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House Scoop: Knocked Up Actress Joins Team

Is laughter the best medicine? Fox’s House may put that axiom to the test with the addition of funny lady Charlyne Yi as a series regular.

House Exclusive: New Details on Season 8 Premiere

A stand-up comedienne whose acting credits include Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up, the semi-autobiographical docu Paper Heart (which she wrote, and costarred then-beau Michael Cera), and NBC’s Love Bites, Yi is joining the medical drama as another new addition to the Princeton-Plainsboro diagnostics team.

House Exclusive: Cuddy’s Replacement Will Be [Major Spoiler Alert]!

Yi and fellow newbie Odette Annable (Brothers & Sisters) effectively fill the void left by Amber Tamblyn (whose med student Martha Masters exited stage left last spring) and Olivia Wilde (who is expected to only make a handful of appearances this season as Thirteen).

House premieres its eighth season on Monday, Oct. 3, now airing at 9/8c. Yi first appears in the new cycle’s second episode.

What do you think of this latest addition to House‘s team? Do you think that the new doc, if she possesses any of Yi’s comic chops, might manage to disarm House?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. ggny says:

    wow weird casting

    • Adam Newland says:

      It appears the people at House seem to be shooting for jampacking as much as they can into their final send-off. Something about a bunch of cooks in the same kitchen applies here.

      That being said, it doesn’t make sense to judge it at this point. It’s the last season, people who have stuck with it are going to watch. They could recast Chase’s part with Fabio, and I would still watch at this point. It was it is. I am more concerned for the show’s legacy than anything else.

      • Sam says:

        Yeah… the legacy is good and tarnished at this point. The show gave up on preserving itself for posterity a long time ago.
        Though it’s kind of amazing how none of these recent developments are encouraging. I thought SOMETHING would look promising, but the augmentations just reaffirm my decision to quit the show.

      • Dan says:

        Not me.I watched House since day one but if they had recast Chase I would have definitely stopped watching even if it’s the last season.
        Well another addition to the team confirms that the new DoM is one of the team .I guess it’s Foreman again,God help us.

    • Alicia says:

      Don’t think it’s a stretch to predict the character will be quirky, self-deprecating and/or awkward…

      • Dani says:

        Robots with interchangeable heads are looking increasingly likely…. Maybe if there’s a season 9…. :/

        • Alicia says:

          Well there surely will be if DShore has his way! He’s already slayed the dragon called dignity… and as long as the checks clear Hugh will be there too.

          • Uh-uh says:

            Nope. After Season 8, Hugh Laurie is going HOME.

          • Alicia says:

            ^^^Oh, I don’t know about that… He still doesn’t have an Emmy, and if he fails to win again this year I bet he could be “persuaded” to re-up for a couple more seasons.

          • Uh-uh says:

            I bet he won’t. I don’t think he gives a sh-t about getting an Emmy, and if he does and he loses again (which is likely), he’ll be giving us all the “V-sign” (British for “shove it”) out the window of the DC-10 (First Class, of course) that carries him HOME to Little Mama and the Three Laurettes. Gone, Baby, Gone.

          • @Uh-uh says:

            Hugh Laurie may have a busy movie career that keeps him in the US after House. He and his wife bought a home in the US. By the time Hugh Laurie finishes this upcoming season, all his children will be in college. I know that at least one is going to college in the US.

  2. Cameron says:

    Well, that might help make the next season watchable.

  3. aj says:

    this is…. very random.

  4. dani says:

    Very weird casting. Can’t help but think its all going down hill from here.

    • Carol says:

      I agree but like Masters House gets to mess with some more new doctors heads. Wouldn’t that be entertaining?

  5. tracy says:

    I guess that’s all they can afford LOL

  6. KT says:

    Looks like House is trying to meet their female quota.

  7. bella says:


  8. MDEP says:

    She is really funny!

