House Exclusive: New Details on Top-Secret Season 8 Premiere!

How do I know that Dr. Crankypants’ pesky pill addiction looms large in House‘s Oct. 3 season premiere? Because TVLine managed to learn the title of the episode, and I’m getting high just reading it.

What is it?

“Twenty Vicodin.”

But what does it mean, exactly?! Let’s examine the other evidence:

We know that the action picks up with House in prison, presumably for driving his car into Cuddy’s living room in the finale.

We also know that he encounters a beautiful doctor while in the pokey, and she looks a lot like Brothers & Sisters‘ Odette Annable. Alright, she IS Brothers & Sisters‘ Odette Annable.

And now for a fresh piece of intel: Michael Paré (Eddie and the Cruisers, Starhunter) has been tapped to play the prison warden.

Perhaps the “Twenty Vicodin” alludes to a deal House is attempting to broker with someone on the inside? Maybe it’s what cops found on his person when they arrested him for his vehicular meltdown? I’m just spitballing here. Whaddaya say you lend me a hand and post your own theories in the comments? That’d be swell.

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  1. Dany says:

    I wish it was the amount of vicodin he od’d on and last season’s finale was a comatose dream.

    That crash totally ruined the show for me.

    • K says:

      or the amount of vicodin he has left AFTER the Overdose (from about 1000) or how many are still on the flor of his car, or (my personal favourite) how many the guards found on him in their cavity search

    • @Dany says:

      Watching him with all the hookers and marrying the foreign girl just to hurt Cuddy and going on his hedonistic binge was bad enough last season. But then the crash at the end and him smiling at the beach after ruined HOUSE for me and any desire I had to watch House the character too. I don’t even like him anymore. He’s devolved into something I can’t support or watch. TBH I don’t understand how some female fans can rationalize what he did. It’s sad. And then the way this show treats female characters like they’re all interchangeable, one pretty face and good body replaces another. The show used to be better than that. :/ It just gets old after awhile.

  2. Rich says:

    !!! THAT !!!

  3. AKIBA MOORJAH says:

    I love this program a lot, it made me see how important it is not to mis use precription drugs. I dont like the fact that he had to almost kill someone, for someone to really take him serious. He’s a brilliant Dr. with an habit to pricription drugs (pain killers)…and that’s not so brilliant. I’m praying for him that he can be delivered.

    • Interesting Premise says:

      That is a very sweet thought and I REALLY mean NO disrespect. However, Hugh Laurie and, by definition and numerous plot devices, the character of “House” are self-proclaimed atheists. And they could BOTH do with a little prayer.

  4. House says:

    Wow people say that they hate House and they wont watch it again, but they keep coming to these sites to comment about it. Talk about hypocrisy LOL!

    • @House says:

      How is that hypocritcal? You can hate something and care about it at the same time and comment on it. If they were apathetic or said they didn’t care over and over that would seem more hypocritical. Just sayin’.

  5. rick says:

    really people it is jst a tv show.they needed to change things up were they suppose to just keep house and his team saveing a patient with a weird medical problem each week they had to create more of a story line and that is what they did the show is awesome hugh laurie plays the best character on tv since alan alda playing hawkeye peirce and cuddy leaving is a good thing could not stand her

    • House says:

      Well said

    • Jim says:

      Not, the could have actually slowly moved and grown his character instead of continually saying they were going to explore it and then just keeping him stagnant. This disn’t move him forward, it set him back and trying to explain it any other way doesn’t change it for A LOT OF PEOPLE!

    • morons says:

      Figures. Everything YOU can’t stand means a good thing, obviously. TPTB, meet your demo. Congrats!

  6. K says:

    I love House, can’t wait for october… loved it when he drove thru Cuddy’s house, Wilson’s face was a picture.

    • maggie says:

      You loved it when House drove his car into Cuddy’s house? Scary!

      • timshel says:

        Because enjoying a fictional plot from a fictional TV show is scary. Nope, it’s really not. I think I’ll go and re-watch that scene so I can cheer again.

  7. Springmom says:

    It wasn’t unrealistic for House to relapse but for him to right back to PP after what would have likely been charged as attempted murder? Really? They have lost all sense and have lost their way. If I want a soap opera melodrama I’ll watch daytime.

