Haley Reinhart Signs to Interscope: Which Season 10 Idols' Music Will You Buy?

For some folks, American Idol is a jaunty little TV show that provides a fine distraction every Wednesday and Thursday night from January to May. For others, it’s a 365-day-a-year obsession that’s yielded dozens of album downloads and a terrifying number of iTunes spins that we would rather not begin to count. Since I fall into the latter category, I’m not ashamed to admit that I spend an inordinate amount of time pondering the post-Idol careers of my favorite former contestants — seriously, folks, it’s time you checked out Aloha Misho’s Badd EP on iTunes, as well as Jordin Sparks’ latest single “I Am Woman” — and that certainly applies to the ladies and gentlemen of Season 10.

Which brings me to just about the happiest words I’ve heard since I got my husband to utter a wedding vow in which he agreed to watch a steady diet of bad reality TV till death do us part: Season 10’s third-place finisher (and Idoloonies champ) Haley Reinhart has signed a deal with Interscope Records, joining winner Scotty McCreery, runner-up Lauren Alaina, and ninth-place finisher Pia Toscano as the latest show alumni to score major-label deals. Anyone who followed even a smidgeon of my Season 10 Idol coverage knows my love of Haley, from her breakout moment on “Bennie and the Jets” to her moved-me-to-tears take on “You and I” to her devastating, bluesy cover of “House of the Rising Sun.” And while Haley could pretty much record a Captain and Tennille tribute album and I’d be the first to pre-order it, her Idoloonies exit interview back in June (embedded below) — in which the old-soul 21-year-old outlines blues and rock influences as diverse as Art Blakey to Led Zeppelin — convinced me I won’t be disappointed when she finally gets around to releasing her debut record.

But what about the rest of her Idol contemporaries? I’ve already downloaded Pia Toscano’s reasonably good lead single, “This Time,” and while I’m hoping the rest of her CD contains slightly more distinctive material, I’d be lying if I said I won’t automatically pick up her album based entirely on my general adoration of her vocals and a sense of Idol loyalty that’ll be hard to break. And I’m also inclined to check out  any future music from Paul McDonald, since his pre-Idol album with the Grand Magnolias is in regular rotation on my iPod. And since I’m already halfway down the rabbit hole, I might as well admit I’m also going to keep a close ear on the post-Idol output of Kendra Chantelle, Lauren Turner, Naima Adedapo, and maybe even Casey Abrams — as long as he doesn’t indulge too deeply in his Jack Black wannabe tendencies. I’m probably less excited to hear the debut releases from the Season 10 Top 2, Scotty and Lauren, mostly because I don’t really listen to a lot of current country records, but hey…if either one of ’em collaborates with Wynonna or Reba or Willie or Dolly — I know, I know…never gonna happen — they might just be able to extract $15 from my wallet.

What about you, Idoloonies? Which Season 10 Idols are you looking forward to downloading in the next couple years? A smooth R&B disc from Stefano Langone? (Hrmm.) A metal revival record from James Durbin? (I might go for that, actually.) Some saucy dance remixes from Ashthon Jones? (Uff da. You know I’d buy that, too.) Sound off below, and for all my Idol news and commentary, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. t.t says:

    haley :D

  2. Miguel says:


  3. SpyKi says:

    Haley’s will be a day one purchase for me.

  4. Templar says:

    I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to purchase Scotty’s EP since it’s release. It sold out day one and has yet to be restocked. No one else remotely interests me, but I’m loving Adam Lambert’s new “Outlaws” song and looking forward to his new CD.

    • Kevin says:

      if you can’t find the EPs in walmart stores, you can always order it from walmart.com

      Pia would be the only person i’d ever consider buying.. she’s the only good one in my opinion, but good for Haley

      • Templar says:

        I’d rather pay $10 for it from Amazon than give WalMart my credit card info. But, that’s just paranoid me.

    • Lana says:

      I didn’t know Adam has a new song or CD. When is it comming out because his I will buy. I will also do Scotty as his voice is like butter on the radio and I love Country.

