Glee's All-Time Best Finale: 'Don't Stop Believing' Vs. 'Unpretty/I Feel Pretty'

When the Glee All-Time Best Musical Number Bracket Tournament kicked off on June 30, we had 64 top-notch competitors entering’s candy-colored steel cage. Now, we’re down to just two.

Yes, folks, it’ll either be “Don’t Stop Believing” or the “Unpretty”/”I Feel Pretty” mashup that will earn bragging rights as the greatest song-and-dance number in the two-season history of Fox’s smash high-school dramedy. The choice is yours. Do you prefer the incredibly rousing New Directions number that started it all, or the affecting Season 2 duet that showed just how powerful a mashup can be?

Voting for the finals will last 72 hours. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorite, then hit the comments to justify your pick.

And if you’re interested in how we narrowed the field from 64 down to two finalists — click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed-in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Charlie says:

    Oh good God. When was the last time any of you had a date or any kind of sex that wasn’t with yourself? Seriously? It’s Saturday night and you morons are actually arguing and fighting over a TV show. Over fictional characters that can’t do anymore than what they are written to do. Vote for the song you like and enjoy. Not because one song represents the show more or because you ship on couple over another. Oh and seriously people, go out and have sex. Release some of this frustration you have because you people clearly need it.

  2. RG says:

    Wow, the poll just started and there’s already unnecessary comments about these wonderful actresses/actors. Maybe stop with the bashing and stick to voting for your favorite song, which is what this whole thing is about anyway.

  3. GR says:

    I feel like it’s Glee against Faberry and Faberry against Glee, and it shouldn’t be that way. The final poll should not have been an iconic song like DSB against IFP/U. Oh well.

    • theveiledfairy says:

      Actually, if you check around, you’ll find that IFP/U has topped many polls as the best song of season two. So really this is the best song of S1 versus the best song of S2.

      I could care less about Faberry and Finchel.

  4. Yuh says:

    I think “Dog Days Are Over” should have been a real contender. Amber and Jenna’s voice blended so well. And it really represents Glee, I mean the dog days are over, the glee club is here, come on, don’t tell me you can’t understand that! Plus, it was so well received they sang it on tour. And I think that Mercedes and Tina would make a really cool couple. I mean I see those stolen glances they steal at each other. I mean I know that Tina is with Mike and Mercedes is probably with Sam, but those relationships are SOOO unhealthy for them when you know Tina and Mercedes are in love with each other! Plus I’m pretty sure something is going on between Amber and Jenna, I mean they are always hugging and laughing at each other’s jokes. I know Jenna has a boyfriend, but he’s probably just a beard. And don’t call me delusional just because I don’t ship something that not canon okay!! And plus it’s not just Mercina shippers that bought “Dog Days Are Over,” everyone liked it!!! …………………………………………………………………………………………See how ridiculous it sounds?? (If you can’t tell I was making fun of a certain fandom that is touting one of the songs in this poll, then…)

    • cool story bro says:

      You sound absolutely childish.
      Thanks for being a shame for your part of the fandom and I, honestly, think it’s lovely how people can have their reasons to hate Faberry/Achele shippers based on some kind of stereotype that they invented by themselves, making assumptions on the people who ship Achele and Faberry, but I doubt any of you had actually met a person that does.

  5. Janet says:

    Well this is something I won’t miss next season when Finchel are gone.

    The Finchel shippers pestering everyone into realizing their ship is the best. When they probably had the worse reunion in television history.

    You only have one more year Finchel fans, so why not just shut up and let everyone have an opinion?

    • Huh says:

      I don’t see many Finchel fans on here, and the one or two that are fans are defending Faberry and the lazy song known as IFP/U. Finchel fans never complain or attack, because they have nothing to complain or attack about! Out all the fandoms, they are satisfied because they 1) EXIST and 2) Get plenty of love.

      No one really mentions Finchel because they are never heard from, its always Faberry and Klaine fans that need a reality check.

      • Mallory says:

        Why would Klaine fans need a reality check? That’s canon. It HAS happened on the show, just like Finchel.

        • Huh says:

          Klaine fans need a reality check because they tend to go overboard like Faberry, especially on ridiculous online polls like this one. They can’t be satisfied with being canon! They have to keep being heard! Also, I think Finchel will be satisfied to see the ratings go down after Rachel, Finn, (and Kurt, along with Puck and Quinn) leave after this season. It’ll be a victory to prove a point.

