So You Think You Can Dance Results: Did the Right Two Contestants Go Home Tonight?

This week’s So You Think You Can Dance results show telecast was brought to you by the physically impossible. The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers flew through the air with the greatest of ease, leaving Cat Deeley gasping in shock and delight. Jess LeProtto pirouetted for so long and with such intensity that he may have left a dent in the SYTYCD stage. And Tadd Gadduang turned his arms into metal rods and fused himself at a perpendicular angle to a standing pillar. It was all rated TV:IM (for I Mean…)

When it was all said and danced, though, the judges whittled the field from eight terrific hoofers down to six, because with only two weeks left in this sensational eighth season, tough decisions are as much an inevitability as somebody on Team SYTYCD working overtime to convince us that Tyce Diorio hasn’t been delivering subpar routines over the past six weeks of live performances.

There’s a part of me that’s still a little despondent that we live in a world where the likable but slightly limited Ricky Jaime can sail into the Top 6 while Jess and Tadd are left fighting for his table scraps, but I also realize we’re at a point in the season where a “shock” at-risk announcement was an inevitability. (I was actually bracing for Cat to announce that Melanie or Sasha would be dancing for her life, but apparently I gnawed the inside of my mouth into ground chuck for naught.) Still, given the fact that Jess and Tadd delivered undeniably stellar solos while their female counterparts Jordan and Caitlynn put the ‘eh’ in ‘meh,’ I half wondered if Nigel Lythgoe & Co. might spare both guys and give us a Top 6 made up of four gents and two dames. (You may say I’m a dreamer, but too much sauv blanc and reality TV can make one’s world view a little loopy.) Anyhow, enough about my stable of psychological issues; let us move on to the evening’s solos:

Jordan: I don’t want to denigrate the contestant most likely to end up as a Pussycat Doll, but if Jordan really wanted to claw her way into the Top 6, it might’ve been nice to see her bring a different vibe to her solo (maybe scary like her black swan/vulture dance or wickedly uninhibited like her African jazz from Top 20 week) than her fallback position of “voluptuous lady sexytimes.” But alas, the minute Rihanna’s “S&M” began to play — and heavens do I hate that cynical slice of phoned-in pop music — you knew what you were gonna get. A series of lifted legs, a wide range of thrusted hips, and a whole lot of pouty lip. Grade: C+

Jess: Yes, half of this 20-second routine to Kevin Spacey’s “Mack the Knife” was a pirouette — but what a glorious effing display of spinning it was. (Excuse my French, but Jess’ center of gravity brings out the sailor in me.) There’s something about the way Jess moves, an effervescence that extends all the way past his fingers and toes and into the atmosphere around him — that I find electrifying. Anyone who can make me love him while decked out in a suspenders-and-fingerless-gloves combo has got to be something special. Grade: A

Caitlynn: Ahh, Caitlynn. At her best, she disappears into the dance so thoroughly that it’s easy to forget her as an individual entity in need of viewer votes. At her worst, though, she’s a green kid who could’ve used a few more years of maturity before setting sail on the SYTYCD Ocean. Unfortunately, tonight’s solo — which played like the neutered kitten version of Jordan’s sexy catlady routine — fell in the latter category. Grade: C

Ricky: Oh, wait, I keep forgetting he wasn’t even in the Bottom 2. Grade: Phooey.

Tadd: Wait, is Tadd wearing a variation on the same t-shirt he wears every results night? Strrrrrike one! Wait, is Tadd kicking things off with some air-guitar and dancing to yet another twee little shiny happy cutesy number (in this case “Jump in the Line”)? Strrrrrike two! Hold up now, is Tadd hanging onto a caged pillar thingy at a vertical angle, throwing his legs in the air, and waving ’em around like he just don’t care? That’d be a home run, America! And as he rounds the bases, dude does an amazing crawl-spin thingie and leaps off the stage with wicked abandon, just to remind us why he is not going to be going home this week. Grade: A

In other results-show news:

* The opening Tyce Dioro number featuring circus types may have moved Cat to tears, but all that clownish makeup and costuming (in particular, Jess’s exaggerated mouth and Tadd’s hideous and physique-masking “mime onesie”) are going to move me to waking nightmares at least through Sunday night. Does. Not. Want.

* Marko’s mom, backstage, sobbing. What else can I add to that?

* Jess’s strut off the stage (complete with shirt removal) after learning his Bottom 2 status bordered on obnoxious — but only if you’re in the camp that bought Nigel’s season-opening criticism that the kid has an attitude problem. In my mind, every second of every day of Jess’ life is about the movement, and there’s something exquisite about it all: You didn’t really expect him to walk off the stage like a regular human being, did you?

