Fall TV Preview

House Adds Brothers & Sisters' Odette Annable To The Team

Coming soon to Princeton-Plainsboro: Fresh meat for House!

House Exclusive: The New Season Will Take Place Where?!

As first scooped by our sister site Deadline.comBrothers & Sisters and Breaking In head-turner Odette Annable is joining House this fall as a series regular.

Annable — the real-life wife of B&S alum Dave Annable — will play someone that House meets while behind bars as the season opens, and ultimately the newest member of Dr. Crankypants’ team, thus filling the void left by both Amber Tamblyn and Olivia Wilde (who’s returning this fall but only for a brief stint).

This is one of two major new roles the Fox hit is adding to its Season 8 ranks. The show is also searching for an actress to succeed Lisa Edelstein as the new Dean of Medicine.

Fall TV Mystery: Who Should Play House‘s New Boss?

Check Deadline for further details on Annable’s House stay, including what it means for Breaking In‘s possible midseason resurrection.

Thoughts on House‘s new blood? Hit the comments!

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  1. JohnDoe says:

    Oh look, another token hot chick. *Yawn*

    Anyone ever notice that none of the doctors or assistant district attorneys in real life are as smoking hot as the one’s on TV? Gee whiz…

    • indy says:

      That’s because “being smoking hot” is nothing but endless hours of gym, beauticians and plastic surgery and real life career people spend that time on actually being good at their work. Actors invest on their image, so it is part of their work and that’s why they do it. But both men and women who look like that in real life can’t really do much beyond that (there’s only 24 hours in a day!)

      • Visitkarte says:

        Most of the time, you are right.

        But I do have a smoking hot niece, med student in her last year, working on weekends to pay the bills and doing indoor climbing for sports once a weak. I had another colleague, 38 and a bit, five kids, med student, nurse working two ten hour night shifts a week, doing karate once a week, hot body and great mind. Another one studied ad finished med school, conservatory (opera singing) and finished her first publication, all with A+ and all in time. Yea, she was cute, too (type Amber Tamblyn).

        I think, especially by med school students, you can find this kind of people here and there. They are so brilliant, seam to take almost no effort to achieve everything they want.

    • Sam says:

      Oh man, this is gonna be amazing. Anyone who’s ever seen her work on Brothers & Sisters knows this chick has the magnetism of sea sponge–they must have gotten her for real cheap! Wonder if she’ll go the route of Rachel Nichols (on Criminal Minds) after one season. Probably not, at least CBS had the good sense to get their two lead actresses back.

      • Captain says:

        I saw her in that Kristen Bell movie and she’s patheticly bad. Her “serious” scenes made me laugh so hard. It kind of pisses me off when pretty girls who can’t act are hired over genuinely talented ones.

        • @ says:

          Yep, she is ridiculously bad. Maybe that’s all they can afford right now. Drop the quality all together and pray for teen male demo to tune in.

  2. AJ says:

    please hook her up with Thirteen.

    • Katie Young says:

      PLEASE, that would be great.

    • nikki says:

      Oh that would be sooooo amazing. Young bisexual (and lesbian) women (like myself) need a semi decent character to relate with and I miss seeing Olivia Wilde on House. She seemed to prefer women anyway before the thing with Foreman and now they’re hinting at her being with Chase, but I’m sure that other than Thirteen/Chase shippers everyone would love to see her in a relationship with a woman.

      That said, sadly Thirteen doesn’t seem to be on the show much this season. =( wonder what excuse they’re going to give the character for that.

      • uh says:

        How do you know how much Thirteen is going to be on the show this season? Even David Shore doesn’t know.

        • Dan says:

          Actually , the scoop mentions that OW is back in S8 for only a brief stint.Casting a new actress as a series regular ( & not as a guest star as was done with Amber T ) pretty much confirms she is replacing OW.

          Very good news for me.I wish she succeed .I just hope they won’t repeat the same mistake of pushing a new character too much front & center from the beginning ( like last year with Masters).That would be so annoying & will only result in rejection for her character.They need to introduce her slowly over the season & they should not neglect the original team members in the process.
          Chase should have more decent screen time & story lines this time in S8 & not be pushed back to the background again like in S7 because of introducing new characters.

    • doddle says:

      It’s a show about House, not Grey’s! enough with soap dramas.

  3. Irene says:

    House needs Cuddy and the show needs Lisa E, either if they like it or not.
    They know it won’t work no matter how many hotties they hire.
    The show cannot go on without House, Cuddy or Wilson. That’s a fact.

    • Alicia says:

      I hear ya, but it’s not like TPTB or the network behind House will ever recognize or rectify their mistakes. They can’t even admit that their finale was for sh-t. The show will keep running with it’s broken formula and crappy writing, so it’s time to move on. There are plenty of far superior hour-long dramas to get attached to; Castle, The Mentalist, The Good Wife, NCIS, Criminal Minds–hell, even Grey’s Anatomy has picked back up!

    • tracy says:

      ”The show cannot go on without House, Cuddy or Wilson (and Cameron, Bryan Singer, L. Kaplow, D. Egan, interesting patients and original team). That’s a fact.”

    • Liz says:

      Don’t be ridiculous, the show doesn’t need LE/Cuddy. Not at all. Especially since they explored the Huddy “relationship” (which was doomed from the beginning, so why even bother.
      Focus on House and just House, maybe a bit of Wilson, that’s enough.

      • Carla says:

        I´m sure in your twisted mind the show only needs Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Morrison, Odette Annable and other untalented bimbos. Ugh.

        • Beth says:

          I’m sure in your twisted mind the show only needs LE/Cuddy and your super powers to destroy House.
          Nooooooo thanks!
          Let her go and never go back.

