House Exclusive: Princeton-Plainsboro's New Dean of Medicine Will Be... [Major Spoiler Alert]!

It’ll be someone we’ve met before on the show!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that producers are filling the Dean of Medicine post vacated by Lisa Edelstein’s Cuddy with a face familiar to fans of the Fox hit as opposed to bringing in a new cast member.

But who? I’ve been sworn to secrecy… except for the fact that I can reveal that Hugh Laurie’s new on-screen boss is one of the seven folks listed below. Peruse the options and then vote away in the comments!

Dr. Jeffrey Cole (Edi Gathegi): Though he was a real contender in House’s game of hospital Survivor, “Big Love” was eventually fired because he did the unthinkable: compromised with Cuddy. Perhaps there’s some unfinished business between him and his old boss…

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Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard): If House’s BFF were to ascend to Cuddy’s seat of power, it would inject some tension into one of TV’s most popular bromances. How far would our title doc push his pal? And how far would said pal let himself be pushed? Food for thought.

Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps): He replaced House himself back in season 6 (after Mr. Testy quit), so he probably has a leg up on the competition. Or does he? Since we’ve also seen that he’s willing to rebel when he’s got cause, Princeton Plainsboro might be reluctant to put him in charge of House.

Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer): He’s another one that doesn’t shy away from controversial decisions. He deliberately killed a patient, you’ll recall. With good reason, but still. Such a wild card might be an insurance nightmare for PPTH, but a thrill ride for viewers.

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Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson): Possibly the only candidate who is as willing to break the rules as he is good at getting away with doing so, this plastic surgeon is almost House’s obnoxious equal. Which is saying something. Not necessarily something nice, but you get the idea.

Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros): If Wilson’s radiologist first wife/ex-girlfriend were to make a comeback — and, in effect, as his boss, no less! — well, the fireworks all but set themselves off in this scenario! Beyond that potential rematch, even if she can handle her former spouse, could she handle House? Better bring the stun gun…

Edward Vogler (Chi McBride): When Cuddy talked the board of PPTH into keeping her then-future boyfriend and dumping its bucks-up new chairman — and his $100 million donation — House earned himself an enemy for life. If payback time is at hand, how steep would Vogler make the price?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. victory says:

    I don’t really know….but Cuddy was the best..we we felt the tension between them..form the first episode..you know, it was smth special..
    and now? my oppinion is:

    Dr. Jeffrey Cole: good doctor – yes! boss – NO!!

    Dr. James Wilson – they’re firends…ok, but House is not afraid of him at all!… Of course I don’t deny that he didnt afraid of Cuddy..but I think it’s not the same… or may be..

    Dr. Eric Foreman – it seems to me that he is too fond of power.. Do you remember that time when he was the head of diagnostic dep.? it was not too good I think (it’s only me oppinion)

    Dr. Robert Chase – I just cant see him as Houses boss..

    Dr. Chris Taub – I’m agree, as someone said he is minor actor

    Dr. Sam Carr – let’s forget about ex-files..

    Edward Vogler – are you kidding me? it will be the END of diagnostic dep.,it will be the end of House in PPTH…(of course when Cuddy left it was the beginning of the end).

    So…. Wilson or (my suggestion) Cameron!

  2. MarcO says:

    It will likely be Wilson. He’s already on the hospital’s board of directors, and he’s the only one that can claim that. And if there’s anyone who would even consider rehiring House for PPTH, it would be him. Foreman and Carr wouldn’t even consider rehiring House for PPTH, simply because they think he’s much more trouble than he’s worth. Vogler’s not a doctor (and no hospital would want a pharmaceutical owner on board). Chase, Taub and Cole lack the administrative chops; and Carr doesn’t have enough of a pedigree to run a hospital. Only Wilson knows how much of an ass House can be, and recognize his potential as an asset to PPTH.

    • MarcO says:

      My choice for an outsider to become House’s boss would be that PPTH lady doctor House helped while she was working in the Antarctic (can’t think of the name or the episode). Her name escapes me, but she was planning to return back to PPTH eventually. Maybe she has a solid administrative background we don’t know about, but she would really make sparks fly as dean of medecine IMHO.

    • Adrienne says:

      Good point on Wilson. It could be amusing, too. Maybe it will only be temporary and if Cameron’s show doesn’t work out then she comes in later in the season for a game changer.

