The Glee Project Recap: Slush to Excellence

This week’s episode of The Glee Project was all about “tenacity,” and within the first 10 minutes I had a compelling reason to root for Alex’s ouster, seeing how he utterly failed to bring the funny with his own twist on the word: “Tenasty.” Maybe Hannah was onto something, though, when she asked for a dictionary definition of the word, since Alex seemed to confuse “tenacity” with “aggression,” or perhaps “heinousness.” Did anyone else notice the kid shoving his fellow contestants out of his way so he could take his place in the foreground during a performance of La Roux’s “Bulletproof”? Atroshe. Guest judge Max Adler correctly chose Marissa as the winner since she was the first to kick over her chair and the most entertaining with her machine-gun fire mime.

After that, it was time for the week’s video shoot, an “Under Pressure”/”Ice Ice Baby” mashup in which Mr. Adler made a return appearance to hurl slushies into the contestants’ faces and see if any would break character. Alex showed his typical enthusiasm by whining about how he wasn’t looking forward to the experience, then stood around sullenly during choreography practice while his fellow finalists dropped to the floor and worked up a sweat. Once again, Samuel rehearsed in hideous pink shorts (his only real character flaw), Damian sounded a little wonky in the vocal department (weird for someone with extensive experience in Celtic Thunder), and Marissa got accused of being “less electric” as an icy cold beverage slapped her upside the head. Oh, and much to my chagrin, that darn Lindsay popped on camera like a violently shaken champagne cork. Still, I thought Cameron had sealed his doom when he broke character and complained that slushies made him feel cold and icky and on the brink of a “hypothermic coma.” “I love Cameron, but it’s been the same temperature for everybody,” said astute judge Zach Woodlee.

Ultimately, Alex and Cameron wound up singing for their lives, but it was Marissa who filled out the bottom three, and found herself without a callback when Alex’s drag act and Cameron’s original song tickled Ryan Murphy’s imagination moreso than her own solid rendition of “Hate on Me.” Granted, Alex sang the bejeezus out of his Dreamgirls number, but exactly what role is he going to play on Glee: An entitled brat who’d be lucky to get within lipsynching distance of a “sashay away” on RuPaul’s Drag Race? And as for Cameron, I thought Ryan hit it on the awkwardly bespectacled, carefully-carelessly tousled head when he asked if the kid could actually act. But nope, I guess it’s my Glee Project destiny to watch my favorites fall one by one. (First Emily, now Marisaa. Who next? Samuel?)

Next week: Sexuality. That ought to be great for Cameron, who cried after a chaste kiss with Lindsay during the duets episode.

What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Were you bummed to see Marissa make an early exit? Who would you have cut if you were a judge? And who are you hoping will win it all? Dare I say my hopes are pinned to either Samuel or Lindsay? (Hey, girl can actually sing, dance, and act…so I’m willing to forgive the fact that her life is a pale imitation of Tracy Flick.) Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ana says:

    Can’t believe Marissa is gone.

    • Stacie says:

      If they didn’t know how to write for Marissa then they should have gotten rid of her from the beginning or not allowed her on the show. Other than not knowing how to write for her, Marissa did everything right. She won competitions, she sang the heck out during the last 3 performance, and she had only been there 1 time. It’s not fair that people like Alex and Cameron who have been to the Bottom 3, 3 times are still around. Obviously they aren’t doing things right. I know it’s a TV show but if they never knew what they were going to do with Marissa then they should never have put her on the show in the first place, don’t just drag her along for the ride. She had a great voice and deserved at least another week, especially over Alex and Cameron.

      • Captain says:

        I loved Marissa, she was my favourite, she really was, but I knew she would never win. She’s gorgeous and is a great singer but she has one expression and I rarely see her deviate from it. Glee already has its perpetually icy bombshell and her name is Dianna Agron. I couldn’t see them doing anything exceptional with her. That said, what the hell would they do with Alex? He’s Kurt and Mercedes rolled into one and K/M do it MUCH better that him. I have a feeling Marissa was who Ryan was referring to when he said he regretted eliminating a contestant because of an off-day.

      • Mike says:

        I also think he kinda doomed her when he said, You’re the beautiful girl, femme fetale thing. No matter what happens I think you’re always going to be performing. He’d already made his decision right there. And it’s sad. So I guess he can’t write for pretty girls now huh. He’s got 2 guys there…one who can’t act cause he won’t fake kiss a girl…and one who refuses to be a team player and always gets sent down to the bottom 3 cause he’s lazy. And yet he can’t write for her so she’s gone. It’s really disgusting.

    • Frank says:

      Could NOT believe Marissa went. Did not deserve that at all. I like Cameron but whats the point if hes just gonna keep falling at every hurdle and ending up in the bottom 3 week after week? Alex, in my view, is past his sell-by date. He just annoys me now.

      Lindsay and Samuel get my top votes.

      • Andie says:

        A major flaw in this show is that the people who pick the bottom three (Robert and the other mentors) do not pick who goes home. That’s ultimately Ryan’s responsibility, and I feel like the show would make a lot more sense if Ryan watched the video shoots. He didn’t see how bratty Cameron can get – all he sees is a really cute guy who can sing good enough that girls will love.

        • Kim says:

          I think the show’s BIGGEST flaw is the week’s “worst” competitors get the most face time with Ryan. That certainly gives him time to ruminate about a possible story line for them. I think Alex has figured that out and is deliberately trying to get in the bottom three each week. (I also wondering why we didn’t see Cameron and Damian in the recording booth.)

    • Allison says:

      It was a shocker for sure. Completely undeserved; she had been in the top consistantly. Biggest mistake they’ve made so far! Alex should have gone a long time ago.

    • Kate says:

      Wasn’t there an interview with Ryan Murphy at one point where he admitted to not being the best judge and kicking someone off who clearly just had one bad day? I’m willing to bet Marissa was who he was talking about. I also seem to remember him hinting about bringing that person back, so maybe there’s hope for Marissa after all. I hope so, she was one of my favs.

