House Exclusive: Princeton-Plainsboro's New Dean of Medicine Will Be... [Major Spoiler Alert]!

It’ll be someone we’ve met before on the show!

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that producers are filling the Dean of Medicine post vacated by Lisa Edelstein’s Cuddy with a face familiar to fans of the Fox hit as opposed to bringing in a new cast member.

But who? I’ve been sworn to secrecy… except for the fact that I can reveal that Hugh Laurie’s new on-screen boss is one of the seven folks listed below. Peruse the options and then vote away in the comments!

Dr. Jeffrey Cole (Edi Gathegi): Though he was a real contender in House’s game of hospital Survivor, “Big Love” was eventually fired because he did the unthinkable: compromised with Cuddy. Perhaps there’s some unfinished business between him and his old boss…

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Dr. James Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard): If House’s BFF were to ascend to Cuddy’s seat of power, it would inject some tension into one of TV’s most popular bromances. How far would our title doc push his pal? And how far would said pal let himself be pushed? Food for thought.

Dr. Eric Foreman (Omar Epps): He replaced House himself back in season 6 (after Mr. Testy quit), so he probably has a leg up on the competition. Or does he? Since we’ve also seen that he’s willing to rebel when he’s got cause, Princeton Plainsboro might be reluctant to put him in charge of House.

Dr. Robert Chase (Jesse Spencer): He’s another one that doesn’t shy away from controversial decisions. He deliberately killed a patient, you’ll recall. With good reason, but still. Such a wild card might be an insurance nightmare for PPTH, but a thrill ride for viewers.

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Dr. Chris Taub (Peter Jacobson): Possibly the only candidate who is as willing to break the rules as he is good at getting away with doing so, this plastic surgeon is almost House’s obnoxious equal. Which is saying something. Not necessarily something nice, but you get the idea.

Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros): If Wilson’s radiologist first wife/ex-girlfriend were to make a comeback — and, in effect, as his boss, no less! — well, the fireworks all but set themselves off in this scenario! Beyond that potential rematch, even if she can handle her former spouse, could she handle House? Better bring the stun gun…

Edward Vogler (Chi McBride): When Cuddy talked the board of PPTH into keeping her then-future boyfriend and dumping its bucks-up new chairman — and his $100 million donation — House earned himself an enemy for life. If payback time is at hand, how steep would Vogler make the price?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lisa says:

    I was just saying that I think it should go to Foreman, unless they brought Cameron back, but since she has another show, I’m sticking with Foreman for my choice. Wilson loves working with Cancer patients, but a case could be made for him too. The others just don’t work for me.

    • Guess says:

      Edward Vogler: House needs punishment and Vogler as the new boss it’s the bestt punishment they could come up with.

      • a fan says:

        Seriously? I hated Vogler (love the actor just not the character)and I never want to see him on the show again! If it has to be one of those listed above- Chase or Foreman would be my vote in that order,

        • Derdriui says:

          Yeah, I love Chi McBride but Vogler was hard enough to stomach the first time.

          … In a way, I’m glad they’re not bringing in new talent. I love LE but Cuddy was an awful mess. I like Chi McBridge but Vogler was… an acquired taste, for a limited time. Maybe it’s good that they’re not going to bring on new people to this pile of garbage.

          That said, Allison Janney would have rocked it.

          All terrible choices on this list, but hopefully it will be Big Love because he’s the least known.

        • tvfruitcake says:

          I completely agree!! If it’s Vogler,I’m done. I nearly stopped watching the first time. There would be no stopping me this time.

          • princesskrys says:

            Agree!! I’ve been a faithful fan from the start but if Vogler comes back I’m done!

          • kogiesmom says:

            I’m in complete agreement! I couldn’t stomach watching the show if Vogler came back. Foreman, maybe, Chase isn’t tough enough. Big Love, I could see that.

          • nightsbear says:

            TOTALLY agree…I cannot STAND that guy…if he returns, I too will NEVER watch House again…stick to re-runs…bit NOT the Vogler ones!

          • Bernice says:

            Considering that this might be the last season of House, I think it would be a great ending, maybe toward the end of the season, Vogler comes in, makes life hard for House. They both butt heads, until Vogler finally closes down the diagnostic section and House leaves in search of Cuddy (after going to Mexico to divorce his wife). Either that, or Sela Ward’s character (love her) makes an appearance newly divorced from her husband (because she never got over House), and they both hookup. Foreman, Chase, and Taub leave PPTH to start their own practice and Chase and 13 get together. And Wilson…I don’t know.

          • saxena says:

            agreed. thing is foreman ll be a better choice. someone of equal caliber. now prob is that if he becomes the DEAN, we’ll see serious conflicts.
            chase is incompetent.
            taub is actually good but i still look him as a side actor.
            u jokin bout cole rt?
            best choice is SAM. its gonna be the most awkward situation house nd wilson r gonna find demselves in.

          • Tania says:

            A very common phrase when it involves House: “I’m done”. Really? Here’s hoping that it is Chi McBride. I would LOVE it.

          • wendy says:

            I agree. I did not like the season with Vogler at all. House is my favorite program, my son and I even “watch” it together via the phone because it is his favorite also, but I don’t think I could handle another season of Vogler. I think Wilson’s ex would make the show very fun again, it would give House and Wilson someone to fight against together. Sorry to see Cuddy and Cameron go.

