Supernatural @ Comic-Con: Sam's Flashbacks, Castiel's Future, and... Ninjas from Space?

Supernatural made the move to Comic-Con’s big room, Hall H, this year, and had no trouble filling it with excited fans. In fact, the extra space was needed for the shrieks that met Jensen Ackles when he introduced a clip from the third episode of the show’s upcoming seventh season, which he directed. “This is a little slice of life back into Sam’s past,” described Ackles before a clip reel set to Foreigner’s “Long, Long Way From Home.”

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The sneak preview focused on Sam (Jared Padalecki) and an old childhood friend played by guest star Jewel Staite (Firefly). While flashbacks of Staite’s character and a high-school age Sam (Colin Ford) showed a sweet bond between the two -– “You’re a freak. All the coolest people are,” she tells him before Sam plants a kiss on her -– things between the reunited pair are more tense. “You killed again,” Sam tells his old flame, who’s using the fake name Amy Pond, a clever wink to fans of Doctor Who. “You know the kind of person I am,” she says, offering to show him what’s behind a secret door, but only if he drops his knife. “Show me and I’ll drop the knife,” Sam replies. She reaches for the door…and cut to black!

Unlike Ackles’ first directorial effort, Season 6’s “Weekend at Bobby’s,” we will be seeing more of the actor in front of the camera as Dean, too, which made the whole actor-director gig a “more difficult” experience, Ackles explained.

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But what about Misha Collins, who won’t be returning as a series regular in Season 7, after ascending to the role of God in the Season 6 finale? The actor called it “incredibly daunting” to find himself playing the man upstairs. “How do you play God?” he wondered. “It’s an interesting challenge to work on.”

So does that mean Collins will be around a lot next season? Showrunner Sera Gamble was reluctant to spoil anything. “You saw the cliffhanger. It was very cliffhangery,” she said, before adding, “He’s going to be the first couple episodes.” Gamble did, however, reveal that we’ll be seeing Jo, Crowley (“Cas said he has big plans for him. We’re going to tell you what those are right from the jump”), Sheriff Mills, and Death next season. “And you’ll meet new guys too,” she added.

However, there are no current plans for a return appearance by Chuck, since Castiel will be taking on the role of his absent father, God. “[Castiel] has always felt very strongly that his father abandoned them all,” said Gamble. “One of the questions we asked ourselves [this season] was, ‘You’re God. What do you do? How will you do things differently?’”

Season 7 will take the Winchester boys to scary new places. Now that the wall in Sam’s head has fallen, we’ll learn about the horrible things that Sam did. “Sam is way out of his league,” explained Padalecki. “It’s kind of scary. … We get to see what can scare the Winchester boys.”

And how do you top the super-meta of “The French Mistake”? Maybe you don’t. “I don’t know that there’s much more we can do,” said executive producer Ben Edlund. But he does think “there’s lots of room to play with form” with episodes like “Ghostfacers.” In fact, he’s already got two cool ideas: ninjas and spaceships!

Ackles also gave props to Supernatural creator Eric Kripke for carrying out his five-year plan for the show. “I’m surprised and also proud at the fact that Mr. Kripke kept to his word and wrote those five years the way he had planned,” said the actor. And Ackles is up for continuing to look ahead, despite already passing that five-year mark. “Because the story of these two brothers continues to evolve, the stories are kind of endless,” he said. “As long as they keep kicking out stories, we’ll keep telling them.” Gamble added Kripke really created the “perfect franchise” and the writers have a plan prepared if the seventh season is the last year, as well as if it’s not. “We hope to go on for a long time,” she said. “We have fresh blood in the room,” which has re-energized the show.

Finally, the panel closed out with a Comic-Con tradition: a preview of Season 6’s DVD gag reel. A couple of teases: Cat walk, dancing, and a worm. Don’t miss it Sept. 13!

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  1. Lucy says:

    I hope they are scaling Castiel back, heaven and hell needs to give way for a closer more intimate battle like the idea that the boys are questioning themselves this season rather than a big bad. It sounds very interesting I just hope they stick to their guns and stop the big angel vs demon apocalyptic saga and went back to the old school days of past seasons. Sam and Dean the open road and their bond.