* Is Tadd married? And if not, why was he wearing a wedding ring tonight? And if so, how come it looked like he and Jess were going to smooch on at least three separate occasions this evening? (That wasn’t just my imagination, was it?) Okay, yes, I’m sure the official SYTYCD site has biographical info that would answer this “is he or isn’t he” query, but I have a Project Runway recap to write tonight, too, so you’ll forgive me for passing the buck, right?

* I really need to start watching the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers series on Hulu, don’t I? I loved when the lady wizard used her magic arm to topple all her cohorts on stage left, then stage right. And I was with Cat wondering if maybe there were invisible wires holding those writhing/levitating dudes in the air. Seriously, how does one go about attempting to pull off a move like that for the first time. (Probably with 20 tons of padding.)

* I love Gaga, I really do. But Haley Reinhart sang “You and I” better. Also, I’m not so sure about matching your hair color to chewed peppermint gum that’s been discarded and stuck to a subway platform for two days.

* Nigel said the judges “decided to go with America’s vote in this instance” in deciding which woman to send home, but I wasn’t sure if he meant they did the same when it came to the guys. NIGEL WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE CLEAR, DIRECT, AND STRAIGHTFORWARD WHEN YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT THESE THINGS? Argh. Grr. Sheesh. I guess outrage is an important part of the process, right?

Okay, deep breaths. To recap…

Bottom Two Guys
Tadd Gadduang
Jess LeProtto

Bottom Two Ladies
Caitlynn Lawson
Jordan Casanova

Jess LeProtto
Jordan Casanova

Now it’s your turn to hit the comments and share your thoughts on this week’s eliminations: Did the right dancers go home? Sound off below, and for all my reality news, interviews, and recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

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  1. MDEP says:

    So happy America voted for Ricky. I thought he was done tonight for sure. I loved his jive last night.

  2. Carol says:

    Jordan did deserve to go home, but Jess did not. He’s the best technical dancer there, plus had a great personality. He excelled at everything he did, so there was no reason for him to go.

    • Lana says:

      I agree that Jess is an awesome dancer and I mourn his leaving, I really don’t understand how they chose Tadd over Jess. Don’t get me wrong I love Tadd too, I just think Jess is a much better dancer than Tadd or Ricky and should still be in the competition. Then again all the dancers are so good that I will be mourning every elimination from now on.

    • not says:

      I agree but I knew he was a goner the second they announced Tad and not Ricky was in the B4. Some small part of me hoped that they would acknowledge the fact that, notwithstanding the excellent job Tad has done with the various genre’s for someone who’s had no technical training, he still isn’t nearly as good as dancer as Jess. In fact, they did acknowledge it and then then ignored it & saved Tadd anyway.

    • Martin says:

      We were drawn back into another season of Nigel-induced torture by one thing: Jess’ audition. He had us back on our heels and we could not believe the judges’ critique of that spectacular solo. Among a season of good to artistic dancers, he has continued to be the primary draw for us, the one that made our pulse quicken a little when Cat said, “next up is Jess, doing a ____ “. Didn’t matter what he had. He always did something with it that made me feel like I’d seen something magical. I know he has a solid career waiting for him, if there is any justice. I hope it happens for him.

      The season got considerably less interesting last night. We were so looking forward to a duet between Melanie and Jess.

      • KevyB says:

        Meh. Jess rarely danced outside his style. Whatever he did, you could usually see the Broadway poking through. And he had serious partnering issues, both in lifts and in chemistry. If this week’s dances were the only basis for judging, he definitely deserved to go.

        • Soph says:

          Have you watched the show?
          He’s done several hip hop routines and ballroom routines. I think he had broadway only once. And even in hip hop he nailed it! He’s so much better dancer than ricky is. But every year we have shocking results just before the finale…

    • Soph says:

      Totally agree!
      Jess is an incredible dancer. He didn’t deserve to go home. I think he was really not lucky with the routines he got this week. He danced those really well but none of them were routines to remember. I got the feeling he would be in danger and when Cat announced that Tadd was the other one in the bottom (shocking!!) I thought it was over for Jess… His solo was amazing, as was Tadd’s.
      I really hope Ricky goes home next week together with caitlin. Ricky is amazing in his style but is not as strong in other genre, his ballroom is a bit messy at times. Vote for Melanie everyone, she is out of this world

  3. Daniel says:

    Well, there go all the votes I made for Jess last night. With all due respect, I can’t believe Ricky was safe, especially in comparison to Tadd. I understand the judges’ decision, but that doesn’t make me any happier about it.

  4. Brittany says:

    Glad Jess is gone. He was a great dancer, but I really didn’t like him. Does anyone know who the guest judge will be next week?

    • Al says:

      Christina Applegate

    • AK says:

      Agreed. He was beginning to win me over the last couple of weeks as he finally stopped with that atrocious mugging. But the return of his petulantly bratty behavior during the entire elimination process tonight was a huge turn-off. I will not miss him.

    • Tara says:

      agree. jess was seriously annoying. And he always had that same weird look on his face when dancing with a partner. Whether he was trying to be sad, emotional…sexy wasn’t even an option.

  5. Deb says:

    Too bad the judges couldn’t keep both boys since they out danced the girls. Dance for your life means to let the judges know you want to stay. In the words of Randy Jackson, “that you’re in it to win it.”

    • Dryden says:

      Exactly! I hate that they eliminate one by each sex when really it should be the actual worst dancers. Nigel, change the rules next season!

      • 4Buffy says:

        Remember they tried that before and it ended up kind of strange with a bunch of boys and one girl (lots of air time for the all-stars). Of course, maybe they started it too soon in the season. I certainly wouldn’t have objected if they started last night.

        • KevyB says:

          I agree! They shouldn’t do that during the first half since it would mean a couple being two guys or two girls until the all-star rounds. But since the sexes are constantly mixed in the all-star rounds, make it the bottom four regardless of sex, then they send home two, regardless of sex. Are you listening, Nigel???

    • ... says:

      It’s hard to agree on this one because I feel like they do the guy/girl voting because in reality shows (even the dance ones) women and men are more likely to vote for the guys. So I feel like it evens it out a little bit at first. I think it’s like American Idol in that way, that people vote for who they think is cute. In this case you might be right that the men outdanced the women, but I think in general the guys get voted through more no matter what.

      • Sookie says:

        Although I understand your point and even agree with it I do think that they should have let those girls go this week based on their weak DFYL performances. Neither of them seem to be able to choreograph for themselves.

      • Soph says:

        I agree but the truth is the guys often outdanced the girls. It was the case ladt last year and except for melanie and sasha it’s the case this year. That didn’t stop Janine and Lauren to win the show (although in my opinion theyweren’t the best in their years)

  6. KIm says:

    I was happy that Jess went home (I never got past the “cocky” comment about him in the audition episodes). I thought Ricky should’ve been in the bottom 2 guys. I knew the bottom two girls would be Jordan and Caitlynn, but I really liked Jordan’s spark in her routines. Caitlynn’s performances usually seem emotionally flat for me.

  7. agrimesy says:

    I’m okay with Jordan going home, but I am disappointed about Jess. I think he was the best male dancer on the show. Sasha is my favorite, though . . . and she continues to rock it!

  8. Sheila says:

    Was hoping against hope that Jess and Jordan would go, only because I feel that they still had not transcended the routines they were given while Tadd and Caitlynn have each had glimmers of greatness. While Caitlynn didn’t have the greatest hip-hop, her foxtrot with Tadd was gorgeous. I was honestly surprised about Ricky. But at least now, the final four are a foregone conclusion now: Marko, Melanie, Sasha, Tadd. That would be stellar!!!

    But that said, anything can happen…Caitlynn has been reminding me of Jeanine and if she really pulls it together next week, she could potentially pull an upset!

  9. Elly says:

    It didn’t matter because no dancer will come close to Melanie. She blows the competition out of the water.

    • G-Mom says:

      I agree – Melanie is the best! If there is any justice at all, she will win. My picks (at the beginning) were Melanie, Marko, Tadd, and Jordan. Sasha has gotten better, so now she took Jordan’s place in my list.
      Pia Toscano tweeted that she will be singing next Thursday! And, I read that Kent Boyd will be an all-star next week. I hope so!!

    • just a fan says:

      i thought melanie’s dominance was obvious during her duet with sasha…but then to have nigel come up with that “paper thin difference” comment about who was the better dancer was just ludicrous

  10. reena says:

    wasnt expecting jess…but glad jordan is gone she never seemed to do anyting but lift her leg all the time and she had the same look on her face every week still hoping for a melanie marco finale…cant believe only two weeks left :-(

  11. Jahna says:

    About the wedding ring comment…

    Tadd isn’t married, but he does have a serious girlfriend…. promise ring or something, maybe?

  12. *lg* says:

    Jess and taddd TOTALLY looked like they were going to make out. My mom and I said the same thing. I understand that all of the dancers are tight but that was very unexpected.

    • Shannon says:

      During the credits, Jess and Tadd DID lock lips, full on the mouth kissing! I was shocked and not because I care, but because I never would have put those two together. You go Jess and Tadd

      • @Shannon says:

        Oh, I didn’t imagine that then! I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I played it back a few times and decided to come here to see if the internet confirmed it for me. Now I can rest assured I wasn’t seeing things, whew. Also, indeed, go Jess and Tadd! They make a cute couple ;D

        • chazzzz says:

          Jess and Tadd didn’t kiss at the end of the show…I talked to Tadd after the show and asked him about that…it was just the camera angles, they gave each other a kiss on the cheek ;)

  13. Sara says:

    YES! Michael and everyone, watch The LXD. You will not be disappointed.

    I’m going to miss Jess but I’m glad Tadd survived.

  14. Chelsea says:

    Ultimately it will (unless there is a massive upset) come down to Sasha and Melanie anyway, so I suppose the order in which the other dancers finish doesn’t matter so much. I think Jess and Marco should have been the final two guys though so I’m certainly disappointed by the results. I thought Jordan danced the better solo of the girls but I’m over her legs and her “I’m sexy” routines. It was her time. Jess will certainly be missed in my household though.

  15. Hannahn says:

    I think that once the dancers reach the top 10, they should eliminate the worse 2 dancers regardless of sex. I love Tad over jess, but jess is way better than the 2 girls.

  16. ladyhelix says:

    Haley really did sound better singing ‘You and I’, but maybe it was the acoustics. My question is – why is the woman with ZERO pop music sensibility our musical guest next week? Don’t get me wrong
    – Pia is a lovely girl and she has a has a lovely voice but why aren’t we enjoying/spotlighting a creative musician. Or perhaps even someone who finished in the top 8? Just curious.

    A Top 6 made up of four gents and two dames? What a brilliant idea!! That’s what should have happened.

    Or – we could bring Mitchell back to solo for Caitlin. (I miss Mitchell – darn you Tyce!)

    And I’m embarrassed to mention this – but Tadd was wearing his ring the week that Robert told us (embarrassing fact about your partner) that Miranda had a crush on him. And that was the 2nd performance week. Sadly I have no scoops or scandals to share.

  17. Jina says:

    Did they ever announce the all-stars for next week?

    • kat says:

      I don’t think so as I was wondering the same thing!

      • David says:

        I saw a tweet of next week’s All Stars after the show.

        Guys: Pasha (S3), tWitch (S4), Kent (S7)
        Gals: Jaimie (S3), Janette (S5), Ellenore (S6)

        So excited to have Kent and especially Janette back!

        • Jules says:

          I feel so awful that I completely forgot about Janette! She was my favorite girl during her season. Fantastic to hear she’ll be on next week! I really love the way they’ve brought back the all stars on this show. They have had such incredible talent, and it’s wonderful to see how they’ve grown. Plus, they really have elevated the level of difficulty and artistic expression in the performances. Now if they would just find some fresher choreographers…Love the Tooks, Travis, and – surprisingly – Mandy this season, but ballroom, jazz, broadway, and esp. hip hop have been a real snooze for me this season (not to mention the lack of awesome music!). Also, better results day performers. Blush, please!

  18. Vivi says:

    I am personally EC-STAT-IC that Ricky gets to dance another week. Maybe next week will be his last but who cares. I think he danced great on Wednesday. His routine with Anya was fun. And he outperformed Marko in the hip-hop routine. I may be in the minority with this…and that’s fine. But I’m still happy.

  19. JVC says:

    People I missed the results show tonight, but thanks to DVR i will be caught up tomorrow. Anyways 2 questions: 1. Don’t tell me the judges decided who stays and goes again when it should be left up to america right? 2. Do we know who the all-stars are for next week.
    As for eliminations: Girl’s side, right bottom 2 and right person going home. Guy’s side, bummed we lost jesse, but how did ricky avoid the bottom 2 all together. W/ that side, unless ricky is stellar next week, marko and tadd must be the top two guys, joining melanie and sasha in the finale.

    • Lauren says:

      I’ve been asking this for 2 weeks now. When did they make the decision that it’s no longer America’s Favorite Dancer, now it’s Nigel’s Favorite Dancer?? This is totally contrary to what the rules have been for 7 years now. What the heck is going on?? The judges get to cut these dancers from thousands down to 10, why are they taking our time to pick? They had better not being picking the winner because that is absolute crap!

      • MAS says:

        That’s is my questions exactly – when did this become Nigel’s Favorite Dancer? I guess he who has the gold…I don’t know if the results would have been different or made people happier or more irate, but these shenanigans of arbitrary rule changing need to stop. (Mary even posted a couple of weeks ago that she was happy to be giving it over to America so even she apparently didn’t know that wasn’t going to happen.)

      • Sookie says:

        My thought is that America has been voting more for the guys than the girls which is pretty common. (I don’t think a female will ever win American Idol and I felt like it was the same for the show The Voice) because most of the votes come from those young girls who want to see more of the cute guys. Nigel sees the results probably within minutes after the voting is done and realizes that his favorite girls are not going to make it so he simply changes the rules. I would love to see the actual voting numbers. Jordan would probably have been gone weeks ago.

      • Jules says:

        As long as they continue to put quality, artistic dance and REAL dancers front and center on TV, they could let my beagle pick the winners and I wouldn’t care! In all seriousness, most weeks it has been the true weaker routines that have been in the bottom, and thus the dancers saddled with them were put in danger, regardless of their talent level. I think a large chunk of the voting block just votes week to week. Nigel just knows how to play puppetmaster with his critiques/convenient oversights, so the public votes with him. They don’t even need to rig it – the system itself just leans his way to start with.

  20. Killeen says:

    Tadd actually did kiss Jess, after all the dancers ran up on stage post-elimination. It was a full-on (brief) liplock. I was EXTREMELY surprised.

    • davey says:

      Oh MY GAWD! Could you imagine that two male dancers could possibly be….gay? Really….get over your homophobic selves people! They kissed…big fu***g deal!

      • MAS says:

        It was shocking not because they were boys, but because I can’t recall any two contestants ever kissing after an elimination like that. I think someone lost a bet.

      • Laura says:

        I’m shocked not because they are gay (don’t care), but because they seem such an unlikely couple. Broadway Boy and Breaker Boy – it’s like the mismatched pair from a dance movie.

      • Skeff says:

        Hey Davey – if a male and female were shown kissing after an elimination, trust me, people would be talking about it just as much. It’s 2011 – I highly doubt anyone’s reaction here is disgust! It’s just fun gossip.

    • chazzzz says:

      Jess and Tadd didn’t kiss at the end of the show…I talked to Tadd after the show and asked him about that…it was just the camera angles, they gave each other a kiss on the cheek ;) and they’re not gay…

  21. epicfail says:

    watch under duress, since the hubby (yep, you read that right) loves the show. henceforth i’ll find something else to do. keeping ricky and kicking jess to the curb was incontrovertible evidence that nigel and company keep all their taste in their other suits. even though i’ll be watching a test pattern next week, here’s hoping they actually challenge the other dancers instead of just handing the championship to melanie on a silver platter.

    • Lyndsey says:

      The judges do NOT pick the bottom 2 dancers…the VOTERS do! Ricky obviously, & surprisingly, got more votes last night than Jess or Tadd. Also, Nigel said they were so undecided about who to let go that they went by the viewer votes, meaning Jess & Jordan had the fewest votes. You can’t blame everything on Nigel!!!!

      • Anya says:

        It’s possible that voters rallied for Ricky after Nigel’s “I have a terrible feeling that this won’t save you” comment after the hip-hop routine. It’s so annoying when Nigel does that. Just tell us if you think the routine was good. I would have voted for Ricky a couple of times just to prove Nigel wrong.

  22. Debbie M. says:

    I really wanted to see Jess go further in the competition. Yes, he’s a bit obnoxious, but I love to watch him dance. I would have sent Ricky and Caitlynn home. Oh well, at least I scored tickets today for the tour, so I can see Jess dance in Philly!

    • ky says:

      I agree! Ricky and Caitlin should have gone home. whenever I talk about the weeks result with someone, I mention Caitlin and they go “who?”. I have never been a fan of hers. She is a great dancer but there is something generic about her. She is just not interesting and Jordan is. Jordan is more creative and seems to give a bit more in her dance. But Melanie, Marko, Tadd, those are the best on the show. Sasha is also great but the other three I think are still the best one the show.

  23. Kate says:

    I think Jess fully embodies the expression “being light on your feet.” It’s like he never really touches the ground when he dances. I’m bummed he was eliminated this week (I think Ricky should’ve gone home), but I hope he does some really dance-heavy Broadway show in the future. I also never realized that the unknown Lady Gaga song Haley sang on AI was “You and I.” I was totally obsessed with that song when I first bought Lady Gaga’s album and had no clue I had heard it on AI already. It must have been before I really came around to Team Haley because I apparently paid very little attention when she sang it.

  24. fiona says:

    I was stunned by the bottom 2 guys. Not because jess or tadd were in the bottom (I expected one of them to be) but my Gosh Ricky was safe? I’m sorry but he did not dance well last night. In both cases Anya and Marko danced over him. Maybe America was doing their old I hate Nigel so I’ll vote for the opposite of what he said. (I wish I could vote… sadly Canadians aren’t allowed).

    That being said, the bottom 2 girls were inevitable.

    Now the final weeks will go as such

    My Prediction from last week: Bottom 4: was Ricky, Jordan, Caitlynn, Jess with Ricky and Jordan going home. Damn…

    Top 6 dance:
    Bottom 4: Sasha, Caitlynn, Tadd, Ricky
    Out: Caitlynn, Ricky

    Top 4 Compete:
    4. Tadd
    3. Sasha
    2&1. Marko and Melanie (Can there be a tie?)

    Also here are the next dances for the final 2 weeks:
    at least 5 contemporary/jazz dances
    1 bollywood
    4 hiphops
    1 Broadway
    3 Ballroom
    1 Random?

    OH how I wish for new kinds of dances. Love contemporary and hiphop preformances but I miss the fact that they used to do other styles too. Like I’d really love to see something along the lines of last season’s tahitian. (Maybe a super awesome scarf/candle/fan dance?)

    Also for all-stars I wish the following would appear: Pasha (who can’t get enough of him), Mark Kanemura (and if they can’t get Mark, Kupono), KATEEE!!!!, Will, Heidi, Benji, Joshua, tWitch, Neil, Lacey, Donyelle!, Jason, ummm… ummm… yeah I have a lot of guy favourites…

    • Sookie says:

      I have been dying for them to do some Irish dancing. Somehow I don’t think they will do so this late in the competition. And Lady Gaga did make me think about Stomp. I think that would be awesome with trash can lids and such.
      I agree with you about wanting to see Mark again, I loved the glimpse we had of him in the Gaga performance. Although with the S&M garb he was wearing I wondered if she is keeping him tied up in a dungeon.

  25. MK204 says:

    I think the minute we found out Tadd was in the bottom rather than Ricky, it would be Jess who got the boot. WRONG. They really didn’t even give him an explanation.

    I can only hope that those two thumbs up that Rob Marshall gave Jess along with the fact that he said he worked with him when Jess was a kid and thought he was a talent…meant that Jess had a part in Rob’s next production.

    As for Jess walking off obnoxious…well if someone can’t see through that it’s their own fault. It was an act in the character Jess chose to play. But more than likely since Nigel opened his big mouth weeks ago because Nigel never gets anything but what Nigel wants to get…many people, as you said Michael, might feel his strut off stage was obnoxious. ACTING people. That’s Broadway.

    Maybe this is a good thing. Jess now has a chance to get an agent and get himself a nice acting/dancing gig.

    The show will probably be boring for me in the future except that I’ll be happy to see Pascha and Twitch as often as possible.

    I mean…it seems to me that Sasha is a bit puffed up. The way she walked off the stage when she found out she was safe…not my cuppa.

    • Lana says:

      @MK204 I thought I was the only one who noticed Sasha’s conceit when she was told she was safe. I also agree with everything you said about Jess. I really hope he has a wonderful career in Broadway since he really loves it.

  26. Kat says:

    On Wednesday I finally figured out why Jess bothered me so much with his “mugginess”. According to Rob Marshall he was a child broadway dancer and I feel like as a kid he just imitated what he saw on stage
    as opposed to actually feeling it. It’s terrible because I think he is a beautiful dancer but I can’t get over his face. As for Jordan, again I think she is a beautiful dancer but I’m over her “watch me, I’m sexy” vibe. So I wasn’t crushed at any of the eliminations. Let’s face it, it’s gonna be down to Melanie and Sasha and while I think they are both amazing dancers I feel more of a connection from Melanie. She is just friggin amazing!

  27. Edmonton Girl says:

    Crushed to see Jess leaving – he is a phenomenal dancer. I never saw him as cocky and I wish Nigel would leave his personality judgements at home. I can make up my own mind, thank you very much. The show will not be the same without Jess – my consolation is that he is going to make it big in the dance world, like so many others who didn’t win their season.

  28. CMP says:

    I agree with Slezak on ALL COUNTS JESS!! I loved him and looked forward every week to see how he would do in other genres. I always felt this would be an amazing journey for him being a Broadway baby and now having the opportunity to grow even further as an all around dancer. I thought he did admirably and I’d pay to see him perform anywhere. He slayed his solo by the way and danced circles around Tadd. But since Tadd embodies more of a current and hip dancer-type and has also grown leaps and bounds as a dancer, I wasn’t disappointed that he stayed. They are both remarkable young men. I’m glad Jordan is gone but she too is an extremely talented dancer. If it’s a Pussycat Doll she wants, then I hope she gets it although I don’t think she has the curves for it. It will either be Melanie and Marko or Tadd. Also, I don’t understand either why the judges are deciding on who goes. Can you say CONTROL FREAK NIGEL???

    • CMP says:

      P.S. I also noticed the liplocks between Jess and Tadd. hahaha. Dang! This is THEATRE PEOPLE!! It’s a cultural thang. Get over it!

      • Jordan says:

        Totally agree… :) The free expression of affection (without all of our cultural weirdness and taboos) is something great to see, even better to know if we are ever so fortunate.

      • Mindy says:

        It’s not only theater, but basketball players do it all the time, bumping foreheads and faces. Not that it matters one way or the other, but sometimes they hold each other’s faces in their hands and look deep into the other’s eyes after one or the other has scored or done something really boss. Taken out of context, it could seem like something else.

        I really respected Jess’ applause for Tadd making it though. He seems far from arrogant to me. I applaud Tadd for being a class act as well, even though I wish neither of them had to go home. Out of all the eliminations so far, Jess’ hurt the most. I’m really bummed today.

  29. Jordan says:

    Michael Slezak!!! I dub thee the Pulitzer Prize winner of Reality TV Coverage. Prize may be picked up over coffee at some trendy LA coffee house, or where ever young sir. Scary what a very short vacation can do to sharpen your written reparté to a razor’s edge.

