Fall TV Preview

CW Boss Talks Supernatural's Fate, Gossip Girl Cast Erosion, One Tree Hill Reprieve and More!

Supernatural is not heading into its final season — at least not if new CW president Mark Pedowitz has anything to say about it.

“It is not intended to be the last season,” the exec told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills on Thursday. “We’ll see how the ratings go. We hope it keeps going. We’ll take it one step at a time.”

What’s the key to the show’s longevity? “It’s about the love of two brothers and two really good-looking guys,” Pedowitz offered. “And I think that transcends the supernatural [element].”

Other highlights from The CW’s exec session…

* Asked if Gossip Girl can live on beyond its current cast — namely burgeoning movie stars Blake Lively and Leighton Meester — Pedowitz said, “I’m a big believer in casts staying together. We hope they stay together as long as possible. When we have to cross that bridge… we’ll see [what happens].”

* Pedowitz didn’t rule out the possibility of One Tree Hill‘s 13-episode final season being extended, but “at this point it’s the final 13.” He also confirmed that James Lafferty will be back for “multiple episodes.”

* The CW is entering a TV season without a superhero franchise for the first time in its history. It’s a void Pedowitz hopes to fill very soon. “We’re looking next year at doing superheroes,” he said, “if the right superhero [project comes along].”

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  1. Joe says:

    As long as Supernatural continues to be good, then I will be watching. Can’t wait for Season 7.

    • jub says:

      then you should’ve stopped watching after Season 5

      i still watch it but mostly because of the eyecandy. Sera ruined this show.

      • Sivat says:

        Piss off. Season 6 was better than 4 and 5, the horrible angel seasons. I am excited for Season 7 and beyond!

        • ErixN says:

          I couldn’t disagree more with you Sivat. I hope they fix the mess that was season 6 with season 7.

          • Rogue says:

            The show, as he said, is about the love of two brothers. All this crap with angels and Lisa and Ben and Sam’s soul and Ruby should have been handled differently. The only reason people love the direction it’s going in is because they are deluded into believing Dean and Cass will one day strip off and have hardcore gay sex on the hood of the Impala.

            Horrible that fanfiction has dictated the direction the show has taken. Sera and Eric must not have been lying when they said they know what “fans” want to see.

            But the show has suffered because of it. Please get us back to what the show is about: Sam and Dean.

          • Doctor Eckleburg says:

            Acting-wise, season 6 was the best season of the entire series. Jared was phenomenal in the finale. Jensen keeps up his character expertly and he brings an air of realness to Dean in season 6 that wasn’t there previously. Because, as he said, he had to work with Jared’s acting. Which was literally award-worthy.

            The story may not have been great. But the writers HAD to tie up what they already created in seasons 4 and 5. You can’t just create stories and not follow them through. Season 6 was a culmination of everything that had happened previously so that they can transition into the next era of their lives on Supernatural. It’s very simple and I think they did it in a way that wasn’t too obvious or horrible.

            I think, actually, the only people who had a problem with season 6 are rabid “Dean girls” who don’t understand the show isn’t fandom.

          • Sivat says:

            Well said, Rogue! I want the bros back on the road huntin’ monsters every week. Enough of this angels nonsense. This show is called Supernatural, not Religion.

          • V says:

            While I detested the Lisa & Ben storyline, I find the rest of what you have to say, Rogue, rather offensive. I liked Season 6 (and all the previous seasons) and like the direction the show is going in just fine–and not because I want to see Dean and Cas strip and get it on. I’m not a Destiel shipper at all. I think the storylines remain intriguing and entertaining.

            I will also say that I do write fanfiction. It’s not right of you to be so disparaging to those of us who work very hard at putting out decent, well-written stories. Fanfic writers are not evil SOBs or simple giggly girls regardless of what so many think.

          • lolz says:

            Sera Gamble has been writing incredibly bad Sammy Sue fanfiction for a couple of seasons now. I can’t believe she actually gets paid for the drivel that was season 6.

          • lola says:

            I thought Jared did a mostly competent job last season, but he didn’t blow me away and he should have considering the showcase material he was all was given all year long. In fact, his has always been the showier role what with the powers and the multiple darkside plots. But I have never seen Jared’s name pop up on any pop on any critics’ Emmy wishlists, not even Mo Ryan and she was pimping him all year. Of course, Ackles didn’t either this year (unlike past years) but that is hardly surprising considering the crap he was given to work with.

          • Carrie says:

            I’ve been watching the show since the beginning and Season 6 was great. I’m certain Season 7 will be great as well.

          • queenmissile says:

            Wow, what is going on here? I drop by because I am really hoping for news about my absolute favorite show “Supernatural” possible extention and I see alot near hostility here. What is up with that people? Fans of Supernatural are a rare bunch of very dedicated watchers and sure we have moments where we may not “love” how a storyline is going or whatever, but the fact is that I am confident that it will all be made to come together in a Supernatural show climax of which I am eagerly awaiting. As for the drivel about Cas/Dean having a secret forbidden attraction, pleeaase! That is childish at best and just terrible to refer to a VERY NON-homophobic crew and cast as such is just mean and senseless. Real fans who are the mature and realistic viewers are just in this for entertainment, which I might add is always worth the wait. It IS television people, not rocket science. BTW, those who are delusional about the characters here should focus their attentions toward the shows that rely on sex, games and fledgling actors who do nothing else but for their entertainment, leave Supernatural to the grown-ups, we are basically a content bunch..

          • mal says:

            @queenmissile doesn’t half the fandom believe that dean and sam are doing it off camera? Where’s your outrage for the incesters? Oh wait, it’s the epic love story of Sam and Dean (tm Sera Gamble) so incest is totally cool right?

          • dolly says:

            I was hoping the same thing, ErixH. But I’m not hearing anything about S7 that’s giving me a lot of enthusiasm. Maybe if there were something about Dean, I’d feel reassured that he wasn’t going to take a backseat again to Sam’s Supernatural Story.