    • Sivat says:

      I totally agree! I want a back-to-basics season with the boys on the road hunting monsters. Remember when each episode was an hour-long mini horror movie? Those were the days!

      • Maya says:

        Totally agree. Also hope he isn’t actually God cause that’s awfully lame. I wish he could just die for good honestly, he turns me off the show so bad.

        Also “And you’ll meet new guys too” hopefully doesn’t actually mean they’ll only introduce guys again! So tired of the sausage fest.

        • RJ says:

          No way, we definitely need Cas–he’s a fantastic member of the team. Have him on a bunch–just like Bobby.

          • Sivat says:

            Nah, Castiel has run his course. He can go anytime now. Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, bud!

          • Brandi says:

            yeah we definitely need cas, i cant believe that they are cutting him as a series regular, I just hope they dont kill him off the show that would really blow! atleast that way they leave room for appearances.

    • Mandy says:

      I agree with the posters that think it is time for Sera Gamble to go. The difference between her and Kripke has been huge. Season 6 jumped all over the place, with no flow to it, like with previous seasons. I still loved it and it produced the best Supernatural episode ever The French Mistake. But in comparison with seasons 1-5, it was a disappointment. As for Misha Collins role, Cas is now part of the Winchester family. Us Castiel fans are upset and very, very worried about the future of him. Sera is very dismissive of how huge Misha is with the fans. If they were ever to kill him off, they will face a backlash the same as if they killed off Sam or Dean or Bobby!!! And yes, Dean now seems to have taken a back seat to Sam. Though to be fair, I think Dean got the far better lines in seasons 1-5. So, whilst we still love Supernatural with all our hearts. There are many people worried about our show and which direction it is heading in :(

      • Rowan says:

        I’m a big Castiel fan and love his relationship with the Winchesters, even when they are at odds with each other and he’s tired of Dean’s selfishness, but I don’t think Sera Gamble is dismissive of the Cass fans, just because she refuses to give spoilers. If she says Misha is in more episodes, then it ruins the big cliffhanger or reveal of episode 2. They are playing it close to the vest because they feel it is best for the show. I do agree that season 6 was a bit shakey at times, but that’s understand able because Kripke wasn’t running things anymore and his five year plan was done. It’s not easy to take over a show after a season that was built to be the final season. Let’s see how this season pans out before calling for her to be replaced.

    • Jeff says:

      If you want the old seasons, go watch the old seasons. I want to see current characters and ideas evolve and change.

      • Sivat says:

        No. Why don’t YOU go and watch your DVDs of the crappy seasons that ruined Supernatural? Namely 4 and 5. This show is “Supernatural” not “Religion”. Ugh.

        • RJ says:

          Anyone who tyhinks seasons 4,5 ruined SPN are beyond silly.

          • Sivat says:

            No, people who think seasons 4 and 5 were better than the first 3 have serious mental issues.

        • TheFourthWinchester says:

          @Sivat: You are just a sadistic little troll. Season 4 & 5 lifted the show. Before the show was great, but season 4 & 5 raised the show to epic proportions! The acting by Jensen & Jared were Emmy worthy!! ‘Supernatural’ stuff inherently are mingled with religion and culture. Haven’t you ever watched a single episode properly? All the myths and religious texts are the things which lead the Winchesters to do some good old demon hunting!! Stop talking crap about Supernatural or you’ll be bringing on the hate of us Supernatural fans Idjit!!!

  2. Ethan says:

    I know I will be one of the few, but I will be glad to see Jo again, hot blonde bad@ss, yes please. I am hoping to see Meg or Ruby again, in any incarnation. Ackles has seem real talent behind the camera, hh reminds me of a Timothy Busfield career type.

    • Pete says:

      I’m excited to see a female on the show… even if she’s dead.

      • liria234 says:

        Word! I wish someone would ask these writers why they hate girls so much.

        • Melanie says:

          Someone did about it at the Nashville Supernatural Convention. Apparently, fans are not as receptive to female characters. (That’s what was said). That’s why they tend to not last long. I personally liked Jo and Ellen and Pamela and I hated when they were killed.