      • Alex says:

        Yeah, he said it happened in Episode 6, so this was definitely it. I wasn’t a huge Marissa fan, and I always felt she lacked personality, moreso even than McKynleigh, but even I don’t think she deserved to go at this point. She was awesome last week. Alex was horrible this week. He just gives that miserable pout in every video, from “Mad World” to “Under Pressure / Ice Ice Baby,” and he absolutely deserved to go. Cameron keeps getting criticized for things I think he’s doing just fine. Just because he didn’t handle the slushie well doesn’t mean he can’t act; he did just fine with the “Baby It’s Cold Outside” video.
        My current power rankings for the Top Six are now as follows, with the Top Three far ahead of the others:
        1) CAMERON: He’s still #1 for me because he’s quirky, vocally talented, stands out on camera, and is a unique character for ‘Glee’ who I think would be great to write for. The flaws that keep getting brought up (afraid to kiss, not a good actor because of his slushie reaction) seem like little nitpicks that have been blown out of proportion to make him seem so flawed and less like a frontrunner. I hope he can pull it out of the bag, but at this point I’m not especially optimistic that he can crack the Top 2.
        2) LINDSAY: She’s gorgeous, pops on camera, has a great voice, and could easily play a slightly bitchier version of Rachel. Unfortunately, it hurts her in these rankings because the editors are portraying her as especially bitchy in real life, which makes me think she won’t win but could be the runner-up, probably as the devil losing to Damian’s angel.
        3) SAMUEL: Slightly lacking in personality (besides “mysterious rocker”), but he’s talented, a solid actor, and a relatively strong vocalist.
        4) HANNAH: She’s not particularly memorable, but she beats Damian because she has some spunk. Her voice is rather mediocre, though.
        5) DAMIAN: Everyone loves him because he’s cute and Irish (and has an accent), but I’m not seeing the “Glee” potential here. I feel like he’s being set up to win, but for me, he isn’t memorable or vocally talented enough to be a “Glee” star, and he certainly hasn’t set the groundwork for a memorable character / personality to play on the show, other than the general use of his Irish background to call himself an exchange student.
        6) ALEX: Great singer, but terrible attitude, and basically a combination of Kurt and Mercedes, neither of whom needs a twin on this show. Plus, I still haven’t seen evidence of his “amazing” dance skills he constantly brags about. Just horrible.

        Elimination Predictions Based on Show Editing:
        1) Damian
        2) Lindsay
        3) Samuel
        4) Hannah
        5) Cameron
        6) Alex

        • Jon says:

          I have to agree with you in almost everything, I mean, Marissa didn’t deserve to go at all, I am a huge Cameron fan but at this point I was setting my mind into not rooting for him anymore cuz he had little chance now that he’s been going downhill since episode 3, & Marissa has popped out since the last few episodes. So yeah, that was totally unfair. Ryan should see the week everyone’s having or at least dig a lil more on the ones who are at the bottom 3, specially with the annoying Alex, he is so hard to work with, thinks he is a diva & clearly doesn’t deserve the part, he should have been gone long ago!

    • Stephanie says:

      I read through all the comments before posting this and no one has brought up next week’s show’s teaser.
      Apparently someone wants to quit, AND the theme is sexuality. Now, I don’t know what happens but it makes me wonder if Cameron will either leave or threaten to leave because of his comfort level. I wonder if they bring Marissa back because she was the last who left–a la bringing in Chris March when Jack had to leave Project Runway (and Anthony when Mila left). It makes total sense to me, but maybe that’s what they were hoping people would think.
      I do NOT like Alex’s work ethic and as a director myself, I would never want to work with someone like that. Can’t deny he killed that number, though–and I hate that song. But I’m hoping that will be his best moment on the show.
      I do not get the Cameron love either. He’s lanky, not very expressive and his voice isn’t that great. Also–they have to subtitle Damian sometimes (although I can understand him) so I wonder if that will be a deterrent for him? They won’t subtitle Glee.

      • Andie says:

        Yes, but you can re-shoot if his accent comes across too strong on camera. You can’t reshoot real conversations. I don’t have a problem with his accent, though, either.

    • Marissa fan says:

      Why would they take out marissa she shouldve won the whole thing!!! She has a wonderful voice great acting and the looks…Cameron is a woosy…and alex is a drama queen…lindsay is rude,Hannah thinks shes all that, samuels voice is weird, and Damian is a horrible actor! Marissa was perfect!!!

    • cherish says:

      yep totally.. I love marissa and emily.. If im the judge i will make lindsay go home!! Come on for godsake that gurl is fake!! And marissa is the best its so darn stupid coz they didnt called her back!!

  2. Rachel says:

    it seems like every time a girl goes into the bottom three she gets kicked (except McKynleigh who should have gone home the first time). Don’t think Marissa deserved to be there in the bottom, think Hannah should have been there. And I think Alex should have gone home. He’s a caricature of a diva and seems so fake to me.

  3. Chelsea says:

    I mostly agree with you, except I don’t hate Lindsay. Alex should have gone home. Cameron can’t really act, but he could still play himself on GLEE and he’s likable enough that it would work. I’m with you that Samuel is probably my favorite now, in terms of having the most to offer. He’s probably the best actor in the group. Still, I can’t resist Damian’s baby blues and his accent. Plus, he improves so much every week in the acting and dancing that I could see him pulling it off. I don’t think Lindsay will win, but she is good. When we found out she was adopted, I couldn’t help but think “this girl is Rachel Berry”. I like Hannah, but I don’t see her winning. At this point, I’m ok with anyone winning except for Alex (although I find myself rooting for Damian). Nobody else has mentioned this, but I find it really obnoxious that Alex dodged the big group slushie at the end of the video. Did anyone else notice this? Also, his Dreamgirls was good, but I couldn’t help but think that Mercedes/Amber did it better.

  4. Jack says:

    Lindsay all the way!! Gorgeous, talented, and driven. Love her!

  5. Ben says:

    Haven’t watched any of it, but Marissa was the only one from the Firework video, released before it started, that I could see in Glee. Shame she went.