            @DoctorE Your overgeneralization is way off. Yes, a lot of Dean fans were unhappy with S6 and they weren’t all EDGs. I also know of bibros and even some Sam fans who didn’t like it. A number of journalists and bloggers had issues with it. The season had a lot of problems, some of which were fixed by the finale, some that weren’t. I’m not surprised that many Sam fans loved it because until the last third, the season was about Sam. Or as a friend of mine said, “Sam’s story, through Dean’s POV.” Which doesn’t make it Dean’s story, just that he was the one watching.

      • Sandra Benvenuto says:

        Jub you nailed it. I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that Sera ruined the show. Eric Kripke please come back !!!!!

        • sandy says:

          Yeah Jared’s acting was so award worthy that in the episode Unforgiven about half the audience switched off mid episode out of boredom.

          The show will continue to lower its standards that was once at its peak during season 4 if Gamble continues to wallow in her love of all things Sam and Jared, who is their least capable actor.

          Jensen and Misha are the two good actors out of the three, and yet they are both being sidelined for the sake of Jared.

          Result = rubbish show.

          Jensen and Misha both win the popularity polls and yet they are being sidelined for the sake of Jared.

          Result = lower ratings.

          Why no one can see this is puzzling.

          I look forward to seeing what Misha and Jensen do next – hopefully in the near future when this show is dead and buried.

          • @sandy says:

            “Jensen and Misha are the two good actors out of the three, and yet they are both being sidelined for the sake of Jared.”

            I have no idea what TV show you people are watching. Also, I’m pretty sure you’re pulling your rating statistics out of your a** but I’m not going to go looking for the actual ratings because I doubt you’d change your mind about any of your irrational mudslinging even if faced with actual facts.

        • candida says:

          Not close to being the only one who feels that way. Season 6 was a terrible mess. She did everything she could to destroy the two best characters on the show, Dean and Castiel, played by two of the best regular actors on the show, Jensen and Misha – all to pimp out her fave, Sam, and make him all things to all people(aka Sammy Sue).

          Unless Dean is allowed to get back to kicking butt and “saving people, hunting” things like the amazing, instinctual, natural hunter he is and Castiel gets redeemed, with Dean’s help, in Season 7, I can’t see any reason to care about the show or the characters anymore.

          • Bianca says:

            yeah season 6 went in a very different direction but come on i think it redeemed in the end it was still pretty compiling and come on with the ending ya kinda have to see what happened just give it a chance it might get to the point you like it <]

      • raelee514 says:

        You’re opinion is not a fact.

      • raelee514 says:

        And to be more grammatically correct: Your opinion is not a fact!

      • Janine says:

        it’s guy-candy :)

    • Melody says:

      As long as they have interesting drama, plenty of laughs and my eye candy, then I’m set for Friday nights.

    • Suzy says:

      Your demographics my be starting to shift as my Sister & I who just reached the ripe age of 50 something absolutely think the show is GREAT!!So glad yr continuing as we just found out just how good the show really is….Rock On to all involved in the making awesome CW shows!!!!

    • Bianca says:

      Supernatural will always be good
      and it’ll do nothing but get better

  2. Jaclyn says:

    I guess the longer the better – maybe some stars killed off in the short sighted way like Rufus, Jo and Ellen – might be back. Hopefully we’ll get Castiel back too.

  3. Julie says:

    I like this new CW president ;-)

  4. nicky says:

    Aww, the love of two brothers. He sounds like Sera Gamble.

  5. Fudgefase says:

    Really hope they don’t take Supernatural too far. I hate it when tv series are kept going beyond their natural life just because people watch them. I don’t think that is always a sign that the programme is good.

    • Sivat says:

      Disagree. I want SPN to stay on for as long as possible. I hate it when shows get cancelled when they are still churning out good story.

    • kara says:

      This show jumped the shark when Sam drinking demon blood was validated and it’s been downhill ever since then. They need to kill it before ALL the characters get ruined the way Sam has been. Cas has already been destroyed and Gamble made sure Dean was just a shadow of his former self last year. The biggest shocking twist of Supernatural this season will be if anyone but the most extreme samapologists watch the show next season. But then again, we Ackles fans will follow watch him no matter what crap they give him and they know that. This kind of cynical manipulation of the same fans who have supported the show all these years is disgusting.

      • timotey says:

        Sam destroyed? Cas ruined? Not for this viewer. Loved both storylines and can’t wait to see more. And Dean a shadow of his former self? Again, not for this viewer. Loved the way he got Eve, his odd “friendship” with Death etc. and so on, he is the axis around which the other characters turn. So, I don’t get these complains. I love Sam and Dean and Cas equally and I loved the season finale *shrugs*

      • Michelle says:

        See. That’s the thing. This isn’t a fan war. The show had to be what it was in season six because that’s where it’s been led to. Aaaalll the way back when Cass rose Dean from hell. You make it into Sam vs Dean. But the fact remains that it was Sam AND Dean. Dean will stick by Sam till the day he dies and that is the underlying premise of the show. As noted by the President of CW.

        And in season six, Dean WAS a shadow of his former self. He was thrust into a situation where he couldn’t be himself. Because, as the show and Jensen has made his character, his former self depends on his brother being there with him. Sam had gone off the deep end so Dean tried to be happy. But no go. He was living a lie. How is that hard for you Jensen fans to see? They’re not throwing him under the bus. He played his part in season 6 perfectly. Perfectly. And it was believable.

        • V says:

          Very well said, Michelle. I agree. I consider myself a bi-bro girl with a bit of a lean toward Dean. I liked Season 6, except for the Lisa & Ben storyline which I hated.

        • kara says:

          And yet, spoilers suggest that Dean will be even further watered down this year since he no longer seems to want to hunt. The last piece of his identity as an individual is being stripped away so that he can remain nothing more than his brother’s vestigial appendage. Vestigial because, according to spoilers, Sam doesn’t even want his big brother’s help and most likely won’t even acknowledge Dean also went to hell and suffered.

          By the way, I notice you sam fans and supposed bibros never talk about how Sam must follow Dean, support him or be equally devoted to him. Why is that?

