Fall TV Preview

House Adds Brothers & Sisters' Odette Annable To The Team

Coming soon to Princeton-Plainsboro: Fresh meat for House!

House Exclusive: The New Season Will Take Place Where?!

As first scooped by our sister site Deadline.comBrothers & Sisters and Breaking In head-turner Odette Annable is joining House this fall as a series regular.

Annable — the real-life wife of B&S alum Dave Annable — will play someone that House meets while behind bars as the season opens, and ultimately the newest member of Dr. Crankypants’ team, thus filling the void left by both Amber Tamblyn and Olivia Wilde (who’s returning this fall but only for a brief stint).

This is one of two major new roles the Fox hit is adding to its Season 8 ranks. The show is also searching for an actress to succeed Lisa Edelstein as the new Dean of Medicine.

Fall TV Mystery: Who Should Play House‘s New Boss?

Check Deadline for further details on Annable’s House stay, including what it means for Breaking In‘s possible midseason resurrection.

Thoughts on House‘s new blood? Hit the comments!

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  1. doddle says:

    “The show is also searching for an actress to succeed Lisa Edelstein as the new Dean of Medicine.”

    Oh no give us a strong male character instead!

  2. Over it says:

    I’ll probably watch the first episode of House this season and then give it up. I just can’t imagine it without Lisa E./Cuddy. And now with Olivia gone… yeah… time to end it.

  3. Chase says:

    Unfortunatelty, they wrote Cameron leaving and her closure episode because it was the end of what DS saw for her character in terms of House’s development. Fan Fiction can write it different, but they didn’t. They wrote Cuddy for a fatalistic ending in S7 because they were pushing the penultimate fall before House finally grows. Cuddy’s reactions were to be key in S8. They didn’t envision the closure for her, so they would be working for that.

    The network screwed up with these negotiations and now the story must be adapted. It stinks, but this is what we deal with now. I hope Odette proves to be positive in their adaptation.

  4. jaded says:

    ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz How about bringing in a interesting character instead of another beauty queen…House is so lame now..

  5. Sally says:

    I’d love to see Cameron coming back instead of this new person, but nevertheless I’m looking forward to the new season. I hope the focus will go back to the character House and not some sort of awful relationship that can’t work out anyway. House himself still is and always will be the most intriguing character ever on TV!

    • housefan says:

      I’m afraid we will never see the real House again. DS once said one of his goals was to peel away the layers of the character of House to reveal his true personality. He’s failed miserably. Instead of peeling away, he’s added one too many layers to an already complex character. That’s what happens when you don’t have someone on your writing staff keeping track of what’s already been written and going on from there. Idiocy. That’s all it is.

      • Kath says:

        It’s not that too many layers are added IMO. It’s that once we see who the real House is, he’s not nearly as attractive or interesting as he once way.

  6. PH says:

    Havent really watched since they fired JMo, see the decline of the show from then onwards, since then carried on making more mistakes,shame it lost its way, was truly one of the best shows ever.!

    • Poor says:

      So the show declined because JMo left? lol. Sorry to let you know but after OW she was the worst thing to happen to this show. The decline of the show is due to bad writting. The fact that a mediocre actress left doesn´t change a thing.

      • A/Sarah says:


        Wow, you started to lower the level (please, dont talk about mediocrity).
        House, Cameron and Wilson are the most beloved by the viewers.
        Certainly the absence of Cameron and the lack of integration between House/ Wilson have left nearly 10 million viewers away from House MD:

        season / average viewers / rank
        1st-:13.3 – 24
        2nd: 17.3 – 10
        3rd: 19.4 – 7
        4th-:16.2 – 8 *
        5th: 12.0 – 19 **
        6th: 12.8 – 22 ***
        7th: 10.3 – 42 ****

        * House chooses a new team
        ** episode with largest number of viewers: Big Baby-> 15.69 (Cameron was head of the House for a day)
        *** August 2009, David Shore announces the return of original team/Broken 16,50 million viewers
        In the month of September, we learned of the departure of JMO.
        ****huddy centric

        Oops!You say: bad writing
        I say, bad decisions.

