Matt's Inside Line: Scoop on CSI: NY, Good Wife, Castle, NCIS: LA, Falling Skies and More

Is a CSI: NY romance due for a shake-up? What does a new boss mean for Good Wife‘s Cary? Why did Castle almost not profess his love? Read on for those answers, plus other teases from some of TV’s hottest shows.

CSI: NY Exclusive: Smallville‘s Cassidy Freeman Cops Role in Premiere

CSI: NY | Let’s kick off this week’s column with a dip into the reader mailbag. Jess writes, “Now that CSI: NY‘s Danny is a Sergeant, are we going to see that aspect? And most importantly, are we going to see a lot of Danny/Lindsay?” For starters, yes, in the Sept. 23 season opener, we will see that Danny’s promotion meant he had to leave the lab and return to patrol, where he supervises uniformed officers in his precinct. And as for the Messers’ marriage, you will need to wait no longer than Episode 2 to witness how Danny’s new gig is affecting things ‘tween him and Lindsay.

Good Wife Exclusive: New SVU Star Kelli Giddish Will Be Back – For a Quickie?

The Good Wife | If you’re one of the Good Wife fans who, every time I report on any little something, beckon, “But what about Cary?,” rest assured the CBS drama’s creators share your love for Matt Czuchry and what he brings to the table. “Matt is someone who I thought just exploded the second year by putting him [in the State’s Attorney office],” says Robert King. “Cary was someone who was not played as villainous, but someone whose side of things you understood.” King promises that you will see even more of Cary’s textures now that Alicia’s kinda-husband Peter is displacing Childs: “We’ll see things more and more from Cary’s point of view.”

Castle @ Comic-Con: Season 4 Sneak Peek, Call for Ghostbusters, ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ Mystery

Castle | Imagine a Season 3 finale where, as Beckett lay freshly felled and bleeding, Castle says, no, not ‘I love you,” but… nothing. Well, that anticlimax almost happened. “There was a lot of thought about that, about whether to [have Rick] say it or not,” reveals exec producer Laurie Zaks. “The network and studio were like, ‘Does he have to say it?’ So we shot it both ways.” Fortunately, the romanticism of the profession ultimately won everyone over. “Once you saw [the scene], it was like, He has to say it,” Zaks says. Turning to the new season and other characters, Zaks confirmed there will be an episode that picks up the loose thread of the gun that Ryan lost during the 3XK serial killer arc. “That’s a very compelling episode,” she teases. “It’s going to be very good.”

Nathan Fillion Previews ‘Repercussions’ of Castle‘s Love Confession and Premiere’s Big Fight

Falling Skies | As you now have seen, Pope not only escaped from Clayton’s camp, but he also did the 2nd Mass a solid by helping them overthrow the ET sympathizer, thus saving several kiddies. What’s next for the swarthy scalawag, who’s now nursing a bullet wound back at the school? Previewing this Sunday’s episode – aka Season 1’s penultimate outing – Colin Cunningham told me, “As you know, Pope is a very good chef, so let’s just say that he’s very good with all kinds of ingredients — and there are some explosive ones he will be cooking with very soon!” Sounds like a potential recipe for disaster for them skitters.

Damages | If you’ve been fortunate enough to catch Damages Season 4 on DirecTV, thus far you’ve learned a bit about why Ellen’s pal Chris was so traumatized by the mission he led in Afghanistan on behalf of High Star. But to date, we have not been made privy to exactly what was so reprehensible about the engagement to begin with, why everyone keeps talking in circles about its atrocities. I asked the series creators if that bombshell, once figuratively dropped, will be sufficiently awful. “Both the reasons why they went on the mission and what happened on the mission are pretty ghastly, pretty egregious,” Daniel Zelman affirmed. “As we often do on this show, everyone has motivations for going along with it, and there are secrets people are keeping from each other as to why what happened, happened.” Adds cocreator Glenn Kessler, “When we see what really [transpired during the mission], it will reveal things about our characters we otherwise would not have known. “

NCIS: LA Exclusive: LL Cool J, Music Play Key Role In ‘Powerful’ Season 3 Episode

Screened & Heard | I checked out this coming Monday’s episode of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles, and it’s an emotional one, with heavy hitters Annie Wersching (24) and Max Martini (The Unit) playing parents whose teen daughter has been abducted. It’s also a sufficiently twisty mystery, one that had me guessing wrong at least twice…. I checked into a recent tweet from actress Bridget Regan, and the Legend of the Seeker star is confirmed to guest-star on NCIS: LA early this season. Alas, there are no details yet on her role or air date. Stay tuned!

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  1. xav says:

    They can talk up Cary all they want, but he was boring and petulant in the SA’s office.

    On the other hand, I totally love Damages this season. Season 3 was very muted with Campbell Scott mumbling and almost lifeless character so John Goodman is a breath of fresh air. I love how his acting and his character’s personality just command that you watch.

  2. Anna says:

    I feel like the same 10 shows are reported on every week. I want to hear something about Cougar Town, whether it’s about the potential title change or story lines!

  3. Sabrina says:

    Thanks so much for posting some information on CSI:NY! It’s nice to see that the storyline about the promotion will continue in season 8. That will be very interesting to see, and will be a new challenge for the character and for the couple! I’m looking forward to seeing Danny in this new position as a Sergeant and how he and Lindsay will handle it. They’re very supportive of each other, so I could imagine they’ll handle it well together. Again, thanks for mentioning CSI:NY in here!

    • kvivik says:

      I thought Danny had been taken off the promotion train by Mac two seasons ago.

      Obviously, I’ve missed something.

      • Rhonda says:

        Danny had been taken off the promotion grid in Season 1 (SEVEN years ago) but it wasn’t permanent and it was a move from grade 3 to grade 2. Promotion to sergeant is determined by a civil service exam. If you pass, you make sergeant.

  4. Jess says:

    Excited about the CSI: NY bit you give us. Thanks, Matt, awesome as always. ;)

  5. Sally says:

    Thanks for the CSI NY info, any info about CSI NY is always good in my book. I am really looking forward to season 8.

    • Max says:

      I totally agree. Thanks Matt for the CSI NY info. Bring on season 8, that first eipsode sounds like it is going to be great.

  6. Sean says:

    Looking forward to the Rizzoli episode on Monday, heard good things about it. I’ve missed Annie on TV!

  7. Kate says:

    I’m so glad they aired the “I love you” version of the Castle season finale. It was the perfect ending to such a powerful, amazing episode. I love this show so much, and I can’t wait until it comes back in the fall! Thanks for the info.

    • Lisa says:

      What is insane is that they needed network approval for the ILY. Thank God they got it!

      • Sam says:

        Insane is exactly what it is, yes very much so. I remember once reading that Gillian Anderson had revealed that the FOX Network would not allow any apparent love or romance between Mulder and Scully, they could talk about how much the two loved each other off camera but not on the show, it wasn’t until the two final seasons which David Duchovny was for the majority; gone, that they could let their relationship enter the romantic sphere. The X-Files really suffered as a result of Network decisions. I’d be disappointed to see the same thing happen to ‘Castle’. Dan Harmon (Community Creator) has said before that development and decisions regarding character relationships should not be formulaic or calculative, everything should feel natural. In reality when people get together, life doesn’t end, so why should the cameras stop rolling, life still has it’s complications. Relationships; to no end have chapters, it’s not just before they get together and after they get together. The best foundation for a story is honesty not abstinence for the sake of abstinence. You can only use very few excuses until the audience sees through the transparency.

  8. Leilah says:

    Are we ever going to get Fringe info again? If Fringe fans were any more in the dark about Season 4, they’d be sprouting mushrooms from their ears.

    • tvfan says:

      I agree that they producers should be working to generate excitement for the new season, instead of acting like they are suprised they were renewed.

  9. Tracy says:

    So basically Danny won’t be in the lab any longer, DL will continue to be the most boring couple on TV and DL fans will continue to have a completely screwed up view of what’s “important” on a procedural crime drama. Oh goody. I was hoping for some good Danny development but, as usual, he’s thrown under the bus for shipper BS.

    • Rhonda says:

      I think we need to give up the dream they’ll give Danny any good development. It’s like he’s just there for the ride anymore. I don’t see why taking Danny out of the lab and putting him back into patrol would cause that much problems between he and Lindsay. From what we’ve seen on the show, being in patrol isn’t any more dangerous than being a CSI. Anywho, I will continue to hold onto that tiny sliver of hope something comes between them.

  10. Luc says:

    I’m one of those The Good Wife fans who complained about the lack of spoilers about Cary.
    Even if Kings didn’t reveal so much about Cary’s storyline in season 3 I’m glad they finally want to explore his point of view.
    Silly Season was one of my favourite episode because finally we saw a glimpe of Cary’s point of view. And I liked it a lot.
    And let’s hope that will give Czuchry more chances to get a nom next year.

  11. Rachel says:

    Pope is so funny on Falling Skies – I really didn’t expect to see him, but then at the very end with him in the chem lab, “It’s cool! I’ll be fine!”…I think he could really find a place with the 2nd Mass if he lets himself. (And if Margaret doesn’t kill him but, yaknow.) LOVE that show!!!

    • Cindy says:

      If not for Pope the show would be unwatchable. The writing and production on Falling Skies is horrible. Each week the characters have worse dialogue and ridiculous situations – like the Army guy who can deliver breech babies . . . . This show has such potential but its being wasted by lame writing and weak plots. Please ask the showrunners if the writers will be changed for season 2. If they don’t, there is no reason to keep hoping it will improve.

  12. Jayne says:

    Thanks so much for the Danny/Lindsay/csiny intel. So glad that we get some d/l. I love their partnership and easy conversational dialog so I’m hoping that they still get to work together and that we still get the great moments of fitting and banter. All you have to do is look at castle and see the win there in a procedural. Thanks so much!!!

  13. Sasha says:

    I love the Danny and Lindsey info.

    For the person who thinks that they’re the most boring couple on television…

    They’re not.

    Yeah they have a few corny lines but i loved both of them together since season 2.

    I’m assuming Danny wont stay long as a regular cop. To me he is too good of a CSI.

    They’ll probably be dealing with the changes by mid season and would have to come back to the lab.

    Ah well

    Can’t wait :)

    • Tracy says:

      Maybe to you they’re not boring, but to me they are. Your opinion is not fact.

      • Gill says:

        and neither is your opinion PA.

        I am not DL Fan either BTW. But I love the show and glad to see it getting some press.

        • Tracy says:

          Where did I ever say my opinion was fact?? I didn’t. The person I was responding to basically said my opinion was “wrong” because she didn’t agree with it. I’ve never said that to anyone.

          It’s funny how people can post about how much they love DL and how great they are, but the minute someone posts they don’t like them they get jumped all over because they don’t subscribe to the hive mind.

          • Sandra says:

            I think it is more the tone you used rather than you saying you dont like something. If you look at the person you are replying to they are not a DL fan either. I am not saying that the orginal comment you replied was correct at all, you and everyone else has a perfect right to like or dislike whatever you.
            I have never met you so I dont know anything about you and all I know about you is what you post, while you may have valid points I have seen that when DL is mentioned in even in the smallest sense you can sound a little like a spoilt brat, sorry, I just dont find that tone pleasant from anyone be their DL fan or DL hater. I have no feelings one way of the other about DL, I enjoy the show as a whole and I am very pleased to see that it is getting notice after the will they wont they renew of a few months ago.

  14. Juliab. says:

    Thank you for the CSI/NY and Danny/Lindsay info Matt. I also love their partnership and am looking forward to seeing Danny as a boss. Bring on season 8.

  15. Michaela says:

    Thanks for the Castle and Good Wife spoilers, Matt. I’m so glad they went with the confession on Castle.

  16. BHM1304 says:

    Thus far, this has been the best season of “Damages” too bad F/X was dumb enough to cancel it especially seeing how well their 2 new Dramas faired this season. Dylan Baker and Chris Messina have been fantastic. RIP “Uncle Pete” (Tom Aldredge).