          I will tell you why. Because this is The Sam Show and every other character’s use only extends as far as how it affects Sam.

          There is no need for reciprocity because only the true hero is entitled to unconditional love and sympathy. Only the true hero will get lionized for suffering in hell. Only the true hero gets a redemption, and that, at the expense of all the other characters on the show. They turned Dean, Bobby and Castiel into murderers in order to validate Sam’s blood drinking. That says it all right there.

          The idea that this show is about family or two brothers is nothing but PR spin to keep Dean fans hanging on but after six years and the many Gamble interviews where she can barely be forced to talk about one of the show’s so-called leads, it is pretty clear that it’s all just BS.

          • candida says:

            “There is no need for reciprocity because only the true hero is entitled to unconditional love and sympathy. Only the true hero will get lionized for suffering in hell. Only the true hero gets a redemption, and that, at the expense of all the other characters on the show. They turned Dean, Bobby and Castiel into murderers in order to validate Sam’s blood drinking. That says it all right there.”

            Bingo. Although I would say the one true hero they WISH he was, because Sam’s never been that guy no matter how much they try to shove it at us at the expense of everything character on the show, including the OTHER lead.(And the sad thing is the reason for that is because they don’t allow him to take responsibility for his actions and turn him into the eternal victim of circumstance who is perfect and just needs to overcome everyone and everything else screwing up his life).

            Dean is supposed to equal lead, that is what the producers and writers of the show have told us time and again and yet they constantly throw Dean and Dean’s (nearly non-existent) storylines and Dean’s characterization under the bus to prop up Sam. Heck Sera Gamble even admitted that when she said last season they’d had to regress Dean’s character in order to make the Soulless Sam storyline a go.

            Why? Because they don’t give a darn about Dean as an independent character, they just want someone to prop up their precious Sam because he can’t prop himself up.

            They started doing it with Bobby and Castiel as well in Season 5, they’ve had all of them turned into hypocrites and murderers JUST to make Sam’s own actions not only seem “not so bad” but to make Sam seem RIGHT. When they can’t white-wash Sam of all responsibility for bad actions, they justmake everyone else just as dirty as he is and then try to claim that somehow he’s the purest of them all and they are the ones at fault.

          • lola says:

            kara and candida, you have perfectly outlined the biggest problem with the show and the reason why it will never rise above mediocrity. Sam is a flawed and oftentimes unlikable character but the writers refuse to recognize that and so the character will never grow and since he is the primary focus of the show, that makes the story unsatisfying and juvenile in the same way as a Stephanie Meyers novel.

      • @kara says:

        Just the fact that you admit to watching the show just to see Jensen “no matter what crap they give him” already shows that you don’t have any kind of objective view on the material you’re watching.

        • kara says:

          No, it actually means I sat through the crap that was last season and I’m kicking myself for it now despite the fact that Ackles is my favorite actor.

          Also I’m judging you for using the word “objective” when it comes to a tv show fandom. Fans, by their very definition, are not objective. Being “bibro” does not make you objective, it just means you like different things about the show than sam girls, dean girls or cas girls.

          But here’s a newsflash. It doesn’t matter what your preference is when you spend your hard-earned cash on DVDs or conventions or even if you have a Neilsen box. All those subjective preferences become immaterial and annonymous no matter how much showrunners like to browbeat fans on how and why they should watch the show. The only time it makes a difference is if one particular group acts en masse when it is obvious that the show no longer holds their interest.

          • Octavia says:

            Cas girls? WTF? This show is about Sam & Dean. Are there team Mike people on Twilight? No. Stop putting Cas on equal grounds with the protagonists, it’s quite annoying and one of the reasons i’d just like Cas to go away, he’s stayed too long. Very annoying also that only male charactetrs are allowed longevity on SPN. Why didn’t they give Cas a woman’s body? I bet you Misha fans wouldn’t want Cas staying around then, huh?

  6. Mikaylah says:

    Very glad there is a new CW president. I would love for them to develop another superhero project. They do it well. :)

  7. Cindy says:

    After being ignored by the CW for so long, it’s nice to hear Mr. Pedowitz’s support for Supernatural. But as much as I love the show, I’m worried about the direction it seems to be taking this season: the uncertainty over Cas and the pessimism over his relationship with the brothers, the way Dean’s character is being all but ignored in the spoilers and future storyline, and how all the attention seems focused on only Sam’s big arc. If they really want to keep the show around for a long time, maybe a good place to start would be by appealing to the widest group of viewers, instead of alienating fans of 2 such popular characters.

    • Sivat says:

      The first thing SPN needs to do is get rid of Castiel and the angels for good. Castiel has been dragging Supernatural down since Season 4. We need to get back to the monster-of-the-week format when the show was at its best.

    • ErixN says:

      I’m with you Cindy!

    • kara says:

      Completely agree Cindy. I am just so disheartened by what the show has become. I did not sign on for a show about Sam Winchester and his expendable sidekick of a brother. I am actually wondering if all this hallaballoo about Misha Collins demotion is the way they are covering up the fact that Ackles is also being phased out of the show as well. TPTB are perfectly capable of that level of deception on this show.

      • Sivat says:

        LOL Dean fans are nuts! You’re supposed to love both brothers, not one more than the other. Yuck!

        • kara says:

          LOL! People can love who they want and no amount of whitewashing or having characters shoved down their throats or lecturing by other fans is going to change that. You hate Cas, yet no one here is telling you are wrong to feel that way. Too bad you lack the maturity and courtesy to refrain from telling other people how to watch the show.

        • Dolly says:

          Sam wasn’t in ITB and we’re still hearing about it 3 years later. I can only imagine the hooplala that would be going on if Sam, not Dean, had been without his own storyline last season while Dean had the spotlight. What’s wrong with wanting both brothers to have equal stories and equal spotlight? We didn’t get that last season and from how it’s looking, it’s still going to be about Sam this time around too. But hey, at least Dean gets to fix the Impala. Woot. (Oh, and ask why he’s hunting. Not that he hasn’t been doing that since S2.)

