House Exclusive: New Details on Top-Secret Season 8 Premiere!

How do I know that Dr. Crankypants’ pesky pill addiction looms large in House‘s Oct. 3 season premiere? Because TVLine managed to learn the title of the episode, and I’m getting high just reading it.

What is it?

“Twenty Vicodin.”

But what does it mean, exactly?! Let’s examine the other evidence:

We know that the action picks up with House in prison, presumably for driving his car into Cuddy’s living room in the finale.

We also know that he encounters a beautiful doctor while in the pokey, and she looks a lot like Brothers & Sisters‘ Odette Annable. Alright, she IS Brothers & Sisters‘ Odette Annable.

And now for a fresh piece of intel: Michael Paré (Eddie and the Cruisers, Starhunter) has been tapped to play the prison warden.

Perhaps the “Twenty Vicodin” alludes to a deal House is attempting to broker with someone on the inside? Maybe it’s what cops found on his person when they arrested him for his vehicular meltdown? I’m just spitballing here. Whaddaya say you lend me a hand and post your own theories in the comments? That’d be swell.

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  1. Misha says:

    It’s amount of pills I’ll have to pop to make anything DS and the crew write this season seem realistic.

    • evs says:

      hahah, true dat

      i reckon I will like the remaining 3 episodes sober!

      • ieshwlia says:

        Yes – sobriety on this show would be welcomed! People in honest recovery do not need actions as Houses thought of as acceptable behavior and excuseable on top of it!

        • Housean Universe says:

          IF House is actually in prison then it’d be 2 out of 4 team members (3 if you count Foreman’s sealed record) with criminal records!! Maybe, they’ll be the team of convicts that possess marvellous magical healing insights into the troubles of the NJ area (altho’ I surmised he had to have been on the WEST coast in that final s7 scene at the bar! – based on the sunset)

    • missy says:

      LMAO, this.

    • tamarat says:

      Enough said.

    • ann says:

      First thing I thought when I read this. TRUTH.

    • gabby says:

      THIS!! exacty!

    • LMAO says:

      You nailed it.

    • LOL says:

      LMAO!!!!! This!!

    • missy says:


      • missy says:

        Uh, you already posted this in 7 not so different forms. Allow me to recap … LMAO!!!!THIS!!!!SO TRUE!!!!!OMG YES!!!!

    • Dani says:

      You may have a point…. :)

    • lipsticksocialism says:

      Mischa, you brilliant chick/dude!! ;)

    • Alicia says:

      PERFECT first comment. How the mighty have fallen…

    • paulina says:

      LMAO!!THIS!!! SO sadly true …

      • paulina says:

        Y’all are just easily amused aren’t ya. House going house on Cuddy was the best thing that’s ever happened in your lives probably.

    • sioda says:

      Or the amount it would take to get me to watch this…

    • maggie says:


    • MJV says:

      Amount he takes a day.

      • LMS says:

        I think they should let him be! He has pain, so give him his Vicadin, and get off his back! It is not as though he is on morphine, or even Percocan, for gods’ sake! If they manage it correctly, he will be better for it. And so will his fellow Doctors. Cuddy should CHILL!

        • wendy says:

          If taken correctly, people with TRUE chronic pain don’t get high,they just feel better and are able to live life instead of being a lump of pain on the couch! I wish some doctors would get that through their thick heads!!

    • teresa smith says:

      It sounds like a bribe to Dr. House for something someone in prison wants from him!

    • TalkFast says:

      Oh yes, THIS!

    • DENISE says:


    • Glynis says:

      How can House be the same without Cuddy?

    • scarlett says:

      Sadly,its only about half the effect of Percacet, my personal drug of choice ~ and now I have to go through being triggered again every time House uses. But ~ I’ll have to live with it because I refuse to give up my addiction to HOUSE. :) I do have priorities, you know.

    • D says:

      I liked the first choice of the title of the premiere (Dark Matter) . It was much better than the new one & it was more intriguing .This new title seems to be as an obvious cheap shot to attract those fans who love the vicodin popping aspect of the character that was missing during S6 & majority of S7.

    • Badger says:

      So… for you they jumped the shark already.
      I disagree… people actually do drive into houses like this.
      I had a friend who did it once.
      And the potato gun thing? Also quite feasible.
      It’s a TV show… it’s all fiction. You just have to wonder what they’re trying to accomplish at this point, other than keeping the show afloat. Maybe they should’ve just taken a year off and started the storyline off in a totally new direction.

    • Andrea says:

      LMAO!!! So true. The only reason I have stuck with the show faithfully from the first episode to currently is that I admire anything Hugh Laurie does. The man has talent out the wazoo. I find it difficult to care about Taub’s problems and overall the show has lost its focus on the medical mystery which used to make it so powerfully good. Now, it’s currently like a three ring soap opera with the patient medical story occupying a distant third… I read somewhere where DS is trying to bring that back this season so the series is written like it was in the first few seasons. Good luck to him.
      Back to the reason I think it’s being called 20 Vicodin… That’ll be all House has on his person when he gets arrested, and he’ll run out in prison, so he’ll be counting down every last one. That’s just my guess. Not to mention that they were obtained illegally via a forged prescription. Having a full prescription bottle of legally prescribed narcotics on one’s person is not illegal where I live but if one were arrested for some other reason, it would raise questions. Either the arresting officer or the intake officers at the jail would want to see a valid prescription.