  30. TheFinalMan says:

    I honestly found Tadd’s routine okay compared to Jess’s. There have been much better b-boy routines on the show before. In regards to Jess being eliminated, I don’t understand why they would disregard the performances from Wednesday night. Tadd completely blew the entire night (especially the dance with the hat) and they disregarded it like it never happened.

    And I was very pleased with the hip-hop routine Jess did, which is a genre that sort of invades on Tadd’s territory. Jess can do what Tadd can do, but Tadd clearly can’t do what Jess can do.

    Nigel pre-decided Tadd getting through regardless of America’s decision on the competition episode and simply stuck to his guns when the results show came. Jess had more charisma and genuine skill so it was unfair for him to have been kicked off in favor of a lesser dancer.

    • Sookie says:

      I am not really convinced that Tad has no formal training. He moves like a dancer and in fact looks weaker in some of his solos that he does in the partner work. Not to say I am not a fan of his because I am. I just don’t buy the no formal training part.

      • ladyhelix says:

        Shades of Russell
        ….who went to a fine arts high school in BOSTON and was on scholarship majoring in classical Dance in college (not crump). Yea – Nigel conveniently forgets these sorts of things.

      • fiona says:

        He took 12 years of dance training. I don’t believe that anyone who’s in top 20 of the show can make it without some sort of training (even if its a couple of classes)well now in days, back in the first couple of seasons is another story

        • CAG says:

          Fiona, that article has a mistake. That middle section is actually about Melanie, who is from Marietta, GA and who trained for 12 years. If you read down the page, it says he claims to have no formal dance training.

          In a video interview later, he did hold his fingers up into a “pinch” and say he had just a “little bit” of training. But he made it sound like it wasn’t very much.

  31. Blank Slate says:

    What are they seeing in Ricky that I do not? His movement is so weak and so unsure. He dances like he think a dancer should dance. I LOVED Gaga’s comment in re: Anya’s performance was more SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Perfect. Ricky and Caitlynn are canon fodder for next week. AND HOW is this show ending already in 2 weeks?? It just started!

    I do not like the one guy/one girl knockoff for elimination. At the top 10 level, this should be about dancing. Period. Not gender.

    • Teecie says:

      Gaga’s comment was that Anya’s performance was more DANCING WITH THE STARS.

      • Blank Slate says:

        Oy vey. Wish I could edit my comment. Thank you for noticing my unintentional mistake and yes, of course, Gaga likened Anya’s performance to DANCING WITH THE STARS (a show I cannot stand for that very “Anya-ish” reason).

        Sorry about that!

  32. DC says:

    I was reminded during his video package that there was a time when Nigel actually liked Jess. I don’t know what the kid did to tick Nigel off but he certainly changed his attitude. Unlike at least one person on this board, I never bought the “cocky” label they threw at him nor do I agreee with the storyline of his growing and learning every week. I also never saw the mugging.

  33. Barb says:

    What is annoying is that the judges continue to make the final decision on the results show. It should no longer be the regular two blokes/gals in the bottom four but the lowest voted. This is one change in format I do not like.

    On another note, loved LXD. Lady Gaga still looks freaky – don’t get her popularity but then again am not a fan of today’s music. The opening routine – can we please dock Tyce for a season already, it’s overload with him.

  34. tracy says:

    tadd wears t-shirts that pay tribute to the Philippines and the Philippine flag. this is his way of honoring his Filipino heritage.

  35. mary says:

    Loved Tyce’s group dance. Don’t be dissin’ Tyce!

  36. ChrissieK says:

    Opening Number…give me a dose of Cirque du Soliel anytime and I am one happy viewer. Oh to be able to swing around on those velvet ropes, eh?!! 1 guy & 1 gal go home and I suppose it is not to offend either sex? I don’t care really just would like the top vote getters on stage each week whether they be male or female. I’m thinking it is another female to win the top prize on SYTYCD…Melanie. She bothered me in the beginning and I think because of her old-fashioned looking hair style but man did she turn out to have legs!! As you say, how can it be over in 2 weeks when the series just began?

  37. kt says:

    I’m shocked that I’m actually about to defend Tasty Oreo, but I loved that group number. With the music being from Water for Elephants, it beautifully conveyed that old-timey, classy, circus vibe. (However, I will concede that Tadd’s Hamburglar onesie was quite heinous though!)

    Also re: your Haley comments: GROWLER FOR LIFE!!!

    • Sookie says:

      I can’t say I agree with you. Usually when I watch the group numbers I try to guess who the choreographer is and I knew pretty quickly it was Tyce. As usual there seemed to be a lot of crossing the stage with a lot of hand movements but no dancing.

  38. Kim says:

    Speaking of bringing back All-Stars, will Mia Michaels ever be back? That’s really what this show is missing!

