House Exclusive: Princeton-Plainsboro's New Dean of Medicine Will Be... [Major Spoiler Alert]!

It’ll be someone we’ve met before on the show!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that producers are filling the Dean of Medicine post vacated by Lisa Edelstein’s Cuddy with a face familiar to fans of the Fox hit as opposed to bringing in a new cast member.

But who? I’ve been sworn to secrecy… except for the fact that I can reveal that Hugh Laurie’s new on-screen boss is one of the seven folks listed below. Peruse the options and then vote away in the comments!

Dr. Jeffrey Cole (Edi Gathegi): Though he was a real contender in House’s game of hospital Survivor, “Big Love” was eventually fired because he did the unthinkable: compromised with Cuddy. Perhaps there’s some unfinished business between him and his old boss…

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Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard): If House’s BFF were to ascend to Cuddy’s seat of power, it would inject some tension into one of TV’s most popular bromances. How far would our title doc push his pal? And how far would said pal let himself be pushed? Food for thought.

Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps): He replaced House himself back in season 6 (after Mr. Testy quit), so he probably has a leg up on the competition. Or does he? Since we’ve also seen that he’s willing to rebel when he’s got cause, Princeton Plainsboro might be reluctant to put him in charge of House.

Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer): He’s another one that doesn’t shy away from controversial decisions. He deliberately killed a patient, you’ll recall. With good reason, but still. Such a wild card might be an insurance nightmare for PPTH, but a thrill ride for viewers.

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Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson): Possibly the only candidate who is as willing to break the rules as he is good at getting away with doing so, this plastic surgeon is almost House’s obnoxious equal. Which is saying something. Not necessarily something nice, but you get the idea.

Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros): If Wilson’s radiologist first wife/ex-girlfriend were to make a comeback — and, in effect, as his boss, no less! — well, the fireworks all but set themselves off in this scenario! Beyond that potential rematch, even if she can handle her former spouse, could she handle House? Better bring the stun gun…

Edward Vogler (Chi McBride): When Cuddy talked the board of PPTH into keeping her then-future boyfriend and dumping its bucks-up new chairman — and his $100 million donation — House earned himself an enemy for life. If payback time is at hand, how steep would Vogler make the price?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Carmen says:

    It just came to me what is going to happen.

    David Shore and JJ. Abrams are going to do a crossover and have House somehow interact with Walter and enter the goop (or whatever it is) and transfers House to an alternate universe.

    It’s perfect. It will be a last gasp ratings grap for both shows.

  2. Smitty says:

    My vote is Vogler. I believe someone stated earlier that yes you would need credentials and maybe thats what Vogler was away doing after House got him outta there. I think he’s due for a come back to butt heads with everyone at the hospital. Would make for an interesting show. The 2 of them going head to head is what we need. People that would stop watching a show just because their is a character they don’t like, I don’t understand that…I think that is just pathetic!

    • J.Norman says:

      Let me see if I have got this correct.

      Your concept is that Vogler – a man with a billion dollars – is so incensed at a particular doctor and a hospital medical board that he judges that his best way of “getting even” is to

      1) go to 4 years of medical school and then

      2) 3 years of either fellowship or internships to get the a medical license so that he can get the necessary experience to

      3) now convince the board that it is a good idea to let him buy his way back to the hospital so he can fire them all – but this time as the DOM.


      That is quite a theory. Did you used to work for the World Weekly News??

  3. Cody says:

    House for DOM for the win!!!

  4. crainny says:

    I bet on Wilson or Vogler.
    The others are just too low in ranks in a hospital.
    Wilson’s x-wife is unlikely.
    I think with Lisa gone, Fox needs to introduce a big shocker, so as much as I can’t stand Vogler, I think it might be it.

  5. Alli says:

    It can’t be Vogler. He’s not a doctor. Thank goodness. But it’s dumb he is on the list at all. Dean of medicine with not even a college degree? Uh, no.

  6. Alana says:

    If they put in Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros) I will stop watching the show and vehemently NOT support it.

  7. della says:

    vogler and you lost another fan

  8. hayden says:

    Cant be vogler to be a dean of medicine u have to have a phd he could be chairman but dean of medicine not happening

  9. Stephan says:

    Definitely NOT Vogler! Gr8 actor… But terrible. Egomaniacal character. Would be a script for disaster. Best choice would be Sam. She’s demonstrated ability to deal with House. Chase isn’t ambitious enough. Foreman and Wilson have demonstrated their willingness to spend ridiculous amounts of time playing House’s games which leaves them vulnerable to his machinations. Taub… Good doc, but don’t him as authoritative. besides, vogler not a doctor. Don’t see how logic would him to be a Dean of Medicine. But then again…

  10. chris says:

    1st I was very upset that LE left the show. 2nd heck no to Vogler! 3rd Big Love would be very interesting. Curious

  11. dot volz says:

    ugh to vogler..get rid of big nose he is annoying, bring in someone new

  12. Alperen says:

    Vogler is too mean,
    Wilson is too naive,
    Chase,Taub&Foreman are not good enough,
    i think House will both diognose & be the dean of medicine.
    Obviously House is the best doctor in that hospital.

