The Glee Project Recap: Sexual Dysfunction

If you want to score yourself a role on Glee, playing hard to get might not be the worst idea. Indeed, this week’s episode of The Glee Project found Ryan Murphy & Co. suddenly getting interested in a contestant at the exact moment he wanted to withdraw from the competition.

Ultimately, though, “no” really meant “no” for awkward-cute Cameron, a decision that caused more theatrical tears and hand-wringing than the final day of a middle-school drama camp. How did we get to a point where the early season front-runner turned The Glee Project into The Flee Project? Let’s review.

You knew Cameron was either going to experience a moment of triumphant redemption or head directly to the bottom three the moment it was revealed that the week’s theme would be “sexuality.” (Even the word made him uncomfortable, he admitted.) But the conservative Christian kid who’d previously freaked out about sharing an on-camera kiss with Lindsay dove right in to the week’s homework assignment, a performance of “Like a Virgin” in front of guest judges Mark Saling and Ashley Fink that played like a scene from a PG-13 stage production of Caligula. Lindsay leapt onto Cameron’s hips like a bachelorette-party reveler on a mechanical bull, but the challenge winner turned out to be Samuel, who delivered equal-opportunity hotness by playing off both the girls and the guys in the scene. (I had to laugh at Lindsay gasping “No!” when she yet again failed to claim top prize with the Glee cast members; she’s like that kid raising her hand and yelling “I know! I know!” that the teacher patently refuses to call on.)

The week’s video shoot focused on three separate romantic scenarios set to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.” Cameron immediately declared he didn’t want his scene with Hannah to be particularly sexual, which would be kind of like shooting a “winning touchdown” for a sports movie but not wanting it to be rousing, or enacting a horror-movie murder and railing against it being scary. Ultimately, though, Cameron got his way when he refused to kiss his costar, and their “flirty” food fight devolved into a grim mess that left both contestants coated in an unappealing gravy. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Damian turned up the heat in their bedroom scene — it’s hard not to focus on the former whenever she’s on screen and in character —  but Alex got criticized for being too “flamboyant” opposite Samuel, even though last week the judges rescued him from elimination for donning a wig and a dress and channeling Effie White in Dreamgirls. Mixed signals much?

The bottom three came down to Damian (who offered a serviceable take on “Danny Boy”), Cameron (who offered a serviceable take on “Blackbird”), and Alex (who served drag drama — minus the drag — along with some undeniably big vocals on “I Will Survive”). But after Ryan said that Cameron’s strong convictions about religion and sex were inspiring him to write a faith-based character, he asked the crucial question that’s been percolating for weeks: What would Cameron do, for example, if his role required him to lock lips with Lea Michele, but the two of them weren’t dating? “Do you think you’re an actor or are you a singer?” Ryan asked.

Suddenly, Cameron was crying and saying he didn’t want to take away a spot in the competition from someone who wanted it more. “Maybe this isn’t for me,” he said. (Well, duh!) Ryan successfully lobbied for a brief reprieve — and for the judges to make that decision on Cameron’s behalf — but when the executive producer visited Cameron in the rehearsal space a little while later, the kid had firmed up his convictions: “I think I’m ready to go.” And so go he did, but not before telling Damian that he’d saved his dewy Irish hide. “He’s given me his shot,” Damian said. And now we’re down to five: (In my order of personal preference): Lindsay, Samuel, Hannah, Damian, and Alex.

What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Were you relieved to see Cameron realize he’s not actually cut out to be an actor, at least not on Glee? And who are you hoping will win it all? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Andy says:

    I agree that it’s hard not to watch Lindsay when she’s on screen. I think she’d be a good replacement for when Lea Michele leaves.

    • Skip says:

      It’s hard not to watch her, but it’s also very hard to like her. She is very annoying!
      On another note, I think Cameron did the right thing. He was true to his convictions, and anyone who watches Glee knows he would not have been able to be on the show and keep true to those convictions for long. I also think it would be very hard for Ryan Murphy to write for a conservative Christian character without making them a caricature (like Kathy Griffin’s character in the Regionals competition episode last year). I don’t think Cameron have been able to go along with that.
      Finally, Damien is a good singer, but he needs to step it up on his acting, or he will go home. He should have gone home this week – he really could have done a much better job on “Danny Boy”. He also needs to gt rid of tha constant smirk when he is singing…

      • Jim says:

        Murphy himself said they hadn’t done a good job at having a legit Christian character yet. And he seemed more respectful the more he talked to Cameron. What more do you want?

        • Tarc says:

          The answer is simple and obvious: he wants an ACTOR to play a ‘legit’ Christian role. And while Camerson was not going to slot into the ‘actor’ category, he might well serve as an exemplar of how they can manage such a part without it being a sly, bigger-than-life characature of Palin/Bachman (who more than deserve a scathing mokcing). The problem is that today, all we see are the awful, ultra extreme conservatives who are evil, horrid people. I’d be fine to show rational, reasonbale conservative kids on Glee (though I have to say, they’d be totally contrary to the outsider/minority/disdained population that make up the rest of the Glee cast).

        • Nicole says:

          He tried a Christian character with Quinn but ultimately had her character become pregnant with her boyfriends best friend’s baby. I think RM likes the idea of a Christian character, but when it comes down to writing one, he can’t avoid making the character some “fallen” version.

    • Elle says:

      Lindsey is very hard to like. I would not want to see her as Glee’s lead. Its a proven fact that if you don’t care for an actress/actor personality is ‘real’ life you won’t like them on the small screen. (Ex: Charlie Sheen). Most people gravitate toward Lea Michele because she’s likable despite the fact her character is/isnt. Lindsey dosen’t have that factor. *fingers crossed she dosen’t win*

      • filmex says:

        *fingers crossed she DOES win*

        Thank gawd Born Again Beck has hit the trail back to Texas. There is NOTHING worse in reality TV world than a quitter. It is the height of self-absorption and selfishness to deprive a spot to a kid who really wants to be there, while you work out your issues.

        He couldn’t have figured this out last week when Marissa was up? If nothing else, he is the living proof of the danger of being raised in an American Taliban home–you end up a 21-year old whose eyes water at the mere mention of the word sex. Talk about socially stunted!

        And while not a big fan of Damian–his rendition of ‘Danny Boy’ had to be one of the weakest ever delivered by an Irish national–he is cute and has charm and one can see him cast as a foreign exchange student.

        But the fact that Murphy was willing to send this kid who REALLY wants to be there home, while trying to talk the pathetic quitter into staying, was the final nail in the coffin for this show’s credibility.

        I’ve admired Ryan Murphy going back to “Nip/Tuck” days, but it is obvious at this point that absolute power corrupts absolutely. He has turned this show into his personal fantasy casting couch. Emily and Marissa are gone, yet Alex (who can barely roll out of bed in the morning) stays, and Murphy actually tries to talk Cameron into staying.

        Apparently only Cam can act as his muse when writing a Christian character. What, suddenly we are to believe Heather Morris is as dumb as a bag of rocks because Britney is? Murphy can only write parts for people that actually ARE that person?

        What a train-wreck this promising series has become.

        • Elle says:

          I completely 100% agree with what you said, except about the Lindsey winning part. If I had the choice none of these people would win and none of them are the definition of professional or stand out talent. Ryan is trying to get another cast of unknowns, but lets be clear even though Lea Michele and Chris Colfer weren’t household names they weren’t just breaking out into the buisness. Everyone on Glee has had years of experience whether singing or acting. Ryan is trying to get nobodies who have no experience off the street. Its not going to work, he’s just using this show “reality” as a money maker (not a very good one at that) he needs to go back to regualar casting calls of people who know what they are doing and up against. Ryan struck gold this current cast and lead (Lea) and he needs the same forumla to keep the show afloat after The Big 3 are gone. Unfortunetly, lighting dosen’t strike twice in the same spot.

