Spartacus: Vengeance Cast on Sex, Violence, and Lucy Lawless' Stunning Comeback

When the cast of Spartacus: Vengeance convened in TVLine’s Comic-Con interview suite, the question wasn’t so much “What will you be doing this season?” as “Who will you be doing?”

And though new leading man Liam McIntyre, Lucy Lawless, Katrina Law, Manu Bennett and Dustin Clare tried to play it pretty close to the toga, by the time we were through, it was more or less a Roman orgy of spoilers.

Press play below and see for yourself!

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  1. Chris says:

    That is one good lookin’ cast. Is it 2012 yet?

  2. Kathy says:

    Awesome interview! Of course Andy will be missed but I’m thinking Liam will be great. Love that Dustin will be back too. Michael, you have the BEST job on earth!

  3. Kathy says:

    sorry but the ones who really made the show were Manu Bennett and Dustin Claire who played their parts with brilliance…really looking forward to the new season

  4. Del says:

    No way. Lawless and Hannah made the cast. Period.

  5. Thom says:

    I can’t wait for the new season. Great interview.

  6. Sivat says:

    I hope we get to see Liam’s kibbles and bits this season, just like we saw Andy’s in Season 1.

    • Fido says:

      iirc Andy didn’t have to show his bits cos he was the star, so maybe Liam has a similar clause in his Spartacus contract. Guess you’ll just have to make do with seeing the dangly bits of the other 100s of cast members.

    • Michael says:

      Those weren’t Andy’s bits. Body double.

      • Sivat says:


        • Emma says:

          It was widely conveyed at the time in articles, which are now years old and I doubt anyone has at easy access. But, watch the episode again (#9, the title can’t be quoted here but it rhymes with “bore”) and note how you only see Spartacus naked when he’s wearing the gold mask. You never see Andy naked and see his face at the same time, unlike Manu and Lucy and almost every other actor in the cast.

          • xav says:

            Most of the male actors wear a prosthetic penis and the women wear merkins.

          • Sivat says:

            Actually, yes you do. After Spartacus is prepared by the women, he comes out and you see him in all his glory, a full body shot with Andy’s face clearly visible. That’s why I don’t know WTF you people are talking about.

          • Sivat says:

            Now that’s just BS, xav. Crixus’ penis is Crixus’ penis.

  7. Fudgefase says:

    How hot was manu looking in that tee shirt? And Lucy looked very comfy leaning on Dustin (and who could blame her?)

  8. Pat Goodspeed says:

    Wow! Cannot wait. All those guys are soooooo hot. The new season will be dynamite!!!

  9. Penny Douglas says:

    Michael, loved that you get to sit and talk with all of these guys! they are just great! love their excitement, passion, and enthusiasm for their show! It’s really cool!

  10. John Berggren says:

    So will this show change it’s name every season?

    I had hoped that we’d get Wentworth Miller on the show, but I’ll probably still watch.

    • Emma says:

      Thank GOD they didn’t go the Wentworth Miller route. Liam looks good, has a good personality and seems to have endeared himself to the rest of the cast. I think they made the right choice.

  11. JR says:

    the new Spartacus sucks. They should have gotten a better guy. I can’t see this show being good again. It’s a whole new show now with Batiatus gone as well.

  12. tom says:

    Lucy and the other cast mates need some acting lessons. The only one that can act was John Hannah and they killed him off.Producers should have killed off Lawless character and kept John Hannah alive but Lawless wins because she married to the producer Rob Tapert,if it wasn’t for him she never act.Manu and Viva have too be the most wooden actors of all time.Instead of beauty should have went with acting skills.Liam ain’t no Andy as time will tell.

    • cedric says:

      Lucy was phonemenal in Gods of the Arena.

    • David Kashfi says:

      For Tom, in my opinion Lucy is a great actress and the others are good too. I hope they keep Lucy’s character Lucretia around as much as possible. As Lucy said in an Access Hollywood interview, if Rob thought Lucretia didn’t have any more use on the show, she wouldn’t be on it even if Lucy wanted her to.

    • angela says:

      I don’t think ‘wooden’ means what you think it means.

  13. Sam says:

    Robert Tapert better watch out Lucy all up in Dustin—true colors shining true Luce— whores are all hanging around huh Luce……

    • David Kashfi says:

      For Sam, Lucy described Dustin as a good friend of hers but that’s all I think it is. Of course she probably does find him attractive but she has for many years been very in love with Rob Tapert.

    • velda says:

      Sam, I do hope your not refering to Lucy as a whore. Lucy is the most genuine,down to earth and nicest person I have ever met. (and yes I have met her in the flesh)she is all that and more. Rob Tapert has nothing to worry about, she adores Rob as he does her.Lucy is just the nicest person and like’s to put people at ease, she has done this since she played Xena, maybe even longer.

    • harry says:

      huh? whore? take your meds.

    • David Kashfi says:

      For Sam, after having seen the Access Hollywood interview with Lucy and Dustin I believe she does like him a lot (I love me Dusty she said) but she has always had a very strong marriage with Rob and I don’t believe she is interested in being more than good friends with Dustin. I have met Lucy as well.

  14. Maipe says:

    I keep thinking that Lucretia and Ashur get together. Just because Lucy was talking in some of the other interviews and on the panel at Comic Con about what a great acting partner Nick Tarabay is. It would be a big twist considering how disgusted she was at the thought of Naevia having to sleep with Ashur in Season 1 episode 12. Just a thought.

  15. David Kashfi says:

    Lucy is extremely sexy and beautiful.

  16. velda says:

    @tom For your information, Lucy Lawless is a fine actress, always has been and always will. Plus they don’t dish out awards to people who cannot act. Being married to Rob Tapert has nothing to do with it, if that was the case she would be in all of his movies. Just goes to show you don’t know much about Mr and Mrs Tapert. you need to do some research before making snide remarks about people. As for Liam, they wouldn’t have picked him if he wasn’t any good. It was with Andy’s blessing that the show continue with a new lead. Don’t judge people before you have seen what they can do.

  17. darclyte says:

    How was this a “comeback” for Lucy? She was on Battlestar Galactica for years before this show, so it wasn’t like she had been sitting around doing nothing since Xena ended.

    • clark says:

      The “comeback” for Lucy refers to Lucretia being stabbed at the end of Season 1 but recovers for Season 2.

      Can’t wait for the new season. The cast rocks and Liam looks to be up for the task.

  18. poskit16k says:

    sadly andy’s passed away!!on 11/09/2011 according to the news, peacfully with his family around him! R.I.P Andy! your legacy will live on with the new series. cant wait to see it! still NOT gonna be the same without you!!! god bless n sleep tight! x X;)

  19. Steve says:

    My wife and. I adore the show. The talent and beauty of the cast is amazing.