      • Teresa says:

        There’s no official word on Adam’s cd release date, but the rumor is November 8th. In the meantime, he previewed a song (not a single) called “Outlaws of Love” from the new album. Several people have Youtubed it. This is one of the best ones:

        Outlaws of Love

  5. Mrrz says:

    I’m so thrilled by this news! The album is going to be great! I know she won’t disappoint us, now us haliens have to be patient and wait for it.

  6. Idolfan94 says:

    I’d go for Haley’s album :) maybe Scotty or Lauren..I like em’.

    no way in hell I’m buying anything from Stefano or the other rejects..sorry.

  7. Ally B says:

    I cannot wait for Haley’s record! She is the most unique and soulful idol contestant and I bet her original music will not dissapoint! :)

  8. ladyhelix says:

    Haley & Naima were the only two that moved me to pick up the phone and vote this season, and I will definitely be watching for their albums. But I really can’t wait to see them at their own concerts (James, Paul, and Casey would be fun in concert too).

    • Gg1101 says:

      Naima? Really? Seriously, what moved you about her? She was terrible by all accounts except the judges, who had no harsh words for anyone this season.

      • Mary says:

        So agree. Naima to ruined the top ten. I am glad Scotty won, but I still can’t believe Naima had enough votes to be in the top ten. For that reason I think the voting is suspect.

      • ladyhelix says:

        It’s hard to put my finger on it – but I’ll try.
        When Naima sang – I felt it; and I could tell she felt it. The music “moved” her to do some unusual things and the risks she took (though they didn’t always work) kept things fresh. Naima knew she was there to entertain us and she always made an effort to make me think about things or hear things in a new way. It was a delight to see what she had in store from week to week – in very much the same way it was with Adam.
        An American Idol is more than a good singer – an Idol is an entertainer. I am not tuning in to be subjected to recital pieces – I tune in to be moved – to be entertained. Early on a lot of the younger kids were not hearing/feeling the music – much less making any effort to entertain or be creative. Many of them sounded the same week after week. That was never a problem with Niama (or Adam). And I also appreciated that she was always gracious, humble, and positive.
        No her voice is nothing like Scotty’s, and I’m not sorry that he won. Naima’s pitch issues alone (in the pre-earpiece training performances) were unforgivable – and justified her being sent home. But I WAS moved to vote for her in those early weeks, I think she’ll write very interesting music (she has a distinct point of view and a voice), and I would LOVE to see her in concert.

        • JB says:

          Nice try, ladyhelix, but I still don’t get your Naima love. Her pitch issues never really went away even though you think they did (post-earpiece training) and her performances made me laugh. I thought she was awful; just a caricature of a performer. How you can mention her and Adam Lambert together in the same post is beyond me since Adam is incredibly talented and she’s…well, not. While your comment about AI being about more than a good singer may be true, Naima wasn’t even a good singer and her ridiculous leaping around and fake Jamaican patois were laughable.

        • Teresa says:

          Naima is a good all-round entertainer. I appreciated her incorporating dance into her performances. Comments on the tour indicate that her song is infectious and she gets good energy going in the audience.

        • Joy says:

          I’m with you 100%, ladyhelix — Naima is inventive and charismatic and fearless, and while that didn’t make her consistent enough for the Idol stage, it should yield a terrific album — in a recording setting, you’ve got the time to experiment and discard the misses and assemble what works into the final package. And if she needs some auto-tune to carry it off live, that’s okay with me; so do Rihanna and lots of others who nonetheless make interesting, entertaining music and put on great shows. Besides, at Idols Live, I actually don’t think Naima was auto-tuned, and she was very solid — one of the highlights of the show. (She actually made me ENJOY that awful J-Lo song…) The haters can keep on hating, but I’ll be looking forward to whatever she does next.

    • Satchvai says:

      I’m with you on Naima. She has soul, just like Haley and they are really good friends. I was pulling for her early on and think she is an amazing talent. I think she got out of her wheelhouse a time or two on Idol and that is what is leaving a bad impression of her but in her jazzy/blues wheelhouse, she was definitely Top 10 worthy. Sorry if some people don’t get it, but those of us that do will support her now and in the future.