    • Tazmanianarabian;) says:

      I’m not really sure why you people are hating right now. This is fan page for HOUSE you don’t like the show, there’s plenty of other stuff you can watch on tv.

  2. Ellle says:

    and what about 13? I read that she’s left show and will be a guest star.. is it true??
    come back Olivia >_<

    • Macoder says:

      Yes it’s true..


      Olivia will be back but only for a while…. DAMNIT! Why do we have to lose all the hot women of HOUSE? Fist Cameron, then Cuddy, then 13… Although Odette Annable isn’t too bad, I like my female team member to be Olivia Wilde….. And hopefully DS brings back the bad ass medicine and does away with the random drama. I want the old HOUSE back.

      • teresa smith says:

        I’m afraid if they change it too much, even “House” won’t be able to keep viewers.I almost quit watching when the old team was replaced. Fortunately they are still there, just in different positions. Don’t lose em. It wont be as good without “Cuddy” cause the relationship between them is the main draw for viewing. So much like real life relationships.

        • Katie says:

          It wont be as good without “Cuddy” cause the relationship between them is the main draw for viewing.

          You’re absolutely right. It’ll be ten thousand times better.

  3. Michael Sacal says:

    Michael Paré (Eddie and the Cruisers, Starhunter) has been tapped to play the prison warden.


  4. J. Norman says:

    I’m glad to hear that the producers of the show have decided (presumably)that the season will begin with House in jail – or at least some kind of restricted environment.

    That’s good. Anything less would be off the believability charts. I’m glad to see that the producers have realized from the overwhelmingly negative response to the season 7 finale, that they just couldn’t have House doing business as usual at PPTH.

    How exactly he is going to meet a smoking hot Dr. while in (men’s prison?) will be most likely only be one of those things that TV viewers are commonly asked to suspend believablility towards. Hey, its only a TV show right. Realism can be thrown away.

    • Sam says:

      Ha, you give the TPTB a lot of credit. Doubt they’ve actually “realized” anything, and they certainly don’t give a crap about viewer response. Bowing to pressure/making nice on the surface doesn’t solve the real problems.
      Every post finale interview they gave indicates they saw nothing wrong with House’s actions. Shore & Co are only taking this route because they were backed into a corner; they still have the same warped mindset which lead them to steer the show in such a disastrous direction in the first place. Hell, if LE was still on the show they’d probably have Cuddy APOLOGIZING TO HOUSE over the car crash.
      Well, maybe the hot, new doctor finds the 20 vicodin while cavity searching House and it’s love at first swipe.

      • Jill says:

        Well, I agree with most of your post, but the cavity search actually intrigues me. Sorry…I had a moment. LOL

        • cyndie d says:

          love that-i had a moment after your moment lol

          • Uh-oh says:

            I hope they don’t accidentally swap out the cavity-searching lubricating jelly with super glue. That would really diminish House’s prison experience.

        • Maria says:

          You know, I was wondering what it is that they can show on a prison episode, especially since he is guilty, so they can’t go the poor innocent person suffering in prison route and all I could come up with is this: Maybe they got bored of trolling the Huddies and decided to troll the Hilsons for a change by devoting half the episode to the fun times House will have with his cellmate Bubba? I mean, seriously, what are they going to do in this episode?

          And as for believability charts: He will go back to Cuddy’s hospital, where everybody hates him, where he doesn’t teach, where he only sees about 50 patients a year. He doesn’t make money for the hospital, he gets sued by patients he pisses off and he drove the DOM away. Also, he will have a medical license. What believability?

          • Sam says:

            You need to stop thinking like a logical person and instead try to wedge your head up your a$$–to get the true David Shore experience.
            Viewers tuning in this fall will be treated to a revisionist history lesson, complete with character behavior changes and opinion 180s. No one will see House in a bad light or blame him for his actions, while the departed Dean of medicine will be regarded as a pariah.
            Wilson regularly backed Cuddy and would try to get House to see things from her perspective. But you can be sure season 8 Wilson will view her negatively and probably trash her in the first episode–COUNT ON IT. No one will talk about House’s transgressions but will “remember” how awful Cuddy was. I wouldn’t be surprised if Foreman and Chase are brought in on the bashing as well.
            Viewers will be told exactly where they should stand and any lingering fondness for Cuddy will have to be stamped out. Hell, on Criminal Minds in the ep right after Prentiss “died” the writers had Morgan straight-up telling the others they needed to MOVE ON and ACCEPT the new girl. The hell?? O_o
            Considering the writing on House is about as subtle as a brick to the face you can bet they’ll be taking the same route.

          • Dani says:

            Seriously though I’m having trouble getting my head round why a hospital would rehire a doctor who’s brought them incredibly bad press, which something like this undoubtedly would. In terms of cold hard cash he’s not worth the money, especially now his reputation is in tatters.

            Ironically I can see Cuddy having been fired for bringing the hospital bad press… *sighs*

    • Robert says:

      Because a prison doctor couldn’t be smokin hot? Or a prison doctor couldn’t be female?

    • Lena says:

      She could be visiting him, asking advice on some weird case. He ll be Hannibal, she ll be Clarissa :P

      • maggie says:

        I agree, she will probably be asking House for help with a case she can’t handle. House will be promised his medical license will be re-instated if he helps, and will get out early for helping.