          • Ann says:

            Lea Michelle was already pretty established on Broadway. I only watched Glee to see what she could do for tv what she did on Broadway.

          • Ann says:

            Oh, and I don’t know about the rest of the cast of the Glee Project, but Damien is already known for his tour singing on Celtic Thunder. Not too much of an unknown…

          • Elle says:

            Yes, but to many who don’t follow Broadway and its prodigies like myself I never heard of “Lea Michele” until she graced my TV screen. And, yes I’m aware of Damiens past which is why I feel he could slide into the cast with the most ease.

          • jeanie says:

            I would love for everyone to prove you wrong! I want the Glee Project to be successful! And I want the winner to prove to everyone that they one for a reason…becaue they have talent! And just maybe lighting will strike twice in the same spot! Would that make you a believer…or would you still look at the would as such a gloomy place? American Idol seems to strike gold here and there…you just never know! As they say on Glee “Don’t stop believing”!

          • Elle says:

            @Jeanie, there are so many grammer errors and incorrect spelling of words in your comment that I don’t even know why I’m bothering to respond to your post. None of these people will prove me wrong. American Idol lost all crediblity after Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Hudson and Carrie Underwood, they are the only AI alumni to not be a one hit wonder and are household names. And no Adam Lambert, Fantasia and Jordin Sparks dont count. When’s the last time they had a hit single, or single at all? Regardless, Glee is not a reality competition program, don’t compare apples and oranges.

          • Lily says:

            Chris Colfer hardly had any experience in the professional world, unlike Lea Michele.

        • Dan says:

          THANK YOU for expressing exactly what I’ve been thinking for a long time now. Season 2 was a mess, and now I realize that it was mostly due to Ryan Murphy. He makes statements that turns out to be false (three leads leaving, no more guest stars, asking for Alex to go drag only to later claim he is too flamboyant), and cares only about the ratings.

          I never liked Cameron, and his behaviour was childish. I respect his religion and beliefs, but COME ON. You’re auditioning for Glee, it’s week seven, and you’re still stuck behind. I’m shocked he was going to send Damian home, and even worse, I hated it when Cameron told Damian he was saved in the last minute. What a douchey thing to do.

        • Jen says:

          American Taliban home? Really? I guess if he was like most men “cheater” “tiger woods” “Arnold”…we would love him right? Because then he would be a TRUE AMERICAN RIGHT? Maybe you have the message about sex wrong!

          • filmex says:

            Uhhh, those are the two choices? Are you home schooled as well?
            The alternative to being a grown man (not a 16-year old teen) who tears up at the mere mention of sex is to be an adulterous Tiger Woods?

            Fine, exalt your beliefs, go sing on the evangelist revival tent circuit, but what in heaven’s name are you doing auditioning for “Glee” unless your parents don’t even let you watch “godless” TV and you’ve never actually seen an episode?

            There are a number of Christians in entertainment, but they aren’t extreme, throw it in your face types (unlike American Taliban Cam). They try and lead, and integrate into show business, by being hard workers with a good work ethic, not by drawing attention to their beliefs at every opportunity by having everyone gear everything to their philosophy.
            It’s as counterproductive as having everyone adapt to your menu choices because you are vegetarian.
            I’m reminded of St. Francis who spoke of conveying the teachings of Jesus every day, but rarely through words. In other words, he spread the Gospel by doing good deeds for others that reflected kindly on Jesus. He wasn’t involved in pious self-aggrandizement and constant “explaining” of his “devout” beliefs.
            You want to truly spread the word, Cameron? Go sing for orphans and kids in cancer wards and stay far away from professional showbiz. People will have a lot more respect for you, and you’ll be alot closer to the true teachings of Jesus than this act you have going on.

          • Madeline says:

            Thank you!! I completely agree. I was so angry when I read that douchebag’s comment about someone who is one of the few people in the world right now TRYING to do the right thing! I wish I was his girlfriend. With a guy like that, you know you’ve the real thing – not some puffed up moron like the guy writing that comment.

        • Edward says:

          Actually given the things RM has said, and looking at the bulk of the characters on Glee, i think it is correct that “Murphy can only write parts for people that actually ARE that person” Chris Colfer IS Kurt, Jane Lynch has done versions of Sue before, Harry Shrum is a great dancer who can’t sing, Cory M is a high school dropout who can’t dance, etc. I am not claiming 100% knowledge of everyone. There are some great actors on Glee ( I love Jane Lynch), but when I see the actors in other venues, they seem very close to their characters on Glee.

          • Reality Bites says:

            Um, Chris Colfer is a self-depracating sci-fi geek who shops at Target. He (obviously) looks and sounds like Kurt Hummel, and they have similar taste in music, but that’s really about it.

            You’re picking on a couple of superficial traits about these actors and pretending they’re the same as the characters they play. Harry’s from Costa Rica and Cory’s Canadian. Neither of them ever played high school football or knows anything about growing up in a small town in the American midwest.

            Sue Sylvester is a single, heterosexual sociapath. Jane Lynch is none of these things.

          • Chris says:

            While watching the show the other night, it occurred to me that if Ryan Murphy wants to write a male Christian character so badly, why can that only happen if Cameron plays that character? Seriously, give me one reason why Damian or Samuel couldn’t play a devout Christian if Ryan Murphy gave either one of them that type of character to play. I mean, aren’t they supposed to be able to act? I didn’t know these contestants were expected to play out their own autobiography if they got on Glee.

          • Edward says:

            @Reality Bites:
            OK, first you need to chill a bit and read my comment with a bit more expansiveness. I am not attacking Glee or the actors. I am a fan and have seen 99% of both Glee and The Glee Project. You don’t have to be aggressively defensive.
            Now…yes, I was/am dealing with various superficial resemblances, but let’s not kid ourselves; Glee is not that deep. It is a light, fun show and we really don’t get that far into the characters except on a few occasions. No, I don’t think that every little aspect of the actor is synced up with the character. But it isn’t as if they are totally different and melting into a completely different character the way Meryl Streep does either. The larger point is that Ryan Murphy seems to want/like/need a certain amount of sync between the character and the actor in order to write a character. Thus I am disparaging his creative ability a bit.
            As to your specific example rebuttals: RM wrote the Kurt character after meeting Chris Colfer, thus an example that supports my argument. I’m not sure how the country Harry was born in affects the general similarity of the characters. Have they even said where Mike Chang is from other than Asian? And Both his parents are ethnicly Chinese, so Costa Rica is irrelevant. John Mccain was born in Panama, doesn’t make him latino. Finally, if you read my comment, you’ll see I said that Jane Lynch had played similar characters before, not that she was like Sue. Again, making the point that RM isn’t as good at writing new characters without pre-existing stuff to draw on.

      • Dan says:

        Lindsay is very likable. You’re just an idiot viewer buying into the contrived editing.

        • Elle says:

          Actually I know what editing is and what it does. However, editing dosen’t put words in people’s mouth. She comes across as unlikeable, YOU don’t know anymore about her than I do. We know what TV portrays which isnt 100% true nor 100% false. You can’t judge a book by its cover, but from its cover you can get a pretty good idea about what its about. Calling me an idiot is juvenille, I have an opinion and so do you. Now, go run along and play in the sandbox.

      • Allison says:

        Elle said: “Its a proven fact that if you don’t care for an actress/actor personality is ‘real’ life you won’t like them on the small screen. (Ex: Charlie Sheen). Most people gravitate toward Lea Michele because she’s likable despite the fact her character is/isnt.”

        Proven by who? Just because something applies in your life doesn’t mean it applies to everyone. And it definitely doesn’t mean that it has been “proven”.
        Care to cite a source for your claim?

        Charlie Sheen is a bad example – Two and a Half Men actually had really high ratings, and I’m sure some of the people in the audience disliked his personality, but that didn’t stop them from watching the show.