          • Mallory says:

            From my perspective and my experience, I would imagine Klaine fans being anxious about being heard because so many Gleeks make the entire show about Finchel. If you go to Watch with Kristin on EOnline, every single time they have posted anything about Glee, whether it be a recap or spoiler info, people have flooded the comments with “Not enough Finchel this episode!” or “give us some Finchel info!” or “OMG FINCHEL IS ENDGAME FINCHEL FINCHEL FINCHEL.” or…well you get my point. And a good deal of the blame can be put on the writers, they have made Lea/Rachel and Cory/Finn and their storyline(s) the main focus of the entire show, doing a huge disservice to all of the other extremely talented actors they have on their cast.

          • Huh says:

            That’s because the MAJORITY (not the minor amounts like on online polls) are really into Finchel. And more people actually love that pairing, than hate them. The writers try to accomodate that by causing all types of unnessecary drama with them, to keep people interested. Though SOME people may find Finchel boring, too much, or grating the MAJORITY (a big amount) love them. Majority over minority. And, Rachel is the main charactee, that was established since the Pilot so her problems and love interest are more mainly featured. Glee is not an ensemble cast (like Modern Family) it has a lead and show cases it. And the supporting cast on Glee besides Chris Colfer (and maybe Jenna U, saw her in Spring Awakening) aren’t that talented.

          • Mallory says:

            Really? Have you heard Amber Riley sing? Or Harry Shum dance? Those are just two examples of how wrong you are. And to be honest, the only people I’ve seen who hate Klaine are blatant homophobes.

          • Mallory says:

            Lest there be any confusion, that’s supposed to say “Or seen Harry Shum dance?”

          • money matters says:

            Amber can sing but her song don’t sell as well and harry can dance but dancing doesn’t sell well on itune either.

          • Mallory says:

            @money matters That has absolutely nothing to do with what Huh said. He/she said “And the supporting cast, except for Chris and Jenna, aren’t that talented.” He/she didn’t say no one else sells on iTunes.

          • Huh says:

            How talented is Amber to be booted from American Idol? She didn’t even make it past the producers table. Yeah, real singing chops. And she dosen’t sell well on Itunes and not one of her songs has place in the Top 20 or 30 on Billboard. Sales indicate how successful someone can be or is. Harry Shum Jr, just seems to twist his feet in circles half the time. He can dance, but its like he’s moving as a circus clown and hundreds of people can dance, so your agrument for him is nonexsistent. And I know alot of people including myself who are not homophobes but hate Klaine. And, Glee’s supporting cast really isnt as talented, as its lead or people who can actually act like Jane Lynch.

          • Mallory says:

            Regarding Amber, that’s a pathetic argument considering it happened almost a decade ago. She was SEVENTEEN when that happened, and anyone with an ounce of intelligence can figure out someone can fine tune their craft a LOT in that amount of time. Not to mention the fact that I have a friend who is a vocal coach for a living and tried out for AI, and she told me firsthand that she was denied because she didn’t “fit the part they were looking for.” So nice try.

          • Huh says:

            Its not a pathetic excuse its a VALID one, wasn’t Lea on Broadway since she was 8? Whats Amber’s excuse? Your saying Amber got rejected at the time because her vocal pipes weren’t there yet, which MEANS she wasn’t that good. How bad do you have to be to get rejected from AI? Your contradicting yourself. She’s not that talented, she’s on Glee to sing mainly R&B songs, you think she could stand up to the likes of Jill Scott and Jennifer Hudson. Funny cause I never see critics praise Amber, got any proof? It cute that you try to stick up for Amber, nice try.

  6. Mcq says:

    This is like sophie’s choice for me ’cause U/IFP is in all of my playlists,even when it’s nothing to do with it but every time I hear DSB I have a smile in my face.I decided to see what people had to say about the songs so it could help me make up my mind and what I see in the comments is hate and people that clearly don’t understand what glee is about.SHUT UP,PICK THE SONG YOU LIKE THE MOST AND STOP DEBATING WHICH SHIP IS CANON OR ENDGAME OR WHATEVER!!!

  7. BarbaraGleek says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty :D

  8. Mallory says:

    Right this second, it’s at an even 50-50. This is gonna be an interesting back-and-forth battle, that’s for sure.