        • razoreddie says:

          I know, right? I love Chi Mcbride, especially in Human Target. U think the most likely replacement will he Wilson’s ex wife. any of the others and I believe that House would walk all over them.

        • Fran3348 says:

          I agree. I hated the character Volger and really don’t want to see him back at all. Anyone but him and I think the ratings will still stay up but if it’s Volger I will probably stop watching because I couldn’t stand to see him the time he was on before and I can’t imagine seeing him every week. He’s a great actor but not a very likable character.

          • Tania says:

            You’re not supposed to like the character. Besides, I believe there is more of this particular character to explore. He may not be all that evil. Who really knows? I would love to see Vogler back at Princeton. I suspect that Sam will be the one who returns though.

        • Amanda says:

          I agree. I love Chi McBride. But as Vogler, he was an absolute horrible person. I couldn’t imagine anyone else other than Cuddy being Dean. I guess I would see Foreman, but House is always going to make an enemy of authority.

        • Amber says:

          I completely agree!

        • TiredOfItAll says:

          Weirdly enough, it very well might be Chase. Greg Yaitanes tweeted he won’t be in the opener, so I guess we’ll find him in Cuddys office by ep 2 or 3. Not in character? Who cares as long as it is funny. Or ka-Boom-ish.

          Sigh. Writers never knew what to do with Chase since they’ve put him together with Cameron in the end of S3. They gave him the most melodramatic childhood, daddy issues, astonishing survivour quality, and some wonderful moments with his mentor, in the first few seasons (the hug, anyone?), but did not care to do much with the him after that. It’s a shame since Jesse Spencer is so freaking talented and probably the most popular team member. His acting with James Earl Jones in S6 was so intense, and he shines with practically everyone on the cast. They never do him justice, it’s sad.

          • Erin says:

            Amen to that TiredOItAll. That’s why I kind of want Chase to be the new Dean. He has great chemistry with House and they’ve given him crap-all to do the last few seasons bar Dibala which was unsatisfactorly wrapped up.

            Then again… we may see him even less if he’s stuck in the office like Cuddy used to be. We only really started seeing her when they sexed up the couple. That said it’s probably the perfect place for the writers to dump him them, they have never known what to really do with him. Give him great potential yet never follow through. Suits me I guess since like last season I’ll be rarely tuning in to preserve my own sanity.

      • Adam Newland says:

        Can’t be Vogler. That just seems like a storyline disaster. They already have enough crazy storylines to tie up. Foreman is the logical move. Chase doesn’t care enough to step into the breach like that. His character has shown the past few years that he doesn’t want the hassle. Wilson would be a fascinating choice, but the hospital wouldn’t pick him for fear of House running amock more so than he already does.

        I understand I am attempting to apply logic to a writing staff who has proven they have no problem going against all logic. What can I say, I am an optimist.

        • J.Norman says:

          The only ‘logical’ choice – and I say logical because on this show the past 2 seasons who the hell knows? – would be Wilson.

          He is a department head. Foreman / Chase are not. In real life there is no way that Foreman with his (subordinate) history at PPTH would be promoted at least 2 levels upward.

          Chase would simply not want it.

          Wilson’s ex wife would be the most interesting.

          If they want the show to die in a month, then Vogler would be the natural choice.

          But knowing that David Shore hass the mind set that he thinks he can sell anything to the audience, Then why not bring House himself back as the DOM?

          Seriously, Shore has way more problems getting anyone with an ounce of realism in thier blood, to find a way to get House back to PPTH – much less who his new boss will be?

          • Mandy says:

            Definately Wilson he is the only one that has a logical next step up. Remember House hit Wilson too at the end of last season. Wilson not be as sympathetic to House as he was. Definately NOT Vogler…..PLEASE DEAR LORD NO.

          • Adam Newland says:

            Though it was short-lived, Foreman does have experience running a department. He ran the diagnostics department at New York Mercy for awhile. That being said, Mr. Norman your argument is a compelling one. I just think the Wilson-House, dean-doctor relationship would not be healthy for the show. Granted, it doesn’t seem Shore has a good grasp on what is good for the show at this point.

            The thing that I keep trying to figure out is “How are they going to go out?” I haven’t the slightest clue. Given all the places that we have been with these characters, I think that who they choose to replace Cuddy will tell me a lot about their approach to this season and how the show will end.

            As long as it isn’t Vogler.

        • Zenia Williams says:

          I agree wtih Adam.. Vogler would definitely ruin the storyline.. There’s already enough tension and storylines in this show! But I think Foreman makes the most sense. Smart, educated by one of the best doctors, and a perfect person to play a power position. Chase wouldn’t fit the role because he succumbs to House constantly and is the sensitive male character. FOX can’t ruin that. Wilson would be a very intriguing choice! That would temporarily give the show something else to work with. Will the “bromance” between House and Wilson work or will that be the end?! The radiologist/ex wife hell no! I don’t even remember who she was so I’m going to guess she lacked importance. Cole is kind of along the same lines as Chase. A pushover but he doesn’t add or subtract anything from the show for me personally so I say no to him. Taub would be a very interesting choice. He stood up to House constantly and was good to watch work with House. Hmmmmmm I wonder and I’m excited to find out!

      • jacqui says:

        wud be good for house to get him but i dont like him would be very strong story lines how house wud push his luck lol

      • Diana says:

        You forget that to be a dean of medicine you need credentials, and Vogler doesn’t have them.

