Grey's Anatomy Exclusive: Season 8 Jumps Ahead [Spoiler Alert]

When Grey’s Anatomy opens its eighth season on Sept. 22, very little time will have passed since Derek and Meredith’s big falling out.

“We only pick up five days after the finale ended,” reveals executive producer Shonda Rhimes. “[Story-wise] we pick up pretty much where we left off.”

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That means Der and Mer are far from resolving their marital crisis, which was further complicated by the new girl in their life, baby Zola. “Meredith and Derek have a lot of things to work out,” Rhimes stressed. “They have their personal relationship, they have their parenting relationship, and they have their work relationship.”

Meanwhile, Cristina has yet to act on her decision to terminate her pregnancy — a sign that perhaps she’s having cold feet. “Five days later and she still hasn’t gone and done it — why hasn’t she and what’s going on with her?” Rhimes muses. “The old Cristina would’ve had the abortion [already].”

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The cliffhanger won’t remain unresolved for long, however. “By the end of the season premiere she has made her decision,” Rhimes confirms, “and it’s pretty set in stone what’s going to happen.”

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  1. xav says:

    That’s good because I want to see the resolution between Alex and Meredith.

    • renee says:

      as much as i loved alex, i don’t want anyone resolving anything with him. he was soooooooooooooooooo wrong.

      • merderlover says:

        OMG OMG OMG when shonda rhimes said that meredith desion at the end of the premiere and said whats going to happen is pretty set in stone please dont let merder get a divource now that they have a baby its not supossed to happen and what is up with meredith getting fired i watched a promo of season 8 on youtube and the cheif and meredith in his office and she was FIRED im…… why call it GREYS ANATOMY without no grey i no that lexie could do it but it wouldnt be the same i cant wait for season 8 i ready

      • tanie says:

        alex was sooooo right. what she did was wrong and not to mention he came thru for her in the end. Merideth has always just dont what ever she wanted. this time she not only messed up her career but she put the hospitals rep, all her friend’s careers and her own husband on the line. she needs to understand that there are repercussions with her irresponsible actions.

    • Samantha says:

      I’m okay if they wait awhile to get their friendship back on track because it was a big deal because I think that would be realistic. I really miss the friendship aspect of this show that was so evident in the M.A.G.I.C.

  2. Samantha says:

    She really loves Owen and won’t do it. Personally, I’m tired of the story line already.

    • Jen says:

      I am tired of the story already too because I love Owen and Cristina and I am irritated like heck that Shonda is breaking up the best couple I have ever seen on tv just for drama sake. WTH Fine, if she wants to lose more viewers go on with it, it is obvious what Cristina is going to do no cliffhanger here.

      • Captain says:

        Are you really surprised? She spent half a season building up Mark/Lexie getting back together, put them back for ONE episode and then broke them up for the rest of the season. It’s like she doesn’t know how to write a normal relationship.

        • LoveIt says:

          yeah she does know how to write a normal post. Have you women never had a real relationship. One month your great than he his the biggest you know what. Come on really, this is why we watch. To see if they will work things out or if she will get smart and walk away.

      • Kaleigh says:

        I love Owen and Cristina too, sometimes I feel like the only one around here who does. I don’t want them to break up, that totally just breaks my heart.

      • DC says:

        Me too I love Christina and Owen together; but I think I know what will happen too. Once this couples finished; I won’t bother watching anymore. I started watching because I liked there chemistry together.

    • Lisa says:

      I hope the reason that Cristina has waited for 5 days is that she isn’t as sure as she used to be about not wanting to have kids. Life changes you and sometimes without you even knowing it until it comes time to make that change. I pray that Cristina is not able to go through with it and we see Cristina learn how to deal with it all with Owen by her side. I want Cristina to have a HUGE LIFE with Owen. Crossing fingers

      • Samantha says:

        That’s kind of how I feel too. I find them to be an odd pairing but I think he’s better for her than Burke (vomit!) was. I’m not against abortion, I just think it’s the obvious choice which will make for a pointless story line.

        • Rubic says:

          I would like to know what Burke did that was worse than what Owen does. Serious question.

          • Samantha says:

            I just didn’t like Burke as a character…at all.

          • BrowncoatWhit says:

            Wow! Are we watching the same series? Owen is supportive of Cristina and loves her for who she is. Owen would take a bullet for her! Whereas Burke was all about Burke. Can you imagine Burke telling Cristina that he’d love her even if Cristina were a plumber?

            Owen has not said that Cristina HAS to bear his child. What Owen has demanded is to be an equal partner in their marriage, and to be part of the decision. There’s a BIG difference there.

        • Lyn says:

          I AM against most abortions, but feel that everything Cristina has said and done and felt and indicated on the subject of children, for as long as we’ve “known” her,” indicates that having an abortion is precisely what her character would do. I think it would leach out what little remains of this show’s logic & integrity to suddenly make her a would-be mommy.

          • xxodettexx says:

            I AM for a women’s right to CHOOSE and I also agree that making Christina suddenly decide to keep the baby would ring very false and out of character… there ARE women out there [like me!] that have absolutely NO INTEREST in having babies, and when we are faced with a decision like this, it should be up to the people involved [parents and the OB/GYN] NOT to total strangers that happen to live in the same country we do…

          • Mandy says:

            It would be totally out of character for Christina to keep the baby and would make me very angry. While it would be fine for her to hesitate because she thinks it would be the end of her and Owen, it is not okay for her to change her mind and keep the baby.
            Owen was wrong to assume she would change her mind after she has always made it clear she didn’t want kids.
            They can’t take the miscarriage route because that already happened to Christina once and would just be a repeat.
            So abortion it is. Lets face it, regardless of your opinions on the subject, it is what Christina would do.

      • Erica says:

        I hope you are right, I want Owen and Cristina to have this baby.

      • 8daysaweek says:

        You pray about a fictional character on a scripted television show? Really? That seems kind of… well, insane.

  3. sheila says:

    I hope Christina has the baby, lets Owen have his child, and then leaves him.

    Christina is so much better then her relationship with Owen, I don’t know who would be right for her, but he is not worthy of her at all. She is such a strong fantastic women, I was sorry to see her fall for the jerk in shining armor trope.

    • Z says:

      With all due respect, your opinion is one-sided! Owen does NOT just want “a baby”! He wants a baby with Cristina, aka the love of his life! You’re making it sound like Owen is this baby hungry husband who could care less about his wife’s career aspirations and that couldn’t be farther from the truth…He has been a model husband in S7…supporting her with her PTSD and being there for her in every way! and the notion that Cristina should have the baby and then leave him is BEYOND ridiculous! I love Cristina but she should’ve included him in the decision-making process…and he has every right to be upset, because marriage is a partnership, if you don’t want to include or consider anyone else in your decision-making, then you probably shouldn’t get married! simple as that! lastly, Owen NEVER forced her to have/keep the baby, he just suggested they talk about it together but she went ahead and scheduled the abortion appt. behind his back, which made him upset and rightfully so! I’m hopeful she will keep the baby, not just because she wants to please Owen, but because I believe it will show growth for her character! and btw, Owen is a PERFECT fit for Cristina, more than Burke ever was! you can see it on how happy she looked in her wedding to Owen!