  9. Chi says:

    Wow. really?

    Why do Finchel fans feel the need to say all Faberry fans are delusional? They’re FICTIONAL CHARACTERS. And if you get so worked up that you feel the need to put others down because they see romantic or friendship potential of two characters, and don’t like your ship, then you need to reevaluate your life.

    I’m pretty sure Glee was about acceptance. And bashing other people because they don’t like your ship is not acceptance. Just because people don’t see things they way you see things is no reason to be hurtful.

    So what if someone wants to ship Rachel/Beiste? Finn/Chairs? Puck/Carole? Quinn/Jewfro?

    Ship what you want to ship and let everyone else do the same. Nobody is delusional, nobody is crazy. It’s an opinion so LET. IT. GO.

    This poll isn’t about ships, or what song is “more Glee”, it’s about which song you like better. So let people choose what song they like better and quit bashing people, and get a life beyond putting others down to make yourself feel better.

  10. Jon says:

    Faberry fans I respect your choice of ship we have the freedom to like what we like, but I am curious what evidence is there than Quinn is gay or even bi? Thanks

    • squishy says:

      You know what’s weird? I actually could believe Quinn as a severely repressed lesbian. Obviously, that’s not the direction the writers are taking her character, but if at some point they DID reveal that, I could see things in retrospect making sense in that context (the porno pics on the bathroom wall, the weird sketch with the HEARTS??? that confused me).

      The bigger question I always want to ask Faberry shippers (who I have no hate for, BTW, most of you are lovely) is about Rachel. She’s not repressed about ANYTHING. She has two gay dads, so it seems unlikely she has any negative associations about being gay. She’s pretty much good with owning up to herself, so I have trouble believing she’s be in the closet. I just think if she were into girls, she’s be out about it. Just my opinion, though.

      I will say this: Faberry shippers are some of the most damn talented people on the internet. Four for you, Faberry shippers. Not all of us think you’re “delusional” or otherwise deficient. Please keep creating cool art.

      • thf says:

        It’s true it’s a bit harder with Rachel. One good theroy in the repressed pile is that Rachel doesn’t want to be a statistic for the gay parents raise gay kids argument. Living in a pretty small town in Ohio, she and her fathers have probably heard that one before. It would probably have been a relief when she started dating boys. It’s not hard to imagine that Rachel would try to ignore any other possiblity, if it meant shielding her fathers from scrutiny.

        Anyway, that’s just a possible. I don’t have a hard and fast headcanon for Rachel on this issue.

        • squishy says:

          Huh. That’s an interesting theory. Statistically (gosh, did I spell that right?), it would be pretty unlikely for the child of gay parents to also be gay though. I guess in a small town, though, people would have that ignorance/prejudice. I still think Rachel’s pretty self-aware and proud, and she’s shown she doesn’t really care what others think, but I’ll grant that sexuality is tricky so maybe she has a blind spot there. Anyway, sincere thanks for venturing an answer to my wondering.

      • Noah says:

        For Rachel being gay, I don’t think she’s GAY specifically, but I do think since she has called Quinn pretty a bajillion times, if Quinn did come out and reveal her undying love for Rachel (which is there ;) lol), Rachel would probably give her a try if she was single.

        • not chalrie says:

          She only calls Quinn pretty because she is insecure in her looks. Mostly becasue the boy she likes goes for Quinn. And really besides being pretty there is not reason for Finn to like her. She is usually a jerk to him.
          So Rachel can’t find another reason for him to like her.

      • Caleb says:

        I agree about both Rachel and Quinn to a degree. Quinn EASILY fits the severely repressed lesbian type. She’s practically a cut-out, honestly. Unintentional on the writer’s part, I’m sure, but I knew plenty of girls like her in high school who had boyfriend after boyfriend and are now strictly lez. If anything, if Quinn was a real person I’d be honestly surprised if she actually does turn out straight in the long run.

        As for Rachel, while she could plausibly have feelings for Quinn (which she, understandably so, would assume are not being reciprocated) it does seem more likely that she’s not into her. HOWEVER, I think it is important to note how much crap she already gets, especially masculine/trans related insults. Imagine how much more ammo people like Quinn and Santana would have if they knew Rachel was into girls. If Rachel is bi, or even just open to the possibility but is only currently interested in boys, coming out about that would likely only cause her more problems and provide no benefit.

