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Sorry, Charlie: Two and a Half Men Funeral Buzz Comes Alive

James Earl Jones, who once officiated at Charlie Harper’s imagined funeral, may want to check his phone messages, because it’s looking like Two and a Half Men will indeed kick off its transitional ninth season by killing off Charlie’s Sheen’s hard-living alter ego.

One Two and a Half Men Theory: Is Ashton Kutcher Playing Charlie Harper?

Returning Monday, Sept. 19, CBS’ Men will open with Charlie Harper’s funeral, our sister site Deadline.com is hearing, with the service  well-attended by his myriad sexual conquests (just as it was in the aforementioned Season 6 episode, “The Devil’s Lube”).

The premiere, possibly fashioned as a two-parter, will continue with Charlie’s house being put on the market, and a parade of guest stars — including past and present stars of assorted Chuck Lorre sitcoms — giving the digs a once-over. One possible scenario has series newcomer Ashton Kutcher playing himself (though why he’d buy a bachelor pad when he has wife Demi and stepkids back home is anyone’s guess).

Two and a Half Men First Look: Ashton Kutcher Takes Center Stage

To protect the premiere’s specifics, table reads have been limited to essential personnel and the cast has been asked to sign non-disclosure agreements — as may studio audience members who attend the taping this Friday night.

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  1. Tucker says:

    Still think this is a bad way to write the character out of the show. It’s cheap and petty. Honestly, I think it will alienate the fanbase of the show, regardless of their feelings one way or the other about Charlie Sheen and the behind-the-scenes mess.

    • Lis says:

      It won’t alienate the “fan base” anymore than Charlie Sheen already has. Its a sitcom. If they all kiss and make up some day in the future, they could always say they buried the wrong guy. Please, many people watched the show because he was a train wreck waiting to happen.

    • FedUp says:

      Good way to go,getting rid of him with no way to return.Unless he wakes up in a shower and it was all a dream.This should put it to rest for Charlie,finally.Have been a fan from the begining and will continue to watch.

    • DogBoy says:

      Spoken like someone hoping to someday to see Sheen come back. NewsFlash: Ain’t happenin.

      • charlie adobe says:

        “Ain’t happennin,” because when it comes to the future of “2 1/2 Men,”
        Sheen is clearly, WINNING! The show goes right into the crapper without him. The only joke is that CBS is letting it stay on the air.

        • Gretchen says:

          I won’t be watching. This is a petty, mean-spirited move. Deleting the season pass from TiVo right now.

          Ashton is a worse nutcase than Sheen. He’s an “end-times” nut and a horrible actor.

    • Rekcuf Yeh says:

      Apparently, you’ve never seen MASH. Killing off one of their characters is considered one of the top classics of that show.

    • jonny says:

      I agree completely. The best way to have done this would have been to make Ashton Kutcher the new Charlie. It would have taken a few episodes to adjust but just like Sheen replaced Michael J Fox on Spin city by assuming the same character, it would have worked.

      If you kill of Charlie – it’s a completely new show. bad bad move.

      • SJB says:

        Um….Michael J Fox played Mike Flaherty, and Charlie Sheen played Charlie Crawford, two Completely different characters, on Spin City. I have not been as much of a fan of Sheen’s Charlie Harper since around the time he broke up with Chelsea….he seemed to be playing himself more and more…starting the downward spiral. I think it is okay to kill off the character as long as it isn’t cheap and cheesy…Lorre may have problems with Charlie Sheen, but I think he has respect of sorts for Charlie Harper.

      • formerlymiddleclass says:

        I thought they should have Ashton either play an unknown son who was fathered by a teenage Charlie that challenges the will to be coowner of the estate with Allen.

    • Lucas says:

      No matter what they do it will be cheap and petty. You really can’t write out a character well when you don’t have the actor to do it.

      Also, Matt. CBS has already said that Ashton won’t be playing himself. So that answers that question

  2. SAM says:

    I think that it sounds hilarious! I didn’t watch the show because I thought that Charlie Sheen’s alter-ego was obnoxious but I will check this premise and Ashton Kutcher out.

    • erica says:

      I completely agree with you! Charlies character was too close to Sheen himself. Not exactly a stretch to play a substance abusing,egomaniacal,womanizer! Im ready to see Ashton make it fun again.

    • Ramubay says:

      Agree. What would be funny if every guest to the funeral brought a gun and shot him just to make sure he really was dead.