        • Snarksville says:

          So we have twisted minds when we don’t want LE/Cuddy? I want a show about HOUSE. Period. I don’t need anybody else. Since this show is called HOUSE am I still twisted? Good heavens…

          • Dam says:

            Yes the show is called House starring HL.But not every one started watching because of him alone.Other actors/characters have their own fans & started watching from the S1 because of them.Like it or not ,it’s a fact.People watch for different reasons.You & others watching for the title name doesn’t mean everyone is or should.Other fans do exist & contribute to the ratings & have the right to express their opinions just like you do!
            One actor/character alone doesn’t make a show.Other fans loved the other cast & their characters over the last seven seasons.the rest of the original cast are brilliant & contributed greatly to the success of the show.Dismissing their hard work all these years is unfair & insulting to them & to their fans.

      • Irene says:

        Have we been watching the same show all this years?

        You might don’t like LE/Cuddy but Wilson and Cuddy are the most important people for House.

        You must be a Hilson. Anyway, I don’t know if you remember this but a couple of months before the season finale there were rumors that RSL was leaving the show. I didn’t read any bashing comments toward Wilson/RSL and we didn’t want him to leave. He is as important as Cuddy in the show, IMO.

        You can’t have a show just focused on one character. And even if you have it, he/she needs to interact with other people because it has to be realistic. Therefore that’s not possible.

        If you don’t like the show don’t watch, it’s easy! Bye bye.

      • Irene says:

        Have we been watching the same show all this years?

        You might don’t like LE/Cuddy but Wilson and Cuddy are the most important people for House.

        You must be a Hilson. Anyway, I don’t know if you remember this but a couple of months before the season finale aired, there were rumors that RSL was leaving the show. I didn’t read any bashing comments toward Wilson/RSL and we didn’t want him to leave. He is as important as Cuddy in the show, IMO.

        You can’t have a show just focused on one character. And even if you have it, he/she needs to interact with other people because it has to be realistic. Therefore that’s not possible.

        If you don’t like the show don’t watch, it’s easy! Bye bye

      • Beth says:

        Yes,in fact the show is better without Cuddy!
        Rest in peace! $_$

        • Irene says:

          Cuddy is not dead.

          And what leads you to say that?
          I think the show is better off without you watching it.

          • Beth says:

            Yes, it’s true, she did not die, your last scene was brilliant, holding that hair brush…unforgetable.
            Let LE go in peace, now she has a new show to ruin.
            (Oh God, pity for TGW)

          • Snarksville says:

            “I think the show is better off without you watching it.”

            Seriously, Irene, is that necessary?
            I don’t want Wilson OR Cuddy; Wilson’s been a horrible friend and Cuddy…don’t get me started. Sounds like care more about them than House…the show is called HOUSE, isn’t it? I want Hugh Laurie. I want House. PERIOD. That’s all that matters in this show to me. And he should be the MAIN reason people watch, not anybody else.

        • Irene says:

          You think that’s her fault??
          That’s not the actor’s fault, that was bad writing. She doesn’t write her lines, you know? Neither of them do it.
          Blame the producers and the writers, the actors don’t decide the storylines.

          • Beth says:

            Please, tell these things to people who pursue Jennifer Morrison and Cameron.
            And admit LE is just a good actress, nothing extraordinary.
            The show will survive without her.

          • Irene says:

            Is not JMo’s fault they changed her character. I personally liked her a lot in the first 3 seasons, then her character changed. But you won’t hear it was her fault. Cameron just got annoying, not JMo. She’s a good actress and I’m looking forward to watching her new show “Once upon a time” and I wish her the best but I personally don’t want her back on House. I wouldn’t mind seeing her in one ep as a guest star but that’s all.

            And I do think Lisa is a great actress and I will miss her a lot on House and I hope she gets a leading character in the future, just as JMo did.

            They screwed up the show and Lisa’s departure didn’t make it any better. I think this will be the show’s last season and I actually hope it is. However, I’m gonna keep watching until the end even if I don’t agree at all with their creative choices.

          • Beth says:


            I also liked cuddy when she was only the administrator and friend of House.
            I think they chose the wrong way when they decided to do a couple house and cuddy.
            In a matter of performance I prefer Jennifer Morrison/Cameron and i want her back, even for a few episodes.
            If you miss cuddy (and you’re sad and dissatisfied) even though Edelstein wanted to leave, imagine the fans of Jen Morrison / Cameron, by know that she was unfairly dismissed?

  4. Cora says:

    Icing on the cake… bye Housie R.I.P.

  5. Dave says:

    Just when I thought the show couldn’t get any worse. I’m sure we’ll have a 13/newdoctor/House love triangle in no time. RIPHOUSE.

  6. Clem says:

    I think I’m gonna vomit because of this ‘put hot chick on show and don’t worry about rest’ thing… Season 7 finale was suck and this new girl doesn’t look like a big “OMG!” thing… Let me guess, she’s gonna talk about sex with Chase or something? Or Taub maybe but he’s so busy with his 2 unborn children.
    And ‘actress to succeed as new Dean of Medicine’ ? Do they really believe after 7 years, someone can be DoM after Lisa Edelstein? She was the moon of Hugh Laurie’s sun. Without her show is never gonna be the same.
    I just remember times House M.D. was the best show on TV and if they try to be best again with this girl, it won’t work.

    • Thomas says:

      Can’t wait to see what kind of “personality” they give her; the show can only write 3 kinds of women.
      Headstrong (read: bitchy) – Cuddy, Amber
      Principled (read: self-righteous) – Cam, Masters
      Aloof (read: “cool”) – 13

      To keep things even I’m going with option three; afterall, 13 won’t be around so they’ll need another “rebel” for House to “connect” with.

      • jj says:

        Agree completely. But it’s not just House, it is most of Hollywood. Probably because there are more male writers on these shows than female. And a lot of men have issues with women and don’t see us as fully fleshed out people.

  7. yawn says:

    Another pretty girl that can’t act. Oh well. Whoever still watches, enjoy.