      • monika says:

        Vogler cannot be a dean of medicine because he does not have medical degree…

      • Jenny says:

        Chi McBride already has a starring role. On another FOX show, “Human Target”.

        • Asia says:

          Human Target got canceled… So she is free.

          I vote for Wilson or Big Love. Vogler would kill the show. All the other choices lack oomph. You can’t leap frog house on totem pole (chase or foreman or taub) because he wouldn’t take them seriously. And they’re used to giving into him. Only an idiot would try them. I don’t remember Wilson’s ex-gf either, but that might make her the most logical choice. Familiar enough to not cause awkwardness among fans but unknown enough to not be able to judge the outcome (iow: they can do whatever they want with her).

        • KarMcM says:

          Human Target was cancelled so he IS available

      • Karen Rogers says:

        If they bring back Edwar Vogler, I’m pretty sure I won’t be watching the show anymore. It was too painful the first time he was on -Not a fan, but Love Dr. House!

        • Amber Brown says:

          I agree with you 100%. I wanted to stop watching the show the first time Vogler appeared. He was a t

        • Amber Brown says:

          I agree with you 100%. I wanted to stop watching the show the first time Vogler appeared. He was a terrible addition. I hope, for the viewer’s sakes, they dont bring this character back.

      • Kimberly says:

        If its Vogler, I’m done with that show. I couldn’t stand him the first time around and was about to quit when he finally left.

      • Ginger says:

        I love Chi McBride in most everything he has done, but not the part he played on House. Almost gave up watching the show back then because of Chi and probably will give it up if they bring him back.

      • hurshy says:

        He’s not even a doctor, he can’t be dean of medicine.

      • Debbie says:

        Vogler would never put up with House’s antics. It wouldn’t work because there would be no issues. He would fire House the first time he did something stupid or immoral, or illegal…meaning immediately. I think it will be Wilson. Sort of the same dynamics as House and Cuddy, only without the sex.

      • eeker says:

        NOT Vogler — he is not even a DOCTOR!!!! He may have the money, but not the eductaion/credentials/MEDICAL degree to be a Dean of Medicine — not even close.

      • Debbie says:

        I think it will be Wilson. His girlfriend was questioned in a previous episode for altering medical records in one way or another so why would they consider her and Vogler…………………MONEY DOES TALK BUT HIS BS WON’T WALK WITH making decisions. From what I remember he just has the money and no medical background. Chase I’m not too sure would make a good one and he killed that foreign dignitary, and Foreman in the past was biased and has a side that would concern me in making administrative decisions……Wilson is the only one and I have seen every episode many times acted professional and can’t remember getting in any hot water. That’s a prestigious position and I see Wilson getting it. That will be the straw that breaks the camels back in keeping House in line. It will make or break their friendshil and he is HOUSE’s only true friend if you ask me.

      • susela says:

        ~Blech~ to Vogler. Been there, done that.

      • fan says:

        All of these choices are terrible for the show….Jennifer Morrison needs to come back…

      • DIane Zdrodowski says:

        If they bring back Vogler, I won’t watch. He is a hideous negative bullish character that I do not need to spend time with.

      • Jane says:

        this talks about why almost none of these are even possible..


    • DL says:

      I agree. Wilson or Foreman if they’re “promoting” a current regular, or Vogler if they’re not.

    • Kelli says:

      i hope it’s Vogler….and i’d settle for Dr Carr…..love the conflict this would bring to the show….lol

    • DCW says:

      Wilson or Vogler. Either would stir things up. Probably, Vogler, more so.

    • Jacob Kemper says:

      Ok. Wilson is weak. He slept with a patient, and is generally just a big wimp. Chase or Foreman are both just too obvious, and would let House run all over them. Wilson’s ex-girlfriend doesn’t even make any sense. I didn’t know she was even a Dr. and I have every House episode on every channel(syndicated & current) on auto-record. I must have seen every episode 3 times, not to mention how I was first introduced to House. On DVD, I watched every season(1-4) back to back in about 2 and a half weeks. That just leaves Vogler and “Big Love.” I hated Vogler and his character was a caracture of powerfull billionaires. No depth and not one redeeming quality(except in House’s dream). That just leaves “Big Love.” I love that idea, and I hope thats who it is. Cameron would be a great choice. I don’t know what show she is doing, but it can’t be as good as House. Since she is not one of the choices, and everybody else would be a catastrophic choice for the future of the series… Gotta be “Big Love!”

      • house fan says:

        wilson hit house in an episode why call him a wimp he stands against house and gives in should have get the job

      • denise says:

        Don’t you remember Wilson helping her with some medical records ? House called it her homework.

      • Sharona says:

        Jennifer Morrison, who played Cameron, has a job as a lead in Once Upon a Time on ABC. Looks like a fun show, so I hope she won’t be available for some time…

    • Nena says:

      All of those would be a mistake. The show needs new blood.

    • Nichole says:

      I agree. It should go to Foreman unless they can bring Cameron back. Vogler’s character sucked and he would cause the show to lose ratings!

    • CheapShots says:

      i honestly don’t like any of the options listed, but of the people listed Foreman or chase make the most sense, the argument being though that Foreman is too valuable as part of the team, so Chase would be the better choice… he would be a lot like Lisa in the way that he would argue but always end up caving… the best option may have been Chases ex, but since she is not an option, i have to go with Chase.