        Further, I would think most people gravitate towards Lea Michele because she is insanely talented. I know that’s why I do! It’s funny you would even use her as an example, when she has been painted with a diva brush by the media before, whether it’s true or not.

        • David says:

          I think I know what Elle means. That principle actually stands for alot of people. I for one know if I don’t like someone’s personality is real life or how they portray themselves I won’t like them in their projects. Daniel Craig pops in my mind for me. It depends. I don’t like Lea Michele even though I know she’s talented, and plenty of talented singers (if not all) are portrayed as diva like, examples Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, ect. Its an unfair label and as for Lea wasn’t that rumor started by Ted Casablancas a very unrealiable source for everything, entertainment.

          • Allison says:

            I do understand what you’re saying and what Elle’s argument is. (And I, for the record, don’t believe Lea Michele is a diva, I just know it circulated on the internet that she was.)

            What I take exception to is the phrase “it’s a proven fact”, when what is being said is merely an opinion. Phrases like that are used to make the person’s argument seem legitimate, like they are an expert about the material or have studied it, and so their argument should be considered more accurate or better than someone who doesn’t have “the facts” to “prove” their case.

            So unless there has been a study about the public’s perceptions of tv personalities based on their off screen representations in the media, it’s not a “proven fact.”

            So David you said, “I for one know…” I don’t have any problem with your statement. You’re speaking on your own behalf and making a strong case for yourself.

    • Darlene says:

      In reading that the character is going up against Sue Sylvester I think Alex is going to win and they are going to portray him auditioning in drag. Lindsay would be a good replacement for Lea yes, but I would love for Damian to win. Love that accent and those dreamy eyes.

    • nate says:

      somehow i see damien winnng…i wouldnt even put it past the producers to almost sned him home just so itd be more of a surprise when he wins. also i could easiy see his accent being the t”thing that sue sylvester hates” of coyrse sams dreads hannahsfatness aetc all could be targets for sue but i guess we’ll see. i like hanah the best but think sam would be best for glee and i hope to high heaven alex is the next to go home. ugh.

  2. Cameron says:

    I’m not crazy about any of the other five, but I’m hoping for a Lindsay victory. Unfortunately, with Damian’s “growth” (really?) this season, I think he’s heading for the win. I guess I just don’t get the obssession over him. Is it the accent? Because the singing/dancing/acting just haven’t been that great, and personality-wise, how do they see a character to write in him?

    • Ruby says:

      Lindsay? Really? I don’t really want to watch someone I constantly want to punch in the face for an extended period.

      I don’t get the fan obsession with Damian either. My guess is the Irish accent. He’s got a cute personality, but he’s not particularly good looking, and he’s not a particularly good singer. And he has zero star quality. He won’t win. Ryan Murphy doesn’t like him enough to let him win.

      • Cameron says:

        Yeah, for me, Lindsey catches the eye on camera. Hannah has personality in real life but is dull on camera. Damien and Samuel just lack personality in general. Alex is someone you notice, but he’s also someone you want to smack with a leather boot. So for me, its Lindsey all the way. Her bitch edit makes me think she will be runner-up to Damian or something, just not the winner.

      • Edward says:

        “I don’t get the fan obsession with Damian either. My guess is the Irish accent. He’s got a cute personality, but he’s not particularly good looking”
        @Ruby: I speak for myself here. Damian is a gorgeous little number! And yes, the accent adds to the sexy. I can see how Samuel might appeal to girls – the whole bad boy thing – but he looks like a dirty hippie to this gay man. and Alex has set the cause back 10 years by his flamboyance and drag acts. He makes Kurt look butch.

        My order of choice for winner:
        1 Damian
        2 Hanna
        3 Marissa (a surprise return, because RM is making it up as he goes anyways)
        4 Cameron (as a cardboard cutout that doesn’t speak)
        5 A random high school student from the local mall
        6 Samuel
        7 A random homeless person from outside the studio
        8 Lindsay
        9 A random zombie from any of the Resident Evil movies
        10 Alex

        • Chris says:

          When this show first started, I did not expect Damian to emerge as my favorite contestant. Just going by looks, I was initially attracted to the quirkiness of Cameron and the edginess of Samuel. But low and behold, I quickly fell in love with Damien’s personality, and have come to realize that when the contestants aren’t singing and dancing, his good-natured sense of humor has largely carried the show for me. I don’t think I would have enjoyed the show nearly as much if he had been booted off early on. The other contestants have not been nearly as entertaining to me as he has been when they’re not in a video. I think that’s something to be considered when selecting the winner, even if it isn’t technically part of the challenges.

          • Rachel says:

            LOL Chris – “low and behold” – evidence that Damian’s fans are all 9-year-old girls or illiterate old men.

          • Chris says:

            To Rachel: How disappointing that the best you could do to refute my assertion that Damien carries the show during the segments when the contestants aren’t performing a challenge was to poke fun at my careless usage error and insult me. I would have expected a much stronger rebuttal from someone so obviously eager to show off their intelligence. But clearly, as much as you don’t want to admit it, you must know that I’m right about Damien; otherwise, you would have been able to come up with at least one logical argument as to why another contestant is more entertaining than he is when they’re not competing, but I take it you couldn’t, since you chose to insult me in your response instead.

  3. brandy says:

    So bummed about this. Cameron was my favorite, and I was excited to see what he show could do for him. To be honest, I probably would have done the same thing in his shoes, but he would’ve been a star for sure. I’m hoping Lindsay wins at this point, but I’m not sure I really care.

  4. Shelley says:

    I just cannot get behind Lindsay. She has all the qualities of Lea Michele that annoy people and none of the redeemable ones.

    No thank you! I loved Marissa, but since she’s out, I’ll root for Samuel.

    • Jenny says:

      She is the living Rachel Berry. Yet there is still something about Rachel that makes you want to believe in her and cheer her on. Lindsay has none of that.

      • J says:

        Maybe because Rachel is fictional you just think “Oh, she is a great character!” And she is. But if she were real, you wouldn’t be able to stand her, right? Well, Lindsay is real.

        • Jenny says:

          Very true. In real life I probably wouldn’t be able to stand Rachel Berry. One thing with a character on TV that they actually change and make growth. Many people in real life don’t.

      • susan says:

        I disagree! Rachel is annoying and there are few moments where I want to cheer for her. Lindsay rocks and she has the talent to back her up. Unlike Samuel who all he has to do it put on a pouty face and everyone declares him great, she actually works at the homework assignments. I know people find her to be annoying but I just see it as competitiveness b/c she wants to win. She has known from the beginning that this is about a job, this is not camp, and unlike others does not need to be reminded of that.

      • Tim says:

        That’s bullsh*t. Lindsay is amazing and an incredible talented. She deserves to win.

    • Ruby says:

      Agree with this SO MUCH. Glee already has a Rachel. They don’t need another one.

      Samuel is the best.

      • Angela says:

        I don’t get why people say Lindsey is another Rachel? They could write Lindsey as a completly different character. Personally, I don’t like Lindsey and really hope she dosen’t win because I cant see myself liking a character if I can’t stand the person in real life.

      • filmex says:

        Sam is great but he looks like he should be working on his PhD in college. He looks more like a substitute teacher than a student.

        • katie says:

          ummmm what?? maybe you should actually take a look at PhD students (meaning how they look more mature etc.) before you write something so ridiculous. Seriously what school are you thinking of…..

        • J says:

          i agree with katie. I’m going to guess that you are either nearing your early tweens or are close (or are in) to retirement because otherwise I really can’t understand that comparison…

  5. Clare says:

    Yes, relieved that Cameron went and believe this is better for both him and the show. But I think the judges’ mixed signals and flexible/contradictory standards are a hot mess. My interest in the contenders is being overpowered by my growing dislike for Ryan Murphy.

