House Star Hugh Laurie On Lisa Edelstein's Exit: 'We All Miss Her Very Much'

Lisa Edelstein may be gone from House, but she certainly has not been forgotten — at least not by leading man Hugh Laurie.

“We all miss Lisa very much,” Laurie told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills following a panel for his upcoming PBS special, Great Performances: Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk — A Celebration of New Orleans Blues.

House Season Premiere Scoop: Look Who’s Playing the W*r**n!

The Golden Globe-winning actor also confirmed what TVLine first reported earlier this month: Season 8 of House kicks off with his alter ego behind bars. “I am a prisoner,” he said. “I don’t know [how long I’ll be there]. They keep me in the dark. It’s probably better that way.”

The PBS special, which finds Laurie performing alongside such blues greats as Irma Thomas and Sir Tom Jones, was a dream come true for part-time musician. “This whole experience [was] closer to who I am than many things I have done,” he said. “I suppose because the subject was so dear to my heart. It was very unplanned. It was a genuine journey of discovery.”

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  1. Ligia says:

    The only thing that matters for me: Hugh is so hot with his new hair!!! o_O

  2. alondra says:

    hugh laurie = house

  3. dodirae says:

    Maybe the studio for some reason told him not to comment on it till now. We dont know all sides of the story.

    • Anna says:

      He has contract don’t forget it! But I’m sure they talked in private. I love Hugh, he’s always a gentleman.

  4. Jane says:

    I would miss work with Hugh! He’s sweet, gracious, funny, smart, sexy… Goodbye Lisa, good luck for you. I’m excited about next season!!! Hugh always is a great inspiration!

  5. Ronaldo says:

    Hugh and Lisa are close friends, like they already said, certainly they’ve talked about her departure and both are sad about it. But c’est la vie!
    Lisa chose her departure, we don’t know exactly why. Hugh can’t talk too much in public because he has contract.
    Life is about change, we need to accept.

  6. Dany says:

    This situation it’s a shame! As a fan of House md I’m going to watch for Hugh Laurie, because the man is such a gentleman, talented and lovely. But I’m very dissapointed with Lisa and Fox.

  7. John says:

    -At best he didn’t want to comment on the departure of a co-star. She did leave without any warning, so he might be a bit miffed at her.

    -At worse, he responded like a TV star with an ego.

    Neither of these two responses are hardly surprising.
    Give the guy a break.

  8. Michaela says:

    Ugh. This show has engendered the most bitterness in their fans of any show I’ve ever watched. Almost every single post is a Hugh fan, a Lisa fan, a whatever fan bashing each other, stereotyping each other, hating on each other, calling names, being tiresome, irrational, self-righteous and cruel.

    I think the day this show ends will be better for everyone fans and people behind the show alike.

  9. OLA says:


    • Luc says:

      It’s okay to feel angry and say you’re angry. It’s not okay to spread malicious hate and venom about these actors.

  10. ana says:

    Esse seriado está polemizando demais claro q a saíoda da CUDDY foi arrumada o final foi feito para isso,eu começei a assistir HOUSE pela CUDDY adorava a interação deles e me encantei com o carisma,talento e expontaniedade da LISA E.,não vejo motivo para continuar assistindo esse lixo violento,LISA foi muito inteligente,saiu na hora certa e vai para o seriado certo e coerente,isso está mais para um circo,nem no BRASIL as coisas acontecem como no P.P.T.H vejam dr.ROGER ABDELMASSI está foragido e é um médico tão brilhante como HOUSE ,isso porque aqui no BRASIL as leis não funcionam,muito estardalhaço e pouco conteudo,vamos trabalhar mais e polemizar menos .LISA WE SUPPORT YOU!!!!

  11. Doya says:

    This is all well and good. It’s nice to know, but these are not the reports that really matter to the show at this point.

    How about asking what Hugh thought of the finale being panned by critics? Did he not anticipate the negativity and the reaction to such a violent act? Did he miss the fact that it was a violent act like some of his team mates? Does he understand that aside from all of the noise from “shippers” (both Huddies and those attacking Huddies), their is an overall disturbance for a large potion of the fanbase that feels the focus on shock value has diminished and actually destroyed the little bit of humanity that was seen in House? Does he understand there should have been a PSA attached to that finale to change the sympathies?