    • Donna says:

      Of all the mentioned candidates, I think Big Love would be great. He has the qualifications and the temperment for the job. I believe he would be able to CALMLY handle House, which would drive House absolutely crazy(ier). Amber (SB) would have been the best choice if they had not killed her off in the earlier episode. Bummer. No matter who they choose, House will always be House because he is not able to be anything else. Bipolar people are just like that. He has ALL the major indicators.

    • michelle says:

      Im just posting here bc I dont know how to start a new thread. House is my favorite show, ever. I wish Lisa wasnt leaving, I dont think ANYONE can replace her, especially none of those seven. The only interesting choice would be 13. Is she not returning for season eight? I dont think it will be much of a show to watch if Lisa and 13 do not return, although Hugh makes the show. I hate when popular shows scramble and do something crazy in the finale which in my opinion negates the whole series. If it is to be the last season and those many changes are taking place, I would have preferred the season seven finale to be the end and leave us hanging then to give us something unbelievable and ridiculous. I would much prefer House cancelled then to see such an amazing show jump the shark.

    • Ellie says:

      Cameron. BRING BACK CAMERON.
      There’s so much to work with her coming back, like new twists and stuff.

    • brandy says:

      Did anyone else notice that Dr. Cole is a really random, small character for Ausiello to just pull out of his head and throw in there? For that reason, I think it’s going to be him. Really wish it would’ve been Alision Janney though.

    • Marie says:

      I agree I think it will be Cameron, I heard she was coming back and what better place to put her than in charge… She’s filled in for Cuddy before, she cam do the job, so why not her…

    • Bob Thomas says:

      Why it’s Chi McBride!!

    • Erinn says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Especially about the Cameron thing. I absolutely loved how much emotion she brought to my tv screen, and yet was still able to put house back in his place… Foreman is almost as good as this too…

    • Amanda says:

      I found a great analysis of this list, presenting real reasons why nearly all of them couldn’t be the replacement…it does link back to this article, it just looks deeper into the choices. I thought it ws really insightful.

    • Amanda says:

      I found a great analysis of this list, presenting real reasons why nearly all of them couldn’t be the replacement…it does link back to this article, it just looks deeper into the choices. I thought it ws really insightful.


    • Aia says:

      What is your fascination with Cameron?!

  2. HilsonTeam says:


    House in jail and when he’s back he finds Vogler… double jail… House into a great season.. yeaaaaaahhhhhhh!!

  3. Kelsey says:

    Wilson or Taub, I think.

  4. PT Ryan says:

    My money’s on Vogler. There would be potential for some real dramatic fireworks.

    • WB says:

      Except, being the “Dean of Medicine” suggests the person holding that job have an MD. Vogler doesn’t have that.

      • Carrie says:

        Is that a requirement? I thought that from watching House but on Royal Pains Jill is the “Hospital Administrator” and she definitely doesn’t have an MD. I think maybe you have to graduate from a Hospital Administration program or something.

        • Luc says:

          A Hospital Administrator doesn’t, but a Dean of Medicine does need to be an MD. Cuddy was both. She was the administrator, but she was the dean at the teaching hospital.

        • Kimberly says:

          Hospital Administrator and Dean of Medicine are two different jobs with similar duties. Hospital Administrators have a degree in health administration, public administration, etc. A Dean of Medicine has a medical degree and, usually, a teaching degree as well.

          • housefan says:

            and Kimberly and all the other posters on this sight – Vogler does not have a degree in health administration, a medical or a teaching certification. He made his money by taking the money his father gave him for college tuition and started a business with it. If I remember correctly, I don’t think he even has a college. He’s just a multimillionaire control freak with his own personal agenda. But I doubt DS would ever let anything like a character not having the required credentials to stop him from continuing to ruin House

    • Ann says:

      Vogler ??? Click end of the show. He’s not a doctor – unless he finished med school on the fly. If they picked Vogler, they might as well cancell the show now and give viewers something interesting to replace House

  5. Loreen says:

    Seriously…?-.- How on earth is that a spoiler?

    • KC says:

      Exactly. How is this a major spoiler alert, Ausiello? Not everything is a spoiler just because you put 3 periods after it.

    • Iris says:

      Want spoilers? Let’s see, how ’bout more craptastic explanations will be proffered in an attempt to excuse that cinematic ab0rtion of a finale.
      – No one will fault House for his actions; after all, with Cuddy gone why even concede he did something awful? Expect business as usual with team and Wilson.
      – House will be further absolved of any wrongdoing because HE WAS ON 20 VICODIN AT THE TIME! Nevermind he’d been clean 2 years and taking 20 pills in an afternoon would result in death not improved steering.
      – Cuddy will be blamed for House’s criminal behavior. She “broke his heart” so what did she expect? Domestic violence is the natural progression of a failed relationship (David Shore).
      – There’ll be another gripping “mystery” to explain 13’s absence; maybe another sibling will be retconned into her life history?
      – The new fellow will be sufficiently “fascinating” to warrant entry onto the team. Probably because she’s pretty but still works hard to prove herself–wait…
      – The new DOM will wield inexplicable authority over House despite the fact that House doesn’t give a f-ck; just because the writers really need this thing to work out, okay??

