House Star Hugh Laurie On Lisa Edelstein's Exit: 'We All Miss Her Very Much'

Lisa Edelstein may be gone from House, but she certainly has not been forgotten — at least not by leading man Hugh Laurie.

“We all miss Lisa very much,” Laurie told reporters at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in Beverly Hills following a panel for his upcoming PBS special, Great Performances: Hugh Laurie: Let Them Talk — A Celebration of New Orleans Blues.

House Season Premiere Scoop: Look Who’s Playing the W*r**n!

The Golden Globe-winning actor also confirmed what TVLine first reported earlier this month: Season 8 of House kicks off with his alter ego behind bars. “I am a prisoner,” he said. “I don’t know [how long I’ll be there]. They keep me in the dark. It’s probably better that way.”

The PBS special, which finds Laurie performing alongside such blues greats as Irma Thomas and Sir Tom Jones, was a dream come true for part-time musician. “This whole experience [was] closer to who I am than many things I have done,” he said. “I suppose because the subject was so dear to my heart. It was very unplanned. It was a genuine journey of discovery.”

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  1. raveng says:

    “we all miss Lisa very much” it took him 2 months to come up with a 2 seconds statemet. Oh well, such is life.

    • Alicia says:

      Exactly, this b!tch…
      I guess it was finally time to make nice since he’s surely dying to get an Emmy. Needs Academy voters to think he’s a nice guy since his acting chops haven’t been cutting it, amirite??

      • sadtroll says:

        You’re an embarassment to trolls.

        • Alicia says:

          We can’t all be masters like Greg Yaitanes.

          • Jess says:

            Don’t put yorself down, you could give him several lessons! LE’s rabid fans are real masters in trolling

          • Alicia says:

            Weak, Jess. Your mediocrity is disgusting. Go big or go home–KABOOM!

          • Funny Sh*t says:

            “Trolling in the deep!” Go check out @greghousetanes faux twitter. Also, take a look at @fauxdavidshore. I’d love to meet the guy(s) who wrote them. Hysterically funny! Pay very close attention to the hash tags.

          • poorAlicia says:

            My, my, you LE fangirls are really obnoxious! No wonder people call you huddytards!

          • trolls says:

            No one calls Huddy fans “huddytards” except three overweight (check youtube) JMo fans who conjoined the term together and now proudly recycle it from comment to comment. People might have different feelings towards “Huddy” coupling, but please spare us from being compared to you.

          • Lin says:

            The huddytards are so full of bitter and rage, they’re scary

          • please says:

            It’s “bitterness”, sweetie. You left bunch of comments here under different names, but your illiteracy gives you away. You might want to work on that, no one likes hateful uneducated morons.

          • Sam says:


            Do you realize that for some posters here English is not their first language? Moron

      • Ali says:

        Yes, because if HL is nice with LE he’ll have an emmy for sure! Are you saying LE is sleeping her way with the emmy voters?

      • susan saari says:

        Hugh Laurie is the best actor on TV and in a really difficult and challenging role. Having followed his career since Jeeves and Wooster and Forty Something, as well as his comedy series “A bit of Fry(Stephen) and Laurie” this role of Greg House is completely antithetical to his entire acting past.: which was mostly broad brush hilarity type comedy. Everything he does is brilliant and House is not an exception. If you know his past then you perhaps would view his current performances on House,differntly.
        Sorry Alicia, in myh opinion you could not be more wrong. An emmy is long overdue.

      • Dont quit your day job, unless it's a talent scout. says:

        From upper class twit in England to critically acclaimed actor in the US.

        Hugh Lauries acting chops, writing chops, and song writing/singing chops are above and beyond what most people could dream of. I am sure he has his sulking moments, depression, but he’ also has a wonderful side, and if very sweet and gently. You have no basis for bashing him.

        Mr Pip is coming soon. Ever read one of his books? He is a humble talented man who played second fiddle to others, and this may have helped him to some extent, regardless it’s his time now. All the best to his family and his career, and his well earned stability.

        Manchester United, go ROONEY!

        Jennifer Tipton

    • Ugh WTF is wrong with you?! says:

      He NEVER commented on anyone’s exit before, how about that?! Shouldn’t you damn HuLi creeps be totally happy that he commented at all?! Gosh, get a life!

      • timshel says:

        Exactly. They’ve all been bitching about him not saying anything, and now that he has, they’re still bitching. Pathetic.

        • Ana says:

          LE’s fans are really a pain in the ass. They think the show is doomed without her, they think she’s the best actress on the planet and they also think she’s too good for the show. Truth is, she’s a 45 year old actress who after years in the profession was barely known before House. So SHE should be thankful, not the other way around.

          • Paul King says:

            The only things I had seen her in was alongside Peter Jacobson (I think that’s his name, the Taub character) as ‘The Jews’ (not my words, the film’s words) in ‘As Good As It Gets’ with Jack Nicholson, also at the receiving end of some nasty comments – this time from another deeply disturbed genuis – Melvyn Udall. She also played as Frasier’s ‘flakey’ love interest in an episode of Frasier. The moon howling, mouse painting kindagirl…

            Yes, it is sad that I know this… ;-)

      • Shame on them! says:

        “HuLi.” The combination of “Hugh” and “Lisa,” I assume? I wonder what Mrs. Laurie and the Three Little Lauries think about the “Huddies” who advocate their old man shagging another woman, not their mother? It must really hurt.

        • OHFFS says:

          Well in fairness I don’t think anything can top the pink embroidered “Hunnifer” panties, that someone tried to give to Jmo, for inappropriateness. Don’t give the Huli fans all the glory!