    • K says:

      yes, so what else would happen to him after crashing a car through somebody’s house – spa weekend in miami perhaps? golf holiday in Hawaii? an all expense paid tour around asia?

  8. katy says:

    Wow. Interesting comments. I’m a die hard House fan. I love to expect the unexpected. I love the show. Ill be in front of my tv every Monday night. I love the show. I’ve never been dissapointed at the end of an episode. :)

  9. Karla says:

    I like the old team back.

  10. Carolyn says:

    Didnt read all comments yet. Just hope hope hope it’s not so depressing. Won’t miss Cuddy. Trust the writers. Would really miss House. When Hugh is done, we all say bye and thanks for the memories.

  11. BigJohnson says:

    I love the idiots who are fed up with the show, especially the one that said years ago the show quit being good, but your still watching, and care enough to look up info on the new season and comment. You love it, get ovet it! Can’t wait, love House! Better than most the feeble attempts at comedy sitcoms, crime shows, and boring drab on TV. It’s got it all, drama, humor, dark humor, death, life, mystery, failure, drug abuse, greatness, wit, suspense…….on and on. A lot of people don’t appreciate smart TV, but I do!

    • Bigger than your Johnson says:

      Oh, Big Johnson needs his hooker fest for “smart tv.” So glad there are fans thinking with their head.

      • timshel says:

        House has been doing hookers since season 1. Not sure why everyone is so aghast now.

        • Maria says:

          House used to *talk* about hookers in the first season. We only saw him with a hooker in the second season, after Stacy left. Please stop pretending that what we saw then had anything to do with the pathetic piece of sh*t the 7th season was.

  12. house_fan says:

    A lot of negativity. I fyou don’t like the show anymore why are you on this page? The show is brilliant. Spoofing classics like “One Flew Over The Cookoos Nest” in an entire season is genious. Everything about this show is spells awesome. Keep the twists and turns coming. I love Hugh Laurie, I love Hugh Laurie as House. Everyone else around him are just supporting actors, and he makes them all look good.

  13. tahina says:

    Mike I hope next time you come up with the name of the one portraying the new DOM. Rumors*twitter* say it has already been cast and that it’s going to be a surprise, that some will be not too happy. What do you know about this? Thanks!! :)

  14. BobbyHo says:

    20 Vicoden…what is it? Seriously??

    It is a reference to Joseph in Genesis. I ain’t a Bible thumper but it is so painfully obvious. In the greatest work of fiction ever, Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers for 20 pieces of silver. He was then thrown into jail (shortened for this post..Reader’s Digest version.) Sound like a familiar plot line?

    The show is a shadow of its former self. The characters deserve to have a good final season and a satisfactory end.

  15. Just wondering...? says:

    I wonder who much money FOX et al has to pay Abbott Labs (who manufactures the brand name “Vicodin”) every time the drug is mentioned and now as part of the title of an episode? God knows Abbott doesn’t need the advertising, but the licensing fees have gotta be a bitch. Perhaps if the writers would substitute “hydrocodone” or bump House’s addiction up to a generic “morphine,” FOX could’ve afforded to keep all of their original actors at their original salaries.

  16. diana says:

    Love house, let’s keep it goin while trying to keep it as “real” as can be for t.v.
    Love Hugh & the cast :-)

  17. Cody says:

    Where are you people getting all this stuff, how do we know House is in jail, all we seen in the finale is Wilson break his arm, House giving Cuddy a brush and then House on a beach, where do you get he’s in jail, and a women named Odette Annable, she never was on House M.D. (as far as I know)

  18. sara says:

    ”If you don’t like the show why you are here?”
    ”if you don’t like it just stop watching”
    ”House is the best show on TV, shut up bitches!!”
    ”So many haters!!”
    ”House is wonderful, haters gonna hate”
    ”I really don’t understand you people, If you don’t like the show anymore, DON’T watch it!!! It’s that simple.”
    ”Can’t wait for the first episode! who are spewing the hate now, they are a pathetic bunch.”
    ”Exactly. Don’t people have anything better to do with their lives than watch videos and read interviews of people that they claim to dislike?”
    ”Oh the haters…”
    ”who is the pathetic here when you both are in the minority-get a life, get a boyfriend..scoot!”
    ”Nice try at spamming an ad you troll. That was the worst try at free ads I’ve ever seen. Get a life you perv and try a real job for a change. Have a great day! AgelessMate sucks and apparently you do too.”
    ””Hilsons are such pathetic”
    ”Sadly they’re jealous because their ship of choice wasn’t picked so they feel the need to disparage it at every opportunity”
    ”Thanks GOD Jennifer was FIRED, so now we have more time to enjoy Lisa’s ass! YAY!!”
    ”And you followed the last two seasons of a show you do think “jumped the shark”? LOL, okay. (Do you know you can change the channel, right?)”
    ”Actually the only anbnoying thing here are bitter fangirls like you who actually claim to be a fan of the show, wasting your time on a public message board trying to ruin the fun for others. You should think about gettin g ajob – or a boyfriend. I’m sure either would work fine for you.”
    ”Get a life, loser!”
    ”sooo excited!! this is going to be great. And buahaha suck it hatersss”

    etc etc etc….

    by huddy fans [a year ago]

    • Maria says:

      And you’re saying the exact same things the huddies were saying a year ago. How does that make you better? At least the huddies really did have something to look forward to, you’re just pretending that you are looking forward to the season to spite them. Pathetic.

      • Maro says:

        Couldn’t care less about the huddies! They cut off their noses to spite their faces.
        I look forward to a House without a 3 seasons long “love” burden.

      • sara says:

        @Maria Congratulations! You don’t understand anything, or maybe you just pretending? But the truth hurts you I know…so it is easier to divert the conversation, right?
        Quotes and their meaning is clear to all (except bitter huddies, that unsuccessfully trying to justify their stupid comments) but we are so happy, because real fans are so excited about season 8.

  19. Christina says:

    House’s been on for 7 years and I’ve never been tired of the show. I’ve been shocked by the last season finale but then I thought House never stopped surprising me. I can’t wait for the new season to start.

  20. Kevin says:

    @Cody http://www.tvguide.com/News/Odette-Annable-House-1035697.aspx. This is where the info that House is in jail and Odette is joining the show came from. House has been on rocky ground for a while. The drama crap really sucks and that is where it went wrong. I agree that the women seem interchangeable but it could be that they are wanting more money and they had to cut them out of the show. Maybe it is not the money and they just couldn’t figure out how to write the characters into future seasons so quit them. Also, in the “REAL WORLD” there are a lot more females aspiring to be doctors and that could be why they seem to be in and then out. You have to remember that House is an abrasive personality and people can only take being degraded so much before they A: SNAP. B: QUIT. C: MOVE ON. There is actually realism in the fact the team has been changing over time. Glad Cuddy and Cameron are gone. Both of them were center points for all the drama during the show. I agree it should go back to being about the cure and the medicine as the glue that keeps the team together. Not sure how House get out of jail and keeps his license but I will probably watch to find out. Unfortunately, the show WILL be ending soon. I will miss it.

  21. JD says:

    What if it means that’s all the Vicodin he has left that he was able to smuggle for himself?

  22. DoctorRoktor says:

    The title refers to how much House has to pay Bubba not to show him some prison man-love. Cuddy needed to be replaced seasons ago. This crap relationship got old really quick. I think House is in the closet and really wants to sleep with Wilson. This show needs a bad ass bitch who will not hesitate to grab House by his scrotum and yank. Bring in Dr. Weaver from ER. She was a ruthless broad who didn’t mind stepping on people to advance her career.

  23. janaelle says:

    I´m still shoked why people protect cuddy. She was not the perfect girlfriend for house IMo. Season7 proved that House tried very hard to be a good boyfriend and cuddy never really saw it. Of course what house did at the end was an outrageous act and he has to be sanctioned for it but a lot of people forget that he is an addict and there’s no real cure for that. Addicts can`t cope very well with emotional stress , what leads mostly in crazy actions.
    I think House walking on the beach at the end was perfect because it symbolized that he was at peace with himself after finally expressing how hurt and angry he was that Cuddy gave up on him and dumped him after saying she was willing to put up with his mess knowing full well how messed up he was. She did him wrong. It would have been better if she justhad not gotten involved with him when he expressed to her his reservations about them getting together from the start. It is like she teased him with the prospect of having someone he loved stick with him no matter what and then ditched him when he did not live up to her standards. That was bogus since she knew he was too messed up to be a good mate from the get go.
    However, seeing her move on so soon after getting him to expose himself and express his true feelings of anger and deep hurt and then supposedly apolozing to him was more than he could bear. It was like driving a nail into his exposed tender parts. That insensitive and self-centered woman should have figured that her dating while House was not over her and in so much pain would not be the best idea. Frankly I am not sad to see Cuddy go, she didn`t make house into a better or happier person, quite the opposite. Good riddance,cuddy. What a piece of work.