        • Charlie says:

          Cameron a beloved character? Lolololol maybe by the very few fans she had but not for the rest of the audience. Nobody ever watched for Cameron. If u are one of the 4 or 5 who did i’m ok with that but don’t try to make ppl believe that the rest of the viewers share your feelings

          • A/Sarah says:


            You’re wrong with the comments on hate by Cameron, you believe all comes down to internet/polls/sites…
            The vast majority dont come to internet to complain, just change the channel.
            If Cameron was so hated, why the ratings do not improve after she left?
            I see the numbers and along with the ratings, the financial loss of the show, renewed, after several budget cuts (well, they say this).
            Departure Cameron was perhaps the worst decision they made…(huddy was very bad too ;)
            Some people say that PPTH had no more storyline for her and yet we know nothing about her, but all had their space (up to the useless Taub) and nothing, absolutely nothing about Cameron.
            Chase/Foreman/13 still gracing the set…
            All this is intriguing and at the same time pathetic.

          • Ange says:

            The highest-rated episode of season 5 was the one where Cuddy steps down as Dean and Cameron takes over. After that, it was downhill all the way.

            Many people either watched for Cameron or enjoyed what the character brought to the show. Very few people cared about Thirteen or Taub or even Foreman like they cared about her.

          • cameron lovers says:

            i like cameron, why you hate her and insult her fans? *five fans* is just a ridiculous idea, when show start house, cameron and wilson are the most popular characters and there are just house cameron fanfictions, comunities and shippers in 2004, 2005 and half 2006.
            i love the original show, the original cast and the original patients, after 3 series house producers destroy all, so sad, but we still have the first seasons when house md was a interesting, deep and well-written show

        • Ben says:

          Actually, if you graph the seasons and then overlay them, you will find the overall trend is the sme every season. During certain season/times there is always a spike and during others there was always a drop. The overall average ratings for season would drop, but the ratings indicative of Hameron-centric, Huddy-centric or Hilson-centric episodes match the trends of previous seasons so cannot validate declines based on individual storylines. The ONLY exception is season 4, when the writers strike occurred, and the survivor arc occurred. What can be ascertained, is that a significant overall drop occurred after season 4 and never recovered. People try to blame Huddy, but critics noted at the time that the arc was uneven and made it difficult to embrace a character on the show that may be gone next episode. They also noted the House antics were extreme and began to take away from the character. The Amber arc was heralded, but the damage was done that season. Since then, the drop occurred and the trends returned to the same pattern.

          It’s an aging show, so drops are to be expected. What is notable is the critic feedback that is indicative to how the industry is feeling, not the fans. Shipping has damaged fan credibility. The critics noting the uneven writing, the lack of continuity and the missed opportunities – that is a blow.

      • Ange says:

        It’s a spurious correlation. Bad decision making caused both the bad writing and the departure of an interesting character with a fanbase much bigger than Foreman, Thirteen or Taub.

  7. Mark says:

    Some posters may say there are “haters” on this thread, but think about this way…. if you take away all the negative comments on this thread there are basicallly crickets chirping when it comes to the positive comments. Pretty much shows that House is on its last leg, with more former fans than remaining fans. I can’t say I blame these people, this show is just a shell of what it used to be and by no fault of the actors as the writing has become sloppy and downright soap opera worthy.

    • udon'tknowmcu345 says:

      The vast majority of the audience is NOT commenting on this site or on blogs. They will lose viewers and make new viewers.

      1. Those people who wish the show ‘ILL” are no longer fans. Just bitter, angry little people who should get a life.
      2. Hugh Laurie is not going to “flip” and return to House for a Season 9…what world do some people live in?
      3. The show is called “house” and Hugh Laurie created this iconic character- not Lisa Edelstein.

      Watch-Don’t watch but all the hatred, bitterness and inuendo about “Contrct negotiations” is really too much. People making up stories because they want answers where none exist. We will never know the entirety of this story except that Lisa seems to be the only person who got in a personal confrontation with someone and they didn’t like it. I agree that they probably wrote her out. She seems very happy and she will continue to have a fine career.

      Happy to see House without her.

      • Jessica says:

        I guess for me it’s the loss of the dynamic, the great relationship between House, Cuddy, and Wilson that I miss the most, especially after rewatching earlier seasons. It just seems wrong not having one of them there….

      • doddle says:

        it’s just sad to see that no female character in this show lasts (cameron, amber, masters, and now cuddy), Foreman, Chase and Taub seem untouchable for many seasons and that’s a shame because it would have been also interesting to have other actors and male characters.

  8. nohuddyfan says:

    Thank you Aussie.. you gave us a good spoiler!! WOW!!!!

  9. Leiney says:

    I’m in this for the long haul, so will be watching until the bitter end……but I really wish they had hired someone with potential to be different. Every female they hire looks just like the others, and while I feel I shouldn’t be getting hung up on their looks, it would’ve been cool for the new character not to recall past ones.

  10. housefan says:

    I see. Another piece of “eye candy” for House. If DS & TPTB are trying for equality (which really doesn’t exist anywhere anymore.), there should be 3 women on House’s team. He had Chase, Foreman & Taub. Not that I care, but they needs more females to balance the “sausage fest” in the Diagnostics Department. And why, oh why does the new Dean HAVE to be a female? DS & his aleged writing staff have not learned a damn thing from all the backlash from the finale. The real House fan does not want a soap opera, but they continue along that road. Fan fiction writers are doind a much better job than those who actualy get paid to write professionally. I really hope Hugh Laurie finally gets his Emmy this year, because quite honestly, if I were in his shoes, I wouldn’t renew my contract for a 9th or 10th season if Fox wants to renew. This whole spoiler scenario you’ve given us is a waste of his talents. Sad part is, it’s all too true and a once excellent show is nothing but junior high school fodder, nothing more. I will watch (maybe record and watch later.), but only to see what Hugh Laurie is able to do with the crappy scripts he is given. And they will be crappy.

    • doddle says:

      If they’ll hire a very good actress as Kathy Bates or Glenn Close, I’ll be ok, but please not a cuddy look like!

      • Here's an idea says:

        How about Allison Janney as the new Dean of Medicine? God knows she’s almost as tall as HL/House, and clearly she’s someone that not too many people would try to f*ck with. House has got to respect someone who could kick his ass.

  11. Jessica says:

    It’s ridiculous how Fox was so desperate to retain Olivia Wilde who won’t be around much due to her great new movie career, and now the busty head-turner Odette Annable will be joining the cast to replace her and Masters, but they couldn’t even (or didn’t want to) retain Lisa Edelstein in a role that nobody could do as well as she did.
    Do we REALLY need another chic on the show? No. We needed our original Dean of Medicine who was part of an important dynamic between House-Cuddy-Wilson. Of course now they want another FEMALE Dean of Medicine. Another good looking female with an attitude for House to flirt with as if Cuddy never existed and as if he never shared a twenty year history with her which was the basis for their relationship in the first damn place. They’re trying to REPLACE the Cuddy character with someone like her, but the thing is they can’t. Besides what actress in her right mind would give up the chance to star in a long-term and more popular series to be on the final season of a show that is clearly going downhill? Not to mention they’d be trying to fill the shoes of Lisa Edelstein who did such a great job and had such great chemistry with Hugh for 7 years. The fans and critics will not be kind. This isn’t about Cuddy either, this is about the dynamic of the show which is gone permanently, it started dissipating sometime in Season 6 and disappeared forever in Season 7. Lately I’ve been watching earlier seasons and am blown away by the incredibly awesome and funny scenes with House, Cuddy, and Wilson. They were ONE OF A KIND! This was GREAT STUFF! I just shake my head and say “I miss this so much!” I think we all do.
    My guess is this new chic Odette Annable is a prison doctor who shows intelligence and determination and House offers her a job. Thing is…and this will be interesting (like any of us care though right?) how will House get his job back? I mean seriously, even a lawyer with knowledge of New Jersey law wrote about this and there’s no way he could do just a couple of years and walk away. And even if he did, HOW would he get his license back from the State of New Jersey? My guess…he spends a couple of years in prison and during that time they write in that Cuddy leaves for good. TPTB move clean over the issue of the medical license completely and bring him back just like nothing happened, oh except Cuddy will be gone now–the love of his life will be gone and how will he get over it? He won’t. Because you see people don’t change, if they did, they would have had House changing for the better in Season 7. So he’ll continue to go downhill and they’ll kill him off in the series finale, which will essentially SUCK.
    I watched this show because I enjoyed the medical mysteries and character interactions. No matter WHO they hire they can’t suddenly make us forget the past and they can’t suddenly undo all these years of relationship building between all of our characters. I’ve already vowed not to watch Season 8 because it doesn’t EVEN resemble the House show (and characters) we’ve come to know and love. It just doesn’t feel right to watch and it sucks because I know that in year 8 Hugh is going to kick ass yet again despite what they’ve done to his character.
    I love these characters and the actors have played their parts so amazingly well but I just don’t forgive TPTB for what they have done. This show should have ended at the end of season 6. But no, TPTB had to milk it for whatever they could get which essentially cost them creativity, fans and their best stars.