  9. Tusk says:

    Welcome back to the topic of Haley, Michael, :)

    We’re still wondering if you will come out with the Uncut, ‘behind the scenes’ version of your Haley interview, or some other juicy nugget you are so adept at pulling out of your inteviewees.

    3500+ comments on this site and a tenacious fan base tells me there is a market for it, we haven’t had enough from this Fierce Female.

    • Tusk says:

      As for who I will purchase? Certainly Haley, a no-brainer since lo these many months I have been completely enraptured in her brilliance.

      The other’s?,

      I still wish the best for James although his post-Idol Shenanigans make me wonder about his chances or direction. Metal is a hard road to ho and throwing verbal grenades and burning bridges before you’ve made album one is very, very unwise.

      I will check back on Lauren in 4 or 5 years. By that time she, hopefully will have ‘who she is as an artist’ worked out, and maybe take some tips from Haley about navigating your career the way you want. Her voice is also unique and full of texture like Haley’s, just not fully developed yet.

      The rest will have to do a whole lot more to get my attention at this point

      Even Casey, who I like, but like Michael, I think his focus may be headed the Jack Black’ way. Even in his tour performances his scats are sounding more like Fozzy Bear than Louis Armstrong.

      • kjk says:

        Same here Haley – no thought required – tho others? On James yourspot on – funny for all the talk of Haley’s “Attitude” this guy has been showing nothing but as of late – was conspicuously absent from audience when Haley sang her swan song to ‘sick of singing karroke’comment’s to “like to see Lauren fall” burning bridges about Gaga and others – and yet he was one I liked initially
        To be honest Casey could be the only other possibiity for as others don’t have any ‘hook’ for me voice wise – or genre wise

    • Tusk says:

      Found by Idolforums poster, InItToWinIt

      From Nashville, so the latest…pretty in depth about the coming album (asking Casey to add tunes to songs she’s working on? Maybe a Casey guest appearance?)

      Sounds like her voice may be taking a bit of a beating, or maybe it’s her natural voice, but in a whispered tone….take care of that instrument, Haley!!

      • Tusk says:

        I been calling for a McCartney/Beatles collaboration with Haley for months mostly because of her obvious love and reverence for the Beatles. In this interview,she reveals she is going to see Sir Paul @ Wrigley Field on a day off as the AI tour into Chicago.

        She wants to meet Paul…Interscope…..MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Speaking of welcomes back, the same could be said for you, sir.

      As for my Idol purchases, Haley definitely, and a) if Casey produces a recording of his own and b) if he’s taking the jazz path as opposed to some of his other stuff, Casey is a possibility.

      • Tusk says:

        Thnx @MAE,

        Always happy to discuss my current favorite subject with other fans, hard to keep my enthusiasm to myself. Following this particular Idol is especially fun because there is so much out there of her pre/post Idol.

        If she becomes as big as I hope, (Not necessarily GaGa big, but big enough so she can make a good, impactful career doing something she is great at and loves), it will be like I got to watch her career from the beginning. I truly believe her to be one of those once in a generation type of talents.

        I just can’t wait until she is able to solo tour and I get to experience her live.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          Completely understand and agree ;-). It’s exciting/thrilling to think of Haley’s future, and that if what we think/dream for her comes to pass, to know that each of us played a part (whether large or small) in that!

  10. mada says:

    Definitely Casey and Haley…

    maybe Scotty and Pia too..

  11. Francesca says:

    I’ll support HALEY all the way!!! Can’t wait what she comes up with :)

  12. Charles says:

    Haley Reinhart is the only season ten contestant that I have purchased music from thus far ( Walmart EP & iTunes recordings ) and, more than likely, that will continue when the albums start dropping.