          • lolz says:

            Silly, it’s wrong because this is The Sam Show. Expecting Dean to be treated as an equal is watching the show wrong. I have seen Sam fans and bibros actually say that in comments to other articles and especially at samcentric message boards. In conclusion, all the screaming about how the show is about both brothers, is a bunch of BS and they know it.

      • Ruby says:

        Oh go away and quit bitching. Stop trying to ruin the show for people who are still enjoying watching it just because you have a little pissing match with what’s currently going on. You don’t know what’s going to happen this season any more than any other fan does, so get over yourself. Jared and Jensen *both* have stated out loud and more than once that if either one was to be written out from the show, they would be following him, ergo no more Supernatural. Stop picking stuff out of pepper, and stop whining so much. It’s getting repetitive. That said, I love this president! Where was he six years ago when we needed him!

    • Doctor Eckleburg says:

      Dean is not being ignored! Sam’s arc HAD to be completed. I mean honestly. They’re interwoven story lines. Sam has his thing, Dean has his.

      You Jensen fans (read: insane bitches with no idea) won’t be happy until the show ignores scripts and has Jensen just stand there naked for an hour.

      • kara says:

        Wow so much maturity coming out of the Sam camp. And these are the fans the show caters to. By the way, the only one who ever gets naked on the show is Sam so…of course YOU ARE HAPPY. Gamble’s kinks are obvious.

        • Ruby says:

          @kara Wow, and you accuse the Sam fans of being mature? Look who’s standing there flinging feces because she claims Sam is the only one to “ever get naked” on the show. Grow up.

          • kara says:

            Pot, kettle? You have heard of that phrase right? Or maybe you haven’t. Wouldn’t surprise me considering they hypocrisy of someone who runs around calling other fans bitches but take umbrage at someone being critical of the show. But hey, I can go slow for you. I don’t particularly care about seeing Dean shirtless but the point which your faulty memory seems unable to access, is that we have not had a full shirtless scene for Dean since Skin in season 1. However, Sam shows up completely shirtless and oiled up every season since 2 and last year those extended scenes of him working out just so that Gamble and other sam fans could get their rocks off, was embarrassing.

      • raelee514 says:

        As a Jensen fan who doesn’t think the show as ever screwed him over, I don’t really disagree with this plan of him standing there naked for an hour, LOL.

        But really not all Dean girls feel he was sidelined, I for one feel the show gives equal weight to brothers time and time again, am I biased toward Dean love sure, but I love Sam too.

        The show is big enough for the two of them and Cas and Bobby too!

        • Krissy says:

          Im a Dean girl too, but I never saw him being pushed aside for Sam.
          People do forget Sam was the one born with the curse Dean wasn’t.
          Im a big sister in real life my job is to protect my little sister after my dad passed away a few years ago.
          I hate compairing a tv show with my life , but Dean reminds me alot of myself in that aspect.

      • Dolly says:

        Sam’s arc was completed in “Swan Song.” Having some PTSD? Sure, that makes sense. COming back soulless? That was a new arc. Spending an entire season psychotic with the most horrible PTSD known to man? That’s another new arc (and waaaay more than the attention Dean got for his hell experience, oh, I mean, tour of Graceland.)

        And I’m curious how you would know what every single Jensen fan is thinking. Can you read minds? Because, dude, if that’s the case- why are you here, insulting and mocking Jensen fans? You should be out playing lotto or something.

  8. Amy says:

    He seems like a very smart man. I think we’re gonna get on just fine!

  9. Jay says:

    “It’s about the love of two brothers and two really good-looking guys, and I think that transcends the supernatural [element].”

    I like that he gets it! :D

  10. Cindy says:

    Dear Mr. Pedowitz
    Please advise Ms. Gamble to pay some attention to Dean and the show’s ratings might actually increase a good deal.

    • Are You Kidding? says:

      Dear Cindy,

      Stop being an obnoxious whiner. Your posts are getting old and annoying to see on here.

    • Rogue says:

      The show’s dip in ratings has nothing to do with the story. It has everything to do with what shows were being showed in the same time slot.

      Jesus, you people are stupid. I assure you that your precious Jensen isn’t going to be without a job. Okay? So go worship him in your closet alter now and cry because he will never know you.

      It’s fans like YOU that ruin fandom and the show.

      • kara says:

        If it was just the change of night, why did the show lose almost a million viewers between the premiere and the end of the season? And no, you can’t blame it on Castiel since he was barely on the show until the last three episodes, when the ratings actually went up. Nope it was your precious Samcentric storylines and the continuing diminishment of Dean that is killing this show. The fandom itself has always been toxic and TPTB seem to love it that way. They are the ones who constantly pit Sam and Dean against each other on the show and pander to only to the minority group of fans.

        • Octavia says:

          Because that’s what happens with every show. Ratings start strong in September and decrease in the Spring. You don’t even know anything about ratings.

  11. Meg says:

    The Gossip Girl cast isn’t even into the show anymore and why the hell would Blake Lively want to stay when Serena is one of the most neglected characters on the show? Lively is n her way up as are the others, they won’t renew and ,thank God, because Gossip Girl has gotten horrible with it’s OOC trash (yes DB and multiple guest stars who take over the whole show).

  12. Ann says:

    “Supernatural” stopped being about “two” brothers after Kim Manners died in season four. Now it’s only about one actor and one Winchester for the severely myopic Sera Gamble. So I’d really like to see Jensen Ackles branch off the CW and do something with a higher profile and a much better use of his talents – like on a project with a producer who actually likes him and wants to write and develop stories for him. He’s being extremely wasted on “Supernatural” anymore.

    • Jason says:

      Ann, I think I speak for the sane population when I say, “Shut your freakin’ mouth.”

      • loz says:

        Sivat – I am enjoying your sock-puppeting. Keep up the good work in convincing people that there are actually one or two Sam fans. LOL!

      • Noami says:

        Another Sam girl pretending to be a guy. LOL It doesn’t make your opinion worth more to pretend to be a guy. No one actually buys it.