  3. Erik Sweet says:

    I think this is a bad idea, and I agree with “Tucker”. Chuck Lorre may hate Charlie Sheen, but the fans of the show liked Charlie Harper. Killing him off for laughs won’t play well with it’s middle-of-America audience, who (for the most part) didn’t pay much attention to the pantomime meltdown that Sheen had last Spring. They’ll come back for the season premiere, discover that Kelso has about as much comic timing as a slice of french toast, and they’ll disappear. There’s no point in further alienating the fanbase by bringing about an early demise to the franchise character.

    • 8daysaweek says:

      I’m not sure where you live but I live in Ohio and people here know about Charlie Sheen’s meltdown. We do get the tabloids, you know. And honestly, if anyone is keeping Ashton Kutcher somehow relevant, it’s middle America.

      Every time I see a story about this show these days, I’m baffled. This crap survives 9 seasons and the meltdown and firing of its leading man and we only get five seasons of Chuck? Veronica Mars only got three? Firefly, a measly 14 episodes?

      • sadtroll says:

        I lol’d at your “if anyone is keeping Ashton” relevant line.

        And Firefly had 15 episodes but they only aired 12. The pilot was a two hour jobby.

        As far as popular crap goes I think we could do a lot worse than Two and a Half men. Those three shows you mentioned are among my favorites but I learned a long while ago that excellent stuff rarely lasts long.

  4. luvprue1 says:

    I agree with Tucker. It a unimaginative way to write the character off the show,and I think the fan of the show deserves better than that. They could have had Charlie go half way across the country to follow some girl,or something like that. That why they can bring him back if they need to, or he can do guest appearance.

  5. Ann S says:

    This will be the end of the show, I suspect (I’m with Erik and Tucker on this). Ashton Kutcher is *not* Charlie Sheen. Nor does he play him on television. There’ll be a spike in the ratings at the beginning due to all the “mystery” surrounding how they’ll deal with this, and then a decline.

    It’s not that Charlie Sheen was the show, but the dynamic was what’s important. The dynamic will now change significantly.

  6. MeL says:


    Who know what will happen in the future, maybe he says I’m sorry, maybe he goes to rehab (not the rehab at his home, the actually rehab) or something, miracles could happen. LOL

    PLEASE CHUCK DON’T KILL HIM, I have the hope that he will appear in the show’s finale.

    • judy mastrullo says:

      Chuck didn’t kill Charlie, Charlie killed Charlie. Come on people get over it. That man will never change he cant see anything but himself on that screen. I for one am looking forward to a show that was once good, moving on w/new people & new ideas. Charlie ruined it for everyone. Every time I see a re-run now I hear his crazy ranting that he was doing on TV after he was fired. He lost all respect of his fans, well a lot of them anyway.
      No one, I mean no one could have gotten away with what that man was permitted to do for as long as he was. Seriously you and I both would have been fired on the spot acting the way he did on and off his job when he was suppose to be there. Drinking, Drugs etc. NO ONE should have that kind of power to control people not even a CELEBRITY. He’s an addict and will aways have the addiction. If he can stay sober then he might be good enough to move on to better tomorrows. But Who knows? Would you hire some one like him? No, me neither. Good Luck 2 and 1/2 Men I’ll be watching. Looking forward to it!

      • janel says:

        Best response ever LOL I’m with you 100%. People die everyday and yes even on sitcoms, get over it already Jeez!

  7. Marilyn Painter says:

    Love it.

  8. Christina says:

    Sam- you really think middle America didn’t pay attention to his meltdown?? I think everyone knows. Especially fans of the show!

    • Kat says:

      I paid attention to the meltdown but I want to be entertained and Men is entertaining when Sheen is on. What he does with his personal life is his own business. Plus, Chuck Lorre was commenting on Charlie Sheen’s life via vanity card well before Sheen ever started commenting on Lorre. Lorre is a hypocrite who is acting like an overly sensitive teenage girl – maybe CBS should send him a dress!

      • Cate says:

        I agree. Those sneaky vanity cards where Lorre was having sly digs at Sheen were disgraceful. If you cant take it them don’t dish it out is what I say, and Lorre obviously couldn’t take the response he received.

      • Emily Jolie says:

        Totally agree with you but of course lot’s of self-righteous people chose to ignore that..
        Chuck Lorre is mister passive agressive asshole, it is well known and his most successful sitcom is DEAD.
        End of story.

      • Helen says:

        I totally agree. And talk about ranting – the ranting that Lorre does in those Vanity Cards is totally over the top. After reading just a few (because I couldn’t take it any more), you would think it was he who needed a psychiatrist! And the cards also show that he’s constantly criticizing the CBS execs for censoring various episodes of the show. So anyone who thinks that Charlie Sheen is writing any of these shows from his own life is absolutely wrong! It’s all Lorre (for better or worse).