  3. MICHAEL says:


  4. dragos says:

    vogler all the way.for me that would be the only nonboring pick for this role

  5. Wanda says:

    OMG! Not Vogler. Wilson maybe. It should be a woman House has eyes for.

  6. Bonnie says:

    I’ve changed my mind. I would want Wilson only as an interim, for a short period of fun, but it would destroy the nicest of friendships, so no, not permanetly. Foreman, except for a wee indiscretion concerning clinical trials, not to mention Dibala. Chase has demonstrated no administrative skills at all, ever, and Dibala. Chi McBride delights me, and I love to hate Vogler, but please no: too much of a retread, and I think we’re all a bit sore from retreads in S7. It was a cartoon character, anyway: OK for an arc, not for real. Sam? Way too obvious, contrived, just plain horrid. I’d hate to see the messes arising from writers trying belatedly to make her character interesting. So, we arrive at Big Love. I say, go for it. We’ll have fun, at least.

  7. alyssa says:

    i agree he needs volger cuz wilson will not stand up to House and neither will forman maybe wilson’s recent Ex will be good but Volger is the best choice

  8. Musical Chairs says:

    Bonnie has an interesting idea. They could do “rotating” Deans a la Bones’ anthro ‘terns. Each could be fired and replaced by the next one every other week or so due to various degrees of idiocy. That way we could see some interesting guest stars, each of which, with their particular traits, interact with House in some conflict. The “medical” (and I use that term loooooosely) subplots have become either ridiculous or boring, so why not shift the focus of the show to the Big Chair and the Revolving Door?

  9. Hadley says:

    Cameron. Well first lots of us miss her so that’s why it’s one of the reasons why ratings dropped. Second, it’ll might be fun seeing her and Chase work together again, cause they got divorced. She doesn’t have to be Head of Medicine, but maybe back to House’s team. Anyway that new addition (Charlyne Yi)’s kinda weird since she’s a comedienne.

  10. Apmil says:

    I think Lydia from episode 1 in season 6 (Broken) will take place in this season. Not as dean of medicin but I think she has left her husband and come to visit House. That would be a great storyline :)

  11. Nina says:

    Would LOVE it to be Edi Gathegi. Thought he got the axe WAAAAY too soon. *fingers crossed

  12. Irene says:

    I don’t wanna see anyone from this list as a new Dean of Medicine. Why not Cameron?

  13. KMC says:

    The only one from that list that makes sense is Wilson. He’s the only one who’s run a large department, he’s had the most seniority in the hospital of the group mentioned and has had the most interaction with other departments. Vogler makes no sense as he not a doctor, and unless the hospital splits the job into two..Hospital Admin and Dean of Medicine…he doesn’t qualify. Sam hasn’t been there long enough to be on the Admin’s radar yet, Chase is too young and immature, 13 is hardly there, Taub is a PR trainwreck waiting to happen (wife and girlfriend pregnant), and Foreman might be considered too much as “House Lite”. I still think it’s Wilson…at least it would give RSL more face time (not that he’s looking for it),more reasons to interact with House, and there would be opportunities for drama and angst in the “bromance”.

  14. Jill says:

    It should be Cameron. She’s got the guts and the experience, and she can keep House in line.

    However, since I hope Jennifer Morrison’s new show is a huge hit, the most logical person is Wison’s ex-wife. Chase doesn’t want the job and Foreman has blown it twice already.

    So because it would make the most sense for it to be her, it’s probably not going to be Sam. It will go to someone with no management skills like Taub, Foreman or Chase. Since there are two new female team members, it will probably be Foreman.

  15. angrychineseguy says:

    Ok, to be honest, this is not a great list of choices.

    Big Love – No, just no. First off he’s not qualified. Period. Cuddy made Dean at a young age cause she was exceptional; first in her class, etc. Big Love is mediocre. FFS, he couldn’t even make the cut on to House’s team. Secondly, he would be torn apart by House. We’re talking sickly gazelle vs lion pride torn apart.

    Wilson – Might work, might not. Probably the best choice out of this list.

    Foreman – History has shown Foreman can’t win against House, ever.

    Chase – He could probably handle House, most of the time. But, like it has been stated already, I doubt he would be interested.