    • Erin says:

      I agree – ryan murphy is a ass, i didn’t actually think that but now i do :)

    • MamaLarson3 says:

      Yes! I watch it on Tivo and I find myself fast-forwarding (and even sometimes re-watching) the part of the shows at the end with Ryan Murphy. He’s the most interesting – and yet totally unlikable – ‘character’ on the entire show. Just those little glimpses of him explain so much about the dive-bomb that was ‘Season 2 of Glee’ and the PR mess this summer over who’s going to graduate next year. That guy does NOT know what he wants…he just likes to hear himself be in charge which makes everyone adapt to what he says. And he’s so self-absorbed that he then gets pissed off at everyone for changing without realize that they are all doing it his behalf. Its like watching the boss you once had that you could not figure out – or please – no matter what you did. When you are young you blame all that drama on yourself. When you get a little older – like me – you finally realize that its really all about ‘the boss’. I LOVE this show, but it certainly doesn’t make me want to watch ‘Glee’ at all and that is Mr. Murphy’s fatal flaw.

    • Rhama says:

      Ryan Murphy looks like John Malkovich in his sleaziest obnoxious role. By the way, Robert Ulrich is Mr Renfield, Dracula’s servant, eating bugs behind the cameras.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Actually, as the weeks go on, Hannah is the one to beat, IMO. She has done consistently well through the competition, and has started to really shine. And, because I know someone won’t be able to stand not commenting with “we don’t need any more fat people on Glee”, you need to take a good look at yourself–she is real, funny, and can bring a class clown element to New Directions–apart from her size I see no comparisons to Mercedes and Lauren. I’d be totally cool with her getting it (she also looked great for the video shoot–the flat ironed hair looked fabulous on her).

    I’m not surprised with Cameron leaving, and while I think Alex can sing the HELL out of a song he would be difficult to work with, too. So, if Hannah, Lindsey or Samuel wins this thing, I’m cool.

    • Mairead says:

      Agreed, Hannah’s great. She can RAP! Enough said. None of the Glee girls do that.

      • Cara says:

        Yes! That’s what I’ve been saying. Lyndsay sings like Lea Michele, but not as well, but Hannah would bring something they do not have right now: a girl who can really rap.

        Also, I can totally see Hannah’s character: bubbly and warm and enthusiastic about everything — someone the other kids roll their eyes at, but can’t really hate. When all the other kids tell Rachel “we’re so sick of you,” Hannah will say “aw, Rachel, I’ll still be your friend!” and Rachel will just make a face… There are always high school girls who are just chipper and friendly and sort of embarrassing in how keen they are on everything…but they don’t have a character like that on Glee. Not yet, anyway!

        • Buck says:

          Lol, did you just say Lindsey sings like Lea Michele? Not in any, way, shape or form. Did you hear Lindsey on Teenage Dream? *barf* She can carry a tune not doubt, but shes not versatile or that great. She’s half a Lea Michele. She is half as hot, half as talented, and half as unique. I’m pretty sure the only thing Lindsey and Lea have in common is that both their names start with “L”.

          • Eli says:

            Actually, most heterosexual guys would consider Lindsay hotter than Lea, sorry.

          • Buck says:

            Lmfaoo, dude in what world? These are why polls are needed.

          • blackrising says:

            “She’s not versatile”
            Why do I get the feeling you’re just repeating what Nikki said on the show in order to sound smart?

            And you know, I’ve heard so many people say that Lindsay isn’t as talented as she’d like to believe or not as interesting or not as unique.
            But you know what?
            Lindsay is one of the most talked about contenders. People talk about her, think about her…whether they do that negatively or positively ultimately doesn’t matter. All publicity is good publicity.
            Which makes me think that, if she were to win, people would watch her on the show just to hate on her.

    • Andre says:

      Love Hannah. She comes across to me as the most ‘real’ of all the people and then puts on a character for each performance, which is what acting is all about. Glee works their cast HARD, so they need someone who is easy-going, learns quickly and tries have every time. Hannah’s weight has nothing to do with who she is as a person or how talented she is and casting/not casting her where weight/size is part of the discussion is ridiculous. That said, if the show is specifically looking for a certain body type for a role, I get that, but if Murphy is planning on writing for whomever is cast from this show, talent and personality are what matter.

    • Ruby says:

      I *love* Hannah. Plus, every time she’s afraid of something, she jumps in with both feet anyway. That’s a very admirable quality. She seems like she’d be a joy to work with.

      And I can’t believe that people look at an awesome girl like her and can only come up with fat comments. There are some really bad people in this world.

    • Matt says:

      I root for Hannah more and more each week. At the start of the competition she was probably the last person whose name I actually learned but she’s likeable and wants to do well. Even when she can’t do something she pushes herself, everyone else whines and is so negative.

  7. Nikki says:

    Unfortunately I think that Alex may win this on the sole factthat Ryan clearly likes him while the rest of the world does not sigh I really want either Samuel or Lindsey to win he’ll I just want anyone but Alex

  8. Mairead says:

    I wish they’d give Damien a rat-pack song. I think he’d really pull it off, and I find Lindsay really hard to like. She just overpowers the scene for me, and not in a good way.
    But Alex should have gone weeks ago.

  9. Jenny says:

    What I seriously can’t believe is that they were going to keep Alex over Damian. Alex is nothing but a cheaper and less talented version of Kurt/Mercedes. We already have his character on the show and that is the only character he is able to be. None of these performers have really excited me at all, but at least I feel like Damian has grown over the course of the show. Do I think he should win for it…no. On the other hand right he is the only one that I actually think “Hey that isn’t a story we haven’t seen yet on Glee”. Everyone else is just the next generation of another character we already have.

    I wish they would give the contestants more acting scenes so we can see what type of actors they are. With the size cast it isn’t like they are going to be singing a billion songs each week. In all honesty I don’t think any of them have that strong of a voice to start with. Grant it you don’t have to be the greatest singer in the world to be on this show, but you have to make me believe you are.

  10. Aria says:

    Alex needs to leave. He’s just a male version of Mercedes and is so arrogant, the audience cannot relate to him. If you think about it, Damian would be the easiest to write in (exchange student) AND write out (exchange student goes home). Although he is a little noodle-y. I think it’s really between Lindsay, Samuel and Hannah. Cast them all!

    • Colleen says:

      Damian – yes, getting the seven-episode arc would work very well for him. Once it’s over, he goes back to CT.
      I’d like his arc to be exchange student with a twist – make him an *undocumented* student – that is, his student visa has expired and he just stays on. Then he’s be like my Irish relatives who are here indefinitely on expired visas, unable to go home for weddings and funerals because they’d never get back into the US again.
      At the end of his arc he’d be deported.
      Plenty of drama there!

      As well as showing the case of illegal immigrants in general, who are stereotyped as …well, you know… when they could be the cute guy with the accent and lovely blue eyes.
      Just sayin’

  11. Stephanie says:

    One thing though: If anyone here is going to audition for a reality show that involves a JOB as the reward, please make sure you are comfortable with and excited about doing that job. Much as I want to admire Cameron’s convictions, he took that spot away from someone else. He should have known that sexuality was a big part of the show, and he’d have to kiss someone (guess what, Acting is all about doing things you would not choose to do yourself–it’s called “acting”). It just kind of makes me mad that he wasted everyone’s time and took someones else’s shot at being on the show.

    • Dan says:

      There are plenty of characters on the show that aren’t sexual or even kiss. These contestants aren’t auditioning for a main role. They are auditioning to be in 7 episodes. Cameron did the right thing and I’m glad he was on the show. He wasn’t ever disrespectful.