    How about asking if they question this story direction with the knowledge that fans have been lost, and many who will stay are no longer excited?

    The distasteful response on these comments are not indicative of the level of intelligence and sensitivity of House fans, but the underlying anger is a symptom. It would be nice to hear if they understand how they went wrong so we can get excited about S8. If they (and you, Ausiello) continue to buy into or suggest the idea that all this unrest is about Huddy, then a lot of fans don’t hold hope for the House character. The destruction of his character is the primary issue that has fans upset, and it causes a backlash about everything else.

    I never felt like House needed to be “fixed” in the past. He was screwed up and definitely had issues, but he needed to learn a bit of self-acceptance and gain peace about who and what he is. Now? Well, a man that violently drives a car into an occupied home and then feels good because he got it off his chest needs to be fixed. He’s not a sympathetic character or a tortured hero any more. I want to hear some acknowledgement that they missed the forrest for the trees. All this talk of “jail” only looks like punishment – boring – unless they take some responsibility for this storyline and tell us they want to get to the heart of House’s issues this season. As long as they defend this act of violence as acceptable and right for this character, they are not encouragaging excitement for the new season.

    I know some will disagree because they like House miserable and anticipate him dead at the end of the series. But for many who saw this tortured hero on a journey toward hope, the idea of simple punsishment for a crime versus a REAL exploration of this situation and this character is not exciting at all. The superficial study and the Kabooms need to stop. I want to know if they are going to really deal with House the man next season. And if they don’t actually see where they went wrong in the portrayal this season, I don’t see how people can hope for better.

    And no, I’m not ignorant enough to think they can or will admit a screw up, but there are ways to acknowledge they’ve heard and are making changes. That’s when a good PR team comes in handy, Which they certainly need. The current campaign and the one for season 7 was a train wreck.

    How about you start the ball Ausiello and stop panhandling these weak PR strategies? Ask the tough questions and report back to us.

    • James says:

      You are suggesting they stay focused on the real issue versus the smoke and mirrors of ships? What a novel idea! It’s like we can’t have a decent discussion any more about this show. It resorts to ships every time. What has made this situation so bad is it is not about Huddy, or Hilson, or Hameron, or Hacey, or any other ship. It’s about the loss of HOUSE. Where is he in all this? And, let’s not start this argument about Huddy being the blame for the loss of House. That defense doesn’t help TPTB because it only proves the bad writing. I don’t want to hear this crap any more about Huddy or Hameron, and I certainly don’t want to hear any more hope that now there will be a real Hilson. No. I want House. Can we talk with the writers, HL and DS about that? And when then use that camped line that they are going to “explore” this can you please get them to define explore. Giving us stereotype and superficiality, checking on the list of cliches, is not an exploration.

      I’d like to be surprised. Not with Kabooms, either. The OBVIOUS choice is “how will House be punished” or “how will he get back to the hospital.” Surprise us with answering “how will he live with himself now that he’s one step closer to being like his abusive father (in his mind)?” How about “how will he save lives without his license?” Ask the more interesting questions and write in that direction.

      • OMG THIS! says:

        THIS!!!!! THIS!!!! THIS!!!!
        House seeing how he has violated his own beliefs! House more than humbled by what he’s done, but really dealing with what he’s become! House the black market doctor! These are better kabooms!

      • Wendy says:

        Not ask “how do we break them up?, but “how will this relationship bring House’s internal issues to the surface?” HMMMMM is that too much to ask?

        • Novel Idea says:

          Instead of asking: what roadblock can we put to Huddy in season 6.
          Asking: how would House’s mental breakdown be a roadblock?

          • glory says:

            Oooh. I’ve got one. Instead of asking “how do we show the volatility of love?” Asking “what is causing this volatility in love?”

          • Ben says:

            Good stuff! Instead of “How to we put House back into drug addiction?”
            Ask “How do we show that addictive personality in another addiction?”