    Sorry i drifted too far away, All i wanted to say is I`m looking forward to season8 and the character of House still intrigues me.
    I hope that the title 20vicodins indicates that H is dealing with his addiction issues in a proper way and maybe after 20vicodins he`ll get an epiphany what to do next in his life.

    • Maria says:

      Seriously? Even with the way she was written this season, she saved his life and his career 47837493872 times. She did so much for him over the years and he couldn’t even visit her at the hospital when she was dying. Why would she want him in her life? That combined with all the hookers and the slave and all the other things he did during the rest of the season should be enough to make her want to forget she ever had anything with him. I just can’t understand people who are on his side or claim that he has anything to do with the person we all fell in love with 7 years ago…

      • Maro says:

        Oh come on!
        The sainted Cuddy saved him because he was her “star” doctor and she would have gone down with him as she was liable as well by permitting him to be as outrageous as he wanted.

        From the very beginning House was unapologetically written as an unsympathetic, malicious jerk with few (well hidden) good qualities.
        We are on his side because he is an unconventional, exciting character played to perfection by a tremendous actor full of vitality and wit.

        It’s a TV show for entertainement not real life! And we love it because we are entertained!

    • Dani says:

      Nope not buying the whole she only saved him because he was her star doctor thing. Vogler picked up that the only reason she was still employing him was that she liked him way back in Season 1. The fact that nobody else would take the same risk in employing him for any length of time, despite his genius, speaks volumes in relation to that.

      Cuddy was just poorly written over the last two seasons. She went from someone who hadn’t been in a relationship for years and whose main priorities were the hospital and her daughter to someone who was lurching from one relationship to the next. The ‘Jerry’ thing in the final episode was just ludicrous for a number of reasons, especially if Shore was meant to be following his own philosophy that his characters don’t change. They just can’t seem to write female characters sympathetically, or without ultimately resorting to absolutes, i.e. Saint, b*tch, tomboy, the kooky one.

      Both of them screwed up in the relationship. House seemed to know what was going to happen and yet still went into it living out his own self-fulfilling prophecy as if being right was more important than anything else, whilst Cuddy seemed to forget who she and House were, and tbh the writing stuck out like a sore thumb pretty often.

      Am I a bitter Huddy fan? No. I’m a fan of quality, well-rounded narratives, dialogue and characterisation and that was sadly lacking this season. Will I be back next season? Probably, but mainly out of habit.

  24. Misty says:

    Greg Yaitanes tweeted the title of the first episode yesterday, so it is hardly a scoop here.

    The title “20 Vicodins” and the announcement about Michael Pare have generated zero interest or buzz in the fandom.

    “House” used to be a watercooler show that everyone talked about and everyone wanted to see. The layered presentation of complex ethical issues, the quixotic and ambiguous relationships of House with Cuddy and Wilson were intriguing and challenging, and the medical mysteries were truly puzzling.

    But now all that has been buried under an avalanche of “shocking” behaviors that are crude, single entendre, not funny and not illuminating of House’s character.

    “House” used to be great. As a fan from the first episode, I am chilled and saddened by the decline in quality of the last half of season seven. I will watch this coming season, but it will be a chore rather than a pleasure.

    • lauren says:

      GY tweeted that, like, hours after this story went up. Your point again was……..?

      • Misty says:

        …my point was: “House” used to be Must-See TV, everybody was talking about it. Everybody cared about it. Now after the debacle of the latter half of season seven, two new cast announcements and news about the first episode’s title have generated only two pages of comments.

        It is sad to contemplate how far “House” has changed from the nuanced, layered and enthralling entertainment it used to provide every week. You don’t have to be a fan of LE, or Cuddy, or “Huddy” to recognize and regret the decline in quality of this once-great show.