    • kara says:

      ITA. Jensen Ackles is completely wasted on this show and it is clear that Sera Gamble has no respect for his talent, hard work or professionalism. I can understand why Ackles would stay on the steady pay check but I sincerely hope he chooses to move on instead of allowing himself to be used to prop up another, IMO, less deserving actor even if they are friends. Supernatural seems to be a place where nice guys do finish last as we’ve seen with Misha Collins and the continued diminishment of Ackles storylines and acting opportunities.

      • Mia says:

        It’s not like Jensen is that good of an actor, you know. It’s fine for SPN, but he does over exagerate a lot and has very little depth and subtlety. He’s no Aaron Paul. You talk about Jensen as if he’s worthy of awards. He’s not. Neither is Jared, at all. I won’t even get into Misha because I cringed so much at his acting in The Rapture i’ve never been able to rewatch that episode.

  13. Jason says:

    A new day and new era has “dawned” at The CW. Solid lineup on every night of the week, intriguing series, and a President who is committed to taking the network to new heights. Couldn’t be more excited about this new regime and thinking. Imagine, we’re not solely catering to prepubescent fickle girls anymore. The other 93% of the world will have stuff to watch, too!!

  14. Ian says:

    Ugh, the CW just needs to cancel all their shows except maybe VD and just start over. They are a mess

  15. Trista says:

    I already miss Smallville :-(

  16. Kenbud says:

    Wonder Woman!

    • Fiona says:

      I was just thinking that. Too bad it just failed to make it on NBC. It could have been so perfect in the CW’s niche.

  17. Nate says:

    It’s true Supermatural Season 6 was up and down at times, but the UP far outweighed the DOWN, and overall it was very enjoyable. This will be Sera’s second season in charge, and I believe she will really deliver, along with Ben Edlund and some new writers that are getting good buzz (hello Ben Blacker). Sera said the writer’s room is very energized and excited for this season. I’m glad to hear the CW President is supporting Supernatural. I wanted Season 7 to be announced as the last, but I have a great feeling about Season 7, so I hope Season 8 is announced next year as the last. The show is still fresh and not past its prime by any means. And anyone that says Dean has been underused apparently is watching a different show.

    • lolz says:

      Oh Sera! Your trolling the fan sites is adorable.

    • marthamay says:

      “And anyone that says Dean has been underused apparently is watching a different show.”

      In your opinion.

      There are many, many fans and media critics who felt that Dean didn’t have a storyline last year. Jensen himself said it was “hard to define” and was hoping for something more solid this season. Too bad Sera didn’t bother listening because not is Jensen not sure about a future storylines this season either, we got bupkis spoilers about him too.

      Compare that to how the entire show revolved around roboSam, Sam’s soul, Sam’s guilt Sam’s wall all last season and will now apparently revolve around Sam’s hell memories this time around.

      It’s been obvious since last season, between the Sam heavy storylines and Sera’s interviews, that she has no interest in Dean’s character. Dean fans aren’t asking for Sam to not have a storyline; we just want Dean to have something of equal weight too. That seems pretty fair if Dean/Jensen really are equal co-leads as the show runners have always claimed. But what are we hearing about this season too? All about Sam again and nothing about Dean. I’m sorry but that’s not balanced in the least.

      • Nate says:

        marthamay, there are as many many fans and media critics that felt Dean had a storyline in Season 6. In fact, he was dealing with some pretty heavy stuff. We caught up with him a year later, after losing his brother in the process of stopping the Apocalypse, now living domestically with a partner and her son. He seemed out of the hunting world. As the season progressed, he dealt with questioning what kind of person he was out of hunting, because he may in fact just be better alone, as he deep down may truly be a killer. His fear of bringing danger to anyone he loved or was close to was realized at the end of the season, to the point where it was even dangerous to have Dean as a memory. He will have to deal with never being able to have the “Apple pie life” he thought he wanted. Oh yeah–at the same time, his brother came back from hell, without a soul, was working with the Campbells for a year–and everyone knew this expect Dean. AND Dean put his life on the line to contact Death to get Sam’s soul back. He was also betrayed by someone he considered family, which is the most crushing thing that can happen to him. No storyline for Dean in Season 6? I think you were watching a different show. Sam had the more ‘dramatic’ events to deal with (soulless, not knowing if he wanted his soul back, getting his soul back and the aftermath of the wall), but all of these events brought the brothers closer than they’ve ever been–isn’t that we’ve all been wanting for the past 2+ seasons?
        What Jensen said about Season 6 being “hard to define” as you put it, was the total 180 degree turn Dean’s life had taken, and how he was essentially a different person. Jensen was use to working along side Jared as regular Sam, but Sam was without a soul for the first part of the season. The comfort and flow they had for 5 seasons was now different, and a challenge as Jensen put it. Did he ever criticize the writers or storyline? Not once. Jensen wants “something more solid” this season? Please post the link to that article or story, because that is not something that never came out of his mouth.
        “It’s been obvious since last season….she has no interest in Dean’s character.” Again, post a link to an article or video where Sera said anything close to that. That never, and would never, come out of her mouth. Watching and liking Season 6, it is not obvious to me in the least Sera has no interest in Dean.

        As a general comment to all here that are leaving comments: MEOW, why are some people getting so nasty? We are all here because of our love of Supernatural. Why would you want to slam a fellow fan? I’m not slamming marthamay, I am disagreeing with some comments she seemed to post as fact, but I fully respect her opinion. Let’s have respect for each other!

        • cindy says:

          Dean got a soap opera storyline on a Supernatural-themed action show AND it was barely shown to us-fragments of a few episodes as compared to Sam And Cas’ flashy, SUPERNATURAL! storylines that we saw a ton more of. But yeah, you’re right, he still made it work because he’s that good. And yes some of the critics saw it too-again because he’s that good. Imagine what he could do if they gave him a storyline with a seasonal through-line(as opposed to an episode here and there) that allowed him to use all of his talent as they’ve done for his co-star series-long. We came so close to it in S4, but, they fooled us with their two-season long red herring of Dean being an archangel’s one true vessel. IMO, they should try to give him an equal storyline again, but this time, they should follow through better on it. Ackles more than deserves that.

