Glee @ Comic-Con: Sue Seeks Office, Good Love for 'Klaine' and Mercedes, Spin-Off Update

There was more to Glee‘s San Diego Comic-Con event — moderated by TVLine Editor-in-Chief Michael Ausiello — than the (very big) news that Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Chris Colfer are not necessarily leaving after the coming season, and that viewers have seen the last of Sam. No, the producers and cast also shared a look at Season 3’s plans for  Kurt/Blaine, Mercedes’ new love life, and Sue’s assault on all glee clubs. Allow us to hit you with the highlights:

Back to Basics | “We want to spend some time with the characters in Season 3,” Glee co-creator Brad Falchuk said of the new year’s plan. There will be “two mini-seasons” mixed in with some “larger stories that take us through the whole season” — including the return of Rachel’s mom, played by Idina Menzel.

Glee Exclusive: Idina Menzel To Return for Big Season 3 Arc

The Berry Men | Speaking of Rachel’s momma… longtime fans are dying to meet the songstress’ two dads, but unfortunately, exec producer Ian Brennan said, “It’s tricky…. We’ve talked about it forever, but when you’re in high school, your parents stop being the major influence in your life. But I think it’ll happen at some point.”

Mercedes’ Love Life Revs Up | Don’t you worry about how Chord Overstreet’s absence will impact Sam’s gal-pal. “[Mercedes] has this new boyfriend she met over the summer who’s pretty cool,” Falchuk teased, likening their relationship to “Cuba Gooding Jr. and his wife in Jerry Maguire. He’s this Big Bubba kind of guy and he encourages her to want more for herself. That drives her arc into the next half of the season.”

Standing Strong | Elsewhere on the romantic front, Kurt and Blaine are not breaking up,” Falchuck promises. “There is gonna be some [‘professional’] competition there, but they’re solid.” Of course, neither Glee producer would confirm or deny that Blaine would join New Directions this season, but Criss says he hopes to stay with The Warblers.

Glee‘s Darren Criss Eyed To Succeed Daniel Radcliffe On Broadway – What About Blaine?

Sorry, Artina Lovahs | Noting that Tina and Mike are doing “just fine right now,” Falchuk promised no Artie/Tina reunion — yet. Plus, “We’re going to meet Harry’s parents,” who have different plans for his life than he does.

How Sue Sees It | Sue’s motto this season is, “Why think small?” said  Falchuk. As such, she will run for Congress on a “No Arts” platform. “She doesn’t just want to end the glee club; she wants to end [all] glee clubs. She’ll be trying to take them all out, big time.”

Tribute Time | When asked if there are plans for another hour centered on a singular recording artist (à la Madonna, Britney) in the coming year, Falchuk said, “If it happens, it’s going to happen in the second half of the season.” No word yet on who the lucky honoree will be.

Glee‘s All-Time Best Performance Finale: ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ Vs. ‘Unpretty/I Feel Pretty’

Return of the Beiste | “Of course, [Dot-Marie Jones] is absolutely coming back,” Falchuk said of the Coach’s portrayer, who was on hand for the SDCC panel. “We have some great stuff for her.”

Spinoff Spiked? | Falchuk says that those “Rachel-and-Kurt-do-NYC” spin-off rumors were once a very real possibility, but as of right now, “I think we’re going to pass. If you watched the [Season 2] finale, that was certainly something we were planting as a possibility, but that’s all it was.”

Glee, Better Than Ever? | Executive producer Dante DiLoreto gave this vague but promising tease: “The stories coming out this season are gonna knock your socks off. They’re pretty phenomenal. “

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  1. Erik says:

    I was hoping for some Karofsky/Max spoilers.

    • carla says:

      Ew. I wish he’d left instead of Chord.

      • Sivat says:

        LOL yup, because Max stole Chord’s screentime.


      • Erik says:

        Max portrayed Karofsky flawlessly and Karofsky’s storyling has been an inspiration to many teen who stuggle with their sexuality. FOr some people it’s not as easy to accept themselves like Kurt and Blaine.

        • S says:

          No offense to Max and Karofsky fans, and I do like the storyline itself, but Naya(Santana) and Heather(Brittany) are series regulars and we got zero information about them. Doesn’t seem quite right. They have tons of fans and to not really mention them and their relationship isn’t right. They were one of the best parts of last season.

          • Jeff says:

            Didn’t get much info on anything to be honest.

          • Bec says:

            What does those two not getting enough mention have to do with Max and Karofsky? They hardly mentioned Karofsky at all in this interview…

          • Scott says:

            Ummm…quite a few regulars weren’t mentioned. Puck, Finn, Rachel, Quinn…

            It seems a little ridiculous to claim that not mentioning Santana and Brittany “isn’t quite right”.

        • Trish says:

          There are kids relating to a large, violent abuser who stalks and terrorizes an innocent person? Who overrides his victim’s explicitly stated wishes for no physical contact and slowly drags his hand toward his groin as he shakes in fear? Wow, I fear for the audience if there are people relating to Karofsky. There are no excuses for anything he did, and his expulsion should have stuck.

