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Could Two and a Half Men's Ashton Kutcher Be Playing... Charlie Harper?

I may be about to waste 534 words here — and/or maybe I simply watched too many soaps back in the day — but I’m beginning to wonder if Two and a Half Men boss Chuck Lorre is planning to cheese off Charlie Sheen the most pointed way possible by having series newcomer Ashton Kutcher simply take over the role of unapologetic cad Charlie Harper. Crazy like a warlock? Hear me out.

Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on the Two and a Half Men Premiere, Bones, and More!

There’s been some jibber-jabber about how Lorre is (supposedly…) determined to ensure that Sheen can never set foot on the show again, that he might go so far as to involve (the fictional) Charlie in a grisly accident.

But what if the accident is not designed to kill Charlie H. but instead necessitate some tongue-in-cheek, soap opera-style plastic surgery that results in him looking like Demi Moore’s rakish boy toy? Can’t you just see hapless Alan rolling his eyes at the dumb luck his brother has in undergoing facial reconstruction that only makes him look better, younger… and a foot taller? It’d be like Roseanne‘s Becky switch, but with facial hair.

Comedy Central Skeds Charlie Sheen Roast on Same Night as Ashton Kutcher’s Men Debut

What sent me on this potentially ridiculous riff? Three things.

1) The new key art replicates the “microphone” three-shot from days of yore. Right when Two and a Half Men is on the cusp of a rebirth, poised to put some rather dreary days behind it, why evoke the past so squarely?

2) No one is revealing the name of Kutcher’s character. Yes, IMDb has him listed as “Raymond,” but neither CBS nor Warner Bros. TV is confirming that as accurate. Why would there be any top-secrecy? Are we at a point in spoiler safeguarding where the name of a sitcom character is being held under lock and key? It all seems just a bit… conspicuous. Unless, that is, because his name is Charlie.

Now you are rolling your eyes. But as I pored over this preposterous twist, it more and more paved the way for comedy. Yes, there’s the refreshed look and the wholly inexplicable height spurt. Now think about it from Charlie Harper’s point of view: With a new face, he’d feel free — obligated, even — to revisit scorched-earth conquests from his past, with impunity.

Or, take it in a whole different direction and give the accident victim amnesia. What if Charlie couldn’t recall his carousing, skirt-chasing days? Would Alan labor to keep him from heading back down that reprehensible path? And what if, despite everyone’s efforts, NuCharlie nonetheless kept falling into the beds of gorgeous women?

3) Perhaps most importantly, let’s look at the pragmatic side of things: By having Kutcher play Charlie, Two and a Half Men can have its cake and eat it too by essentially continuing with the exact same premise and dynamics that made it TV’s most-watched sitcom for years, but without lugging around the baggage that is Sheen. (After all, the speculation that Kutcher will play some “long-lost uncle” or, even more far-fetched, a “stranger who buys the house and lets Alan and Jake live there” don’t come prepackaged with as much zing.)

What do you think? Do you entertain the possibility that Kutcher is literally taking over Sheen’s role?

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  1. Templar says:

    Well, considering the long hair and beard, they might go the castaway with amnesia plot line. My hope is that Ashton will be Alan & Charlie’s half brother [their dad’s love child] that Charlie knew about, but no one else did. Charlie died, left it all to “Raymond” with Alan and Jake grandfathered in.

    • suz says:

      Charlie was always the 1/2 man. Jake, even as a kid, was more of an adult than Charlie. Having AK be the ‘kid’ now is perfect. He could be Charlie Jr, long unknown child to Charlie Sr. Jr sees Sr death on TV (drunk driving accident?!) and realizes Sr is his dad that mom said was dead so he comes to Cali to meet his ‘other’ family…Alan and Jake accept him as they see that all his actions are exactly like Sr. (He’s called Charlie but they have different middle and last names so not really a ‘Jr.’) hijinks continue

    • Just Jules says:

      Raymond = Rain Man? Just a thought.

    • Victor v. says:

      Hate to say it but the show is done …….you can’t replaced him ……people won’t accept it …….it might not last half a season ……………I won’t watch it ….

    • judith says:

      I understand that Charlie Sheen went off the rails, but Ashton Kutcher acts like a 10 year old moron. Why can’t they pretend that
      it was a dream and bring back Charlie Sheen. Without him, I will
      never watch it again. When Ashton Kutcher was in That 70s Show, he
      acted dumb in that as well. Is he really an idiot or just plays one! Personally, i went off him after what he did to Demi Moore. It
      was inevitable because of their age difference. Sure, it hurt’s but
      not as much as the humilation caused by his cheating. Did he take
      on Charlie Sheen’s persona, when he replaced him on Two and a Half
      Men. Please bring Charlie Sheen back to the show. It was so funny,
      now it is embarassing.