  9. Jessica says:

    Ok so the Diagnostics team will consist of:
    Thirteen (when she’s there)
    Annable’s character
    Yi’s character
    WTF? How many team members does he need? All this no doubt to appease the need for female cast members. With Lisa gone and Olivia doing fewer eps (at her same salary no doubt), the lack of estrogen will be damning for the show. Sorry but this casting of Annable and Yi makes NO sense at all, not in the final season. They really screwed this one up big time.

    • Dani says:

      I guess whilst House has been making friend with all the inmates in generic prison, the diagnostics department was disbanded. Foreman and Taub fought to the death over Cuddy’s scraps and Chase went back to surgery, whilst 13 got, well, worse.

    • amelia says:

      one of them (probs foreman) will take over for cuddy

    • Carla says:

      But CCF are the best! The original!
      Cameron, Chase and Foreman the best team forever and ever!

    • sadtroll says:

      Why do feel the need to speculate on Olivia Wilde’s salary remaining the same?
      Do you think she’s getting paid big money or something? lol
      You just looking for something to hate on?

    • jj says:

      agree with this. too many on the team, this is. and if OW wants to go make movies, let her. The character is not that important that we need closure on her or what happens to her. You want ratings? Let her come back for one special episode where they kill her off. I’m not a 13 hater, but i don’t understand the special treatment she and the character both receive. Especially in light of the myriad of fans that truly DO dislike the character. My theory? David Shore has a major unrequited crush on OW and keeps bringing her back so he can have an excuse to see her, talk to her, smell her hair….

  10. Janine says:

    hmmm….just one day after Ausiello announces that Cuddy’s replacement will be a character we have already me we learn that there will be a new team member. Seeing as this new addition gives House a team of 5 (technically 6 if you count Thirteen who will presumable still be part of the team for a while) which is bigger than any team he ever had. UNLESS…these two new actors are not filling the void from Wilde and Tamblyn, but the viod from Wilde and Omar Epps with Foreman taking the role of Dean of Medicine. I thought it would be Wilson taking the role, but this way makes more sense. Plus, I doubt the hospital board woule trust Wilson to control House.

  11. Laura says:

    I guess this means that the new DoM will come out of House’s current team: Chase, Foreman or Taub… otherwise, it would sure be crowded. If those are the candidates, I vote Foreman.

    • J. Norman says:

      I am really at a loss to understand the logic being put forward by posters on this site.
      Why do some people feel that – although House is / will be considered poison – that individuals like Foreman will be promoted at least 2 levels. What would this be based upon? Their primarly experience is working for House! Where is the logic here?

      If I were David Shore, I would worry far more about how I am going to get House a medical license and a job – of any type – much less as a department head at PPTH

  12. Luc says:

    As HL so aptly put it, Lisa Edelstein played the leading dramatic lady, the comedian and the nemesis. It makes sense they would hire multiple genre actresses to fill the gaps in the cast. It’s going to be a bizarre season.

    • bruna says:

      same here…

    • Dani says:

      Hey if they can find Dopey they’ll have all of the Seven Dwarves…

      I can’t comment on the actress because I’ve never seen her in anything, but I’m puzzled as to how hiring another team member is saving them money… *scratches head* I’m guessing OW’s stint this year really will be minimal…

      • Claudia says:

        But Olivia will be paid her full salary. Which means they’re not saving money at ALL. Odd….. They can’t afford to pay Lisa E. her full salary but they *can* hire *two* new actresses? I’m no mathematician but this does not add up for me….. I guess someone over there must be *really* bad at maths.

        • Carla says:

          Olivia Wilde is a guest star now
          ”But Olivia will be paid her full salary” NO

          • John Chisholm says:

            She will be paid for the episodes she stars in. Any episodes she misses due to filming movies she will not be paid for. Most actors working on TV shows are paid per episode, Uusually when a show is struggling with budget cuts you see a number of characters appear less frequently. This is simply because as they are paid per episode it saves money to not feature them in every episode.
            It is highly unlikely that Olivia Wilde will be paid a salary for 24 or so episodes when she is only apperaing in maybe 4 or 5 of them.

