The Vampire Diaries Preview: Get Ready for a Scary-Fun 'Ripper Stefan' Roadshow

A very bad man is coming to The Vampire Diaries, and his name Stefan. Ripper Stefan.

After two seasons of living his life as Saint Stefan (as Damon likes to call him), Elena’s good-hearted boyfriend did the unthinkable to save his brother. Stefan gave himself up to Klaus and drank from a human girl in exchange for the cure — Klaus’ blood — to Damon’s werewolf bite. But the scary fun of what executive producer Julie Plec calls “the Stefan/Klaus roadshow” is just beginning.

Joseph Morgan, the man who plays Klaus, has some thoughts about how bad — and good for viewers — Stefan’s horrific transformation is going to get. “What we’re going to get to see is how dark Stefan can go,” shared Mogran at Comic-Con. “The interesting thing is that Klaus has given Stefan permission to release that darker side of himself. We’re going to see…what Klaus’ ultimate goal is with Stefan and for Stefan.”

The answers won’t come quickly, though, and neither will a reunion with the residents of Mystic Falls. “This is not going to be a short storyline,” reveals Plec. “We’re going to be exploring the levels of Stefan and his dark side for hopefully a good amount of time.” Some of the questions that Plec says will arise during Stefan’s sojourn: “How long will he stay separated? Will they be able to help him, find him, rescue him, bring him back from the edge? Or will he keep fighting that?”

Of course, Stefan can’t stay away from the people he loves forever. Eventually, “he’ll probably make his way back to Mystic Falls,” says Plec. “Suddenly, it’ll be an interesting dynamic for Damon, who was the mysterious, evil dude who showed up in Season 1, leaving Stefan to clean up his messes. Now, it’s going to be a little bit of the reverse.”

It’ll also be a new chapter for sweethearts Stefan and Elena. Might “Ripper” be just one of many things the show will borrow from Buffy the Vampire Slayer next season? Will gone-darkside Stefan be just as cruel to Elena as Angelus was to Buffy?

“You’re going to see a very, very, very definitively different version of their relationship,” replies Plec. “Not just [in] one episode, but over a good part of the season.”

That journey is giving Paul Wesley plenty of new things to work with as Ripper Stefan. “I’ve been watching dailies. He’s really good,” raves executive producer Kevin Williamson. “He also has a swagger and a fun to the role that doesn’t exist as Stefan because he’s so the good boy. He’s so intense. He’s so broody. No one really gets to see the playful side of Paul Wesley. … As dark and as devilish and as nasty as he is [as Ripper Stefan], it makes him more fun.”

The Vampire Diaries returns to the CW with new episodes on Sept. 15.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I am SO excited for Ripper Stefan! The guy will finally have a personality. Please spend at least half the season on this!

  2. chr says:

    I can’t wait!

  3. Saxyroro says:

    Thank you for showing the correlation from Season 3 Buffy of Angelus and 3rd TVD with Ripper Stefan. And that was one of the best seasons of Buffy. I hope to see the same on TVD.

    • M says:

      Angelus showed up in Season 2 of Buffy, not Season 3. He also came back in Season 4 of Angel.

    • Pam K. says:

      The Angelus storyline happened in Season 2 of BtVS, not 3.

    • Guess says:

      You do realize of course that Elena is no Buffy, right? It would be one thing if Stefan would be dating Bonnie but, as it is, there’s no “Angelus” tension when the girlfriend is everyhting BUT a vampire slayer

  4. qeeee says:

    Although this story is meant to bring together “Damon & Elena”, which i dislike because I heart “Stefan & Elena” together this storyline also gives Paul Wesley some shine, hate to admit but he’s the leading guy of the show but who we all talk about is Ian Somerhandler. Can’t wait to see Ripper Stefan.

    • Jason says:

      Honey, if you think Paul Wesley is the “leading guy of the show,” you don’t know a lot about TV.