  2. Jed says:

    I think that Charlie Sheen’s character will be killed and Ashton’s character is Charlie’s long, lost illegitimate son coming to claim his inheritance. So, Ashton’s character will take ownership of the beach house and (for some reason) agree to let Alan stay.

    • Templar says:

      That would work, too. Anything that has him inheriting instead of Alan. or Alan inheriting on the condition that he takes in Ashton’s character.

    • J.Norman says:

      If AK’s new character is going to be Charlie’s illegitimate son, then how old was he (Charlie) when he had him. . .13? 14?

  3. indy says:

    Actually, imdb lists him as “actor” in episodes 1-6, and then in episode 7 his name is revealed to be Raymond. So, no, he won’t play Charlie, but an actor whose name is Raymond and whose relationship with the Harpers remains to be seen.

    • lauren says:

      I saw that too, but can’t just anybody contribute IMDB information? The stuff there has been wrong lotsa times and I am not sure its ever looked over like Wikipedia.

      • indy says:

        i believe quite the contrary (that imdb is much more solid than wiki) at least that’s what my experience tells me.

        • Annie Sisk says:

          Actually, no. I mean, c’mon, for ages they had Leonard Nimoy up there playing Smaug in the upcoming “The Hobbit.” All because some clowns on Twitter started spreading the rumor that Nimoy’s “Legend of Bilbo Baggins” was going to be in the flick. And it went downhill from there very, very quickly.

        • They’re a little more secured than Wiki in terms of you have to submit the information, but if for whatever reason your information is accepted and presumed to be correct, it’s extremely difficult to modify or remove erroneous information (again–there are people who check it, who are presumed to be good at their jobs). I had an odd experience when I submitted a cast member for an animated show, only to later find out that I had mis-recognized the woman’s name. The wrong name was up there for a long time and while I’ve long since forgotten who it was, I remember trying three times to try and get it removed, even going so far as to say, “IT WAS ME WHO MADE THE MISTAKE TO BEGIN WITH.”

      • Tucker says:

        Yes, IMDb is completely user-edited and their “safeties” in place to verify information have been getting more and more lax over the last few years. So, honestly, handle anything you see on IMDb that hasn’t premiered, aired, or been released yet with as much of a grain of salt as you do anything on Wikipedia.

  4. Margot says:

    First how Kutcher is ‘better’ than Sheen ? ewwwwwwww
    Secondly i hope for Lorre sake that it is not the scenario set up..it could not be more ridiculous and pathetic..people who watch this sitcom don’t want to watch freeking cheesy soap operas (a genre who is dying by the way..ha)
    Matt one advise : never EVER try to become a writer guy..you WILL NEVER make it, mark my words..i guess it was a way for you to write a quite ‘original’ article about this show but seriously it is pathetic..on another way good job, you made me read it and even comment it..but come on too pathetic too too pathetic..

    • Templar says:

      You question Matt’s writing abilities, when you can’t even spell, form a coherent sentence, punctuate properly, and lack any knowledge of tense or syntax? Just think again about which of you might be pathetic.

      • Margot says:

        Well Templar i am not pathetic english is just not my first language..simple as that. Ha !
        And yes i find the Matt’s idea cheesy and ridiculous, that is all, no need to take all of his so seriously..anyway writers, Lorre and co will do what they want to do.

        • Spike says:

          Honey, English isn’t your first language…nor is it your second. ESL students know how to write and speak more intelligently than your mutterings.

          • villain says:

            Spike, I’d like to see how you handle Margot’s native language (whatever that might be). Although I did agree with you at first, because Margot did not justify his/her opinion and only seemed to attack the journalist, your second post was disgusting. Your irony was totally uncalled for.

      • Aften says:

        I just hate it when someone comes on these chat sites to criticize syntax and spelling. It is a waste of time to have to read these posts. GROW UP!! Join the chat!! You are not being paid to be the English Professor!!!

      • KevyB says:

        Yes, because Two and a Half Men was SO realistic before Ashton Kutcher came onboard! And, in case you didn’t notice, Matt IS a writer. He WROTE this article, did he not? Who’s pathetic now?