  8. Deb says:

    Not offering Lisa E the money she deserved is the dumbest move the network could have made. Now we’ve got less 13 b/c of OW movie career. Less Wilson b/c RSL wants more family & I believe Broadway time and this actress to fill in for Cuddy? OMG what a freaking joke. Goodbye HouseMD.

  9. win says:

    I’ve read the news and couldn’t care less. I am officially over House, yay! Came here to share, LMAO. So… whatever.

  10. indy says:

    Forget that new pretty nobody. Bring back Amber Tamblyn (aka Dr. Masters) to save yourselves some dignity

    • maggie says:

      Amber Tamblyn was the best thing to happen to the show in several years. Of course they would drive her off the show.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        Snark but don’t spread false info, folks. HOUSE EP Katie Jacobs is developing a new show for Amber, as was reported a while ago, and that (among other commitments for AT) is why they wrote her out: http://www.tvline.com/2011/04/scoop-amber-tamblyns-post-house-plans-revealed/

        • maggie says:

          Sorry, I didn’t intend to spread false info. It’s well known that AT was only meant to be on the show for a temporary period to fill the void while Olivia Wilde was doing movies. I didn’t say that I had any inside info claiming otherwise. I apologize if my post implied that I did.

          I was just trying to be snarky. I didn’t think anyone would take my comment literally. Certainly not any more than they take some of the other snarky comments posted here literally, such as the poster who said that Lisa E left House because she wanted “Time to be with her very unattractice boyfriend or her dogs.” Or the one who said that Hugh Laurie is going through “one hellacious mid-life crisis.” When one poster, unhappy with the way things are going on the show. wanted to know what happened behind the scenes that caused “mass dimentia and complete cognitive breakdown” it’s most likely that readers laughed in agreement, but didn’t take it literally.
          Personally, I expect the stories to be accurate, and that the comments posted about the stories are going to be opinions or snark.

    • jj says:

      i hated her character. i hated her self righteousness (didn’t we have enough of that with cameron?). i hated how they dressed her (seriously, did she piss of someone in the costume dept or something? and since she’s not the thinnest or tallest of girls she looed unbeleivably ufortunate all the time. i have no problem with using “real” looking people, but really? since she was the only one, she stood out in a really bad way.) The Brits do a way better job of casting than we do, imo. Why do you think we always steal their actors? We don’t give talented people a shot in this country…

  11. Kelly says:

    “The show is also searching for an actress to succeed Lisa Edelstein as the new Dean of Medicine.”

    LOL good luck w/that. I’m sure she’ll be some 20something who graduated med school at 10. *puts a fork in this show*

    • Carla says:

      lolol this and she will be sooooooooo hot. And of course she won´t be able to act XD. Seriouly bring Lisa Edelstein back. Letting her go is the biggest mistake that this show could ever made.

  12. shame says:

    LOL. Desperate measures for desperate time. They need to keep viewers somehow. I am sure this girl is no worse than Olivia Wilde. Heck, no one is worse than Olivia Wilde.

    • Bebe says:

      Word. Can we postitively be sure that Olivia Wilde will be “returning this fall but only for a brief stint”? Heck, I think I’ll be sooo watching when she’s finally off the show!

  13. Dexterina says:

    Nothing against this Odette girl, whom I’ve never seen perform, but I so much wanted Amber Tamblyn back! Her character Martha M. Masters was a great addition to the show.
    I’m glad this is the last season of once a superb show! I’ll miss House but it’s not getting any better.

    • neen says:

      that’s your opinion. I hated her character and didn’t see any reaso for her to be there in the first place. House used to only have a team of 3. Why was she needed? Just to have a token young female on the show? Stupid…

  14. tracy says:

    They’re keeping OW (just for a couple of episodes) and adding this chick + a second major role. So that’s how they save money? LOL What a joke!

  15. Cathy says:

    Let me guess. House wil hit on this new doctor but his brillance will oushine his jerkiness and will lure this “prison doctor” (dies laughing) to be on his team. Oh wow can this show get anymore ridiculous?

  16. ggny says:

    i feel bad for Odette she is a amazing actress and showed that on Breaking In but joining a sinking ship like House cant be good for her career

  17. hahaha says:

    I watched the last two seasons of House only because of Hugh and Lisa in spite of outrageously lame storylines. Now I am glad I don’t have to pretend to like it anymore. The lower they go, the harder I laugh.

    Don’t want to offend anyone who still watches though. Just my opinion.

  18. Sarah says:

    No one can replace Cuddy. Bring back Lisa Edelstein.

  19. Luc says:

    Ugh! Cannot believe they are going this route. Pathetic! What the heck happened behind the scenes on House that casued mass dimentia and complete cognitive breakdown???

  20. E says:

    Oh, look, its Cameron 4.0

    • sigh says:

      Say what you want about Jen, or Lisa for that matter, but those ladies could act. As opposed to the current roster.

  21. Shane says:

    I don’t know why I’m bothering to hit the comments, no one at House or Fox is listening. They could care less that they are taking the show further down the crap hole. They are leaving us no choice but to change the channel with these ridiculous gimmicks. I was hoping to hold out for the final season since I have followed it for so many years, but I am not enouraged at all by the PR they are “leaking” to peak excitement. Listen up people: not a lot of excitement! Do the right thing for once!

  22. sigh says:

    I guess Shore’s midlife crisis is taking its toll, and Hugh’s not too far from him with his latest L’Oreal stint. With that casting House has officially become the dumping grounds for pretty girls who can’t act. Good luck gentlemen, you will need it. Proud to not be watching.

    • You said it... says:

      Yeah, I don’t get the L’Oreal thing, either. Its not like he needs the money (I assume). So why is he doing commercials for a product that promotes superficiality and youth over intelligence and substance. That must be one hellacious mid-life crisis.