      • Susan says:

        Another amen to this! I am so sick of people slamming this couple, Owen and Cristina story has been epic since the moment he stepped out of the ambulance and I want to see more of this. Them growing together and stepping into the unknown together and figuring it out.

        • Delle says:

          What you have said Z, makes all kinds of sense to me. Owen, as her husband should have been included in the decision-making with his wife. Not saying he should have the final word, but be in on the debate. Owen loves Christina, I’m thinking maybe more than she loves him. I also think that she is a bit of a spoiled brat. I think too, that she’s afraid that he will change her mind, which is already made up. I hope they survive this, I am rooting for this couple.

          • Mandy says:

            There never should have been the need for a debate. Christina has made it clear all along that she had no intention of having children, but Owen married her anyway, figuring she would change her silly mind, or go out of it (both totally condscending by the way)
            He was totally in the wrong. She scheduled the abortion because that is what she always intended on doing if she ever got pregnant. He chose to ignore that and marry her regardless. So by agreeing to marry her, he was agreeing to give up having children.

      • Kervindran says:

        Agreed! Owen’s the best thing that’s ever happened to Cristina. Remember how she listened to him when he told her to be an awesome surgeon and to not bother about the Chief Resident position? She actually listened to him! The old Cristina would have gone about on a rampage demanding the position. Cristina has grown while she’s with Owen, and I hope things work out between both of them. And I hope she keeps the baby, but we shall see.

        • RedWings says:

          The best thing that ever happened to her? A man who almost chocked her, had an emotional affair with one of his colleagues, proposed to her while she was in no state at all to make any kind of serious decision about her future and then stood back and let others help her through her PTSD? A man who constantly tries to turn her into his perfect vision of his wife instead of listening to what she wants, how she envisions her life and future and why she might not want certain things he is dead-set on? No, I couldn’t disagree more with this statement. To me Owen will be the death of Cristina. The real Cristina, who used to be my favorite character for many, many years.

          • chris says:

            SING IT! I’ve no respect for Owen, can’t stand he and christina together, and can’t believe she married him. The guy tried to kill her, how do you live with a walking time bomb? She needs to walk away from needy guys who want to change her to their image of wife and mother. She is Ellis incarnate and needs to remember those diaries she read and what Mers life has been like. I hope she ends the pregnancy and the marriage and goes back to being the surgeon and woman she is destined to be!!!!!

          • BrowncoatWhit says:

            I respect your opinions here, but I’d challenge you to rewatch episodes and reconsider your bias against Owen.
            RE: the choking incident choking — yes, it happened. But Owen was dreaming at the time — and as the “Suicide is Painless” episode later showed us, he was trying to SAVE a life, not trying to consciously hurt her. And Owen recognized his problem and went head-on to overcome it — in order to be a better man for Cristina.
            RE: the emotional affair — well, it’s a soap opera, and you’ve GOT to have some drama. I didn’t like that detour, but at no time did I ever believe that Owen loved Teddy with the passion he has for Cristina. Teddy was his war-buddy, and emotionally, those two have been safety blankets for one another for year during high-stress periods. It’d be one cold SOB who’d not been thrown through the ringer when Teddy dropped her emo-bomb on him — he deserved some time to sort out the shrapnel! (And don’t forget — Cristina is the one who was willing to TRADE Owen away, just for Teddy’s mentorship — how cheap is that?)
            Finally — Owen did NOT just sit back and let others help Cristina through her PTSD! Rewatch Season 7 — he was there for her at every step of the way! His first attempt to throw her back into deep water and make her swim backfired in a big way, but he never abandoned her or deserted her! Instead, he gave her the time and space she needed — and make it very clear that he was there as her safety net.
            Cristina is lucky to have Owen — if anything I’d argue that she’s been a less than deserving partner for him, since she takes him for granted and doesn’t give him the same respect that he showers upon her.

          • xxodettexx says:

            agreed, redwings!!

            christina and meredith were [and still are] my favorite characters BECAUSE they were not written as the “typical” female professional gets written on tv nowadays [apparently *all* women are men-hungry, overly emotional, mommies-to-be and that is NOT an accurate representation of American women, at all!]

      • coalways says:

        Totally agree Z! I love Owen and Cristina together. Even before they were married/a couple Cristina was absolutely drawn to him and the viewers could see how much she grew when she fought for them. This is a complicated situation for both characters but I hope that writers/SR can write Cristina to see that what she did (excluding Owen in the decision-making process) was wrong. I will be heartbroken if they break up Cristina and Owen.

      • sadtroll says:

        Well there’s one sided opinions that don’t like Owen 7 Cristina because Owen sucks and is way too intense (in a creepy way). And then there’s one sided opinions that just wuv wuv wuv them together and think they are the bestest.

        Love Cristina. Can’t stand Owen. Don’t care what she does with the baby as long as Owen gets hit by a bus when she’s on her way to tell him.

      • Michael says:

        Your comment is equally one-sided. And can a character not grow after an abortion? I don’t understand why it’s automatic that a child will bring the mother and/or father something good. We aren’t all built to care for and love kids and I respect people who admit that to themselves rather than kowtow to the demands of this family-loving society. I’ll respect Cristina’s decision as long as she makes it for herself first and foremost.

        • Amber says:

          Very Good Point but I am still stuck on the fact that He kicked Her out of Her house, she bought it, for him, but still. She bought the house and the furnishings and he kicked her out, seriously? What the crap? No one has commented on that they are stuck on the fact that she is planning abortion or whether they like them as a couple. If my husband told me to get out I would laugh and tell him to leave if he doesn’t want to be in the same room with me, my house too!

          • LMSO says:

            IMO Owen telling Cristina to get out was more Shonda needing a plot device to get Cristina to Meredith’s house than anything rooted in reality. That way Cristina and Meredith would end the season with each other rather than their respective husbands and the audience would have the “angst” and “suspense” and “drama” as to whether or not the two couples would reconcile in season eight. Shonda’s big on that. Without her incessant need to artificially amp up the angst factor Owen and Cristina would simply have retreated to different rooms of their house or one of them would have gone for a walk or whatever…the way the rest of us do when we’re fighting with our spouse. Remember, it’s all about the drama and keeping the fans talking over the summer hiatus and enticing people to watch the season premiere. Mission accomplished.

          • BrowncoatWhit says:

            LMSO — you are so right!! I also would point out an earlier Season 7 conversation between Owen and Teddy, where Teddy pretty much said that Cristina sometimes has to be hit with a clue-by-four in order to “get it”. Foreshadowing, anyone?

        • xxodettexx says:

          seriously! bc all women that have abortions are depressed individuals who carry an all-consuming guilt about a PERSONAL choice… grrr… i would LOVE it if she went through the abortion after being able to sit him down and explain all of her LEGITIMATE reasons for not wanting the kid… shoot, he knew who he was getting involved with, its christina, one-half of a twisted sister!!!