      • Marie says:

        But lots of characters have things about them that are unsavory. How many actors have to play murderers, hookers, drug addicts, and the like? Acting is just that–telling a story by being someone other than yourself. No one ever said Cameron was disrespectful, but he should have known that he would be asked to do what is portrayed on national TV. Aside from the 7 words you can’t say on TV and nudity, he should have known he would be asked to do something he, personally, didn’t agree to–as is the flow and storyline of the show. So, he goes on the show to prove a point? No, he didn’t have to. There are many, many Christian theatres and groups out there where he could have been happy. This is not a show for someone who looses sleep because of a tiny kiss, and he should have not auditioned so someone who doesn’t have that hangup would have the chance to do the show.

    • Amy says:

      I totally agree. When you are cast in a role, if you are a professional actor, you do what the job requires. There is enough romance on “Glee” for Cameron to have known what he was getting into — even a one- or two-time performer might be in a romantic storyline. He elected to plunge ahead anyway without thinking of what it might mean for him or for the person who might have gotten his shot.

      Also, you have to be REALLY conservative to not even be able to perform a broadcast-TV role. It’s not like they were asking him to do porn or anything! Kristin Chenoweth is a conservative Christian too, and I don’t think she’s doing anything wrong by filming screen kisses or flirting in-character or, you know, acting.

    • Allison says:

      You can’t know what something is like until you actually do it.

      Maybe going into it, Cameron thought he would be able to handle anything that came his way or he had a different idea about how the film industry works. He admitted in one episode that he realized he can be niave because he hasn’t been exposed to a lot of things. Once he got on the show and had those experiences, he realized that it wasn’t for him. That’s not a terrible thing at all! It shows a lot of self-awareness.

      I think it’s ok to try something and not like it. It’s better than not trying at all or continuing to do something that you hate or that violates your own moral or ethical code.
      Maybe he SHOULD have known there is sexuality on the show, maybe not. I know I’ve started things (school, jobs, relationships, whatever) and thought I would like it/the person, but then realized it wasn’t for me. Or how I thought it would be, wasn’t actually how it was.
      This is especially true when you’re in your early-20s and just learning about life on your own and exloring the world and your place in it. But the experiences are still valuable because you learn about yourself and what is important to you and are exposed to new ideas and people.

      So I personally think it took a lot of strength and courage for Cameron to make a decision like that and it is commendable and to be respected, even if it’s not a choice I would have made. It’s too bad he didn’t do it a week earlier, though, when Marissa was still on the show!

      • Stephanie says:

        I am an actor. There is no more emotion to kissing someone than walking through a door or having a screaming fight with someone. It’s awkward the first time, but you go home after and don’t think about it. It’s also very hard to build emotions about someone when you have to stay in character, have 75 people around watching and have this guy come at you wearing eyeliner and lipgloss. It’s part of the job, and I go home to my husband and 99% of all actors, right down to community theatre and lots of them religious in some aspect, have absolutely no problem with it.

  12. Jo says:

    Michael Slezak

    I’m really surprised that you are falling hook, line and sinker for the way they are editing Lindsay. That “no” was edited in from something else. And you never get to see all these “evil” words come straight out of her mouth. Notice how they cut away from her face while she is speaking during the interview portions and how halted her speech pattern is. They are CLEARLY editing words together to make her say things she never said.

    I would think after all this time watching American Idol, you and other viewers would know by now that “reality” tv is highly edited and manipulated. Lindsay has been cast as the “villain”. Why else would they edit out the fact that the director asked her to kiss Cameron in “Pairability”. Or edit out her full disclousure about being abused in “Vulnerabiliy”.

    I can’t believe people are falling for this blatant manipulation. Look at Lindsay outside of this show (go to her twitter or facebook) and you will see she is very sweet.

  13. Lora says:

    I am picturing the scene where Cameron comes home and tells his girlfriend he has passed up a chance of a lifetime role on Glee. Being one of the front runners and quitting making it all the more tragic. I am guessing it is similar to the scene in Officer and a Gentlemen where Sid tells Lynnette he has quit the program and will not be a pilot. Cameron’s girlfriend,(southern drawl)”I thought you understoood. I wanted me a Glee actor. Not some Okie from Spakoki”.
    Cameron, “We can live in my parents basement and within a couple of years I will be head youth minister.” Cameron’s girlfriend, “I have been holding hands (equivalent of cheating) with the head youth minister while you were gone. Get out!” And….scene.

    • filmex says:

      You got that right. He’ll spend the next five years on the revival tent circuit telling everyone “I coulda been a contender”. He’s gonna have the rest of his life to think about having a shot most kids would kill for, and he squandered it.

  14. Patty says:

    I really dislike Lindsey and Alex. Their personalities make it hard to pull for. I really like the other three – Samuel, Hannah and Damion but I don’t see that the show needs another big girl. Not sure how Samuel would fit into the mix either. So that leaves Damian as my pick. I just don’t see the point to letting Chris and Leah go just to “replace” them with something similar. If Alex wins, and Ryan Murphy being such a rear end, if the new writers don’t come up with something good, it won’t be hard for me to delete my season pass.

  15. Skip says:

    I think it will probably be Damian or Hannah. Why? If you look back at the interview with Ryan Murphy on June 24, he said the person chosen was “not necessarily the best singer or the best dancer.” He also said that what was important to him was ““I don’t care if you’re likable, but what I do care about is ‘Are you professional? Do you have a good attitude?’ ”

    Now, a good attitude probably elimnates Lindsay and Alex. I guess Samuel would still be a possibility, but the remark about not the best singer or dancer makes me question that – he is pretty good at both. Both Hannah and Damian seem to have had good attitudes so far – neither is a prima donna, and both go out of their way to be supportive to the other contestants. Neither is the greatest dancer, and while all of the contestants are good singers (they wouldn’t be here otherwise), I don’t know if I would categorize either of them as the best singer of the contestants.

    Ryan also mentioned that he was lookin for the winner to add something to the show. Alex and Lindsay both look like replacements for existing characters (Mercedes and Rachel). I think Samuel, Damian and to some extent, Hannah, would bring something new to the show.

    • Nicole says:

      I agree. Damian and Hannah are both regularly shown being unable to dance or struggling with choreography. Alex consistently says he is a “great dancer” and both Lindsay and Sam have very strong voices. I think the winner is Hannah or Damian. I am leaning towards Damian since I could see Sue hating him irrationally for his accent

  16. Em says:

    I’m over Samuel. He’s good, but I don’t find him interesting. I personally couldn’t see why he won the assignment; I thought Hannah outdid him (was it because she didn’t hit on Lindsay like Samuel did with Alex?). And Alex needs to go. Such a one-note character and an energy drain. I’d like to see him sing a non-stereotype song for Ryan and see how he does. They’ve thrown just about everything at Damian, it’s only fair.

    I like Hannah & Damian. Damian is inconsistent, but his slushie performance won me over, if he could only keep it up. I think I might like Lindsay better if she would just own her bitch factor, instead of looking like she’s going to burst into tears whenever she comes out on top (and quietly murderous when she doesn’t). I don’t think I can pass judgement on her or Samuel until I see how they face extreme pressure and come out on the other side. I mean, look what happened to Marissa! Hannah and Damian just never give up and they do it with a smile. I always want to root for them, and Glee is about the underdogs, right?

    • P says:

      And now that Hannah’s gone, my full support has been transferred to Damian. He NEEDS to make it to the finale- can you imagine the sweetest, most genuine contender in there getting out on an episode named ‘Generosity’?