      • Lurker says:

        Hugh Laurie has been doing commercials since his career began. He made countless commercials in the UK. The L’oreal ad is nothing new or different for him. Also, the ad clearly says “Be yourself and never let go.” Not a bad ideal to promote. But, that’s just my opinion.

        I’m going to wait and watch S8 before I decide whether they’ve screwed the pooch again.

  23. Doya says:

    As if we need to go through the let’s-hire-a-hot-babe-for-the-team storyline! It’s bad enough they lacked the forethought to maintain their female characters for the final season and expect the audience to quickly bond with a new character, they have to force this kind of cliche? I’m disgusted with TPTB at HouseonFox. How embarrassing for this group!

  24. jojo says:

    Meh. Wake me up when Lisa Edelstein is back on the show.

  25. kkw says:

    I am not the avid fan I use to be and I have been waiting to see what they come up with before deciding whether or not to continue watching or just put HOUSE away and remember when it was a great show. They need to woe me back. This isn’t doing it so far. I don’t know this actor but I am sure she will try hard. House behind bars and another hottie to bounce around. As House would say….boring. TPTB will have to do better than this in my opinion.

  26. Sharona says:

    Wow, House producers cast another thin, pretty white brunette for the team. Man, they really know a gamechanger when they see one!


    Never actually saw Brothers and Sisters, though – is she a good actress, anyone?

    • @Sharona says:

      She got about two more facial expressions than Olivia Wilde, but their screen presence is the same. As in hilariously ridiculous.

    • Liz says:

      This doesn’t sound like a good thing. Is this the guest that Blake tweeted was his fav of all time?

  27. done says:

    Wow, who could have thought it would be so easy to not care after seven years. Just amazing. Good luck TPTB!

  28. SERIOUSLY says:

    this is really infuriating!! and i’m not talking about the casting, i’m talking about all the hate in the comments section. SERIOUSLY, SERIOUSLY

    • Clare says:

      People are obviously upset over what this show has become. They have just as much right to post here as you do.

    • merkof says:

      Haters are always more vociferous and alert to attacking the object of their hate. The rest of us, probably wait to actually watch Se 8 before discussing anything.
      It is so futile to comment on these rabid opinions.

    • nophony23 says:

      Sadly, many so called “fans” who are not watching and “finished” with the show have nothing better to do all day long than comment on Hugh, his commercial and the lack of LE. Well..here you go folks. LE did ehat was best for LE and good for her…except that every single other original member is back ) or would be happy to be) other than LE. She left everyone HIGH AND DRY and it’s about time someone said it. I am so sick of this “poor Lisa” bit. She’s smart and she did what was best for her…now get over it. She didn’t care enough to stay one lousy last season with an approximate 2 million salary? Oh …boo hoo. She got a warning? She deserved to. There are clauses in their contracts preventing them from doing these things. She’s NOT the team player I thought she was and she has left you, me and the show on very precarious ground. Support her all you want…she didn’t support the show any longer. Don’t you think she KNEW what she was doing? You bet she did.

      If the show dies, it will be because of many horrible decisions but it doesn’t solely rest with her absence. If they added new, exciting people to the cast..this could be a great season. I hope this is not the shape of things to come and I dearly hope that all these bitter, angry people find another outlet for their comments.

      • starbuck says:

        Agree with all you ‘ve said !! THANK YOU.

      • janealle says:

        I really like your comment @nophony23 and agree with you.

        My major problem with all these LE fans is that they are started to blame ,in a malicious way, ppl who work for house and have nothing to do with contract negoations. It was really horrible. They damned them for LE decision to leave the show. I can truly understand that they are all disappointed with LE exit, but they went too far with their anger, IMO.

        Reading this comment section they still didn`t calm down. It makes me sad and it ruins a whole lot of fun what this fandom once was.

  29. Cin says:

    I thought Amber Tamblyn was coming back. Glad to see 13 go, she was annoying. Masters was an interesting foil to House.

  30. MG says:

    If they were going to take from the old B&S cast, I would have preferred Sally Field as the new DoM. Oh well. This doesn’t excite me, but it news.

    • Cal says:

      Sally Field would be a good move, however I shudder to think of the kind of crap they’d give her to read. Candice Bergman was CB the whole time during her story arc b/c the writing has tanked in this show for the past couple of seasons and I pity whoever gets casts as the next Dean of Medicine. They shredded Cuddy’s character to pieces.

      • MG says:

        You’re right. But I was hoping for better writing this season (pathetic, I know). They couldn’t afford her anyway, obviously. Depressing.

  31. GBabe says:

    I can make some great cleavage with a demi, can – get a place on the House team, too?

  32. Jamie says:

    Very disappointing! But I’ve gotten used to being disappointed by my once favorite show. I am seriously trying to find reasons to watch the next season and the news that yet another too young actress being added isn’t helping. Hugh Laurie is SOOO much better than what they have done to his character. BLEECH!

  33. Vero says:

    This hate, venom and nastiness, which those bitter Huddy- and Lisa Edelstein Fangirls are spreading all over the Internet (yes, no place is safe from that) is disgusting.
    I feel really sorry for the “The Good Wife” Fandom, which some of them will surely entering.

    I think you are a quite ungrateful, since you have gotten 15 episodes with your favorite ship as a couple.

    And Newsflash: The circumstance that the Huddy relationship hasn’t played out like some of you have imagined in your fanfiction dreams doesn’t mean that the writing sucks.

    If Lisa Edelstein really has left the show, respectively refused to renew her contract, because of reduced Screentime and salary in the new contract for season 8, which TPTB has offered her, then all of you, who have stopped watching the show, because your favorite ship has broken up or have voted openly to boycott the episode “The Dig”, because Lisa Edelstein has had no Screentime in it, are jointly responsible for the sinking ratings after Bombshells and the reason, why TPTB has to cut costs, salaries and episodes for the cast.
    Has it never occurred to you that you have done harm to the show and your beloved Lisa Edelstein with your actions?
    An actress who has such “Fans” doesn’t need any enemy’s anymore.

    I still love the show House MD and I am looking forward to season 8 in gleeful anticipation.
    Thank you for the scoop Ausiello. I really like that casting choice.
    I hope you will reveal, who will be the new Dean of Medicine, soon.

    • Luc says:

      Again making Huddy bigger than it was. FYI. Not a Huddy and still don’t like this direction. Maybe you should check your own hate. You point to one fan group for all negativity, when clearly they are not alone.

      • annadeji78 says:

        I applaud your comments. They have been needed for quite some time. Who are these people who think they can steam roll their way through this fandom? So..they spent thousands on a Lisa ad in variety? What a joke. What a waste of money. Can you imagine if they donated it to Best Friends or some other deserving charity in her name. It was for PR. With fans like this..who needs enemies. They are so pathetic. They have nothing else to talk or write about and they keep saying they’re done. So get out already, please.

        • There's one born every minute says:

          But her fans just wanted to “thank Lisa, just for being Lisa.” That’s gotta be worth a few thousand quid, shouldn’t it?

          • Dani says:

            I’m sorry but the reason the show is tanking at the mo isn’t really all that much to do with bitter LE and Huddy fangirls boycotting the show. I’m neither and the drop in quality of the writing this season was astounding. A substantial amount of critics seemed to think the same thing, and the lack of an Emmy nod is also telling. I used to adore the intelligent writing in this show and now all it seems they are interested in is the superficial, and of course their paychecks…

    • Emma says:

      I really want to respect your opinion, but PLEASE stop with generalizations for the sake of argument. I am Lisa Edelstein’s fan and I take offense when someone calls me a “fangirl”, because I have three teenagers at home who call me “mother”. I stopped watching after first 12 episodes not because of LE’s reduced screentime, but because of degrading quality of writing. If you want to engage in a reasonable argument, don’t resort to logical fallacies and don’t flame your opponents. Please.

      • Wendy says:

        Yeah. I actually stopped watching after the episode when Rachel swallowed the coin. I started watching again at After Hours for the self-surgery and then finale. I wasn’t impressed with the finale so didn’t feel like I missed much at all. And I am a Lisa Edelstein fan, and I considered myself a Huddy. Yet, I couldn’t get engaged with what they were writing. I haven’t spoken Hate, and yet I get it from this type of back talk. These generalizations are a large part of the venom and hate.

        I do hope next season is good and that this character will prove to be a positive move. They need a break at this point.

        • aytr says:

          I stop watching after season 3

        • Sharona says:

          Man, After Hours was so interesting. I thought maybe they just sucked so badly at romance that they couldn’t help it and they were finally getting it together…and then they aired a finale where I felt completely alienated. Ugh.

          Yet I’m still considering tuning in. I need show rehab at this point, LOL.

      • maro says:

        If you have stopped watching why are you taking the trouble of commenting?

    • justic4ever56 says:

      Pity “The Good Wife” fans. These horribly toxic people have tried to spread their venomous poison all over the place. They have infected blogs, site, twitter and everywhere else they could creep into and until the last few weeks: no one has said much- at least not that I’ve seen. Bravo to all those who are “done” with their holy than thou attitudes and their nasty foul mouths. Hideous creatures. Really.
      They have given our fandom such a bad reputation that most in the media think we are all crazed, obsessed and mean, which isn’t the case.

      I hope they look closely at their Goddess. If she is their role model: Your role model LEFT THE SHOW AND EVERYONE HANGING. after being offered a fine salary even though we have only heard of a pay cut. Maybe she wanted time off? Time to be with her very unattractice boyfriend or her dogs. Maybe she wanted an easier day . She’s very smart and looked out for No 1 but she did NOT look out for her fans and this show. I will never forgive what she has done. She did it knowingly and intentionally and let me tell you something:
      I see now why she is your Goddess. She represents an entitlement philosophy of doing what’s best for her and not giving a darn about others. You have blinders on. if she really cared about this show in it’s last season )most likely) she would have stayed. Millions of dollars is no reason to leave. We don’t know this story and we probably never will and so if you want to MAKE UP the story as you go along..feel free. it’s what you’ve been doing up until now.

      Look at her: she got vengeance enough for all of you. Be happy. I hope she isn’t asked back and doesn’t come back.

      • Kath G says:

        I for one will NEVER forgive LE for what she did. She gave up over 2 mil for the role she said she LOVED!! garbage!! she never was dedicated to this show. She walked, she is no poor LE. I really pity TGW, as her rabid fans will now be there stiring that show up like they did on House. I do not like the new casting choice they have made here on House because she is another typical type, and they have given away what E1 is about. To me this is a total disrespect to Hugh Laurie, he deserves the best of the best working with him, especially if this is the last season of the show.

        • Sharona says:

          I see no reason to feel sorry for LE, but not dedicated? She always did promo work for the show, probably more than anyone except Hugh Laurie. If she was ready to move on, I can’t blame her. IMO, she did them a favor since now they don’t have to come up with yet another crappy storyline where House did something appalling to someone and it’s all magically ok in 3 episodes.

      • Huh? says:

        I thought Hugh Laurie was her boyfriend?

      • Maria says:

        You blame people for making up a story and having blinders on and at the same time you make up a story to make her look like the bad guy? Awesome.

        The network asked for an extra episode because they knew that even if the show did come back, one of the actors wouldn’t. Shore and co used it to practically write her out in the way that they did. Then they made her her an offer nobody in her place would accept. They forced her out, because in typical Hollywood fashion they think women are expendable. And while she’s not allowed to say anything (look for the interview she gave to a french magazine to promote the 6th season dvd and in which they don’t let her answer a question regarding her departure), just like Jennifer Morrison wasn’t allowed to say anything last year, they were giving interviews that made her look like the bad guy. And all this after they spent two years bent on ruining her character and Huddy, even if it ruined the show, which it did. Why wouldn’t she leave? Thank God she did!

    • doddle says:

      “I hope you will reveal, who will be the new Dean of Medicine, soon”

      Please a male character and stop with hot chicks!

  34. Carl says:

    They REALLY think that they can replace Lisa E? Sad, this is just sad.

    • carla says:

      They don’t love original cast: Jennifer Morrison is fired, Lisa Edelstein quits, Omar Epps and Jesse Spencer are just wallpaper and Robert Sean Leonard is for a limited number of episodes. All great mistakes.”Sad, this is just sad”

  35. Luc says:

    It’s sad for any actress coming into this mess. After the chaos, it’s not going to be easy to win the audience over even for the most popular and talented. I simply cannot believe they didn’t have a clue this would happen; they lacked any insight into this reaction and how the affect would trickle down. Wasn’t there ANYONE offering the voice of caution? Playing devil’s advocate? Wasn’t ANYONE listening?

  36. Sarah says:

    Just imagine if this new chick is the lost child between House and Cuddy when they were in college, it would be nice to see :-)

  37. angela says:

    cuddy’s niece could open door to return ser.dejar smooth

  38. Crickett says:

    She’ll do fine with Hugh Laurie teaching her even as House teaches the character. They will just need to be on their game in writing very strong scripts that give us insight into House and not into her. People don’t want another character to unravel; they want House. It will be a challenge because if this new character is the sudden catharsis, it won’t be believable. It will be a difficult balance. And they need to think from every angle and not have the tunnel vision they had in the finale where they didn’t predict the reaction.

    They are in a situation where they have to redeem House in the eyes of a large portion of the audience, and that focus should not be lost by the distraction of another hot babe.

  39. supernatural says:

    Seriously? They replace Lisa Edelstein with THAT? lol

    • Doya says:

      No. They are replacing Olivia Wilde with this. We await the news on who they believe will replace her. I don’t envy them.

      • ggg says:

        ”They are replacing Olivia Wilde with this”
        meh, they are replacing Cameron and new version of Cameron with this, I think

  40. Nunya Biz says:

    These days, in this economy, you can’t blame ANY actor for taking whatever jobs come along. Obviously, “Breaking In” is dead and gone, so I can’t blame Odette Annable for taking another job. Sad part is that everyone and their uncle knows that “House” is not just a sinking ship, but one that’s plummeting rapidly to the bottom.

    I sincerely hope to see Odette Annable in something good and lasting soon enough. As for “House”, I stopped watching 2 seasons ago. And from what I’ve heard about the previous season, I’m very comfortable with my decision.

  41. tahina says:

    Never seen her before. I bet she;s there to be Cuddy’s ears and eyes. Shrug*

  42. bob says:

    Bring back Cameron!!!

    • Meg says:

      It would have been cool for them to circle back around and have all the original cast closing up the last season. With OW leaving for her film career, it would have been easy and they could have created an interesting story to bring Cameron back and restore some old feel to the Cuddy character. Too bad…

      • Sharona says:

        Jennifer Morrison already had another job over on ABC, so…not something they could have pulled off even if they wanted to, it seems.

        • Kath says:

          Not something Shore wants to do though, have Cameron back. He doesn’t realize what he lost when he let the old team go.

          Each new verson of Cameron is like making a new pot of tea using the same old teabag — ever weaker and less satisfactory.

          I hope Odette Annable can act for her sake because the writing for House’s latest fungible female fellow just gets worse and worse.

    • Sara says:

      Yes, bring Cameron back!
      And SHE want! We want!
      Fox/Shore&co need to know!
      The true fans will fight for Cameron!
      Cameron helped build the show’s success and Katie Jacobs just dismissed Jennifer Morrison without the slightest consideration.
      KJ gave EVERYTHING to cuddy/huddy and NOTHING to Cameron.
      David Shore has an obligation to fix this injustice, even for a few episodes.
      She deserves to have your work recognized and your fans deserve respect, because we also helped build the successful of the show.

      (excuse my english mistakes.I used the google translator)

      • Carla says:

        Like three people want her back. Cameron was even more unpopular and hated than 13 back in seasons 1-3. The fact that she was fired makes her a kind of martyr but her character was despised by almost everybody. The fact that the actress is begging to come back doesn´t mean it would be a good move for the show and the audience.

        • Beth says:

          Dear, analyzing the last show’s ratings, I think the most hated character is cuddy.
          When Cameron was in the show, the audience was much larger and better quality.
          Not to mention that the critics had nothing but praise for the show.
          The fact is, Jennifer is not mercenary and have LOVE for your character and would love to participate in some episodes as a guest star because you know, now she has your own show.
          Sorry dear, you lose!

        • Meg says:

          she’s not begging to come back.The journalist asks her a question and she answers, that’s all! She has the lead role on Once upon a time

        • Eleanor says:

          Geez, Carla. Exaggerate much? “Three people”? “Despised by almost everybody”? “Begging to come back”? What on earth are you smoking?
          So, why is she referred to as a “popular” character whenever people like Matt Roush of TV speaks of her? I guess Roush doesn’t troll those Huddy sites for his information. Why does Jennifer Morrison keep coming up with new TV work and movies? Do you think it might be because she is actually quite popular with people outside of the Huddy fandom? Do you think all those casting directors choose her because they are big “Hameron” fans? Of course, she isn’t at “goddess” status. What an honor THAT would be… (eyeroll)

        • tatiana says:

          ”Cameron was even more unpopular and hated than 13 back in seasons 1-3” LOOOOOL cameron was the most popular! hamerons are pretty much the only shipper and active group on the internet in the first one and two season, you have to check the site history…

          • Maria says:

            You realize that shippers aren’t the only ones in the fandom, right? She was hated by everyone but the Hamerons. Maybe you should check the ~site history~.

          • @maria says:

            When you say it like that? You are wrong. In the same way i could argue that all hamerons & hilson dislike Cuddy or the Hilsons dislike Cuddy and Cameron. So far i`ve seen the huddies hate everyone except Cuddy. Of course in every group of shippers are fans who like every character of this show, but mostly stay silent b/c they don`t want to annoy the moderators ,who are the most unpleasant & rabid shippers. Welcome into the world of the crazy House-fandom!!!!
            Actually in the beginning of the series the House/cameron fans were the biggest fangroup beside the Hilsons and they were able to co-exist without super-malicious ship-wars. After Cuddy made the striptease for House (what happened to be a good promotion for said pairing), huddy boomed, the whole fandom literally started to fall apart and it became worse after Camerons exit. That´s the unfortunate story.
            If you really are interested to know how popular Cameron was, you should go to the official House-facebook site and you will see how many people still want cameron back or miss her. It is quite impressive to read since she has left House 2years ago, IMO and NO, there aren`t allways the same five people.

          • Luc says:

            This continued argument is childish and ridiculous. They BOTH are popular and NEITHER are responsible for ratings drops.

  43. AnneB says:

    I’m not sad about 13 leaving again and I think House’s team needs a woman but another model type? No, just no! I’d like to see Martha Masters come back – she was quirky and interesting and I loved that her IQ equaled House’s. I hope they cast a male as the new DOM so they don’t try to find a Lisa Edelstein clone. I don’t think Lisa can be easily replaced so best to go with someone completely different. Even though I didn’t like what was done with her character the last year or so, I’ll really miss Cuddy and especially Cuddy interacting with House – some of the best scenes over the years were with those two.

  44. Earth Orbiter says:

    I’ve never seen her acting so I can’t comment on that. However, she is drop-dead gorgeous. Go check out House Daily Dose; they’ve several pictures of her and she is stunning. I think a lot of people are going to be saying “Lisa who?”

    • doddle says:

      “she is drop-dead gorgeous”

      super phenomenal news, I don’t care about her beautiful figure :-((((

    • Chase says:

      Hardly. LE was known as the thinking man’s fantasy for a reason. It went beyond just physical attraction so it was stronger and more lasting. Odette is stunning, but it’s unlikely they will ever write that kind of magic into a character again, so it she will remain just stunning. Lisa will be remembered. Glad she gets you off, though.

      • Say, what? says:

        “LE was known as the thinking man’s fantasy?” Huh? Sweetheart, your crush is clearly long and deep. My husband (who has a Ph.D.) and my son (who is an M.D.) leave the room whenever they hear her voice on TV. I guess neither of them are “thinking” hard enough. I suspect your hyperbolic description of Ms. E is the product of your own imagination.

        • Elliot says:

          Oh dont give attention to her…
          Probably a little girl who knows nothing about men and what they really want/like.

        • Grace says:

          So because the two men in your house don’t like Lisa E that means she’s not attractive to others? Wow..what a great argument. Let me just say that the two men in my house love her and the fact that even though she’s in her 40’s she’s in better shape then most woman half her age. There, now we’re even and back to square one.

          • Serious Runner says:

            Yoga does NOT get you into shape. It is neither an aerobic or anaerobic exercise. I’m a man in my 30’s and I’ve met Lisa Edelstein a few times. And the truth is reality can be a VERY cold bucket of water.

          • Grace says:

            Lisa does not do yoga alone. She follows a specific diet, doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol. Those 3 factors alone are why most people don’t age gracefully. I’ve also read of many other people who’ve met Lisa E in person and who say she even more stunning in real life than on the show. You however are the first person to try and imply otherwise. Oh well, to each his own.

          • Reality Check says:

            I know Lisa, too. I like her fine. But there’s a very good reason they use a ton of make up on TV and in films. And wardrobe – how it is cut, sewn on, adapted, taped, etc.) has a lot to do with it as well. I work in the industry. Believe me when I tell you: you’d be surprised what many “very attractive” actors looks like when all of the shuck and jive comes off at the end of the day. Lisa is no exception. She looks very different in person. Oh yeah, and Lisa used to smoke and drink like a sailor on leave, and she swears like a longshoreman. She wasn’t New York’s Party “It” Girl for no reason back in the day. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, in Hollywood, an actor is always “on” as long as the cameras are beholding them. Moral of the story: All of your arguments regarding Lisa Edelstein’s character, looks, motives, business decisions, etc., are moot. Everything in television and film is a freaking smoke screen. Everything.

          • New buzz phrase says:

            “Hollywood shuck and jive.” I like it.

    • maggie says:

      Who cares how good looking she is? It only matters if she can act. And judging by what I have seen, she can’t act.

      • Grace says:

        Sure Lisa E can’t act….that’s why the people over at The Good Wife snagged her up for an arc asap. Of course they are probably just a bunch of Lisa E fangirls right? Along with the numerous critics who had panned House this past season as well. Wow, those Lisa E fangirls are everywhere.

        • maggie says:

          WTF? I was replying to Earth Orbiter’s comment that he/she thought Odette Annable was “drop-dead gorgeous” and would make people forget Lisa E.

  45. Sara says:

    I don’t know this actress, so I cannot say anything about her.
    I dont care if OW will return or not and any actress who will replace Edelstein is welcome.(I just could not stand her and your ridiculous character).
    Of all the actresses/female characters who passed through the show, the one who really miss is Jennifer Morrison/Cameron.
    I hope that 8th season have less focus on the personal lives of secondary characters and better medical cases.
    If next season is really the last, I hope that Jennifer Morrison return to the final episodes and House and Cameron stay together. (after all, they were the couple at the beginning of the show and they will have finish together).