  17. King says:

    Thanks for CSI: NY and Falling Skies scoop! Pope is kind of (he’s underused in the show) my favorite in FS!

  18. Kevin says:

    I’m disappointed all three CSI shows got renewed and I think Season 8 of CSI:NY most definitely be its last and I’m looking forward to see if the new season of GOOD WIFE can take down DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES in the timeslot battle ’cause the new season of DH will be a no brainer to see this one come to an end.

  19. Jena says:

    It’ll be good to see Bridget Regan again and on NCIS: LA, can’t wait! Thanks for the scoop !

  20. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the CSI:NY scoop!

  21. Tracy says:

    This is a reply to Sandra since I can’t reply in the thread any longer.

    So I’m a “spoiled brat” because I am vocal about not liking DL. That doesn’t make any sense at all. If I was demanding NY’s PTB give me what I want to see on the show and threatening to never watch the show again unless my demands were met (someting DL fans have done ever since S3 when there were the first hints DL might become a couple) I could see being labeled a “spoiled brat” but not for just expressing my dislike for them. Yeah, some people might find it excessive that I post about disliking them a lot, but it’s no more excessive than the same DL fans who squee about every little thing and who are constantly bombarding all the spoiler sites with DL questions. Also, I’m not complaining about the show getting press. I’m complaining about spoilers for the show that I don’t like. Not the same thing at all. Again, the message seems to be if you love DL and are vocal about it that’s OK but if you don’t like them and are vocal about it that’s not OK.

    • Frank says:

      Whoa – the tone says it all

      • Milly says:

        I am not a DL fan and wish they would answer a few more non DL related questions as well. I just love a good crime show. But, I am with Frank, tone says it all. The way I see it any publicity for the show is good.

  22. Annie says:

    The information about the Rizzoli and Isles ep- I think it’s for The Closer. I love the guy from The Unit and I’m pretty sure it’s for Brenda Lee Johnson and co.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Having SEEN Monday’s actual Rizzoli & Isles episode with my own eyes, I can exclusively CONFIRM that I was not talking about The Closer ;)

  23. Leigh-Anne says:

    Thanks for the CSI NY info Matt,always great to see something about the show here

  24. Gary M says:

    It will be great to see Bridget Regan on NCIS, she absolutely stole my heart in Legend of the Seeker….Love her!!

  25. Hallie says:

    Thanks for the CSINY scoop! Excited for something moving between Danny and Lindsay. As for the Dany needs character development, I’m always confused by this argument. His character has received more character development than anyone else on the show. In fact, he’s possibly received more meaningful character development as his character has evolved through a number of circumstances over the course of the show. (I argue that Mac goes through great stories, but it doesn’t really develop his character). If you’re wanting the old angry Danny, I’m sure that would be old after seven seasons, and I hope some of the other characters are open for developement, and the relationship with Lindsay isn’t left stagnant, that it is used to tell the story surrounding the characters.

    • Tracy says:

      I wouldn’t call pre DL Danny “angry” at all. I also wouldn’t call knocking up the co-worker you slept with from time to time and then going through a shot gun wedding “meaningful development.” To me getting married and having a kid doesn’t mean a character has evolved or matured or anything of the sort. Danny has been nothing but Lindsay’s husband and Lucy’s father since they got married and I personally find that boring and a waste of what was once a good character. I’m hoping now that Danny has been promoted and has new responsibilities the audience can really see how Danny has evolved and matured career wise.

      • Sally says:

        Interesting take on season 1 to now. I see it more has him growing up and maturing.

        • Tracy says:

          Maybe if they had showed a logical growth and progression of DL’s relationship I would’ve seen it differently. But they show nothing but him inexplicably pursuing her in S3, them sleeping together after a drunken bet, then nothing and then after he sleeps with someone else we get her professing her love to him. Then Rikki leaves and they “make up” and Lindsay gets knocked up. They have a shot gun wedding, pop out the kid and then have to be joined at the hip on the job. Marriage and a baby seem to = grown up and mature for a lot of people, but IMO that’s just not the case. Teenagers can have a baby and get married and I wouldn’t call the majority of teenagers grown up or mature. All they’ve done is neuter Danny with no logical explanation. And now we’re going to have to see how they “deal” with not being together 24/7/365. Um, for most married couples it’s normal to not spend every waking and nonwaking moment together so I don’t see why they’d have to deal with anything.