      • BrowncoatWhit says:

        I agree with you, Z. I think Owen and Cristina are a fabulous couple, and I’ve only become a loyal Grey’s Anatomy because of these two.
        I’m always shocked at how negative some fans react are regarding Owen. He’s obviously the best thing that’s ever happened to Cristina. Viewers who react to the Cristina/Owen split as “he’s demanding she have his bay-beeee!” have simply not been paying attention — Owen’s just demanding that Cristina not take him for granted and to treat him like an equal in their marriage.
        That said — I really admire how Cristina (so far, at least) has been allowed NOT to be nurturing and motherly, and I hope she sticks to her guns and has the abortion. The Owen we’ve seen for the past three seasons loves Cristina enough for who she is to respect that decision, once she’s made an effort to include him in the decision-making process in a meaningful way, so that it becomes THEIR decision instead of simply her’s alone.

    • Ana says:

      Couldn’t agree more. It seems Owen wants more a baby than Cristina because if not, he would try to understand her and try to see her point. Since Owen said that he was just waiting for Cristina to “grow up”, he was in the guillotine for me. I don’t get why she should have a baby when she doesn’t want to. I don’t understand the reasoning that just because Owen loves her and supports her and does all the things a husband is required to do to be a husband, she should have a baby. For what it’s worth, Cristina deserves better. Much much better.

      • BrowncoatWhit says:

        Ana, please go back and rewatch the finale for Season 7. Owen is not saying at any point that Cristina HAS to bear his baby. He’s just asking that she include him in her decision-making process. It’s her body — but it effects their lives equally. If she can’t trust him enough to treat him like an equal partner in the marriage, then he’s right to kick her out of the house.
        (I find the gender-dynamics here fascinating — no one would hate Owen for demanding equality in a relationship if their genders were reversed…)

      • xxodettexx says:

        or – dont go back and rewatching ANYTHING bc i see exactly what you see!

    • sue says:

      i think owen is too good for her the spoilt moaning cow!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Is it completely crazy that I want April to hook up qith Dr.Stark?
    LOL. I love them! I hope Peter MacNicol coms back.

    • Captain says:

      They’re cute but I really want her with Jackson. I thought that’s where they were going when he beat up Alex earlier this season.

  5. Lisa says:

    I fast forward past any scene with Callie/Arizona and Owen/Christine. Too bad really because Sandra Oh is a fantastic actress, but now I only watch her scenes with Meredith.

    • Gianna says:

      Sandra Oh is the best actress on this show and has been since episode 1, IMO. I hate that I have to FF her scenes when she’s in them with Kevin McKidd!

    • Rowan says:

      It took me about two seasons to like Callie – now she is my fav character. The way she was written when she was first introduced was so weak. Now she’s kick-ass! Arizona grew on me very quickly, as did Owen. His PTS storyline was amazing. Sandra Oh is a wonderful actress and makes what could have been a very one note stock character very vivid and alive. I’d watch pretty much anything she’s in.

      • Amber says:

        I know! George was her McDreamy? Give me a break so random, but then they gave her McSteamy which I thought was their way of making up for George and that mess. Why did they even bother, they elope then he cheats then they break up but he can’t have sex with Izzy so they break and then he got hit by a bus and Callie moved to the front. Why not just introduce her as a new doctor not a girlfriend and have her rock from the start? Why does a relationship always have to be the reason to bring in someone new? When they introduced Ben I took one look, black doctor man obviously for bailey, the nurse guy too, as soon as he started speaking I was like oh a new bailey man. The ob doctor chick from transformers as soon as she spoke to Karev you knew, even Arizona as soon as she spoke to Callie I knew. All that build up of Hunt and Christina and then they brought in Teddy, what the crap? Even with Teddy as soon as henry talked to her in the elevator I was like oh a new guy for her! They need to stop doing this, its becoming obvious, any new character that is intro’d is for someone.

    • smac says:

      I fast forward TO all scenes with Callie/Arizona! They are BY FAR the hottest couple on this show.

      • Jessica says:

        Agreed! Love Callie and Arizona and they are indeed HOT! Now Christina & Owen fans are going through what us C/AZ fans went through last season: a contrived story just to break the couple up.
        Christina never wanted a child, so this story is stupid. Christina is a smart woman. She would have either tied her tubes awhile ago or she would make sure she stays really on top of her birth control.

    • BrowncoatWhit says:

      Lisa, that’s a shame! But in all seriousness, I have never cared for Mer/Der — so to each their own, I suppose. So if you don’t want your share of Cristina/Owen, can I have it, pretty please? ;)

  6. Crystal says:

    I love Mer and Derek together and want to see them resolve things, but Christina will likely have the abortion and then their marriage is over. While it would be a gamchanger, its a women’s right to choose. Rhimes is good at confronting the controversial issues of the day. I can’t wait to see it play out!

  7. Gianna says:

    Yahhhhhhhhhhhhh …. Cristina will have a baby she doesn’t want for her jerk of a husband! (insert sarcasm)
    That relationship has always been so one sided! Looks like my last remaining character that I like on this show is being ruined. I’m all for the growing up that Cristina has done over the last 7 seasons but her not wanting children is not a sign of her immaturity – just that she doesn’t want to be a mother. Nothing wrong with that!

    • sarah says:

      Totally agree. I hate seeing people going around saying she should have it because “Owen is a good man” or whatever as if Cristina doesn’t have get to have a say over her own life.

    • Jacqueline Weaver says:

      I am wondering why you say this relationship is one sided?

    • RedWings says:

      I hate this too. Not wanting children has absolutely nothing to do with one’s level of maturity. Nothing. If Shonda forces this child upon Cristina I’m out. There’s no way I’ll stick around to watch her kill Cristina’s personality during Sandra Oh’s last season.

      • Amy says:

        Love Cristina no matter what she decides to do with the baby, but I simply LOATHE Owen. Cris has been less of a character with him, he is like a Neanderthal and treats her like garbage until he wants to climb on top of her. And by the way, that’s HER house too he so coldly told her to get out of at seasons end, she should have told him to get his woman choking rear end out of there and go find someone else to abuse. I look forward to Cris story. Sandra Oh is fabulous and I have loved her work since day one of GA. Owen has drug her character down since day one and that’s a pure shame.

        • Michael says:

          I don’t loathe Owen as a character. There’s plenty of interesting backstory to mine there. I just don’t like Owen with Cristina. In all the time they’ve been together, Cristina hasn’t grown as a character at all. They are holding each other back. Plus, contrary to the opinion of many, I don’t see an iota of chemistry between the two. The scenes that she had with Burke were sometimes electric. With Owen, it always seems forced.

  8. Rocky says:

    Isn’t the title of this article inaccurate? The show does not, infact, skip ahead. Unless you;re talking about 5 days. Which begs the question, why write the article? Most shows don’t skip ahead so why write about it here?

  9. Courtney says:

    Ugghhhh…. Shonda is going to have Cristina abort that baby, I think I am done. I have no problem that a grown women should be able to choose if she wants a baby but for heaven’s sakes take care of it by getting your tubes tied not by using abortion as a birth control method. What kind of message is she sending? Well I guess I will be watching something else on Thursdays and I know many others that will be doing the same.

    • Susan says:

      AMEN to that!