  6. Ana says:

    Michael, isn’t that elimination the one Ryan Murphy regretted?

  7. Matt says:

    I’m kind of shocked Marissa went home too – it seemed like she was going to be the stealth contender of the season. However, I can’t entirely disagree, as more so than all the remaining contestants, I couldn’t instantly picture who her Glee character would be. Super talented, versatile, nice, professional – she’s got the goods, but like Ryan said, you have to be able to inspire the writers.

    • Allison says:

      She would have made a great love interest for Santana… to make Brittany jealous. (But I doubt they would have gone that way.)

  8. Jill says:

    Maybe I’m too old, but I’m really not understanding the love affair that people are having with Cameron, he’s so winey and pathetic. He really needs to go home. I really liked Marissa and will miss her.

    • jeanie says:

      I love Cameron! But yeah…he is for sure losing points for being a baby! Little rich boy that still lives with his parents! Cute but yeah…he needs to develop some substance!

  9. filmex says:

    I noted here after Emily was let go that the fix appeared to be in. I wondered which talented girl would be the next to go. While I appreciate Ryan Murphy’s gay activism, it seems to be tainting the judging of this series.

    Marissa, who has been a standout, inexplicably ends up in the Bottom 3 because she isn’t magnetic enough with slushee running down her face? Her Bottom 3 song performance was a homerun. But, apparently unless she dressed as a cowboy a la K.D. Lang, it wasn’t going to track with Murphy.

    Meanwhile, Alex sleepwalks thru another challenge, this time not being able to exert the energy to actually rehearse the choreography, it requiring the burning of calories and all. But, no mind, he is in no danger because he can always go drag when it comes to song performance time.

    Meanwhile, Cameron, aka Born Again Beck, follows up his meltdown of being reduced to tears and calling mommy after having to endure a stage kiss, with acting like a slushee is the equivalent of spending a winter in Antarctica.
    With bent knees substituting for actually dancing, and having half the talent and charisma of Chord Overstreet who is now leaving the show, there is no danger in his getting cut, because of the man crush the three guys judging apparently have on him.

    All Murphy did was concede it is out of his wheelhouse to be able to write for a gorgeous, superbly talented female singer. But, for anyone that has watched the dismissals so far, that’s no surprise. Lindsay is cute as hell and a great singer. She’d best be advised to have her bags packed this week. She doesn’t have a prayer.

    • Eli says:

      Hear hear! Totes agree with you.

    • Liz says:

      lmao! You hit it right on the head with this. If Lindsay goes I will stop watching.

      • Pete says:

        To be honest, I thought Marissa was the only star of the cast and the one I could see blending perfectly with the cast. (Lindsay could be a star as well if it wasn’t for her bad atitude) Max chose Marissa and Ryan still sent her home! So unfair for Marissa who was in the b3 for the first time and won the challenge, was professional, with an interesting deep voice and stunning on top of all that. Screw Ryan Murphy.

        • lacey says:

          I see Lindsay differently than you. What you call bad attitude I call competiveness, and this a competition afterall. She’s talented and she knows it. Lindsay is no more annoying than Rachel Berry, and Lea Michelle has even admitted that she’s like her character.

    • Ec5798 says:

      couldn’t have said it better myself! agree with you 100% mate.

    • Mike says:

      It’s sad that with so much power Mr Murphy seems to play favorites. She deserved another shot(especially after only being in the bottom 3 just once). And now with what happened this past week it’s obvious she should have had another week. I’m sure he’ll find someone decent for the show. I just think he passed up one of his better opportunities. If he felt he couldn’t write for her then why bother having her around? Hell, if he can’t write for someone like her I’d wonder how creative he really is? It’s kinda sad really.

    • Brenda says:

      DId Zach Woodlee have a fling with Emily? As they had chemistry.

  10. Jen says:

    Unbelievable! Alex and Cameron both have been in the bottom three numerous times, but he cuts Marissa on her first last chance performance! I wanted Marissa to win it all. I would have understood if Cameron went home, but I seriously wanted Alex to get kicked off. He’s lazy, arrogant, and I’m sick of the diva schtick. Yes Lindsey is pretty and can sing, but she doesn’t act – she OVERACTS – and that’s annoying, plus she is obnoxious. If she wins it, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get past her real personality to see the “character” Ryan creates. I guess I’m hoping for Samuel to win now.

    • Cara says:

      Jen, I agree with you that Lindsay can’t really act. She would work fine for commercials — she can do a great big “I’m so overexcited!” thing, but that’s about it. Anytime she’s been expected to actually do any real emotion, she seems fake.
      Marissa, on the other hand, could actually act, so I’m sorry to see her go.
      Come to think of it, one of the weaknesses of the show is that they’re casting for an acting-with-singing role, but are mostly just auditioning for the “performing” part of it. Why can’t they have their contestants do some acting challenges, too?

  11. SpeckyGit says:

    According to Murphy, his Marissa ouster was a mistake he saw when they edited the show. I cannot guess his reasons, but she was following Adler’s coaching to show hurt/humiliation.

    Samuel should be smoldering next week. Look for that campy streak that popped out two weeks ago.

    Guessing we see Cameron and Alex in the bottom three again – and Hannah?

    • Jenny says:

      Ryan only sees them in the bottom three and has to take the word of mouth of Zach and Robert as to why they are there. Marissa’s final performance was good, but I could see it as forgettable. Cameron sang a song her wrote which totally goes on the lines where the show was going with original songs. Then we had the drag act of Alex and she was pretty much sandwiched between the two. It is too bad that Ryan didn’t see some of the behind the scenes stuff and video material.

      • carol says:

        But Cameron’s original performance was super boring! They gave Marissa a forgetable song to sing and her vocal was great. I don’t get it at all. You know Cameron and Alex won’t win because they’ve been on the bottom 3 so many times, so why not give Marissa a chance since it was her first time on the bottom 3? Ugh Ryan.

  12. Juan says:

    I can, it should have been the wannabe Rachel instead.

    Digging the Cameron/Damian bromance, let imagination take that one over.

  13. Spencer says:

    Lindsay shoould NOT win because: we already have a Rachel Berry. Alex sould NOT win because: We already have a Mercedes/Kurt.

    • Louis says:

      Actually Lindsay winning would be perfect… for the very reason she’s a Rachel Berry copycat. Can you imagine the plot lines of Rachel & Lindsay battling it out?

    • Frank says:

      You gotta remember what the whole point of this show is, to replace the cast that are graduating. Now stop me if im wrong but the show would fall apart without the “Rachel Berry” character. So who better to replace that character than Lindsay?

      • Dan says:

        But no one wants a carbon copy of Rachel Berry, I hope they don’t do that. Lea Michele hits that role out the park and then some, she IS Rachel Berry and Rachel Berry IS Glee. I feel sorry for the person who has to try and fill those might big shoes.

    • unicornwasp says:

      say, you know what this show needs? another straight white male character!!!

    • filmex says:

      The imagination of some of the posters here is mind-boggling. What makes you think Lindsay is another Rachel? She could be any character that was written, be it a goth rocker chick, a Christian, a student mom, whatever.

      It’s like the imbeciles here that said they didn’t need Emily because “they already have Santana”. As if one-size Latina fits all.

      How about this…every class has a class clown and Emily was genuinely funny. They could have used a witty upstart. The only clown now is Britney, but her humor doesn’t come from being cleverness but from being dumber than a bag of rocks.

      But people here thought Emily was expendable because the “Latina chick” base is supposedly covered. Now we’re getting the same thing with Marissa and Lindsay…”we already have a Rachel”. What nonsense.

  14. Erik says:

    I hope it’s Damian/Lindsay final two. Max did a great job as mentor. He picked right choosing Marissa to win. Having the contestants start over on the homework assignment and tell them what they were missing showed really good mentoring skills. No other mentor gave the whole group criticism instead of focusing on an individual member.

    • Sookie says:

      I kind of thought Max picked Marissa because she was pretty and he wanted that “one on one” time. Seriously, how did kicking over a chair show she had tenacity? Samuel was the best in that performance although he mostly showed aggression not tenacity.

  15. Louis says:

    Shocked Marissa was booted. I read some weeks back that Ryan Murphy actually regretted kicking out one of the Glee Wanna-Bes after watching footage of said contestant. I wonder if it’s kicking off Marissa who he regrets?

    • kat says:

      Well he better do something about it then! I’d love to see her on the show. Glee could do an anorexia storyline with Marissa and Naya or Dianna (who has lost a lot of weight since since one).

  16. Amy says:

    I missed it last night and was really surprised that she went home. She is not my favorite but she is a world better then Alex and Cameron. Alex it good but he needs to work on his ego. There is liking yourself and then there is being egotistical. He needs to leave. Lindsay is a triple threat but she is like Alex. And Cameron is just a baby, come on it was a just a kiss. My favorite is Damian he is cute, talented. I have been his fan since Celtic Thunder :)

  17. MikeNJD says:

    It sucked that Marissa went home, but seriously, who was she going to play on the show? They already have four super-attractive girls, two of which can belt the bejeezus out of most songs. This was a pure type-casting decision. What made Marissa different than what they already have on the show? Unfortuately for those of us who like talent, nothing. Hence, she’s bye-bye.

    • Eli says:

      It would be nice to have a girl with actual boobs on the show though ;)

    • lia29 says:

      Totally disagree. Her voice was way different than every other girl on Glee clubv. She has a deep, interesting voice. And yes, she’s beautiful but in a different way than Naya, Dianna and Lea. And she was very talented: she shined the most in music videos, has never been in the bottom before, was professional and won 2 challenges.

  18. Melinda says:

    This was the first week I would have been okay with Cameron going home. I was totally willing to forgive the stage kiss thing because I felt it was a private conversation with his mother that was exploited. The boy is entitled to his feelings, just as we all are. This week, he was the only one to break character. What will he do if he makes it to the show. I love the guy and think he’s fabulous, I just don’t think the show is right for him.I also think next week’s Sexuality theme will either make or break him.

    At this point I think either Cameron or Alex will go home next week, and the one that doesn’t will go home the next. Following them will be Hannah, then Damian, and it will come down to Lindsey and Samuel. I’d have to say I’m rooting for Samuel; he hasn’t caused any major drama and he has probably been the most professional of all the kids so far. Lindsey would be great, but as Chelsea pointed out, she is/is becoming a real-life Rachel Berry.

  19. Clare says:

    While agreeing with most of your points, I like Damian more than you seem to: Damian, Samuel, and Lindsay are my top three. Hannah’s very likable personally but not the strongest contender. Cameron’s boring and earns my Current Least Fave position; seeing that he’s “teacher’s pet” just gets less bearable every week. No, I’m not an Alex fan, but he has awesome talent & nerve, and seeing Coach Sue torment him would be entertaining!

    • Sookie says:

      I actually think Alex comes off as being very insecure. He puts up a front, “I’m too good to do dance rehearsal” when he probably figured he couldn’t do that floor work. The whole “I let Samuel win the dance challenge” thing was very insecure. Even dressing up in drag was a way to hide. I think he has a great voice even if I don’t particularly like his personality. Remember that although they are hoping to find talent for next year this season is about a story line this season. They never said they were casting for next season.