  13. tamara says:

    I can’t wait for Haley’s album. Maybe we’ll get a single by the end of the year.
    Just for the artists she says she loves and the songs she did on the show, I know I’m gonna love her album. And her voice is just so hypnothising…
    I buy about 1 or 2 albums per year, no more. Sp I really gotta love someone to buy their album. And Haley falls into that category.
    There’re 2 albums I can’t wait to buy this year: Michelle Branch’s new one in the fall, and Haley Reinhart’s, whenever that is.

    • tamara says:

      Also, I’m following Kendra Chantelle, Lauren Turner and Rachel Zevita on twitter, to keep up with them. They were amazing, and I still can’t believe they didn’t make it on Idol.

      • KjK says:

        Have to agree with that – escec Rachel Zevita …..thooo if that happened Haley may have never have gotten as far as she did (or maybe not even in at all)- and being Helplessly Hooked (like someone on meth)I can’t say am to torn up about it

  14. Cassandra says:

    I will pick up Haley’s without a doubt. I’m thrilled that she’s signed and can’t wait for her, sure to be, glorious album.

  15. Diehard Reinhart says:

    Lady Reinhart’s of course. By the way, she’s 20, not 21.

  16. Brock says:

    James and Pia for sure….

    Maybe Scott and Lauren.

    Not Haley. Nope. Nuh uh.

  17. Erin says:

    The only season 10 content’s album I would buy is James Durbin.

    • Victor says:

      At last a die hard James Durbin fan. Way to go Erin!
      My list in order of preference:
      1. James
      2. Casey
      3. Pia
      4. Paul

      • Gg1101 says:

        Maybe if he went more in the direction of Muse, I would at least listen to the album once. Doubtful I buy it though. His whining that he calls singing is pretty damn annoying. He is in no way metal. Pantera, Soulfly, Mushroomhead, etc… That is metal. James Durbin is just annoying.

  18. drdov(UK) says:


  19. Crystal says:

    Stefano, Haley, Naima. Already got Pauls for free cuz he gave it to us :) Never gonna buy Scottys or Jacobs. Maybe Laurens Caseys and James. Not Thia Or Pia.

  20. Bones says:

    I had not been to Walmart in ten years until my addiction to all things Haley compelled me to brave that place. Her sales would definitely be higher if people weren’t forced to degrade themselves by going to that store. Thankfully her own album will be available everywhere and overseas too where I think her market is much bigger than the other idols.

    • Tusk says:

      The overseas market won’t even know what hit them once the force of nature named, Haley, comes ashore.

      In a way I envy them that sensation of sudden realisation of what they are witnessing.

      (‘WTF’ moment…or the french version: “Le Zoot Alors!” moment).

      Hold on to your boot straps world because here she comes…..

      • EvaneSam says:

        I’ll stand ready with my camera to catch their reactions and post it online :P

        p.s. I loved Haley since her Bennie performance (maybe even Blue) but I still get that sensation of sudden realisation when re-watching some of her performaces. Like you said….the force of nature named Haley, gets me everytime :D

        • Tusk says:

          I have watched many, many tour performances since it started, but just as I think I’ve seen it all, another vid will pop up and I’ll say…..”Whoaaa!”

          It’s hard keeping my expectations for her future tempered especially nowadays when we all need something NOW!

          She is the only one on tour, it seems, that will sprinkle this nuance, that turn, and stun you with a vocal left hook that sets the hairs on the back of your neck at attention.

          So excited for her and for the coming album…Haven’t had this sensation in years…maybe decades.

      • Laura says:

        Actually, Haley already has many worldwide fans.
        I’m from Spain, and I can tell you that all the people I’ve spoken to on twitter (from Spain) who watched Idol this season are fans of Haley.
        But not only fans, but she was their favorite. We’re all kinda obsessed with her.
        She can come do a concert in Madrid, I bet it’ll be packed. Not only with the many Americans living here, but with tons of Spanish fans. We watch Idol too, and Haley was the best for us, no doubt.