  9. Bella says:

    I love it! I loved the show at first, but the worse Charlie Sheen got in his personal life, the worse that Charlie Harper got too, so I stopped watching a couple of years ago. I didn’t watch because of Charlie Sheen but because of the writing. But then tired lewd crude jokes were no longer funny, just lewder and cruder. Charlie Sheen had one note as an actor. This show was sorely in need of a reboot and now they have it. I’ll watch for sure now that toxic Sheen is out of the picture.

    • Bellaisnotsmart says:

      Bella come back to play some corny romance with Edward and don’t bother with too clever and funny characters like Charlie Harper for you, you are not in his league, give up shallow girl. haha.

  10. Katy says:

    I believe in the end of last season, Charlie was following Rose to Las Vegas (or somewhere). They could have had him just not return from there… I’m thinking this is just Chuck Lorre’s way of saying “good riddance”…

    • Dafna says:

      So now all we need to do is say good riddance to Chuck ‘the schmuck’ Lorre and the circle will be complete.

  11. Lisa says:

    Are they going to title this episode “Chuck Lorre is Biting the Hand that Fed Him”? They should! Killing Charlie Sheen means he can’t come back and save the show when Kutchers fails (and he will). This funeral is a stupid move from an egomaniac who clearly has too much money to need fans! I still don’t know why WB is letting Lorre make such an idiotic move! Then again I also can’t understand hiring Kutcher when even an unknown would have done a better job.

    Plus, it makes zero sense for Charlie’s house to be sold…in one ep he said his house was paid for and without a will Evelyn would inherit. Though Charlie has frequently updated his will over the years so it would make sense for him to leave it to Jake.

    Huh…actually, if Lorre is going to insist on being a hypocritical idiot then the most fun plot would have been for Charlie to be in a coma with the house left in limbo to Jake with power of attorney (operating on the assumption that Jake wouldn’t have had to do anything until he and Charlie were older). Jake could have moved Eldredge in along with his Dad, Chris (played by the amazing Judd Nelson) to help pay the bills. The character of Chris is a well known slamhound and there you have it – funny, workable TV. There is simply no way to introduce a replacement character as a home buyer or distant relation who lets Alan and Jake stay that makes any sense.

    The funeral shouldn’t be for Charlie…it should be for “Two and a Half Men”.

  12. Becca says:

    Ashton can’t act. Men is gonna bomb! Bring back Charlie!

  13. This just tells me that Lorre doesn’t respect the character he created (or co-created) enough to give him a better exit. It is clear that so long as Lorre was with the production that Sheen could never come back (and why would he want to now?), so killing the character just comes off as petty in the extreme and disrespectful to the viewers who liked Charlie Harper.

  14. scott white says:

    The show sucked with Sheen on it. Couldnt get much worse. Sheen has zero talent.

    • John says:

      Oh, grow up. Do you really think the show would have lasted this long without him? Whether or not you want to admit it, he was the show, and without him, there is no show. Ashton can’t act, he’s boring and full of himself, and he’s never been very nice to any of his past co-workers. He thought he was the STAR of That 70s Show when, in fact, it was Topher Grace (who can act). When Topher left the show, we stopped watching.

  15. Lisa says:

    For those of you complaining about Sheen’s private life I can only ask – what did you think of President Clinton? His personal life involved massive sleeping around and could have impacted far more than a TV show and we didn’t impeach him!

    • SAM says:

      Lisa, you are kidding, right? I mean, you have to be. You know, it is so hard to tell when someone is being sarcastic on a blog. If you were not kidding, then you might want to check your knowledge of history because Clinton WAS impeached!

      • Lisa says:

        Yes, Sam, he was taken through the impeachment proceedings but Clinto got to stay in office so in the end it clearly didn’t matter what he did – people were willing to ignore his conduct and the affect it had on the country, the message it sent about his character. It didn’t hurt that Hilary stood by him (which I’ll never understand) and he started talking about how his faith was pulling him through (which I don’t for one moment believe though that phrase has proven quite successful within the parole system).

        • SAM says:

          Lisa, your post said that Clinton wasn’t impeached but he was; he wasn’t removed because he was acquitted by the U.S. Senate. While I thought that he was being targeted unnecessarily by Starr, I also thought that Clinton deserved to be removed because he did not keep the oath that he took to uphold the Constitution and our laws but while you and I may not like the results, he did go through the legal process.

