope that ziva isn’t involved at all in his heavy storyline. Would like nothing better than for GG to kill that insipid ‘romance’ that so isn’t. Overall really can’t wait to see what GG does in his first season in charge of the ‘mothership’ (speaking of which, wondering how wise it is to refer to it as such when DPB is suing CBS & co for spinning off NCIS against his contract.

  37. tommie says:

    Love to see some Gil/Sara scenes again! Their relationship kept me watching an otherwise formulaic show. I was ecstatic that they got married, but now I want to actually SEE them together.

  38. LDSK says:

    I had all but given up on Criminal Minds and now I couldn’t be more excited for it to return. Paget and AJ are back and there is lots of good Emily stuff to come…Woo Hoo!!!!!!!

  39. chuckfan75 says:

    harm chuck by writing something lousy happening to sarah seems to be the theme from the last two seasons epic, gamechanging conclusions – so far she has been drugged and getting ready to be tossed over a bridge by her ex-lover till chuck saves the day, chained to a counter watching chuck get killed again by her ex-lover, until of course chuck miraculously punches his way out of it, volunteers to go deep cover, the last agent took 20 years at, until chuck and her sort of meet up, then everything is ok, last but not least she is poisoned and sent to her deathbed – till oh wait, chuck brings the antidote – what next – amnesia, kidnapping, betrayal of chuck, volunteers to leave chuck to save him, your guess is as good as mine, but this creative team has blinders on, drama thru one character while stunningly lame comedy is going on all around her – why not hurt someone else in the cast and let her be part of the solution?

    • marauder says:

      wow, chuckfan75. you don’t sound like much of a Chuck fan to me.
      Anyway, you just pulled out scenes that were just as bad for Chuck and the others as they were for her. They’re not always hurting her specifically! She is almost always part of the solution to the problems on the show. I honestly don’t understand what you’re talking about.

  40. Jackson says:

    Matt you are AWESOME! Thanks so much for the scoop on Criminal Minds and the lovely Paget Brewster!

  41. Dan says:

    About the CHUCK twist…

    Obviously we will find out that Chuck and Sarah are really brother and sister, lol. Oh, and then they will give the intersect to everyone and say it was all a dream. The end.

  42. clare says:

    BIG BANG THEORY = oh dear god please tell me Penny isn’t pregnant after her one night stand with raj. If she is then i’m never watching the show again. the cliche would be terrible and the accidental baby story lines are tired and awkward. death knell of any series.

  43. madde says:

    oooh dont blow chuck and sarah away!!! we want it to end fantastic, awesome and amazing, WITHOUT a breakup!!

  44. Beate says:

    Thank you so much for the scoop on Criminal Minds and NCIS! I can’t wait for the new seasons to start!

  45. Andrea says:

    “I liked Kate but I love Ziva. It has been 6 years. Get over it. Kate is not coming back from the dead.”

    Dislike of Ziva doesn’t have to have anything to do with Kate. To me, Ziva is like Mighty Mouse, “Here she comes to save the day!!!” Whenever I’m not supposed to be reminded of how utterly awesome I’m supposed to think that she is, I’m supposed to feel sorry for her instead. Poor Ziva. It’s Eli’s fault or Tony’s fault or any-other-character-on-the-show’s fault, but Ziva can almost certainly never be at fault for anything. Vance should have reamed her out for her involvement in the Rivkin mess, but no problem, no questions, no discussion of the incident period. She became an NCIS agent with almost no questions asked.

    I look forward to the next role that Cote plays so that I can see her play someone other than a character who I dislike intensely. I know Ziva can ignite passionate debate, and I did consider not posting my thoughts. However, it’s incorrect to assume that dislike of Ziva always has something to do with the absence of Kate.

    From Day 1 of Ziva David, I have felt that it was not only expected but demanded that I, as a viewer, like her. That seems manipulative to me, and I don’t care for the tactic or the character.

    I don’t have to “get over” anything, thank you.

    • Jax says:

      You are not alone Andrea. I disliked the character from the very moment that they expected us to believe the absolutly ludicrous idea that an agent of the Mosad would be allowed to work on a team that would let her investigate members of the US military and give her access to military secrets. And then they have to go and make her superwoman to boot.

    • Blix says:

      THANK YOU!

      I have been trying to find a way to adequately explain to all the TIVA IS AWESOME people WHY I dislike Ziva/Tiva so intensely in a way that might make sense… and this is it. It IS the fact that we are always supposed to be so enthralled with how amazing/talented/sooper-dooper ninja-spy-cum-emotionally-tortured-little-girl-who-just-needs-a-man-to-treat-her-right-for-once she is all the time that has me so irritated with her characterization. She is the worst example of Mary Sue/adolescent Dream Girl trope on television today.

      I feel manipulated every time she’s onscreen… not to mention the fact that the Hard Sell push for Tiva by Shane Brennan completely decimated Tony as a character and turned a once-multi-dimensional character into a shadow of his former self. If you have to change a character so fundamentally to make a “relationship” work, then it’s clearly WRONG.

  46. Cat says:

    I am psyched for Paget’s return to Criminal Minds! I do think the relationshipthat will unravel is the Emily and Reid’s. It will break my heart because they are so good together and were so close. I am excited o see how it plays out because Paget and Matthew Gray Gubler are two of the best actors I have seen and they will knock it out of the park! That said I hope their relationship is restrored because I would hate for that relationship to e lost…I think Morgan will be ticked with Hotch for keeping his secret and upset with JJ but will understand and Rossi is like the Dad and he will understand like he did in the episode where Emily died.

    I can’t wait for CSI:NY! it’s the only one of the 3 I watch. It will be nice to see Mac with Claire and have the chance to really move on and find someone special!

  47. Steve says:

    As far as NCIS what’s the give with all the DiNozzo storylines since last half year and now we hear it’s a DiNozzo themed season. What about all the beautiful and talented NCIS women like Abby and Ziva? What’s a male fan to do. Yeah DiNozzo is funny but not really what I watch the show for. This has always been an ensemble and now we have to watch Tony getting comforted by his boss Gibbs once every two weeks and now he sees a shrink. I only have to say “Grow up DiNozzo and give us the strong ladies” Have the good writers all left? I’ve een seeing a lot of retreads.

    • Blix says:

      And yet… you probably weren’t complaining when season 6/beginning of season 7 was All Ziva All The Time….. to the point where it seemed like Brennan even FORGOT Tony, McGee, Abby, Vance, Ducky, and Palmer even existed.

    • Suzanne says:

      From what I’ve read, it’s not supposed to be a Tony themed season. The snippet from Cote said the first episode strongly featured Tony. Generally, NCIS does a good job of sharing the storylines between the three main characters of Gibbs, Tony and Ziva. I’m not complaining.

  48. liz says:

    Why do they keep cancelling and cancelled shows im just starting to watch lol , chuck, the defenders,boston legal etc nooooooo fair :o(

  49. Ann says:

    Am super excited about Reid getting a storyline arc on CM this season! It is interesting that he is also going to take the Prentiss betrayal hard. Perhaps Reid and Morgan (the two who might feel the most betrayed) will keep their own secret once Reid starts having problems? I would love to see Reid and Morgan grow closer like they were in earlier seasons! This relationship has been on the back burner for far too long.

    I am hoping we will finally get the reason for Reid’s headaches with the new season and hope the writer’s come up with something good!