  39. Sookie says:

    I’d love to know what the actual vote numbers show. Do you think the bottom vote getters are all girls and that’s the reason for the boy girl elimination?

  40. Stacey says:

    This show just isn’t as good as it used to be in my opinion. When I first started watching, I thought it was amazing because people could win who weren’t super technical dancers (Benji, Russel, etc)…it seemed more about who was learning & growing the most, not who was already (from the beginning) extraordinary dancers technically. I agree, Melanie & Sasha are amazing dancers but, & I know I’m totally alone here, I don’t think they deserve to win. They will go on to have amazing careers out of this exposure in their own field of dance but someone like Tad, who may not be an amazing technical dancer, has been able to take on the routines week after week even though he’s a b-boy. He should win in my opinion. And has Melanie even done a hip-hop routine yet? I feel like the only dances she’s been doing are these super-intense contemporary routines & some ballroom (dances that would come really easily to her). Maybe she did & I’m just forgetting & if that’s the case I obviously wasn’t too blown away by her performance which only proves my point even more. I’m really just starting to be over this show…it’s fun to watch the dancing but the rest of it is just irritating anymore. Plus, the choreo is so boring anymore…they barely do any cool tricks, spend way too much time on the “story” & it just feels like all I ever see are contemporary routines anymore.

    • Sookie says:

      It does seem to me that there is a lot less ballroom and than there used to be and a lot more contemporary and lyrical hip hop. I truthfully have a hard time distinguishing jazz from lyrical from contemporary. I think one of the reasons they are doing less ballroom is because of Dancing With the Stars.

  41. Charlotte says:

    I think Jess could be Broadway’s next generation Leo Norbert Butz!!

  42. jessica says:

    I too noticed the kiss, or “sexual tension” lol. Now I will never have a chance with them hehe. I actually really like Jess as a hip hop dancer. His skills are higly showcased in the genre as opposed to what we see in his broadway. He really started to grow on me and I am really bummed to see him go.

  43. MAS says:

    Possible Rule Change – imagine that there are 5 genres of dance (hip hop, ballroom, conteporary, jazz/broadway, other) – then imagine that if you picked jazz/broadway in week 1 and in determing what you danced in week 2 that it could not be jazz/broadway. Then, say you got ballroon for week 2. In week 3 then, it could not be jazz/broadway or ballroom and so on. The point would be to leave in some randomness of what you got and when you got it, but to ensure that if you stayed alive in the competition you rotated through every genre. I am sure that there is a way that it could be done and we would really get to see how versitile the dancers are.

  44. Lauren says:

    Thank you for saying that Haley sang “You and I” better! That’s exactly what I was thinking! I’m still bitter about the way the judges reacted to that song when she sang it.

  45. Volcfom says:

    I, too, was hoping they’d break their own rules again and cut the two girls. I’m sure Tadd landed in the bottom because Mary was overly clear that he’d be going straight to the finale, so people felt safe and used their votes elsewhere.
    I think Jess’s strut off the stage was brilliant. He probably thought he’d be in the bottom with Ricky, and therefore the strutting would have been justified.

  46. Karen says:

    Though I had begun to warm up a little to Jess, I thought the results were still the best they could have been tonight.
    The past few weeks Jess’ arrogance and obnoxiousness had seemed to dim, but during last nights results show I could not stand him again. And, yes, he is good a pirouettes, but his solos haven’t been much else than that, and there’s been other prior SYTYCD conttestants who have done them better (Hello Travis, Jakob and Danny).
    And I was so thrilled that Ricky was saved to. He has a really specific style to everything and anything he dances, that I really love.
    However happy I was with last nights results (though all 8 are amazing dancers), how come the judges are still deciding who goes home, and not the viewers?!

  47. Loni says:

    Thank you Michael for pointing out that Lady Gaga’s rendition of her own song was so sub-par to Haley’s!! I was honestly shocked listening to it. Haley’s ‘You and I’ is my favorite performance of this past season of American Idol, it still give me chills.

  48. Mindy says:

    Can’t believe Jess and Tadd were in the bottom and Ricky was safe. Ridiculous. Wish they would have kept both Jess and Tadd and send Caitlyn and Jordan home.

  49. Rachel says:

    I was stunned that Ricky was safe. Completely unfair – he’s easily the worst of those 4. Ah well. Not like any of them are better than Marko anyway.

  50. Teecie says:

    A few random things:
    – I also loved Haley’s rendition of You & I, but I’ve heard Gaga’s version a few times and like it too. I thought the problem last night was acoustics.
    – I really wish that Mark’s presence on stage with Gaga had been acknowledged. He is so deserving of recognition.
    – I am so freaking tired of the judges choosing favorites and stating them on the judging panel. I also hate it when they say things like “You are the BEST b-boy ever on the show,” or “That was the BEST ever Bollywood on the show.” Can’t they just be impartial and judge what they see presented in each routine?