    • RyanD says:

      From a character perspective, it makes sense for Cristina to react how she did. Remember, she only has one ovary on account of her miscarriage way back when (season 2?). Add to that she is using birth control, she would probably assume it wouldn’t happen again. Given the scar tissue she would already have in that area, an elective surgery would be an increased health risk for her.

    • H says:

      She’s sending the message that women have the right to chose what happens to their body. And why would Shonda write a story like that – it’s not dramatic enough for her.

      • .... says:

        As I recall, MerDer fans made the same threat of “never watching GA again” if Shonda decided to have Mer lose her baby at the end of season 6 just as O/C fans are now saying. Didn’t stop Shonda from having blood run down Mer’s thighs at the end of the episode though. Threats did little to stop Shonda from making the choices she does and I figure, just like MerDer fans have, most O/Cs will tune back in as well. I think the “I won’t watch the show again” has never been a threat that has worked on Rhimes. Don’t know why some fans keep thinking it will persuade her in any way possible. I’m a fan of Calzona and feel lucky at least Shonda seems to not ant to mess with them at this point.

        • Leena says:

          If I were Shonda I wouldn’t take those threats to serious either. MerDer fans have been stomping their feet whenever things didn’t go how they wanted them to for years. But Grey’s Anatomy is not fan fiction.

  10. xoxo says:

    Okay, looks like I’m one of the few here who are in fact eager to see Cristina/Owen act as a COUPLE and solve their problems TOGETHER. ;-) I can’t understand, really, how you would fastforward a scene with Kevin McKidd AND Sandra Oh in it, since I feel that they are the two best actors on the show – but of course, it’s just my opinion. :-)

    I’m excited to see how Cristina will decide and I do believe in the writers to write it so that Cristina will not in fact act out of character, but as the grown character that she’s become over the last 7 seasons. And that doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s gonna have the baby. All I’m saying is, her decision will be understandable, I think. ;-)

    • Gina says:

      I totally agree, I don’t want to see a repeat of Season1, I want to see that all the life lessons over the series made her want and need more than she thought she did. Plus I want to watch Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh act their socks off on screen together, they are amazing and the reason why I watch every Thurs.

    • Becky says:

      Cristina and Owen are why I am still watching this show, maybe Shonda is doing millions of fans a favor of releasing us from this addiction. Shonda ahead and make your bold statement of how women have a right, I have a feeling it will have a loud message back.

    • SPANKYPANTS says:

      Wow, a sane Cristina/Owen fan. It’s a miracle!

    • BrowncoatWhit says:

      XoXo — preach on, sister!

  11. p says:

    Wow. Out of all the guys on the show Owen is by far the best one. He’s the only one who treats his woman with respect, he teaches her and treats her like a coleague in the hospital instead of like his wife, like it should be, and he’s the only one who hasn’t cheated several times. The love some fans have for their ship makes them blind and forget all the mistakes those characters made (Derek people? he’s an ass. Mark? Alex?).
    Also, how blind and deaf can you be just to have a resaon to hate? Owen never forced Cristina to have a baby. He wants to talk about it, like they should talk.
    But then I guess the ship you like reveals a lot about yourself and the kind of marriage and relationship you have! Hope I’m wrong and I feel sorry for you, since Derek, Mark and Alex are all asses!
    Finally, it says so right in the article. She has cold feet. So don’t act surprised and start bitching when she keeps it because it’s not Meredith the one pregnant.

    • JenniferJ2 says:

      Totally agree with you. Owen and Cristina are my favorite couple on the show. I wouldn’t even be watching it if it weren’t for them because I hopped on board in Season 5. Whatever happens I just hope they stay together. Haven’t put my finger on the Owen hate out there except that it’s probably Burke related or that Owen wasn’t an original character. He’s not a jerk at all compared to men in real life and he certainly hasn’t done anything worse than any other man on the show. I didn’t know wanting a kid was a federal crime. LOL

      • Amber says:

        I like Owen and Christina, but I think I understand the hate. I think a lot of people really respected the was Christina didn’t really need a man and now they read this relationship as somehow making her needy. I don’t understand why people perceive her as independent without a man but now that she has one they are ready to hate him/them. I don’t think her entertaining the thought of children because he wants them makes her independent. That’s the way relationships work. You compromise, and even though this would be a big compromise, that doesn’t mean it ruins her. Having children isn’t some relationship requirement, but it is pretty much the norm, and just because she thinks about it, or even actually has a child, doesn’t mean her character is lost. People evolve. That’s sort of the basis of the show, right? I don’t get all of the people who push for her to stay the same. All the other characters can change, but not Christina? What’s that about?

        • Lisa says:

          I think the writers have mostly themselves to blame for making Cristina want to have a child come across as her “growing up”. That’s a pretty offensive way of putting it and I get why people take issue with that and would rather have the character stand up for her principles and prove that women can be perfectly mature adults without being mothers. Men like Derek and Owen telling the women, who are younger than them and in a inferior and somewhat dependant position at their mutual work place, to grow up always make me cringe and wish the writers would swallow some of their own medicine and try to write relationships in a more balanced and “grown-up” way.

          • xxodettexx says:

            it is gross when Derek and Owen act like the women are little girls that need their hands held because they “need to grow up”… ummmm, they are kick-@ss surgeon’s in a highly competitive field and are the two females that are rock star residents… so just STOP with the girly-woman thing and show how real dr’s in serious relationships would act – which i assume is to sit down and talk it out…

            [aside, the whole owen begging her to keep the baby and that he would take care of it for both of them… GROSSSSSS]

        • BrowncoatWhit says:

          Amber — thank you! I’m totally enjoying your observations on this (and P’s observations, and JenniferJ2’s as well).
          Owen and Bailey have often seemed like the only real adults on this show, don’t you think?

    • Hannah says:

      Attacking other fans and their personal romantic relationships because they have differing opinions on a ship? A fictional tv show couple? Are you serious? Gosh I hope not. Because if you are it might reveal a lot about you as well.

  12. lee says:

    I also hope Cristina and Owen decide this together! Definitely think it would still be in character for Cristina to have a baby esp. after all she has been through since season 1.

    Would love for Shonda to show that having a baby and husband doesn’t have to hamper having an amazing career but can make it even better! This is no longer a lifestyle decision to not have kids ever because that would have been fine and a great storyline to follow through on with Cristina having her tube tied or asking Owen to have a vasectomy. But they had to cross that line and make Cristina pregnant while in a loving marriage and regardless of what Shonda says it does make a difference.

    Due to the chemistry and acting of SO/KMK, they made Grey’s watchable again in season 5 after a boring season 4. They are the only reason I have stuck with this inconsistent show in season 6 and 7. They bring it in every scene together that you even forget they’re acting! Hoping the best for M/D/Z, Alex and definitely C/O!

    • Z says:

      Amen!!! without Cristina and Owen, they might as well call it boring/lame Anatomy! they have passion and chemistry like I’ve never seen on TV!

    • irene says:

      I agree with twhat you say. If they wanted to make a character who doesn’t want children it would have been fine. But having an abortion in this case is different.