    • Dani says:

      Why would House get a promotion after what he did? I’m finding it hard to believe how he’ll get his job back in the first place…

      Besides he can’t even do his own paperwork let alone admin to keep the rest of the hospital running smoothly…

  13. Smitty says:

    Obviously! The others are no match and Vogler’s character didn’t like losing. He was a strong adversary to House and that is what the show needs. I guess everyone wants a boring story line cause the other choices aren’t strong enough in the way of conflict for House. Attacking me for my opinion is also low…everyone is entitled to an opinion in what they would like to see. Thank you for your opinion, this is mine and I think it would be interesting…no need for rudeness, plz be an adult…

  14. Mandy says:

    Dr. Jeffrey Cole (Edi Gathegi) would be a most fasinating choice. First of all, Gathegi is a very talented actor. Secondly, having House’s boss be one of his former underlings would set up all sorts of interesting dynamics. Obviously Cole would have grown in that time and could come back stronger and more self-possessed. He would know both what a genius House is and what crazyness he is capable of. But House would under-estimate him at the beginning.
    This would be a good one and the best of all the options provided.

  15. judyatjadie says:

    Why do they have to have all the chaos anyway! I like the show when It was a good doctor solving hard cases! I guess I’m just boring, but I hate all the turmoil. I like th problem solving!!!!

  16. zazzz says:

    Doesnt the dean of Medicine need to be a DOCTOR? is Volger even a doctor?

  17. Txflfan says:

    Please not Dr Carr or Vogler. I didn’t like either character. I was hoping for an interesting season 8, and it would not include either of thoses people.

  18. Reinaldo Luis Andujar says:

    I normally don’t follow these posts but I have followed the series from the beginning. My candidate is Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros) almost as the last one left standing.

    Chase was suspended for allowing a patient to die. The board would have to be on controlled substances to select him.

    Foreman left and found difficulty being hired elsewhere. Boards look into issues like that and the interaction among staffs and other institutions. Foreman is TOO RIGID in his relationships which would keep him from dealing effectively with the board.

    Wilson is the 2nd choice but has issues with House and against House. Dynamics need certain limitations since it (Princeton General) is both a hospital and a teaching institution.

    Dr. Jeffrey Cole (Edi Gathegi)simply had absolutely no ‘presence’ while he was playing the ‘Survivor’ game on HOUSE.

    Carr’s selection would 1) allow the writers to explore her qualifications against House’s constant challenges, 2) inject dynamic tension when dealing with Wilson, 3) allow the writers to explore House’s relationship with strong women to whom he is not attracted to, i.e. the episodes with Candace Bergen.

  19. Joy says:

    I think not having Cuddy will really hurt the show. I miss 13 and some of the other’s. I DO NOT like the new girl, she doesn’t fit at all. hope they work Cuddy back in.

  20. Mita says:

    Bring back Sela Ward as the new dean of medicine

  21. bonnie says:

    Will we see Dr. Cameron at all this season?

  22. Rebecca Grindstaff says:

    I don’t want any of them! I want Dr. Cuddy…or nobody. What are you thinking? Why do you want to kill this show? We have so few…the chemistry between those two…even though you didn’t let them stay together long enough for those of us who waited for years!!! OMG!!!!!

  23. Fadhilah says:

    Why does Dr.Nolan (prom Mayfield physciatric Hospital) is not on the list? Its a good idea to bring him back on the show as Dean of Medicine

    • I like it says:

      Dr. Nolan would be a swell idea. If they can’t bring in someone who is able to physically intimidate House, then bring in someone who can emotionally intimidate him (i.e. screw with his head). And now that the “geniuses” at TNT have cancelled MOACA, Andre Braugher should be available.

  24. jessica says:

    i think that wilson should be the new dean of medicine because his the only person that house will actually lisen to and he wont let house get his way all the time

  25. michelle says:

    Its such a shame. This has been my favorite show. None of the seven will do. 13, only decent choice. No matter it will suck, bc it sounds like another show has jumped the shark. And I personally would like to see it cancel with season seven finale then do that. LE should have resigned if its only going to last one more year. Personally it sucks to see another amazing show, and House is amazing, jump the shark. Im very disappointed.

    • Now that you mention it... says:

      Speaking of “jumping the shark,” I just watched that Happy Days episode on HUB where Fonzie LITERALLY jumped over a shark. It reminded me of “House.”

  26. Wynona Allen says:

    It WILL BE Dr. Jeffrey Cole. I think that that would be the most insane, surprising and ‘out there’ ending to the first episode of the new season! And that’s what HOUSE is all about!

  27. Chiara says:

    I think is Sam, but bring back Cameron! I miss her so much.

  28. Big Cascade says:

    Wilson seems obvious – as someone said – he’s already a Head of Department, and is the most likely to make an interview board take him seriously. My guess is they split the difference and appoint separate DOM and Administrator, so they get to hedge bets to some extant. Vogler is an awful idea, but why would a man with a $100 million dollars want to be a hospital administrator?