        • EnEyePeePeeEllHyphenE says:

          Well said indeed! Although I would consider myself among the Huddies, I cannot understand those who pair them in real life. Also I feel that it is none of our concern what goes on in the wacky world of showbiz, but no doubt Hugh and everyone else said their goodbyes to her in person, not through interviews, as I expect they probably did whenever anyone else left the show. So, Huddies/Hulis, please calm down, everyone else- leave them alone. Sometimes, people have just gotta rage.

    • amy says:

      He was there to promote his PBS special, not House, he didn’t need to comment of Lisa, as I doubt she was performing the blues with him in the special.

    • george says:

      Lisa Edelstein may be a nice person whom Hugh Lorrie “misses”. But she may be the most boring actress on the planet–it’s like watching vanilla ice cream melt…Ho hum

    • Tania says:

      We’re surrounded by stupidity.

    • Jennifer Tipton Frazier says:

      What would you have him DO???? Swoon over her, drop to his knees, spill the beans on the private matters of her contract and other private conversations? Embarassing nosy Americans, and I can say that, as my family arrived here in 1668.

      From upper class twit in England to critically acclaimed actor in the US.

      Hugh Lauries acting chops, writing chops, and song writing/singing chops are above and beyond what most people could dream of. I am sure he has his sulking moments, depression, but he’ also has a wonderful side, and if very sweet and gently. You have no basis for bashing him.

      Mr Pip is coming soon. Ever read one of his books? He is a humble talented man who played second fiddle to others, and this may have helped him to some extent, regardless it’s his time now. All the best to his family and his career, and his well earned stability.

      He is just a man! Let him enjoy life! He, and his family!

      Manchester United, go ROONEY!

      Jennifer Tipton

  2. jaded says:

    I miss the House md that was actually written well… Season eight sounds boring!

  3. Laura says:

    I think Hugh is just right. It was TPTB’s decision what salary to offer her. It was Lisa’s decision not to take it and leave the show. He is the main star and one of many exec-producers, he does not decide for the rest of people in the show. He worked with Lisa 7 years, now he misses her… All perfectly right to me.

  4. sarah says:

    House’s loss is The Good Wife’s gain. Sports Night reunion!

    • lol says:

      Yes, 3 and I say 3 whole episode, wow! She destroyed House but TGW will survive, only 3 episodes after all

      • Dani says:

        With an admission from the showrunners that they’d like to have her there for more if at all possible. Either way if this is the last season ALL of the actors will probably be doing guest stints at some point, except for Hugh who’ll probably focus on his music and do the odd movie I’d imagine.

        Anyway I don’t think Hugh’s probably able to say much more than this to be honest.

        • It must be tough says:

          Hugh Laurie is too busy having PBS specials dedicated to him and various and sundry other laurels heaped upon his balding pate to give a fast f*ck about anyone or anything other than his music. His trite “ta-ta” to Lisa E is an example that he’s more than ready to move on. And who can blame him? We all wanna grow up to be rock stars!!!

  5. Thomas says:

    I love how Hugh Laurie’s one sentence quote (if he indeed said those words) about LE’s exit is worthy of it’s OWN POST.
    Really now, this is just bait for fan wars. Here go hell come…

    • Well, DUH! says:

      Are you just now figuring out that NONE of these sites are about “House” anymore? Everything that could possibly be said about Season 7, it’s finale, its characters and the actors who play them, and anything and everything that came before had been said ad nauseam by June 1. These sites are about personal angst and our God-given right to bitch, bitch, bitch. No one gives a sh*t about “House,” the man or the show, anymore. Its all about seeing our own words in print which will last into cyber-infinity. Its about expressing our frustration because the day sucked: our boss was a prick, we didn’t get laid, that bitch in the Mercedes cut us off in traffic, etc. In forums such as this, we can slice and dice our fellow man until all of our vitriol and venom has been expunged, so we don’t beat the crap out of our kids, kick our puppies or bust a cap in grandma’s ass. Its ALL bait and we ALL bite. God bless the internet and instant satisfaction. And God bless that heathen non-believer Greg House and the Man Who Portrays Him, both of whom taught us that it was okay to mock, offend, crush and belittle on our fellow man. And get paid a sh*t load of money in doing so.

  6. appaled says:

    Apparently Pierce Morgan got more class than you, Mr. Laurie. Who would have thought. Oh well. You lost yourself a loyal fan, not that you’d ever care.

    • Maro says:

      Actually it was a very classy answer to a question during an interview that had nothing to do with House.
      He avoided the gushing cliches “excellent actress”, “great friend” etc and gave an answer that was at the same time personal (…miss Lisa very much) and generic (we all miss Lisa…).

    • Bob says:

      Who is Pierce Morgan? Do you mean PIERS Morgan, the CNN and AGT guy?

    • INCREDULOUS says:


  7. Kevin says:

    HUDDY may be over but Season 8 of HOUSE promise to be its last until Hugh Laurie finally wins the Emmy for the time being. Fox better ends this medical mystery.

  8. Luna says:

    House md will miss her too when you tank in the ratings this coming season.

    • Jess says:

      LE and the Cuddy/huddy crap tanked the show, just look at ratings, since season 4 thay went down! Good riddance but maybe the damage she made is too much to save the show now

      • Sam says:

        Sh*tty writing IS TANKING the show; from DS’s mind to the writers’ pens.

        • jaded says:

          Thank you! The strongest episodes in season 7 were all Huddy! The ones that tanked were the badly written ones!!! Like Out of Chute with all those hookers and crazy dumb stunts! The WRITING and the shows runners are what is killing this show..