      • Loreen says:

        I did not ask for a hissy fit from a mentally deficient Huddy fangirl, thanks.

        • Iris says:

          Huddy fangirl? Please… Though that kind of ret@rded presumptiveness is characteristic of “real” fans, no?

          • Luc says:

            @Loreen and @Iris
            Please don’t go that attacking route. We would like to keep this comment line on a civil track. Being angry about the show is different than personal attacks. Defending the show is different than personal attacks.

            Thank you.

      • SpellChecker says:

        Iris, do you mean “aberration” instead of “abortion”? I hate “Huddy,” but I think some of your predictions will come true.

        • Iris says:

          Meant exactly what I typed, zero included. However, forgot to mention, TPTB will kill themselves trying to get JMo to guest star since LE is out of favor. DS is classy like that, and even though he claimed “I never want House to be a show that goes back over the same territory over and over again” http://www.tvline.com/2011/05/house-finale-post-mortem-season-7-spoilers/ he will find a riveting new storyline for Cam (joining House’s hooker harem?).
          GY even tweeted the other day he would be excited to see JMo on House (even though in the past his comments about a potential return have been limited to “no plans at this time”). So even though Cam’s been a fellow and temp DOM look out for her role as colostomy bag changer.

          • Well, Duh says:

            Iris, Sweetie, you rock. All of the rest of you: please refer to my post dated 07/31/11 at 3:24 a.m. (Ausiello: “…we all miss Lisa…”), at which time I explained quite concisely the reason why people post on these sites, none of which really has anything to do with “House” anymore. I would like to amend my remarks: I think “House” turns perfectly normal, ordinarily charming and thoughtful individuals into ranting lunatics. Myself included. Perhaps we can all purge ourselves by hunting down David Shore and his favorite c*cks*cker, Greg Yataines, and kick the sh*t out of both of them. What a stress reliever. And I have a bet with myself that Mike Ausiello will delete this post…

          • Ellen says:

            Iris, you’ve got to ignore about 99% of what Greg Yaitanes says. He is an agitator who set himself up with all those followers by making promises to a certain fan group, and now that he thinks he doesn’t need them anymore, he has to try and reach out for other fans. I don’t think the JMo fans will fall for it; they pretty much hate him after his despicable behavior when JMo was fired.

            While I don’t want Cameron to come back in Cuddy’s job or as House’s love interest, I’d like to have JMo back on the show. To me, the six original characters were what made the show great, and I’d be happy to have both Cameron and Cuddy back if it would bring back the elements that made the first season so special.

      • your shrink says:

        Hm. I recommend ‘The Little Book of Calm’, rest for a while and then read your comment again. You will find your arguments irrational, impossible and weak. You will find yourself joining us in laughter about the silly things you said.

      • ebowers says:

        Iris, Are you one of the writers for the show or something cause I KNOW that all of this will happen which is WHY the ratings will tank and it will be cancelled before mid season.

        Seriously, TPTB if you need to save money and with all of those choices it is CLEAR

      • ebowers says:

        Well Iris I agree with you 2000% that is exactly how House MD will go down and the ratings will be in the basement and it will probably be cancelled by mid season

        Allow me to offer some assistance to DShore and TPTB. Since you appear to be having monetary issues (couldn’t make Lisa E a decent offer) and it is CLEAR that you are based on your current choice of candidates. WHY EVEN HIRE A NEW DEAN OF MEDICINE

        Let House supervise himself and his team. House doesn’t listen to any of these people Chase,Foreman,Vogler,Big Love,Taub,or Sam. He has always done what he wanted but at least Cuddy was able to trust him to make the right decision.
        If that does not work at least House and his team can chase chickens around the hospital,or ride segways down the halls,or race monster trucks in the parking lot,run a brothel out of the clinic,fly motorized drone airplanes from the balcony, have porn access on the internet for everyone. BIG FUN you bet


      • Aia says:

        You are WAY to deep into this House thing. Perhaps you two should consider a break? Some time apart, you know?

  6. Tim says:

    Not Foreman or Chase. It would be far too odd when we all know Chase always caves and Foreman is boring.

    I’d support Wilson first and foremost simply because it would open a new dynamic. His ex-wife would be okay but mostly because it would draw tension between her and Wilson. However the show is called House so it doesn’t make sense all that much.

    • Dan says:

      Unless they write Chase as finally having a back bone & can stand up to House after all these years , that would be surprising ,fresh & interesting to watch.But I don’t think it will be Chase .I think it’s one of 3 :
      Wilson or Forman simply because both RSL & OE have reduced screen time ( number of episodes ) during season 8.I was wondering how they will pull that especially with OE as a team member , that would be odd,but if he became DOM , it would be easy to pull.

      Also it might be CW since they might need another female on the show.
      Personally I so don’t want Forman in the position since we have already seen him confronting House way too many times before, even as a team member .It became old & very boring & I got sick of it & don’t want to watch that again.
      As for Wilson I don’t think he will stand up to House all the time when it comes to diagnosis & treatment.We have seen him enabling & helping House & even lie to Cuddy ( in S2)because he trusts House as a diagnostician.
      I really hope it’s either Chase or Vogler.I think it might open a new window for fresh story lines.About Vogler being a doctor or not I don’t think an administer should be one,I’m not sure.
      I think promoting one of the existing or old cast to DOM is a wise move & better than bringing in a new (female) actress because if they did , fans will always compare her to Cuddy & unless she’s a good actress with strong screen presence playing a strong character, she will definitely fail.
      I’ m really wondering now if they indeed have already chosen the new DOM or they’re still thinking about it.
      Was this article posted just for TPTB to view what fans prefer?!