        Then again, I do know girls who thought they were straight and ended up in a lesbian relationship, sometimes it’s all about meeting the right person. I think Faberry is a very plausible ship, DEFINITELY not going to be canon but in theory it could happen.

    • AnotherGleek says:

      Yeah! Quinn is soo gay! (that’s why I love her)
      I love FABERRY!

  11. Ayee says:

    “They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but aren’t those words subject to the eye of the beholder? And who is the viewer to say that their perspective is the right one? Opinions, opinions, opinions…. ”

    —Dianna Agron

    In this case, it’s in the eyes and ears of the beholders. Vote for the one you like and move on!

  12. Grazy says:
    That’s enough for me to think that Quinn isn’t that straight,but you have to be up to read it and to be open minded.
    I’m pretty sure I’m gonna regret posting this…

    • thf says:

      Hey Grazy. I was just about to post that myself! Ya beat me to it.

      And yes, the haters are gonna call us delusional.

      It’s crazy. I’ve shipped a lot of femslash over the years, and I’ve never seen anything like the hate for it in the Glee fandom.

      • Idi says:

        I don’t mean this in a harsh way, but I think it’s because the Faberry shippers have started to take themselves too seriously.

        • thf says:

          Yeah, yeah. It’s the Faberry shippers fault other members of fandom can’t act with a modicum of maturity.


        • B says:

          So.. when we’re joking around we’re delusional and our ship makes no sense, but when we show actual reasons for shipping it we’re taking ourselves too seriously?

          It’s not our fault that the fandom can’t just let us have our ship without acting like we’re a threat to them or something.

          If we’re so delusional what do they have to be worried about?

    • whatever says:

      I’ve read that and 90% is stretching. Just like most ships if you try hard enough you can twist things in your favor. I mean really Achele shippers twisted Lea asking Dianna if she wanted salad into evidence that their ship has meaning.

      And as mentioned the only thing Rachel has even does is she is
      pretty and that is mostly becasue the boy she likes keep going back to her and the only reason that make sense to Rachel why Finn would like Quinn over her is her looks.

      So even if Quinn is repressed Rachel is not so it is all pretty moot.

  13. toodles says:

    Wow, tough choice! Since I don’t “ship” anything, I’m not sure what to make of all these comments, but I can understand those who are having a difficult time deciding. Ultimately, though I think DSB is awesome as the theme for the show, I really like whole concept of Unpretty. Two enemies/rivals (enemies is probably way too harsh a word for high school girls) singing together, so poignantly, over something it turns out they have in common? Pretty much represents what this show is about. We ALL have those insecurities…even if you think others don’t. Good on you, Glee.

  14. Ooles says:

    I like how Faberry shippers are all like “Don’t hate me for my opinion” but then go right back around and start hating on Finchel shippers for their opinions. Wow.

  15. Jill says:

    I quite honestly couldn’t care less about Quinn/Rachel or their shippers. But when Faberry shippers start unreasonably attacking Finn I get mad, especially because Quinn is no white horse either.

    • bagga says:

      I think it’s mostly defensive. Not pointing at you specifically, but a lot of Finchel shippers get really personal and mean about DIANNA (not QUINN, which is highly unfair IMHO) and Finn is the easier target than Rachel since she’s part of their ship too.

      The Dianna bashing really does bug. She’s not a character, she’s a real person. I think we can all be better than to anonymously hate on an actual person doing her job, can’t we?

      • gleek says:

        Thank you! I’ve met Dianna and she is honestly one of the sweetest people I have ever met, so those comments on the first page really pissed me off. Hate the character not the actor.

  16. LittleRidingHood says:

    I Feel Pretty / Unpretty!!!

  17. BarbaraGleek says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty is the best song ever! :D
    Faberry is the best ship in the world!

  18. Andisnotforadults says:

    TBH, the only couple I’ve ever liked on Glee was Will and Emma. Because the rest…are high school relationships. Pointless to invest yourself in those. So where’s the Wemma love?? Why couldn’t I vote for Wemma???

    Oh…because the poll is about songs, not ships? Oh. They should have, like, typed that somewhere in the description of the poll. Mark me down for Unpretty. Because it was actually musically interesting and a surprising matchup.

    • Hannah says:

      Agree with your comment on Wemma, I don’t care about any of the kids especially Finn and Rachel. Im so ready for them to leave and take their annoying Finchel fans with them who think they’re the show.

