House Exclusive: Princeton-Plainsboro's New Dean of Medicine Will Be... [Major Spoiler Alert]!

It’ll be someone we’ve met before on the show!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that producers are filling the Dean of Medicine post vacated by Lisa Edelstein’s Cuddy with a face familiar to fans of the Fox hit as opposed to bringing in a new cast member.

But who? I’ve been sworn to secrecy… except for the fact that I can reveal that Hugh Laurie’s new on-screen boss is one of the seven folks listed below. Peruse the options and then vote away in the comments!

Dr. Jeffrey Cole (Edi Gathegi): Though he was a real contender in House’s game of hospital Survivor, “Big Love” was eventually fired because he did the unthinkable: compromised with Cuddy. Perhaps there’s some unfinished business between him and his old boss…

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Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard): If House’s BFF were to ascend to Cuddy’s seat of power, it would inject some tension into one of TV’s most popular bromances. How far would our title doc push his pal? And how far would said pal let himself be pushed? Food for thought.

Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps): He replaced House himself back in season 6 (after Mr. Testy quit), so he probably has a leg up on the competition. Or does he? Since we’ve also seen that he’s willing to rebel when he’s got cause, Princeton Plainsboro might be reluctant to put him in charge of House.

Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer): He’s another one that doesn’t shy away from controversial decisions. He deliberately killed a patient, you’ll recall. With good reason, but still. Such a wild card might be an insurance nightmare for PPTH, but a thrill ride for viewers.

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Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson): Possibly the only candidate who is as willing to break the rules as he is good at getting away with doing so, this plastic surgeon is almost House’s obnoxious equal. Which is saying something. Not necessarily something nice, but you get the idea.

Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros): If Wilson’s radiologist first wife/ex-girlfriend were to make a comeback — and, in effect, as his boss, no less! — well, the fireworks all but set themselves off in this scenario! Beyond that potential rematch, even if she can handle her former spouse, could she handle House? Better bring the stun gun…

Edward Vogler (Chi McBride): When Cuddy talked the board of PPTH into keeping her then-future boyfriend and dumping its bucks-up new chairman — and his $100 million donation — House earned himself an enemy for life. If payback time is at hand, how steep would Vogler make the price?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Yago says:

    “Big love” is the secret Cuddy’s lover since season 4. Father of her twins and he is going to PPTH to kill House. Perfect!

  2. Kate says:

    None of these options work. Can’t they find someone better? It’s a shame Cameron is on another show but if hers doesn’t work out then they need to bring her back immediately! That would be perfect…to have her managing ex-hubby Chase and former Boss/crush/lunatic jerk House!I love Jennifer Morrison and will be watching her new show but it is on ABC and they are making some heinous (and really cheap) decisions these days so who knows what they’ll do to it or how much time they’ll give it…

    • Sal says:

      ugh Camron would be a terrible choice. My mother totally hated her and she will have a heart attack if she comes back. I say no to Cameron X-D

      • Christie says:

        I agree with Kate. Really want her back on the show, whether it’s Head of Medicine or just in House’s team. Hey, and Sal, that’s just your mother. People actually like Cameron. She can always join mid-season?

  3. Kat says:

    Anybody remember Giles from Buffy? Anthony Head would make a great Dean of Medicine.

  4. Yago says:

    ALL OF THEM… And nobody can control House at the end!

  5. Lisa says:

    If Volger is the new boss, I’ll stop watching. I love Chi McBride, but that character was so disgusting, I could barely watch him onscreen the first time around. That was one of my least favorite storylines (the least favorite being the cop that was obsessed with bringing down House).

  6. huy says:

    Anyone remember the hot doc from Antartica back in season 4? House’s refurnished love interest?

  7. Carol says:

    Wow, these are some crazy boring choices!

    I would love to see Tritter back for the final season. David Morse is a terrific actor. The detective is just as plausible as a Dean of Medicine as Wilson’s first ex-wife, or Vogler.

    Or how about Lucas as DOM? He must have learned something about the job while he was dating Cuddy.

    Or why not Lydia, her fling with House certainly gave her medical credentials, I am sure.

    Amber could fill in as a ghostly DOM that only House can see and therefore he follows her orders to the letter.

    If they are going for Wilson’s exes, why not Bonnie, the mousy No.2 played by the great Jane Adams. She could sell real estate to support the PPTH free clinic.

    Or Fox could just hold a bake sale, raise the money, and make a credible offer to LE to get her back. We have been told since season one that a defining feature of House is that he is such a genius maverick that he is unmanageable except by Cuddy. So let’s get back to basics. Why distort and diminish the fundamental characterization of the title figure?