    • olivia.j says:


      Clearly you don’t know much about TVD either.

      • qeeee says:

        olivia.j & Jason – – –

        Paul Wesley is the leading guy and Second i do know about TVD I’ve been watching it since the “Pilot”. So i think i know what’s going on
        and FYI: I do love Damon i just ship Stefan/Elena. I still stand by what wrote on my previous post.

        • Kins1984 says:

          Season 1 Pilot.

          For over a Century I have lived in secret, until now.
          I shouldn’t have come back, but I have no choice.
          I know the Risk , but I have to know her.
          I’m a Vampire, and this is my story.

          From Stefan’s first words of the show.
          So … does this somehow answer the question of who is the Leading Guy???

          • El. says:

            It WAS Stefan’s story at season 1. Everyone needs to admit that TVD changed A LOT.By the end of the season 2, we can clearly see that who is Leading guy is. Dont get me wrong , I love Paul so much but we know who leading guy is and it’s totally not him. C’mon guys, we’ve seen 2 epsiodes which is around Damon, noone but Damon , just him. How can we deny it? When even Paul admits this.

  5. Katy says:

    Can not WAIT for this!!! I can’t stand Stefan’s charatcer and have wanted Elena and Damon to be together from Day 1, and I still do – I’m hoping that this will bring them together FINALLY!!! Plus, it will be sooo much fun to see a bad Stefan cuz his sanctimonious self does my head in!!! I adore Damon and yawn all through Stefan’s scenes – Elena and Damon bounce of each other so much more than Elena and Stefan, much more chemistry! So I’m hoping I can finally enjoy some Stefan sceens as I do like Paul Wesley and think he’s a greta actor, he has just been written too boring. The contrast between hima dn Angel is a good one, but he can’t hold a candle to David Boreanas as the moment (but i am a die hard btvs/angel/bones fan) and i hope this next season can prove me wrong! :)

    • Lyntrell says:

      Not boring at all to me. Actually, imo, sometimes the whole bad guy routine gets old. Especially the whole cliche’ of it all. The good girl changing the bad boy. That’s boring, imo.

      • Iris says:

        Agreed. Damon/Elena may have more sexual quemistry, but after what Damon has done to Elena and everyone around her, he just cannot be a romantic option without destroying Elena’s character.

        Anyway, can’t wait for the Stefan/Klaus storyline. It sounds extremely fun and it’s time for Paul Wesley to get something meaty. He and Candice Accola are the strongest actors in the show.

        • Danyl says:

          I completely agree with you. I know, “it’s only fiction!”, but come on: we’re invested in these shows ultimately by how they mirror our actual lives, by that I mean our relationships with people and how we’re all flawed in one way or another, and how we deal with love, loss, lust, etc etc. I’m SO tired of The Vampire Diaries catering so much to the Ian Somerhalder fans, and them mostly all squeeing over how “perfect” Damon is, when he is the most illogical and unhealthy type of guy you could hope for in a real relationship. Elena and Damon simply don’t make sense, after all he has inflicted upon her and her friends and family. Crazy. Candice and Paul are the best actors in my opinion too!

  6. Susy says:

    Stefan has never been the “leading guy” on TVD!!! The reason most of us talk about Ian’s character is because DAMON IS THE SHOW!!! TVD shines the most when action revolves around DAMON,not STEFAN!!!

    • Lyntrell says:

      No sweetheart just because you want Ian to be the leading guy of the show doesn’t mean he is. That is indeed Paul Wesley. His name is second in the opening credits. Not Ian. He is third. AFTER Paul.

      • Danielle H. says:

        You can argue about this all day; same with True Blood. Eric and Bill are like Damon and Stefan. He has their own fan base and each fan base wants to say their guy is the best and lead guy. It’s all about perspective. I love me the bad boys though!!