            Or instead of “how can we show the self-destructive side of House again?”
            Ask “why is House self-destructive?”

      • Dani says:

        @Doya and James

        Both of these comments are awesome. I feel like the writers have literally lost the plot for the past two seasons, not because of the broad brushstrokes or the general direction they decided to go in, but because they got sloppy with the details.

    • Lois says:

      Hugh Laurie was talking to the press about his PBS concert special, not House. To have repeatedly asked questions about House instead would have been unprofessional. It’s not like they were interviewing a politician, and needed to get him to talk about some major policy. It was just a press conference to promote PBS’ Great Performances.

    • Serena says:

      I totally agree! I’ve never been much interested in the H/C love relationship but I hated the final. I can’t feel anything for that man anymore.

  12. Rachel says:

    Instead of How do we get Wilson and House back together this season(S5), asking what if we don’t get them back together this season? How would that impact House?

  13. E says:

    I didn’t know he would be playing with the AMAZING Irma Thomas! I definitely need to record this special.

    • Maro says:

      I have the CD. It is, as almost everything HL does, very good.
      Irma Thomas song is, unsurprisingly, one the best.
      I was also surprised by my friends, none of whom is a HL fan and some do not even know House (yes, there is a world outside House, HL and LE)who after listening to the CD went to buy it.They loved HL’s music!

      • kathG says:

        I also have the CD, sent to me by a family member in the UK. Hugh has me enjoying Blues music which I never thought I would. I am very much looking forward to watching the Great Performance special on PBS. He has been doing House for a long time now, great to see him getting to do stuff he really loves.

  14. Diane says:

    I am a Lisa E/Huddy & Cuddy fan. That being said I am ashamed at the comments from some of the other Lisa E fans I’ve read here. Did things turn out the way we wanted them to for Huddy? No. Did TPTB do a number w/Cuddy’s character these past couple of seasons? Hell yes. However, HL had NO PART in this so leave him alone. I will also ask that the bashing of Lisa E stop as well. When did ppl become so cruel? I guess hiding behind a screen name brings out the worst in some people. Let’s all move on by either tuning into House or watching TGW this season. Finally, I wish all the best to the talented HL & LE.

  15. Kirstin says:

    Ya know Laurie is HUGELY popular and well respected in England. You know, his actual home country? The whole Emmy line of crap and bizarre -nay even Twilight worthy – rabid Lisa FanTards is amusing since I doubt he really cares. But way to play the Ugly American card.

    • Luc says:

      This post did not help stop the hate. It only exacerbates things. Please include yourself as part of the group that is being asked to stop the bashing and the hate.

      Thank you.

  16. Lois says:

    If Hugh Laurie had made a comment about LE when she first announced she was leaving, the story would have been “Hugh Laurie comments on Lisa Edelstein leaving.” Then people would be complaining that he stole her thunder.

  17. Jennifer says:

    Arent you late for your shift at the Jiffy Lube, Laure Haters???

    LOADS of BERKS, makes me embarassed to be American,

  18. GAG ORDER says:

    ANYONE hear of a GAG ORDER?



    Though I still love you Lisa!

  20. Chrys says:

    Most of you a crazy! Hugh and Lisa are amazing actors and people. They both respect the other! Lisa, herself, just came out and talked a little about her leaving House. They both have careers to think about. Hugh does not want to say anything bad about the network that pays the bills and Lisa does not want to say too much about what happened because she wants to work. If any of you had a clue how the industry worked you wouldnt be on her talking crap!
    I love Lisa and her Cuddy on House! She played her well. And she will be missed. But she should not be hated for leaving because she was not being treated right by the network. None of us would stay at a job if our pay and hours were cut. Yet because of who Lisa is we expect her to stay. Why would anyone thing Lisa should put us ahead of her own wellbeing? I just dont get it!
    Also, if you dont like her why do you feel the need to talk badly about her. And all her fans that talk badly about other you act as if you know LE and like this is her feelings. Its not fair to her that you all act like this. (shakes head)