        • Claudia's math teacher says:

          Well since they’ve got the money and the accountants and all you’ve got is free time and the urge to bitch and moan on the internet, yeah they must be bad at maths…

    • Yeah, right says:

      Precious Stone said that Hugh said that. I personally doubt that Hugh said any such thing. And they’ve since taken that “quote” down from their site.

      • Luc says:

        Actually it is a quote from the official House MD guide.

        Hugh Laurie said of Lisa Edelstein: “Lisa is an absolute joy. There was a show–I can’t name it–that won an award. They all got up onstage and waved to the crowd and I was looking at these women [and thought], Oh, I see what you have done here. You’ve got the beautiful glamorous one, the kooky funny one, the downtrodden miserable one, and I was thinking that Lisa Edelstein does all of that. It takes all those of you to do what she is doing every week and people are giving you the award. It’s so unfair.”

        So while people who don’t like LE hate it, HL does respect her. There’s no reason to disrespect any of these actors. They like and respect each other, and maybe the fans should do the same.

        • Yeah, right says:

          Oh, Christ. A Huddy.

          • Luc says:

            No. Not a huddy. Sorry. Just someone who would rather be respectful even with people with whom I don’t share opinions.

          • Crickett says:

            There was nothing in that post that suggested a Huddy. What’s with the attitude? A lot of fans are sick of the disrespect. Luc is right. None of these actors deserve to be disrespected even if you don’t like the story. That goes for everybody; don’t care who or what you ship.

          • Borealis Babe says:

            I’m not sure I buy the so-called quote, either. Too much contradictory back-story in the cyber-air, much of which could post-date the “quote,” of course. No matter; in light of recent events, its no longer relevant.

          • Dani says:

            Erm well I’ve certainly seen a season 5 interview where Hugh said that if he was a viewer there’s no two people he’d rather watch on TV that LE and RSL… Unless I hallucinated the whole thing. Why wouldn’t Hugh also say that?

          • Dial it back, why don't ya? says:

            Obviously he doesn’t watch much TV. But like “Babe” said: Its no longer relevant.

  13. bruna says:

    -agree with you! after that scoop, the next DoM will be one of the team members.

    • bruna says:

      …i don’t know the actress, so nothing to say.
      About House, hope season 8 is the last. this show became a mess and it’s very sad!

    • Wendy says:

      Which means they will take a lot of creative license in this “promotion.” Ugh! How much more? This is not making me excited for the next season!

  14. Gen says:

    This is weird. Hopefully it will make it interesting…maybe? They can’t really make the show worse than it already is. XD

    Also, her first name is spelt wrong in the first paragraph.

  15. LOLA says:

    Yaitanes end suffering

  16. ana says:

    The station just needs to bring Cuddy back, whatver it takes.
    They are crazy to let her go.

    Get the funds and make her an offer she can’t reuse.

    • sara says:

      NOOOOO Huddy was a ratings disaster. This is a business, if she brought in the numbers they would have found the money to pay her.
      Huddy couldn’t hold the audience it inherited, why on earth would anybody want to continue down that road??

      • FoxLady says:

        Yet they do want her back. Funny how that works. And yes, I am speaking in the know.

        • Jara says:

          You said it all FoxLady

        • Really? says:

          Really? They want her back? How do you know, FoxLady? There doesn’t seem to be any gabbery generated by FOX or LE’s people supporting your statement. If FOX really does want her back, they’re clearly not falling all over themselves in the attempt. Truly, I would like to know what you know; I think it would be kind of cool to have her come back, especially in light of all of the controversy she generated this summer by her departure. So, spill it PLEASE…!

          • Sara says:

            I’d love to have Lisa Edelstein back on the show. There will be a big void without Cuddy.

      • Serena says:

        Bad writing was a ratings disaster. The show lost viewers because the H/C relationship was not developed properly, and lost more viewers after bombshell because the break-up and post break-up were written even worse. Not to mention the final.

