Castle's Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas Preview Double Date Drama and the Return of 3XK

If you’re a fan of Castle‘s Ryan/Esposito bromance, I’ve got good news: You’re going to be seeing a lot more of them this season.

Their portrayers, Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas, confirmed as much when they dropped by TVLine’s Comic-Con suite last weekend. “We hear that people are really latching on to Esposito and Ryan,” Dever shared, “and wanting to see them evolve.” Huertas was a little more blunt. “The writers, the studio and the network finally came to their senses,” he deadpanned.

Lucky for all you spoiler addicts, the wisecracking pair got serious long enough to tease the arrival of 24‘s Penny Johnson Jerald as their new boss, the upcoming double date disaster-themed episode involving Esposito and Ryan, and the return of the 3XK killer.

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  1. Meri says:

    About damn time! You really shouldn’t have a strong ensemble cast if you aren’t going to use everyone to the best of your ability! The opportunities for these guys to really take on a story line have been few and far between, so kudos for the powers that be for allowing them to bring it! I can’t wait!

  2. Emma says:

    I like how Jon and Seamus basically take over the whole interview lol. Can’t wait to see the double date episode!

  3. Bella says:

    Yay! So happy that Ryan and Esposito are going to get more screen time. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out with the new by the book boss in charge. Castle has kind of corrupted the two of them in that regard, so we’ll see how much they fall back in line with the chain of command. The actors look like they interact in real life similarly to how their characters do – it looks like they have fun together.

  4. Renee says:


    I can’t wait so see more of them. :-)

  5. kelmeister says:

    This is the best news. Knockdown was such a great episode, in part because they were allowed to take the lead in the investigation and show their stuff.

  6. Dreamrose says:

    I love Ryan and Esposito – they’re called the Peanut Gallery at my house! I’m excited that we get to see even more of them this season. I started watching “Castle” because of Nathan Fillion, but I kept watching because of these two!

    • Renee says:

      For me the interaction between Ryan and Esposito and Castle is the best part of the show. Those are the parts I rewatch.

    • Erin says:

      @Dreamrose – awesome, we call them the Peanut Gallery, too! I agree, I started watching because of Nathan Fillion but these guys keep us coming back. Great show!

  7. DL says:

    I am waiting for an episode where Ryan and Esposito address the fact that their Nikki Heat selves are being collectively called “Roach.” I could imagine a lot of snarky humor could be derived from that. Ryan and Esposito are awesome.

  8. BH says:

    Awesome! Always loved these two and they light each other up on screen. Love the whole show and can’t wait for the new season!

  9. Gumba says:

    This sounds great, but I guess Esposito won’t be having any luck with Evangeline Lilly very soon. She should be way off in New Zealand filming “The Hobbit” in the not so distant future.

  10. Amy says:

    Woo hoo! I love them. Their scenes in Knockdown with Hal Lockwood were amazing! I also loved their fight in Knockout. But really, every time they are on I smile more. I love how Castle has “corrupted” them. Hope they stand up to the new boss!

  11. amber says:


  12. Leona says:

    I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Erica says:

    Love these guys!! honey

  14. May mcmenamin says:

    I love them both .Am still watching series 3 on Alibi.just a few more episodes to go. Looking forward to new series when it starts.x

  15. Diane says:

    Just love the whole show.It just tugs at the old heart strings.

  16. T says:

    I love Ryan and Esposito – love when they pop in the scene with just the right line/comic relief/case-breaking info – and I enjoy seeing a little bit more of their respective stories. I will say, though, that I hope the show doesn’t place too much emphasis on the characters. Supporting characters are definitely an important part of the show, but they are just that – supporting.

    • Patti says:

      I too enjoy Ryan and Esposito, but agree with the comment made by T—— they are supporting actors and do a great job, but I hope CASTLE doesn’t place too much emphasis on their characters and romances either. I do think they deserve more “air time”, but the show is intended to center around and focus on Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. I hope the writers aren’t doing this as a way to “buy more time”, as far as Rick and Kate’s relationship. I am all for them exploring the other characters lives. They are interesting, fun characters. But I hope that Rick and Kate are not just doing “The Dance”, and avoiding the obvious while the other characters are thriving and following their hearts–yet Rick and Kate still yearn for eachother, but remain silent. “The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants!!”