  8. Alicia says:

    I didn’t like Volger at all(I like the actor just not the Character) and I would really love to never see him on the show again. I am gonna go with either forman or chase!

  9. Alicia says:

    @ Huy I remember her but sadly she isnt on the list

  10. Tom says:

    Vogler isn’t a Doctor, he couldn’t be a Dean of Medicine!

  11. Kirk says:

    Personally, I’d love to see Vogler return. Everybody else seems like they’d crack under the pressure of trying to run Princeton Plainsboro, especially with House under them. There needs to be a power struggle, like there always was with House and Cuddy in S1-5.

  12. Melinda says:

    Doesn’t the fact that Vogler isn’t a doctor sort of rule him out? I would think being a physician would be a job requirement for a Dean of Medicine.

  13. Stefanos Greece says:

    Guys out of the seven there is only ONE female!?!?!?
    Its gotta be her, there are not enough women in the show!

    • Charlotte says:

      They are bringing in a new doctor that is a woman that House meets in prison and she joins his team. Plus Olivia Wilde is still on the show here and there.

  14. Erica says:

    Agree that I like Chi but Vogler was a boring character. I hope they do not bring his character back. I think most interesting would be Sam since another woman to kick his butt would be fun plus think of the fun it would be for her and Wilson too. What a triangle!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Please not Vogler, Foreman, or Carr >_<

  16. Kim says:

    Wilson, Foreman, Chase, or Taub would be happy with one of those 4. Hate Volger I think I would quit watching if it was him. (love the actor just not the character)

  17. Angel says:

    Come on Dr. Wilson! He deserves it!!!

  18. zomonous says:

    Problems with above characters: Chase- He’s awesome but he sucks up all the time to house.. Like cameron basically.. when Cameron was “dean” for a day or whatever.. she gave in when under pressure. Thats how chase is.. he is a wimp when it comes to house’s pressuring him. Though when voglar was after house, chase gave him the medicine from that suicidal chick. Foreman, He loves going against house..but i dont think hes cut out for dean. Taub, well he’s just an idiot. Voglar, cant stand him..show would end with him..mainly cuz he’s out for blood around house.. Wilson.. i think he’s the best canidate..he knows when and how to tell house no but he’s a little vaulnerable to house’s tactics to get what he wants. Wilson’s Ex.. thats a joke right?

    • Zomonous says:

      i would actually like to see the lawyer chick come back.. House’s ex the married one.. She’s just like cuddy.

      • Charlotte says:

        I think they should bring Cameron back to House’s team, and promote Wilson to Dean of Medicine. I mean, JMo seems like she loves Cameron, and she isn’t the one that asked to leave the show either. With her, they could add more twists to the storyline. And who knows if that Odette person acts well as a doctor? Someone like Cameron would be better.

    • Sharona says:

      Actually, IMO, the problem with Chase, Cameron, and Foreman is that after all they time they spent working for House, they actually understand House’s thought process in medicine and can see where the payoff (saving the patient) might be worth the risk (insane medical procedure of the week). That would make it a million times harder to stay “by the book” which is what the job entails.

  19. Ok… If this is going to happen? What will be the show called? House would not be appropriate anymore. The “Big Bad Wolf” Blew the House down… Unless he is coming back.

  20. Lea owens says:

    Wilson a must, he’s the only one who can handle House and make it interesting.

  21. Gabriela says:

    None of them work for me…Cuddy should come back!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. DeanofHouse says:

    I think that we should nix Vogler. It would be too obnoxious. Taub — his character needs to be toned down just a bit.

    I will be hard to replace Cuddy — I think Wilson gives in too easily.

    Chase would be interesting…..

  23. Jordan says:

    For the love of God, Vogler would be amazing. His confrontations with House were hilarious, and I would love to see him back.

  24. Charlotte says:

    I vote Wilson. He has the most credentials for the job, and he’s not afraid to stand up to House and knows how to keep tabs on him. House would run circles around all the other candidates except Volger who I hated and that would be storyline suicide. Wilson, Wilson, Wilson!!

  25. Ponce says:

    They should have just added a new female character to take her place. One thing i know for sure is that if Volger takes the spot, i wont be watching House anymore.

  26. Asmo says:

    I have read through the comments, but I don’t think its going to be any of these people. My bet is that its going to be the previous DOM for the CIA — the one that House temporarily hired to his team, then promptly fired. She would make the most sense, and she has something to gain from torturing House. Plus she has the resume to make the position make sense.

  27. Dana says:

    I hope that it is Wilson’s exwife. Wilson does not have enough backbone to stand up to house. Chase could care less. Foreman, maybe but he is not sure of himself all the time. Taub, he needs to get his life straight. Now Dr. Jeff is a real contender. He could have worked for house but now House working under him… Now thats a story. NO VOLGER PLEASE….I HAVE WILL STOP WATCHING.