  20. Jewel64 says:

    Ryan Murphy did comment that the contestant from episode 6 (in this case, Marissa), was the one he regretted letting go so early. He felt she would have eventually gone before the end, but said she shouldn’t have gone home so soon. I agree I felt Cameron should have gone already. The kid cannot act and getting upset over one kiss and breaking character while slushied indicates somebody who does not have acting chops to handle this show. However, because Glee does not have a character like him, the producers keep him around. In other words, it appears they don’t really care about acting talent if the winner has a presence and personality. Alex is just a little diva who thinks he so superior to everybody that he doesn’t have to try very hard. He looks bored as if he’s saying, “I’m just biding my time until these people go home and I get chosen. Ho-hum.” I don’t see the need for his character, as he’s simply a “Kurtcedes” combo, and Glee already has Amber and Chris. Plus he’s a sore loser–when he lost the dance competition, he said he “Threw” the competition so somebody else could win. What a tool. He lacks the maturity to handle a show like Glee and his arrogant self should be gone soon, with his attitude. Sam is an original, and he is really a force to be reckoned with. I predict him the winner, since I’ve read reports where Sue Sylvester will harass the new character something awful, but that may be another Ryan Murphy rumor. But if true, what better character for her to harass than Sam and his dreds? Damien and Lindsay are also strong contenders. Hannah might be a dark horse candidate. She and Damien are very, very likeable and endearing. Lindsay–well, the girl is talented but her ego and personality leave me wondering if she’s truly a team player. Of course I think Alex has her beat on the most arrogant and self-absorbed.
    @Chelsea: I don’t see the connection of Lindsay being adopted versus Rachel Barry. Rachel is not adopted. She is the child of two fathers and a surrogate mother (Shelby). She is related to her fathers (via sperm donation) and to Shelby (egg donor & surrogate). Somebody who is adopted is usually not related to either parent. (I say usually because where I’m from, grandparents/relatives adopt their grandchildren/nieces/nephews and are related.)

  21. Sarah says:

    Lindsay is too much of a bully girl which is the oppoiste of what Glee is about, she may be able to sing, dance and act but she knows it and that makes her into a bully as she thinks she is better than everyone.

    Damian or Sam to win!

  22. Sivat says:

    If Alex wins this thing, I might have to stop watching Glee. Yuck.

  23. Jennifer says:

    I want either Lindsay or Samuel to win. To me they are the best. Don’t really like Alexsimply cuz he thinks he is better than everyone.

  24. samantha says:

    i dont think samuel should have been first on the list if he screwed up bad in the dance practice and the vocal booth and Marissa screwed up just in the vocal booth so therefore she was in the bottom. doesn’t make sense. Not a major fan of Damian, but ill give credit where it is deserved. He should of been on the top. I think he is over his cute i cant dance thing and is now just doing the dances and had no problems this week and totally popped in the video. He should of been on the top of the list. Alex should of gone home. nothing bothers me more than a person who doesnt try and that is probably why i liked damian this week.

  25. Tricia says:

    I love Cameron, but I think it’s time for him to go. He’s so great on stage, but I don’t think he’s right for the show. At this point, I’m pretty sure Samuel takes it. I read an interview where ryan murphy said Sue was going to go after the winner. And you know she’ll lose it upon first sight of Samuel. Oh, and i’m completely shocked marissa went home. Fools.

  26. Remy says:

    I can’t understand peoples obsession with Samuel and Lindsey. Samuel is so over the top sometimes and the dreads are killing me, he just turns me off. And, everytime he dances its like he trying to chanel Michael Jackson.

    I can’t see Lindsey on Glee, her personality is a turnoff and her false excitement for every challenge is dreadful. Besides, I can’r stand her “I think I’m better, I’m gonna win this thing” attitude.

    Cameron can’t act and he wimps out on every challenge, first the kiss scene then the slushie incident. If you cant stand the heat get out the kitchen, preacher boy.

    When BF was talking about Mercedes new boyfriend being kinda full did he mean he was fat? If so, maybe Alex is the winnwe of TGP, yeah I know he’s gay, but Neil Patrick Harris is too and he plays a straight character.

    Like Damian, hes charming and different.

    But regardless of who wins at least their stint on Glee is only 7 episodes, if these people are any indication of what Glee is going to be like after this current cast, count me out.

    • Jenny says:

      I agree with your points on Samuel and Lindsey. To me Samuel has no personality. He goes from blah to over the top in 10 seconds. Lindsey is completely fake. She decided to be the Rachel Berry of the show and it is getting her attention. She over reacts all of the time.

      Have to disagree about Alex though possibly being able to play Mercedes boyfriend. He is more of a diva that Mercedes it. I know there are gay actors who play straight characters, but there are others that just can’t do it. Alex is one of them.

      • Remy says:

        Yes! Thats what I notice about Samuel, hes so dull, then WHAM BAM! Yeah, Linsdey tries to be a Rachel Berry, but big difference is we like Rachel. We must share the same brain. Yeah, and true I was reaching when I said the thing about Alex and Mercedes, I guess he’s to flambouyant.

    • Light says:

      are you stupid becuz u do know that they edit the show to add more drama and lindsey is one of them that they edit DURRR but anyways i want damian to win !!! (sue hates leprachauns and ryan murphy said it was a foreign exhchange student so yeah…. GO DAMIAN!!!

  27. RK says:

    Here is how I see it. Marissa – awesome – but Glee material? Other than her past history with an eating disorder she comes across as someone uber popular and not enough of a misfit for our beloved choir. Ryan Murphy could see she has star potential but who would she be? Alex, diva that he is, could easily play Mercedes’ drag queen of a cousin who comes into town to have a Diva-off with the divine Ms. M. Sam – with the dreads and attitude can play the sexy bad boy with a big heart. Puck could think his bad boy stat is being threatened and Finn could be troubled by all the ladies going gaga for something with a rasta flava….if Chord is really out we do need a replacement hottie…Hanna has something – but will Lauren Izes squash her? Me thinks so. I adore Cameron and he could easily play a slightly nerdy Christian in a very cool offbeat way to make up for some of the bible bashing in the past. Why not have a story about a sensitive boy holding on to his values in a world where values are not really valued? He has major skills and the team at Glee knows he has major star potential. As far as Lindsey – she too is talented and does really pop on camera – she’s my onion. At first I did not like, but as we peel away more layers she become more interesting and I imagine she could play bitchy well – bullies come in many packages – and I can see her coming in, sleeping with half of the club in her attempt to be the new Rachel Berry and sparring with Santana…..thoughts anyone? And considering RM’s regret over Marissa’s early ouster, any chance he will cast her in the show as well? Hmmmmmm. Vocal Adrenaline cuold use a few regulars, no?