        • Kim says:

          Funny because all huddys kept saying how great and brilliant was the writing for season 7 until the end of Bombshell! And if people wanted huddy why the premiere had only 1o millions of viewers? No, huddy was a dysaster simply because most viewers could care less about it and Cuddy.

          • Serena says:

            And if people didn’t want it why the ratings get worse after the break-up? ;-)Sorry, for some viewers huddy was the reason to watch or the reason to not watch, for many others the problem was not in a single character and/or a storyline but just in the way they were written. The general disappointment about the season finale certainly is not limited to a small group of angry huddy fans.

          • Dani says:

            It really wasn’t just one thing. The writing was pretty dire from very early on in the season for just about all the characters and the POTWs were nearly all pretty lame…

            I think they are flogging a dead horse, especially as Shore doesn’t know how and when he’s going to end it. I guess he’s waiting for Fox to tell him. That’s dire when the likes of Weiner and Gilligan are planning umpteen seasons ahead…

    • Alicia says:

      Uh, why would she go back to them? Unless she’s on a relief mission to help people less talented than herself?
      They made their bed and will have to lie in it.

      • Obviously says:

        She’d go back to them because its GUARANTEED WORK, which translates into a GUARANTEED PAYCHECK, which is something she does not have right now, beyond the 3 or 4 episodes of TGW at what is very likely considerably LESS MONEY per episode than what she was offered for the final season of House. Money, money, money!!!

        • Sharona says:

          If all she wanted was money, she could have sucked it up and stuck around for another season rather than taking her chances elsewhere. For whatever reason, she chose not to do so.

          • carla says:

            Sorry, Sharona and Obviously but all sources says she left for money, money, money claim!
            Her big ego is so great, she probably consider herself able to find a job paying more. Results: just three episodes like guest star, good job Lisa! LOL

      • Sam says:

        Sure, HL, RSL are less talented than LE, my you made me laugh so hard! Even JS is able to give better performance than her.

  17. Doya says:

    This is a dream or hallucination, right? We’re supposed to search for clues to explain the insanity. Wait! We did that last season and we got KABOOM. Maybe this season if we keep track of all of the inconsistencies, canon violations and out of character moments we will get a BAM! This is just weird. Now we know the 20 vicodin refers to the drugs they are on.

  18. Ben says:

    With each new detail of the new season revealed, it becomes less and less desirable to tune in. Sam as the new Dean might give some plot interest if written well, but otherwise it sounds hopeless. The two new cast members add no character interest whatsoever. I would have liked to have seen a strong male character for a change of pace.

    • WTH? says:

      It does seem like they want to continue to alienate the fans. They are doing nothing to make this sound intersting at all. First we replace the tortured hero with a random-act-of-violence nutcase House, then we lose Cuddy, now we get these random new additions with no appeal at all? They have really lost it!

      • Dani says:

        It is baffling. This means they are going to want to build a rapport between the audience and two new characters, as well as dealing with the other changes in the team dynamic, alongside giving enough time for House and Wilson to rebuild their bromance. And that’s all aside from House dealing with what he did to Cuddy and getting to grips with his issues… Good luck with that!

        Why do I get the feeling Shore is envisaging a season 9? :S

        • Sara says:

          They may not have the money and the budget could be the reason behind these choices. The news of late coming out of the camp lately very awe inspiring.

  19. chrys says:

    Stupid! If they could afford all of these new characters they should have kept Lisa Edelstein and paid her what she is worth! This season will suck and they will lose way more money from lack of viewers!

    • Sara says:

      Lisa Edelstein is selfish, she don’t deserve more money than her colleagues like Omar Epps. She is not the ”star” so why she want higher pay? I’m happy she is gone for good, she is ungrateful with TPTB, FOX and her fans! I think Odette and Charylne are less megalomaniac, pretentious and capricious, I’m sure they are humble and correct.
      Welcome Odette and Charylne!

      • Dani says:

        Erm… FYI she didn’t want higher pay, she just wasn’t prepared to take the paycut that was put on the table and left. I don’t think that constitutes meglomania and at the end of the day it’s just a job…

        • Dani says:

          Also RSL played hardball with the network and I imagine would have walked had they not maintained his salary, as he made it clear theatre was where his heart lay and he’s only there for the money. Fair play to both him and Lisa for not undervaluing themselves.

          • Duh says:

            That should tell you the value that FOX had for RSL v. LE, shouldn’t it? I think Nielsen numbers had a whole lot to do with which supporting player was offered what amount of money. It’s Hollywood: they’re not there to entertain, they’re there to get rich.

          • Iris says:

            Though his “I love money but want to do theater” stunt didn’t exactly help his fellow castmates out. Business is business, but damn, that was some ruthless sh-t. Like crossing a river and then pushing the raft away behind you. He really didn’t give a f-ck about those following after him. What kind of negotiating leverage do LE, Omar and Jesse have when the guy made a production out of threatening to to quit.

          • Duh says:

            My point exactly, and the “ruthless sh-t” worked. At least for him.

          • Luc says:

            Let’s please not attack these actors for any of their decisions. We all have rights to put values and to set limits and goals for ourselves. These people are no different. Doing what is right for them does not make them “bad guys.” LEt’s stay focused and not resort to this tone, please.

            Thank you.

          • k says:

            Why do people always act like RSL is a bad guy because he does it for the money? It’s just a job for all them, of course they do it for the money. He’s just more honest and open about it :p

          • Grow up says:

            Luc, you need to step off. No one is attacking anyone. RSL did, in fact, play hardball with FOX and got exactly what he wanted. I’m sure LE’s rep likewise pushed her agenda, but crapped out. These are facts, not idle speculation. Hollywood is a business run by businessMEN. RSL got shine-ola, LE got sh*t. No one said diddly about either one of them being a “bad guy.”

      • Luc says:

        I understand you don’t like LE, but please keep the comments civil. It reduces the enjoyment of these comment sites when people refuse to show each other respect even when their opinions differ. If you like the direction, please celebrate it, but don’t resort to these attacks.

        Thank you.

      • Sam says:

        It’s easy, RSL is worth the money while LE proved to be useless hence tptb didn’t want to pay her the money she asked for especially for someone who was going to be in the background again after the Cuddy/huddy fiasco.

      • alise says:

        yes!welcome all unemployess actors to House! You can work for free food in this genious show, so you won’t called selfish!

  20. tahina says:

    It does not make sense hiring two full-time new actors and let Lisa go. It wasnt all about the money then. I was just hoping that the DOM was going to be someone new, who can reign House in, but with Cuddy gone, none of the contenders make the cut…it’s like the show runners want hurry things up and get over it. So sad. :(

    • Money, money, money says:

      Because they probably got these two new actors for scale, which I think is roughly $10K an episode, but I could be wrong. Still lotsa money, especially to a couple of relatively unknown actors and poor schlubs like us.

      • Volta says:

        Exactly… when you consider the fact that LE was offered (this season) over 100k per episode, and that HL himself was hired in season 1 at $65-75k as the full on star of the show you can figure that these 2 noobie actors are probably getting paid around 10-15k per episode and we don’t know how many eps they’re being paid for (maybe 18 like RSL and OE) so yeah… they are saving money.

        Also, in response to another statement about OW’s salary a ways up the comment tree… they get paid by episode but we have no idea how many episodes her contract guarantees her this season. There is no reason to think that she’s being paid for all 22 episodes… her contract could say she’s guaranteed pay for 5 or 6 eps this season for all we know, and no way was her pay the same as LE, OE or RSL. She could be paid for the whole season but somehow I REALLY doubt that.

    • Viv says:

      It WAS about the money. I guarantee the wages they’ll be paying these new nobodies will be far less then what they’d be paying Lisa. She had clout. As newbies, these girls don’t, so they won’t cost much.

  21. qwerty says:

    Zzzzzzzzz….Wha…What? Is The Good Wife back already? No?….Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  22. raveng says:

    Never heard of her.She’s very..how to put it..not very appealing?

    • Tsk says:

      I think she’s cute as a button. The fact that they hired a comic tells me that they have something in mind. Let’s just wait and see what that is…

  23. V says:

    Wow! That is unexpected. Interesting casting choices! I’m watching the show since season 1 and it still has the ability to give me pleasant surprises. I love this show and can hardly wait to watch season 8. One of the best things of season 8 already is that it will hopefully be complete Cuddy- and Huddy-free. I’m glad that Lisa Edelstein is gone. It’s like a dream come true.

    Charlyne Yi looks very young. Perhaps she will play a medical student like Amber Tamblyn has played one.

    I hope that Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros) will be the new DoM and please let there be a season 9 after season 8!

  24. Leiney says:

    I agree that this would seem to point to the new DOM coming from the team. Not sure how I feel about that…I do think Taub would be incredibly boring and annoying, what with the baby daddy drama too.

  25. Sharona says:

    Considering the show has resembled an Apatow comedy more than a serious drama for much of the past few seasons, she should fit right in. Hopefully she can handle the serious stuff too.

    Not sure why they need the giant cast, though. They did their best work with only 6 strong actors.

  26. jenn says:

    Wow – that is awful. Bad actress. Bad casting. Not funny. Not dramatic. I’m taking House off Tivo now.

    • Caio says:

      So is simple: Stop losing your time posting here, stop caring about House. Move on!!! ;-)

      I’m looking forward next season!!! :-)

  27. Erin says:

    Quick! Hire more cast members and maybe people won’t realise how cruddy our show is now!

    • Coolio says:

      Erin. What do you mean “now”? House has been going down hill for years.

      Oh. That’s right. You’re in that pack of Huddy fan girls who could not shut last year about how wonderful season 7 was going to be.

      You and your little thugs also took great pleasure verbally abusing anyone who dared to disagree with your ridiculous proclamations.

      • Luc says:

        This would be considered a personal attack and not an opnion about the show. Please try to be respectful.

        Thank you.

        • tripoli says:

          Dude, you’re wasting your breath. It’s never gonna happen. Not to mention that it isn’t your place to tell people how to conduct themselves, no matter how right you may be.

      • Erin says:

        Re: Coolio.

        Wow. Actually, I hated Huddy together, dislike the character of Cuddy completely and agree that the show has been going down hill for years. I was making a joke. And you reacted like that?

        Someone clearly doesn’t get enough hugs. Jeez.

  28. Dk says:

    I am so glad that Wilde is leaving. Watching Tamblyn last year showed me how bad Wilde is on the show. I hated when she came back. It’s to bad Masters couldn’t stay.

  29. sourabh says:

    I thought they had cast a pregnant acttess.

  30. Thomas M. says:

    The show should have ended with House walking on the beach. There is no way to come back from driving a car into your ex-girlfriend’s house then fleeing the scene. Not with his previous record.

    Unless they are going to skip forward to 2016. Plus I still can’t see what kind of scheme they can protray on the show to get a drug addicted, violent felon a license to malpractice.

    But 2 1/2 Men goes on…so I guess anything is possible. Or is last season going to be another Jr Dream Special?

    • Hmmm... says:

      Now THERE’s an interesting idea: Charlie Sheen as the new Dean of Medicine. He’s out of a job right now, so he might be available if you could get his price down.

  31. Suus says:

    It’s just pathetic to bring new female cast members in. All they do is just trying desperately to replace Lisa Edelstein. But the thing is you can’t replace her!!! We just want her back, everybody does.

    • tripoli says:

      Um, no.