          • Liz says:

            The strongest episode were Huddy? The most stupid episodes were Huddy. You’ve obviously never seen the first seasons of the show. Then you’d KNOW what a really STRONG episode is.

          • L says:

            House in the first season with no huddy crap and few seconds of Cuddy had 20 millions of viewers, season 7 premiere all about huddy only 10 millions. Huddy ruined the show!

          • TVshow says:

            Agreed !

          • Dani says:

            I’m not that much of a Huddy fan but it has to be said that ‘Family Practice’ did draw in the biggest audience this season.

            In general terms there’s few shows that do maintain the size of their audiences past the 4th or 5th seasons. They just lose the buzz surrounding them and new, fresher formats pop up in other shows that pull viewers away. The writers have compounded that by being repetitive in their making House hit rock bottom once or twice every season.

            This constant bashing of LE and now HL is just ridiculous.

          • @Dani says:

            Family practice did it because of the SB ads! And NCSI’s ratings are still great because they didn’t turn it into a stupid romance

    • Ugh says:

      The rest of the fandom won’t miss her and her Huddy, so bye then. Ratings will be fun, don’t worry. And have fun with LE’s 3 or 4 TGW episodes.

      • Jara says:

        Do you consider the 3 hamerons and the 5 hilsons the rest of the fandom? Good luck with that then.

        • L says:

          Nope, all the people who could care less about stupid ship and loved the smart show House udes to be before the asinine huddy arc

          • well says:

            Apparently you consider yourself “all the people”. Nice to meet you, people. Now I know why you’ve been called idiots.

            All jokes aside, please stop generalizing, you are hurting your cause more than helping it.

          • L says:


            believe what you want, you’re a stupid shipper a lot of us could care less. Go in a corner a cry over your death huddy crap, lol

          • sadstateofaffairs says:

            Honey, everyone is stupid compared to you. You are the most precious oasis of intelligence, please carry on. That’s your audience, TPTB.

          • @sadstateofaffairs says:

            “We want Huddy kiss, huddy sex, OMG huddy sex squeeeee, huddy baby”

            Yes, I’m sure tptb were very proud of huddys, lmao

          • pfft says:

            Jeebus, the same illiterate idiot trolling the boards with the same quotes and pasted sentences. And you’d think they would have learned English by now or at least expanded their repertoire. Ignore.

      • Brendo says:

        Lisa: Shame on you!!!

  9. El says:

    Too late, dude, too late.

  10. Confused... says:

    How is what he said grounds to lose a fan? To the best of my knowledge they’re friends off-screen and it didn’t sound like he was slamming her to me. He simply said he missed her and then moved on to why he was really there. Just because he’s not publicly sobbing about her being gone doesn’t mean he doesn’t miss her or respect her. Sheesh.

    • Ann says:

      Agreed. THANK YOU!

    • Aiden says:

      Yes, thank you! Finally someone with common sense with this board. I never got why people blamed him for LE’s exit. Back off, people. He didn’t fire her.

      • timshel says:

        Agreed. Really out of line for people to attack him over her exit. But it’s expected in here.

      • On, yeah? says:

        How do you know he didn’t fire her? He’s an Exec Producer and, despite his often well-played “aw, shucks” demeanor, I think he has a lot more input on the goings-on behind the scenes than we are led to believe. Executive Producers are all responsible for the financial aspects of the show, so you can probably reasonably assume that he was part of the process when it came to discussions regarding cutting costs, and where those cuts would be made. I think if The Great Hugh Laurie (and let’s face it: no Hugh, no show) had really wanted Lisa Edelstein to remain on the show, he would have made it happen. Odds are, he didn’t give a sh*t if she accepted the contract renewal terms or not. After all, in nine months, he’s OUTTA HERE!

        • Notblind says:

          This is the smartest reply I’ve seen on here. You are absolutely correct. If he wanted her there, she’d be there. He’s THAT powerful. Hugh doesn’t care that much about ANYONE.

          • Disenchanted says:

            Couldn’t agree more! The biggest concern for him is his public image everything else is secondary.

            Set your watches people the countdown to the announcement of House’s newest cast member starts now. #crossinganotheritemofftheirprtodolist

          • Ali says:

            And why he should care about LE? He knows her better than you and maybe she is not the kind of person he could care for. Anyway, it’s not your business

          • putz says:

            You’re mocking the post above you, right? You have to be? Either that or you’re off whatever meds you should be taking.
            Naw, you’re totally mocking!!

        • Ali says:

          So what? He doesn’t want her in the show because she is not a good actress and Cuddy is a lousy character. By getting rid of her he’s just doing his job, deal with it

  11. KC says:

    All of you guys need to take a chill pill. Hugh and Lisa probably talked about her leaving the show before she even made her final decision. I mean, they worked with each other for 7 years, I’m sure they talked about that stuff. And even if he didn’t know about it until her final decision was made, his contract probably has a tiny little clause in it that says he can’t comment on matters such as these. Just because he didn’t make a nice public statement that YOU don’t agree is appropriate?! Go eat some rocks.

    • Sam says:

      LE, DS, Omar, Jesse, Amber etc were together on a trip in Israel a WEEK before LE’s departure was announced. It’s unlikely negotiations had fallen through at that point, otherwise what an awkward trip to take with your ex co-workers.
      Hugh and the rest probably had no prior knowledge of her exit. However, Omar and Peter both commented and shared their surprise/dismay over her leaving. If they can make statements about it then the guy with the most job security certainly can. You said it yourself, “they worked with each other for 7 years,” guess that doesn’t mean much to some people.