    • Sookie says:

      I like the way you put it. This is exactly the way Ryan is looking at this whole competition too. He is trying to write a character not cast the most talented person. Of those characters really Cameron is the only one that hasn’t been done. A shy nerdy sensitive Christian character who maybe Quinn tries seducing. Honestly 7 episodes of Alex being a Diva when we already have Rachel, Kurt, Mercedes and Santana is a bit much.

    • filmex says:

      Criminy, do you think only a Christian could play one on a TV series? Do you really think all the characters on Glee are playing themselves?

      Do you think Michael C. Hall on Dexter is a real-life serial killer?

      Do you really think the creators/crew would want to deal with a home-schooled delicate flower who would cry and call mommy if the script called for him to kiss a girl? What would he do if Kurt kissed him, fly in his preacher for emergency counseling?

      The guy is hopeless. He wouldn’t even still be around if it wasn’t for the mancrush the three male judges have on him. I wonder if he’s given that any thought…it would probably send him into therapy.

      • Sookie says:

        While I certainly agree with you that you don’t have to be a Christian to play that character I was commenting on what the other poster said. Yes, I agree and even commented that they should be looking for a good actor not a character (see my comment on page 2) . I don’t know if Cameron has the acting ability either. However, this seems to be the way Ryan and his crew is playing this. I don’t get it either. That is why I want to see a challenge where they actually have to act.

    • Mike says:

      But you’re also assuming she can’t act. That somehow she can’t pull off an outcast type character. Most of these kids were outcast because of their love of theater. I just think he’s backing himself into a corner by handling the show the way he is. He needs to be more involved. There’s no way he keeps Alex, no matter how good his last chance songs are, if he sees the kid’s utter lack of effort in the group projects. Cause apparantly hearing about it doesn’t seem to faze the man. He likes who he likes. Hell, if that’s the case maybe he should have just picked the 12 he most wanted from day 1 because he wasted Marissa’s time.

  28. Amanda says:

    Ugh, I’m so tired of Alex and really wish he’d have been the one to go. I’ll give him credit that the drag performance was great and had me laughing, but still, every time he’s “working” with the group, he has this superior than tho attitude. His dance skill are beyond the rest of the group, so why practice? He’s so tenacious that’s why he shoves people around during the “Bulletproof” number? I’d buy that if he hadn’t done that more than once. Sorry Alex, but go home. I don’t know what Ryan Murphy is smoking but I can’t see him on Glee.

    And poor Marissa I don’t think deserved to go home at all. Despite the struggle she had in the recording studio(much like a lot of the contestants) she brought it and was as “electric” as anyone could be while getting slushied.

    And despite the fact that Cameron isn’t that great of an actor and has been a bit whiny the last two episodes, I’m still pulling for the guy. I can’t help it, there’s something likeable about it. I also have a bit of a soft spot for Hannah. And obviously Lindsay and Samuel and I hate to admit it but Damian as well. Maybe it’s the obvious bromance between him and Cameron that I love or that Irish accent, but I can’t help it. At this point, any one but Alex is pretty much good to me.

  29. jb says:

    Sure he’s somewhat cute and he can write music, but I don’t think Cameron is much of an actor. Last week it was the kiss, this week the cold, next week will he has to deal with “sexuality”. Good thing mommy is on speed dial.

  30. Jacob says:

    So annoyed that Marissa went home. The others have been in the bottom three before. Dare I say it wasn’t fair? I’m hoping Samuel wins. I’d love to see him on Glee. Play a cool skateboarder or something. Not to mention he can clearly sing, dance and act. And is a hottie!

  31. MichelleR says:

    Getting rid of Alex seems like a no-brainer to me. He is doing the exact same stuff that got him called onto the carpet, what, three times, before.

    I think Cameron is a cute kid, and — don’t laugh — but I think some people are more sensitive to cold them others. However, his time might be up. Beyond the kiss and the Slushie, Ryan Murphy just isn’t that into him.

    I thought Marissa did great and so I have to face that I might have no taste. :) I know RM thought better of it, but that she was even in the bottom three confuses me.

    I think Lindsay is really pretty, and really determined, and has exhibited little likability so far. Rachel Berry doesn’t translate well to the real world. Go figure. Her cracking up in the song cracked me up though

  32. Buzz Baldrin says:

    Had been looking forward to Marissa rivaling Brittany on the dance floor and stealing Puck away from his talentless big-bottomed woman, who’s about as appealing as Alex. Maybe we will see Marissa on Glee, as Ryan Murphy admitted he made a mistake, or on another show, as she’s going places. I would also enjoy seeing Samuel, Damian and Lindsay on Glee. As for Murphy’s need for characters he can write for, It’s not the actors’ job to inspire the writers. If the writers need inspiration to write, they’re in the wrong profession.

    • Eli says:

      Just goes to show what an awful writer he really is doesn’t it?

    • Mocha says:

      Exactly. Whoever wins is not going to be playing him- or herself–the writers need to create a character for them. And that’s not the actor/actress’s responsibility. If Ryan Murphy can’t be “inspired” to write for anyone who isn’t severely emotionally damaged, which is what it seems like so far, he’s in the wrong profession.

  33. topsyturvy says:

    Not sure why someone in the bottom three for the first time goes home over two people who have been there three times.

    Alex annoys the CRAP out of me; please no more hand on hip, arm wave, head turn when you sing, gurrrl. And in drag he looked like someone who had wondered over from the set of 227. It was the third time he’d been called out for his attitude. He should be GONE.

    It was clear they all had a one-note defintion of tenacity which had nothing to do with that it really meant.

    Did anyone else notice how Lindsay laughed/broke character in the video? Why wasn’t she called out on that.

    I’m still fond of Cameron, but I can understand how his routine is getting old for some people.

    Max Adler = YUM!!!

    • MichelleR says:

      We don’t know that the laugh wasn’t a director’s note/the character. If it wasn’t, they clearly liked it or they would have reshot it and called her onto the carpet like they did Cameron.