    • caliroses says:

      The reality of the matter or as close to it in the fictional world of Seattle Grace, Cristina is adamant in wanting to be become a cardio god. She is on the verge of considering life changing options in her career now that she’s reached the fellowship level in her surgical residency so I can understand her thought process in wanting an abortion. In terms of those who want her to talk to Owen about her decision, SHE DID. HE kept talking OVER and AT her, when they had that final conversation before he kicked her out, he was trying to compromise on a child, how can a child be a compromise? She doesn’t want one. On top of that, she is running the risk (like any other pregnant woman) of having bed rest, she’s at the PRIME of her career and he is not. He is asking her with this pregnancy to SACRIFICE herself by benching herself from her residency program for at least a year.
      I love Owen and Cristina, but the way Shonda went about this pregnancy is driving me up the wall because there is no happy medium.

  13. Hmmmmmmmm says:

    We’ve already had Arizona do her “I don’t want kids, but oh, I really do want kids I was just scared” flip flop. Many women want kids, some are undecided, but many also never, ever want kids. So if Christina suddenly realises she wants to keep the baby…. yeah. It would only be worth it if the baby comes along and Christina spends the rest of her life resenting it, so we can have the “Yang-Hunt’s Anatomy” reboot show in 20 years.

  14. BJohnson says:

    I think she’ll have the baby and probably will keep Owen at arms length for a bit. I don’t expect her agreeing to have the baby will forget the things Owen said. Plus it will be cute for Mer an Christina to raise children together! Derrick is annoying little brat, must he run away everytime? Alex is a jerk. Get it together writers, I don’t really care for Lexie now she’s with Avery. Get her back with Sloan please.

  15. mimirn says:


    • Prudence says:

      I’d take it over her having the kid, even if it is a retread and a copout. The last thing Grey’s needs is MORE baby drama.

  16. Ahh says:

    This show is just now what it use to be. Now its all unnessacary drama and repeating plotlines. When the lead actors start tip toeing on the fact they might leave after a certain season its time to wrap it up. Greys Anatomy was TV gold in its early years now its blah, and thats how I feel about 90% of ABC shows.

    List of shows that need to be cancelled:
    Greys Anatomy
    Desperate Housewives
    Private Practice
    All the CSI’s
    Law and Order: SVU
    And Greys Anatomy

  17. mwgrl says:

    This is Shonda’s classic misdirect – saying neutral enough sounding information that she doesn’t give anything away yet it gets everyone’s hopes up – whether you’re a lover or a hater of the characters about whom she’s speaking. As a Cristina and Owen fan I hope they can work through this storyline together because when it came down to it, what Owen was asking for was communication with his wife, whether or not they have this baby. Communication was also what Derek was asking for from Meredith about why she made her decisions without involving him. I hope this communication theme isn’t a red herring for the twisted sisters to stay or get even more twisted in S.8 because that lack of growth would be what would get me turning off my TV.

  18. Mayra says:

    Whatever Cristina decides to do, I’ll be ok with. I just wish she and Owen can stay together, and if the only way is by having the baby, so be it.

  19. madhatter says:

    I wonder if anyone will ever address whether Christina’s lack of desire to have a child is related to her being there when her dad died. It’s why she became a surgeon and that pain might be why she wants to not have a kid. (I realize this is sort of like what Callie said to Arizona only about the brother but still.
    When Christina quit being a surgeon in the beginning of the season it sort of made sense. She became a surgeon because she couldn’t save her dad, and when she saved her best friend’s husband she was finally able to save someone close to her. Then the fact that it was Derek who guided her back (in a semi paternalistic way) to surgery made sense because now she wanted to be a surgeon with the man she saved rather than because she couldn’t save anyone.
    Does this make any sort of sense?

  20. llindssey says:

    I just want Cristina & Owen together :(

  21. Samantha says:

    I think its pretty obvious she’ll end up wanting to have the baby. @@ What a joke this show has become. I LOVED GA from seasons 1-5 but it has sucked since. I just will never understand all the baby craze or having everyone get married. Alex is the one left without a sl or relationship and I hate that.

  22. Ex GA fan says:

    I think its just ridiculous. Cristina didn’t want children and now Shonda will probably have where she does? and then what lose it? another miscarriage and someone trying to get pregnant? BORING! They should not change Cristina on this topic! Some people just do not want children. Oh but no Shonda has to go and mess it all up and do more Baby sl’s and instead of giving Meredith a child she gives everyone else one. Who’s next April? Lexie? Enough of the baby garbage.

  23. Karen says:

    Cristina and Owen are the only reason to watch this show and have been since Season 5 — if the most exciting, sexiest couple on television is kept apart, then I will have a free Thursday night. I find it interesting that the writer of the season finale (as opposed to Shonda Rhimes apparently) wrote in her blog the issue for Cristina was including Owen in the decision (and Owen himself was upset because Cristina refused to discuss it or pause for even a day or two, scheduling the abortion the same day she found out), not whether Cristina wanted children. And if Cristina was that sure, why didn’t she, being no dummy, have her tubes tied instead of having a second accident? (until season 7 she never said she would never ever under any circumstances want or keep a child)

    Grown ups, which C certainly is, still grow and often change their thinking on important issues when faced with real-life situations — Cristina deciding to keep a baby she already has with the love of her life, thinking about it in a different way and realizing she wants to take on that challenge, even if it’s not what she planned, is not a betrayal of the character of Cristina (unless you want a one-note character). Cristina has always been complex and surprising. She fell for Owen when she was most herself — they bring out the best in each other and only really open up to each other. I personally hope they decide to keep the baby because it could be hilarious with C as an unconventional parent. Whatever happens, it’s the powerful and moving Cristina/Owen love story that makes Grey’s worth watching.

    • susan says:

      Well said. And I completely agree. I watch (and rewatch) for Cristina and Owen. Kevin McKidd and Sandra Oh are amazing together. Their acting (they play off each other) dramatic or comedic is perfect. Chemistry is off the charts.

      • Lily says:

        What many people seem not to understand is the BIG BIG difference between saying you don’t want children and actually getting pregnant. It’s not a hypothetical situation anymore. If SR would have chosen Cristina and Owen to be the couple who has no children, I would have been fine with it. Some couple chose not to have children. But now that SR has chosen to give this story to Cristina and Owen, then yes it does matter to me how it’s handled. And presenting abortion as a contraceptive method is not something I want to see.
        I don’t remember Cristina clearly stating she doesn’t want children and the situation is very different now that she is pregnant. What would be out of character, an unbelievable to me is for Cristina to end the life of her and Owen’s child, when her daily job is to save lives. She already said she’d love the baby if she had it. This constant choosing between career and love that Shonda is putting Cristina through is getting ridiculous. She can very well have both, she’s not alone in this.
        Owen did not force Cristina to have the baby, he just asked to be included in the decision and he has every right advocate for his child’s life. If he wouldn’t have done that people would have called him a monster, if he does it he is called jerk. But that’s beside the point because the haters will hate no matter what he does.
        If there was anyone else instead of Cristina, fans would have gotten all railed up that SR might want to kill the baby and would have called it OOC. But for Cristina makes it ok? She’s not a cold hearted monster, she loves Owen, she’s more than a one-dimensional character as many people perceive her, she’s complex, has grown and transformed so much through the years, especially since has met Owen. And as Owen said she can contain more than she thinks she can.
        I hope she keeps the baby, because it’s not just a baby, it’s the baby she conceived with the love of her life. If Owen is called jerk, overbearing and controlling because he has always been there for Cristina and supported her and tried to show her she can do much more she ever thought she could, then we are clearly watching a different show. He is not perfect, he has made mistakes (all have, they are flawed characters), but he has always wanted what’s best for Cristina and loved her just the way she is.

