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Vampire Diaries Video: While Stefan's Away, Damon Will Play... With Elena... In the Nude!

Damon Salvatore. Naked. Covered in bubbles.

It’s a dream scenario, really — only it’s now a reality thanks to The Vampire Diaries‘ piping-hot new sizzle reel. The clip, which made its debut at Comic-Con last weekend, gives fans of the Mystic Falls bunch the chance to catch up on the past two seasons’ best moments, plus offers a glimpse of what’s ahead for Elena and her wayward boyfriend’s big bad bro. And like I said, it involves suds and skin.

Vampire Diaries at Comic-Con: Stakes are High, So Get Ready for Explosive Consequences

If you’re looking to get right down to the nudity nitty-gritty, fast forward to 3:11 mark in the clip below. Otherwise, sit back, relax, and don’t miss the Season 3 premiere of The CW’s Vampire Diaries on Thursday, Sept. 15 at 8/7c.

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  1. Paul says:

    I didn’t know they made a TV show out of Twilight.

  2. Liz says:

    Wow, that Somerhalder guy is a freaking terrible actor. How he ever made Boone a likable character is a mystery now.

  3. Jay says:

    What’s with Damon’s weird hair in the screen shot?

  4. Michael says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s called The Naked Man. I guess Elena’s just 1 out of 3…

  5. a says:

    lame show -.-

  6. Amy says:

    lmao whats with the hair? O.o

  7. Avril says:

    Damon needs a hair cut.

    • C says:

      guys, i think it’s just bed hair… and i also think Damon likes sleeping in the nude or he’s just pissing off Elena. (:

  8. hi says:

    ewwwwww sort out that hair.

  9. Becky says:

    I love how Elena just stared at him long enough to get a really good look to commit to memory before turning away… As far as Damon’s hair goes, I like to think they have to give him at least 1 flaw otherwise the female cast and crew would be constantly staring and they’d never get anything filmed…

  10. zzz says:

    I want naked Stefan, Elijah and Klaus. :P Also Damon needs to work out some more and cut that awful hair of his.

  11. DamonRocks says:

    I love Damon but that hair needs to go. I liked his hair in the episode the last dance. :)

  12. Bria says:

    Love the scene she was like oh my gosh cant wait for season 3

  13. Bloody Hell says:

    This show is on the CW. -______- enough said. Must be a slow news day for TV Line.

  14. Lily says:

    I’m sorry, but if you don’t like this show or the CW network why are you commenting? Some people do. And they have had shows of quality. Gilmore Girls, and Veronica Mars to name a couple. The Vampire Diaries may not be may not have the best writing, but it’s a fun, exciting show that’s enjoyable to watch for what it is.

    • lei says:

      I agree with you in TVD, but as far as Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars go, both series had the worst years in the CW. GG season 7 was a complete joke and VM had Pizz. Enough said.

      • Aimee says:

        This suppose to be about TVD so I hate to get off topic but I have to defend my Gilmore Girls. Gilmore Girls was awesome! And Gilmore Girls was really loved by it fan base. According to Wikipedia “The show rated first in the 18-25 demographic for women and second for men throughout the first four seasons.” Gilmore Girls was listed as one of Time magazine’s “100 Best TV Shows of All-TIME.”[1] Entertainment Weekly put it on its end-of-the-decade, “best-of” list, saying, “Thank you, fast-talking Lorelai and Rory Gilmore, for suggesting moms and teenage daughters really can get along—all it takes is love, patience, and copious quantities of coffee.” Season 7 was not as good as the first six but the show was awesome.

        To bring this back around to the topic at hand TVD may not my all time favorite show but I love it.

      • Becky says:

        The reason Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars had their worst years under the CW was because Dawn Ostroff didn’t like either show. She ran Gilmore Girls showrunner, Amy Sherman Palladino, off and the show was taken over by somewone who mismanaged it and ruined the storylines. As far as Veronica Mars went, Dawn Ostroff refused to promote it, going as far as to only running commercials for it during new episodes. Neither show was treated properly after the merger of the WB and UPN. Its a shame too, because now Dawn Ostroff is gone, and we’re still short two amazing shows…

  15. BrianR says:

    Can’t wait for the porn parody of this show.

  16. Guess says:

    Ha! The Vampire Diaries couldn’t be more lame even if it tried!

  17. Samantha says:

    Twilight wish it were good as TVD. IA I’d rather watch and look at these three from TVD than Twilight any day. Not only are they better looking but they are also better actors. Also if you aren’t a fan of TVD why are you even here commenting? Loser. I wish Ian would cut his hair though not liking this look at all :P but I can only imagine what we’d see if this show were on HBO….

  18. Samantha says:

    I am so tired of people hating on The CW and also saying it isn’t a network. The WB/CW has had some of the best shows out there and many have cult followings so to hate on it is just ridiculous.

  19. Ciera says:

    Wah. this TVD hate is bringing down my spirits. TBH, I like Damon’s messy hair, it’s insanely cute. I’m so excited for season three, no matter how much that makes me sound like a fourteen year old girl. BECAUSE I FREAKING AM.

  20. Emma says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE TVD, Damon, Ian, etc.. but it amazes me how Ian Somerhalder did such an amazing job as Boone in Lost, but his acting as Damon on TVD leaves MUCH to be desired. I know that a lot of it can be chalked up to writing (sorry, but Damon Lindeloff and Carlton Cuse and the rest of the Lost writers are just heads and tails above the rest), but it’s almost like I’m watching a different actor completely in terms of just pure ability and portrayal. Ian on TVD is pretty much in a perpetual squint, as if his character is the most near sited vampire in the world, and his portrayal of Damon’s pain pales in comparison to the depth and raw emotion and conviction in which he played any pain Boone was going through on Lost.

    Do you think it’s the directing, did Ian just miss the mark the first few episodes of TVD and is now just picking consistency over changing anything about Damon?

    Also… The Naked Man for the win.

  21. Mairead says:

    How did the bubbles stay on?

  22. Katy says:

    Can I just ask, all these people who are hating on the show – why on EARTH did you:
    1. Click on the link to a VD story
    2. Read the article
    3. Watch the video
    4. Take time out of your life to post negative comments about a show you don’t like???

    There are thousands of shows I don’t like. When I see articles, stories, vidoes etc about said shows I JUST IGNORE THEM!!!!!!!! It doesn’t offend me that these shows exist. I don’t dislike their fans, and I wish them no negativity. Even show I REALLY can’t stand, I just LEAVE IT BE because why upset people by being negative for no reason????

    I am 25. I read the books as a teen. I watch the show as an adult. I HATED the charatcter of Boone in Lost and was happy he got killed off – and btw I was a Lost fanatic – however, Damon is by FAR my fave in the VD show.

  23. Lauren says:

    Why does a promo for season three contain only scenes from season 1 and 2? Misleading much?

  24. tron says:

    I love VD but seriously, that clip gives me true blood flashbacks.

  25. Donthaniel keith says:

    To compare and contrast, the vampire diaries makes vampires sexy, believable, and honorable. And twilight makes vampires look respectable.

  26. Simona says:

    Aká je to časť a séria?