    • Sam says:

      No, I don’t want LE back! I say good riddance, she ruined the show for me. LE fangirls should learn to speak for theirself

      • lena says:

        Right, LE and Cuddy got a lot of screentime/attention in the last season and i`m not sure if it was really a good idea from the writers. I was pretty bored after Family pratice and stopped watching because the whole Huddy drama and the Cuddy-clan unnerved me. I´m glad that huddy is over and won`t miss Lisa at all. I have seen enough of her cuddy. It is time for new & fresh storylines in House-drama-land and i´m absolutely okay with this new casting choice. Additionally it is quite interesting to watch how House will deal with another boss. Someone who will intellectual challenge him in an unsexuell way,of course. :))

  32. Jara says:

    As long as Jennifer Morrison doesn´t come back to make things boring, i´m ok with any decision theyt take.

  33. DanieGermany says:

    That’s way too many team members!

    I always thought that 4 was too many (Foreman, Chase, Taub, 13) but now 5 ?! DON’T LIKE !

    Looks like the last effort to save ratings:

    Replacing The Funny Intelligent One (MMM) AND The Supermodel Eye-candy (13) both at the same time in a show that formerly easily worked quite well with just one of them.

    This takes away too much screen time from our main hero Dr. House aka Hugh Laurie, who’s the best TV actor ever.

    Such a waste of talent.

    The show is called “House” and not “House’s team” !!!

    That’s all I’m saying !

  34. quince says:

    hmm… was it enough with bringing the new cast members already?:/ miss cameron really… she could be equal to house now that she had strength to leave him (and her job)

  35. MW says:

    New additions can be good, or just work with the cast still on board, this show will be hood as long as HL is in good form and RSL is still there to give us House/Wilson spiel… Since Cuddy is gone, why not come full circle in this last season and bring back Cameron? Early seasons had great House/Cameron chemistry, end the show with a happy note!

  36. chase says:

    Yi seems like a sweetie but can’t quite figure out how she’s going to play into the ruckus that is now House. Perhaps she’ll give the show a new flair? I don’t really see how the show will continue on after this next season though. :-/

  37. Josh says:

    Lisa left the show. It’s over! If you watched for her, you should stop posting here and move on.
    Now I’m looking forward to the new storyline! Interesting this new cast member..

  38. Scarlett says:

    What an off the wall and interesting choice! I wonder how the two new team members will be used, and if they’re in the entire season or come and go or be in half the season etc. I think this pretty much means that one of House’s team – probably Foreman – will be the new Dean. That makes sense, since someone unfamiliar w/ House would be less likely to rehire him or work w/ him and since he’s still probably going to be doing crazy procedures it has to be someone who knows the way he works.

    It also seems like 13 won’t be around much so it won’t really be adding more people to the team more than filling the positions vacated by the new DoM and 13/MMM.

  39. Loreen says:

    So, I’m guessing the new DoM will be someone from the team. Foreman, maybe?

    Also, it was LE’s decision to leave. If you’re a fan of her you should respect that.

  40. Caio says:

    Lisa’s fans: Lisa left the show, so is simple: Stop losing your time posting here, stop caring about House. Move on!!! ;-)

    Leave this space for people that still love the show. :-)

    • sabrina says:


    • ejb says:

      Don’t worry Caio and Sabrina and Josh

      We will leave, not only the HUDDIES but other who believed the writers turned House into a PSYCHOTIC NUT JOB.

      Then, after the ratings tank and season 8 is cancelled mid season. Then will be back to reminisce with you about how GREAT the show used to be and how the mighty have FALLEN and KICK YOU when you are down


  41. Paul Cross says:

    I hate the Huddys. I hate the Hilsons. I hate the Hamerons. I hate the Hanes. I hate the Hicotins. I wonder who else I should get mad at me today.

    • Dani says:

      Apparently the House/sock shippers are livid with you… ;)

    • Lilica_ripilika says:

      I don’t hate any shipper, it’s ok for me. What I hate is some lunatic fans, these fans don’t have a life and they insult others fans. If you’re not happy, go away! Be happy! ;-)

    • Go for it! says:

      Paul: You could say you hate the French and that Santa Claus is a p-phile, Why stop at p*ssing off “House” viewers?