      • dalilita says:

        That would be my theory. They were/are really apalled by the late fan reactions and they would want to screw up as little as possible in this situation, so they´re trying to be extra careful this time.

      • sandy says:

        maybe since Jesse Spencer was the LAST one to sign a new contract – he was holding out for a juicier story line – say as Dean of Medicine??

      • FunnyBrit says:

        You bring up some good points. However, I think Wilson will henceforth be a lot less forgiving of House’s machinations, having been nearly run over by his crazed risk-taker of a BFF. Remember when Wilson ratted him out to Tritter? Wilson may be a wuss, but he can be pushed too far. House definitely crossed a line, and having a pissed-off Wilson as his boss might be one of the repercussions of his actions that TPTB have assured us he’d face (though we know they lie like rugs!) That being said, my first choice would be Big Love. He’s proven he can manipulate House. I think Cole was a strong character and I miss him on the show.

        I still haven’t decided if I’ll watch S8… I just don’t feel any enthusiasm for the show anymore, especially since it’s become glaringly obvious that Shore & co. enjoy ruining female characters and overexposing the ones they tell us we should love. DS probably drowns puppies as a hobby. What a mess this show has become!

        • No argument here says:

          You’re absolutely right about Big Love. As a devout Mormon, not even House can manipulate him. He is too deeply rooted in his religion and sense of right and wrong. He’s a critical thinker and will do only that which can be demonstrated as for the greater good. House couldn’t charm, intimidate or guilt him into anything. He would actually be a very good adversary for House, if the writers stayed true to the character to whom we were introduced in Season 4. The fun would be in watching House’s attempts to outwit him, especially taking into account Big Love’s social naivete.

      • Isabella says:

        I think you could be right. Because Epps and RSL have agreed to do fewer episodes this season, one of them will most likely be the DOM. I’m afraid I find it rather dull if it is Foreman (I think it will be, since he is already showing up to get House out of jail in S8EP2).
        I like Foreman/Epps but we have seen this dynamic already– Foreman in charge… usually House can easily manage him.
        This is probably the final season, and I’ll watch no matter what because I love the cast and believe HL is one of the great actors of all time, and like Sherlock Holmes/House too… but I would have made RSL the DOM out of the two. I really liked Foreman in his relationship with 13, though, and wish that could have been pursued more. Unfortunate that OW is leaving the show. But it has been a great show, one of the greatest (The West Wing and MASH are the only TV shows I’ve ever liked better… and maybe Studio 60 too… as a Sorkinista).
        I hope it will be a good season. And with HL — it probably will be.
        Sorry to see LEdelstein go, but it does open a hole for someone else…

  7. Tucker says:

    Looks like Chi McBride’s got a steady gig again. But Vogler’s not a doctor. Strange to hire him into the position, despite it being admin.

    • Derdriui says:


      It’s this show, man. They don’t know what admin means. They don’t… have any idea what they’re doing. At all.

      But if they put Vogler in high heels and tight tops, I’m in.

  8. Allie says:

    Better not be Vogler. Sam Carr would be the most interesting

    • lipsticksocialism says:

      i agree. i would want it to be Sam too.

    • brandy says:

      ditto – I think Sam is the best of all those options, and least likely to cause cancellation to the show. Although… it ended on a good enough note to just be done as far as I’m concerned.

  9. nicky says:

    Dr. Jeffrey Cole (Edi Gathegi)o no! He is so ugly

  10. Tiffany says:

    Wilson, maybe Foreman. Definitely not Big Love, Sam or Vogler — WTH?

  11. Eric Rodgers says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Cynthia Watros back on TV, but really I don’t have a dog in this hunt. I’ve gotten WAY behind on my episodes.

  12. Irene says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Sam Carr as the new dean of medicine. I still think no one can replace Cuddy. Even if some people didn’t like Cynthia’s character, I did. :)
    My second choice would be Wilson but please don’t let it be Foreman! I like him because he’s been there since the beginning but I find him quite boring…

  13. nicky says:

    I bet it will be Wilson! Rest of ppl are ridiculous as Dean

  14. Josie says:

    My bet is on Dr. Sam Carr (Cynthia Watros)
    Chase has to be on House’s team therefore I don’t want him to be DoM
    I hope its not Foreman. He is sooooo boring!

  15. AJ says:


  16. John says:

    NO. This season hasn’t even started and it already sucks…

  17. BabyGoz says:

    Spoilers already leaked stated it was a woman……erm doesn’t take a genuis here! However IF they were wrong Vogler or Wilson are the only sensible choices, none of the rest have ever been dept heads but they can suddenly step up to run the whole hospital?? Why not just put 13 in charge & be done with it.

    • Derdriui says:


      … It’s going to be Sam Carr?

      WHAT HAPPENED TO THESE WRITERS. Are they being kept hostage? IS THIS A CRY FOR HELP?

      I like Cynthia Watros but Sam Carr as DoM? Really?!