      • timshel says:

        What exactly would you have liked him to say? Seems the Edelstein fans and recent haters of the show aren’t happy no matter what, so please enlighten us as to what would have satisfied you.

        • Sam says:

          He could have said exactly what he just did, only 2 MONTHS EARLIER. His timing is what looks bad. Whether or not he owes anyone a statement, people expected something (compare to the Mariska Hargitay/Chris Meloni situation) and it’s been the elephant in the room. It looks like he’s only talking now because TPTB need to make nice in preparation for season 8.
          After LE’s departure was announced all GY could say was “Kaboom.” Now every other tweet is “we miss Lisa.” Right.
          Of course this is all business but the shameless pandering is nauseating.

          • gyoza says:

            A: Maybe he said lots of things to Lisa and since they’ve known each other for 7 years, it’s none of your business
            B: Maybe he has a grip on reality and knows LE didn’t die or anything and will have no problem paying her rent or affording groceries. All things come to an end, especially acting jobs. This isn’t a hugely cataclysmic event.
            C: Maybe you’re a spaz who gets offended over things on a daily basis- and I’m not just throwing that at you because you’re slamming HL. It’s because you typed “shameless pandering is nauseating”. Try harder.

          • dfreak says:

            And why would he do that? Hugh Laurie doesn’t have a twitter account. He doesn’t comment on anything unless directly asked and nobody had asked him in a public interview. Big deal. He was supposed to issue a press release simply to say a generic ‘we miss Lisa’? I seriously doubt he has any interest in making insane LE obsessed fan girls happy. Plus, he’s British, the guy has trouble remarking on his affection for his best friend, Stephen Fry, he’s not exactly one for the sappy. You’re lucky he didn’t dismiss the question with sarcasm.

          • Karomana says:


            well said!
            this is actualy HL’s first public appearance/interview since LE left HOUSE.

  12. amelia says:

    the show can survive without cuddy, i mean after all it was at its peak in the earlier seasons when cuddy had very little screen time. what the show needs is good writing. and i see no reason to bash Hugh for his statement. im sure he does miss lisa and it wasnt really his place to make comments before.

    • Nisha says:

      Amen, everyone is saying “Oh cuddy’s gone, the show is dead now”, In seasons 1-3 she got about 5 minutes of air time per episode and it was great back then. The show must and definetely will go on without her.

  13. Linda K. (HAPPY) says:

    Lisa will be missed, BUT there is always someone that can cover up for what she did to House. Hurt the mans Heart of LOVE. Let me on the show so I can LOVE House the way he wants it. He deserves it. He was giving her hints. But she was to blind to see and give in. In a relationship you work with the person that needs the help. Love them who they are, they will come around. If, they screw up, Forgive them and keep on LOVING them. Send me there to help HOUSE ! ! He needs it bad BIG TIME for this Season.

  14. Michaela says:

    So many of us miss Lisa Edelstein already. She is a beautiful, warm, amazing woman. I just can’t watch the show without her. House without Cuddy there? Not the same show I fell in love with.

    Thanks, Mike. I still remember how the day the exclusive came out and it trended on Twitter for 20 hours that you were one of the few people who know her personally who showed her respect and kindness publicly. You’re a good guy. :)

    • Tamara S. says:

      ”I just can’t watch the show without her. House without Cuddy there? Not the same show I fell in love with”

      I understand your pain, I think the same but for Cameron role, she is so important in season 1: the first, the most important season, but TPTB simply forget her and her importance. I stop watching after season 3 because I hate the show that change everything. But I miss Cuddy too, I miss the wonderful season 1, 2 and 3! I’m so sad…..

      • Michaela says:

        Thank you.

        Yeah, it’s funny how on this show the women are all interchangeable and not one guy has left the cast except Kal Penn, and that was by choice. Must be nice to be a man on that show.

        Btw, a person who likes Lisa and a Cameron fan talking civilly to each other? I feel like the apocalypse is coming or something. I felt really bad for you guys when that happened with JMo. I’m just glad that that finale makes it easier to say good-bye. With Lisa there, I would’ve kept watching the series till the end, no matter how bad it got, with her gone and House turning into someone who is the sum of all his worst parts, his good parts fading into obscurity, his antics are getting dull and uninspired retreads and knowing he’ll never change and his life will be hopeless thanks to all those interviews they gave last season, what’s the point really? I don’t even like House anymore after his spectacular fail in the last five minutes of the season finale, and now I know what they’ve made him into is how he’ll stay.

  15. Curious Q says:

    Just curious did Hugh Laurie and Lisa E. ever date?

    • Michelle R says:

      He’s been married for quite a while — decades. I believe he was caught cheating with a director once upon a time, but if he was ever with LE, they kept it under wraps.:)

    • Sophie says:

      Actually RSL talked about LE’s departure in an interview back in June. The other members of the cast have also talked about LE’s leaving the show.

      So please, Ausiello, stop feeding the Huli shippers because “Huli” doesn’t exist in real life.

    • FYI says:

      Some creeps wish, but NO they didn’t. Hugh Laurie is a happily married man with three kids.

      • Maria says:

        Which he also was when he got caught cheating, lol. I’m not saying that they were dating or anything, I’m not creepy enough to care, but do you really think this stands as an argument?

    • clever panda says:

      Sadly, it’s true. Their email got hacked last summer and they were caught. It happened right after Redondo beach filming, that’s why TPTB dropped the original script, canceled all promotions and nipped Huddy in the bud. The secret everybody knows about.