      • Iris says:

        No, no, no–you got the comparisons all wrong! The S8 premiere will rip off “the Shawshank Redemption” the way S6 did “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”
        House really is a sympathetic character you see, like the protag in Shawshank (who DIDN’T kill his wife, btw), and House didn’t actually kill Cuddy–so it all works out! They’ll have him “redeemed” in NO TIME.

    • Jennifer says:

      Just because it’s a prison for men doesn’t mean there can’t be women doctors.

    • gharris says:

      Actually there are women doctors in jails

      • J. Norman says:

        Yes, and I bet they all look like 13 and Cameron (lol)

        • nothingssomething says:

          do you think that prision’s are above the equal employment act? that was a rhetorical question, because i know the answer, and, to answer your question the last time i was in jail(for a bench warrant) the hottest doctor was there to do a checkup on me. so shut your mouth and jump off the idiot train. and onto the intelligent one

  5. Rock Golf says:

    I’ve always thought “House” missed a great opportunity by not having pun-based titles for their episodes. Last season’s finale could have been called “Housecrashing”. This season’s premiere could be called “The Big House”.

  6. jade says:


  7. hadit says:

    Had it with this show. Goodbye

  8. Gabby says:

    As much as I love Hugh Laurie, this show needs to end now! Sorry, but it’s the truth.

  9. Em says:

    I do applaud your enthusiastic attempt to get your readers excited about this next season of House but it’s not going to happen. Switching out Thirteen with another token young hot chick doesn’t do it for me. Twenty Vicodin wouldn’t even be enough to get me through the premiere.

  10. doddle says:

    ??? maybe that’s what they’ll find in his stomach. 20 pills. How can we speculate just with this?

  11. Sam says:

    What else can I say but: looking forward to it! Now Cuddy is gone and the focus is back on House I’ll enjoy this new season. A lot actually :D

    • maro says:

      I so agree with you

    • Volta says:

      Totally agree. I’m really excited for this season… is October here yet? :)

    • Lyn says:

      I love the show,even tho I agree it has been a little lost with the plot at times. I enjoyed ’13’ as well as some of the other regulars. The best thing that’s happened recently is the removal of Cuddy. Soooooo tired of her years ago. Let’s hope the plot is doable even if only in a ‘rich guy buys his way out’ type of thing.

    • Kelli says:

      Finally – an actual fan responds, i too am looking forward to it starting again…wouldn’t miss it for the world. Goodbye critics – watch something else – perhaps Trailer Park Boys is more your speed…WHATEVER works for you!

      • iwonder says:

        Why do people who don’t like Lisa E bear eerily similar traits such as propensity for absurdist generalizations, self-righteous ignorance, dumb retorts and poor command of written expression? Curious. Might be a brain disease.

        • Pat says:

          Because the are morons XD aka hamerons or hilsons.

          • Katie says:

            Just because idiot Huddies (the most dispised fandom community in the fandom world) believe that the only important thing about House is romance, why do you have to pawn your pathetic ideals onto others? Get over it. Cuddy is gone. No one cares. And most of us actually couldn’t care less if “‘ickle ole Greg gets truw wuv.” Please just go away. Can’t you use house_cuddy over at livejournal to whine and stop ruining it for the rest of us?

        • How's this for a "brain disease?" says:

          I’m beginning to believe that (and this is going to get me majorly cyber-spanked by her ladies-in-waiting), with the self-expulsion of Princess Lisa, many fans of the show are likening her departure to the self-expulsion of a particularly nasty gas bubble. Their relief is palpable. And contagious.

    • nothingssomething says:

      the only way characters are TRULY gone is if they kill themselves on the show like he did. they keep coming back she won’t be gone forever. and even if she did “quit” she can always come back another way.
      i’m excited about S8, i think it’s going to reveil allot of things about the other “old” characters and their truest dark intentions.

  12. carolina says:

    Comee backk Franka Potente pleaseeeeeeeeeee, 6×01/02 foreverrr =)

  13. Liz says:

    It can’t get any worse than the first part of season 7, so bring it on. As long as the Huddy doom stays away, I’ll be happy.

  14. LMAO says:

    Ausiello, try harder. The only exciting part about House nowadays is watching TPTB wriggle.

    • thebiggertheyare says:

      Just picture Yaitanes batting his eyelashes and provocatively arching his back, begging you to watch his show. Roooooar!

  15. Luc says:

    It’s the amount of pills the writers have been popping for quite some time now. Good for you! Admitting you have a problem is the first step.

    • One day at a time... says:

      Nicely put, Luc.

    • ThEdge says:

      Me thinks the 20 Vicodin are the amount he legally has and that’s what will keep him in line. He will be given 1 every 6 hours and I can see him become more and more “House Like” as the pills are used 1 by 1. He will go through the gamete of emotions. We’ll see the many faces of House till the last pill is gone. That would be about the time He’s sent back to PTH. Now for ep.2.

  16. Sam says:

    The title of the first episode is not enough, I need more!
    When Matt posted the speculation about the new dean we had more than 700 posts, so give us something more, the waiting for the premiere is so long

    • Luc says:

      Reminder: that was because the “new” dean story piggy-backed on the Lisa Edelstein frenzy. The news regarding “jail” and “13-replacement” came no where near 700 posts. We’ll see GY and team start trying to milk and tease the Huddy factor very soon. Better to just stay away from the PR bull.