  18. Mae says:

    I’m excited for more Supernatural! I got into the show late – the end of Season 5 so I’m not ready for it to be off my TV anytime soon.

    I have high hopes for Season 7 – Season 6 did feel a little disjointed but hopefully they worked out the kinks with the new show runner and writers last season.

    As far as Cas goes, if he does go, I’ll miss him, but he isn’t the show for me. It’s the Sam and Dean show. I think the new President is right on target with his description of the show being about the love of 2 brothers.

    • lolz says:

      The new president hasn’t even watched the show yet. He said as much when he listed the shows he has been “powerin through” and Supernatural wasn’t one of them. So he’s just parroting the network spin at this point.

  19. cerreno says:

    I think that the CW should develop Wonder Woman like they did with Smallville. The reason Smallville lasted so long, was that it showed the world the man behind superman, they should try and do that. Even if the bend the mythology and story of the comics. Show that stupid David E Kelley how he should have done Wonder Woman.
    Or they could make the long awaited Charmed Spin off if The Secret Circle crashes and burns…
    I know I will be hated thoroughly for saying this, but Supernatural should have ended in Season 5. I felt they rushed to quickly towards the whole Lucifer story line and the season 6 was just a whole lot of could be story arcs pushed into one season. Season 6 was very offensive and will not the best work they have ever done. I am sorry but that is just what I think.

    Gossip Girl is ridiculous now. I feel that season one was the best and only season of Gossip Girl that that stayed true to the title. I feel that it should have only been about teenagers and the Rufus/Lily/Bart Bass/Dr VDW story was booooooooorrrrrrring!The only parent I like is Elanor as she brings drama and comedy in one scene.
    They make Serena to be this person who walks blindly through life doing ridiculous things and saying its cuz I miss my daddy and I want my daddy to notice me… Seriously? Is the audience made up of a bunch of brainless couch potatoes? Even Blair who is touted as a feminist who doesn’t want to be ruled by a man, falls weak at the sight of that scarf wearing lethario wannabe called Chuck Bass.

    Mark Pedowitz better start speaking to the EP’s and getting them to take these shows and re do them so people can actually respect the show their watching.

  20. Ricky says:

    Oh, no. More years of Samnatural? Can they stop with this show till it has some dignity?

    • Ruby says:

      Oh no, somebody like you again? Could you please go away and shut up if you don’t like the show? Go watch something else. Stop trying to ruin it for everybody else.

      • except... says:

        Except it does take up a timeslot that could be used instead by something that is disliked by the haters. Which I think is a fIair argument on their part, even if I disagree with them that the show sucks, which it doesnt.

  21. Carolyn says:

    Sam and Dean ARE superheros.

  22. Ren says:

    Would call the new CW president a “god among men” if he could bring back Veronica Mars.

  23. Shannon says:

    I’m glad that this is not intended to be the last season & really hope that the ratings & the writing will continue to move the storyline along as it has been doing. I agree that the core of Supernatural is the two brothers, their dedication to each others & their hunting missions. They are good looking of course but it wouldn’t matter if the writing wasn’t good but luckily it is.The elements of supernatural,folklore etc has made it fun to watch since the beginning & what made me start & continue to watch it.
    Many comments have been made that Dean doesn’t get any attention but many of the episodes that involve other dimensions revolve around Dean. Dean has the best lines of the series also so I can’t see how many can say he’s ignored. The series is dependent on both characters. The other supporting characters add more dimensions to the stories but the basic storyline is contingent on the relationship between the Winchesters and their journey. I love that they have Cas and his relationship with Dean but I think stepping back away from the angels to just the brothers is a good thing. I liked the changes that have come with that angel arc and think it along with the changes in Sam will lead to good future story lines.

  24. V says:

    I think Supernatural is a fabulous show and will continue to watch until the very end. It’s scary, intriguing, by turns heartwarming and heartbreaking, and funny all at the same time. I think both brothers are integral pieces to the story line and are the core of the show. I don’t think for a minute that Jensen’s talent is being wasted nor do I think that Jensen thinks so. Each actors style/forte is unique to them and they do phenomenal work.

    • V says:

      Sorry–that’s “Each actor’s…”

    • Ruby says:

      I’ll second this wholeheartedly! Thank you for posting it, V.

    • Cindy says:

      I feel Jensen’s range is far greater than Jared’s, but it’s being “stifled” to make their acting “appear” more equal. If they gave them equal storylines this would be apparent-which is probably why both showrunners have refused to do this since they stopped being concerned with the quality of the show and earning seasonal renewals mid S5. At this point, they can just go ahead and indulge their egos and fangirl fantasies all they want. And that’s what they’ve done since the end of S5, IMO. It’s sad that this once great show is going out like this. Really sad. Kim Manners is probably spinning in his grave.

  25. Melanie says:

    This is excellent news!! More Supernatural is a Good Thing.

    I loved S6 and can’t wait for S7!! Bring on S8!!!!

  26. Janice Cummings says:

    SN is still going strong!!! Yeah, Season 6 got off to a rocky start, and a couple of eps left me thinking WTH, but they got it together and the last half of the season ROCKED!! I’ve got high hopes for S-7 and, as long as there are still good stories to tell, I’ll be here for S-8 and beyond.

  27. Lisa says:

    Lol and yet all you see are comments on Supernatural. XD
    I’ve gotta be honest, I didn’t like S6 as much as I did love the others, but it was fine. But I also have to admit that I sometimes had the feeling that I was watching a different show and some episodes were like, dude WTF?

    But I love this show to death so yes, I’ll watch it until the very end. And I can’t wait for S7.