  28. Dale says:

    Carr – or Wilson, for that matter – would make for a very intersting dynamic – but Vogler 100%! Love Chi McBride!

  29. Rich says:

    Once again, a Spoiler Alert with no information provided. I feel so cheated.

  30. Luis says:

    I think the better opcion would be Sam because she and House have a lot of problems so it could bring some stress and more comedy to the show

  31. Aaron says:

    I’d put my money on Jeffrey Cole. In my experience, it’s the one you expect least that gets it. Why would this character that has been long forgotten be brought up out of nowhere on this list? There’s a reason he is mentioned here. I bet he gets it.

  32. Sculy says:

    If the romance between House and Cuddy is gone forever, then there needs to be a woman boss to start new sparks. Without it, the series is nothing!

  33. Marie says:

    If it is Volger, this is off my watchlist. I hated what that character brought to the show almost as much as that obnoxious cop character.
    Even House’s totally juvenile attitude is wearing thin. They should have killed this thing while it was still alive.

  34. anna says:

    I want wilson to get the job! or sam would be good too

  35. K says:

    Vogler did everything to get House out of there. Don’t think it will be him, otherwise the 8th season should have only one episode, which I don’t really mind because Cuddy was the best. I hope it’s Wilson.

  36. Melanie says:

    Yeah I think the show is in trouble regardless…. But I really think Foreman is the only viable option. If it’s Vogler the show will tank.

  37. Marge G says:

    Hands down, the job should go to Wilson. He is the only one who can keep House in line.

  38. jamie says:

    I vote for Sam. She and House had a pretty interesting mutual hatred and it would put Wilson in an awkward position. Both of which would provide good story lines.

  39. JT says:

    Taub or Foreman

  40. Housefan says:

    I vote for wilson. Any of the others and the show is doomed.

  41. philip says:

    It cannot be volger, I don’t think it would work.
    It couldn’t be chase, foreman or big cole because they don’t have the experience
    It just wouldn’t work with wilson because house would have to much power over him.
    The only logical replacement would be wilson’s ex sam .

  42. melissa says:

    I think none of the above. They need to bring back house’s ex wife…that would make the show interesting…

    • Misty says:

      House’s ex-wife? You mean the green card bimbo he married last season? Or do you mean Stacy, his ex-girlfriend? Actually, come to think of it, either one of those women would be more exciting than the choices on this list.

  43. Sandy says:

    If it’s Vogler, I’ll stop watching the show. Sorry but he was too much for me…his cold attitude due mainly cause he had the “money” to help support the hospital was more than I could handle.
    Foreman wanted to leave, so this would be a could position for him. He was in charge of House before and did a great job.
    We all know that House’s way of doing things is erratic, but the end result is worth it. I would like to see more real doctors like him.

  44. Jane says:

    Wow! Please, please, please not Volger he is just not a good fit for this show. Taub is one hot mess, he couldn’t handle it! I think Foreman is too power hungry for it to work. Chase may work and his underhandedness is similar to House, so they could make it work. Wilson maybe, his X no too much baggage. I truly don’t remember “Big Love” so he must not have made an impression on me. So I guess I would go with Chase or Wilson, I think finally it needs to be Chase more controversy that way. That all being said I agree with a previous poster who said Allison Janny. Now that would have been some GREAT television! Allison would have rocked it!!!

  45. Gregory says:

    Thank you for your comments, Morons! Won’t be Wilson, too much “fuzzy”….won’t be Chase either, too “green”…Taub???? Kiddies, run that scan again! Only make certain this time the machine is ON! Carr? Hmmmm…”Fuzzy’s” ex…hates me…errr…House…get me a biopsy…looking good!

  46. Elle says:

    I thought a Dean of Medicine had to be an MD? If so, that rules out Vogeler.

  47. Natty says:

    You can’t count out a return from the great Allison Cameron. This move would cause the most hype and bring back sexual tension in the lives of not one, but two characters of the cast. Also, she’s the only one that has succeeded in defying House and walking away from him…permanently…for now.

    • Kate says:

      I agree, Jennifer Morrison’s such a good actor, and she and Chase (and also them in real life..)are also really good together.Cameron’s one of my favorite characters on House. Maybe she can join mid-season?

  48. Mike says:

    Stephen Fry would have been better!

  49. Lisa fox says:

    I think it should be Dr. Eric Foreman. he would make a great boss of house.

  50. Marti says:

    I want Wilson, he would be a great replacement for Cuddy, I hate Vogler!