        • Guess says:

          No way! Sheriff Northman and the King of Lousiana (a.k.a. Eric and Bill) are actually interesting, mostly because they are BOTH “bad guys”. If anything, the Salvatore brothers are the vanilla version of the Winchester brothers, not Angelus and Spike.

          • kat says:

            I’ll take Stefan over Bill and Angel. I have to take Eric over Damon and Spike. The Winchester brothers? They’re not even vampires.

    • Octavia says:

      Why fight? They are both amazing! They both are leading guys to Nina’s leading girl. The story revolves around the 3 of them, there’s no point in fighting, the actors and writers wouldn’t want that.

      • Kayla says:

        Totally agree!! They are both amazing and both deserve 2 be leading men why does it have 2 be 1 or the other y can’t it be both, every episode revolves around all of them u need all of them to make the story good so even though i love Ian Somerhalder more i think they both deserve credit for their awesome acting and Nina as well without any of them there wouldn’t be a show and of course all the supporting cast are just as important and interesting and deserve recognition i mean look at how many awards TVD has won, they’re all amazing and i hope the writers keep up the amazing work, as well as the actors!!

  7. Susy says:

    I agree with @Katy!!! I too love the chemistry between Damon and Elena- they sizzle together!!! Stefan always causes one of two things for me: absolute boredom or absolute disgust! I cannot stand this character!!! Comparing Ripper Stefan to Angelus?! TOO SOON!!! ANGELUS WAS PRICELESSLY EVIL!!!

    • Patty says:

      Stefan could never be as disgusting as Damon. It’s impossible to redeem what Damon has done. Stefan has always respected Elena. Liking bad boys is one thing, but liking ansd condoning abuse? Damon is a first class abuser. He abuses/kills/hurts every woman. THAT is disgusting.

      • rehabber says:

        Patty, let’s see what you have to say after we get Ripper Stefan for several eps. I am looking forward to this season and as far as Angel goes, the ONLY time I enjoyed Angel was when he was Angelus.

      • Sal says:

        After Elena reads parts of the John Gilbert journals that contains Stefan trying to kill him…

        “so you’re saying, you were like Damon?” – Elena

        “I was worse” – Stefan

        Yes Damon is evil (which is exactly why i like him… or vampires in general) but you can’t go against Stefan’s words himself…

      • Lulu says:

        what!!?? omg, have you WATCHED any of season three? stefan TEARS up body parts, PUTS THEM BACK TOGETHER and PAINTS BLOOD ON THE WALL. YOU, my friend, ARE CRAZY is you think that damon is worse than stefan! besides damon stopped all that stuff now

  8. olivia.j says:

    or much about TVD for that matter.

  9. Susy says:

    If you read my post, I DID NOT say Ian WAS the leading guy.I SAID he makes the show what it is: exciting,funny,etc.Now, having said that, I will NOT deny that I hope DAMON and ELENA end up together!

    • Jerry says:

      Everybody makes the show what it is, not just Damon. Stefan plays an important part in the story, as do Elena and Damon and Caroline… this isn’t the Damon show, it’s an ensemble and they all make the show what it is.

  10. ursula says:

    I hope the writers realize Ian’s fangisls are the ones who want Damon/Elena. Rational people understand Elena wouldn’t degrate herself to the point of accepting Damon as a boyfriend. I can understand attraction – it’s stonger than us, but love and respect for the guy who’s done her and her friends and family so much wrong? That’s the day this rational fan stops watching. I don’t watch for the ships, I watch for the characters and I want them yto be reasonably written, not because Elena and Damon look hot together or some silly stuff.

    • Erin says:

      THIS. completely agree with this. It annoys me how many people think this is the ‘Damon show’.