    • maggie says:

      I agree that it wouldn’t be likely that House would be able to keep his medical license after what he did

      The show made a HUGE mistake in having House drive his car into Cuddy’s house. I’m sure, after all the viewer outcry that they realize what a mistake it was. If people hadn’t been so vocal with their complaints I doubt that they would have House go to prison. After all, the producers thought driving a car into a house was just another way to move on from a relationship.

      • housefan says:

        If DS and TPTB thought that House driving his car into Cuddy’s house was a way to “move on”, they still belong in the 7th grade. They still have no clue why the finale enraged everyone and that’s why House is going to jail, not because of fan outrage. It’s obvious they could care less about fan opinion or writing quality, believable scripts. “Moving On”. Who moved on? No one! “After Hours” would have been the perfect season finale, not the garbage they dished out in “Moving On”.

        There is supposed to be a “time jump” to explain House’s jail time and return to PPTH. “Bones” announced the same thing before House did, but that was to accomodate Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy. I have a feeling that House’s jail time might only be on misdemeanor charges and his license might only be suspended. I know the show tends to gloss over legalties like that, but even though it is a fictional show about a fictional character, I can only hope they have enough sense to make House’s return to PPTH legal. Depends on what he’s charged with, I guess.

        At this point, I would accept a Bobby Ewing scenario with House still unconscious in the ICU because he popped a stitch in his leg and he’s dreaming the whole thing. Will I still watch? I’m still faithful enough to continue doing so. Will I be happy with what TPTB give us? Probaby not. It’s a damn shame that what is the last season of House can’t be of a quality worthy of Hugh Laurie’s talents. (and true fans as well as not so true fans do post their opinions on sites like this whether their opinions make a difference or not!)

        • maggie says:

          DS cared enough to give an interviews, including to this site, saying that they are aware of the viewers’ outrage and will take that into count next season. DS does defend the episode saying House didn’t mean to kill Cuddy, which shows he really doesn’t get the point of the outrage.


          I too thought that “After Hours” would have been a better season ender. The “Bobby Ewing” thing wouldn’t bother me either.

        • Doya says:

          Undermining and attempting to minimize the impact of social media doesn’t make it true. Social media is a huge trend, which is why business and individuals world wide are moving toward an increased awareness. They were wrong to minimize its value in the past and continue to be wrong in trying to suggest the thoughts on these forums don’t have value.

          Regardless, they didn’t intend this to go the way it did, and now they can’t even write S8 the way they planned to make sense of it. Now it’s just treading water.

  12. maggie says:

    Bad choice. Another beautiful girl who can’t act.

    Please let them choose Stephen Fry to be the new Dean of Medicine, so that I’ll have a reason to keep watching my once favorite show. They don’t need another woman Dean to be an imitation Cuddy.

  13. Lisa says:

    Is this the “official” last season of House?

  14. Mafalda says:

    Nice, i liked her in B&S maybe her hubby could drop by for a guest stint as a patient :D

  15. Jennifer says:

    I never really cared for Huddy…I always loved House’s dynamic with Stacy (Sela Ward). I don’t know that they can find someone House can really be with (and maybe they shouldn’t try).

  16. Karen says:

    Call me a hater all you want but I’ve watched from the beginning of this series, seeing a lot of good storylines cast aside in later yrs (5,6&7) for raunchy, high school humor and even more outlandish stunts. Segways? Hookerfest? etc…Season 7’s writing was esp horrible as DS refused to let House & Cuddy have a true shot to work as a couple. I’m not a shipper but always felt the two of them would end up together along w/Wilson being right there with them. What I got instead was boring 13, boring Foreman, and boring Taub stories that made me pull my hair out. Chase’s role had been reduced to a manwhore and poor Wilson…god I miss him! The focus on the medical mysteries took a back seat ..which I could understand to some degree as long as the focus on House, Cuddy and Wilson for that matter had some actual worthy writing. But no, Wilson was upped by no, Wilson was now the “Huddy” cheerleader and Cuddy was suddenly “bitchy” and apparently blind as well when she dated that loser Lucas. I swear I thought they replaced Cuddy with an evil twin or somethign. I wanted my OT3 and all I got was Taub knocking up every fertile woman in site, 13’s boring and stupid storyline..can she die already? And the worst writing of a couple (House&Cuddy) I’ve ever seen done on TV. Congrats guys! You actually made Moonlighting look good! So call me a hater all you want but I’m allowed to have an opinion on this show as much as you are and after this season I’m done.