    Taub – He wouldn’t even be able to handle Chase or Foreman, let alone House.

    Wilson’s Ex. – Why is she even on the list? I think if we add up all time air time she’s ever had in the entire series, it would be less than 20 mins.

    Vogler – Seriously? Well first off, not a doctor. Also, remember how Cuddy presented the choice. While it was House that caused the choice to have to be made, the choice was not House or Vogler. It was Vogler’s money or not being owned and being able to actually being run like a hospital, not an insurance firm.

    So… of this original list we have only Wilson as a decent choice.

    Cameron would of be a decent choice as well, but it’s not an option. Though will have to say that Mira Sorvino’s character from that one episode would probably work as well, she would be able to handle House.

  16. Julie vallerand says:

    Honestly, PPTH can run by itself…or just put some member of the administration..unless they vote (and he accept)for Wilson…better choice and will give House a second chance..and that will put a real test on their friendship.Plus, will gave us great sarcastic moments where House can annoy him…and Wilson had a hard time to say NO to him for doing a crazy procedure to save a patient…As for choosing Foreman, I’m tired of him already acting already like a dictator…so putting him in charge of PPTH and House will make him insane..but make “room” for the newbies to joint the team(Chase&Taub)…and that will refresh the series.

  17. John says:


  18. Billy Idle says:


  19. Rob Scott says:


  20. Glen Gifford says:

    Dr. Cameron

  21. Olga Wilkes says:

    Dr. Allison Cameron is the logical choice.

  22. Benny Smythe says:

    Wow lots of Cameron lovers. She could be good.

    • quince says:

      Yeah, lots of Cameron lovers :)! Hope she’ll be back in the show… the show needs her character now more than ever, i think!:/… she’s got more warmth, depth and maturity than any other female character (specially refering to the younger ones – Thirteen, Masters). And, in my opinion, that’s exactly what House needs!

  23. Roger says:

    I hope that Wilson will be House’s new boss!
    I’d dislike to see one of his team becoming the boss.

  24. Casey says:

    Okay, I haven’t watched House in a long time. It’s not that I’ve lost interest, just fell too far behind. I plan on catching up eventually. But when I saw that Big Love was an option, I couldn’t help but LOL. I mean really? House fired him, and I can’t see him coming back. I can’t really see Vogler coming back either. Who would want to? He was such an ass. Too bad his character was so rude though, cause Chi McBride is charming and could have been a funny addition to the cast, rather than a character that everyone loved to hate.

  25. KMC says:

    Cameron…seriously? Firstly, she’s off the show. Secondly, the character has too much history…ex-husband Chase, and she never really stopped pining after House…even when she was married. Too much potential for soap opera there…and I think we can all agree that after last season, we’ve had enough soap on House. I still think Wilson is the best choice..even as an interium. What I can’t see is how they’re going to bring House back from prison…why would the fellows have hung around waiting for him? Let’s face facts, he could have been convicted of attempted murder, so I just don’t see how this is going to play out.

    • Joy says:

      Off the show or not, it was said that the character HAS been on the show, so everyone is an option. Although I have to agree that I don’t think it would be cameron either.

  26. TheBrain says:


  27. ineedmore says:

    Cameron. Despite all. She could be a deen later in the mid-season, whenever. Just bring her back. Developements of her character could be a real challenge for the producers and writers. Why not to give it a try? Could be very interesting, with all the history she has with Chase and House. Doesn’t have to turn into soap opera if you want to have dinamics in the relationships of the people who work together.

  28. Person says:

    its wilsons ex-girlfriend the others are to obvious and they are just considering vougler b.c of the conflict but the season would only have one or two episodes and half of that would be house getting considered by the board of directera

  29. I don’t know any more than anyone else,but I don’t think it would be Foreman (that relationship has been played out over and over again and is no longer interesting– F. has been in charge of House before. Wilson probably makes the most sense and gives some continuity to those who feel the loss of Cuddy (it will be quite a big change). Sam Carr would be ok too– funny not more women were put up for the chance (I had thought they might get Mira Sorvino as Cate Milton (FROZEN) for the role. Allison Janney would have been nice too, but I do think perhaps getting someone we already know is not a bad idea (Janney and Laurie together,though– both such great actors– I’d have watched that).
    “Big Love” would be fine w/me but he wasn’t “old” enough and was a fellow candidate; would he have enough experience to be Dean of Medicine?
    I don’t think it will be Vogler. He’s just plain mean and would leave no room for anything new or interesting to happen. I’d be very dissapointed if he is the new DOM (and no medical degree)/
    I like Chase. If he becomes the DOM, ok with me but House has something “ON” him… his murder of the African dictator. How’s that going to work?
    Well, what’s the use of speculation? WE shall see.
    xx to all.