      Obviously not if they’re taking them out.;) My favorite characters are Will,Emma,Sue,and Santana.

      • Yolly says:

        You seriously think anyone who has an IQ over 65 is going to watch Glee anymore after Rachel and Finn graudate? Rachel is kinda a reason why some people stuck around this season. So Finnchel fans will be leaving and taking viewership with them and moving on to better shows like The Big Bang Theory.

    • Gug says:

      Finn/Rachel is the high school version of Will/Emma.

      • Hannah says:

        Except Will/Emma are not rushing their relationship unlike Finn/Rachel. Finn and Rachel’s reunion in the finale was probably one of the worse I have seen in the history of television.

  19. Hmm says:

    LOL. Anyone else think these pages of comments are really just one angry Finchel fan and one angry Faberry fan pretending to be 200 different people so they can snipe at each other over fictional characters?

    Just me? K.

    I voted IFP/UP because I like Lea Michele’s voice best when she does the soft/sensitive thing.

  20. hatethisfandom says:

    This fandom is full of idiots. I don’t even know how IFP/U made it this far. All I see is people picking autotune over classics, must be Justin Bieber fans eh? Well I guess I shouldn’t be surprised with whats popular out in the real life, that autotune is winning this poll as best glee song over an AMAZING classic Glee song which was the reason for ALL OF YOU to even get into Glee. Lea’s voice in DSB = breathtaking, sends me chills. Lea’s voice in IFP/U = monotone. You’re all ridiculous. The mash up and arrangement is good but just listen to the friggen vocals and stop voting for autotune.

  21. Baylee says:

    This is NOT a ship poll, guys. How could you even think to vote for IFU/U?! DSB is GLEE. IT’S THE SONG THAT STARTED THE SHOW! It’s the song that plays whenever glee wins at an award show. It IS GLEE. I can’t believe this fandom. I’m disappointed. This is sad.

    • Jack says:

      If you would read the comments, you would see that not everyone who voted for IFU/U did so because they like Quinn & Rachel together. Many of us just like the song better. Other opinions exist; no need to take it personal and be disappointed/sad, kiddo.

  22. Will Schuester says:

    Finchel vs. Faberry
    Round 1………… FIGHT

  23. rica says:

    wow, so easy to flame because we’re all anonymous right? jeez.

  24. itsjustme says:

    IFP/U because it’s easier for me to sing in the shower. I never memorized the lyrics for DSB so after I’m done singing the chorus I just go silent. Lol, not really. I have a better reason, but why the heck would I say it. I just like one better than the other. The End.

  25. Syche says:

    DSB gets my vote and a permanent place in my heart. Love that first performance, and the one at regionals! Also, just my opinion, but everyone is taking this a little personally. Faberry takes some imagination to see. Good for them. You know what else takes imagination? Believing Finn has anywhere near enough musical knowledge to write “Pretending”. Or, for that matter, that the Glee club could arrive at Nationals not only unrehearsed but WITHOUT A SONG EVEN FRACKING WRITTEN and hope to place. It’s TV people. Suspending your disbelief won’t hurt you, Aunty Tana promises.

  26. Wandoola says:

    Seriously, guys, how old are you ? You need to understand that everyone has their own opinion. It’s also not about the ship, so just vote for which you prefer and stop accusing that ship or that ship, because you might be right, but you have actually no proof. The hate causes the hate, and the comments here show that. It’s pointless to argue (here at least) because you all are taking things too much seriously and it looks like a big conversation between deafs. Also, by reading all these comments and the comments on the previous polls, let’s me just say that I’ve lost a little faith in the fandom and I’m wondering now if it’s the same in actually all the fandom or if here are just some bunch of guys who are specific and if it will be like that until the end. Please stop arguing if you’re not able to respect each other. Just vote for which song you prefer and wait for the results. If DSB wins, let it be. If IFP/U wins, let it be. It will not change your lives and I hope your love (or hate ??) for Glee. Sorry for that long comment, but I just… I needed to write something.