  24. Sade says:

    I really hope that Christina sticks to her guns and has that abortion. It would be a disservice to the character for her to have this baby and to all the people who genuinely do not want to have children. I am all for children being a blessing and being life changing but not everyone wants to have a baby and not everyone should have a baby. I think Christina falls into both of those categories. We have heard her say many times that she does not want to have children and based on her personality and her work ethic I believed her. She wants a career more than anything else and she does not want the burden and responsibility of a child to change the course of her life and there is nothing wrong with that.

    I don’t think Owen is the love of her life. He married her when she was clearly in duress and depressed. He didn’t really do anything to help her snap out of it. He’s very controlling and overbearing. Who tells their spouse that they are immature because they don’t want to have children? It’s not a light decision and he shouldn’t make light of her stance on it.

    I think in all honesty she was hoping that Owen would respect her decision and have it resolved together as a couple. That definitely didn’t happen. I can honestly say if she does decide to keep the baby, I will have a free Thursday time slot this fall.

    • xoxo says:

      I just wanted to say something about the “he didn’t help her at all” part: those who have seen the show, and you sound like you did ;), know that the thing that was the first step back into ‘normality’ for Cristina was the fishing trip and Owen (!) proposed it to her.

      I think they have helped each other equally, it is not ‘natural’ to stay with someone who hurt you in his sleep, even if it was not on purpose as we know, but Owen also didn’t need do go after Cristina after she practically ended their RS but in every case ended their marriage on the day right after the wedding.

      Owen didn’t use a weak moment of hers to marry her and I’m absolutely a 100% certain that she would have said ‘Yes’ to his proposal when she was better as well. The reason why he chose that moment was because she told him, over and over again, that she was afraid of being alone/afraid of losing him. He did the right thing there, I think. They did rush into marriage considering that they didn’t talk about children, but that’s why we’re in front of this whole mess now. ;)

      And now something in general (not related to the post I was referring to before): I’m a little bit pissed that Grey’s Anatomy fans are not really GA fans anymore. MerDer fans are bashing Cristina/Owen and Callie/Arizona everytime they get something they want for “their” couple, Cristina/Owen fans are bashing MerDer because they might have a problem with their fans, Callie/Arizona fans do the same thing … and not to mention bashing the actors because you might not like the characters? I’m sorry, but grow up, all of you who do that. ;-) Let’s just watch Grey’s and hope for the best for all of the couples. You don’t have to like them all, but bashing for the sake of bashing is not only immature, but will always provoce strong reactions from said fangroups.

      • Lisa says:

        It’s always been like that though. Not sure about season 1 since I didn’t really read the boards and stuff when it aired, but I’ve been part of the online fandom since season 2 and ship wars, jealousy-related nastiness directed at characters/stories that were supposedly preferred by the writers and the spreading of fake rumours about certain actors were very common even back then. It is pretty sad though. Especially if homophobia is used as an “argument” against characters like Callie or Arizona and people are clearly starting to lose perspective.

        • xoxo says:

          It has always been like that, right, but I think it really got worse since the whole marriage and children topic came up. MerDer fans were pissed because everyone, except for their couple, got a “real” wedding, then Calzona even got a baby, then some CO fans were pissed that their couple seemed to be the only unstable, when Cristinas pregnancy was announced, the MerDer fans started really bashing the couple, CO fans fought back and I just think it really is unnecessary – people should watch the show without bashing a couple. Not everyone has to like a certain couple, but insulting the characters or – worse – the actor itself, isn’t helping at all. And it doesn’t matter if it’s MerDer, CO, Teddy or anyone else … ;-)

    • caliroses says:

      That’s exactly the point I was trying to make. You just made it more eloquently.

  25. Rubic says:

    Shonda gave another interview about season 8 to TV Guide. It’s up on their website. She talks about Cristina and the pregnancy in it too. And she makes a very interesting statement about how people still get vilified for not wanting children in our society. She says she thinks it’s really unfair and if someone doesn’t want a kid, they shouldn’t have to have one. This points towards Cristina not having the baby. I really hope she sticks to that.

  26. Gorb says:

    I miss the “old Christina”.

  27. Angela Ann says:

    Yes, she is a fictional character but it wouldn’t be out of character for Cristina to change her mind because of what she has experienced the last few seasons. This whole Owen is being selfish thing is just a retarded notion, what would you all say if he was like “who cares, go ahead and get rid of my kid” – you will would be screaming he is a monster. So no matter what he does some people want to hate him just because it is is the person Cristina is with and chose to love more than someone else. I love that Shonda stated Cristina is in love with Owen, no more saying she is just with him because. It is is a personal choice, as someone that has had an abortion it is not an easy choice but if I had someone that I loved and supported me emotionally and financial I would not have chosen that route, I would have taken an “Owen” in a heartbeat to be by my side. And I agree with the many here it is not whether she has it or not, it is the fact Shonda is using abortion as birth control. If she didn’t want Cris to get pregnant ever, she should of had her get a tubal in

  28. Gead says:

    I’m not saying that I’m optimistic about C/O (in fact I’m pretty scared) but I just can’t imagine Cris terminating the pregnancy. She has gone through so much to see the bigger picture of life, and that Owen would be there for her no matter what. If she were still single and sleeping around I’d understand the abortion. But right now she has a committed husband, and she has his baby. That has to be taken into account.

    I understand some women don’t want kids and I respect that, but for Cristina I think there’s an underlying factor to all her negating. She did say she’d love the baby if she had it. I’d be pissed if the writers don’t explore that further.

    I don’t think I can stand the angst and drama between C/O that ensues if the abortion takes place. Yeah I know, Kevin and Sandra are like the best actors out there, but there has been so much drama and angst for their characters these past 3 seasons. I’m a little tired and peeved of seeing that and I’d like to see some more humor and pure joy for once.

    Now, with a pregnancy SL, I’d watch. Not only because Cristina decides to keep the baby and take this leap of faith with Owen, also because I’d seriously love to see her pregnant. It’s going to be hilarious, and emotional and awesome all at the same time.

    I know whatever we say can’t change anything because the decision has already been written on paper and possibly going to be acted out soon, but C/O are an amazing and awesome couple and I’d like to see more for them. I’d like to see them have that huge life Owen was talking about.

  29. Gead says:

    Also, Owen is NOT a jerk. I strongly disagree with that. Honestly, its not because I’m bias towards him (because he is like the best guy/husband out there). Even if I’m not a big fan of him and I’m thinking neutral here… I don’t think he did anything wrong. He didn’t ask/order/command Cristina to keep the baby. He asked her gently to think about it some more because he knows her so well, he knows that this might be a decision that they may have to pay the consequences for later. The kicking out of the house is an actiom out of anger. We all do things we don’t mean to when we’re angry sometimes. Or maybe Owen does have an intention. To give her tje space she needs to thinks this thoroughly again. Like others have said, the big thing here is not the baby, it’s whether Cristina decides to open up to him.