  34. EllenDa says:

    Alex needs to go home next. Although Dreamgirls is one of my favorite musicals EVER and he did sing the hell out of “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”, I don’t see that he would bring anything new to the show.
    Time to go home diva attitude. Now.

    • MichelleR says:

      Right. He does a spot on job of singing a song about a woman who ruined her career because of diva behavior while once again taken to task for being on a star trip. There’s a clue there — he isn’t playing Effie White, he IS Effie White.

  35. Eli says:

    I’m now officially done with this show. It has nothing to do with talent or determination. It’s all about wether ryan murphy likes you. The whole set-up of the show is beyond stupid (I actually felt that from the first episode on, but was willing to see if it could be worked around). They spend most of the episode doing all these assignments and basically showing their talents and personality and then they are judged on one final performance by His gayLordship Ryan Murphy.
    And the irony of it all. Glee is supposed to be about tolerance, a place for the misfits of the show and accepting everybody, but in reality the only way you can make it to the show is if you are a misfit. Lord help you if you are even remotely normal. So the show that is about ACCEPTING EVERYBODY no matter what they look like, in reality only accepts you if there’s something “wrong” with you (fat, tiny, gay, nerd, disabled or stupid).
    Also, about the actual performances: Alex sucked. “And I’m telling you” is NOT just about the vocals, I’m surprised Michael Slezak didn’t notice this. The song is about emotion and showing it to the audience, making them believe it (also known as “acting” btw). I’ve picked things out of my nose that had more believable emotion than Alex during that performance.
    Cameron’s performance wasn’t bad, the song was pretty awful but I’m not gonna judge him on his songwriting skills, his performance was decent at least.
    I have to admit Marissa wasn’t great, she was overacting it a bit and things did get a little chaotic because of it, but she was still better than Cameron and miles ahead of Alex.
    I’m so over this show by now, I’ll see this fall who won (or maybe I’ll read it on this site), but I really hope its Damian. He’s the only one left who remotely deserves it and has the talent. (Samuel is fake, Lyndsay is the best vocally and she’s hot but too much of a b!tch for me, Hannah annoys me to no end and the other are not even worth mentioning).

  36. Scott says:

    I’m very surprised Marissa went home — she and Sam were so good in their duet. She was one of my picks to go all the way (Sam is the other). I hope the final 4 are Hannah, Lindsay, Sam and Damian. Alex and Cameron have worn out their welcome, IMO. Alex should have gone home a while ago.

  37. srod says:

    Be smart. Bring back Marissa. I have an excellent story line, if you want to hear it.

  38. bobby says:

    OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE MARISSA’S GONE :'( alex or lindsay should leave instead…eeek

  39. dilia says:

    i really love damian and not just cuz ive liked him from CT

    i think hes talented and he stuck out to me in this music video even though he got one of the least amounts of screentime plus there have been numerous comments by the judges that he tries hard and takes direction. also he is really funny i think hes the funniest one left and hes eluded the bottom 3 for 3 straight weeks so obviously hes doing something right. plus i think him sticking up for matheus was nice and well intentioned. he didnt mention any names or go into bitchy exxagerated specifics he wasnt neccesarily talking about what matheus thought he was there may have been other stuff off camera and ryan was criticizing matheus for not being confident and damian just said that maybe it would be easier if he wasnt getting grief from some people in the house so everyone just shut up that he was throwing alex under the bus as if!!!!
    speaking of which i want him to go home i dont understamd how he keeps scraping by on halfhearted performances whereas marissa isnt as good as she usually is one time and bam

    also if ryan doesnt think cameron can act theright thing was to eliminate him i like cameron but fair is fair.
    ill miss marissa she and damian were the only ones i really liked at this point. lindsay is growing on me
    hannah and samuel im not seeing what everyone else is seeing idk why maybe its just me :/

  40. Allison says:

    I really liked Matheus (and I think he had the best potential for a really interesting storyline on Glee), but I gotta say this week was the worst decision yet.

    I hope this is a blessing in disguise for Marissa. Maybe she will get an opportunity she wouldn’t have if she had gone farther in the competition. She’s too much of a star – she definitely belongs behind the bright lights!

  41. Winnie says:

    Nooo please not Samuel…I love him. I will stop watching this show if Samuel gets sent home….

  42. Clio says:

    I predict Samuel wins.

    Ryan Murphy gets inspired to write for specific actors who remind him of himself (whether who he once was or who he’s always wished to be. Exhibit A: Nip/Tuck’s Julian McMahon; Exhibit B: Running With Scissors’ Joseph Cross; Exhibit C: GLEE’s Chris Colfer). Otherwise, I think the guy has his story’s world populated in his head already. So, the GLEE winner will either be a guy who inspires Ryan, or the person who best fits a character type Ryan’s already got in his mind.

    I highly doubt those types are ones that overlap existing characters. Therefore, Alex, Hannah and Lindsey are out – Alex overlaps Kurt and/or Mercedes, Hannah overlaps Lauren and/or Tina, and Lindsey overlaps Rachel and/or Quinn.

    That leaves Cameron, Damian and Samuel. Ryan’s already seen both Cameron and Damian, and in my opinion both boys’ skill at characterization or acting have left him unimpressed. Of the two, he’s said more often that he could write Cameron’s character – yet he’s also been the most blunt about his lack of faith in Cameron’s acting abilit. And let’s be clear – no way is Ryan Murphy going to pick a fantastic singer/dancer who can’t act their way out of a paperbag. And pretty much the only thing these two guys have going for them is the singing – both are pretty mediocre in the dancing, too.

    He hasn’t seen Samuel yet, but it’s been said several times by either the guest mentors or the training trio that Samuel ‘pops’ on camera. And what’s the one thing we know about the character played by the show’s winner? That s/he will be, for Sue Sylvester, Public Enemy #1. What’s one thing that sets Sue off regularly, is often the topic that creates the best Sue quotes? Her obsession with Will’s hair. What kind of hairstyle might be one which would make Sue go even more ballistic over? Hipster dreads, perhaps?