    • doddle says:

      “I wanted my OT3 and all I got was Taub knocking up every fertile woman in site, 13′s boring and stupid storyline..can she die already? And the worst writing of a couple (House&Cuddy) I’ve ever seen done on TV.”

      I’m sad but you’re right, and I’m happy that cuddy is out, what an horrible and annoying character they wrote since season 5!

    • doddle says:

      “Chase’s role had been reduced to a manwhore and poor Wilson…god I miss him! The focus on the medical mysteries took a back seat”

      Again, I’m with you, I just hope we’ll go back like in season1 enough cuddy but it’s better.

  17. Julie says:

    Eh… seriously? They wanna get this girl to play a doctor on House?
    What the hell happened to this show? Where is the quality?
    Without Cuddy there is no reason to watch it anyway… For me the show was about House and his relationship with Cuddy as well as about his friendship with Wilson and how he deals with his patients.
    I personally started watching because I was fascinated of the chemistry House and Cuddy had. Now Huddy is destroyed… and Lisa E gone. So there is no reason for me to it watch anymore.
    Instead I’ll spend my time and money supporting Lisa Edelstein in her future projects. :)
    Can’t wait to see her on TGW!!!! :)

  18. Scarlett says:

    Not really familiar with OA, so not much comment there, but I look forward to seeing how this all plays out!

    As far as the young/looks thing goes they’ve pretty much done that since the start of the show (JMo,Jesse Spencer,OW,AT, etc)… so saying ‘where’s the quality now’ doesn’t really make sense to me since it’s pretty much par-for-the-course on the show and on Fox.

    I wouldn’t have minded them casting out of that mold, but it’s a bit harsh to judge OA’s character or her chemistry on the show before we’ve even seen it. I’ll reserve judgement on the character until then. Also, since OA will apparently also have time to film Breaking In if necessary, I don’t think she’s going to be a big screen-time filler. Besides, the show has always been strongest when it focuses on House, and his character has a lot to work through this season… that’s why I’m so excited for it!

    As long as they focus on House and have entertaining writing, I love it. HL alone is worth the price of admisison. If the show is no longer for you and you’ve vowed never to watch again, there are exits in every corner, and please take them now so those who enjoy the show don’t have to weed through the bile.

    PS: Personally, I’d rather have crickets churping on this comments section rather than weed through 100+ hateful, bashing comments. My big pet peeve is people who judge before they’re even seen (or TPTB have even shot) a single frame yet. And yes, I’m seperating the people who post HATE from the people who can be respectfully critical.

    • claire says:

      There ARE crickets chirping on this comments section: barely two pages of comments after a major new casting announcement.

      I agree that it is useless to offer opinions on the contributions of an actress who has not even shot one single scene so far. It is instructive to read the reviews of her current show “Breaking In” to try to determine her skills as an actress. Crickets chirping in that arena too.

      I feel horribly sad for Hugh Laurie.

      • Tsk, tsk says:

        I gotta agree with you about Hugh Laurie, Claire. A measly ten mill per year and the burden of all of our snarky sh*t to boot. Poor lad. He’s got a right to sing the blues.

        Sorry; it had to be said and you kind of walked right into that one.

        • claire says:

          I don’t feel sorry for Hugh Laurie making millions off of his televison, and commercials and musical performances. I love his blues album and would definitely pay to see him in concert.

          I do feel immensely sad for Hugh Laurie the serious actor who must still be concerned about his authenticity as an artist. He is now saddled with a merely mediocre show, sloppy and ill-considered writing, and now the introduction of flimsy new co-stars. All of this diminishes his overall achievement and hamstrings his authentic genius. I hope he can get out of “House” as soon as contractually possible.

      • Kath says:

        If anyone had the power to change the situation, it’s Hugh Laurie. I blame him for not stopping the train wreck.