  28. casammy says:

    The show is on two brothers dean and sam, other prominent figures are all passengers come but us and stay, it is not true that alone it treats on sam, that dean is an overprotective and possessive brother, has been like that from the season 1 and they are not going to change it that is a part of his personality, the man has died and it went to the hell for sam, for dean sacred mas in this world they are: sam and the impala and others are a history, now cas this one in royal problem for which for dean nobody gets with his baby bro and lives to count the history, cannot change it, if they like us the characters of the prominent figures in order that they continue looking, if jensen and jared they are very happy since it is the show which is the reason in order that you complain so much??? Here the history always was and he is dean and sam and nobody more, no angels,, no demons, no lisa, no ben, no castiel, they are all passengers

  29. J. says:

    The only good thing about One Tree Hill returning this year (other than Tyler Hilton being around full-time; he is awesome) is that it is its final season. The show has stretched nearly two or three seasons longer than it should have. And with James Lafferty being present for only “multiple” episodes, the entire premise established in the first season between his and Chad Michael Murray’s characters are essentially gone.

    One Tree Hill used to be decent for what it was back in the day but now it seems like it’s lucky if it even manages to achieve mediocrity anymore…

  30. Carrie says:

    I’m liking this new guy so far. Bring on more “Supernatural”!

  31. nina says:

    i loved season 6,
    also like dthe lisa storylinyay for more snl

  32. raelee514 says:

    Heh, I think he’s scared of the supernatural element, LOL. But yeah the family connection on Supernatural is definitely the heart of the show. And the pretty doesn’t hurt but it’s really the great writing, direction and acting that draws you and makes you love the Winchesters.

    Also Dean and Sam Winchester ARE SUPERHEROES. Just like BATMAN they save the world with no superpowers (well Sam seems to have no super powers at the moment).

    The CW has no superheroes right now, whatever…..

  33. Karaheart says:

    Okay, so a few of the seasons of Supernatural wasn’t the best, but……. give Sera another year before you judge her. Look, she had to finish up what was going on the previous year. This is her time to shine. I am giving her the benefit of the doubt, but after season seven its either poop or get off the pot. I will probably still watch it though :) Love those boys (All of them, Jensen, Jared Bobby and Misha) They just need to make Cas human and keep him high, it makes a funnier show. :)

  34. Jen says:

    Yes!!! The show is awesome! The actor are talented and beautiful. I cant wait for season 7!! Keep the season coming!! I want to see at least a season 10!! WOOT!!

  35. Shannon says:

    Hmmm…has anyone heard if Chad and Hilarie are returning at all to One Tree Hill for the final season? I think there were some rumours…not sure if they were ever more than that.

    • J. says:

      I think the producers of One Tree Hill are interested in both of them returning before the show goes off the air for good, but neither of them has committed to anything. And with Hilarie co-starring on USA’s White Collar now, it might be difficult even fitting it into her schedule, so I wouldn’t exactly count on it. But I could be wrong!

  36. Kelly Tooker says:

    LOOOVE the show! This is great news that it’s a longer future ahead, but I’m not especially surprised because I got hooked in the 5th season and within weeks owned all the DVDs, it was a sickness. Then I got two friends hooked on it. The longer the show is on the more fans will come. I know I got one disc from Netflix as an experiment a year ago and did not think it would go well and I was shocked at how fantastic and scary it was. Obviously after that I had to buy the damn DVDs, since I wouldn’t get them in the mail fast enough. I love TV, I’ve seen a lot of different shows, but this show is a hall of famer for me.

  37. miss scarlet says:

    I’ve never seen a “fan”dom hate its own canon more than Supernatural’s. Look at this thread alone. People still watch but “hate” it – and apparently have hated it for years. Seriously, kids, either stop watching or stop endlessly complaining about it on the internet. It’s not healthy.

  38. Tammy says:

    I dislike the Team BS! Team Dean, Team Sam, Team Cas nothing good ever comes of it. People are so passionate/rabid and one sided about their favorite character/actor that they can’t see the bigger picture. It’s one of the of things I hate most about fandom. Team wars. Can’t we all just be Team Supernatural?

    There have been times I have disliked the writers direction for a character(s) and/or a story line but this isn’t my story to tell. It’s the writers. As a fan of the show and the brilliant people behind it I have to put my faith in them. These characters have their ups and downs. They have to grow and evolve and even change. It’s part of life. It’s part of Sam & Dean’s journey.

    I’m grateful that I’ve been able to travel on this journey the past 6 years and hope to do it for many more. No matter what happens I will continue to support this amazing show until the end.

    All the people complaining & that don’t like the direction the show has taken… Guess what? You can turn the channel… & Get this… you could even stop watching the show. Seriously. No one is forcing you to watch.

    As for me… This show is in my blood. It’s the air that I breathe. It’s a huge part of my life. I love it. I love the highs. I love the lows. I love the perfections. I love the flaws. Long live Supernatural!!!

  39. You know, I am a fan of Supernatural and have been since the pilot. the one thing I can not stomach is what I am reading on here. I came here to be with “FANS” of Supernatural. What I found were bunch of losers who had nothing better to than the boys down, find fault, play sides on who is better, who do their jobs right, Dean didn’t get to do this, Sam got to do everything this season. You know what. That’s not being a fan. Fans don’t do that. You shame them. I’m sorry to be int he same room with you guys. I love Jared and Jensen and I am so sick and tired of the fault finding. I love the show. I may something about but I don’t cut it to ribbons and run into the ground so viciously that it is hurtful to them and that what all of you do. You make me sick and I am ashamed to be a part of the same fandom you call yourselves a part of. I don’t think I am, because Supernatural fans, The Real Ones, don’t act that way. Quit watching show if you feel that way. It so called fans like you who have hurt show’s ratings anyway. I won’t be back on here. I don’t want to associate with this kind of crud.

    • lolz says:

      And I’m ashamed to be called a fan of this show when there are so many kool-aid drinking drones who think it’s their job to police the opinions of this show’s viewers. Oh well. Guess it takes all kinds to make the world go around.

      • Franklin Turtle says:

        Don’t worry about it lolz. The Sam girl ghestapo over at supernatural.tv have finally heard about this article so all 5 of them just going to stampede over here and try to control the internet. Apparently it’s what they do. lol.

      • Nate says:

        lolz, your comments are making me LMAO, in a good way. But be nice! Seriously, if we lived close to each other, I’d love to have a drink with you. Thanks for the posts.