        • Tusk says:

          So the Spanish version of the “WTF” moment is the “¡Dios mío” moment? LOL

          • tamara says:

            hahahha!! yes. Or more like “¡Ay dios!”
            Though some of us have already acquired the WTF :)

        • TexasHaleyFan says:

          The Idol tour is already going to East Asia with a concert in Manila on Sept 20. It looks like Jimmy want to market Haley as retro 60’s bluesy rocker on her first album based on her 19E promotion photo, with Haley wearing bell bottom blue jeans and looking very similar to Stevie. Haley covered a lot of musical ground on the show so her album could be really special if produced correctly and I can not wait to hear it.

          • tamara says:

            I didn’t know that.
            I wish they did one in Europe. They could do one in London, since it’s the city that seems cheaper or easiest to go to from all over Europe. I would so be there if they did a concert, in London or any other European city.

          • Niko says:

            I’m in Manila, and I love Haley, and I would watch their concert if it wasn’t so bleeping expensive… and if not for the other contestants which I don’t really care about. If Haley gets an album out and returns here (fingers crossed) for a solo concert, I am SOOOO there.

    • EvaneSam says:

      Well Haley definitely has one fan overseas who will buy her album as soon as it’s released in Europe….Me!

      As for others … I’d buy Caseys, I’m not really into Metal so unless James’s first song isn’t amazing I’ll probably skip it. Same goes for Lauren and Scotty (except the part where they’re country and their 1st songs are … well … youknow) Hoping for 2nd songs to be better. Other than that I’d consider Naima and Stefano’s albums. Thia, Pia and Jacob didn’t impress me much and Paul has been kinnda Meh’ as well.

      But I will listen to all of their first releases with an open mind. I’m not above admitting I was wrong about some of them … so here’s me hoping.

      • Carole1015 says:

        Speaking of her international appeal, can you imagine what the British reaction to her will be? I love Adele, Duffy and the late, great Amy Winehouse….but we’ve got Haley and she has the kind of retro flavor to rival the best of what the Brits have to offer.

        Haley, get out there and represent :)

    • Shela says:

      Well, I am still waiting for my EP to arrive, (Haley´s Highlights, of course), from the Amazon store. Apparently, this time it has already shipped.

      I couldn´t buy it from the Walmart Website or download it from Itunes, for monetary restrictions in my country. Certainly, her new record will have a broader distribution and it will be easier for some of us to buy it.

      Music from any other Idols?, Casey maybe…I don´t see myself buying Pia´s or James music; not interested in Country, but still, I am open to listen and change my mind…

      • Tusk says:

        A Poster on the Haleyloonies comments from Australia, OzHaleyFan, figured a way around the ‘monetary restrictions’.

        As I recalled he bought a gift card, not sure if it was a Credit Card gift card (AMEX,VISA,MC) or Walmart one or not.

        Apparantly he could make the online purchase using the gift card. I’ve never tried it and too lazy to review the 3500 comments to find it so, someone else will have to confirm if this works.

        • Shela says:

          Apparently I´ll have plenty of time to look into it, since Haley is going to take her time to come up with that record…Hopefully it will be all that she hopes for.

          • Gg1101 says:

            If you really want it, I’ll buy it here in the states and ship it to you and you can paypal me the money for it and the shipping.

          • Shela says:

            Thank you Gg1101! that´s a kind offer. I am expecting to receive it from Amazon any time soon, but for her new record, whenever it comes out, I would love to have that option opened…
            By the way I didn´t know where to reply to your post, so I had to write it here.

        • My Alter Ego says:

          @ Tusk:

          That sounds about right. If I recall correctly, PayPal factored in there somehow, as well.

        • OzHaleyFan says:

          I purchased an eGift card using PayPal and then use the eGift Card to purchase the music download from Walmart. From memory, Walmart will still ask you for a US address and phone number prior to the download – I just used Google to find any valid US address and phone number.

          • Tusk says:

            Hey OzHaleyFan, long time,

            So this was only used to purchase the download which wouldn’t have worked for what Shela and other overseas fans who wanted something shipped to them. Guess it’s time to make connections with trustworthy Haley fans in the States to facilitate shipping overseas after all :( .