  25. Luis says:

    “Twenty Vicodin.” What does Dr. House have for breakfast?

  26. Caroline says:

    They just prefer have another one character instead bring back cameron? DS and the writers must be CRAZY!! C’mon Lisa Edelstein its out, what would be better than a return for cameron.. I seriously HATE how DS sold ‘House’ as commercial serie than a ‘Good and loved by fans’. (Ergo: Since the 6 season)

  27. karomana says:


  28. TG says:

    Yay!!!!!! Michael Paré on House!

  29. Austin says:

    How about this . . .”Twenty Vicodin” the amount of pills the patient has taken, or needs, or it is the excuse Greg gives Lisa (yes i can call him greg)she always forgives for some poorly written reason each season so why over analyze to an anal point and just enjoy the 35th best show on this season.

  30. K says:

    Oh c’mon, how can people actually say LE will not be missed? I don’t know if you actually watch the show but she’s absolutely NOT useless. She’s been part of the story for 7 seasons for god’s sake.

  31. Schimmi says:

    Great,Michael Paré in ‘Dr.House’.Very looking forward to that epi!

  32. Miguel mendoza says:

    Its funny how people who hate house know so much about the show and would take the time to search the web to find a site to be able to comment on it

  33. Jay says:

    I believe the title refers to the cost of House’s help to diagnois a fellow inmate or employee (Guard, Warden…etc.).

  34. Tchoukie says:

    Ok, here’s the theory. House has managed to score little by little 20 Vicodin pills from somewhere, possibly from enabler Wilson. He then cajoles, coaxes, intimidates, and charms various inmates to help him escape in return for Vicodin pills.
    Alternatively, he dies at the end of the series, his street is renamed into Vicodin Street and his home address becomes 20 Vicodin [Street] and is converted into a shrine of pilgirimage for all of us HOUSE M.D. and Hugh Laurie Personality crazies.

  35. HL says:

    Great serie:) I love HUgh Laurie ,because is so different from all the others..He is acting,singing,writing,playing piano…I really think that Dr.House is a very good show but if they want to continou this with House they could made something different for example House could go in another clinic or change a little his character but the only sure is that world want to see and like Hugh Laurie

  36. quince says:

    love hugh laurie, he is amazing!:)

  37. Will says:

    It could be that that’s the only vicodin he can get his hands on, and he has to ration them throughout his time served…

  38. Jessica says:

    This is just so sad. I think about where House was prior seasons, how much his life changed, all the things he’d been through on his own, with Cuddy, Wilson and his team. And now this? It’s like he isn’t teh same guy. And Shore says people don’t change? Yeah RIGHT!

    Best show I ever watched is now gone down the drain. Only good things left of the show now are Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard. Great acting, plots suck. Thanks so much to Fox, Shore, Yaitanes, and everyone else who was involved in the decision to take House MD down this road.

  39. "A" says:

    Olivia Wilde in HD, nuff said.

  40. brisk says:

    oooooo, oooooo, i bet the season wraps up with house wrecking his donor-cycle and then his organs end up saving the patient ( even though the patient had already asked and house left him there to rot).

  41. Michael A Manor says:

    He steps out of the shower to find Cuddy naked only Cuddy is Victoria Principal.

  42. Michael A Manor says:

    Oh yeah and there’s a snow globe on the night stand with a building that reads Princeton Plainsboro.

  43. Can D. says:

    I think “20 Vicodin” is a literary reference the way many of the episode titles are. If this season kicks off any way like season 6 did, it’s unlikely the team would have much of a role in the premiere but I wouldn’t put it past House to initially try and find *some* way to obtain Vicodin from behind bars, whether it’s through bribing doctors and security guards or trying to have someone from the outside sneak it into him during a visit (*if* the prison would allow visitors – I know some do and some don’t.)

    • SuziQ says:

      I’ve been thinking the same thing. He’d do anything to get his drugs. But 20 vicodin, in 24 hrs, would cause him to OD, due to the tylenol in it, and possibly hallucinate. I’ve seen it happen. You can’t take that much in a day. You can die…slowly. If he was detoxed, maybe he’d live. So, maybe it’s 20 to keep the big boys off his back. Like cigarettes.

  44. Missy says:

    I, too, miss the intriguing ” make you think” medical drama with an edge House. Truly hope this season brings it back!