    And honestly I like this new Cristina. The new and emotionally improved Cristina. She’s growing and I love that. I don’t want her to be stuck as the cold, robotic, non-compassionate doctor she was back then. Isn’t the whole show about growth? About seeing the original residents work their way out through the challenges of life and come out stronger? If the show was about stagnant character development, being emotionally stunted and going back to square one, what kinda show would it be?

    If Cristina aborts, it not only sends out a bad and discouraging message to the viewers, it also sends out the impression that Cristina is emotionally shut out. I’m not saying that’s what she is, but some might certainly see it that way. I don’t want that for her at all. She’s so much more than that.

    • Amy says:

      See, I never perceived Cristinas as cold and robotic just because she is not a touchy-feely kind of person who swoons over her hot boss and talks about her feelings all the time. I always liked her precisely because she is different and yet extremly likeable, funny and relatable in her own way. I’m currently rewatching season two and I am sorry, but I don’t see how anyone could watch just a handful of these early Cristina episodes and could still call her cold, robotic and non-compassionate. It’s just not true, I’m sorry, but that’s a fact. And it has nothing to do with shipper agendas.

      • Leena says:

        Burke and Cristina treating the sick little transplant patient around Christmas was s2, right? Good example of Cristina not being into the kids and parenting thing. And yet she still treated the little boy with more respect and compassion than anyone else at the hospital.

        • yes, but says:

          That case was assigned to her and Burke. Nobody else in the hospital had the chance to treat the little boy with compassion because it was not the patient they were assigned. Each character in this show has had a child in which they have treated with compassion & been their advocate. It’s not like Cris gets a medal on that one. Alex shos more compassion towards children than Cris does and that’s okay because since we’ve met her, Cris hasn’t wanted to have kids. It’s been a clear and very consistent point for her since we met her. Why is this a problem? I wish they had never written Cris to be so stupid as to not use birth control, but now that they have, I hope they have the guts to be true to her character and not try to appease those who want to make this into some sort of “fairytale/unreal” SL and one that stays true to who she is and not caters to some fans who want to change the face of this character because it makes them feel more comfortable.

  30. Lisa says:

    If Cristina “knew” she never wanted then she should have taken a more permanent route to prevent it like getting her tubes ties and not depended on less effective methods which clearly failed her. When she miscarried the first child she should have perhaps taken steps to prevent further pregnancies then.

    To abort your husbands baby is going too far. It’s not a one night stand that she became pregnant from-this is her husband. She wouldn’t be alone trying to raise this baby. Owen would be there. Plus she can still work and have a baby, like Bailey and Arizona.

    Cristina being half of Owen/Cristina doesn’t make her less, it makes her more.

  31. Jan says:

    Well. Doesn’t matter if we like them or not. No other couple on Grey’s sparks off such passionate and controversial discussions.

    • Amy says:

      “Well. Doesn’t matter if we like them or not. No other couple on Grey’s sparks off such passionate and controversial discussions.”

      Thank you for the only good laugh I’ve had all day. Talk about an absurd theory. The subject of what the characters is going to do or not do is sparking on this debate as it does in any show where a well loved character has a choice to make on pro-life vs pro-choice. Don’t get it twisted and please don’t try to sell us on why this subject gets the responses it does. Nice try though. NEXT…

    • Deb says:

      Owen is a big yawn for me as a big Cris fan. I don’t think she has found the potential love of her life yet. I found Burke to be very passive/aggressive and after the season five writer assignation of his characater I’ve never found that lovin feeling for Owen either. He’s just as passive/aggresive but in a different way. Before you attack me as a crazy Mer/Der fan or pissed off Mark/Lexie fan let me state that I find Derek to be McDouche and Mark to be McAss. None of the men on this show are mcdreamy in the slightest except in looks. Bring on a new hot guy for Dr.Yang please.

      • Tighera says:

        I agree. All of the men are pretty to look at but there’s nothing pretty about their character. They are all douches in one way or another. If a guy gets to be somewhat decent he’s either a series regular with next to no screen time or a guest stint.

  32. Mundah says:

    im just bored of yang n owen’s relationship now..like its draggin, Cristina deserves some1 thtz gnna challenge her, all Owen does is give in to her demands!! i love Cristina bt the recent story lines aint doin her justice! wud soo love t see Lexie n Mcsteamy bak 2getha! am i the only 1 still hoping and wishin for Izzie to come back??? like all the time i think it would just be perfect!

  33. Dina says:

    I want to see Meredith and Derek work it out and I want to see Meredith and Alex work it out and I mean really sit down and work it out. talk it out and soon and have it actually make sense.

  34. Larc says:

    The title “Season 8 Jumps Ahead” may be technically correct, but it’s de facto misleading. And intentionally so, I’m guessing. Only 5 days is no big deal at all.

  35. AGAIN? says:

    Again with the critical days being unseen from the finale? Zero dialoge and we have to read the writers blog to get what they tried to write? Didn’t we do this last season? Same crap. New season.This show is DOA.

  36. I Think You're All Funny! says:

    You do all realize that this is just a fictitious television show don’t you? You all had me cracking up with all this talk like these characters are real people! So funny!! Just enjoy the show for what it is…a bit of escapism.

    • Right back at ya.... says:

      and here it is folks. See, there’s always one in every group that thinks they are being so witty by telling fans “you do realize this is a fictitious television show don’t you?” To that I say, “You do realize that you took the time to read ALL the comments then post to make fun of everyone else even though you are right here too right?” Pot meet kettle.

    • Littlecrow says:

      Yeah,but most of us have nothing better to do.

  37. Ms LaurieAnn says:

    I really hope that Merideth & Derek work things out. I would also like to see Cristina & Owen work things out and decide to have the baby. It would be really nice for all. The characters & the viewers.

  38. Jill says:

    I’m gonna be really really pissed if Cristina decides that she “really does want to have a child” or that “it’ll be different when it’s her child.” There are A LOT of women out there who do not want children and are tired of these judgy mom snubs that we just haven’t found the right guy yet or we’re unbelievably selfish by putting ourselves ahead of a child or we don’t realize what a miracle we can create. It’ll be sad that those of us who want something different won’t have a character to identify with. Especially since Arizona already flip flopped.

  39. Lori says:

    Same crap new season as someone so elegantly stated on TWOP. Rhimes takes out of both sides of her mouth. For all the stuff Patrick said over the summer I fully expect her to kill him off or at least shave his head for chemo or something. I think Alex, Derek, Meredith and Cristina can all expect to get crapped on all season long. Last season it was mentioned at least twice that they all fourth year residents. If this is five days later they are still fourth year residents, possibly fifth. Can you get a clear answer from Rhimes what year they are supposed to be in this upcoming season?