            Others disagree, but IMO the production sounds more rich on the EP than the download. I just bought mine more to symbolise support for Haley than the added studio of YOK.

            In fact I prefer to listen to the ‘enhanced’ version of YOK posted on youtube by yet another talented Haley Fan who tried to add more edge and fibre to Haley’s version of that song (which the studio version lacked).

            (Some added atmospheric effects are OK, and have grown on me after a few listenings)…

            Good summer day, windows down, stereo up driving song:

            Thnx for clarifying OZ

            Aussi Aussi Aussi Oy Oy Oy LOL :)

          • OzHaleyFan says:

            Hey Tusk, I have not tried purchasing the physical EP, however, I suspect Walmart will only ship to a US address. I would love to own a copy of haley’s physical EP, but I am happy to be able to download the mp3 version and support Haley from Down Under.
            Thanks for posting the link to the enhanced version of YOK – I am warming to it but will probably need a few more listens in the car so I can crank up the volume. It’s winter down here and the window is staying up, however, I am not as aggro in traffic jams on the way to/from work as I can spend more time listening to Haley. Can’t wait till she release her first album. Hooroo!

    • Carole1015 says:

      Bones, I second that emotion. I can’t stand Walmart and what they stand for, so I knew I was a true Reinhart devotee when I went there to buy her EP. (Oh, the things I do in the name of Haley-love.)

      Is Haley a songwriter herself? If so, I’d love to hear some original compositions from her, along with tracks in that retro rock/soul/blues/jazz vein.

      I’ve got complete faith in her ability to come up with something amazing!

  21. Suncatcher says:


    If anyone deserves an Emmy, People’s Choice, Internet (?) award, it’s you and your team for pieces like this. You have to now be one of the finest interviewers there is – in any media. I saw this when you first released it and just sat through it again. It’s that good.

    Thank you and Congratulations, Michael!

  22. haleyloonie says:


  23. Access says:

    Haley! Go Haley!

  24. BB says:

    HALESSSSYEAHHHHH!!!!!!! I am 54 and the first I-tunes I ever bought were Haley’s (I got all of them). I also bought a few of Casey’s, a couple of Naima’s and one of Pia’s (all from the show). I am certain that I will continue to buy Haley’s music….as for the others, it depends on what they come out with, but I did NOT like Pia’s new single.

    *Reinharted for life*

  25. Haley! Derr!

    Also, LAuren Alaina and Kendra Chantelle (if she ever releases something).

    I might buy James Durbin’s album just so he can afford to buy diapers for his baby.

  26. Vada says:

    James!!! I will pre-order whatever he records.

  27. carol says:

    Most definitely James Durbin MY #1)–Lauren possibly, Paul, Naima, -they all are good–some just not my type of music–

  28. sara says:

    I will be counting down the days for haley’s album. I have to keep telling myself to be patient cuz I want her to take her time and make it amazing unlike these other fools who are already done with probably their only album they will ever make. I will also be checking up with paul. He’s is the only other I think I’d try.

  29. Kirstin says:

    Haley joins Adam and Cookie in the I will totally buy anything they put out category. And I might go for some Casey as well. I love jazz.

  30. SoozinCA says:

    As long as the label plays to her strong suit which is a bluesy, jazzy vibe more in the Adele vein and doesn’t try to push her into the pop-princess mold that is so not her style, I will most likely buy Haley’s album. As for others, I’ll wait to see what they produce – Pia is a maybe, even Lauren is a maybe depending on the song choices. I’m impressed by Scotty’s voice but his old-school country style isn’t my thing.

  31. Rick says:

    Haley for sure- I signed up for an e-mail notification for her album weeks ago.
    None of the others are so definite, but James and Paul (Paul moreso) are possibilites for me, depending on what kind of stuff they put out.
    Not interested in the Top 2, Casey, Stefano, or any of the robot girls (Pia, Thia, Karen, and company).

  32. Amy says:

    Cannot wait for Haley’s album! Will most definitely buy! Also, I hope Paul and Kendra put something out. I would most definitely buy that too.