  17. pmacbee says:

    I said last week that much as I think Cameron is a natural talent, he needed to decide if he was an actor or not. He decided his principles came before being an actor. I don’t share his principles when it comes to a stage kiss, but I can certainly see lots of other places where I’d draw a line, and I thoroughly admire him for knowing his own values and acting on them. Despite enormous natural acting and musical talent, and inducements to compromise his principles that 999 people out of 1000 would have considered irresistible (Murphy and friends obviously though so), Cameron nonetheless decided that he is more committed to his principles than to acting, money or fame. Murphy at once was drawn to that as a novel concept, and yet ultimately couldn’t get his mind around it (“but what if we write a character around your principles and then you won’t kiss Lea Michele?” You could SEE Cameron get certain of his decision right there; Murphy would never get or really respect those kinds of values in a teenager, and would never stop pushing to overcome them.) The great weakness of Glee in the last year has seemed to me the relentless, illogical and unconvincing partner switching and and the increasingly uncomfortable feeling that this is all just exploitation and voyeurism. Perhaps Cameron’s decision will open Murphy’s mind to the reality that more happens in a teenager’s life than sex and crushes (hmm, academics, anyone? pressure to get into an Ivy League college? growing apart from childhood friends? drinking/drugs/driving/arrest and the peer pressure and decisions that go into accepting or extracting oneself from those situations? violent, angry, lost kids who are NOT popular jocks?), and that “trying on and taking off personalities ‘and people’ like trying on clothes” is something that happens with many high school students, but not nearly all. Many escape that destructive cycle, and it would be great to see a character that has a family background–religious or otherwise–that supports them in respecting themselves and keeps them from acting against their character in order to fit in with people they don’t even admire. In someone who is serious about acting, I can’t see how you have a career without ever being wiling to be part of a stage kiss or simulated attraction, but all actors have a limit of what they’ll do, and for what legitimate artistic purpose (or at least, they start out thinking they do). Cameron had the self-knowledge to conclude that, at least right now, acting isn’t his first priority and that he couldn’t in good conscience engage in and portray as normal behavior that he personally finds abhorrent and immoral, in exchange for being rewarded with fame and cash. Murphy may not have realized til now that principles like that actually exist outside of a book. I’m inspired by Cameron’s ability to make that kind of decision for himself, and I hope others will be, too. He’s an amazing musician and performer, and I hope he’ll find an outlet for his talent that he finds authentic.

    • filmex says:

      I’m frightened at the prospect that a man, not a kid, can get to the age of 21, and his eyes water at the mere mention of sex.
      He should be on a PSA about the dangers of fundamentalist home-schooling.

      • Tarc says:

        Amen. Seriously… an actor isn’t cheating on his SO AT WORK when it is WORK. I’m glad he’s gone, because the inane moralizing (so incredibly selfish and self-absorbed) was getting nauseating. And it’s a bit puzzling that a 21 year old auditioning for an acting role doesn’t get that YOU are not your CHARCTER.

  18. Fruit Rollup says:

    Yes! He is finally gone! I couldn’t believe Ryan Murphy last night, Cameron QUIT and he was asking him back! RM is incredibly two-faced considering he repeatedly said he never liked Cameron and didn’t get ‘why he was still there’. I also couldn’t believe Damion was going to be sent home considering Cameron had been in the bottom 3 for forever, there are people who actually WANT to be there. Cameron is a overzealous Christian, no where in the Bible is it forbidden to kiss or be sexual. He was ridiculous as an actor you have to do a lot of things that you may not feel comfortable with, or be intimate with people who may not have feelings for or even like at all. He’s a singer and not an actor. I’m glad preacher boy is gone.

    Samuel and Lindsey are to much for me. Samuel tries to hard and he can’t dance (trying to imitate Michael Jackson is not dancing). Lindsey’s personality grates me and makes it hard for me to root for her. And I’m glad the vocal director realized she’s not versatile enough vocally. Alex is whatever, he’s a diva. But U can see why he’s been saved week after week, he brings it on his last chance performaces.

    So, far I’m rooting for Damian and Hannah. They seem the most genuine and I can see them on Glee. Thank God, whoever wins will not be a regualr character. I dont think I could stomach that.

    • Skip says:

      I have to disagree with you about Cameron. You obviously don’t know your Bible very well. The Bible talks about even LOOKING at a woman with sexual desire as being the same as committing adultery (assuming she is not your wife, of course). Just because Cameron chooses to take what the Bible says seriously does not make him an “overzealous Christian” – it makes him a Christian who doesn’t just give lip service to his beliefs, but actually lives them. You may not agree with his values, but you should respect his willingness to live by them, even at the cost of fame and fortune. After all, how many people do you know that are that principled?

      • Fruit R. says:

        Thats looking at another woman with the intent to lust. As an actor your not (or shouldn’t be) lusting after someone your working with, its a stage kiss and (shouldn’t) have any meaning behind it. If Cameron likes the kiss then thats another story. If you think about it as work and nothing else he should be fine. Its like he couldn’t seperate the two. He should have known that as an actor your not going to always do things you want to do or believe in. He should have thought long and hard about that before auditioning. Now he’s wasted his time and their time, and took a spot potentially for someone who wanted to be there. I respect his convictions, I’m a Catholic myself and trust me I know what intense faith is.

        • Skip says:

          This is not a religious forum, so I am not going to go into a long scriptural dissertaion. Suffice it to say that you are wrong in many ways.

          • Tarc says:

            ‘Scriptural dissertation’ is nearly always an oxymoron. Cameron’s stance is absurd on almost every level – but hey, at least he had the guts to take himself back to Utah before he ruined anything for someone else.

        • Skip says:

          Although I will agree with you that he should have realized before he auditioned that this would be a problem for him.

      • filmex says:

        He can wander the plains of Texas and Oklahoma til the cows come home, preachin’ the word every step of the way, as far as I’m concerned. But, has he ever seen a single episode of “Glee”? Why did he waste everyone’s time, not to mention depriving a deserving candidate of their spot (Marissa?), while he works out his issues?

        “Lord, help me to seek the truth, but spare me the company of those that claim to have found it”–
        Old Texas Proverb

        • Fruit R. says:

          Exactly, I think thats what pisses me off the most. Is that other people who wanted to be there couldn’t because he took up a spot.

    • raelee514 says:

      Disagree with you on Cameron, while I think he should learn that acting isn’t cheating — that it is good he has principals and wants to stick with them. But I do totally agree with you on Murphy, Hannah and Damian.

  19. Ellen says:

    This is HILARIOUS. Must watch. Hannah and Lindsay recap one of the shows as alter-ego fans.

    • Skip says:

      Not that funny. Mostly just annoying. And the fact that they are doing this video in realtime and not working on Glee shows that neither wins.

      • Allison says:

        The cast is still on vacation until next week.
        According to Iqbal Theba’s twitter, Glee doesn’t start filming until August 9th and Lea Michele said she just finished reading a script for S3 today.
        So Hannah or Lindsay could still have won and are just having some fun until the work starts.

  20. Allie says:

    Here’s what I don’t get… Damian is working hard and wants it bad, but Ryan Murphy would rather have a stubborn Cameron who wants to quit because he’s a singer and not an actor. It’s one thing to have convictions and its another to fundamentally fear what you’ll have to do if you get on Glee. Alex says he threw a challenge because he didn’t win it and he gets to stay. To me this is all turned around. Could it be a that certain creators ego is influencing these oddities?

  21. Ruby says:

    And religion ruins something else that could have been great.

    I’ll miss Cameron. He was really talented. I hope he grows out of this conservative crap.

    • Skip says:

      Your comment is very demeaning and disrespectful to people like Cameron, people who really live their faith. He was honest enough to realize that the prize he was competing for (to be on Glee) was in conflict with a much more important goal (to be true to himself and to his God). That is not something to “grow out of”. Since his faith is a large part of who he is and what makes him happy with himself, he removed himself from the competition.

      (By the way, did you know that as people age, they tend to become more conservative, not more liberal? So, maybe being liberal is something you “grow out of”. Just food for thought.)

      • Marie says:

        Problem is, he should have realized that Glee wasn’t for him to start with, and not even auditioned. He should have let someone else have a chance at the job.