  17. corey says:

    behold, readers of this article: no lisa edelstein, 13 not gonna be a season regular, and now this junk about jail? coffin nails 1, 2, and 3.

    btw, this jail thing is so a second attempt at the season 6 first episode, with house in the mental institution. we’re back where we were 2 years ago- with house locked up. the warden = dr. nolan. oddette annable = that lady who house loved who moved away at the end of the episode…

    old stuff…

    • JOSH says:

      ya think? theyr REALLY pushing it this time

    • Pixie says:

      Saying goodbye to LE and OW is a good thing. Neither one of them were very good actresses.

      • Cal says:

        At least *some* good news.

      • Thatsright says:

        Yeah. If only they could get rid of Hugh Laurie and bring back Cameron, that’s the show I’d be watching!

      • alex12 says:

        u think so? i thought they were pretty good, especially thirteen. i guess its in the eye of the beholder. i never got over how inapporpriately cuddy dressed for a dean of medicine, though.

        • Maria says:

          Why is there a uniform for Deans of medicine? Is that how you judge people? House goes to work with faded jeans, old t-shirts and sneakers. He never wears a lab coat, either. How come you don’t find it impossible for him to be a good doctor or a believable character because he doesn’t dress the way the other doctors do? Double standarts much?

          • Reality Check says:

            Because its still a “man’s world” where cleavages and hooker heels are part of their dress code.

  18. Bobby Ewing says:

    It’s the 20 pills he took in Bombshells, Cuddy dies and the last part of the season and the beginning of this season are all a coma with an independent film dream sequence in his head.

    Yawn fest, but you explained Cuddy’s absence and “saved” House – the character. Certainly NOT the show. Guess hindsight is 20/20. You should have taken better care of these characters.

    • xxzazzzxxmd says:

      loll! Or we also have the : EVERYTHING WAS AN HALLUCINATION thing XD

    • Pffft! says:

      Cuddy died from WHAT? Boredom? “Bombshells” was a snoozfest – a total misnomer.

  19. HouseMDfan says:

    Reading the comment section is so funny and entertaining. Bitter Huddy fangirls claim to not care about House anymore, and yet you annoy us regular fans with your “we don’t care” and “bye House”. Why don’t you just say Bye for good and don’t comment anymore? Because you can’t. Because you care. 99% of you WILL tune in again. Hehe. (Let me assure you though, no one will miss you in the fandom)

    • Peoplewhogeneralizefangroupsareidiots says:

      Because Huddy fan girls are the only people unhappy? Who’s looking like the bigger idiot hear, the ones posting their real opinions or the ones generalizing and bashing them based on nothing? Bleh

    • sigh says:

      Oh, look! It took about 40 comments and the real bashing starts. You’re bashing fans; at least these people are just speaking opinions on the show. YOU are the one turning this into a zoo. YOU started the childishness!

      It’s probably wise to suggest it was the drugs that caused House to commit this crime because it keeps his character at least a little more salvagable. It will however mean his license is GONE. Ironically, he could have kept it with the crime and no drugs (and lost fans), but with a 2nd strike with drugs he’ll lose it (but MAYBE keep some fans). What a mess!

    • sigh says:

      Are you the official spokesperson of “the fandom”? No? Then please do everyone a favor and learn to speak for yourself, bitter fangirl of illiteracy.

    • Thomas says:

      Yeah, about the “regular” fans… I think you mean the people delusional enough to still defend the show? I get that House appeals to a niche demographic now. Morons. Morons are that demographic. So don’t try to pretend like there’s anything “regular” about that fandom. You guys will follow the show into the ground, which will be soon enough.

      • Do your homework, dumb ass says:

        Yeah, but according to the “research,” we are morons with a “higher-than-average” I.Q. And it is our God-given right to piss on that which we deem worthy of our efforts. So, BUGGER OFF!

    • ejb says:

      The way I see it they should have titled it “The Beginning of the End

  20. Muireann says:

    Believe me, I was one of the most obsessive House fangirls out there for YEARS. I ignored the fact that the show was steadily getting worse because I didn’t want to believe it. But about halfway through season 7 there really was no denying it any more; House had gone to s***. They really should have ended it with season 6. I haven’t even watched the last three episodes, and I doubt I ever will. It’s just too depressing when you compare it with the first four, even five, seasons. Hugh Laurie is a fantastic actor, and he deserves better.

    • Celine says:

      Exactly the same for me. Actually, in my head, season 7 never happened, this is way easier that way. And I’m certainly not a shipper of any sort, I was really willing to give this Huddy shot a try, it could have been interesting, but they totally blew it, let’s be honest. I’m still gonna watch the season 8 premiere though, because I still love the actors. And…who knows? Maybe they will redeem themselves, somehow…

    • maggie says:

      Well said Muireann! Why is it that some people think that viewers are all obsessed with ‘ships’?

      • Yes, indeed says:

        True, dat, Maggie. Then there are those of us who prefer to “torpedo” those very same ‘ships. But the writers beat us to it.