      • dalilita says:

        I wouldn´t worry about that. To me, this is just a try out, to see what viewers would prefer, and if I remember well, not many people liked her character. I think hey only put her as an option because she is a woman. Of course, on the other hand, at this point you can expect anything from DS et al.

    • ruby tuesday says:

      Well, that is literally unbelievable. I like Sam Carr but why would she be dean? There was never anything revealed about her having administrative skills or career ambitions in that direction. She doesn’t even work at PPTH. What a mess that would be for Wilson! But I think she could take on House. But over all I don’t really see her in that position.

  18. Bonnie says:

    Spoiler? Much more inventive, not to mention hilarious, suggestions on PPTH boards. Somebody needs attention?

  19. E says:

    Cod, what a train wreck this show has become. Just watch, it’ll be Shore’s pet, Borman.

  20. Cash says:

    Wilson or his Ex… no one else on that list has the background or career to be DoM at PPTH. If anyone else on that list is picked, they might as well change the show’s name to “Greg’s Anatomy,” because it will have about as much credibility as that insult to the medical profession.

  21. Visitkarte says:

    I never ever want to see Vogler on this show again. He was boring, couldn’t care less about ethics and patients and lives and only mean doesn’t make for good drama, it’s plain boring.

    Sam and Taub are the funniest choices. Sam would be the most brilliant choice, she is funny, had some tension and common interests with both House and Wilson and might end up uniting them against the common enemy.. The fun!

    Sam for president… aaah. DOM!

  22. Laura says:

    Please let it be Wilson…. he’s the only one that makes sense! ( I wanted Allison Janney…)

  23. Anelise says:

    Where is Thirteen?????

  24. nicky says:

    a poor choice given Fox – a new dean will be an old character. how boring and sad

  25. Luc says:

    Vogler was hated and panned by fans and critics the first go around. Why would they try again?
    Really, Big Love? Any of the team that’s under him would be a stretch, so that leaves Sam and Wilson. Ugh. I guess Sam because I don’t want Wilson. It would even further damage the dynamics. Of course, if they want to kill the final Ship, this would be the right plan.

    • Consider vertical requirements says:

      Yeah, but Volger is a big, tall mutha who quite frankly scares the crap outta House, which is a good thing. That’s why I originally suggested Allison Janney because she is very tall and can be very badass. And House needs a good spanking now and then.

      • Dani says:

        If the decision is based on height could they not just put Taub on stilts or get him to sit on Foreman’s shoulders and wear an extra long coat?

        Actually the aesthetic advantages of having Taub as the DoM are starting to appeal to me. His nose peaking over top of the desk as his little legs kick joyously inches above the floor…

        • Vertical says:

          Get him a big old leather executive chair and put one of those booster seats that you find at Denny’s on it. Or, as you suggested, Dani, just let him hang from the desk by his nose.

      • Doya says:

        Size hasn’t mattered in the past, and the vulnerability has actually been more effective at reigning in House than any bullying. Even with Cuddy, she tried both routes and was more successful when she engaged his sense of mind or play. Pulling any authority card or resorting to rough play only brings more rebellion in House.

        Doesn’t matter, though. It’s more about money at this point and salvaging the story direction. And any character can succeed if they write it that way.

  26. te says:

    Anything with Chi McBride in it is OK by me. Ironic he his shows up on Fox after the “Human Target” debacle, too.

    • Dog lover says:

      Human Target had an awesome Rottie during the first season. Then he got replaced with the British broad. And then the show got cancelled. ‘Nuff said.

      • How about... says:

        Speaking of Human Target, how about Mark Valley as the new hospital administrator? Its about time we ladies got a little eye candy and, since part of the DofM’s job is stripping down at the drop of a hat, I’d have noooo problem watching the divine Mr. V delighting us with naked Apache dances every other episode or so. Who’s with me?

  27. Cal says:

    Chase? Seriously? He’s way too young. I want him to be on the team with House, it would be ridiculous if he has to stand up to House since they’re both very much on the same level. He’ll always side with him. Where’s the fun in that? I say it’s Foreman or Wilson.

  28. Sharona says:

    Sam Carr, I’m guessing, unless they’re planning to economize by having Wilson share BFF and boss duties. They keep trying to make Foreman happen but I suspect even Foreman’s figured out he doesn’t want that job, Chase has shown zero interest in that kind of work (and we saw back in 5 to 9 – from the outside he looks totally unstable), and why on earth would gazillionaire Vogler want such a crappy job? And Taub? Well, he could probably use the extra income, but chances are his idiotic spawn storyline will be still happening.

  29. nicky says:

    What with janitor who House make to play doctor in season 4! I want him instead off all these candidats!

  30. nicky says:

    What with janitor who House make to play doctor in season 4! I want him instead off all these candidats!

  31. wings says:

    it’s obviously gonna be House

    • danielle says:

      oh that makes sense…lets make the shows main character have an administrative role where he wouldnt take on all his diagnostic cases which are the whole point of the show. wow, you are obviously a little confused.

      (p.s. convicted felons usually dont receive promotions)

      • Hmmm... says:

        Actually, that’s not a bad idea. In the “real world,” House’s medical license is history, so why NOT make him the new hospital administrator? He can still participate in diagnostics; he just can’t operate as a physician.

      • humor says:

        Obviuously this wasn’t meant to be taken serious… but there you go.