      • Gloria says:

        It’s not a secret everybody knows, it’s do I say it.. a LIE. Aside from that, nothing in your comment makes the least bit of sense given the actual episodes and scenes that were aired. Hello!? Knock, knock. Are there any sane LE fans out there at all? Please, all of you disrespectful huli obsessives – get some therapy, put on your big girl panties and grow up.

        To the people who are angry at Hugh Laurie for not, uh, well, for not doing or saying whatever it is they think he should be doing or saying, perhaps you should direct your anger towards LE. She left of her own free will. She chose to move her career in a different direction and the reasons don’t matter. They are her reasons, and it’s not Hugh’s or anyone else’s duty or business to publicly comment about her business, career or personal decisions.

      • Embarrassing says:

        Please stop spreading the lies. Are you intentionally trying to ruin their reputation and gain credibility by spinning half-truth? Unfortunately, the hacking thing is true, the rest is utter BS. I mean I have no knowledge of the influence the hacking could have had over certain decisions, but Hugh and Lisa are just very good friends, let’s leave it at that. It’s more than we should know by all accounts.

        While I am not happy with his reaction (or rather its timing), people like yourself are the reason for them to turn into publicity machines.

      • Notblind says:

        Correction: FAKE Hugh and FAKE Lisa were FAKED hacked. Boy, you idiots will fall for anything.

        • truth says:

          The hacking is real, the purported affair is not, H & L are just close friends. Ever wondered why spoilers stopped leaking in the beginning of the last season? Yaitanes got his guys, and they were hackers, not moles.

          • Notblind says:

            That might be true but the fake characters and fake emails that were born out of that whole fiasco were just that…FAKE.

          • @CuriousQ says:

            You can tell Hugh and Lisa are just friends. Yeah they have fantastic chemistry but you can tell by the way they act around each other that they are just friends.

    • missy says:

      Well, LE loves to date married men, so…

      • Rolly says:

        What are you waiting for Ausiello to delete such hateful and insulting comments like this last one? Personal attacks on HL & LE private life should be taken out of the comment section asap.

        • Jess says:

          But it’s true, LE is dating a married man, it’s a fact

        • raveng says:

          Don’t be fool, Ausiello just loves to throw it out there as he knows House fans, Huddies or not, will get the best of his threads with hundreds of replies. Very few shows get these fan reactions and Mike knows it. ;)

        • The whiniest wheel... says:

          He did, cupcake. He deleted two of my posts.

    • enough says:

      Guys, enough. After treatment like this we have no right to be upset with them for not being genuine in public.

  16. ZuZa says:

    Just leave this man alone and live your boring life!

  17. LittleGreg says:

    It’s difficult not to be moved. Although I was hoping for something a little more emotional after all this time.
    Like “We wish Lisa well in her future endeavors.”

  18. Sarah says:

    I’m outraged that so-called “House” fans are mad at Hugh Laurie – the man has done nothing wrong. He was very busy this summer and obviously he has better things to do than pine after Lisa E – the man has been married for over 20 Years for God’s sake. No, she’s not “Ms. Universe” but she is his WIFE, and people have no respect for her.

    It’s ridiculous that people on twitter and FB are claiming that they “talk regularly on the phone about how ‘great’ Huddy was….” – that’s just in their Huli stupid dreams – it was not in the article, it’s a product of their imagination.

    Lisa E made the choice the leave House, and personally I think she did it to get attention as a middle-aged actress, but why leave a show that made your career and a ton of $$$$ just one year before it’s going to end? She has overly rabid fans and she’s letting them down – she’s not exactly ever going to win an Emmy.

    So hate me all you want – but please STOP hating Hugh Laurie and get a LIFE!!!!

  19. seriously? says:

    Come the fvck on. This constant Hugh bashing by LE’s fans is getting really old. You guys wanted him to give a statement, and he did. What did you expect? Him to cry to the press about how the show will ~never be able to go on without her~? It was Lisa’s decision to leave, so I don’t see why everyone else involved with House is getting a ton of hate. She’s gone, move on.

  20. Sally says:

    I won’t mean LE at all and I’m glad she’s gone. What I really hate is that some so called “fans” actually bash Hugh. What’s wrong with you?! Be happy that LE is moving on, go with her and leave that poor guy alone. He’s just doing his JOB, dammit! And he’s doing it very good. I can’t wait for season 8, now more than ever.

  21. Sam says:

    Such a prompt, emotional response. I’m sure Lisa would be moved.

  22. Clare says:

    I think LE would be horrified at the Hugh bashing, he has always been a great fan of hers and a gentleman, I will miss her on House but respect her decision as Hugh did.

    • Alice says:

      Hugh is such a gentleman and THE STAR of the show! He would never say something bad about anybody, even if he doesn’t agree or doesn’t like her decision he would never say this in public.

  23. Cathy says:

    I don’t understand the need to bash either one of them. Most co-workers wouldn’t be commenting publicly about one of them leaving, and since LE didn’t leave under the best circumstances, he may have been asked not to do so. Why bash him? He was asked a question, he asked it, and supposedly he only did so to ingratiate himself with Emmy voters? What?

    And in regards to his personal life, or their so-called affair, how is that any of your business? People who go on websites and make claims about things and never back them up are the ones that disgust me. How do you know? Why is it ok to state something like it’s the truth, when no one else has really heard anything about it?

    Let’s face it: House hasn’t been good for awhile, and whether you think LE was part of the problem or not, it really boils down to the writing. I may or may not watch House again, but if I do so and don’t like it, then it’s my own fault at this point.