  21. Kevin says:

    Think it’s time that Fox wants the upcoming season of HOUSE to end after all the trouble this show went through especially the same thing going to happen with the Charlie Sheen-less TWO AND A HALF MEN with Ashton Kutcher involved. Let these series come to an end. :(

    • K says:

      2 and a half men is going on without sheen? would have thought they would need to change the title to 2 men

      and that is being generous, alan was the funny one anyway

  22. Adam Newland says:

    The creators of House are fortunate that this season is their last. Now, people will tune in to see how the show wraps up because they have stuck with it for this long. People will still probably drift away from it, but not nearly as many if the show were to continue for an undetermined amount of time.

    • nothingssomething says:

      yeah if this is the last season then allot is gonna happen, they’ve still gotta get house clean, and leave him a legacy.

      allot of people think that house is going to get out of jail quickly like the last time in the institution but if they prosecute him cuddy has the opportunity to roast house, and make him stay in jail for years, and don’t forget about how she gets when she’s mad, and what she knows house is capable of when he’s mad which was made apparent in the last episode. house will know cuddy put him in jail, and cuddy could use what she has against house to make him stay there for a VERRY VERRY long time out of fear of house’s retaliation.

      and people just forget that he won’t be taking nearly as many of the vikoden in jail, if any at all, they just don’t let you do that in jail in fear you’ll throw it up and sell it to prisoners.

      and everyone thinks that the doctor in prision is going to be goo goo for house, but noone is thinking that she’s gonna be a tottal B(meanie) and maybe be someone who house has wronged even, house steps on toes around the world. he may not get many cases to solve if the doctor doesn’t like him, and if fan’s remember solving cases are house’s coping mechanism, depending on how much of a B** the doctor is she may just let him do half the case then take it away from him. and also, not give him any vikoden witch would be awesome.

  23. James says:

    Another drug arc theme? Is the what they meant by taking House back to simpler times? I was hoping by Moving On they were moving forward. House really is lost. Man that stinks!

  24. heartbroken says:

    I used to watch House b/c of Hugh Laurie and Hugh Laurie alone. Can’t do it anymore, lost respect for the dude, can’t even look at his pictures. I thought he was a gentleman. He should have said something, that was the decent thing to do. Alas. Without him this show is just a dumb mess. So this is a goodbye.

    • Alicia says:

      But have you seen his L’Oreal commercials?? I guess that guy is really hurting for cash… or artist integrity. One of the two.

    • Volta says:

      Hugh Laurie’s been doing commercials since he started acting. Seriously, he’s done 20-30 throughout his entire career and a couple years ago he did a huge campaign for Schweppes. How the heck is this any different than that? Suddenly now he’s a money grubbing a-hole? Or is it just because of LE and the fact that it’s L’Oreal?

      I don’t see the problem with it. He probably found it amusing, as we all did.

      As far as saying something about LE, we’ll hear plenty from him when he starts his promoting in September. I rather hear it straight from him than a stale press release anyday. He had nothing to do w/ LE’s contract, so why the hate?

      • Sam says:

        “…we’ll hear plenty from him when he starts his promoting in September.”
        You really think Hugh is going to bring up her name when the show is surely trying to downplay/move on from her departure? If he was going to say anything it would have been right after the announcement. Omar, Peter, and even the confessed money-lover RSL, commented on her exit; it’s strange that a man who sang her praises for seven years went radio silent as soon as she left the fold. He could learn a thing or two from Mariska Hargitay.

        • Volta says:

          You honestly think no talk show host is going to ask him about it?!

          • Sam says:

            Hugh’s the star of the show and an EP, if he doesn’t want to talk about it (or if TPTB don’t want it discussed) then the media won’t get to ask about it.
            Publicists/handlers etc dictate what interviewers can and can not ask their clients, and if outlets don’t agree to the terms then they don’t receive access. Likewise, Hugh could just skip doing certain press altogether.
            Last year at the Fox House premiere party neither Hugh nor LE walked the carpet (while the rest of the cast did) and as such didn’t have to answer questions–when you know everyone was clamoring to ask about the Huddy hookup.
            It’s actually pretty easy to avoid facing questions and I have no doubt Hugh will do that if he chooses.

        • mooseonajew says:

          Confessed money lover RSL? LOL! Yes he did say that in an interview recently on this very site.

          [Pauses]” I. Love. Money. Very, very much. But I also love my wife and my daughter. And when this play first came up I knew the only way it could work is if the show was over because the run [would overlap] with House‘s shooting schedule. And when my contract was not renewed this season… The long and short of it is, I don’t know. I would love to make more money. Money is nice. I also really miss [living in] New Jersey. I also really miss theater. I miss my friends. Gabby misses her family. I’m sick and tired of living in a place I don’t feel at home. There are very pressing, strong things pulling us in both directions at the moment, so I really don’t know what we’re going to do. It’s going to be a family decision, but it’s not one we have the discomfort of making right now because we’re not being offered options. I assume they’ll make another year of House. And I assume I will do it. But I can’t say for sure. My wife and I are really strange people. We never spend any money. I got my first car when I got out here — a Jetta — and I’ve been driving it since the pilot. We haven’t spent much of the money we’ve made.”

          I have to wonder why you needed that description in his mention, it was totally unnecessary to make a point IMO.

    • maggie says:

      Hugh Laurie doesn’t write the show, nor can he veto any major decisions. He’s there because this is the character of a lifetime for an actor. Even when the scripts are weak, which many have been for the last few years, they still give HL some meaty scene to show his stuff as an actor. I blame the writers, mainly David Shore, for the poor quality of the scripts.

      • Macoder says:

        Agreed, don’t blame poor Mr. Laurie. He’s a fantastic actor (and the reason I still tune in). I used to love the medicine as well. But in these recent seasons, there hasn’t been a single memorable case. Just drama. The medical drama genre is supposed to derive the dramatic shows from the medicine involved. Shore used to have a good thing going, now, his creative abilities seem all but gone. I WILL tune in regularly to the very end, even if it’s just to see how Shore brings closure to the characters, and for some dumb hope that the show will get back on track.

    • Keisha says:

      Agree. I really find Hugh Laurie pathetic these days.

      • auramac says:

        Then you always did. So why are you here? Aren’t there less-pathetic referencing discussions going on for your taste?

    • Confused says:

      What I found interesting is that, for the past year or so, Hugh Laurie hasn’t been able to shut up about his admiration for Lisa Edelstein, or his semi-orgasmic delight in every script (or vice-versa). Even as the ratings began their alarming descent with the “Huddy” story arc, Hugh Laurie was adamant about the “fine quality of the writing” (translation – “$400K per episode; suckers!”) and Lisa Edelstein’s “consistently brilliant performances” (translation – “Nice tits.”).

      However, following the season 7 finale and Lisa Edelstein’s departure, Hyperbolic Hugh has been conspicuously silent. Did New Guinea cannibal pygmies get his tongue?

  25. Bubba Franks says:

    I don’t see why people make such a big deal about Cuddy? I don’t care if she stays or goes. I thought this show was called House? Never liked Cameron. Nor do I understand ones obsession with Olvia Wilde, if she can’t do the show religiously then write her off. Honestly, I have a hard time liking any female characters on House. I rather have them NOT bring in anyone knew and just make Foreman or Wilson Dean of Medicine, or Tritter (lol). What if House overdosed in the series finale? I think that would be great end to the show, honestly. And in the end they can have Cuddy and Wilson standing over House’s grave and then Wilson says ‘Some people never change’. Screen fades to black. The End.

    • This Is Sad says:

      Can’t speak for everyone, but it’s not about Cuddy, 13, Cameron or anyone else. It’s about House and a journey to find less misery. Some ppl call with House/Hope shipping. The House/Misery shippers will be very pleased if the go the route of him dying. It would be very predictable, though. The more impressive and challenging route would actually be having a man this screwed up find some semblance of peace with himself.

      • crickett says:

        At one time House was known for pushing the bar and the unexpected. The predictability and cliche is what is so disappointing. They took a bold step in Broken, but not since. They started playing to cliche, easy plots and gimmicks.

      • Bubba Franks says:

        Good points. But I feel the writers are trying to hard to be unpredictable thats its not making sense or is making the show grating to watch. I’m one of those people that didn’t like the finale. Yeah, the death thing might be predictable but people with House’s “addiction” rarely change which DS seems to stress as the concept of the show. It seems like he dosen’t want House to change. Although, death might be predictable its a logical ending to the madness that is House.

    • Dani says:

      It’s really not just about Cuddy. I miss the grey areas in House’s character, i.e. When he did the right things for the wrong reasons or vice versa. The subtlety has been substituted for shock and awe and it’s such a shame.

      Funny you should mention suicide. I reckon 20 Vicodin is the number he overdoses on at the start of the ep because he’s suddenly redeveloped a conscience.

      • Bubba Franks says:

        Yes! Yes! Yes! The gray areas of House. Yes! I just mentioned the Cuddy thing because everytime I see an article about House’s upcoming season, shes such a big topic of discussion. I didn’t think people cared about her character like “that”.

  26. Michaela says:

    House and Vicodin. House the ex-con.

    Yeah. It’s truly just not interesting anymore. Plus, I don’t really like the character at all after what he did in the finale.

    Meh, I’m over the show and the character.

  27. Brittany says:

    I have been with House since the beginning. I fell in love with the show and it’s characters and now I have fallen in love with the actors. Every summer I go back and watch it from the first season again and every year I realize how much I never really liked the female characters. ok well just Cameron and a little bit Cuddy. But Cuddy grew on me during the last season.

    As much as I love the show and I would be sad to see it go I think the writers are just pushing it waaaay too much. I will be upset for the last episode but at this point it’s just better. I would hate to see it flop and jump the shark (which hopefully it hasn’t done with the season 7 finale). I will continue to follow the carriers of Hugh, Robert, Olivia, Omar and Peter though! Especially Hugh!

  28. XK says:

    Crap… I’ll watch Odette Annable in anything, so I guess I’m stuck watching a few eps of House again.

    Hopefully, this does not impact the could be maybe might be who knows possibility of Breaking In coming back mid-season.

  29. pgrabia says:

    Quit calling him Dr. CRANKYPANTS! How old are you, ten? I hope this doesn’t turn out to be nothing more than ‘Broken’ in a jail cell instead of a padded one and the pretty doctor doesn’t turn out to be another Lydia wannabe. They jumped the shark enough in season 7.