    I predict Samuel wins, they let him keep his hair, and his character is a transfer from San Francisco or somewhere earthy-crunchy – and perhaps it’s the presence of such a lefty hippy hairstyle that is the last straw that convinces Sue to run for office.

  43. Clover says:

    Ok, i like Cameron, and i find him extremedly hot. But he should have gone. The guy can sing, and be super charming, but he cant act and isnt EVEN trying to progress (As Damian is doing). Plus, he whines about everything. If you wanna be in Glee you MUST kiss other girls and you MUST get slushied.
    Marissa had always been awesome, flawless. Even if she doesnt “inspire” him for who she is (Without doubt Ryan knew very well cause she was only once in the bottom 3), she would have been able to perform whatever character they choose for her. She totally rocked ALL the characters she performed until now…. and whats that about she not being “so” electric this character? Look at Alex and Cameron, theyre NEVER ELECTRIC!

    Alex did an amazing performance, i have to amdit it although i hate him. Marissa was great. And Cameron, although it was his “original song” he was meeeh… she shoudl have gone. Im so pissed.

  44. whislerpotpie says:

    I think Ryan Murphy is the worst character on this show. He is not coming across well.

    • coppertopolo says:

      Finally, someone said it. Ryan Murphy is the one who should be sent home. He ruined a perfectly good show (see Season 1) and turned it into a jumbled mess (see the latter part of Season 2). He is too arrogant to admit it, but he is his own worst enemy.

      • Allison says:

        YES. Totally agree with both whislerpotpie and coppertopolo.
        Since the second season, I’ve started to wonder about Ryan Murphy…
        First, he totally overreacted to the Kings of Leon thing, revealing the inflation of his ego.
        Then he said point blank that the core Glee stars would be graduating and leaving the show, and also that the Glee Project winner would be Sue’s nemesis, only for Ian Brennan to refute those claims at comic-con.
        Is his act just an elaborate publicity stunt, or does he have some other issues?
        Also, in an interview with digitalspy, Mattheus said Ryan told him to take his shirt off and, as we saw, he also told Alex to dress in drag. I find that very concerning – is he perverted?
        I’m starting to think Ryan Murphy is kinda like Sue Sylvester.
        In the begining, she was clever, witty, honest, loveable. In short: awesome.
        But slowly it became apparent that she is not right in the head, and is not as funny anymore, as much as she is sad.
        (Not that RM is sad or pathetic… but it seems like the best thing for Glee would be for him to step back a little.)

        • Allison says:

          Sorry, my mistake, it was Brad Falchuk who said Lea Michele, Chris Colfer and Cory Monteith were staying, not Ian Brennan.

  45. Muireann says:

    They should have kept Marissa for her eyebrows alone. Seriously, I can think of a MILLION (slight exaggeration) different storylines her character could have been involved in. Since she has admitted to struggling with anorexia in the past and they have never really dealt with eating disorders on the show before (bar Emma catching Rachel attempting to throw up at the beginning of season one and Santana’s implied bulimia in the season finale) they could have easily written for that. Also, Marissa has stated on many occasions that she could serve as Santana’s first real lesbian love interest (only until Brittany steps in of course). And to all these people who think we have enough pretty girls on the show already: What show are you watching? The only typically “beautiful” women on the show are Dianna and Naya. Lea, Jenna and Heather are all striking, but elude the stereotypical image of beauty because they’re simply unusual looking. Marissa is the same, she has a really interesting face that really makes her “pop” (the judges really love that word, so I’ll use it) on camera. She also seems like such a genuine, lovely – not to mention extremely talented – person. No girl on Glee has a voice like hers. She’s unique (unlike Alex, who REALLY should have gone home WEEKS ago and is basically the love-child of Kurt and Mercedes), and would have fit in well with the cast. Oh well, at least Ryan Murphy has acknowledged the fact that he made a mistake in his premature elimination of her.

  46. Agreed, they need a dictionary, or access to, when doing the homework. Said so on my recap as well. I think Cameron was gone as well, but I’m hoping for Alex. Does Ryan ever see how lazy that kid is? Srsly?

  47. Jason says:

    When is the show going to have an acting challenge! They’ve all already proven they can sing. But acting is harder then singing.

    Lyndsay for the win!!

    • Sookie says:

      I definitely agree with you. It’s time to see some acting. shooting videos is hardly acting. We know they can all sing. They should give them a scene from Glee and see how they do. Maybe Cameron and Damian could do Kurt and Blaine.

  48. airhead says:

    Why is alex STILL on the show? He’s such a diva and he gets on my nerves just looking at him. If he wins, it might possibly ruin glee for me. so GO HOME alex

  49. Steve says:

    We are a week behind in Canada so haven’t seen Tenacity yet, but read all the posts and really disappointed that Marissa is gone. The plot line I thought for her would be that she was Brittany’s younger sister. I can’t believe how many single kid familys there are in Ohio. And isn’t part of high school is dealing with the rep of an older sibling? How many boys would go up to her and hit on her in her freshman year thinking she was an easy target being Brittany’s sister. As well on the Hemo tour of her bedroom they did use a picture of her and her real younger sister on set. Wouldn’t some other issue’s be the reporting back home of what is going one with the older sister at school. If RM wanted to move the kids along through school at a year for year, then we should start seeing some siblings coming on and wanting to join some of the same clubs. If he wanted Sue to pick on someone, she could try to join the cheerio’s and Sue hate her because her sister left. Just some idea’s. Although one more off the wall, Debbie Gibson to play their mom, just throughing that out there. As for who to cheer for now, don’t have a favourite anymore.

  50. Sheila says:

    I am happy to see so many Glee Project fans posting. I think it’s time for Alex to go. Can’t tell if he is really that egotistical or just putting up a front. Either way not of van of the diva act. I will be fine with either Samuel (although he is my fav), Damien or Lindsay winning. While I like Hannah and Cameron I just can’t visualize it. It’s all just my opinion anyway. Will be a fan til the end, and look forward to seeing the newest addition at WMHS this season.