    • Dom says:

      It really wasn’t necessary to criticize Matt’s writing just because you think the idea is cheesy. He did exactly what writers are supposed to do and wrote an interesting article that holds a reader’s attention until the end. I don’t even like Two and a Half Men but was interested to see where he took this idea. I personally think this would be a hilarious way to handle the switch and might actually watch if Lorre tried to do this.


      This is a Grammar Class and you are not the Editor.

    • topoopon says:

      I’ve been following Matt’s works almost religiously since TV Guide, then Fancast, and finally back here with Aus. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way Matt writes; he can be funny, insightful, informative, and spot on! I hope beyond hope that he is right about this story, and you will have to eat your words!

      P.S.: Someone let me know, because I don’t watch this awful cheeseball show anyway. :)

  5. xav says:

    I would prefer it if Charlie died and left the house to Alan. Then Ashton comes out of the woodwork, poor and wanting to live with them. You’ve got the same set up but with a role reversal to keep it fresh and “funny”.

  6. TheDude says:

    Lauren is right.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    And here I’ve been thinking they’ll pull a “Due South”.

    Having NuCharlie played by Ashton – the OldCharlie has gone into witness protection and they’ve replaced him with NuCharlie.

    Though I like your plastic surgery theory too.

  8. kenneth says:

    Anyway that introduces Kútcher is fine by me. As long as he brings a kid with him to replace Jake. The name of the show is Two and a Half Men. Not Three Men. What ia Jake like 25 now. The first few years when he was younger it worked. Now I can’t stand him. I know its sitcom taboo to throw a cute kid on a long runnig show, but it would work great for this one.

    • trish says:

      I totally disagree about jake…he drove me crazy the first 4 seasons…as he got older his storylines actually got funny…if they introduce a little kid again I’m not sure if I will stick with it…I’m already on the edge on how they introduce ashton…if it is the scenerio he is suggesting..I’m out

    • Scott says:

      18 in a couple on October 8, 2011

  9. edawg says:

    You pored over the twist, not poured over it (Unless you were wasting your bottle of Jack.):)

    • Linda says:

      Again with the grammar police! Give it a rest!

      • HomerJay says:

        Quite grateful for the grammar police. :-)

        • sparkyfoot says:

          I too am grateful for the grammar police. Some of us do not mind higher standards. That said, the chat line can get disgustingly off subject. I don’t care how Ashton enters the story line, I am just happy to see him joining the cast. Much more attractive and refreshing than Sheen, who to me, was not nearly as funny as Jon Cryer.

          • carol says:

            Are you on CRACK? Cryer is as funny as a stubbed toe! On my foot! Angus T.portrays a fat, useless, dumb teenager with no redeeming qualities, he plays his part well! But Sheen Was/Is and always will be… Charlie Harper, the character may be fictional but it is Charlie’s life without the spousal abuse!!!

          • Lyndsey says:

            Cryer definitely makes the show but then no one has played the lovable geek like him since the 80’s!

            Carol, have you even bothered to watch the show in the last few years???! The kid who plays Jake completely grew out of his awkward phase. If you think that boy is fat then you need to get to a psychiatrist quickly because only someone with severe body image issues would think that! Heck, the kid had TWO girls staying with him in one episode last season (Berta & Charlie’s reactions were about the best scene of the whole year)!

            By the way, yes Lorre based the character on Sheen which is why Cryer was the one winning the awards! See, he was actually ACTING while Sheen basically played himself (not that I object, I loved the character). BUT that show lives & dies by its writing and no one does comedy better than Lorre these days. Without him Charlie Sheen would still be a washed-up, B-movie actor! He couldn’t have even dreamed of making a million per episode until Lorre cast him so where’s the gratitude??!!

  10. Christine says:

    unfortunately for the show, I feel that the only thing they can do is have another actor take over the Charlie Harper role BUT I really don’t like Aston.

  11. Fudgefase says:

    Maybe we’ll see Ashton sit bolt upright in bed and realise it was all a dream….then he goes to the mirror and look at his face, smile, and say thank goodness etc….

  12. TW says:

    The name “Raymond” means nothing to me. TV writers are notorious for using false names for new characters in early scripts for fear of leaking. Daytime soaps do this all the time. I actually like Matt’s idea and would probably tune in to watch if it were the case. I am on the fence about continuing to watch this show, but this scenario would keep me tuned in.