  30. Linda K. (HAPPY) says:

    House will cut a deal to get out of prison. He will find out that Cuddy has left PPH. So, he will be back to doing what he does best. Be in a sort of relations in jail. The get out part ?, have wait on down the road in episodes. Put me on House, I’ll give him something to work at and for. He’d be HAPPY in the long run. Let’s think outside the box of the hospital for a bit.

    • Shore doesn't do happy says:

      David Shore does not do happy. Happy will never happen. Less miserable, surviving, status quo he does. Not happy.
      But hey, forget your troubles come on get happy. It worked in Bombshells. Wait —–

  31. Scoop says:

    How about giving us a really interesting spoiler? Like a fly-on-the-wall look at what the writers are really thinking now that their ineptness was pointed out so clearly. They tried to point at “misguided” fans, and suggest a “2nd look” would add perspective, blah, blah, blah, in their usual contemptuous ways. But, the fans were proven correct time and again. First with history and continuity with things like House’s birthdate and Julia’s name, then with the inconsistencies with canon (that they wrote, not the fans), then with the filming/editing of the finale Kaboom itself. Turns out the fans aren’t stupid. And details do matter, and always mattered. That’s why you study lighting and props and acting techniques and all of the nuances of this art form. Because in the end, it’s the details that make the difference. Now that their contempt for fans has only led to an unveiling of the facts that THEY were actually the ones misguided, what are they really thinking?

    Of course, you could never print that…but that’s a story the fans would love.

  32. James says:

    Michael Paré

    And the crickets are chirpping again.

  33. Connor says:

    Em-Speak for yourself. There are many, myself included, who want to watch House. As long as Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard are on House, we’re there.

  34. Jill M says:

    Michale Who? never heard of the guy.

    Oh dear Hugh, you should of perhaps stayed home, and not come back to this mess. Is this just going to be a rehash of Broken, only this time with him in jail, subject to a load of prison brutality!! They have one of THE BEST actors on TV, and yet they keep disrespecting him with crap.

    • ejb says:

      I have some suggestions for the new DOM that DS and TPTB might wants to look at to fill the role left by Lisa E
      -Dr Phil
      – Dr Drew
      -Joy Behar
      – Carrot Top
      – Andrew Dice Clay -He would fit right in as DOM
      – Gary Busey – He and House would just be the best for friends I’m sure they have alot of anger issues in common
      – Dustin Diamond-Wilson would just “LOVE” Screech and they could make a sex tape
      – Tara Reid- House would just “LOVE” her and the writers could build a LOVE triangle around House,Thirteen and Tara
      -Nicole Richie- She definately is in the price range and she could be Foreman’s new love interest as well as the new DOM
      – Pauly Shore or Ron Pallio – They would both work well as Wilson new love interest since he has come out of the Closet .
      Richard Simmons- He could certainly fill the part of House’s new special friend
      Maury Pauvich-or Jerry Springer-They can at least verify if Taub is the father of both babies perhaps House and Wilson could confront there attractions to each other and come out of the closet. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
      Mickey Rourke

      • Jeffrey says:

        Well hoped you had a lot of fun writing your comment… I guess you are the only one who thinks its funny.

        • Yup says:

          Actually, I think its VERY funny! Carrot Top. That’s inspired! And Mickey Rourke kind of as an afterthought…interesting choice; the poster boy for resurrection and redemption. Andrew DIce Clay, however, would be too difficult to write for. Everything would have to be in rhyme and how many words are there that sound like c*nt?

  35. Tim says:

    Go house go!!!!!!!

  36. Croup13r says:

    i dunno…they do like they’re twists…it may be more to do with a detail that leads to an ultimate epiphany about his lifestyle, his pursuit of happiness began derailing after he threw a tantrum at his shrink. It’s still too vague to say for sure, but the show can’t lose. Hasn’t failed to get better yet.

  37. Hornswaggler says:

    -sigh- I adored House in the first -counts- four or five seasons. Back when they concentrated on the medical cases and used those to trigger character interaction. Once they started forgetting the case in favor of character drama, it just petered off.
    You used to find things out about the characters BECAUSE of the case they had. O_o Like when 13 would never want to diagnose a terminal disease because she could relate due to her Huntington’s…You learned that Foreman was a pretty big jerk when he nearly refused to take care of that homeless woman because he thought she was just trying to get a place to sleep (and then he got bitten, heh, good call Foreman). I just miss the medical stuff. The characters made it great, but when they took the focus off of ‘medical’ and centered it on ‘drama’, it just went down the tubes.
    Yeah, I miss the original team. Cameron, Foreman, Chase, and House. They worked well. They had some issues, but it didn’t stop them from getting the diagnosis.
    I can’t say I’ll ‘boycott’ this season, because I know I’ll end up watching it just out of curiosity. I’m a bit interested to hear Lisa is gone. At least they won’t have the Huddy thing to milk anymore. But come on, how can they expect him to somehow go back to Princeton and get things back to ‘normal’?
    Ah well. I’ll still watch. I just miss the ‘old days’.