  33. Bee says:

    Haley’s!! :D

  34. Kate says:

    Before I even started reading this article I started my ITunes rotation of Reinhart as background music. I’m even more jazzed about her – a lot actually – than I was with MaMaSox :) But I need Moanin’ in my rotation, hope it will be on the album!

    • My Alter Ego says:

      Wouldn’t that be the absolute best?

      On the other hand, from the standpoint of the performers, after singing it almost daily for the tour, they might be so sick of it, that neither of them will want to hear/sing it again.

      • Tusk says:

        I think Haley fully understands the ups and downs of touring…She’s been doing it since 8. Ask her if she’s bored doing “Oh Darlin'” or “Night and Day”. She has probably done those songs tons of times, even “Moanin'” she did before AI, and still was excited enough to bring it to a national audience.

        Unlike James, who has complained about doing Karaoke on tour, Haley knows better. Touring is about doing songs over and over, including fan favorites…over and over.

        In her newest interview she says she wants to take in “everything” about the tour and will wait to record so her entire focus is on the recording. She wants to be able to work solely on something to represent who she is, and it sounds like Interscope is going to let her do that, which is unique because of how they have rushed Scotty, Lauren and Pia’s songs out.

        (Paul complained pre-tour that one of the things he hated was being asked to do Maggie Mae…and guess what song he has to do every other night on tour? That’s right, Maggie Mae.)

        That is one of the many wonderful things about being a Haley fan is she is unafraid to do the same song, differently…trying out a change here and there. In the Haleyloonies episode she said…you have to have a road map for a song, but improvisation is what she loves…and that attitude really shows in every one of her tour performances.

        In Haley I trust (and apparently so does Interscope and Jimmy Iovine)

        • My Alter Ego says:

          @ Tusk:

          Yes, no, maybe —

          Here’s where I’m coming from: when I was in high school (a bazillion years ago in Eastern Washington), my high school band was selected to participate in the Tournament of Roses. In case you don’t know, that’s a long parade (five and a half miles to be exact). Besides the fact that this band had done the song we played for the ToR two years before for the local spring parade stuff, then there was all the rehearsal pre-ToR parade and the parade itself.

          I’ve also been in a dance band and performed “Proud Mary” and all sorts of other songs that I never want to hear again far too many times.

          So, although I recognize that the “professional” face of both Haley and Casey will mean that they will continue to provide fans with what we want, I’m also acutely aware of the “overkill” factor.

          • Tusk says:

            But you probably didn’t have the improvisational freedom Haley did/does. That’s where she likes to live. I read that she didn’t even care for Jazz until she tried out for the jazz band in high school and ‘discovered’ she could scat, really, really well.

            Watch the tour videos of “Moanin'”, It’s obvious how more adept at scatting she is than Casey. Casey starts yelling and talking instead of scatting but Haley always pulls it back to the melody and so smoothly.

            She has said “Blue” was the first song she sang for her parents to prove she could sing (yodel like Leanne Rhymes)…yet she does it for AI as one of her earlier songs. That’s from 8-20 yrs old. You would think that she would be sooo tired of singing that but…there she is 12 years later singing the crap out of it on AI.

            Everybody gets bored, experiencing the same thing over and over. In a private moment she may admit that she would be happy if she never had to sing “X” song again. But I think her glee and energy having the opportunity to do something that she absolutely loves completely overcomes any issue with boredom.

            Watch this performance (and facial expressions) of “Tightrope” (San Jose, “Straight Hair” Haley) and tell me she isn’t loving every second:

            (Watch at 720p I could totally see this like a concert video it’s so dang clear) The four women, Haley, Pia, Naima and Thia are amazing on this song. Their voices really work together for this song.

  35. ErixN says:

    Haley, Stefano, and Pia. Possibilities are Thia and Naima.

  36. Phoebi says:

    I listen to all of the Idol’s albums, but I only buy one or two (if that) from each season (besides Kradison, of course). This year I’m already sold on Haley, and most likely James or Casey if they make a decent debut disc. Scotty, Lauren, Pia? I’ll Youtube them, I guess, before forgetting about them forever.