  24. C says:

    Please give these actors respect

    • chri says:

      To the so called Lisa fans (I am 1 myself)… please stop bashing on Hugh. I’m pretty sure all this hate on him and the show would terrify the hell out of her and would make her feel embarrassed to be honest. I’m pretty sure Hugh and Lisa talked about her departure and I would’ve been okay with Hugh not commenting about it at all as long as they talked privately. So freaking stop it. Hating won’t make you ‘cool’. It’s getting old and you just look like trolls.

  25. Kim says:

    I don’t think that Hugh really cares about anyone but himself. Nobody can convince me that he cares that Lisa is gone from the show or Jesse got a new contract. He has lost my respect this year.

    • your shrink says:

      I think that Hugh really cares about everyone on the show and least about himself. Nobody can convince me that he doesn’t care that Lisa is gone from the show or Jesse got a new contract. He has gained my respect years ago.

  26. Rach says:

    So what? Either you like LE or you don’t, House MD is over, get to terms with that, they just ran down the whole show… Too much crap around it, time to move on…

  27. Jara says:

    How sweet. Even one of the directors, Greg Yaitanes is tweeting about how much all of them miss her. I´m sure it wasn´t the cast and crew´s fault that she had to walk away and given the fact that Lisa is not only a wonderful actress but a lovely person they must be missing her terribly.

    I read this on twitter too (from another journalist):

    #House star #HughLaurie tells me he’s happy4 #LisaEselstein being snapped up by #GoodWife and they’ve spoken privately how awesome Huddy was.

    I love the fact that they discussed all this in private. That´s what good friends do and i hope they keep being friends after House MD is over.

    • Oh, puh-leeeeze says:

      Some people believe everything they read. Especially if its written by a journalist (no offense, Mike).

    • Chucking UP says:

      Hugh and Lisa have “spoke privately who awesome Huddy was.” I’m more inclined to believe that they spoke privately about how awesome Lisa E’s tits and ass are. Its one thing they can both definitely agree on, considering Lisa E publicly stated that she wanted her tits and ass to draw a paycheck. You’re a “HuLi” Jara, and you offend me.

  28. ada says:

    wow you people need to get a grip and get a life ! Seriously ,I’m not joking !
    I stopped being a fan of House cause the writing got stupid and while I’m still a Hugh Laurie fan , I hate when fanatic supporters of his defend his every action and word and claim he can do no wrong BUT you people are crazy if you think that Hugh or other cast members could have done something about LE leaving or should have done something about it. You are forgetting she has an agent,she ,as a professional , gets her own contract with the network and so on, they all do that, it’s personal ,no one else has anything else to do about it, it’s a damn job! You all make up dreams inside your heads that they must all be a big happy family (or on the contrary),that there are some profound and extraordinary feelings going on between cast members and between cast members and their characters when for them it’s just a job, they don’t ship themselves as u do or ponder their characters as you do.

    It’s funny and sad really because while the fandom fights they get to laugh all the way to the bank and not give a damn. Why fight? Why insult eachother and everyone who doesn’t share your view? Grow up !

  29. LoveHouse says:

    I could care less of LE! Give me news about HL, RSL, JS, about the show, I watch House not the LE show!

  30. Tweety says:

    hehe well LoveHouse, that was a pretty idiotic statement considering that she’s been one of the most important chars for seven seasons, don’t you think so? ;-)

    • lol says:

      Only for LE fangirls and huddys, the first amazing seasons she was just a secondary character with few seconds screen time. The more space she gained the more the show went down hill

  31. Connor says:

    Hugh Laurie has always talked about playing music when his acting career winds down and one would think people wouldn’t begrudge him the chance after playing House for soon to be eight seasons. Plus all of the work he has done and will most likely do. The comment about playing nice to get an Emmy cracked me up,as though Emmy voters were just waiting with baited breathe for his comments on Lisa Edelstein’s departure to give him the award. Hopefully he will win an Emmy because he is a phenomenal actor who is deserving, not because Emmy voters are so fickle.

  32. Jessica says:

    I just don’t see anything wrong with the statement, it’s classic Hugh, he’s never been one to comment on things like that whether it be television or movies. Hugh and Lisa have been friends since they began working together. It’s not anyone’s business but theirs what he says to her in private about her exit from the show. Of course they will miss working together, they are great friends and had a great dynamic and chemistry on the show.
    This anti-Hugh thing is ridiculous, just let it go. Hugh is not the reason Lisa departed the show. Blame Shore, blame Fox. Besides, why should Hugh have to go public with his feelings about Lisa leaving the show? It is not necessary when the relationship between them is a comfortable one that needs no affirmation. I mean seriously, what do either Hugh OR Lisa have to prove to the public? A PR statement is generally designed to keep the fans happy and in this case, Hugh’s job is to put on the best performance possible onscreen to keep the fans happy and he’s done that and then some. His job is to ACT, the PR is up to the PR folks, the network, and the creator of the show. So Hugh hasn’t gone into great detail about how wonderful Lisa is and how much he’s enjoyed working with her. So what? Like we really need that reaffirmation after seven years? We already know it’s true, we know how they feel about their friendship and working relationship. I’m sorry, I maybe alone here but I don’t find anything unusual about the fact that neither Hugh or Lisa has commented about the situation. In fact I admire it. It means they have nothing to prove. It also shows that they believe the responsibility to explain this mess is not theirs, but Shore’s and Fox Broadcasting too.
    Lisa was a vital part of the show, there is no question. I’m going to miss her. The great dynamic of House-Cuddy-Wilson is gone and it pains me not to watch Season 8. As much as I love Hugh’s performances, after what TPTB did in Season 7, I just can’t bear to watch the final season. Of course it’s easier said than done isn’t it? Such a shame too because the final season could really have been terrific, but then again Season 7 could have been too…

  33. pia says:

    Why the Hugh Laurie hate? He made a kind comment about her absence and he still comes under the hammer. This is so stupid, why didn’t anyone of them ever ask LE for her reasons? Why always bash the others? Where is their Queen? She made the decision to leave the show which made her rich and famous. Why can`t she explain her decision and calm down her rabid fans.
    First and foremost she can thank Hugh Laurie B/c for God’s sake he is House and the reason why this show became the most watched in the world.