          • Heather says:

            Ok, I was actually AT the Nashville Convention, and a valid point was made about the female characters getting killed off, even though I didn’t agree with it. I was also a fan of Ellen, Jo, and Pamela, and I thought it totally sucked that they were killed off, but it was only done to facilitate the plot. If anything, all three characters should come back, dead, resurrected, or in flashback. Ruby and Meg? I’m glad they are dead again, or least Ruby, for the time being…

  3. Jacko says:

    Once again no story arc for Dean. Maybe Ackles should just go behind the camera full time. It’s the only time the show ever gives him any attention.

    As for Cas, I hope they keep him around just to give Dean something to do beside hover over Sam and his booboos.

    • Rowan says:

      Are you kidding? Dean was a big focus of season 4 & 5. Season six spent a fair amount of time with Dean trying to come to grips with Soulless Sam and trying to get his soul back. His emotional arc with Cass was also important as he saw another “brother” change and not for the better. Sam losing his soul was a catalyst for the season 6 stories, but not the only focus.

      • mera says:

        Who is this Dean you speak of? I don’t recollect such a character. Neither do any of the reporters covering SDCC or the writers or producers who were spinning spoilers for every other character on the show.

  4. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the con recap. Sounds like it was a blast!

    I’m just curious- Sam’s going to be busy dealing with his memories and Cas with the whole God thing. I haven’t really heard anything about Dean, though. Kind of surprising for a lead character not to have a storyline, especially since he really didn’t have one last season either. I wonder if Sera just doesn’t like Dean; I can’t think of another reason why such a popular character keeps getting ignored like that. It’s really sad.

    • Kay says:

      I don’t understand it either, and I wish someone would just outright ask Sera why she thinks Dean “not” getting as family is a satisfying story for an entire year. Looks like S7 Sam gets to experience all the PTSD Dean didn’t.

      Michael Ausiello – We dare you to actually ask Sera this question on behalf of the fans!

      • Jeff says:

        You not enjoying Dean’s story for season 6 doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist.

        Dean had his family, Sam had his wall. That’s it.

        • bungee says:

          Dean left his family at the end of episode 2 and rebroke up with Lisa a couple of more times. That isn’t a story, that is filler. And still the sam fans screamed about Lisa and Ben taking too much time and attention away from Sam. And they got what they wanted. Dean alone with no one to care about but Sam. The blatant pandering to wincest is what has destroyed this show. It leaves no room for any character development at all which makes every conversation sam and dean have, completely REDUNDANT at this point.

          • bungee says:

            I should say the blatant pandering to samcentric wincest since dean is not allowed to be anything but obsessed with sam. It’s just embarrassing at this point.

  5. Fortlifh says:

    So, will ninjas from space be Dean’s storyline then?

  6. Laura says:

    Hoping to see Dean save Castiel like Castiel saved him.

    And failing to see how re-gifting Dean’s PTSD to Sam is anything other than redundant. Can I trust he’ll get the 8 minutes Dean got, and that Dean will get to say boo-hoo to him?

  7. Alice says:

    What about Dean? What’s his storyline for this season? I hope he has one of his own, since he’s one of the two main characters on this show.

  8. stella says:

    So, no story for Dean. The show will once again focus on what is wrong with Sam and everything Sam did, like, really? After season 6 I couldn’t care less about Sam or what he did. How about some Dean stuff? It’s been six years! It would be great if the PTBs would give the character who actually carries the show something to do. Gamble should resign as showrunner. Her obsession with all things Sam is becoming annoying and is dragging the show down.

    I hope Cas stays and I hope the show focuses more on the Dean and Cas relationship. It’s the most intersting and new thing the show could do after 6 years and counting of poor woobie Sammy and his many problems. That story overstayed its welcome back in season 4.

    Time to move on Gamble. And if you can’t, then have the curtesy of allowing someone with more talent, creativity and imagination to take over. Season 6 was one big failure and season 7 is sounding like more of the same.

  9. dina says:

    If this is Friday, something must be wrong with Sam. It is sad that absolutely no new ideas are coming forth. Instead we have the constant recycling of “Something wrong with Sam! Whatever could it be?”

    Please try and remember that there are two leads and come up with something new and interesting for both of them.

  10. DougMac says:

    Glad the meta talk has died down. That ep was really weak and Gamble seemed to think it was a fan fave, but other than the Castiel parts it sucked.