  32. Doug says:

    Doubt its Chi McBride, he can’t be a dean of medicine and not be a doctor (although its House, so who knows)

    Besides, he’s already playing that character again, just on a different show; HawthoRNe

    Dunno if its a guest spot or recurring, but still.

  33. James says:

    Foreman has too many strikes against him – being fired and then banned from clinical trials in the past. He hasn’t been a dept head, and even during the interims, he failed. Not him.

    None of the other men are qualified except for Wilson.

    If it’s Wilson, it would be impossible to continue the bromance, so #Hilson’s beware. Your ship will crash.

    Sam is probably the best option. It may make for some interesting plots, but for the long hall – not so much.

    Sad to say, but none of this is making me excited for the season. They really blew it last season. The thrill is gone and they don’t seem to be coming up with any creative things to draw the lost fans back in.

    So sad. I never missed an episode, and I use to watch reruns everytime they were on. I haven’t watched anything since the 3rd watch of the finale when I realized no amount of reflection on the scenes were going to change my feelings. :-(

    Hope this works out for them. Sadly, I don’t think it will.

  34. Teresa says:

    Where is the spoiler?

  35. Dani says:

    Oh God! I don’t know… Put them on a daily rota with a psychologist on standby…

    Wilson, Sam or Foreman I reckon…

  36. Angel says:

    My money is on Vogler because FOX owes Chi McBride after blowing it with Human Target – which I miss. (tear)

  37. Brad says:

    Have to go with the man from Chicago. Chi McBride. He would be awesome.

  38. mandy says:

    I don’t care. I just want the focus to be House and getting him back on track as a functioning human being. I don’t care about any of the other characters although I do like Wilson and Chase. For a season House can go without a love partner. Just fix House please!

    • Donna says:

      I totally agree,let’s fix House and get him back on track.He’s too smart to keep screwing up his life to that extend.I love Wilson and would vote for him although would they still be partners in crime?

    • Donna says:

      Mandy, sorry to tell you this but House cannot be “fixed” without him realizing what is wrong in the first place. Being an ass or being addicted to Vicodin is just a symptom. I know this because I have the same disorder. He is BIPOLAR. A person like House would never realize there is anything wrong with him because he has been that way all his life; therefore, he will never be treated. Also, if he WERE treated for the disorder he would not be the House we all have come to love.

  39. tahina says:

    Another reason not to watch this show again. Boring!

  40. carolyn says:

    I would love to see Chi McBride back. I have loved everything he has done. Very sorry to see Human Target go. Loved The Nine and loved his part in it.

    Well, actually I wasn’t at all fond of Pushing Daisys. I tried to like it.

    But anyway, my vote is for Chi McBride.

    • Lori says:

      I agree, I Love Chi Mcbride, in everything from THE GREAT WHITE HYPE TO YES, PUSHING DAISIES. LET’S NOT FORGET BOSTON PUBLIC.. BUT HE STARTED ON HOUSE AS CHIEF ( I Think) It would be fitting for hime to finish..

  41. ohwell says:

    I think Hugh was trying to send us a message saying “Yes, I am a prisoner”. He so is.

  42. nitemar says:

    It should go to a female character, but they dont want fans to compare her with Cuddy, so its going to be a male Dean Of Medicine., it will go to Foreman, probably. Its going to be boring.

  43. kain says:

    I think the only one that makes sense and makes for a good season would be Sam. It can’t be Cohort,he’s not a doctor and he would fire House first episode. House still needs his team so they’re all out. Sam would provide the aspects of a woman in charge,great story for conflicts medically and personally between House/Wilson/Her…or any combo of the 2.

  44. Doya says:

    Nothing like bringing on a DoM who overdosed her cancer patients. Or did they forget they wrote that? Could be good for House to have her not follow rules either.

  45. Maria says:

    In real life it would be Wilson because he is already Head of a Department and therefore fit to be DoM. For the sake of the show let it be him. But then again these days Doctor Who is more realistic than Dr House :P
    It can’t be Edward Vogler he is not a Doctor – he can’t become Dean of Medicine.
    Dr. Jeffrey Cole would be ridiculous! He couldn’t even get the followship on House’s team, how can he be DoM 4 years later.
    Dr Taub: just No!
    Dr Chase is too pretty to be wasted as DoM. I want him to do some action on House’s team!
    Dr Foreman: boring choice therefore the boring writers will probably make him DoM and Omar Epps seemed to be in the first eps, because he wrote he went to the set, while others like Olivia and Jesse probably won’t be in the first eps.
    Dr. Sam Carr: to indifferent to even think about that choice

    • Vickie Collier says:

      Good point Maria, about Vogler, and glad you brought that point up, because I was going to say Vogler in = I’m OUT!

  46. kain says:

    Vogler*,not Cohort….darn autocorrect.

  47. Kath G says:

    I doubt Vogler he is not a Dr, and hated House, he would not let him back at PPTH. Sam Carr would be my choice, it would be a very firey working relationship between her and House, with poor Wilson stuck in the middle! love it :)

  48. Akshay says:

    Dean of Medicine would be a post that has to be filled by a doctor, so Vogler’s out. I think Cole’s too young to be considered realistically. Chase and Foreman have worked under House for too long that they could be seriously considered to become his boss. That leaves Wilson, Sam or Taub, so I think that they would have to be the 3 most likely choices, with my pick being Taub.

  49. raveng says:

    It’s gonna be Taub. TPTB loves him to death.