  17. Bonnie says:

    I love everyone on Castle — well, so far anyway. The entire cast has been growing over time and the Esposito/Ryan bromance has been putting smiles on my face all along — actually I think Castle has joined their little fraternity too. Wonder why the date episode will not go well? That should be very interesting as should the wedding one. One side note — great acting (and writing) on the way the boys reacted to the news about Montgomery being the third cop. So real! They used each other to vent their frustration and to come to grips with the truth of the matter and then without hesitation immediately notified Beckett to protect her. That short time was absolutely spot on — good going guys!

    While I am thrilled that we will get more Esposito/Ryan, I am not sure I feel the warmth of the upcoming season for Castle himself. Sounds like he will be uprooted from his place at the precinct, pulled in all directions by some new pressures from his mom and daughter who suddenly realize just how much danger he and they are being put in by his working on these cases and of course we don’t know yet how his expressing his feelings to Beckett will turn out. Part of Castle’s appeal is his childlike behavior and sense of humor — do we lose that this season? Let’s hope not.

    To summarize my feelings I must say that I am as always excited about the new season, happy about some of the things I have heard but cautiously reserving some of my opinions in the hopes that Castle will remain Castle and not turn into some other show(s).

  18. DLester says:

    I love these guys, but I also would like to see more of Susan Sullivan as Mona. She’s a hoot; I aspire to be that type of “mature” woman in a few years!

  19. Leslie Betts says:

    I just love the WHOLE DAMN SHOW, It is a great show and it has a great cast, I will have to wait to see how this new female Captain stirs things up and how she will be to the gang!!!!, I love Castle, Beckett and the Ryan & Esposito scenes, they are so funny and feed off each other very well, like Castle & Beckett do. Can’t wait for the fall for the series to start!!!!, It has been a long, hot boring summer without the show on, thank Goodness for DVR’s and reruns!!!!!

  20. Wendy Hillyard says:

    I enjoy the show immensely and definitely get a kick out of these two and how they play off each other. One of the things I really appreciate is the way Castle’s daughter looks and acts like a real teenager and their relationship. It is nice that she looks her age, not all vamped up as in some other shows and is respectful of her Dad and Grandma.

  21. M.O'Day says:

    I so soo love the show and the way Castle and Beckett feed off each other, as well as the “bromance” between Esposito and Ryan. The season 3 finally was such a cliff hanger, I can’t wait to see how Castle’s last words go over, as well as the progression of the rest of the characters! I also love how mature Alexis Castle is. Its a great example for the rest of us, teens and adults alike. Soo ready for Castle season 4 this fall!!

  22. J says:

    Glad to hear the indirect confirmation that Stana will, in fact, be back next season! Can’t wait to see more of Seamus’ wifey! Love her character :)

  23. Kath says:

    Can’t wait to see those stories. Sounds hilarious.

  24. Barb H says:

    This show has great chemistry between all the characters. It makes me wonder how much is scripted and how much is adlibbed. The casting director earns kudos in putting together a cast that can interact the way they do. It’s in the little things like facial expressions or slight gestures that brings it together.

  25. andria says:

    i love u guysssssss u rock!woo hoo…..i luv castle nd beckeet ufcourse az well but i luv ryan<3…!

  26. anita says:

    ughhh!!!september come fasterrr!!!<33

  27. Jen says:

    They’ve always been my favorite part of the show! Really glad that they’re going to get more screen time. I just hope that a lot of that time is together and not separately because they work SO well together, to the extent that when they’re not together it feels like something is off. Great decision from the produces! Love these guys!

  28. cathy says:

    I loved the show the way it was with mongomery as captian and the castle and beckett solving crimes.I would hate to see to many changes to my favorite show.don’t fix and change things that aren’t.broken.

  29. amanda says:

    get evangline lily on castle. great idea!!

  30. adi says:

    Great idea, but not likely, since she got casted for The Hobbit.