  11. lo says:

    I don’t think redundant means what Gamble thinks it means. Someone get her a dictionary stat!

    • Diana says:

      I know. She keeps talking about freaking Cas. That’s very redundant. I want more spoilers about Sam and Dean hunting the supernatural please! Cas can go die permanently in the corner so fandom can have a party and reclaim the sane people who left.

      • mera says:

        Erm, what’s wrong with Sam again and Dean worrying over him? Now that’s redundant.

      • sm says:

        Apparently you don’t know what redundant means either. The Castiel story is something new at least. The Sam stuff is just verson 7.0 of what’s wrong Sam the speshusl snowflake.

  12. Twinkie says:

    So, what about a story for Dean? Sam’s got hell and Cas is the “new God.” Will we ever get something for Dean to do that isn’t b-side?

    • lolz says:

      Do you even go here?

      • Twinkie says:

        You’re right, it’s ridiculous to ask for a story for Dean at this point. I mean, why should Sera change things now? S7 sounds like more Sam, Sam, Sam with a little Cas, Cas, Cas thrown in.

  13. moo says:

    Thanks Sera & Co. I was waffling on whether to DVR Supernatural or Grimm since Fringe already gets my other slot. Now I know not to bother with Supernatural since I have zero interest in The Sam Show which the show will undoubtedly become after Cas is written off in season 2.

    Dean Who?

  14. Kay says:

    “Sam’s Flashbacks, Castiel’s Future, and… Ninjas from Space?”

    Shouldn’t the title read:
    “Sam’s Flashbacks, Castiel’s Future, and… What About Dean?”

    I was really hoping to learn something about Dean in Season 7 beyond being introspective that he will not have a family. But it looks like Castiel will be offscreen after the first two episodes and there’ll be Samsamsam… and I will be into Grimm!

  15. A says:

    What about Dean? he gets to react to whatever is wrong with Sam for 1225216516616 time – oh amd a character with post hell story? that is definatly new and fresh?

  16. Sivat says:

    LOL I can’t believe there’s people who watch this show about TWO BROTHERS and still manage to have some weird jealous obsession with one of the boys over the other.

    • Iris says:

      That’s just the Dean fanfreaks. Ignore them. Jensen always had amazing work to do on SPN. He’s the more explored character, i’ve no idea what they complain about.

      • mera says:

        No doubt you’re one of those Sam fanfreaks who thinks we never get inside Sam’s head even though there have been multiple episodes devoted to just that.

        If open discussion enrages you so much maybe you should run of to write more limp sam wincest. Oh wait. You don’t need to cuz Sera is busy doing it for you as we speak.

    • sm says:

      This show is no longer about two brothers. Sera Gamble has been making that painfully clear since the end of season 5 and if there was still any doubt or hope left for people who enjoy the Dean character, she put the final nail in the coffin with the SDCC panel.

      Dean fans really have no reason to keep watching this show. Jensen fans may still hang on for his brilliant performances but those are being scaled back drastically as well.

      • nick2021 says:

        LOL You fanfreaks always give me a laugh

      • Carrie says:

        Are you kidding me? Dean is my favorite character and I’m still absolutely loving the show. It’s one of the best shows on television and I have no reason to complain. I don’t know why anyone else is. If you’re so upset that the show hasn’t gone exactly as you’d hoped, give yourself a wake up call by watching some of the other stuff on TV that isn’t half as good as SN. Honestly, I’ll never understand all the complaining and whining from people who are supposed to be fans just because the show has expanded and evolved over the years (as it should). Instead of threatening to stop watching the show, just do it and stop coming to the comment section just to gripe. The rest of us still really enjoy the show and will happily continue to watch.

      • al says:

        whine whine whine. quit watching if you don’t like it. But be quiet. The rest of us don’t give a bleep!

    • Kat says:

      People have given up on the story being about “two brothers.” The story is about Sam, and that’s it. Tell me, what storyline of any substance has Dean gotten since season 4? NO ONE begrudges Sam a story. We’d just like Dean to have one as well. Then the series WILL actually be about TWO BROTHERS.

      • Jeff says:

        Dean had one last year.