    • Boredoflife says:

      It’s the same people, over and over, I promise. A few bad apples can ruin the whole bunch. Most Finchel shippers and Faberry shippers can totally party together without scratching each other’s eyes out. Don’t lose faith in the fandom…just love the quiet ones best :-)

  27. musicguyguy says:


  28. ltrasco says:

    i voted for i feel pretty/ unpretty simply because its unique…i honestly dont know that its a mash up..the way it is arrange and sung by lea and dianna..i honestly thought its just one song…they mixed it perfectly and that for me makes it worth voting even though dont stop believing started glee..maybe in a different poll like “what song best represent glee?” this is a sure fire to DROMP…

    and please stop hating dianna just because of her acting or anything..just hate the character…not the actor if you really like it…

  29. BeeStack says:



    Bee & Short Stack

    (Yes, I did vote for IFP/U)

  30. poop says:

    you guys are ridiculous. go read Should Have Asked for Directions then argue

  31. Noah says:

    I’m not gonna vote. I love both songs, but between my allegiance to tradition (DSB) and Faberry (IFP/U) I cannot decide.

    On top of that, all the commenters are dicks. Dianna Agron’s not autotuned, original DSB > Regionals, Stop the inter-fandom fighting, Lea Michele is the best.

    Love glee ♥

    • ironylovesyou says:

      Calling all the commenters dicks = interesting way to make that point. Irony hugs you and wants to adopt your children.

      • Noah says:

        Yes. I would have made a paradox if I did it in a less than dicklike fashion, as I too am a commenter.
        I don’t have any children…

      • Caleb says:

        You should probably invest in a dictionary or take an English class, as you seem to have no clue how irony works. None4u, Alanis Morissette.

  32. Smiteith says:

    Jenna Ushkowitz said that I Feel Pretty/Unpretty was her favorite mashup and one of her favorite songs that the show has ever done. Does that mean she’s giant Faberry stan? It got fantastic reviews in all the episode recaps, got quite high in the download charts, and a lot of people from all ships said how much they loved it.

    No, I don’t think it should win, but at least I accept that it’s not solely the “fault” of those Faberry fans that the song got through to the last round. We Klainers couldn’t get Teenage Dream through and there’s a lot more of us then there are Faberry fans. A lot of people just really like the song.

  33. Dani says:

    I loved DSB when it first came out, I played it over and over but now I’m sick of it.

    U/IFP was a breath of fresh air, it was something different and unexpected. Who would’ve thought that a acoustic mash-up of an R&B song and an old Broadway classic sung by Lea and Dianna would work as well as it did?

    DSB was just an (albiet good) cover of the original, U/IFP is an original and that’s why I voted for it.

  34. mal says:

    Wow, this is better then the Super Bowl. Unpretty/I Feel Pretty!

  35. Hiram says:

    Poor Lea just doing her job and get stuck in the middle of all these ship.

    Maybe if she wasn’t so damn good none of this would be a problem.

  36. Jack S says:

    As I’ve said many times, I’m not a big fan of DSB. ‘I Feel Pretty/Unpretty’ is one of the best things Glee have ever done, I think the two songs are mashed together very well, the two voices go very well together, it was a very nice moment in what is my favourite Glee episode.

    Go IFP/U :D :D

  37. Lia says:

    Are you kidding? DSB is the song! IS glee club. it’s where everything started. for all of us.

  38. Catty says:

    Okay, can we please stop fighting? This is about the songs, not about the ships/characters/episodes/seasons that they relate to. All I see in the comments is silly quarrelling about the actors and the the stunts they pull, and that shouldn’t have anything to do with how you vote. The things people are saying on here is disgusting. Do you not watch the show? f you do, then I think you’re missing the point. Glee is about accepting people, and here you are saying “How nasally Dianna’s voice is.” You may not be aware, but what you are doing is cyberbullying, even though you are talking about celebrities, the things you are saying still hurt. Personally, I hope to God that none of the cast see this poll, or even know it exists, because if I were a cast member, and I read the comments, I would feel like I had failed my fans. I’d feel like the fans were not taking the right idea from the show, and I’d be extremely disappointed in all of you. Shame on you.

    • Jessica says:

      Extra cookie points for you!
      THAT! All the frickin’ awards!

      • Catty says:

        I love this fandom to bits, but sometimes people just blow things way out of proportion, especially when it comes to ships, anf specifically when it comes to Finchel Vs. Fuinn. Vs. Faberry and Hevans Vs. Klaine Vs. Kurtofsky. This fandom, at its highs, is one of the best fandoms to be in, and it has made me proud on countless occasions, but at its lows, this fandom is dispicable, and has left me ashamed to call myself part of it on countless occasions.