    • Rhonda says:

      Not to mention, they tend to change character names from the time they write the script until the time they actually film the episodes. Hearing that Ashton’s character will be named Raymond means nothing to me until I see the episode. Also, I think Matt’s idea makes sense. Why not have Ashton play Charlie? What makes no sense to me is that Charlie would leave everything to some “stranger” instead of Alan especially when Alan told Charlie in one episode that he’d left everything to him. This is TV, they could just pretend that Ashton is Charlie and ignore the differences. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. As for Jake, I preferred him better when he was younger. I thought he was funnier. Now he’s just a lazy teenager like all teenagers.

  13. TJ says:

    I’m confused by this article. Is Ashton really going to play Charlie Harper? I think that’s a bad idea.

  14. Bon says:

    Good ideas. But if you recall, “the Roseanne Becky switch” was switched back before the end of the series. So it didn’t keep the orignal actor from re-taking back her place. I like the idea of Kucher being Sheen’s long-lost son. You know Sheen would hate that. And I like the idea of him washing up from an island and the one where he wakes up in the hospital, younger, cuter and taller. However it plays out, I have complete faith in Chuck Lorre. He’s much funnier than me, and he’ll come up with something great.

    • Rhonda says:

      Unlike Lorre said about Charlie, Roseanne never said she didn’t want the original Becky to ever come back to the show. She left to go to college so Roseanne may have offered her the choice to come back whenever she wanted. The way I see it, ‘never say never’. How many actors have said they’d never go back to a show and how many front runners said they never want actors back? It doesn’t matter to me how they play out Charlie’s exit because if they want him back, they’ll find a way.

  15. Nick says:

    You forget a more commercial motive : Two and a Half Men is translated in many countries as My Uncle Charlie! Midsomer Murders had to keep a Barnaby as main character for the same reasons.

    • Kate says:

      Didn’t know about that particular info… it would make a lot of sense.

      However, I’m wondering if they don’t kill off Charlie, only to have his will bequeathing everything to himself… and they have to find another guy named Charlie Harper.

      Nah. Just recast it and be done.

  16. joelice says:

    what about his voice? i think the plastic surgery theory is awesome and I think it would make the show more interesting and creative… something different.

    I really chuck lorre wanting to kill off Charlie’s character is a dumb idea.

  17. Renee says:

    Matt I’m just tickled you admit to watching soaps back in the day. :-)

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Seriously, Drake Hogestyn can pass for Wayne Northrop can pass for Josh Taylor…?

      • Steven says:

        THIS comment FTW!!!!

      • Kat says:

        There’s an idea, a throwback to the soaps or even Dr. Who, lol. If it doesn’t work out with Ashton, replace him again ( & again). It’ll be like a running gag, having multiple Charlies by series demise. :))

        • Squiggy says:

          How about in a drunken stupor Charlie got up on stage to drum for Spinal Tap. He’d stay dead. Before he went up on stage, he married Ashton.

    • James says:

      Speaking of soaps…! Whenever an actor was sick or off for awhile they used to, and may still, say in a hushed voice-over, “The part of Stedman Grant will be played today by ______”.

      When Joan Crawford’s daughter was hospitalized in 1968 Joan stepped into her soap opera role in “The Secret Stoprm” for a few episodes. But that was and would be like Martin Sheen taking over the role of Charlie Harper!!!

  18. Scott says:

    Me? I like the idea of having JAKE inherit everything and Alan and Charlies kid from a tryst at like 14-16 stay at HIS discretion and he becomes the womanizer … due to his uncle’s influence. ☺☻☺

  19. Imran says:

    Maybe Charlie dies and has a godson he left the house to just to annoy Alan.

  20. Imran says:

    Or maybe a son he only recently found out about…

  21. kelly says:

    the son thingy wud fit best i guess, no1 wud hate ashton dat much

  22. Sivat says:

    Charlie Sheen was the only reason to watch this stupid show.

  23. Megan Woodrow says:

    I think he’s going to turn up Charlie’s son he never knew he had. He’s been looking for him only to show up too late.

  24. Volcfom says:

    I thought from the beginning that they were replacing the actor, but keeping the same character. I only changed my mind when all these “accident” or death rumors came about. They’ve replaced actors before on loads of shows, granted it was never for the lead, but it’s been done.

  25. EpicFail says:

    does it matter? this is an epic fail. they should have just ended the show already. sure, there may be some initial ratings spike for ep 1. but then the #s will crash.