        • bungee says:

          Dean’s story was what you would give a sidekick.

          The writing is on the wall folks. Sera wants Dean phased off the show or so marginalized that he cannot take any attention away from Sam and Jared. She’s already given Misha the boot for the same reason.

        • mera says:

          Oh you mean those two episodes about Dean and his romantic woes?

    • lulu says:

      Sure, there are 2 brothers physically on the show. But to me, one brother getting all the big storylines while the other one drives the car and angsts isn’t equally about 2 brothers. Why can’t both have individual, balanced, equally weighty important storylines? Other shows manage multiple arcs for multiple actors. I really am beginning to wonder if it’s not a bias thing on the show runners’ part- otherwise, wasting such a talented actor/popular character on filler material makes absolutely no sense.

  17. Anne says:

    I agree Sivat! This is a show about two brothers and it always will be and this whining comes from the same small group who’ve been aiming their irrational hostility at Sam since season one, when he dared to be the most important person’s in Dean’s life (and vice versa.)That will never change Supernatural is about love of family and its sad they’ve missed this being the whole point of the show with their incessant whining.

    • sm says:

      Sam is the most important person in Dean’s life and in Sam’s life and in the entire universe. How did you miss that message? Lord knows enough characters on the show and Sera Gamble, herself, are more than happy to smack people upside the head with that sentiment.

    • carol says:

      Word. The show is about both. Who disses one of the characters tiredlessly isn’t a true Supernatural fan.

    • Kat says:

      That “small” portion of the fan group who were dissatisfied with Dean getting nothing much to do in S6 except angst over Sam was responsible for the 24% drop in ratings from the premier to the finale. So, its not a “small group” of people who don’t like the direction of the show and don’t like it being all about Sam. We’d actually LIKE the show to be equally about both brothers. Since that’s not likely to happen in S7, you can watch the ratings fall even more.

      • ingrid says:

        The drop is about the angel crap and the friday timeslot. Dean has more screen time than Sam, it’s not even a question.

        • Jeff says:

          I love your baseless nonsense.

          The “angel crap” reinvented the show in season 4 and it was NOT a heavy part of season 6 like it was in 4 or 5. Nice try though.

          • Sivat says:

            Your face is “baseless nonsense”.

            The angel crap gutted this show. It’s STILL trying to recover, and hopefully that garbage will be mostly GONE from Season 7. Remember, this show is called “Supernatural”, not “Religion”.

            If it’s angel crap you like, go to church.

    • sting says:

      I wonder if you would feel the same if the story was about Dean and Sam was left emoing over every minute thing that Dean did. Because really, with the outcry of the Samfans during season 4, when Dean actually had a story of his own, and then Kripke folding like a cheap set of cards, and now Gamble giving the Samfans everything they had ever hoped for, it’s easy for the Samfans to blather about the show being about two brothers, when the truth is, no, it’s not. Until Dean has his own story, the show will always be about Sam. If only Gamble can pull her head out of Sam’s butt long enough to realize that the fandom is made up of more than Sam fans.

      But then again, Gamble has proven over and over that she doesn’t care about any fans but the Samfans. For this reason, she does not make a good showrunner.

      • DeanFTW says:

        Maybe we dean fans should do what Sam fans did in season 4: Start creating spreadsheets and organizing boycotts. TPTB seem to respond to that kind of idiocy.

  18. cj says:

    Yes the show is about two brothers and has two leads who both should have strong storylines. The point is Dean’s role in the show is stagnant and we want to see something fresh and plotty for him but I’m done, I watched out of habit last season anyway.

    • Kay says:

      I hate to say it, but I may be done too. Never thought I’d ever say that. It’s so sad. Both characters are stagnant; Sam forever stuck in protected mode, Dean forever stuck in protector, angst mode without an individiaul arc except more and more pain. And if we get another year of Sam’s hell story when Dean’s got shunted aside for the Apocalypse, I don’t think I’ll be watching S7. But I still have a faint ray of hope the storylines might be equal next year, so I’ll catch the first couple episodes. But I never thought I’d see the day when Supernatural would stop being “Must Watch” tv for me.