        • Skip says:

          That is probably true. But at least, when push came to shove, he stuck with his principles rather than going for the money. How many “good Christian kids” have we seen completely abandon their values for a few bucks? Kay Perry jumps immediately to mind. There are hundreds more. Kind of refreshing to see one go the other way for a change.

          • Skip says:

            That was supposed to read “Katy Perry”. Sorry.

          • Mara says:

            Very true Skip. How many wholesome Christian girls have we had to endure going on and on about Christianity and their precious ‘beliefs’…. only to later find out that they’re the most sexually aggressive neurotic ones.
            It’s so boring when you see the little Christian stars scream and condemn others for being ungodly, and then strip and snort cocaine in the same sentence :)

            Props to Cameron for being a true Christian (even though I’m an atheist). Who knew it was gonna be a man to say ‘No’ to porn star Hollywood in the end?

    • Mara says:

      I agree Ruby, I agree.

      Sexuality is not evil or ‘immoral’.

      Religion is still keeping the fear alive. Nice.

      People need to stop doing what an ancient document commands and start living and thinking for themselves.

  22. Nikki says:

    I think people forget that they aren’t playing the characters on the show to win this competition they are being themselves and fighting for a part of glee so their personalities aren’t what we’re going to see on the show butte character they play personally i think Alex has no range when it comes to his acting and would be difficult to work with the cast and that’s why I don’t like him not because his personality screams a mix between all Kurt’s and Mercedes bad qualities and no room for their good, we aren’t going to see Alex on the show we’re gonna see te character he plays but personally I just don’t want him to win cause he clearly is a difficult person to work witnh and glee cast is so huge already they dont need that kind of attitude on cast.

    Anyone else is fair game each of te others bring something to new to the show but I agree they need more acting assignments case we all know already they can sig but can they act is still a question mark I say gve trm a skit that leads up to a musical number we dont need to be convinced that they can sing we know that already

  23. Kim says:

    I am kinda’ bummed by Cameron going home. I am hit and miss on Samuel and Lindsey. Damien I could see being written in and out. Hannah I like. She is adorable.

  24. ana says:

    Still not over the fact that marissa left. She was my favorite. Deep down inside I’m hoping Ryan calls her back.

  25. Erin says:

    Damian makes me swoon.

  26. Joe says:

    I really want one of the girls to win. I can’t stand Samuel’s whisper singing, Damian doesnt have the chops or acting to make it on Glee, and while Alex can sing, I just can’t stand him personally. Lindsay is the best singing, but Hannah has the likability. Girls for the win!

  27. Elizabeth says:

    Cameron got on my nerves & I’m very okay with him leaving. He started to annoy me way too much. If he doesn’t want to kiss a girl or do certain things then definitely stay away from acting.

    I like Hannah & Damian is cool. Samuel is good just not sure about him on the show.

  28. C says:

    I wish Cameron had figured this out last week or during the pairability challenge! I miss Marissa

    • Tarc says:

      The problem was that Murphy is looking for someone to be his muse (in a way). They literally said that they selected based on who they could write for. I’m not sure that gorgeous, white, and very talented was terribly insipring to a Hollywood director – particularly for a show about the underdogs.

      • Lucy says:

        Eh, Marrissa was bland and I couldn’t picture a role for her. Idk, about her looks subjecting her to elimination. Frankly, she wasn’t that cute (although a red hair in the Glee club would be nice) and she b o r i n g. The writers saw that. Say what you want about Ryan Murphy but when it comes to casting he knowa what he’s doing.

  29. Kim says:

    This is interesting. Damien’s blog from Oxygen about doing the video shoot with Lindsay. Gives some good insight into the kid’s relationships on the show.

    “Teenage Dream” was my favourite shoot so far. I love the song, loved recording it in the studio, and got great feedback from Nikki, which is always a good thing!! The shoot itself was intense, but it was definitely the most comfortable I have felt. I feel like Lindsey and I just clicked. We do have great chemistry on a day-to-day basis, so it wasn’t hard to use that in the shoot. I certainly felt part of it was not really acting! We always have a laugh. Lindsey is incredible. She is SUPER talented, and ended up being one of the nicest people I have ever met. At the beginning I think she was misunderstood by a lot of us, but as the weeks go by, everybody calms down, and our personalities really shine through when we are together. By this stage, we all know when to leave somebody alone if they are annoyed or upset. We know each other’s boundaries. So the real Lindsay is shining through now, and it’s a bright light. I am really the only one with the courage to really annoy her… and trust me, I succeed. She would go hours without talking to me… Hahaha!!! But we have a great understanding of each other. “~Damian

    • Ike says:

      Yeah, I noticed this part, too. Damian is getting on so well with every single contender, especially Cameron. I never see Damian speaking ill of anyone. He always mentions of other contenders as “super talented”, “amazing” and “going places”. Such a sweetheart~

  30. lisak says:

    I like hannah or samuel … lindsay is a good singer and damian is very cut but don’t seem to me to have the “it” factor …

  31. Echo823 says:

    Personally, I am still in morning that Marissa is gone. She was the Glee Projects Haley in terms of the lack of upclose and personal clips of her reacting or speaking about the different chalenges. I wish Cameron would have been able to see the difference between acting and reality as I think a Christian character could’ve been an interesting dynamic. It can only get so racey, right? Finally, Alex–PLEASE don’t win–I cannot believe he is on there. I just don’t see what he can bring. They already have homosexual characters, large characters–he seems like a mish-mash of who’s already there.

    • ohjustsomegirl says:

      I think when guessing who the winner will be we have to consider what the whole prize is. It isn’t just a 7 episode stint on Glee. It’s a tour with the Glee cast and a record deal. Yes, Ryan needs to to get his “inspiration” or what’s starting to look to me like desperation to take someone elses life stories, to pry a story line out of himself. But the kid has got to be able to sing and act first and foremost professionally. It’s bull to say that’s not the most important this as to picking the winner. Ryan constantly contradicts himself when saying what he’s really looking for. No matter how much we like her Hannah, cant sing a whole song and Alex, no dice buddy,he can’t act and refuses to actually dance. Cameron you couldv’e been the bomb if you could tell real from imaginary. Ryan seems to hate Damien and Robert and Zach keep putting him in the bottom. And if it’s just the editing that makes Lindsey look mean, well then hey, Ryan helped with the editing and he wanted her to appear that way. I think it’s a homerun for Samuel all the mentors love him.

  32. raelee514 says:

    I want Damian and Hannah to win.

    I loathe Ryan Murphy.

  33. coppertopolo says:

    I think that the “winner” of this competition will ultimately be the loser because they will have to work with Ryan Murphy.

    I won’t get into the whole religious thing and Cameron standing up for what he believes, but it IS my understanding that established actors do have clauses in their contracts that they won’t do a nude scene or won’t smoke in a scene. Saying that Cameron HAD to compromise his beliefs for the sake of Ryan Murphy and Glee is absurd.

    Makes me wonder how much these contestants were told about what they would have to do to “please” the almighty RM and his staff.

    Whoever “wins” will probably have compromised a lot – in politics, this might be an advantage, I’m not sure it SHOULD be in a tryout.

    • lacey says:

      I’m just guessing here but I think the point is that Cameron is not an established actor. When you’re an unknown actor making demands is not going to fly with the producers.

  34. ro.secretly.loves.glee says:

    I think that everyone is seriously overlooking Samuel. Just the fact that no one posts about him reveals him as “not who we would think would win.” Each and every other contestant, though all very talented, could disappear in a crowd. Samuel is the most unique looking while still remaining attractive. He is talented in singing and acting, versatile, professional, everyone gets along with him, I haven’t heard anyone talk smack about him on the show.Nicki loves the guy and Glee loves to have their actors actually play instruments, he’s a rock star. I believe there is a great story in Samuel. Estranged from his rock band, he needs a musical outlet in the Glee club. I mean the kid moved to LA to play guitar on the street. Hes got what Ryan needs for a story without compromising talent as a professional actor. Although we havn’t got to see Ryan’s reaction to him as he has not been in a bottom 3, I think he’s the clear winner.