    BTW: Inviting silly rumours about the actors privacy don`t prove your bitter arguments.

  34. HL says:

    Hugh is amazing and is not his fault ok? Lisa gone because she wants to make new things …Hugh is a gentleman you all Knew that an Lisa love him,sure they are friends …So stop saying those stupid things about him…He is a good person ..Only people who talked to him know that Hugh Laurie is a great character….Get a life guys Laurie said that NOW because NOW all are more calm and who knows ??? maybe Lisa stays in the ….end

  35. Mila says:

    I wont miss her at all!!! Who was she before House? NOBODY
    Who will she be after leaving? NOBODY

    • @Mila says:

      Oh my, YOU must be SOMEBODY. Of course, she was nobody, because YOU have never heard about her. That explains things. A lot. The producers of the best drama on TV should have listened to you too, obviously, otherwise they wouldn’t have snatched her up in three days. Tough luck being ignorant hater.

    • Don't Show Your Ignorance says:

      LE has been on many of the best written, most popular shows on TV. There’s a site called IMDB. West Wing, Ally McBeal, Frazier, Friends, Seinfeld, just to name a few. Look it up don’t show your ignorance.

      • Kim says:

        I watched some of these show but I don’t remember her. How many episodes for each one of them? How many minutes of screen time?

  36. Carmen says:

    I don’t care LisaE.
    I’m a fan of smart people, and Hugh Laurie is the most talented man in the world !!!. He is intelligent, and has a life; not as others who spend their lives cursing people who do not meet.

    The message is: Girls, Get a Life !!! ;)

  37. eli says:

    GregYaitanes Greg Yaitanes
    Quite a conversation today on set about the #House twitter fans.
    30 Jul

    GregYaitanes Greg Yaitanes
    @denisekellerman Lisa left the show. Wasn’t our choice. She chose to leave. Sadly.
    17 hours
    what happened at the meeting, who did the talking Hugh

    Hugh Laurie
    “We all miss Lisa very much,”

  38. roos says:

    I will miss LE very much, that’s for sure. She’s my favorite actress and House my favorite show !!

    but huddy didn’t ruined te show, maybe it wasn’t a good storyline, but that’s because of the writers not because of huddy or LE, beacause some people say that, but I think is nog true !!

    and I like how hugh say that; we all miss lisa very much !


  39. Resolved says:

    Seriously, LE didn’t say much in her statement, the networks said nothing, the House team – including HL – says minimal, and that is fine. This is business and they are not hear to feed this tabloid mentality. The press does that in the way they report it without any additional help.

    LE is not coming back. Neither is JMo, Sela Ward or anyone else that House has closed the book on. Hilson will likely stay friends, but ppl hoping for some grand gay story will be disappoointed. HuLi is not going to happen. All of this shipping talk is just the stuff that gives fans a bad name and it keep the fanbase stagnant.

    Like it or not, the finale was shot and that story of House is now part of House. They have to build on it. Doesn’t matter how anyone feels. They have to move forward. People will like the jail story or hate it. The story will need to move on from there too. The writers make choices, and even when they find out it may have been a bad one, they still have to keep writing. Erasing it for a do-over isn’t an option; Re-sets have not proven to be successful actions. The writers and producers have to be resolved to move the show forward in spite of everything.

    When the series ends, these actors will move on and new ships will be created and obsessions formed, and more fodder for the tabloid reporters, they will feed off each other and the cycle will continue.

    It’s time to be resolved to reality hear. Bashing and fighting and defending and dancing around issues and playing reporting games don’t change anything. All sides have fans within their sect who have fallen into bad behavior. Even the House team. A lot of fans don’t thrive on this conflict, and would rather just talk reasonably. It doesn’t matter. Fans need to move forward with it or move forward with their lives.

    • Kath G says:

      Great post, and I agree with every word you say. LE is gone, her decision. That decision is between her, her agent and the network. Contracts are private business. As for the Hugh bashing, its disgusting and unnecessary. He has done nothing wrong here. He goes to work, gives a 110% performance, and goes home, everybody who works with him in Hollywood and UK, has nothing but great things to say about him and his work ethic. He has a family, and has been married to his wife Jo for over 20yrs. It disgusts me totally that there are some, who can not separate fictional characters from real life. There must be some psychiatric tearm for that! People its a TV show, one that I have loved since day one. Its story telling, these characters do not exist. Worrysome that some dont get that.

  40. Vago says:

    I will miss Cuddy and Lisa too… It’s sad that she is not going to be with them at the end… :-(

  41. Alves says:

    Lisa chose to leave the show!! It was her choice! Maybe she could stay to finish her storyline… We don’t know what happening… I will miss her but I HAVE HUGH LAURIE and it is what matters!!!

  42. kEVIN says:

    Be happy Lisa, if you chose to leave, but I’m looking forward to the next season, Hugh Laurie is the star for me!!