  40. STW says:

    Wow! As usual, SPN fandom explodes into bitter warring between Sam or Dean stans whenever any article about this show is published lately. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions and I enjoy seeing a good debate, but not deluded and thinly veiled spite between so called fans, it’s getting really tiresome. Meh, whatever, dont see that changing anytime soon. This show inspires eqaual amounts of insane craziness and sane devotion which I suppose is a good thing!

    Back to the article – love that the new CW gets Supernatural. Hope that bodes wel for future Seasons and that this Season we do actually get back to the show being about the bond between the two brothers. I really like Castiel and the part he’s played so far, but quite honestly I wouldnt miss him if he wasnt in any more episodes passed episode 1 of the new season. And please God no more (or very little) Ben & Lisa. Lisa I didnt mind so much, but the kid bugged me. And I still hold out hope for Cassie and Missouri from Season 1 to make a reappearance – they didnt kill those two characters off so there’s a shot right? Right?

    Love this show.

  41. Vannesa says:

    I’ve been watching OTH since the beginning even though I continue watching when Peyton & Lucas left…it’s just not the same.

  42. Shannon says:

    I have watched SPN from the very first episode. I don’t get the hostility or brother hating that goes on in these posts. I love the show and the characters. I don’t sit around counting the minutes each one is on screen or feeling angry on behalf of an actor because he didn’t get the better storyline. I just enjoy the stories as they are written because they don’t exist outside of that. Happy to see we will probably get at least 2 more years of this great show!!

    BTW- I am hardly a “fan girl”, I’m 37!

  43. Kat says:

    I love Supernatural and I hope it continues for a few more seasons! I think there are a lot of stories left to tell. I hope they redeem Cas, maybe even make him human. I do want more Dean…I think they tend to give Jared more storylines and I don’t think he’s as good an actor as Jensen. Jensen brings a real intesity to the role but he also plays gruffly tender and very funny incredibly well.

    I didn’t love the Lisa/Ben storyline but the characters need to grow and that experience was one that will help Dean grow. For all the people complaining about S6…you have to remember that SPN isn’t like other shows. They don’t just tell stories – there is a whole mythology involved. That’s what makes the show special and what creates the long srcs that need to be resolved before moving forward.

    Can wait for next season!

  44. jay says:

    New super hero show next year??? How about a show about a super spy that has all the nation’s secrets in his head and has become the ultimate spy. The team includes a seriously hot female spy and a weapons crazy mega hero….and a small bearded best friend. I think this type show could pull in 5 million plus viewer each week. Much more than the other show can (in some cases combined). Plus you already own the show. Come on….don’t let NBC kill your fantastic show. Move it to your network!!

  45. Lucky says:

    So what, it’s better to complain about some imaginary slight to your favorite character and it’s better to hate on Sera than it is to actually support the show. Way to be a fan.

  46. Chloe says:

    Lisa once asked Dean what he wanted. Its been 6 years And Dean still is unable to answer that question. I believe Dean lost his love for hunting because he has turned his back on humanity in favor of the Supernatural world. He sells his soul; seduces demons to pass the time and year after year he works with or uses the Supernatural for his own personal gain.

    Is it any wonder he drinks himself into oblivion? Takes sketchy pills and even offers them to his brother who is a recovering addict?

    I think Dean needs to decide where his loyalties lie: With humanity or with Monsters.

    • cindy says:

      He’d have to turn his back on his brother Sam, if he chose humanity, then, wouldn’t he? That demon blood drinking guy…you remember him, right?

  47. Suzie says:

    I read these comments about Supernatural and laugh. I mean really laugh out loud. They are funny. I hope the show goes on for a very long time. I love both Jared and Jensen. They are both excellent actors. Better than most. From season 1 on has been fun and great writing. The way season 7 sounds like it is going is new monsters and back to the way they started. So almost like full circle. If people are really truly fans they would like the show no matter what. It’s entertaining. I think they have perfect writers, perfect actors, and perfect directors.

  48. Lily says:

    Supernatural is a superior show, but season 6 didn’t resolve the myth arc created by Kripke. We never got the answers surrounding Dean. His myth arc was treated as a red herring , which I don’t believe it was intended to be at all. Dean’s connection to the angels ,Michael in particular, were left dangling. His ability to stare into Zachariah’s grace as he killed him, and the part of him, which he left in the pit. All these questions have remained unanswered.
    The Sam storyline is simply tedious and needs to be wrapped up. We have had 6 years of this and it needs to be put to bed. I think Carver and Edlund could have handled the job as show runners much better than Gamble. She clearly started season 6 without a clear arc in place, and the whole robosam storyline was poorly executed.
    Cass is an integral part to the story and should not be dropped. Dean and Sam’s world has become smaller, much more claustrophobic. They need more than each other. I liked Lisa, and she was good for Dean. Dean whitewashing her memory was clearly his need to spare her the pain of what she experienced, and to help her move on. This was wrong, but Dean does not believe he is entitled to some happiness.
    My hope is the CW president would actually watch the show so he could see for himself what the show is about. I don’t know about the spoilers, but I do know Sera is too attached to the Sam storyline, which is a real turnoff to fans who want answers and they would like the show to move the myth arc forward. The Dean and Sam’s world needs to be intertwined with people they care about as well as people that care about them. So let’s hope we have great season 7, and more money allocated to the show because it deserves it!

  49. Kate says:

    I don’t understand why their is a division over this show. The characters need to grow and change because that is human nature. Even without all their troubles Dean and Sam would be very different people. The dilemmas and judgements that are placed on their shoulders would change you. Gosh why wouldn’t you want to rest and have a normal life on occasions. I think it is also worth remembering that Dean!s character is older and he stayed in the hunting life whilst Sam was out at school. When we first met Dean he was 26. This equates to about the age Sam is now, give or take a year. I don’t think the writers are favoring one over the other, but as is normal the wear and tear of day to day living changes you. The writers need to reflect this and do this with their story lines. Only hope we don’t go into space that would be a step too far for me. I would like to thank the writers for taking us on such great journey. Looking forward to season 7 and more.

  50. Pauline says:

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