          As for Charlie Sheen and his “private” life: he’s the one who made it public. He’s the one who kept giving sound bites to the media; he’s the one who trashed his boss and his employer publicly; and he’s the one who then toured around the countryside publicizing his “private” life. So, if he wants to put it out there that he is a drug-addicted, abusive jerk, then I’m going to have an opinion on him and that opinion is that I think that it’s frickin’ hilarious that his character is getting killed off.

          • Lea says:

            Medias were after him FAR BEFORE he finally was fed up with all the allegations (the abuse BS is above all medias allegations by the way) and made it public SAM.
            If you want to debate at least get your facts right.

          • Helen says:

            That is not true SAM! Lorre was trashing Charlie long before Charlie said anything about Lorre. If Lorre had kept his mouth (and his pen) shut, Charlie probably wouldn’t have said anything either. Lorre is such a scumbag.

          • Helen says:

            Well I’m off to watch an hour and a half of reruns of the GOOD Two and a Half Men, and I definitely will not be watching the BAD one in September, as Kutcher makes my skin crawl (and not in a good way)!

      • Heather says:

        He was impeached by the House of Representatives, but then aquiited by the Senate. so, no, he was not truly impeached. Maybe you might want to check your knowledge of history. He served his full term, thus was not impeached.

        • SAM says:

          Re-read my last post and check your own knowledge of history: I said that Clinton was impeached but was acquitted by the Senate. Just because he wasn’t removed doesn’t mean he wasn’t impeached. There is a legal difference between the two.

          Lea, Sheen has had a love-hate relationship with the media for decades. He has been unapologetic and open about his lifestyle and public in his disregard for the law. There are no “winners” among all of the players in the fiasco of his public self-destruction to which Sheen was the major and ultimately responsible contributor. The people who have been abused in this situation are his family and the TV show’s staff who were fed up with his erratic behavior.

  16. SK says:

    Yeah … I only watched the show occasionally, and am planning to check it out with Ashton Kutcher in it, but I don’t think killing off the character is a good idea. (And I honestly hate when actor’s personal lives drive storylines of the fiction characters they play.) Charlie Harper was a big part of the show. I think writing him as having run off with some chick would have been a much better idea.

  17. Tim says:

    When you have to clarify who an actor is by referring to an old reality show and his much older wife you know the guy has no credentials. Don’t kill Sheen and expect this bozo to carry the show!

  18. flutiefan says:

    this is one of the worst-written shows on television in the last decade. normally i enjoy Chuck Lorre, but this drivel is pedestrian and misogynistic. it floors me that people find this crap funny and entertaining!

    i’ve been on bedrest for the past 5 weeks, and unfortunately i exhausted much of my normal television options. i saw a marathon of 2.5 Men, and i was saddened that this is what America thinks is funny. Jon Cryer does nothing but snivel, the jokes for Charlie are tired and obvious. poor Jake just cannot act his way out of a paper bag. even Berta is tiresome.

    when will you people wake up and realize this is NOT good television?! i hope all the characters die and this show goes away.

    • Elly says:

      how about stopping to watch tv and reading a book ? WAOW what a concept for you it seems..
      p.s: looking forward to see new Charlie Sheen tv show

      • flutiefan says:

        WOW i actually know how to spell “wow”!!! and “how about stopping to watch tv”??? your grammar is terrible. how dare you troll on me? you don’t know that i haven’t read a book. in fact, i have read several. sometimes i like to put those books down and watch tv.

        it’s obvious that you have nothing better to do than troll people who dislike Charlie Sheen and this lame show. poor thing…

  19. James says:

    Death would be a bad way to write Alan out of the show. But not Charlie Harper, he lived the hard life and it isn’t altogether unexpected of his character.

    Besides you don’t kill off innocent, endearing characters like Alan. That would be tantamount to killing off Edith Bunker and leaving Archie alive. Oh, wait a minute.

  20. jay says:

    why are they still calling it two and 1/2 men. The little kid is grown up now and can probably kick jon cryer’s ass.

  21. Tipicalmail says:

    They are killing off Charlie so they can bury him along with the ratings which will be six feet under before the third episode.

  22. Mike says:

    What are the odds Leonard and Sheldon visit the house? Sheldon-Alan would be an amusing moment. Also — although it’s unlikely to happen for multiple reasons — Lisa Edelstein inspecting the house could be fun.