  42. anne says:

    I used love Cuddy (until season 6) and I’m a huddy, but it’s over, Lisa wanted to leave and I respect her and her choice, and I also respect House md. Good luck for both! And I’m going to watch next season, Hugh is a fantastic actor and human being, while Hugh is there, I’m!

  43. Josh says:

    We just don’t know for certain their plan, maybe it will be interesting. I can’t wait to see! :-)

  44. Serena says:

    I hate the haters. I like LE and Cuddy but I’ve never been a huddy shipper (yes, it’s possible!). I just liked the H/C interaction independently from the fact that they were a couple or not. I didn’t like to see them turned into a forced, incoherent version of themselves, and this is what happened this season (except for the very beginning). I haven’t given up already, I’ll do if they won’t deal seriously with the consequences of what House did in the finale, especially on his personal level.
    As for LE’s departure, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t only a matter of money. A reduced payment on House would have been certainly more remunerative than what she could have for a three episodes arc on TGW! She probably wasn’t satisfied with what they were doing with her character and preferred to the take the risk of a less paid but more appealing project.

    • Thaise says:

      And for me Lisa E is wrong! Completely wrong. 3 episodes?? An arc??? Really? Just because TGW is a new and fresh show? And the last 7 years? Why not end this trek together this season? Money? Character? Personal problems? We really don’t know and we can’t say anything at all.

      See? It depends on the point of view. I don’t agree with Lisa E right now, but I respect her decision.

    • Lilica_ripilika says:

      Appealing project? 3 episodes? hahahahahaha Sorry! But for me it has another names: ego, delusion and despair.

      • EJB says:

        Well better three episodes on a TOP RATED EMMY NOMINATED SHOW THEN
        a show that is at its low ratings since it’s inception.


        • tara says:

          The ratings for House last season were better than The Good Wifes in the important 18-48 share group and still very good for show in its seven season. House was a top-rated critical high-acclaimed drama too in its second season and to be honest i highly doubt that TGW will ever reach the season7. It is not so simply to hold the quality and stay entertaining.
          Of course TGW is a high praised drama now and LE has big luck to get that job but let`s wait and see what will bring next season for both shows. You can`t know if houses ratings will drop and TGW ratings will rise.

  45. Kabby says:

    With this news, I suspect that at least one of the current team members is going to accept another position in the hospital. Could be DOM, but also could just be something else, doing the occasional consulting or procedure for House. This would tie in with the reduced screen time reported for some. Really think they might have a hard time getting people to care about several new characters this late in the game. Masters turned out to be kind of a wash.

    • KaiK says:

      when you are at the edge you do your best. ;-)

    • Sharona says:

      That’s all I can think about – this could be the last season of the show, and we have to spend episodes getting to know two new characters instead of saying goodbye to the ones we’ve got left?

  46. Hidra says:

    I’m happy that Lisa is not a member of the cast anymore, Cuddy died at the end of season 5. She was a zumbi during the last 2 seasons, the worst girlfriend and mother ever, boring as hell (I blame the writers about it). Now House will be better, House will be interesting again because any new character will be better than Cuddy. They won’t have enough time to screw up another character. hehehehehe
    Thanks Lisa!

    Now… I can’t wait until next season!

  47. JohnDoe says:

    While there have been moments of greatness the past few seasons (few as they may be) I have been comfortable with the fact that House has been going downhill since season 4.

  48. jrs says:

    Just renewed my interest in watching the show next season. I was on the fence, but I’m looking forward to this! But, then again, ANYONE is better than Amber Tamblyn. Her and her character were awful, the worst, pure dreck

  49. Apple says:

    Yi was a little cloying in Paper Heart, but she was one of the few bright spots in Love Bites.

  50. Anthony Newhall says:

    Ignoring every other comment, I think I am completely open to her as an addition. I love her quirky attitude and I am REALLY entertained by her in general, hoping to see her play a serious doctor.