          • Melanie says:

            You should fear for the audience. There are kids out there like Dave, who turn their internalized homophobia outward. There are people who identify with the character’s desire to keep something about himself secret; with his self-hatred; with the fact that he screwed up big time and knows it; with his desire to change. People aren’t perfect … it doesn’t mean they’re evil. His expulsion should have stuck. Yup. But it didn’t. So what now? Punish the character? Make him suffer? Humiliate him? That’s some message: no second chances, eye for an eye. That doesn’t solve anything. Rehabilitation? Now that’s useful. Hopeful. Possible. Expecially since the victim has forgiven his abuser, and said abuser has changed his behaviour drastically and is taking action to make amends. Leave the revenge plots to Sue. Forgiveness and change make for a much more empowering story that could model for viewers how to take responsibility for mistakes, accept themselves and determine their own path in life.

          • AngieD says:

            As commented by Melanie, Max is turning his self-hate outwards to others. Also, at the end of the season, we really saw Max’s turmoil… dammit, he cried as he gave Kurt a heart felt apology in the Prom episode. One of my BFF’s is gay. He said he’s known since high school, but he didn’t come out to us until he was 37.

    • Kim says:

      Dave should have graduated that would have been real.. Plus I love Max but he does have a bald spot.

      • Angie says:

        One of my friends was much balder than ‘Max’ by the time he graduated from high school. I also know many women have started dying their hair in their early 20’s because of grey hair.

    • Melanie says:

      I was hoping for some news on Dave/Max too. It seems like there’ve been little comments and spoilers about everyone this summer BUT him. It’s so frustrating as a fan of Max, but also has me concerned for the Dave storyline in season 3. The writers gave us a glimpse into his internal conflict and pain and then left him ALONE at the end of season 2. Sure, other characters had their problems too (thinking of Quinn and Santana, specifically), but at least the final scene showed them celebrating with their glee club family — together. We know they have a support system. As to Dave not being part of the main group and therefore why mention him? Well why develop his character at all if you aren’t going to DO something with him? Why give him some of the most emotionally intense scenes of the season? Give him problems that are directly relatable to so many LGBT youth out there … and then leave them unresolved? Why turn a 2-dimensional villain into a messed-up kid — give him scenes that elicit sympathy and make fans care about him — if as writer/producers, YOU stop caring about him? I guess I’m dying for evidence that they still care about the character and his story. Any little shred of evidence would do at this point. Please.

  2. RyanD says:

    Isn’t Sue going after ALL Glee clubs once again a complete 180 on her end of season character development? You know, all that about the kids making her sister’s funeral special, Will being a friend etc?

    • Bob says:

      The writers have put Sue in a corner. The character drew a lot of attention to the series in season 1 and then the writers blew it in season 2.

      I’m hopeful that with a staff of writers now, instead of the creator/producer/writer people who’ve been at the helm for the past two seasons, there will be better writing that not only produces better story lines, but provides overall character development that is believable and true to the characters and show.

      I suspect the show will be cancelled, not ended, meaning the network will pull the plug rather than the creators deciding when it’s time to go…they’ll run it into the ground.

      • What Kind of Show is It? says:

        The problem is the producers changed their minds about what kind of show they were making somewhere after the first 13 episodes. In the beginning, Glee was a satire with music. The kids were all recognizable types: the pushy Broadway baby, the nice-but-dumb jock, the bitchy gay fashionista, the “blonde cliche” cheerleader. In that environment, cartoonish characters like Sue and Terri worked fine, because there was an air of unreality about the whole show.

        Then RIB decided to play almost exclusively to the teen audience, and teens aren’t very good with satire. So the actors/characters that the writers liked writing for became a lot more real, the others got pushed to the background, Terri got shoved out completely, and Sue stood out like a sore thumb.

        Whatever else happens, it seems like the serious tone is here to stay, so Jane Lynch should get out and find a vehicle more worthy of her talents.

    • Captain says:

      They can’t have Sue as a friend to the Glee Club. It would ruin the dynamic. It’s like when they tried to make Sylar good. Sue is the villain, she’ll always be the villain. I don’t think making her a “Glee Protector” would have worked out. She shouldn’t ever be Will’s friend.

      • SpyKi says:

        She’s not working as the villain any more either. The problem with Sylar was that they kept switching him between good and bad so often neither were convincing or interesting. The same’s happening with Sue. She’s made up with Will like 6 times or something now. She should just leave the show.

  3. jasin says:

    So any scoop on Terri? I know Jessalyn isn’t back next season as a regular but possibly some guest arcs. She was the main reason I tuned into this show.

    • Sivat says:

      I want to know the same thing. Didn’t anyone ask? I too tuned in mainly for Jessalyn.

    • Captain says:

      I loved Terri in Season 1 but there isn’t really a need for her. I think Jessalyn is phenomenal but what can they really do with her?

      • Sivat says:

        Plenty of things if they were just creative enough to think of stuff. For one thing, Emma always needs a foil, and Sue can always use an ally. We fans could do—they should’ve been able to as well.

  4. Dan says:

    I’m not trying to be a complete a-hole, but I think the healthiest thing Glee can do it try and make Ryan Murphy less and less involved. He was great in the first season, but it’s clear that money, buzz and headlines clouded his judgement during season two. Random story lines, characters changing attitude/personality every second episode, popular songs instead of classics that make sense.. It just seems like he’s truly bored with the show. Leave it to people who care.

    • Dav says:

      Well, they just hired a bunch of new writers so I think that’s exactly what they are trying to do. And the new writers have some great resumes so I’m excited.

  5. Cindy says:

    What about Quinn? What’s her story? Any possibility of Quick?

    • Captain says:

      I think the addition of Lauren probably ruined any chance of them getting back together. I liked them together but I think him and Lauren are fantastic and wouldn’t want them to break up. They should get Cameron from the Glee Project on as a love interest for her. They could bond over their religious beliefs.

      • Bec says:

        I agree with this :D I hadn’t thought of it before, but Cameron would make an EXCELLENT bf for her.

      • JayEarhart says:

        Cameron (from TGP) and Quinn might make a great relationship but Quinn is and always will be a cheater. She just has that mentality. She clearly can’t restrain herself, and I doubt a character even similar to Cameron would evenwant to be with Quinn just knowing her background and past. Forgiveness and charity only go so far. Perhaps a relationship destined for failure and extra drama would make a few good eps.

    • mic says:

      No one cares much about Quinn she is a bit bland. But with Shelby back she may get a little bit.

  6. chris says:

    “Of course, neither Glee producer would confirm or deny that Blaine would join New Directions this season, but Criss says he hopes to stay with The Warblers.”

    Is this something from today that hasn’t been reported elsewhere or is this old information?

    • Courtney says:

      I couldn’t tell you where, but it’s not the first time Darren has said he wanted to remain a Warbler. But, of course, it’s totally at the will of the producers.

      • Patricia says:

        haha, of course Darren wants to stay with the Warblers – he gets all the solos! (Not necessarily complaining, he has a great voice.)

        • Desdemona says:

          Plus all the other Warblers get to keep their part time gigs if the Blaine character stays a Warbler. Darren’s looking out for those guys too.

  7. Deanna says:

    Of course. Kurt & Blaine are “solid” because nothing could ever possibly ruin THAT relationship. *groan*

    How about some news about Quinn and Puck? That’s the only couple I’m really interested in.

    • Raycho says:

      Argh i know right. It pisses me off. Klaine is like the holy couple to Ryan Murphy. But I dont see why…their storyline doesn’t help people in any way (from what I have heard and seen and been told etc)
      Blaine is not supposed to be a main character and yet he has all the screen time.
      What about Quinn and Puck indeed. Or Tina? Or Brittana?
      It pisses me off sop much I can not handle it ryt now….

      • Nick says:

        I agree, Klaine is kinda dull and unrealistic to me. Its so fairtytale and Blaine is a knight in shining armore *barf* , out of all the couples I like them least. The writers could at least cause some friction, I don’t them to portray Blaine as Kurt’s savior and they lived happily ever after. RM is living through Blaine and Kurt, its obvious. But I can be reasonable on why Blaine had so much screen time considering Kurt was at Dalton most of the season and they wanted to explore that relationship.

        I think Brittana will stay friends for now and since they spent so much time on them this year they want to cool it down a little bit.

        And sorry, but most people just don’t care about Tina, shes really irrelevant to all the plots. Maybe, we’ll see more of her and character development this season but don’t count on a Rachel Berry story arc.

        • carissa says:

          Well, maybe Blain is Kurt’s “Night In Shining Armore” but if you haven’t noticed, that’s how ALL teenagers veiw their boyfriends in the begining of a relationship. They’ve been together for, what? a few months? To be realistic, they’re in their puppy-love stage. You can’t just rush conflict for no reason.

        • helen says:

          I love Blaine & Kurt they are my favorite couple!!!

      • ~Serenity~ says:

        IMHO, what an ignorant statement. I have seen in numerous places how much Klaine storyline helps people. There needs to be more visibility of gays teens on television.The Klaine storyline does just that. Many people come to terms with their sexuality in their teenage years especially boys. It’s refreshing to see a teenage gay couple that isn’t used as a punchline, allowed to show no affection compared to the heterosexual teen couples, or doomed from the start due to drama. This storyline is needed whether all devoted fans of the show agree or not. Despite some very poorly written storylines mid-season, the writers did a good job in finally getting Kurt and Blaine together. I was pretty upset with the way things were headed with Kurt and Blaine but the sweet storyline of them finally coming together made it well worth enduring the previous storylines. Klaine is actually my favorite couple on the show. It’s no contest considering all of the other couples seems to be embroiled in drama every episode. They all seem to either date or hook up with each other. They cheat, breakup, hookup, and get back together only to break up again (well Fuinn does anyway) Many of the parings are just ridiculous and many the couples have no chemistry. Barty is one couple that comes to mind. Brittany only got together with Arty to make Santana jealous. They haven’t even tried to show any sort of chemistry between the two of them. Just as well, because Brittany and Santana are meant to be together.

        • Isla says:

          Agreed. Even though Darren is straight, him and Chris do have chemistry (on screen anyway) and that shows through Blaine and Kurt, same with Lea Michele and Cory Montieth their chemistry is shown through Rachel and Finn as well. I finally realized why I could never invest in Bartie or Fuinn, the actors had no chemistry it always seemed like brother/sister relationships.

        • helen says:

          i agree this story line has helped me understand and except my son’s sexuality he is gay! and I’ve been in denial for years….but now finely excepted it thanks to glee!!

  8. Lauren says:

    I am extremely disappointed. I was so impressed by Ryan Murphy’s strong statements about keeping to the reality of the teenage experience by having the kids graduate and move on. How do they think they’re going to keep them around after graduation without it being pathetic? Finn and Rachel get married and settle down? Rachel gives up her dreams of New York to go to a state university??? Kurt becomes Lima Heights only interior decorator? How are those at all acceptable? I actually thought it was a great idea to have Kurt and Rachel go to New York together to try to make it on Broadway. They could get into Julliard and it could be a more serious show about what it really takes to make it in the real world of performance. So much potential but no, they’re going to hold on to every last rating number they can get till no one cares at all about those characters. Such an amazing waste.

    • Sarah says:

      As much as I would love to keep seeing Lea and Chris on my screen, having them stick around Lima after graduation would be an insult to both of their characters.
      Maybe they’ll still have those two (and possibly a couple others) move to New York and do a split-world kind of show, like The Office did when Jim was in Stamford, or Gilmore Girls did with Rory at Yale. But those worked because both times those characters had ties back to the original location and there was the possibility of coming back (for visits in GG; permanently on The Office). If they handled it right, Glee could probably do it. But Glee doesn’t often handle things right.

    • SpyKi says:

      Yep. I was actually looking forward to the spin-off because I was hoping it would end up being better than what Glee has become. This show’s gone way downhill since the first 13 episodes and I can only see it getting worse if they try and keep them past season 3.

      • Ditto says:

        Ditto, I love the idea of a spinoff with Kurt and Rachel (no Blaine ever, and considering Finn is Kurts stepbrother it would be realistic to see him every now and then, but not to much). I think they’re hesitant about a spinoff because they know they wont have as much creative control as they do now and they want to keep Lea Michele and Chris Colfer on a lease as long as they can. The spinoff could be more matured and a little bit racier. They prolly wont do a spinoff until Glee is off the air ways.

    • Jax says:

      You know it is still possible to show Rachel and Kurt going to New York. Just because they are staying on the show doesn’t mean they are staying in Ohio. Why don’t you actually wait and see what the writers are going to do before you critize.

    • JayEarhart says:

      To be honest I thought it was a better idea for them to replace the entire cast after this alleged but seemingly non existent graduation. But really, I see why they aren’t graduating. First they would have to actually do schoolwork… oh and go to class. Taught by teachers. But we’ve never seen that. When I watched Ep 1 of TGP, i thought it would have been awesome to just revamp the Glee club with a whole new cast. McKinley needs some Minor Niners in the glee club, bring back Charice, get rid of the cast who have clearly overstayed there screentime AND FOR GSAKES NO SPINOFFS. Everyone knows spinoffs last less than a season before getting cut. Waste of money, waste of time.(TEAM HANNAH!)

  9. Jenny says:

    I do like the idea of two “mini-seasons”. The first 13 were so special I think because they all went together and basically told a story from beginning to end. I think that was one thing that made season 2 not as good. Too many times it felt that there was never a real plan and they kept changing things based on fan and fanboard reactions.

    Agree with what others have said in that I wish RM sort of back off a bit.

  10. Viola says:

    It would be SO easy to bring in Rachel’s dads, at least for one episode. Don’t you think they’d have a reaction to her birth mom coming back into her life? And why have they never come to any of her performances, when they have been set up as your typical over-involved stage parents?

    • Owen says:

      The rumor was her fathers were going to be played by Hugh Jackman and Taye Diggs.

      • PLease says:

        That was never going to happen. Hugh is too big and Taye would be a possibility but he is also on another network which is hard sometimes.

        Hiram and Leroy Berry need to be some good old character actors and they better show up sooner than later.

        • Angie says:

          Ummm… if Hugh and/or Taye are fans of the show, they will try to make it happen. Personally, I think Wayne Brady should also be considered – he can sing and dance

    • July says:

      Why haven’t Burt and Carole being to any ND performances?

  11. KDW says:

    How is that we have met Finn’s mom, Kurt’s dad, Quinn’s parents and will be meeting Mike’s parents, but somehow when it comes to Rachel’s dads “It’s tricky…. We’ve talked about it forever, but when you’re in high school, your parents stop being the major influence in your life.”? Seems a little contradictory.

    • MonkeyRat says:

      Probably because they fear the backlash (aka: the kind of morons that sometimes comment here saying “too many gays”, like they recently did in the last couple of polls). You know, Rachel has two dads so she obviously doesn’t deserves to have a proper family storyline besides her birth mother because we already have Kurt, Blaine, Santana, Karofsky, Britt, we had Sandy back to the old days…

      Of course, there are not enough straight people in this show. Clearly, they’re totally forgotten. Just Finn, Rachel, Quinn, Sam, Mercedes, Tina, Mike, Artie, Puck, Lauren, Will, Emma, Holly, April, Jewfro, Tanaka and Matt in season 1, Becky, Burt, Carol, Quinn’s parents, soon Mike’s parents, Sue, Beiste, Terri, Carl, Figgins, Shelby, Jesse, Azimio, Sunshine, Dustin… oh wait…

    • Sammy says:

      I don’t think ti has to do with too many gays. I just think Ryan and company don’t know how they want to portray them.

      It is silly we have not seen the lead actresses parents. Just stupid.

      • MonkeyRat says:

        Well, unfortunately, and apart from the “continuity” issue, that’s the most repeated complaint. And given what we can read here and on many other websites, I think I’m not so far from the true reason. Maybe there is something else, idk. But I kn,ow for sure that it’s a problem for a part of the audience and they already have been criticized about it.

        RIB already put pictures of the dads in Rachel’s locker, so they already have faces. Why is it so hard to include them in ONE episode? Not seeing the lead character’s parents is indeed a total nonsense.

        The only reason I can think of, if it’s not about the gay thing, is if they couldn’t have the men on the picture to portray them in an episode (because of course, the whole fandom would realize the change right away and be furious about it).

    • Cheyenne says:

      I think they just don’t know who to cast. People have been waiting to meet Rachel’s dads for so long, it will be hard to live up to everyone’s expectations. You know that no mater who they cast in the roles all the heaters would come out and complaine about how they were the wrong people for the parts, or it was just stunt casting, or they should have been potrayed in a different way, ect, ect………there’s just no pleasing some people. That’s why I think we will never see Rachel’s dads, so everyone can keep on picturing them the way they want in there heads.

      • Jeff says:

        That is why they need just character actors like Burt and Carole.

        All you need is a black guy and a jewish guy..

    • JayEarhart says:

      Might be a little trickier due to the fact that most hardcore fans would remember a very clear photo of Rachel with her 2 dads. How hard can it be to call those 2 guys and say “Come be on an episode”? (And by the way people below, I am gay, and I have been occasionally offended by the UBER UBER UBER gayness of Kurt. Love him, but GDIT i hate… not him… but… him? Yeah i didn’t think it would make sense)

    • India says:

      Well those parents were all involved as part of the plot. Kurt’s dad was the manly man character in Kurts life when he was struggling with his identity and pleasing his father. Finn’s mom married Kurt’s dad so that Finn and Kurt would be brothers (to cause tension at first, then a good solid brotherly relationship). Quinn’s parents kicked her out when she was pregnant. And apparently Mike’s parents dont want the same thing for Mike that he wants. Parents aren’t the leading influence, but they do control a certain aspect of a teen’s life. The thing with Rachel’s dads is that she knows what she wants in life, and she’s not becoming a baby mama anytime soon. There is no way they can get involved in her life on Glee, without the producers just throwing them in somewhere and hoping for the best.

  12. matt says:

    In high school your parents stop being a major influence? No wonder this show has gone downhill fast – these producers/writers are just bent on making the show their warped version of what they wish had been true in high school, but isn’t close to reality.

    • Renee says:

      Actually, they’re right about that. Parents may still seem to be in control, giving out punishments, often controlling spending habits, and obviously in most cases providing housing and food, but teens are much more easily influenced by their friends. It’s natural and makes sense, it’s not some fantastical ideal teenage fantasy. It’s not about ignoring your parents and gallivanting around after curfew. Our peers are they people we seek approval from, in order to fit in. And as a teen, fitting in is what makes life livable. Believing that parents are the ones who have the most influence in the lives of their children is naive.

  13. Duck says:

    I think they’re going to split “graduation year” into two season. A school semester per year. I’m sorry but I can’t believe anything they say, look of all what they said for season two and it did NOT happen. I think S3 will be pretty epic, but I’ll have and wait to see what goes down with the characters. RM said they were not hinting at a spin-off in the finale, but now Brad says they were? Make up your mind and communicate for one another. Gotta say, I’m most excited about Rachel/Finn, and Kurt this season, and Quinn (since Rachel’s mom and Beth will be back). Mercedes isn’t graudating so I hope they dont spend a whole lot of time on the boyfriend thing, I am interested in hee future plans. But I’m more invested into the people that are leaving Mckinnley.

  14. laylagalise says:

    I’ll believe Mercedes has a storyline when I see it.

    • wasabi says:

      And if we do see a Mercedes storyline, will it last more than one episode?

    • Amilah says:

      I just hope this new guy isn’t a fatty, no offense. Its such a cliche and an insult. As a plus size girl, it is insulting when my friends think that every “chubby” man wants a big girl. In my dating experience, most chubby chasers are average size and height. As a matter of fact most men attracted to me are tall and very thin. Just check out some the “big girl” nights that some clubs sponsor.

      • Liza says:

        Yeah, thats true. But more than often your attracted to people that you can relate to. You often see bigger individuals with a bigger partner. I totally understand what you mean about it being typical or “eye rolling”. But, I can see Mercedes with a bigger guy thats on the football team kinda like the black jock that was Kurofsky’s friend. And really, her and Sam didn’t fit each other to me. Its like they were thrown together, and it didnt look right (regardless of how the actors look) and they had no chemistry like the other “couples” do.

      • July says:

        Well, Lauren has Puck, that demonstrate that Glee writers don’t think that “big girls” deserve “big guys” only.

  15. Davey says:

    Whatever happened to Finn’s mom?

    • Lily says:

      Yeah, would love to see Finn’s Mum give “relationship advice” to Kurt…

      • Jeff says:

        Carole need to give relationship advice to her son and Rachel . Kurt and Blaine seem to be fine.

        • July says:

          Burt should give man-to-man advice to Finn. Wasn’t that the whole objective of marrying him to Carole?

          • Lily says:

            yeah, would love to see Burt hanging out with Finn, talking about girls and the future. I guess this will happen because Rachel and Kurt will go to NY and who will take over Burt’s garage ?

        • Lily says:

          Kurt and Blaine seem fine because they are still in their honeymoon period.

  16. Noelle says:

    Thumbs down about completely dropping the Sam/Mercedes storyline.

  17. Ravenclawdia says:

    I’m so excited for the Klaine, Blaine, and Kurt storylines in season three! And it’s still crazy to me that, in less than a year, Darren has gone from a YouTube sensation and somebody who played small gigs at small cafes to a season regular on Glee, in an international tour performing for hundreds of thousands, and a possible Broadway actor. I’m so happy for and proud of him.

    • Renee says:

      I LOVED Darren in A Very Potter Musical, and finding out that he was joining the cast of Glee was what made me watch the show consistently. Blaine is a great character, and I love that while he seems pretty perfect (the whole knight in shining armor deal), he doesn’t come across as fake. He and Kurt are an awesome couple, cute without being cheesy or sickening, and I hope we continue to see lots of them!

  18. Olita says:

    So, for Rachel, “when you’re in high school, your parents stop being the major influence in your life,” but yet we meet Mike’s parents this season….hmm….

  19. macin says:

    The thing that excites me most about season three are the new batch of writers they’ve hired. This show could use some fresh ideas after last season.

  20. Lesley says:

    Hypocrisy thy name is Glee. Can’t meet Rachel’s parents because they don’t have an influence but hey lets all meet Mike’s, and Blaine’s and Kurt’s and Finn’s! Give me a break!

    • Nick says:


    • July says:

      Who said we’re gonna meet Blaine’s parents?

      Besides, you should read some of the previous comments. There was a very well-written comment about how this other parent figures have a plot-wise purpose and Rachel dads have not.

  21. Lea Michele Sarfati says:


  22. Karin says:

    Always the same old people blabla Kurt/klaine/Rachel (there are people who dosen’t care about them) and then some new lies

    • Carin says:

      Majority rules. Please Santana and Brittany get a lot too. The rest are pretty boring even when they get a storyline.

    • Wyatt says:

      If you would have taken time to actually read the article they also spoke of Beiste, Sue, Tina/Artie/Mike and Mercedes.

      Like it or not Kurt and Rachel are the stars and if you are linked to thier stories you are good. Don’t blame them cause the actors made them
      work more that the others.

  23. Gigi says:

    Berry men must be written in the show. These writers contradict themselves within minutes. No parents they don’t influence High school kids that much. yes Mike parent has an idea about his life choices. WTF?

  24. WWP says:

    Poor Brad Falchuk: I was at the panel this morning and I felt so sorry for him in his new role of Ryan Murphy’s official back-peddler and crap deflector. It must be tough to work for a boss who just suffers from just loving to hear himself yammer on and then expects others to clean up his mess for him and pretend that he didn’t say what he said.

  25. Suz says:

    I want Rachel dad’s before anyone else. Come on she is the lead why
    can’t we ever get any insight on how Rachel became Rachel.
    Crazy forgiving, vulnerable, determined Rachel who produced that.

  26. Leroy says:

    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,
    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,
    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,
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    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,
    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,

  27. bw says:

    Of course it would be great to see Rachel’s dads, but it might just be too much of a “Modern Family” plotline.
    What we really need, and I can’t believe nobody is clamoring for it,are MERCEDES’ MOM AND DAD!!
    Let’s get some casting ideas out there–Queen Latifah for sure!
    There really need to be some more black voices-as much as I like (and occasionally laugh at) the white boys rapping-they can explore black singers more.

    • Hans says:

      Not as many people care about Mercedes. Anyway she will probably be
      one of the Juniors and will be on longer.

      Focus on Kurt and Rachel while they are for sure there.

    • Dill says:

      Not many fans invest into Mercedes. They would like her to have a storyline but not to be the focus. I don’t think shes graduating either so I really don’t want the writers to focus on her man issues this season when they need to be focusing on the graduating ones and closing their storylines.

    • queenr says:

      i think i really just wanna see blaine’s parents. ah. it seems like we don’t know anything about him. or add a family member. like a sister. and i would be more than happy to fill that position. ;D

  28. Kim says:

    I don’t buy the whole “Parents not being an influence” line. I just read something for class (nursing school) about parents being the biggest influence on a teenagers life. We met Quinn’s, Puck’s, Finn’s, Kurt’s, Mr.Schue’s, even Sue’s folks… Let’s meet Rachel Berry’s dads! (I loved it in season 1 where Rachel told Shelby the thirsty analogy. So cute!). I also want to meet Artie’s folks, just because based on some of the stuff Artie has said, his dad seems so nice.

    I read something last season about David Allen Grier as Mercedes’s dad, a homeless guy… She said her dad was a dentist in Season one, so that doesn’t fit. She also said her mom said Quinn could live with them, and she has a brother. I’m curious about her family life. It would be awesome if Aretha popped up in a cameo as her grandma (would love.). That or Donna Summers (who I love).

  29. Suzanne says:

    Rachel parents need to be up first no doubt. I don’t buy this they are graduating but won’t leave the show.

    Finish up Rachel and Kurt and Finn story before going on to other peoples that most of the general public doesn’t care as much about.

    The are support character and can stay that way for a little longer.

    • Lucy says:

      Agreed. I will be so disappointed if Rachel and Co. are pushed to the back this season to make storylines for supporting characters such as Mercedes, Tina and Mike. I like Britney and Santana but I loved them when they were the cheerleaders with witty one liners, I dont want the writers to focus on their non existing relationship this season when they need to focus on the ones that are leaving.

  30. Hiram says:

    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,
    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,
    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,
    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,
    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,
    Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry, Mr and Mr Berry,

  31. BB_Baloo says:

    Less top 40, more oldies, there are sooo many good songs throughout the 60’s-70’s-80’s and 90’s… yes, I stopped listening to the radio after 2005.
    I dunno why but for Rachel’s dads I can picture STANFORD from Sex & the City + I honestly don’t know, but he can be quirky and funny and bitchy. He’d be adorable…

    But what we really need is for all the writing staff to hole up in a room and WATCH and LEARN from Season 1.
    That’s all we need.

  32. Raycho says:

    I am so annoyed at almost everything.
    Especially the Blaine/Klaine stuff. When Blaine first came into Glee I didn’t really mind. He wasn’t too boring and he could sing and was quite interesting for the Kurt story. BUT i really thought that he was a few episodes kinda character. Kurt changed so much for Blaine that he is no longer himself and it annoys the frick out of me.
    Blaine/Darren is only there cause he brings money. Glee is about undedogs but he isnt really an underdog. Yeah he is gay, but he isn’t struggling with it in any way and so I dont see how his storyline and the Klaine storyline helps people.
    I have talked to gay guys and they agree, they dont care about their storyline. The only people I know who like them are teenage girls cause they think Darren is super mega foxy awesome hot!!! And they think it is so adorable for two guys to make out etc.
    But that is not what Glee is about. Ryan Murphy has become fame and money obsessed and it pisses me off.
    I didn’t dislike Blaine until Kurt began chnaging for him. And now. Now i can not stand him and it is so annoying cause it seems he is going to be getting a hell of a lot of screen time. So much so that the original cast like Quinn and Tina will be getting even less screen time than usual. Which is so unfair.
    Oh and dont even get me started on Chord leaving and how sad that is and how it is Darren’s fault(not really-i have no issues with Darren. Just that becuase Blaine is Kurt’s bf when Sam was supposed to be, Chord isn’t ‘needed’ anymore)
    Sorry for the long ass rant that most people will not read or care about. Or will completely agree with. But i just had to let my frustrations out somewhere.

    • socksocksocksss says:

      the new directions are about underdogs. do you only notice that people in the new direction/ their school are the ones with the stereotype? Darren Criss has amazing talent and it would be stupid if they let him go for Kurt to be himself. He is breaking away from the stereo like the others in the new directions. it’s all about analyzing. and how is he getting screen time??? he only has two minutes per episode.

      • blaaaaaaaaah says:

        To me it didn’t really seem like Kurt changed for Blaine, more like he came out of his shell a bit and started showing some real emotions. It’s also very realistic to have people “change” for their love interests. We all reinvent ourselves for people we care about.

  33. jo says:


  34. Lena says:

    I would really like to see the writers becOme more inventive. I feel like they constantly resort to the same stereotypes and cliches. Why does Mercedes have to be with a big bubba type guy? And why the sassy black lady character all the time. I wish they would add more depth. That may legitimately be her character but the way it is portrayed is quite limited. The show is lacking realism, and sometimes the songs are just too much. I realize it’s about a glee club, but when you are writing for tv the songs need to serve the storyline. All in all, I’d give the show a C for the last season. There is potential there, but the writers seem to dance around it rather than delve into it.

    • Heather says:

      Agree, that they are steryotypical themselves. I’m not African American but I am sick of how blacks are portrayed on TV, loud and sassy. Maybe, that IS Mercedes with no pun intended, but she needs more depth. I don’t have a problem with realism on TV (it IS TV to be fair) and Glee is kinda in the middle of realism, sometimes they hit it out the park and sometimes its confusing. I think people take Glee to serious and fail to realize its more silly than real.

  35. kayla says:

    I’m soo mad sams going to be gone!! Booooooooo!!