  23. Sparky says:

    I actually liked the idea floating around a few days ago that Charlie has a car crash and he gets plastic surgery and comes out of surgery like Ashton Kutcher. I thought that was a great storyline.

  24. Aria Stark says:

    8daysaweek you are my hero

  25. Vinni says:

    Bad idea!!!! Why don’t they just end the show? No fan of the show is going to want to see a funeral…Thats crazy! Ashton isnt going to improve ratings for Lorre if anything, it’s going to prove that Charlie made that show what it is……….No one I know has expressed any interest in watching the show without him. Lorre needs to forget it……

    • James says:

      Given a choice between a sudden ending and an attempt to continue it, I choose that latter of the two. Sure it may bomb. But if you and your friends have already decided the series has ended in your mind, then no need to worry, you can watch something else.

      And say “I told ya so!” later on. Or maybe not… ;)

      Sit-coms have funerals all the time. Hey, the show “Valerie” killed off Valerie Harper and it continued on for several seasons!

    • CC says:

      “No fan of the show is going to want to see a funeral” Are you joking? They’ve had a few funerals already including burying Sheen’s real life brother. Funerals are high humor on this show. What’s one more?

    • Justme1962 says:

      I am a fan of the show and I see this funeral as funny. Charlie’s character was crued about death so he gets the same. He was needing to go and now Ashton will be fun to watch. Many of us will still watch.

    • Helen says:

      Count me in as another person who won’t be watching the show without Charlie.

  26. len says:

    Charlie sheen was great. Ashton butcher is bad. What’s going to happen to the money? I hope it goes to Alan so he can be a bit dark. Outside of a miracle this show is doomed.

  27. Melissa says:

    I always thought it would have been great to have Charlie lose his house to Ashton in Vegas, and when he shows up to take the house he learns he gets Alan, Jake and Berta as a package deal. Leaves room for whatever happens in real life with Sheen, and fits in nicely with Charlie’s character….

  28. CppThis says:

    Lawl, I guess Lorre and friends weren’t fooling when they said they might make Sheen’s character die from too much drugs.

  29. PierceMN says:

    Unless they give Conchata Ferrell more to do on this show (she’s the only reason to watch it), let’s put this dreadfully unfunny sitcom out of its misery. Note to writers: jokes about ball hair are not funny!

  30. JamesN says:

    Let’s take Charlie Sheen himself out of the picture for a moment. Let’s say it was another actor, who left more gracefully, but has stated his firm intention of not coming back at all. What would be the most appropriate exit for such a character; particularly one who drank too much, did way too many crazy women (and ironically, a few sane ones) and basically just had too much money and time on his hands?

    An early demise where he never has to grow old.

    Charlie Harper, the fictional character, was just an accident waiting to happen.

    Putting Charlie Sheen back into the equation, it’s just a case of art predicting life, rather than life imitating art.

  31. Haines says:

    …I have a message… Charlie Harper’s plane was shot down over the sea of Japan… It spun in… there were no survivors…

  32. The Boii says:

    Does that mean Sheldon and Leonard from The big bang thoery is going to be in the premiere? as it says “including past and present stars of assorted Chuck Lorre sitcoms”, if thats true, that would be awesome!

  33. Joe says:

    I don’t really think killing off the character is a great idea. Mostly because it’s supposed to be a comedy sit-com. And if you mix in a serious topic like the death of one of the main characters I just think that changes the tone of the whole show. How many episodes then will focus on the grieving family and the details of the death? If you just jump from the funeral to all is well again that’s pretty unbelievable. You have to spend significant time with the death as a main storyline. But if you dwell on the death you pretty much drain some of the comedic energy of the show and kill it.

  34. Justin says:

    I think this is a very cheap way of taking him out of the show. I think CBS and chuck have every right to take him off until he apologizes for his actions and makes it believable. But killing him? Eh. Maybe have Charlie going into rehab on the show or going away to make life decisions in some paradise. But by killing him they are killing hopes of his return and there by killing the show all together. And for those of you who said the jokes got ruder and cruder all o have to say is: Duh! That is the character of Charlie Harper. He is a rude and crude guy hence why the show played so well off of him and his family. No he isn’t neasacarily the ” star” of the show but he did make it 2 and a half men. If Ashton truly is his replacement it will be one man and 2 idiot teens.

    • Alicia says:

      He already apologised (and he did not need to do that, Lorre was not the innocent victim in this tug of war) but Lorre and Co wanted to appear as the ‘winner’ they are hypocritical and disgusting so now let’s move on.
      Charlie i am looking forward to watch your new projects (come back to movies also man).