      And I sometimes feel that the writers are being unfair to those who deserve more of a storyline eg. Bonnie, Caroline, Alaric and MATT, who are just as important and deserving, but instead they give Ian a ridiculous amount of screentime…

      • sal says:

        Ian, Paul and Nina get a ridiculous amount of screentime cause the main story is about them!! They are the main characters in the book and in the screenplay… you can’t just switch main characters all of a sudden…
        and @ursula these “rational” fans you talk about are watching a show about werewolves, vampires, witches, hybrids and ghosts… You don’t bring a rational mind to a supernatural show… and these rational fans won’t stop watching even if they keep Damon and Elena together for 8 seasons…

        if you think i’m just a Damon or Stefan fan think again… my favourite character is still Caroline and Jeremy…

        • Ranu says:

          But, I agree with Ursula. If you notice, the writers and producers and even the actors are trying hard to provide real things to the TV Show. Their characters and storyline become great because they look real.

          So,it’s something risky and not makes sense if the writes change the direction only because fans want Elena with Damon. For all these two seasons, we see how Elena chose Stefan for various reasons.

          And make her falls in love with Damon just because what? Stefan becomes ripper Stefan? That’s a silly reason for Elena. I guess one thing that makes sense if the writers deliver us some ‘reasonable’ process that change Elena’s hatred to Damon into love. And it won’t be done in one season.

  11. liria234 says:


  12. Jake says:

    I Love Stefan but i admit he is boring most of the time, so im excited to see him actually have something to do!

  13. Lacysos says:

    Leading lady is Nina. Leading man is Paul. Why? Because the credits lists them first and second. For examaple, when their names were listed in the nominations for Emmy Awards, Paul was nominated as the “leading” man, Ian was nominated as “supporting”. Why? Because his name comes up third in the credits.

    At any rate, Paul Wesley is going to kill it. I’m so glad he finally got a storyline of his own instead of just Elena’s boyfriend. Although, I love Stefan, it’s been a waste of his acting skills.

    According to Julie Plec, the last two seasons have been all about Damon because they were telling “Damon’s Journey”. Now, finally, they are going to tell Stefan’s journey, therefore we have the Ripper. And she said it’s not going to be a short story. Yeah! (:

  14. Amy says:

    I just think the writers have done such an amazing job till now that we should all have faith that it’s going to be another amazing season! I agree the show isn’t about Damon why people think it is, is ridiculous because without the Stefan and Elena Damon would be nothing an would be even more boring then Stefan although I love paul Wesley to bits he is a boring charachter… So I can’t wait to see the fun side of him. I don’t want Damon and Elena to get together it would just turn Damon into stefan…I don’t like damon with Elena when he’s with Elena he turns serious and sad and he’s always pathetically crying over Elena which I don’t like so yh it would be a shame if they ended up together in the end … It should be stefan and Elena who end up together in the end

  15. Alexa says:

    Speaking of Buffy, didn’t they already steal a page from that book – Giles’ rebellious teen nickname was Ripper.

  16. me says:

    i don’t care about “who’s the leading man”, “Damon-Elena”. what i do care i can’t wait to Sept 15th!!!! WAITING SUCKS. But what happen to Katherine????

  17. Becca says:

    Hallelujah for Rippah Stefan! I am looking forward to this story line very much. I cannot wait to see Paul Wesley embrace Stefan’s dark side & to see what Joseph Morgan, Klaus has in store for us. They are sure to horrify, bless them ;)

  18. Henrita says:

    All these fights make me sick .Everyone has their own opinion and you’ll never change it. I love Stefan/Paul more than Damon/Ian. I dont care if there is more fans of Damon,hes a bad guy and girls are attracted to bad guys,all the time. I just wanna say that im really excited about Ripper Stefan,Paul really wanted some changes about his character.But good stefan wasnt boring at all,if he didnt kill ppl as Damon doesnt mean hes boring.And btw I dont get one thing: why DE fans go on here and say Delena is better etc. This preview is about Stefan,not DE! And actually Nina,PAul and Ian are lead characters all of them! The whole show is about them! But talking about fans,they only adore DE/Damon thing. (but im not one of them)

    • pria says:

      Preach sister. It’s clear to me the Damon/Elena shippers are the tweens and they only see and care about their ship and nothing else on the show, so they come post about it even when the article isn’t about it. Annoying, but they’ll grow up.