    • Macoder says:

      I agree fully… I love those little revelations we got about the characters because of the medicine. Hence, medical drama. Not anymore. This is the main thing I want fixed. Yeah, House will be crazy as hell, and the direction he’s headed isn’t the best, but the medicine has been the redeemer, the glue for the characters, and the source of some compelling drama for many years. To usurp that in these recent seasons is horrible. Huddy wan’t going to last obviously. But I think the way House and Stacy were handled was much better. The show stayed true to its premise and peppered a few love scenes here and there. Tastefully done. Not this time around. DS brute forced House’s craziness and ass hole attitude as the reason why they were incompatible. And again, the episodes lose cohesion because there’s been no good medicine… I too, will watch to the end, but I wish I could fully and truly enjoy it as I did with the original seasons.

  38. Ophe says:

    Well I am in love with 13, used to have a thing.for.huge, but if you take 13 out…i might as well watch true blood!

  39. apurrmae says:

    I love House but maybe its coming to an End, its tooooo predictable! Topics are not tempting anymore!

  40. Clark says:

    13 is NOT leaving the show or guest starring. Her and Hugh were the first two on contract for the new season back in May. And if you don’t like the show, why are you here? To troll? I don’t get it.

  41. Serge Dufour says:

    Let’s face it. House is a plain copy of…. Sherlock Holmes !

    Why not forget about hospital and that nonsense and let’s solve REAL crime. That would make an interesting twist.

  42. jake says:

    20 vicodin will be how much he has left it will probably be the central theme for the season

  43. Unguibus says:

    Firstly, don’t hate on Hugh. He had nothing to do with LE leaving. He is an actor who will do anything when offered money. Shut up, ignorant, hateful people. The man has more class in his pinky then some commenters have in their whole bodies.

    Secondly, I am in agreement that the show should wrap up this year. It’s about time that Hugh and company move on. No show can sustain quality after 8 years. I would rather see Hugh do what he seems to live best, MUSIC!

    I look forward to the end of the show when all of you whiners will stop complaining about a show you don’t HAVE to watch.

    Keep comments neutral and stop bitching like little girls!

    • Sniff says:

      “Bitching like a little girl” is what I live for.

    • Kimberley says:

      Very true, no one HAS to watch House, you can always watch the crap that’s out there…my only problem with the show is that it seems to be going all over the place. There needs to be some real lack of direction…these actors are too good to waste on inferior plot-lines and scrips. By the way, if HL wants to do Lóreal, that’s his business (because he’s worth it!) I only hope that he’s not shilling make-up or body glitter ;) but manly products…and by the way, I am nearly 41 and have always called him Dr.Crankypants as an affectionate nickname for a character that I would hate in real life but I have some sorrow for on the show. I said SOME sorrow because people like this actually exist and they are not very amusing in real life. Also, less kissing and more medical mysteries, please.

  44. Dot Piper says:

    I loved House when it first came out, and most the actors too, did not care for 13, or the new girl, loved Cuddy, could not stand that short balding guy who was married. Loved Wilson,But House has turned into a pill popping dude who has no bedside manner, does stupid things that most people would eventually learn from. (mistakes.) If he wanted Cuddy so bad he had his chance and blew it. It’s all about him!!!His team, Cuddy and Wilson is what House is about. If it was just about House then there should be no one else in the series. Who wants to watch a drug addict doctor??? Please, don’t we have enough of that crap in life as it is!

  45. jay says:

    it would be nice if i had 20 vicodin and took them 20 minutes before the show started.

  46. Rose says:

    I thought DS said in an interview that vicodin wasn’t the problem, yet we keep focusing on it over and over and over again. Let’s get to the issue. What a bunch of crap this had turned out to be! When the screw up, the do it best!

  47. ebowers says:

    ITA Dot Piper Can I marry your POST.

    House has been changed into a pathetic raving,homicidal,lunatic and unfortunately no amount of jail time,hallucinations,drugs or never ending apologies is going to make me like or care about him again. He died and went with a whimper and not a bang. My poor House

  48. jen says:

    writer, dont you mean season 8 in the beginning, we havent been at season 3 in a long time. I wish they’d bring Mira Sorvnio back from season 4 (Frozen) she was affiliated with the hospital, would be a good replacement for cuddy. will be intersting to see what this next season brings. bene rewatching 4 & 5 the last couple of weeks. wonder if the new season will be one of those “four months later” or if it will pick up soon after the crash into cuddy’s house.

  49. Reenie says:

    Its Never Lupas…and I intend on watching House untill the end which needs to come soon! House dying of an overdose would be predictable but as much as I hate to say it…would be the best way to end the show. House isnt House unless he is miserable and popping vics, and since you cant make him happy, it would be a good good bye!

  50. RUTH says:

    Keep house running on…its a great show…..

    20 vicodin is how many it takes house to hallucinate…..how did he end up on a beach directly after running into cuddys house? Next scene jail in the season 8 opener? I’m confused……yup its the vicodin

    • Uber-Pedant says:

      Actually, opiods don’t cause hallucinations, as a rule. You’ll puke before you start seeing pink elephants or dancing dildoes. Unless you’re just plain psychotic. The writers got that one wrong, way back when.

      • HughFan says:

        Having taken 20 vicodin is enough though to give you a valid defense (certainly in TV land) to whatever criminal charges are brought against House for driving into Cuddy’s home in that a defense attorney could credibly assert that House lacked the specific mental intent to cause bodily harm or property damage, a claim supported by his inappropriate actions of getting out of the car & handing Cuddy her hair brush & then going on vacation. So once again House will get away with doing something crazy & we will be back to where he started only without LE, which is very unfortunate in my opinion.