  35. Vanny says:

    I have to add my 2 cents to this… Look, yes, he broke down in real like, and some things were said behind the scenes… but for 8 years, Charlie Sheen put work into the the series, just like the other actors there, and that should at least count for something. Chuck Lorre should at least respect this, because, they always mentioned that at first he stayed professional… only in season 8 did he completely crack. I wouldn’t kill him off, just leave him in Vegas with Rose, where he can live out his life…

  36. Brandon Rowe says:

    I love this! I think it’s hillarious it’s like a raised middle finger to Charlie Sheen. What an idiot.

    • Brandonisboring says:

      Brandon is pathetic, go hide yourself in a big black hole guy.

    • judy mastrullo says:

      you couldn’t have said it any better. Charlie Sheen thinks hes just too big. No one is that big. Im happy they are killing him off the show. No one should want to be like him……
      NO ONE>
      ‘He is an idiot he had everything and Blew it !…..I just dont get it!

  37. TVDIVA says:

    If the show has a strong ensemble cast and good writing it will be fine. Valerie Harper was killed off after two seasons and the show ran another four seasons with Sandy Duncan. Shannon Doherty was killed off on Charmed and the show ran another five seasons with Rose McGowan. Wayne Rogers left M*A*S*H after three seasons and the show ran another 9 seasons with Mike Farrell. If you chose the right actor as a replacement, the show can go on for years. Bottom line is so long as the show is generating revenue and the sponsors are buying ads, the CBS money machine will be happy.

    • petite fleur says:

      Bottom line Valerie Harper (who just lasted 2 seasons not 8) and other Prue Halliwell are not Charlie Harper and Smash was an ensemble show not a show where the one character who made the singularity of the show is removed.
      In short RIP Two and a Half Men.

  38. corey says:

    eventually killing off his charecter ala henry blake as one poster alluded to i can see working at the end of the season. start off the season with a charlie weekend bender, turns into an off camera account of a vegas meltdown, then weekly random radio or tv news reports of insane things harper had done in various cities. end the season with the news of his death and open the following season with the funeral.

    one of the greatest comedic threads on NCIS was tony dinozo’s car being stolen, as the episode went on, him discovering what was happening to it. and concluding with him watching the car crash during a high speed chase was hilarious.

    i agree killing off his charecter immediately is stupid. milk it for all its worth.

  39. Truth says:

    Charlie dies, kutchers character is in the will. Moves in with Allan

    That’s all;)

  40. Heather says:

    This is a television show people. I think you’re putting way too much time and effort into thinking about this and analyzing it, and then to ridicule this actor or that actor for doing what they do….act. Yes, it will not be the same without Good ‘ol Charlie Harper, but can it still be funny? Sure it can.
    But you people seriously need to get a life. They aren’t killing a person off in real life. This is make believe, television. If you are this invested in a television show and have such STRONG opinions of it, you really need to get a life. Take that energy and apply it in something good for the community or something. Step away from the TV. It’s rotting your brain.

  41. Tri Runt says:

    Ashton Kusher is the worst idea for this show. Chuck is going to destroy this show trying to fit a square into a hole. The best thing they could of done would of been to hire Jay Thomas to play his long lost father. Jay is perfect to play this part and perhaps the only actor who could of truly saved this show.

    • David Stein says:

      I never thought about him but now that you say this Wow Jay Thomas would of been an amazing choice. I think it may have been said their original dad was dead but they could of easily explained that away. Thomas would of been amazing as Charlie & Alan’s lost dad! That could of definitely worked!!!

  42. pegasus says:

    I wouldn’t kill Charlie off simply because that closes off future possible options for no reason. Since the last new program of the past season had Charlie running off to Europe with Rose, why not just go with that? Maybe they just disappear, or maybe he dumps Rose in Barcelona, takes off with a mysterious senorita, & is not heard from again? Rose can come back to Malibu to tell the tale, & Alan will be forced to find a wealthy roommate in order to keep up the mortgage payments on the house. If Charlie’s not legally dead, it couldn’t be sold, which would thwart Alan once again. Then, enter Ashton. Another advantage of this plan is that if Ashton does not work out, it will be easy for him to leave if he’s only Alan’s roommate. And Charlie? He could be dead, he could be alive — no one knows, and everyone could have his/her own theory on the show. And there could be strange happenings or messages which some might interpret as being from Charlie, and others could take as more likelihood that he’s dead, etc. Much more fun and provides many more possible storylines than just killing him off. Lorre should look to what is better for the show, not just his own ego.