  40. Sade says:

    I didn’t bash Owen and Christina really, I am just saying what I don’t like about them imo. I am not a shipper of any couple on GA really. Meredith and Derek are ok, I hate Calzona, I did not like Alex and Izzie or Mark and Lexie or any of them. I watch the show for the drama and the friendships. Owen knew and knows that Christina did not want to have children. Otherwise he wouldn’t have assumed that it was a decision that she would grow out of. I don’t like who Christina is when she is in a relationship, I always feel like she has to tone herself down or change who she is to please the man in the relationship. It was like that with Burke and it is like that now. She needs to date someone who she is equal with both personally and more importantly professionally.

    I don’t have to like Owen and Christina as a couple and I am allowed to state my opinion as to why without being called a couple basher. You are allowed your opinion just as I am allowed mine.

  41. Jill says:

    My most favorite relationship on Grey’s Anatomy by far is Meredith and Cristina. I love their friendship, and their bonding moments. However, I’m not all that interested in watching them bond over both of their babies. Cristina and Meredith bonding over Meredith’s adopted baby will be great to see, and that’s all I want to see.

    I love Cristina. I like Owen okay. But I’ve never liked them together. My breaking point with them was when he attempted to have Teddy fired; he wasn’t thinking about Cristina at all, and her career aspirations. As much as he thinks he does, I don’t think he ever truly gets what Cristina’s aspirations are. And she doesn’t have to “grow up.” And I do hate the way both Derek and Owen look down on and treat both Meredith and Cristina as the twisted sisters who just need to grow up. I’d be fine with just seeing Meredith and Cristina living in Meredith’s house together if that’s how their men are going to be.

    I’ve always loved the idea of Cristina and Jackson together. I see him if it was written right as completely respecting her as the “rock star cardio-thoracic surgeon” Cristina so wishes to be.

    I have no interest in seeing Cristina and Owen having a child together.

    • Littlecrow says:

      I do agree with that second to last and last statment. I think the couples should be …

      Mer/Der (Can’t spell either of their names)
      Mark and Lexie
      Jackson and Cristina
      Alex and April
      Callie and Arazoina (cant spell their names either)
      Owen and Teddy
      Izzy come back!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Aussieicon says:

    For all those cheering christina’s right to decide, try flipping the situation for just a second. What if Christina desperately wanted a child but Owen didn’t? What if she accidentally fell pregnant and Owen demanded she have an abortion because he already told her it didn’t want children. Owen would be a pariah but christina’s being praised for the same bullying tactic. At the end of the day I don’t care whether she has the baby or not. And it’s not a real abortion because it’s fiction! Ultimately a woman should have the final choice but marriage is a partnership. By refusing to enter into a mature and grown up discussion Christina is acting like a spoiled child. Real partnership is about considering both needs and then making the best choice with all the facts. If that still means abortion then fine. Christina is being a bully – she may be right about not being able to be a mother but she owes the man she loves the right to his opinion even if she chooses her own path.

  43. natty5586 says:

    i personally think that she well reconsider her choice. if 5 days have passed and she still has not have abortion am sure there is some hidden motiveas in why she wants to keep it now.who knows maybe seeing merith with her daughter might make her have a change of heart. we know cristina to be tough but she has a soft side. am almost postive she will reconsider her choice,and like shonda said this season will revolve around the original cast. so thats a big hint. as well for merith and derek we know they will make up i would hope she actaully gets pregant for real now,it would be sweet plus i heard sara drew is pregant and shonda will involve that in ga this season for april. so many good changes coming, cause frankly i love this show but by far season 7 was to boring it lost its edge. so am hoping for excitment this season.who knows we might see baily pregant with eli baby…lol

  44. Nina says:

    Some comments here really annoy me. Like: Christina should have the baby, give it to Owen and leave him! As if Christina would EVER do that!!! Its like she said: If I have a baby I’ll love it. Full stop. I really hope she will have this baby. But the more time goes by the more I think she will abort. And her waiting five more days does not really make me believe she wont abort. Callie had a baby, Meredith and Derek adopted one. I think an abortion is all that is missing now to show the exact opposite in this series. But if she really aborts I dont see how their marriage can ever be fixed again. To me it is totally unforgiveable to kill my husbands baby. I would never do that to the person I love. Christina is a smart woman, a doctor. Why for heavens sake did she not watch birthcontrol or had her tubes tied since she had the miscarriage? IF she is THAT sure she does not want babies. I totally respect women who dont want kids. But this is no longer the point here. The point is, that it is not about just her anymore. This situation cannot be compared to the Burke-pregnancy. She was a one-year-resident. Not even in a real relationship with him. But now she is older, she is married. Everything is fixed. THey have a house. He loves her. Its not just about her damned. She has to take responsibility for what she did. She did not want a baby. OK. But it is her damned duty to take care she does not become pregnant. I think she should have this baby. Because I believe that Christina Yang would be the best mom from all women in Greys. She is just great and she can offer more than she believes to a child. I hope Shonda Rhimes does not dissapoint us. Most of the fans want this baby. And I read that Christina and Owen once almost had had a baby by the end of season 5. BUt Shonda made up her mind in the last minute. So WHY would she have her pregnant again? Thats my only hope. I so desperately want this baby. I want them to fight, to argue, to scream. I want jealousy, crying and passion. Because these things define what Owen and Christina are. They are my favourite couple. I love them. And I dont know if I will be able to watch Greys if Shonda destroys them.

  45. emmyrobbins says:

    cristina should leave owen..they dont belong together…he’s not the man for that cardiothoracic whore..he’s selfish..n it will break cristina more n more..i hate to see cristina like that.let her choose..its the best for her..as for meredith and derek…i just hoping that they will find the best solution to settle everything…

  46. Girish says:

    I think callie and christina are best part of the show. Both the characters have strong liveliness and spirit and yet they are so different. Love Sandra oh and Spanish actress playing callie (forgot her name). And best part is they really make it so gripping. Can’t just wait to watch 8th season

  47. maggie37 says:

    I think Derek’s reaction has been excessive and he should stand by his wife no matter what and soon. Meredith has stood by him without fail. If Yang decides to go ahead with the termination I don’t believe she and Hunt will be able to reconcile.

  48. kierra says:

    i think that mer and der should have a baby of there own. i want merideth to be pregnant(i still like baby zola though but i want a merder baby (mcbaby)

  49. ceo176 says:

    It is a tv show people. Calm down. It is on a network called Lifetime, so you would think keeping the baby would be the way to go. Christina would not be a good Mom, but Owen would be a great Dad. Give the baby up for adoption. All shows lose their kick after too many years of being on the air.

  50. kahra says:

    I was disappointed with the Ari/Callie wedding. Arizona made it clear with her stunt at the airport that she isn’t good enough for Callie, who was willing to try & adjust to a life half way across the world for her.

    As for the Owen/Christina thing, Owen had a right to be pissed off with Christina not considering his feelings, & he was right to ask her to slow down and think. If she was so sure about it, waiting one or two weeks, if only to humor him, wouldn’t change a thing. As for the relationship, they’ve had their ups & downs like most couples, but Christina tends to throw consideration for Owen out the window.

    That said, kicking Christina out the way he did was unacceptable. He had a right to be angry, but it is both their home, and ignoring when she made it clear her decision was preference, not fear, sunk him to Burke’s level.