      • lindsey says:

        Yeah, that’s where I am too. I think of “equal” leads as being, well, equal- not the season constantly revolving around one brother’s neverending issues and the other one getting obvious filler material that’s more in line with a secondary character. I mean, Dean worrying about Sam-again? Dean wondering about his life- again? Fixing the car? Next, Sera’s going to claim that Dean calling Bobby is a storyline.

        Dean’s not the teacher’s pet. We get it. But he’s beloved by so many fans, you’d think the show runners would be smart enough to keep the arcs balanced between the two leads. Instead, we get “Dean? Dean who?” I’m just not sure I can take another season of watching Sam’s story through Dean’s POV- no matter who tells it, it’s still Sam’s story. And from reading the online chatter reaction to these non-Dean spoilers, there are quite a few disappointed fans who are talking about moving on to other shows. Sidelining such a popular character? Definitely not the smartest creative or practical thing to do.

    • seriously says:

      Please remind me again what Dean’s “strong” storyline is. If you mean being all about Sam, that’s not a storyline, that’s just a sidekick story to prop the “hero”.

      Frankly this show is being run by the same captain that ran the Titanic, and she’s too dense to realize that she’s hit the big “something is wrong with Sam version 5 million” iceberg and her ship is sinking fast.

      Gamble, please give the ship to someone who is more talented and creative than you are, and doesn’t have their heads up Sam’s butt so far that she can’t see daylight anymore. I’d expect this from a tween fanfic writer, not from a professional writer.

  19. The end this coming.... says:

    Done!!!! :'(

  20. Carrie says:

    Great recap! Can’t wait for the new season (or to see that gag reel).

  21. Dee says:

    Looking forward to the story of BOTH brothers continuing on.

    I hope after the first 2 episodes Castiel goes far, far away!!

    Happy to hear Death and Crowley will be returning.

  22. Diana Marie says:

    WHAT THE CRAP ABOUT ADAM?! I know he’s not exactly the most important or most loved guest star, but come on!! He was Michael’s vessel, and fell into the Pit with Sam, so now what? I really hope this at least gets touched in the next season… I’m kinda excited for the next season, and am really interested in the new enemy and how its going to effect everything!

    • Heather says:

      Ok, somebody with a head for details… Ok, Lucifer and Adam are still down in the Pit. Gabriel’s dead (or so we are lead to believe). Sera Gamble, I pose this to you: find a way for Lucifer and Adam/Michael to be released from the Pit, and have the REAL God bring back Gabriel like he obviously brought back Cas. If you have the three strongest Archangels (with Adam still as Michael’s vessel)up against Cas, they might be able to bring him down and yet his character could be redeemed. Yeah, stupid fanfic, but it makes sense, doesn’t it? Bring back Adam, Gabriel and Lucifer!

    • mera says:

      OMG they can’t even figure out a story for Dean and you want them to bring in a third Winchester brother?

  23. DeanFTW says:

    Oh did you stop watch again last year? And are you sure. Maybe your watch is slow ‘cuz I’m pretty sure Sam had slightly more screentime last year – as per sam fans’ requests.

  24. Jackie says:

    I hope Cas is getting a story about how he handles being God and a redemption arc for what he’s done. I wish Gamble would commit to Cas being in more than two episodes. No Cas means less viewers. They know that but but they think they’re being all mysterious. I hope Dean has more to do than just worry about Sam. And I truly don’t care about Sam’s hell memories. Didn’t we already get that story with Dean. Why are they just repeating the same story over? They are out of ideas when it comes to just Sam and Dean so the supporting characters are essential now.

  25. Melanie says:

    I’m excited for season seven.

    I must have been watching a different show than some of you — I don’t get the complaints — I thought S6 was excellent.

    • bungee says:

      Don’t feel bad. Lot’s of people enjoy The Sam Show. Though a good million and a half or so that enjoyed season 4 when both brothers were equal players in the story.

      • Bella says:

        That would be a good million and a half LESS than season 4.

        Can the show afford that kind of drop again now that it’s not even pulling 2 million viewers most weeks?

        • dee says:

          It would survive if it went to those numbers, Gossip Girl & 90210 had like 2 or 3 episode JUST go over 2 million last year.

          • Bella says:

            That’s right. I forgot The CW isn’t a real network. Still if the show falls below 1.5 million when it’s core audience used to be 3.5 mil, that says a lot.