  43. AlAn says:

    I’m sad for the rest of the cast… not for Lisa. Lisa chose her step and suddenly left the show. What a shame… Now she’s the poor girl? C’mon!
    For me, great is who remains together until the end!

  44. Alice says:

    Hugh is a gentleman, I didn’t expect he say something bad about her or this situation in public, but I’m sure he is not happy at all…

  45. Dias says:

    Saddest: People blaming Hugh or the rest of the cast about Lisa’s departure. How imature?? Lisa CHOSE to leave! So… Is she selfish??? Could be…
    C’mon people. Grow up!

    • AlAn says:

      Yes! For me Lisa is selfish! And maybe she will regret about it in the future…

    • Borealis Babe says:

      I came late to the party, but I don’t think people are blaming Hugh Laurie for Lisa Edelstein’s departure. What I think some of them are saying is that Hugh Laurie probably has enough clout that, if he really wanted to, he could have “insisted” that FOX accommodate Lisa Edelstein’s contract requirements; however, he didn’t. Additionally, I believe a minority opinion here is that Lisa Edelstein might have overplayed her hand in her contract negotiations, which was clearly evidenced by FOX not meeting her price. Or perhaps she really wanted to leave and therefore threw a number out there that she knew would be rejected by FOX. Finally, everyone else who matters (co-stars, Shore and Yataines) made some sort of public statement regarding Lisa Edelstein’s decision not to renew shortly after she made her announcement. However, Hugh Laurie remained silent until recently and the statement that he DID make was rather trite and generic (as a previous poster here quite succinctly described it). I don’t think anyone really knows what to make of that, but I don’t think its fair to accuse those people of “Hugh-bashing.” Perhaps we were all imagining a relationship between the two that did not really exist. Who knows? Hollywood is a transient town, as are Hollywood relationships, I reckon.

      • Merkof says:

        HL remained silent because at the time of LE’s announcement he was at Papua New Guinea for the filming of Mr Pip. (See prerecorded interview on BBC 2, Steve Wright in the Afternoon 23.05.2011). He was back in London mid-July and arrived at LA July 20th.
        This is his first public appearance since his last concert in Paris May 11th.
        When did you expect him to comment?
        Also this interview has to do with his music and his New Orleans documentary. He very correctly avoided expanding on HOUSE matters. Not everybody sleeps and wakes up wanting to know what is happening in HOUSE universe!

        • What's your problem? says:

          Wow. You were bound and determined to spank someone, weren’t you? Borealis Babe just offered a reasonable explanation for some individuals’ confusion and curiosity, without insult to anybody, and you just had to smack her (I assume its a “her”) down, didn’t you? I didn’t realize that you were privy to Mr. Laurie’s itinerary. Apparently YOU are the one who lives and breathes the “House Universe,” you freakin’ stalker. Mind your manners.

          • No problem says:

            Talk for yourself.

            I do live in a House/HL universe, in Europe where HL was very much in view April and May promoting his Blues CD in numerous concerts and interviews.
            But the PBS people are definitely not House mad.

  46. Ceci says:

    I have 4 words that explain the situation about the two parts (executives of Fox and Lisa): Money, fame, ego and ingratitude. Result: Shame and sadness.

    It’s even sad for the rest of the cast around this situation.

    • Resolved says:

      People! Again, NO ONE is a villain here. The networks did what they needed to do in their opinion to save money. LE did what she needed to do for her personal reasons and her own self-respect. The writers writer their story. The actors are doing what they feel is right for them.

      Guess what? If HL walked tomorrow and said, “I’ll pay a fine and get out of this contract. I’m becoming a full-time musician.” He wouldn’t be selfish. He’s be living his life.

      The only truly selfish people are the fans who are complaining about the actors and writers. They don’t live their life for you. They don’t write for you. They have a right to their lives.

      Get your head out of the sand and Move-on!

  47. Casseres says:

    Ainda estou bem triste com essa situação. Acho que tudo foi muito rápido e mal planejado e mal pensado, as duas partes deveriam ter tido mais consideração e respeito. Estou triste com a Fox e com a Lisa também.

    • Casseres says:

      Todavía estoy muy triste por esto. Creo que fue muy rápido y mal planificado y mal pensado, ambas partes deberían haber tenido más consideración y respeto. Me siento muy triste por la Fox y Lisa también.

  48. Gina says:

    People: Lisa Edelstein CHOSE not to return to the show. BLAME HER!!!

  49. Karo says:

    Who cares? I thought the show is about Houses` journey and HL is the Big star. I´m fed up with all this LE-exit stuff, i never watched for Cuddy and won`t miss her.
    She choose to leave one of the most watched and popular TV show in the world.Okay,If she thinks she can do better and will find a job with the same paycheck UMS/Fox offered her, she allegdly refused to take, than i wish her good luck. I can only laugh about her decision.

    Hey Mike,Can we have a real,decent and extensive interview with HL, DS or one of the other castmembers. Here are fans who actually care for the show and can`t wait for season8 to start. Thanks

    • beto says:

      Agree!!! She decided to try other things, good luck for her, it’s not so easy… House md still is a very popular show. But I stay right here with Hugh until the end!!! ;-)

  50. MUNAlisa says:

    It’s time to move on! If you are a Lisa’s fan and don’t care about House md, so it’s time to move on! Don’t blame Hugh, Robert, FOX, etc. It was Lisa’s CHOICE. Stop losing your time, blame everybody around, the fact is: Lisa left the show and won’t come back.

    I’m a House/Hugh’ fan, I’m looking forward.