  29. ejb says:

    have some new idea for TPTB to save money on the new Dean of Medicene
    I have some ideas on the new Dean Of Medicene:

    -Sara the Cat they can chase her around hospital and Wilson could keep an eye on her. She can help diagnose patients like DEATH CAT

    -House’s Cane – He is always supporting House

    -Amber’s Dead Ghost

    and my favorite I hear Kate Winslet wants 2 be the new DoM at PPTH: she’s nostalgic for “[b]Titanic[/b]”

  30. luis says:

    I´LL GO WITH VOGLER….GOT EXCITED AT THE SAME MOMENT I READ HIS NAME….i think thats the one and in my opinion his the best choice to bring some old magic to the show!!

  31. Cheri says:

    I think it will be Wilson. He’s the kind of guy the board loves, and he can handle House. Plus more screen time for Wilson is a win-win for fans.

  32. Steve Meikle says:

    the episode where House drove his car into Cuddy’s house has just screened here in NZ.

    So House was not charged and imprisoned over this? Such behaviour would seem to be the prelude to the final episode EVER.

    But if another season is to show then clearly not. As to the new Dean of Medicine, whoever they choose is fine by me.

    they will surely choose one with the best dramatic and rational potential if they were capable of writing such an award winning series as this

  33. Ammy says:

    People are tending to forget that Foreman is younger than Chase. I know Chase lies about his age to everyone, but there’s no way he could have got so many degrees at uni (also not forgetting the year in seminary school) and be younger than Foreman.

  34. Tonya says:

    I will give up on House if Vogler returns. I think it should be Wilson’s ex. She already knows how to handle House. Formans head is big enough. Taulb or Chase have the drive for such a job. Wilson would be my second choice expacualy after House hit him.

  35. Keerthi says:

    Dean of medicine has to be a doctor nimwits..can your subordinate become the company boss what about the other department heads..the one and only choice is wilson..vogler is a businessman..cant imagine how you guys think so smart…

  36. Leiney says:

    With the new scoop that they’ve hired another new female regular cast member to be a part of House’s team, I’m guessing the new DOM may very well be a current team member.

  37. Brent says:

    If it’s a choice between the seven characters…my money is on Vogler…but in my heart I hope the producers place Cameron as the Dean. Wilson would just fold (i.e. season 2), Chase, Taub and Foreman are Houses personal property (every season)…Big Love was a bore and had to take care of his kid all the time… and Wilson’s ex….she was in five to seven episodes. Cameron would bust Houses balls…and would force a perfect ending…firing House. But who knows…maybe Lisa would come back! If only….

    • Hadley says:

      Cameron seems like a good choice. Jennifer is such a good actress and is one of the original cast, which means that the character is more familiar with us, plus the ratings dropped since she left.

  38. nicky says:

    Dr. Sam Carr…def tbe most potential for interesting conflkct between the threesome/triangle. Loved how petty House was about moving the milk carton to the fridge door. Yep, Sam it is.

  39. melisa says:

    i think as much administration experience as foreman has had over house i wouldnt be surprise to see foreman as dom. however i cant help but want to see wilson as dom and house drive the hell out of him. imagine wilson chasing after house to do clinic hours lol…

  40. twinX says:

    I think the most interesting on the list to be House’s boss is Vogler. I mean, yeah, he was a huge jerk, but I think it would make for an interesting story line. However, considering the job is the Dean of Medicine and Vogler isn’t a doctor, I’m thinking that it is a very slim chance he would end up being House’s boss.
    I think it is someone from House’s team. I don’t think it will be Taub, but I’m not sure if it would be Chase or Foreman.

  41. Lorie says:

    It HAS to be Sam. We lose one female, we need another. It can’t all be primarily men. I can see some relationship conflicts with House/Wilson & Sam for sure and you know we MUST have those! I’ve either forgotten or missed something but how did Cuddy leave the show? (Most likely I’ve forgotten). Chase and Foreman have to remain House’s grunts. We were all thrilled to see Vogler go, let’s hope he doesn’t come back and Wilson cannot be in a superior position to House….they’re equals.

  42. Gaby says:

    Why not bring Masters back! The character is smart enough to fill that position and she has more than enough experience to handle House.

  43. Stella says:

    Dr Chase (Jesse Spencer) is my favorite but I don’t think he fits the part. I’m gonna go with Dr Forman (Omar Epps) fits in perfectly.

  44. Darian Bojeaux says:

    Bring back Cuddy!

  45. HouseFans4Wilson says:

    Wilson!Wilson!Wilson! It will be interesting to see how the House/Wilson dynamic will change.

  46. JanetM says:

    Wilson of course – how far will Wilson allow House to push before he snaps.

  47. quince says:

    wilson or sam. but for the heaven’s sake bring back cameron! it would be thrilling to see her confronting house again. not to mention the chemistry they had from the beginning of the show

  48. Izzie says:

    There’s gonna be a love triangle if Cameron comes back, just like Sam. Plus it’ll be fun watching her boss House around and what’s gonna happen with her and Chase.

  49. Maulik says:

    It cannot be Vogler. He does not have a medical degree to become dean

  50. Stefan says: