Glee @ Comic-Con: Sue Seeks Office, Good Love for 'Klaine' and Mercedes, Spin-Off Update

There was more to Glee‘s San Diego Comic-Con event — moderated by TVLine Editor-in-Chief Michael Ausiello — than the (very big) news that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer are not necessarily leaving after the coming season, and that viewers have seen the last of Sam. No, the producers and cast also shared a look at Season 3’s plans for  Kurt/Blaine, Mercedes’ new love life, and Sue’s assault on all glee clubs. Allow us to hit you with the highlights:

Back to Basics | “We want to spend some time with the characters in Season 3,” Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk said of the new year’s plan. There will be “two mini-seasons” mixed in with some “larger stories that take us through the whole season” — including the return of Rachel’s mom, played by Idina Menzel.

Glee Exclusive: Idina Menzel To Return for Big Season 3 Arc

The Berry Men | Speaking of Rachel’s momma… longtime fans are dying to meet the songstress’ two dads, but unfortunately, exec producer Ian Brennan said, “It’s tricky…. We’ve talked about it forever, but when you’re in high school, your parents stop being the major influence in your life. But I think it’ll happen at some point.”

Mercedes’ Love Life Revs Up | Don’t you worry about how Chord Overstreet’s absence will impact Sam’s gal-pal. “[Mercedes] has this new boyfriend she met over the summer who’s pretty cool,” Falchuk teased, likening their relationship to “Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife in Jerry Maguire. He’s this Big Bubba kind of guy and he encourages her to want more for herself. That drives her arc into the next half of the season.”

Standing Strong | Elsewhere on the romantic front, Kurt and Blaine are not breaking up,” Falchuck promises. “There is gonna be some [‘professional’] competition there, but they’re solid.” Of course, neither Glee producer would confirm or deny that Blaine would join New Directions this season, but Criss says he hopes to stay with The Warblers.

Glee‘s Darren Criss Eyed To Succeed Daniel Radcliffe On Broadway – What About Blaine?

Sorry, Artina Lovahs | Noting that Tina and Mike are doing “just fine right now,” Falchuk promised no Artie/Tina reunion — yet. Plus, “We’re going to meet Harry’s parents,” who have different plans for his life than he does.

How Sue Sees It | Sue’s motto this season is, “Why think small?” said  Falchuk. As such, she will run for Congress on a “No Arts” platform. “She doesn’t just want to end the glee club; she wants to end [all] glee clubs. She’ll be trying to take them all out, big time.”

Tribute Time | When asked if there are plans for another hour centered on a singular recording artist (à la Madonna, Britney) in the coming year, Falchuk said, “If it happens, it’s going to happen in the second half of the season.” No word yet on who the lucky honoree will be.

Glee‘s All-Time Best Performance Finale: ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ Vs. ‘Unpretty/I Feel Pretty’

Return of the Beiste | “Of course, [Dot-Marie Jones] is absolutely coming back,” Falchuk said of the Coach’s portrayer, who was on hand for the SDCC panel. “We have some great stuff for her.”

Spinoff Spiked? | Falchuk says that those “Rachel-and-Kurt-do-NYC” spin-off rumors were once a very real possibility, but as of right now, “I think we’re going to pass. If you watched the [Season 2] finale, that was certainly something we were planting as a possibility, but that’s all it was.”

Glee, Better Than Ever? | Executive producer Dante DiLoreto gave this vague but promising tease: “The stories coming out this season are gonna knock your socks off. They’re pretty phenomenal. “

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  1. Rachel says:

    Wow lol….
    I am all for Klaine and in the panel, it was mentioned that they will have some conflict because they’re both stars.
    I am hoping that another dude will hit on Kurt and cause drama, cause poor kurt thinks he’s not sexy. This other guy could tell him he is and Blaine will get Jealous and that would cause problems.
    Mercedes must be a senior, she was in the same class as Santana in one episode and it was mentioned in the madonna episode that Santana is a few days older then Finn.
    Also the funny thing about Rachel’s dads is that they aparently had a scene in the first episode and even showed up for work only to be told it was cut. poor guys…As for all the people who think theres too many gays, well its great to see a show focused on a gay character rather then the typical frat boys trying to get laid etc (typical amercian movies/tv etc). Its only when the characters become to cliche that’s when it gets annoying. I just hope we get a stronger season and all the characters dont become to ott,Glee creators: Make good on your promises about A great season and it should be a winner :)

  2. Kellie says:

    where ever you take it, keep it neat and tidy….while no one minds the relationships, the less we “see” the better. you have been successful as a show without showing all, so stick to that.

  3. Kellie says:

    Also, keep in mind that when you flaunt homosexuality, you need to be appropriate as it it were heterosexuality====for instance, the line when Schuster was checking into the hotel in NY< and they asked about the rooms, he replied, "boys vs girls" and the clerk replies "everyone else is rooming according to sexual orientation" OMGosh. They would have been FIRED, on the spot. It was a worthless comment, and completely unnecessary.

  4. RyAnn says:

    I love glee don’t get me wrong but, what if the spin-off with Rachel and Kurt doesn’t work. Think about it they were always fighting in the first season and the second they did not fight because he was no longer competion for him. So Rachel would get a part or call back Kurt would not and it would be like a that every eps. so why? I mean come on Rachel could most diffently make it on Broadway. Kurt maybe. We just have to think about the fighting between them. And Blaine and Finn would HAVE to move o NYC with them to be in love and college and stuff. Plus Blaine is a performer.

  5. Holly says:

    Love Glee, really hoping this season will be better than the last…

    And I know people where commenting about it earlier and how it’s not that big of a deal… But I really think they should bring Karofsky back. At least for a little while. During the prom episode everything was building up and he was such a great character and then, boom, he just seems to drop off the face of the earth after he runs away from the dance.
    Me and my mother were honestly worried that it was going towards his character having committed suicide because there was no sign of him.
    I realize now that it’s silly, since that would be going against the whole point of Karofsky’s storyline, but still.
    I don’t think they should have built it up so much if they were just going to leave it there and act like Dave never existed.

    If there’s going to be bumps in Klaine’s PERFECT (eye roll) relationship in this coming season, maybe they could be caused by Dave or something. It really seems like Kurt wanted to help Dave out with accepting himself, and maybe Blaine could get a little jealous?
    I don’t know, now I’m just thinking out loud.

    • ukegirl says:

      I totally agree with you! They should bring him back and he should be the one to make bumps in Klaine’s “perfect” little relationship

  6. Sway says:

    Woah! My tits are now calm. Thank God you came around because they were getting riled up! Lol, no I’m kidding. I just loved that you said it. :)

  7. Kim says:

    I Want Jesse St James/Jonathan Groff in Season 3. He and Rachel are the perfect match

  8. Kim says:

    I Want Jesse St James/Jonathan Groff in Season 3. He and Rachel are the perfect match

  9. D says:

    This show really sucks now. I think I’m done with it.

    • Jessica says:

      I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I would be done to if I didn’t have a pathological need to stick with crappy shows. I mean, I stuck with Smallville for nine seasons.

  10. Lola says:

    When you have 3 writers and exec producers, I don’t see how all 3 of them can so completely lose touch with what their show once professed to be about, but they have. Sure, let’s ditch the dyslexic, homeless kid and bring on the mega-popular guy who gets all the solos at his school where show choir members are treated like rock stars. Underdogs for the win. Oh, wait …

    Also let’s have Kurt pine for said rock star for months before he even gives Kurt a thought as a love interest. This is what passes for epic romance and what we’re supposed to want for our beloved Kurt??? Screw that, kids.

  11. RyanD says:

    With the vastly different answers Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murphy have given on a number of topics now, I have to ask:
    Have they ever actually met?

  12. maxray17 says:

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  13. Amy says:

    Forcing all those Warblers songs in helped ruin season 2 so I hope Blaine doesn’t stay with them. Oh and Ian’s completely wrong saying parents aren’t an importnant influence in high school.

  14. MILES L. says:


  15. Sunshine says:

    They need to do an MJ tribute he is like the number one!

  16. Marco says:

    Just fantastic, that annoying Token Relationship known as Klaine will bore us all seasons. Writers… no matter what the psycho fangirls say THEY DON’T WORK. Especially because your schyzophrenic writing has made Plain Blanderson a total mess of a character, who changed from episode to episode and was NEVER interesting.

  17. Louise says:

    If you all are so annoyed by the show then don’t freaking watch it! I watch glee because I just love the hole idea about it, and I like it just as it is <3

  18. Who do you all think you are? says:

    Okay, well i kno that most teens watch this show because unlike adults this is actually stuff that happens in high school these days, like (teen pregnancy, homosexuality, bullying, and having HUGE dreams) this show symbolizes how to deal with that kind of stuff.. some of you people are being very rude to characters story-lines even though they do have a point to this series… i want the writers to keep going after this season take some of the cast and drag them to NY to live there dreams, but you could have them start a Glee club there to show the world what they went through or let other live their dreams too or something.. i don’t think it should have to end! they could use their brains and let glee live for a few more seasons cuz it’s a great show!!