    *sorry my english, but not my opinion :)

    • Sharona says:

      If Cameron got together with House after he drove a car through his exgirlfriend’s house because he saw her touch some guy’s arm, she would actually be a total idiot and not the wiser person she had become. If he ever saw her talk to Chase he’d probably put* her* through a wall.

    • jj says:

      they were never a couple. they went out on one date that she forced him into (which was a beyond ridiculous storyline. we’re supposed to cheer for this sexual harrasser?). frankly, trying to push the cam/house attraction is what ruined Cameron’s character for me. it was never realistic and definitely not healthy. cam wasn’t only interested in house bc he was brilliant and damaged. house never had any chemistry with her in that way. Whereas there was ALWAYS chemistry with Cuddy- that’s undeniable whether you liked them as a couple or not.

      • tatiana says:

        I think House and Cameron have the best chemistry, like ”The silence of the lamps” type, ambiguous and deep but subtle and full of subtext. The idea that only if two are a couple there is a ship is absurd, the greatest masterpieces are written with the subtext and House and Cameron have the best subtext of the show and House and Cameron was the first, the original, ship of the show.
        House and Cuddy have always been more vulgar and banal, in line with the poor quality of the show in recent years, the original show was so much better, high level.

  46. zuzufan says:

    Ratings will drop deeper, the season will tank, TPTB will ask Lisa to return,but she will graciously decline ;) , and they will definetily cancel the show. DS in the meantime, asking himself where did they go wrong?? Sad.

    • Or better still... says:

      More likely the ratings will remain so-so. However, in mid- to late-spring of next year, FOX will sidle up to Hugh Laurie and inquire as to the possibility of a 9th season (cash whores that they are), at which point Hugh Laurie (talented, yet tortured, bastard that he is), will neatly and precisely flip FOX the middle digit as he expertly and joyously tap-dances off the studio lot and all the way back to Blightly. I do believe that Hugh Laurie (who dreams of home more fervently and passionately than Dorothy in the merry ol’ land of Oz) wants Season 8 to do well, just so he can have such an opportunity. But I’m an optimist.

      • rmr says:

        I hope you are right about Hugh Laurie wishes. Though he has always echoed Shores sentiments about the show longevity as long there are good stories to tell, they never counted with other elements..which can be summarized in one maybe two, but this is not the forum for this..so lets leave it like this.

  47. Sara says:

    …TPTB will ask Lisa to return,but she will graciously decline

    LOL!LE and your dream called huddy ruined the show.
    The last thing David Shore will want is to have Edelstein back.

    • F--------r says:

      Actually no, you are mistaken. They do want Lisa Edelstein and are working hard to bring her back for an extended guest appearance. Her fans might reconsider dropping House from their TV lists. All I can say at this point. Stay tuned.

      • A/Sarah says:

        Dont work too hard because IF they bring cuddy back, just will go the show be canceled for lack of viewers.
        cuddy was overused, has become a tiresome and boring character.
        If someone has to go back and Jennifer Morrison, whose character was intentionally dropped since the fifth season, coinciding with the rise of Cuddy and huddy annoying.
        If you like the show, work hard to bring Cameron back :)

        • doddle says:

          come on hamerons…
          I liked cameron, cuddy, amber volakis, kutner…
          bring them back all! lol

          • timshel says:

            Exactly! Who cares that they’re dead right? So ridiculous, all the constant demands to bring back old characters. Characters always come and go, keeps things interesting. I like the current cast, (including Olivia Wilde who unfairly gets a bad wrap) as I liked the old cast. Not crazy about this new hire though. She’s not a very talented actress. looking forward to seeing who becomes the new Dean and how it all comes together next season.

          • A/Sarah says:

            I liked Amber (bad idea to have killed the character)
            Kutner was excellent, but Kal Penn left to work in politics.
            Cuddy was excellent until the fourth season, but after the character has gained more prominence than she deserved and cuddy/huddy nearly swallowed the show.
            Cameron has always been my favorite and I hated the way the character and the actress were treated by Katie Jacobs&Co and a large number of fans huddys (who always sought out and pursue any and all news that appears about Jennifer /Cameron) just to try to blacken the character and actress.
            If huddys are upset with the outcome of your couple (and because LE dont WANT renew) we fans JMo/Cameron have much more reason to be upset, because she not want to leave and Cameron was the ONLY original character that was DISCARDED (unlike Edelstein/cuddy who declined to continue).

        • James says:

          These comments are more shipping relationships than the show. Each character had value and place. It’s ridiculous to attack Huddy because you like Hameron, or vise versa. Some people think Hacey was the “real” relationship. The only thing they’ve ever REALLY proven is that House is not capable of a relationship, yet. All of these women were great and deserving and would be a welcome return.

          • timshel says:

            Good point. It’s really sad that every story seems to result in a battle between fans of whatever actress they most prefer, and whether or not she is in a relationship with House.

          • Dani says:

            Finally someone’s talking sense. I loved Stacy and Cuddy and liked Cameron. I would really like to see any of them back IF the writing was top notch for them and not necessarily in a romantic context.

      • Ann says:

        I heard that, too. The problems with the negotiations were not as simple as people are assuming, so the hate for LE is unfounded. Also, DS reaction to what has happened is not so easily assumed, either. There’s a reason for the silence and the assumptions based on minimal press comments are not accurate.

        • Duh says:

          There’s a reason DS is so quiet. He’s got a whole lotta sh*t to swallow which ain’t easy when you’re trying to back-pedal with your feet and dig yourself out with your hands. He’s a busy guy.

  48. Kath G says:

    OK not only am I Po’d that they cast another non Doctor like person to the cast, they spoil the whole first episode that House meets this person in Jail!!! WTF!!

  49. Brad says:

    Jill Hennessy, need I say more?