    • Maro says:

      Excellent post!

      However it is only this and a few other sites infested by bashers and haters. There are lots of other sites where the posters are moderate and not at all unhappy with House.

      • Luc says:

        Every site will have a bias. Filter out that bias, and what is being said is the feedback to listen to. You can gain insights even on shipping sites to understand the root of the issues if you understand the bias up front. All the “hater and basher” pointing suggests a certain bias as well. It is what it is…

  19. Tee says:

    I thought the show had hit rock bottom already. Maybe I was wrong.

  20. The loud speaker says:

    lol i doubt they keep this season over 18-20 epi.

  21. Dustin says:

    FACT: The only 2 characters that the show absolutely needs is House and Wilson.

    • Luc says:

      Nope, that’s an OPINION.

      • Doya says:

        Agreed. If it meant that we were actually going to get more House and explore more House, Wilson would be expendable and even sacrificed. Most fans just want House and not the stupid gimmicks.

    • Pat says:

      After the last 3 seasons, I don’t even need House any more because he’s become such a repellant person. Give me Wilson, Chase and Cameron, and maybe Taub.

    • toya says:

      Wilson? Extraneous and unnecessary. He could go on a furniture shopping spree for the whole of season 8 and not be missed.

  22. ebowers says:

    And Not Even Wilson

  23. mariana says:

    NO CUDDY = NO~

  24. Sun says:

    Seriously you guys. Barely two pages of comments on this new character announcement and most are just plain negative about the show in general. Personally, I don’t really care who they hire. It’s obvious the show is in it’s final decline and it’s laughably sad. It’s obvious that most of the fans have “moved on”.

    • Jay says:

      There use to be pages of responses on Twitter, too when GY would tweet a House update. His last one resulted infar less. Same for a couple of the writers. Not as much excitement out there.

  25. rania says:

    Oh COME ON NOW!! Whats wrong with them?! Why would they bring another hot chick to the show?! This is definetelly not what it needs. I dont want to see another beautiful girl and her relationship with House. I just want to see House i used to. I thought it would be somehow like the first seasons. At least make the difference and bring a man or an ugly girl, or on older one, anyway something different!!
    Pff, dissapointed.

  26. nana says:

    Sinto muito, DS. Mas, não dá para substituir a Lisa Edelstein, ela além dá beleza física é dona de um carisma incontestável. É uma grande sedutora.Além de ter construido a Cuddy, com maestria. Essa atriz, Odette, pelo jeito é mais um vaso, que irá enfeitar o set, e nada mais. House md, tornou-se uma grande decepção. Para mim a série acabou em 7×15. Não quero mais assistir esse lixo.

  27. anastasio says:

    taking vicodin the shore and greg season 8

  28. WendyR says:

    I have yet to see any indication or hint that TPTB will give us more House next season. Instead, they will be focusing their energy and time on digging themselves out of a hole. The positives and negatives surrounding House are all specualtion because there is nothing but silence from the House team and the network since they realized their fumble.

    They may have wanted to write out the Cuddy character because Huddy had gotten too big, and even anticipated the negative reaction from the news of losing this popular character, but they just did not anticipate the backlash from the way it was done in damaging the House character. They didn’t even realize they had not done it well enough to protect the main character. It’s mind-blowing that they felt the need to take House to that level to ensure Huddy was dead. Really? It was that powerful. There was no way to write out that relationship and keep the shows integrity?

    The silence could suggest they are beginning to understand, and certainly the fact that so much anger and contempt exisits months later is a clue to the extent of the damage. They are trying, but they must bring on new characters. To bring on new, they must create a believable story to connect with House, who is closed off completely at this point. There will be more focus on others, like it or not, and it’s unlikely the hopes for a real exploration of House will happen now.

    • Lucy says:

      This was not their intent. They wrote the season to reveal the worst of Huddy with every intention of revealing a twist that would bring us a healthier House and a more realistic Huddy. There were some speculations going on out there that were pretty close to the plan. This plan was altered when the networks through a wrench in a contract, which would forever alter the plan. They are trying to get it back on track, but must take a detour in the process.