    • ro.secretly.loves.glee says:

      also…Samuel and Marissa doing “Dont You Want Me” was really believable and sexy. I’d love to see Ryan bring her back for at least one episode of Glee with Samuel. I’m itching to see what else the two of them could do together. I believe their video from a couple weeks ago would have killed the “sexuality” videos from this week.

    • Catherine says:

      I don’t see Samuel playing a high school student though, he looks to old (to me, anyway)… Maybe he has “life experiences” that make him seem more mature.

      That being said, I can TOTALLY see him being a thorn in Sue’s side. (Since, supposedly, that is what they say the character is about.)

    • SpeckyGit says:

      Team Samuel from the start. He was always the most interesting to look at, face and overall body/movement. Needs a lot of training but he has the tools to be fascinating on camera. I am looking forward to seeing if he opens up the last three episodes – the editing has been showing more sides to him recently.

      Team Ryan, too. He’s my favorite art of the show. I also enjoy Nikki.

  35. stargazercmc says:

    I haven’t liked Samuel since he didn’t give Hannah her proper cred for the rap segment he had to do when he lifted half of it clean from her. He’s just another white boy that sounds exactly the same as every popular white male singer out there. Nothing interesting there – anyone can grow dreds.

    • ro.secretly.loves.glee says:

      huh…well I heard Hannah stole those lines from Kung-Fu Panda, so i guess no ones original anymore. Yeah anyone can grow dreds, but few have the guts to do it while wearing tight pink shorts ;)

  36. Sarah says:

    I also can not connect with Lindsay at all..Alex needs to go and Hannah is just like every other person….Samuel is interesting and talented. Damien is writable. All of them have little actual acting time and have progressed well. If you have never done this sort of thing before it is hard to get the swing of things. Besides I don’t think this series was done a week at a time. more like 10 days they just give you a week at a time. Personally I would like to see Damien pull it out but I don’t think it is going to happen!!!

  37. Claire says:

    Hannah and Damien are my favorites but I’d have no problem with Lindsey or Alex winning either. I do think Alex is quite talented, though he’d have to fix some of his diva behavior to be able to prosper in that work environment. On the other hand, as others say, what Alex would bring to the show at this point is already represented by other characters–it would be different if they were just coming up with an initial cast now.

  38. JAson says:

    AM I the only one who thinks Ryan Murphy should replace Simon on American Idol. The guy isn’t afraid to speak his mind!!

    • James says:

      Yes, you are, in fact, the only one. RM is self-serving, egotistical, and inconsistent in terms of what he is looking for. We already have that on Idol in the form of Randy “Name-Dropping Blob” Jackson

      • Jason S says:

        Well Simon was self-serving, egotisiticaL and inconsistent as well/ But at least he’s honest. THe lovefest that was Idol was awful this year.

  39. Mark says:

    I have to say in my opinion Cameron seems like a little Bxxch for leaving like that. Yes people have said that he stood up for what he believed in and that is great, But he ruined someones shot that maybe didnt get into the 12 by just quitting like that. Also if he really wanted this he would of stayed so i am kind of happy he left because if it was this easy for him to leave he obviously was not motivated enough. as for doing what he believed in like i said sure that is great, but there are times in your life where you have to get out of your comfort zone and do what you need to do to accomplish your goals.
    Here is hoping that Damian or Lindsay wins who i must say has grown on me these last couple of weeks and i feel would be easiest to get adjusted to the cast,production and filming because of her stage and acting experience

  40. karenb says:

    What’s wayyyy more disturbing than Cam bailing is the fact that ALEX remains!! I mean, c’mon, already!!!!

  41. Ike says:

    If Alex had been chosen as the one to go home, and Cameron accidentally saved him like this, I would definitely stick pins in my eyes.

    Hope Damian can really grasp this once-in-a-lifetime oppurtunity and win this stuff. (Then stand up to RM and give him a slap in the face)

  42. Anne says:

    Cameron was a pathetic piece of garbage who was only there to promote his own music career. If his superstitious beliefs were so strong they prevented him from acting, he shouldn’t have competed for a role on a scripted television show.

  43. Blanks Slate says:

    I was really digging Cameron and no, I am not writing this note in 1968. I am way beyond his age but I found him adorable and looked like he walked right out of McKinley High’s cafeteria and was going to hang out somewhere in Lima, Ohio. I was sad to see him go.

    If you look at the Oxygen site, the FAN favorite, based on online voting, is.. Damian.

    I’ve seen Celtic Thunder perform with my daughter. She had a mad crush on Damian a few years ago. So crazy to see him on the GLEE PROJECT. He’s been better these past few episodes– and he is Best Pals with Cameron off-camera, FYI– but if he made the show, I’d never understand what was going on during his scenes because I CANNOT understand a word he says!

  44. Mickey_C says:

    I think Ryan Murphy tipped his hand when he told Damian that he was looking for another Finn Hudson. Although Lindsay is, in my opinion, by far the best actor of the group I think the winner will eventually be Samuel. Damien is just too blah and bland, and all the earnestness and cute Irish accent in the world can’t help when you have absolutely no charisma on film. As for Alex, although he annoys the crap out of me I felt really bad for him when Ryan told him he wanted him to be “real”. As far as I can tell he IS being real. He’s a nelly, gay boy and he probably acts like that 24/7, so what they are really asking him to act like is “straight”. Also, how is he supposed to even get the chance to act differently when the song choices they pick for him are always “gay” in nature to begin with? Ryan Murphy is such an asshat.

  45. DonnaD says:

    I have to say that I am finding Ryan Murphy very unlikeable. I am disappointed, although perhaps that explains Season 2 of Glee. I thought the Glee pilot was one of the best things I have ever seen on television but Season 2 really left me cold, and now that I have seen Ryan Murphy I feel that I know what happened to the show.

  46. Fudgefase says:

    The real stars of Glee won’t want anyone more popular than them to just come in and take over. You watch. It’ll be someone ‘second string’ that wins.

  47. Darlene says:

    In reading that the character is going up against Sue Sylvester I think Alex is going to win and they are going to portray him auditioning in drag. Yet I would love for Damian to win. Love that accent and those dreamy eyes.

  48. Blank Slate says:

    So speaking of tipping one’s hat, I thought Ryan Murphy was giving away an inside secret when he mentioned something about getting a boyfriend for Mercedes… Alex was in that scene… I thought.. A ha.. They could bring Alex in for Mercedes. But.. Alex is what he is and I don’t know if he could pull of playing a straight male boyfriend for the uber-amazing Mercedes….

  49. Mara says:

    I have to say that although I find Cameron’s phobia of kissing ridiculous, I love his voice and look. His character on Glee was probably already written.

    Also I could not believe they were going to kick Damien out over Alex! I can’t STAND Alex! He is annoying every single moment that he is on camera. God, I just thought we were going to get rid of him finally.
    I really wish it were: Damian, Samuel, Cameron, Lindsay, and Hannah.

  50. Debra says:

    Glee Project has been edited to show the contestants the way the producers/directors want us to see them. They want as many people as possible to be excited to see the winner appear on Glee thus continuing their success. So we have Alex, the diva we love to hate. Lindsay, the know-it-all professional. Samuel, the driven guy with no personality. Hannah, jumping in with both feet no matter how hard it is for her. Damian, the charming Irishman with so-so skills. I’m not saying this is who they really are…this is what they have shown us. Every week the producers give us a little more insight and we change how we feel. But I am guessing that these guys are good at what they do, after all they did cast the original show and they hit that one out of the park. So they have probably picked the same person most of us would like to see on Glee. The fan favorite poll on Oxygen is probably a good indicator.