  37. Miguel says:

    Just found a great interview with Haley in Nashville:


    Says she has asked Casey to put chords to some of the lyrics she has written.

    • peb says:

      Thanks for the link…excellent interview! Haley sounds like she’s mentally prepared to do things right for her first album. She’s even planning to attend a Paul McCartney concert in the middle of her concert tour. Thanks to her parents for giving her such a good music education and giving her such a wide variety of influences.

    • Brigette says:

      I love that Casey is helping her compose music. It would be really sweet to see his name in the credits on her debut album.

  38. Cat says:

    Yay! Score for Haley! I loved her on AI, and i’m looking forward to her new stuff. I’d love to see james and casey get signed too. And stefano, especially since he’s from my home town. :)

  39. kristie says:

    haley. :)

  40. SLH says:

    Haley for sure. Casey too if he goes the jazzy route. Paul’s Grand Magnolia’s stuff has found its way on to my itunes library as will their future releases. And as for those Idols that didn’t make to to the top 24, Caleb Hawley has some awesome stuff available on itunes. I will buy anything he releases in the future as well. It’s a shame he didn’t go further on the show…

    • Joy says:

      Yeah, I like Caleb’s stuff a lot too. I also really enjoyed the EP that Rob Bolin released after he left the show, and I think I saw that Devyn Rush is working on something, too. I’m glad so many of these artists are taking their careers in their own hands, instead of waiting around for the labels.

  41. Frimi says:

    Haley and Pia all the way! :D ;) ;D

    And maybe Casey, he has and exellent voice.

  42. SC says:

    Casey is a maybe, and James is a maybe… but Haley is a must!

  43. Yeah Haley!! I can’t wait. As for anyone else in season 10, meh. I just want another Jason Castro album!!!(DH #1084 here)

  44. MikeL says:

    WTG Haley!!! Can not wait for her first single and hoping for album as a nice Christmas present to myself.
    James, Scotty and Pia are wait and see for me. If James goes medium to heavy rock then most likely but I am not a fan of the newer metal and James has yet to do any, even the song ‘Heavy Metal’ from 1980 was heavy rock and would not be considered metal today.
    They seems to be marketing Scotty more to the tweens and younger teen girls, which is both smart and risky since they can move on to the next fad singer quickly.
    Pia needs to sing songs hook/chorus slowly whether the song is uptempo or slow since when she sings fast she lose her magic and vocal power.

    • Tusk says:

      “Heavy Metal” wasn’t considered heavy metal then either….
      Sammy Hagar has never been considered heavy metal and he would probably tell you so. James speaks metal but he seems to perform best at Rock.

    • Mary says:

      Don’t understand some people going crazy for Pia. I think she will fail with cd sales, because she is just lacking charisma. That is why she was voted off. She is pretty and has an okay voice, but that is it. I think they jumped the gun giving her a contract.

      • MikeL says:

        Pia’s about 4 or 5 years to late but there are enough Celine fans between the US and Europe that she could be marketable to the older crowd but more iffy with younger girls now days. True she lacks the voice and charisma of Celine but with only 5% of Celine’s sales she would be doing great into days sales market.

  45. HeathM says:

    Definately Haley. Maybee Pia too.

  46. gill King says:

    SLEZAK… If HALEY were not the SLAYER… after creating this mega interview, you would be!
    HALEY ROCKS and I’m shouting it all over!

  47. pvrcbabe says:

    Haley for sure and I would check out Casey’s too!

  48. Linderella says:

    Haley is awesome. The rest of this year’s Idol entrants were pretty much a bore.

  49. karenb says:

    Soooo Happy for Hales! Will be first in line to purchase!!

  50. Hari says:

    I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m obsessed with idol but strangeky enough never cast 1 vote in 10 seasons until I voted 2 hours straight for Haley after the comments she got for ‘You and I’.. I have signed up on amazon to be notified when her CD is available: http://amzn.com/B005BT5ZQO