      • Nah says:

        I have to disagree. David Shore and Co. would still have a difficult time cleaning up (i.e. “rationalizing” and “spinning”) after the train wreck known as “Moving On” even if Lisa Edelstein decided to stay. “Huddy” was the initial error; the car crash just compounded it. We would still see the same anger, bitterness and indignation from the collective fan base (Huddies and Normal People alike) regardless of which cast members signed up for Season 8. As many of my fellow posters have already pointed out: Its not crappy acting, its sh*tty writing.

        • Lucy says:

          I believe the key sentence was “There was some speculation going on out there that was pretty close to the plan.” That plan was altered, resulting in ?????

      • Beth says:

        What speculation are you referring to? While there is no going back for me after what they did in Moving On, I might find an inkling of solace in knowing that some of my own speculation about the storyline was correct and that it was FOX/NBCU not TPTB that pushed the show to the point of being FUBAR in my eyes. Not that TPTB are without blame. On the contrary, the writing was awful and the lack of continuity, OCC behavior, repetition of diagnoses, and basic errors (e.g. Lucinda/Julia) were clearly their fault. Moreover, if they were so weak-kneed and disinterested so as not to demand that they tell the story their way (Matt Weiner did it at AMC with Mad Men) and if they were unwilling to give up expensive KABOOMs in Season 7 for better storytelling and keeping the cast intact, they don’t deserve my trust or loyalty as a viewer. I agree with Nah below that DS and Co. would still have a very difficult time (IMO, it would be close to impossible) cleaning up the train wreck even if LE decided to stay. But again, if the train wreck of MO was not their idea, I might have a scintilla of sympathy for them. As of right now I have absolutely none.

    • Maria says:

      I definitely agree that Huddy grew way bigger than they expected. And Cuddy as well. A lot of it was Lisa Edelstein’s doing, as she was always giving interviews and even traveling in Europe to promote the show (and herself obviously). Then they reduced her to love interest (IMO, that started when they decided to fire the team and bring Foreman back as her eyes and ears. She was no longer needed as a DOM after that). Then they spent two years trying to slow down and then destroy Huddy and didn’t even care that they ruined the show in the process.

      I kept waiting for House’s character to be really explored, to see him grow… Obviously, they never meant to do any of that. Now it’s too late. Just the thought of him back at Cuddy’s hospital, her “baby”, while she had to leave her whole life behind because of him makes me sick. He shouldn’t even have a medical license. And seeing as how he also doesn’t make money for the hospital, he doesn’t teach even though it’s a teaching hospital, he is hated by almost everyone, he only sees about 50 patients a year and he drove the DOM away, even if he could still have a medical license after purposelly driving his car into his ex’s house while on Vicodin, after only 1,5 year of having been in Mayfield, he should have gotten fired.

      I just can’t understand what they were thinking when they had him wreck Cuddy’s home, hurting Wilson in the process, one week after she saved his life for the zillionth time and he was there for him at the hospital, again for the zillionth time, when he couldn’t even go to the bathroom on his own. What are we supposed to think about him? Are we really supposed to be on his side on this? I really don’t get it…

  29. Ange says:

    Oh, look. Another gorgeous young female with flowing brunette locks and blue eyes. That makes four of the mold, five if you count Cuddy.

    If anyone wondered if the show has any creativity left, this answers the question. The producers can no longer think beyond the box they created for themselves in the pilot. Why not someone Asian, or another Southeast Indian, or a Black new fellow? Why not someone who is Native? And if they have to go the Caucasian route yet again, why even not someone blonde as Amber was or a redhead? Instead, it’s yet another clone of Cameron/Cuddy. Will she be horrified at what House is doing as Cameron and Amber were? Or will she be blase as Thirteen and Cuddy were? It seems there is no other choice.

    This doesn’t bode well for the quality of the show next season.

    • anonymous says:


      More information:
      Odette Annable (born Odette Juliette Yustman; May 10, 1985)
      age: 26
      race: white or caucasian
      family: Annable’s mother, Lydia, is Cuban, and her father, Victor Yustman, who is of Italian and French descent, was born in Bogotá, Colombia and raised in Nicaragua.
      language: english, Annable is fluent in Spanish
      study: Annable graduated from Woodcrest Christian High School in Riverside, California. After graduating, she had planned on getting a degree in business finance at Loyola Marymount University before she decided to pursue a career in acting
      career: She debuted at an early age, playing a young, Spanish-speaking student named Rosa in Kindergarten Cop and later moved on to various television shows and movies such as South Beach and October Road.[5] In 2007, she starred in the Lifetime original movie Reckless Behavior: Caught on Tape and followed it quickly with a lead role in J. J. Abrams’ Cloverfield.[6] She also provided the voice of the character Amata in Fallout 3. On January 29, 2008, Variety announced that she would appear in The Unborn, which was released in 2009.[7] Much Internet buzz was generated by the release of an international poster for Unborn that seemed to exploit Annable’s physical attractiveness.[8][9]

      Annable is featured in the music video for “(If You’re Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To” by Weezer.