        • Melanie says:

          Going into S7, Supernatural is the #2 rated CW drama, right behind The Vampire Diaries. Supernatural, even after a move to Fridays, is higher rated than most of the M-TH CW line-up. Supernatural did not experience anywhere near the percentage loss in viewers in the move that other shows have – like Fringe and CSI:NY. It hasn’t experienced as a high of an overall decline in ratings/viewers that ALL aging shows have as they run their course, and again, Supernatural has decreased less than its counterparts on the CW year-to-year. There is no evidence to support claims that the ratings have decreased due to fan dissatisfaction.

    • DNgirl says:

      TOTALLY AGREE!! Some people forget to just watch and enjoy!!!

  26. casammy says:

    SPN goes to 7 seasons and still they do not understand that it is a question of dean that he is a very overprotective and dominant brother of his baby bro sam, who is the world and the reason of living for dean, demons, the man went to the hell for sam, for love to sam, dean goes to do what is necessary to support him to his healthy side and except, is like that of simply and of complex, and one without other one does not work, is sam and dean, dean and sam, the rest is secondary, they go and come, nobody is permanent except they and not still castiel, after everything as soon as I end the apocalypse, an angel already does not have reason, or in his case it remains as a species of angel of the guard who helps the boys when they have serious problems

  27. Ellie says:

    Season 7 seems further away with every spoiler we get – I’m so excited for all the new plot lines! Really glad that they’re not just going to breeze past Sam’s hell story line – it sounds super creepy, looks like they’re really changing up a lot of things next season. And I LOVE Jewel Staite, so I can’t wait for her episode.

  28. abby says:

    i do hope dean gets a storyline in this season, but i think the reason why sam gets more of a storyline is because deans character is really strong! hes able to do anything with his character, romance, comedy, action and emotion. with sam hes not able to do that so they have to provide a storyline for him to stand out. but i hope something interesting happens to dean and i cant wait for season 7. mabye with cas becoming god, it will involve dean trying to get him back to normal

  29. Bella says:

    That’s right. I forgot The CW isn’t a real network. Still if the show falls below 1.5 million when it’s core audience used to be 3.5 mil, that says a lot.

  30. angela says:

    For me, Sam, Dean and Cass are all pivotal characters. Cass is like the third brother – much as he is annoying, Misha Collins does a fantastic job dealing with the quirks of the character.

    Yes, it can get a bit tiresome with the ‘whats wrong with Sam (again?)’ storyline, but if you didn’t love it you wouldnt be commenting on this site!

    So long may Sam and Dean continue to fight demons and whatever else comes their way. I for one, can’t wait for each and every episode!

  31. DNgirl says:

    Can’t wait to see Jo again.Awesome! She is the perfect love interest for Dean, as she just comes and goes into the story, isn’t a needy character, and has no interest in actually having a prolonged relationship with him. And this show needs some more likable kickass girls in it. Sure, her death scene was epic and all, but I think she deserves another go at life, so I hope she gets resurrected(Strangely, so far only men in this show have had that honour, not counting demon chicks)

    • jmj says:

      no please no as a love interest she would be the worst option yet, it s always come off as creepy.comes and goes form the story?only once tehy finally decided to stop tryig to force her as a long term love interest like in no exit etc. and still when they brouhght her backthey again had to put that in which felt completely forced and unnecessary.with lisa you at least know she ll never start permanently coming on hunts with them.

  32. Barb says:

    Don’t know about Cas but if you look at Season 6, he was more of a guest star rather than a regular. Plus, he rarely had any real airtime when he did appear for most of the season. Bobby, on the other hand, was on the show more than he was and he isn’t even on contract. So, looking at it that way, Misha not being on contract doesn’t mean anything unless TPTB decide to off him completely (which I hope doesn’t occur). He is now just as important to the show as Sam, Dean and Bobby.

  33. shamangrrl says:

    So, once again, Dean needs to learn a lesson. Dean, the only one of the Winchesters who ever hunted for the right reasons, needs to figure out why he’s a hunter. And of course, angst over Sam. And drive the car. And somehow, Sam is willing to give Castiel a break, but Dean is going to wash his hands of him?