  30. Kari says:

    It needs to be House’s EX…..Plain and simple. But if it’s going to be one of the seven lets just hope that its Wilson. Now that will makes some amusing TV. House abusing his friendship with Wilson will go farther than anyone else replacing Cuddy.

  31. Adrienne says:

    Vogler would be great, but I think not likely. They’ve got on extra person working with House, so probably Foreman. He’s the best antagonist to put in that role. House would run over Chase like a bulldozer unless Chase grows a pair.

  32. JustAnotherFan says:

    well im probably not the first one to bring this up (but i was to lazy to read the comments and check this out) but you can narrow down the list.

    vogler is not a doctor therefor he cant be the dean of medicine, so he is 100% out

    forman and chase – both sit in a-fast-sinking-crushed-by-a-krakan-boat whenever it comes to filling the deans position becouse they both proved to be recleas and irresponsible and there are enough people from the different departments of the hospital that have much more prestige and strings to help them get the job.
    yet they are capable of doing the job so i cant cross them of the list.

    wilson is a head department, he is ”clean” and he set long enough in the hospital to raise himself above all the names in the list.
    from real world aspect he is the perfect candidate but putting him in charge would be to predictive so i dont think he’s getting the job.

    taub is a respected doctor with a clear record but in this hospital- he is a noobie.
    going from private practice to working under someone in a hospital where you dont know enyone is not the best way to pull it off

    were left with the one and only sam carr- we have absolutely no idea about the amount of strings she has, we know she is “old” so she played a while in the medical field, enough to become respectful doctor, it should be great to see her and wilsons relationship and i mean any kind of relationship, and wilson bithching about her is a great aportunity to put his and houses relationship back on track

    say hallo to sam, our new dean

  33. think people says:

    Vogler is the head of a drug company. he does have degrees in medicine. he said so. he followed research rather than practice. He admin and medical credentials plus the money to back it up.

    • Tara says:

      Actually, he said the opposite. Vogler doesn’t have a degree in medicine; he just owns his own pharmaceutical company thanks to his daddy’s money. He doesn’t even have any college degree, since he used his college money to invest in a friend’s business. In fact, his dad was so disappointed that Vogler didn’t go to college they didn’t speak for several years. It was his father’s death that led Vogler to invest in PPTH. He might have been Chairman of the Board, but that’s an administrative job and doesn’t involve much medical knowledge, instead more business knowledge. So Vogler was a top-notch investor and businessman, but has no medical credentials. All he has is money.

      Besides, why in the world would Vogler hire House back? He hated House at the beginning, and now House has criminal charges added to the mix.

  34. Cathy says:

    NOT Volger, NOT Taub I have to agree about the writing team the last several episodes. Love this show, but I actually turned the channel a few times this past Spring. Honestly, when I saw House drive his car into Cuddy’s house, I thought it was ridiculous. I agree, bring back Cameron.

  35. Alex says:

    If it ISN’T Wilson, we riot.

  36. Lila says:

    Vogler wouldn’t hire House back. Plus, he didn’t even go to college; he just made good investments at an early age.

    Taub is far too quiet. He seems too weak for the job. Plus he’s got new babies.

    Foreman is House lite. I’m not sure if he would be hired because of that, but either way, we’ve seen this dynamic before. Besides, I’m not sure if Foreman would hire House back.

    Chase could be up for the job, seeing as he’s succeeded from such a young age. However, there is the whole killing a man thing, which is a secret but still. Also, would he really stand up to House when needed. Then again, the hospital highers-up might not have expected House’s return when they hired Chase to replace Cuddy. They have to think about the hospital as a whole.

    Would Sam hire House back? I think she thinks he’s too much trouble. However, it would be an intriguing professional match-up, since they have that history already.