  26. Me again says:

    I think a fine idea would be for Charlie to be missing, but w/no body Alan can’t sell the house – but being cheap, he decides to rent out Charlie’s room and use that money to fund his lifestyle — very believable and keeping w/his character’s past, especially as he’s been more mercenary lately. Kutcher would be a trustafarian who picks up where charlie left off, wealthy and handsome and dissolute, and funding Alan. Or perhaps he’s Alan’s biological son who, now grown up, traces and finds him.

    • KATE says:

      I don’t think he could be Alan’s son as I recall him saying he lost his virginity at 19? Or there abouts. But I definitely think he could be Charlie’s.
      The first idea could work but if Alan isn’t related to Kutcher why put up with eachother? I’ll also be interested to find out why Alan doesn’t fire Berta now Charlie’s gone

  27. Laurel says:

    It’s possible Ashton could be playing Charlie.
    It would probably be as plausable as a strange guy moving into Charlie’s house after Charlie is dead and allowing Allen & Jake to stay.

  28. Martin says:

    The tv is far too big for it. Tom and Jerry should move in instead. I agree.with how they found a new dog named Charlie. Robots have botholes.

  29. verver says:

    I like it!

  30. Lenny says:

    I think that Kutcher is the cancer of the show and will kill it. I am tired of seeing alan always get screwed over also. I say give the money to him and turn him into a dark character and use Kutcher as fluff. Other then that all I can say is FAIL….

  31. Kevin says:

    I feel like it would make more sense to me to have him be like a tenant in the house. Like Charlie dies and leaves everything to Alan, but it order to afford to keep the house he has to rent the room out to Kutcher. But I don’t know, that’s just the way I thought they would do it.

  32. Karl says:

    It justs sounds stupid and is a ratings-killer. No way

  33. susela says:

    Why even bother with an accident and plastic surgery? Just have him be Charlie, and act as if nothing at all is different. That would be hilarious. They did it with Darrin on “Bewitched” and the show lasted another three years.

    • J. Norman says:

      You and others who keep saying he should take over as Charlie conveniently forget the 13-15 year age difference and the fact that Kutcher is much taller.
      You can’t “cosmetic surgery’ your way into the height difference and what about the hair line, jaw structure, etc.

      • TvTroz says:

        Sorry, J. Norman… everyone’s token reference for this switcheroo (the original Bewitched) didn’t even care that Darrin 2 was a lot taller than Darrin 1. That was very obvious when seeing him close to Samantha. Height is not the problem. I say, let them try it. It will be a fun explosion.

  34. Bob says:

    I think they should go with this storyline. Charlie is in Paris w/Rose, a terrible accident happens. Six months to a year passes. Charlie has been in a coma. He awakens as Ashton/Charlie talking about this terrible nightmare. In the meantime back on the beach Allen has taken over the house, Charlie’s bedroom, his cars, women. Charlie shows up out of the blue to rain on Allen’s parade. Think of all the jokes about Old Charlie that the New Charlie could remember from the “nightmare ” Ok guys, rip me a new one….

  35. Renee says:

    Ashton looks so much like Angus and Angus doesn’t look or act like Alan. I would have Ashton play Jake’s actual father from a fling that Judith had with a teenager during their marriage. Charlie dies in a “suspicious” accident with Rose (which she curiously survived), leaves the house to Jake and Ashton takes Charlie’s place as an irresponsible cad trying to help Alan raise Jake.

  36. big d says:

    I think susela is right. That would be a good way to do it. It woild piss off Charlie sheen and it would make for a good laugh in the show and could make for funny jokes throughout the series

  37. Jones says:

    Interesting. I’m looking forward to the show (and the roast later that night). Just an aside: why do people insist on using the abbreviation Cali? I was born in California and don’t know a single Californian who refers to the state as Cali.

  38. Claire says:

    My only problem with your article: I’m so sick of hearing Ashton Kutcher being referred to as a “boy toy” simply because his wife is older than him rather than vice versa. Fifteen years is not that unusual a gap in ages for a married couple. It’s not like Demi followed in the footsteps of Rupert Murdoch and married somebody 4 decades younger. And Ashton is in his thirties now–scarcely a “boy” at this point.

  39. Watches Television says:

    For Kutcher to play his son, the math has to add up.

    Assuming Charlie Harper got a woman pregnant when he was 19 and never knew about it, and then at say about 45 his son surfaces.. making him about 26 years old.

    As a 26 year old I find it hard to believe Ashton Kutcher playing a 26 year old. That being said, as someone who Watches Television, in all seriousness, networks (and studios) are liable to make a 33 year old play a 19 year old on any given project on any given day of the week.