    What a waste of a great actor.

    • Twinkie says:

      The curse of Jensen’s incredible acting ability and the limited vision of these writers. “Hey, Jensen’s great at the emotional scenes, let’s write those for him to the detriment of any actual story or development.” Crutch.

  34. Jason says:

    Honestly, reading these comments (and from other sites, as well), you’d never know Supernatural had a “devoted” fan base. All you people do is whine. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’re lucky these actors and producers even WANT to make a show for you. What ever gave you the right to think you could dictate storylines, cast members, etc.? Get your own show, if that’s what you wanna do. Geez, some of us enjoy SN exactly as it is. We don’t “dissect” who gets more screen time, lines, plot developments, etc. And we don’t constantly harp on the word “redundant.”

    You wanna know what’s *really* “redundant?” Your repeated and constant complaining about a show you supposedly “love.” You’re all a bunch of psychos. If you don’t like the show, just go watch something else. Don’t subject us to your never-ending babble.

    • lolz says:

      Hi Sera. *waves*

    • Fernie says:

      Totally agree with you Jason!!

      The relationship between Sam and Dean IS the heart of the show. People seem to forget that Dean had the whole Lisa and Ben storyline, but, umm, guess what?

      It was BORING!!!!!!

      Nobody wants to see the boys living a regular, apple-pie life. That is not what we tune in for.

      I just wish people that are saying they are going to stop watching would also stop filling the comments threads of many web sites and leave already. Nobody cares about your bitter ranting.

      • lolz says:

        Yes it was boring and who wrote it? Your idol and fellow samgirl Sera Gamble. Tell me again why any Dean fan should “have faith” in her?

  35. BHM1304 says:

    You had me at Jewel Staite as an old friend of Sam’s using the name “Amy Pond”. Some people like to complain more about this show then enjoy it. This episode sounds great.

  36. jana says:

    please just enjoy the show there will never be anything like it again
    be glad for as much as we can get
    also tehre is a another step between loving the show and not watching-just watch it then like casual viewers do and don t spend so much time obsessing about it ,reading spoilers and commenting.but obviously you even care enough to obsess about it,then why so negative .

  37. cheers says:

    If Cas is the new God, then by all means, heal Sam’s PTSDs so we won’t be tortured by his minute by minute detail of his hell experience, nor by his “woe is me” whining.

    Gamble really doesn’t have a story other than the redundacy of what is wrong with Sam and it’s all about Sam.

    Dean who?

  38. cw says:

    …And yes, Dean now seems to have taken a back seat to Sam. Though to be fair, I think Dean got the far better lines in seasons 1-5…

    The difference is that in seasons 1-5, Dean had his funny lines and short-term victories while Sam had ‘the chosen one’ status and an important mytharc which ended in saving the world. In season 6, Sam took over Dean’s hell storyline, Dean’s personality traits, “badassery’ ( yes, I know the word doesn’t exist…) AND the focus of the story ( Dean didn’t even choose the life with Lisa and Ben himself. He did it because Sam told him to do it! That’s how passive the character has become! But, of course, he was the one to suffer all the consequences of the doomed relationship and a bonus preaching from Sam). What’s left was given to Cas (mostly off-screen).
    Based on the non-existing spoilers, season 7 seems to be headed in the same direction.

  39. JULIE says:

    I would love to see Jo, Ellen and the ‘Ghostfacers’. And I love Bobby, he is perfect. The whole God thing is a bit much but can’t wait to see how they play it out. I also really like Death! Interesting character Death. And like most everyone I would really really like to see John Winchester again!

  40. Erm341 says:

    Anyone else remember when Kripke said that he wanted people to think that the franchise actually could happen, and that most of the viewer don’t need to be afraid for a vampire in a gothic castle.

    I don’t think they try to make it realistic anymore, I mean, why are you killing persons if ur just reviving them again and what’s with that angel crap. They’re just suposed to be driving in a car and killing some new monster every week.

  41. argh412 says:

    @Erm341 Totally agree! hopefully they will remake seasons 3,4,5,6,7 and make the show what it’s suposed to be, really bad ass normal monsterkilling.

  42. Ylva333 says:

    Soo, where is this show heading to? buddah as the next enemy? gay porn?