          • Sally says:

            Intesting response, my response was purely on Danny and how he has changed from season 1 through Season 7, Lindsay was not in my mind at all. Personally, for me there is Danny; there is Lindsay and there is Danny & Lindsay. I see them as 3 seperate things and can distinqish very easily between them.

            For me he has grown from the wiseass hot head jumping head first without thinking young man that he was in season 1 to a man that is more mature, sure of his self, knows what he wants and gets it without reverting back to the Danny of old. He still has a wiseass and hothead streak but has honed his sense to realize when is the time to show it.

            You are right it is not normal for a married couple to spend every moment of every day together. However, they have worked together for 6 years so it is bound to feel a little odd that he not to be working in the lab at first. But, I think that him not being in the lab is being blown out of all proportion to make headlines; I think that most you will see less that the scene in Food For Thought where she is collecting evidence.

  26. Tracy says:

    @Sally – But we haven’t seen him progress in any way. We’ve seen the reckless, hothead and we’ve seen him as half of DL. As soon as he and Lindsay got married all development for him as a single character stopped. Even before that it was all about DL. One of my favorite story lines was the Ruben story line. It was complex and interesting, but then it was reduced to nothing more than a temporary road block for DL. They even said as much in that season’s DVD extras. We got to see nothing of what he learned from the experience or how he grew. Instead we got to see Lindsay bitch at him for not grieving according to her timetable and specifications and him groveling to “get her back.” It’s like the audience is supposed to believe that getting married and having a kid changes people like flipping a switch and that’s not usually the case. And every part of Lindsay’s character has been tied to Danny from Day one. Even her big moment in S3 when she testified against Daniel Katums they had to have Danny fly to Montana and be in the scene so she could get through it. And prior to that her being upset about her “big, dark secret” was mostly about her pushing Danny away. She couldn’t stand on her own as a character at all.

    • Sally says:

      I think that we will have to beg to differ on this. Again I only talkong of danny not of Lindsay.

      • Tracy says:

        I’m aware you’re only talking about Danny. My point is that, IMO, you can’t talk about Danny without talking about Lindsay and DL because ever since the end of S3 every part of Danny’s development is tied to DL as a couple.

    • Sally says:

      I think we will have to beg to differ on this. Again I am only talking about Danny.

    • Arthur says:

      Matt – thanks for all the news.
      Tracey – Please dont take this the wrong way this is just a little advise for you to ponder on for the future. I truly mean this in a helpful way.
      I dont watch CSI NY (I am a Castle and Falling Skies fan) but I do read Matt column and have seen you post many times when the subject of Danny and Lindsay from CSI NY comes up and your complete distain for it is every obvious. When I have read some of your posts in the past (not just this artcle) I have often been struck by just bitchy and childish your tone gets sometimes, (and I think that is what some of the other people have been trying to say to you here perviously). You make some valid points when you post, but they all get lost along with the meaning of them when it is wrapped up in bitchy\childish comments. If you want people to take you seriously then lossing the attitude (just as you did in your first reply to Sally) will go a long way.
      I do wonder sometimes if perhaps that you protest to much and secretly you do really enjoy the Danny /Lindsay thing as it is only the articles that mention them that you are particlarly vocial on.
      I have been brought up that if you dont like something you say your piece, let it go and move on, once you have said your piece and if you dont have anything nice to say then saying nothing sends a bigger message.
      Before you reply and possibly try to rip me to streds I would like to again say i am not having .go. I am just trying to pass on a little friendly advise so that when you post people listen to your point of view and not just the tone/attitude not just here on the internet but in life.

  27. test says:

    Between me and my husband we’ve owned more MP3 players over the years than I can count, including Sansas, iRivers, iPods (classic & touch), the Ibiza Rhapsody, etc. But, the last few years I’ve settled down to one line of players. Why? Because I was happy to discover how well-designed and fun to use the underappreciated (and widely mocked) Zunes are