    So…. it is possible CBS would have a 33 year old play the 26 year old illegitimate child of the former lead of one of their programs.

    And as many people have noticed and pointed out, Kutcher playing the son of Charlie Harper would afford the 3 men to live in the same house.
    Further, as the offspring of Charlie Harper, his son is liable to have extremely similar behavior to that of his father.

    They’ll be able to follow the original formula as they have the dumb child, the spineless man, and the self destructive mess.
    The twist on the dynamic will be the self destructive mess in not in his mid-to-late 40s, but rather his mid-to-late 20s.

    They don’t have to change the jokes either
    Kutcher’s character can even hate Charlie and Alan’s mother.

    Remember when Josh Meyers replaced Topher Grace on That 70s Show, and they not only gave him his wardrobe, but ALL his jokes and sarcastic material and delivery?
    Even though that was embarassingly terrible, the fact is, it is possible for history to repeat itself.

    With all that said, I dont even know where I stand on the upcoming season of Two and a Half Men.

    I do know that if Charlie Sheen was starring in the new season (WITH OR WITHOUT THIS YEARS MESS) I would still most assuredly be watching every week. I couldnt care less about Sheens personal life. He is entertaining to watch in tv and film. Good enough for me.

    I will watch the new season with Ashton Kutcher. And unless somehow the show is butchered in the re-vamp process, Im sure I’ll be watching every week just the same.

    If I had a choice I’d prefer to watch Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper every week, but the bottom line… Sheen, Kutcher… who cares. Im just glad they didnt get Hugh Grant.

  40. Michael Sacal says:

    My vote is for the Becky switch. That’s what I said might happen a while ago.

  41. Matt says:

    Why an accident? Everyone knows Rose is nuts and a stalker. I had thought that Rose would splash acid on Charlie, necessitating plastic surgery; enter a new Charlie

    But Ashton Kutcher is too tall for that scenario, And Chuck Lorre publicly stated that he wanted to change the dynamic. So now I predict that Rose will kill and stuff Charlie, making him into a manikin not too unlike the pretend husband she used to lure Charlie in.

  42. Kevin says:

    Enough already. MORE EPIC FAILURE NEWS. :( :(

  43. Amber says:

    If they’re going the soap opera route, why not a long-lost son of Holland Taylor’s? Some secret love child she had and gave up for adoption who has returned and wants his piece of the Harper pie.

    • KATE says:

      Because Alan and Charlie would have noticed if they were teenagers with a heavily pregnant mother? Unless they were at camp I guess :s doesn’t seem all that plausible to me though

  44. Jolie says:

    Charlie is going to run off with Rose and Ashton Kutcher is going to be a long lost half brother on father’s side.

  45. A Theory says:

    As thought out as your theory is I still highly doubt it. Though maybe abit farfetched, my guess is he’s actually Charlie’s long lost son he never knew about. Even though there’s only 12 years between the two actors, Ashton could easily pass for younger then his actual age of 33. With Charlie being the manwhore he is it’s quite possible, probably a highschool fling. And so Ashton’s character tracks him down and some how through a course of events winds up staying with Allen.

  46. anthony says:

    i dunno if someone said this but i think kutched will be some illegitame bastard child who comes to inherit everything over alan

  47. anthony says:

    and i just realized that the guy above me just said that. my bad

  48. Dan the man says:

    They are standing before the casket and Alan says I miss my brother and Ashton says I miss my father. Of course Alan is shocked and Ashton is next in line.

  49. Todd says:

    Love your plot idea, Matt. They should definitely play it this way. Have no idea why people like Margot have to be so mean-spirited, not only about your ideas but also about your former (and my current) livelihood, the soap opera industry.

    I also love the Grammar Police, just to put my two cents in on that issue as well.

  50. Mikey says:

    Sorry, but I think it’s a ridiculous theory. But then I think the idea of getting rid of Charlie Sheen is ridiculous! Maybe Chuck Lorre is the one who should leave? He left other shows that continued to do well/better without him (I wonder why, Chuck??)
    I will check out the 1st 2 eps but I really don’t think 2.5 Men is going to go the full year. Should have just had Charlie marry Chelsea (like he was supposed to by end of S7) and then end the show. Instead they got the extra year, gave Charlie more $$ and then got upset about his personal time behavior (which NEVER affected the show, its production etc…no shut down, no lost time due to Charlie’s ‘issues’) Show was still very funny…and they should have just decided if they couldn’t fix the problem, then the show was done. Mark my words!!!