    So that leaves Wilson and Big Love, which would both be interesting dynamics. Wilson believes in second chances, and would probably be the only one on the list who liked House well enough to hire him back. Plus, the board might have assumed House wasn’t coming back, or that Wilson hated House enough to keep him in line without friendship getting in the way.

    And as for Big Love, well he was only fired in the competition because of his deal with Cuddy. He was a good doctor, and he had the religion angle. He might be young, but so is Chase. Besides, young people don’t wear out as easily as the older folk. So he would be a good choice too.

    As long as it isn’t Vogler. That would mean logic would be thrown out the door even further, and I would have to imagine that the last two seasons of what was once my favorite show never existed. Then again, I do the same for Gilmore Girls, so I’m used to it.

  37. Danny says:

    Seems to me the show has too few women, and it would make sense to replace Dr. Cuddy with another strong female character,,, so Please make it Dr. Sam Carr, she is awesome, and would drive House nuts, lol

  38. Fuzzy Socks says:

    Think about it, makes sense that it would be a team member. Aren’t they bringing in that other actress as a new team member? (Can’t think of her name offhand)

    It’s either Chase or Foreman.

  39. Joy says:

    I think it will either be Vogler or Wilson. The other characters mentioned above, including Foreman, did not impress upon me that they would be good candidates for that position in the first place, so it would be hard to believe that they would go ahead and do that. I think that Vogler has a good shot at this one because that would create great tension for the new season. The problem with that is Vogler was out to have House fired, so it would not be a good choice to put him in that position where he can. That seems unreal if he doesn’t fire him the first day he sits in that chair. I personally think, if the directors aren’t complete morons, that Wilson will be chosen because it gives the story line a boost that it so desperately needs and it might show a little more of the side of Wilson that is tired of House’s bull. Wilson has the intelligence and has shown throughout the series that he has the power to do this and it would be good for both characters and the story. It will give their dependent/codependent relationship a new page and it might even be for the better (although I see some very awesome fireworks when this happens). That is my opinion.

  40. TCrimson05 says:

    I think it’ll be the dr from season 4 ep – 11 Frozen.

  41. Mike says:

    Foreman was already head of the diagnostic team and he sucked at it so he’s not gonna be DoM. Vogler isn’t even a doctor so it won’t be him. And I don’t see why Big Love would get the job. Wilson, Sam Carr, Taub, and Chase would be interesting.

  42. gojuman says:

    Foremand and Wilson wouldnt work. From day one I would love to have seen Houses ex-wife and Cuddy’s roles reverses. Selma is a better actress comes off MUCH better as someone in a leadership position and is hotter……….None of these choices do much for me. Bogler or whatever his name is is out, wilson is out and foreman is out….House simply wouldnt work for them. Forman is a house wanna be and he has no appeal to the fans male or female (yeah someone will spout off there but I am talking numbers)

  43. gojuman says:

    The best news is Cuddy is OUT……….ding dong the bitch is dead! YAY the show improves!

  44. carota says:

    It is going to be Vogler – I soo hated him! But it seems the only realistic choice. And maybe they twist it so that in a way he ows house, can’t fire him. Just saying…
    …it will be Vogler.

  45. David says:

    I think it will be Dr. Volger (Chi McBride). However, Volger would fire House in a heartbeat (if he would even re-hire House in the first place). In order for Volger to be the new Dean House will need to have something on him, something to give him leverage, or perhaps saving the life of someone Volger knows (perhaps in prison). Or, House may learn something of Volger’s past from another prison inmate. But, what could that be? If it isn’t Volger then I think it’ll be Dr. Foreman (Omar Epps).

  46. Beck says:

    CRAP! don’t advertise news if you don’t have any…good grief!!!

  47. I think House will fight Vogler at the Reichenbach Falls. And both will die… maybe.

  48. Will says:

    I wasnt thrilled with the list of possible DOM’s so I came up with my own list


  49. t3 the third says:

    The dean of medicine needs to be a doctor obviously so it can’t be Vogler.

    I’d say that it’s one of the guest doctors that appear from time to time (from the NY Mercy etc.) or one of the 40 contestants.

  50. Brian says:

    BIG LOVE =D Religious tension =P definitely.