  36. Jayne1955 says:

    If it’s true Terri’s not coming back, I’m in heaven. I like the actress but the character sucked. My guess it that Sam’s dad will just get a job and have to move away. Dying to see Shelby again…I like the chemistry between her and Will, especially if Holly’s not coming back. Season one I was a huge Emma fan, but she lost me with that whole stupid wedding thing.

    • July says:

      I would love to have Carl back. I know there’s no point after what Emma did to him, but it’s just that I love John Stamos so much!

  37. Angry Owl says:

    I still think Mercedes and Azimio (James Earl) would be a funny relationship. Especially if Mercedes wears the pants in the relationship.

  38. johnson emmanuel says:

    great word but hope to see enough competion between racheal and quinn

  39. Tracy says:

    I just finished reading the article and what most of you have to say, sums up how I feel! When Glee debuted, I was amazed by the show! The music was great, the plot was great, the one-liners were amazing…etc. Then season 2 premiered, I was disappointed and I stayed that way through much of the season. All the single artist episodes and complete lack of plot were horrendous…it was like watching a different show. I agree that RM needs to step back and hopefully, the show will get back what season 2 lost. And we definitely need Rachel’s dads on the show!!!!

  40. southern hemmy says:

    I want Quick to deal with giving up Beth! Two teenagers gave up a child and one of them wanted to keep her. And for the love of chemistry put Puck with someone else. I know Lauren is out of ND so can Puck please get a new girl friend? He and Mercedes had more chemistry than Lauren! PLEASE!

  41. Jade says:

    Rachel and kurt are two of the strongest singers in new directions, definatly stay! Finn and rachel, stayyyy togethheerr please :L kurt and blaine are lush together, if they broke up kurt would be lonely like before and sad :( i really want quinn to get a guy who is as manipulative as her so she gets a taste of what she did to finn!

  42. luisparaa says:

    What the duce no sam =( I love him he’s my justin bieber =) he can sing baby to me =( will he back soon ??

  43. Janice says:

    What is happening to Puck? No mention of him at him in any of the new story lines. And there have to be some new people since they need at least 12 kids to compete, don’t they?

  44. Dani says:

    Why no Artina? They have to have a reuninon at some point! Or else that would be sad. Although I think the storyline about Mike’s parents not wanting the path that he wants for his life is a really good idea. Plus I’m super excited that Idina Menzel is coming back and will really influence Quinn and Puck reuniting. I know everyone is sad about the whole ‘everyone’s graduating thing’ as am I, but I also think it’s going to give a lot of heart. Season 3 so far seems to be panning out pretty well.

  45. Ally says:

    The last Glee season was so disappointing. If that had been what the first season had been like I wouldn’t have watched it. I waited and waited for it to get better. The writers keep either getting rid of or ignoring the characters that they keep building up. Mercedes and Sam were just becoming an item and suddenly they’re not dating? The writers at least should have let them date for a few episodes into the next season and then let them break up. It seems to me that the writers need to take longer than an hour to write the episodes and look back at where they left off looking at the small details.

  46. Lynn says:

    The writers have held my interest so far…I’m going to sit back and watch and enjoy Season 3. I’ve liked all of the extras that are brought on the show…I’m glad to see that Darren Criss is going to be a regular — he’s a great singer and great for P.R. for the show. I hope he stays with the Warblers, too! Maybe it’s time he and Kurt move on and aren’t a couple.

    • Brandon inslee says:

      Umm that’s stupid to think that Blaine should move on those two inspired me with the real world and then it made me find out the bad stuff and broken hearts but I’m ok cause of them!! There would be no point of life of they didn’t do what they did on glee!

  47. Carolyn says:

    Kurt and Blaine saved the 2nd season of Glee. Without “Klaine”, I would have turned off the show. Darren and Chris are so great together. I’m not sorry to see Chord go. He was just one more person in the crowd and, frankly, didn’t add anything to the show. Sorry, he just wasn’t a compelling actor.

  48. Char says:

    ….what about Puckleberry? :)

  49. Selena says:

    Everybody calm your tits! We’re lucky they even took the time to give us this information. I, like most everyone here, am DYING to see the next season and am curious as to where the story lines will go. It seems a popular opinion here is that the show took a turn for the worst and I have to agree that the story arc that included “Blame it on the Alcohol” was painful the first time around (although I do admit to going back and trying to find Klaine flirting) but! I am so so so eager to see where my favorite TV show goes :) You don’t even know…my Tuesdays suck. My OPINION is that Klaine is the most legit couple on the show because they don’t flaunt their relationship but yet you can feel the intensity of it all. Prom Queen felt so intimate to me because Blaine didn’t leave Kurt’s side, and I think their kisses, hug, and hand holding was the most electric on the show by far. I would like to see some mild conflict in their relationship and I think this will come in due time. I know some other storylines on the show were neglected here, but I guess we just have to go along for the ride! I would love to see some more parents like all of you.

  50. Brandon inslee says:

    I’m a Brittany and Kurt and Santana fan if they Leave I don’t see a point in watching it anymore! If you know I they are or not leaving please comment!!