      Annable starred as Melanie in Fox Broadcasting Company’s comedy, Breaking In. [10][11] Although the series is technically cancelled, Fox extended the option on the cast until November 15, 2011, presumably allowing it to return at a later date.[12]
      Commencing in the fall of 2011, Annable will star in Fox’s House as Dr. House’s newest recruit. Scheduling is such that she will be available to continue in her role in Breaking In if it is brought back for a second season
      Personal life: She was previously engaged to actor Trevor Wright.[14] She married Brothers & Sisters star Dave Annable on October 10, 2010.[15] On their wedding vows Odette made Annable promise to learn Spanish and plans to pass down the language to her kids one day

      Source: wikipedia

  30. W__W says:

    Lisa Edelstein and Jennifer Morrison are better than Odette A. Olivia W. Amber T. Anne D. Peter J. and Kal P. combined!
    Bring back original actresses and original show!!!
    I hate changes!!!!
    I want oringinal team, original dean and original show!!!!!
    – House, Wilson, Foreman, Cameron, Cuddy and Chase – six characters for a great successful!!!

  31. Why? says:

    As someone brought up on another site:

    Why are ALL the original MALE cast members still around, but NONE of the FEMALE?

    Doesn’t bode well for House or Fox when you think about it.

    • doddle says:

      good question, Omar Epps, Jesse Spencer and Peter Jacobson are great but 8 seasons (5 for PJC) with the same male characters wow

  32. Good Riddance says:

    Does it really matter? After the Season 7 crapfest no one will be watching.

  33. Anne says:


    the hell


    I’ve become so apathetic when it comes to House. Watching it deteriorate from the great Juggernaut of a show it used to be into mindless dribble was hard at first, but I’ve moved on. I might watch it in the background simply because it’s become such an ingrained part of my routine, but my heart lies elsewhere now. (*cough*DoctorWho*cough*)

  34. mooseonajew says:

    “Wilson’s been a horrible friend”

    @Snarksville: Wilson has not been a perfect friend, but to say he is a horrible one is a bit much. At the end of the day, he has been the only one there for House in most instances. He stood up for him in S1 against Vogler which nearly cost him his his job.

    Suffered financially and professionally because of Tritter. And when House had his breakdown Cuddy brought House to him. And he took House in after his release from Mayfield.

    Hugh Laurie has even acknowledged how important Wilson is to House.

  35. House says:

    I agree whole heartedly. I can honestly say that I have seen every episode of House from Season 1 to Season 7 and in some cases, more than once. I relate to the House character in more ways than one… and I know from experience that you can’t have a best friend that will bend over and kiss your ass 24/7. It may have seemed that Wilson turned on House more than once, yes. But he did it knowing that it was the best thing for him. That is what a true friend does. Not close a blind eye and let their friend continue down a path of destruction, as House as done more than once… But in the end, Wilson never gave up on him and House never let what Wilson did, come between their friendship. He knew what WIlson did what he did because he cared. Just as he did with Masters when he threatened her job if she told Arlene’s Dr. what he had done.. But in the end, he didn’t fire her cause he knew that he needed her around to keep him grounded and from doing something that may cost him his job. House doesn’t invite friends into his life… He doesn’t want them and he doesn’t need them. But the ones he does have, he does care about… and will do just about anything in the world for them cause he knows that small handful of friends that he does have, Wilson being at the top of the list, is what keeps him from going over the edge most of the time.. and when he does go over that edge, he knows that his friends will be there to help pick him back up and put him back on his feet.

  36. tralala says:


  37. Chris D says:

    Love the title…”fresh meat for House”???
    Could you be any more DENIGRATING to the female gender? Sexist little pig.

  38. barb wheeler says:

    I have never gotten over missing “Cameron” so she should come back. I know she is starting a new show but it could easily be cancelled rather early so I want Cameron back.