      • Kayla says:

        I am not a tween yet i still like the Damon/Elena relationship but i’m not gonna sit here and fight about it, i think all the actors on the show are amazing and all deserve equal credit 4 their amazing work. Although i am a Ian/Damon fan and i absolutely love Nina/Elena (and i really hope it’s true that they are dating in real life) i honestly don’t care who ends up with who, as long as they keep the stories interesting and realistic (well as realistic as you can get when ur working on a supernatural show with vampires, werewolves and witches lol) so Delena ending or not all i want is some awesome episodes and seasons to come, can’t wait 4 september!!

    • Lulu says:

      of course you can change people’s opinion. or at least give them points to think about. that is the beauty of DEBATE, honey. okay, many people on here dont debate, they just verbally hit each other, instead of discuss things, but still.
      i am a delena shipper, yeah, but i dont go on and on about it when this article is about ripper stefan (who, so far, is AWESOME! apart from the ripping body parts up and putting them back together…thats a bit sick, but hey, he’s a ripper. its what ripper people do) and i like the almost kind of bromance (or at least, relationship) between klaus and stefan

  19. Dakota says:

    I have wanted Elena and Damon together becuz they do have chemistry and she does have feelings for Damon. She showed it in the last episode of season 2. Also it would be cool to see the couple in real life be a couple on screen just like true bloods Sookie/bill. But I love Sookie and Eric together :). So I cant wait to see the on screen romance between both those couples.

  20. Susy says:

    Well, we are going to continue liking who we like- no amount of arguments will change that. I will like Damon and that’s that.I do take exception to the assumption that anyone who likes Damon over Stefan is a “tween” or “fangirl”. I am an adult,fyi! Now, when I said Stefan disgusts me I was referring to his too laid-back attitude. He has no innitiative.When I said Damon is the show, I meant he is the character you either love to hate or hate to love. Whether you like him or not,he is an integral part of this story.In conclusion,I’d like to clarify that I respect everyone’s opinion.As an adult, I refuse to get into a spat over a fictional TV show!

  21. anonymous.donor says:

    “They both are leading guys to Nina’s leading girl.”

    Completely agree.

  22. John Lockwood says:

    I dunno what expect from that new season. That show sucks, but is nice to se, seems kinda real. Well, can’t even wait!

  23. missdamonsalvatore says:

    i love vampire shows!
    i love paul/stefan and ian/damon…
    its true that damon has more fans than stefan, but stefan is actually the leading guy of the show…
    i love damon sooooo much!!! hes sooooooo handsome!!!!
    but i don’t think elena should fall in love with a guy like that… hes sooooo much different than her! also i dont get why everyone forgives damon for the things he has done, i mean he practically kills whoever he likes and also the buffy and angel show is the best american show there has ever been!!!! nothing can beat it! ANGELUS IS AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE!!! ps. i hate spike

  24. Adam Higgins says:

    Want to see your favorite Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters made into Barbie dolls?

  25. Monique Hall says:

    i am in love with ripper Stefan… but i am still team damon! i just like the whole bad boy thing stefan has got going on. its hot! i have always been for Stefan and Elena but that doesnt mean i dont like Damon. He has been my favorite since the first season!!!!! :)

  26. mark says:

    this show stole so much from buffy the vampire slayer
    when you use things from other movies/shows that’s ok but the way they are doing it its a joke

    have a show about vampires dont show much of the vangs faces,hey have some witches with magic but dont show any just fire,heey have some werewolf in it but dont show it…just use a silly dog

    heEEY have the first vampires ever in yre show but still no much vangs and faces

    nah im out of this show when seaon 3 started mindless teen tv series
    its all about (TEEN)love(TEEN)silly partys
    even the TEENS are realy childern