  39. Shalala says:

    Good on you, IFP/Unpretty for making it this far. Deserves to be here – one of the few songs in S2 I actually liked and didn’t find to be a crappy attempt to make it to iTunes top.

    But DSB… I just… Can’t… choose.

  40. Claudia says:

    are you kidding with me? don´t stop believin the heart of Glee:) of course I voted DSB forever

  41. LC says:

    The Faberry stans are really ruining this poll for me.

    It is what it is though. And after Glee is over, DSB will always be remembered as the most memorable performance on Glee.

  42. behappy says:

    FYI, not all glee fans became a fan because of DSB. I for one don’t care for DSB. I remember watching the performance but did nothing to me. It’s just a good cover of a song w/ an added “duh duh duh”. But when I heard Somebody to love that’s when everything change. That what makes me a certified gleek. When I watch the performance I felt goosebumps. I can’t described my feelings watching it. Then season 2 came, then came the downhill. Bad bad song choices, poor quality covers, bad writing etc, I was really disappointed, then came the mash-up. It was out of nowhere. I remembered watching the episode then the duet happened. I was like holy crap…is this real life? Never in a million episodes I thought of a duet between these two. I was really surprised… it was elegant. And I was really moved by the duet. The arrangement is so pleasant and beautiful. I was surprised when I searched the song, and found out that it’s a mash-up of two different songs. Kudos to Adam on this one. The voices are wonderful and the scene is so heartbreaking. I really love the simplicity of the duet. And in my opinion it was the best Lea and Dianna had ever sounded. Don’t get me wrong I love Lea’s powerful voice(DROMP) but Lea’s voice in the duet really gets through. I love the soft sounding of it. And Dianna’s voice in this duet is so delicate and sweet and more Dianna-like not Quinn-like.Ya know what I mean, it’s not high pitched like her songs before…it’s just her natural sounding. It made me giggle to be honest and to think I’m not a fan of her voice before. The song has conveyed a great message of acceptance. Well both songs actually, DSB about don’t ever stop believing and reaching goals. To make things short: if STL would replace DSB for the finals and compete with IFP/U, I would have a very difficult time on voting because those two are my favorite songs. But for now…I voted for IFP/U.

  43. R.A.B says:

    I was surprised to see that there are people who actually dislike Quinn. Frankly, I thought she went through some interesting, though not enough, character growth and has shown to be quite the character if one would step back and look.

    But I digress.

  44. Anon says:


    Hey, so… whats with the hating on Dianna, Lea, and Cory? I think you guys are being seriously childish about their characters and singing abilities. So what if Dianna’s not the strongest singer, who cares if Lea’s character gets all the solos, and Finn isn’t really as awful as he’s made out to be… just sayin’ :/

  45. Dax says:

    The fact that “Don’t Rain on my Parade” isn’t in the final just proves this whole contest is a joke.

  46. J in UK says:

    My ship does not affect my opinion.

    Preach. What’s with all the Faberry hate? I don’t ship it, but heck, I don’t ship Finchel or Klaine or majority of the canon couples. Who are they hurting by shipping it? Calm down, people.

    Also, Dianna’s voice is actually lovely in this so stfu.

  47. J. says:


    It’s a poll about what song you prefer. Leave the Faberry hate at the door.
    And stop using “DSB defines Glee.” as an excuse because urgh, shut up. This is about what you PREFER. Like, opinion?

    You haters seem to have enough of them so I know you’re familiar with the concept. Ok, now that you’re nice and calm.. And listen close ’cause I’ll only say it once..

    This is a poll based on opinion. About a song. Stop bashing the actors and stop bashing others in the fandom.

    I ship Faberry, but I voted for IFP/U because ~I~ preferred the sound of it. So gtfo and stfu. Jenna Ush agrees with me.

    • Paris says:

      I love how you save that its your opinion and yet you can’t accept other people’s opinions that dsb defines glee. The hypocrisy is amusing in this comment.

      • J. says:

        Read it more carefully and I didn’t disagree with that statement. Whether I agreed or not wasn’t stated.

        I said to stop using it as an excuse for voting DSB. It demeans the song and makes it sound like they’re only voting for it out of some misguided sense of obligation to the show’s defining song.

        This poll is about which song people prefer. What they enjoyed listening to the most.

        Sorry, but it’s looking like IFP/U is that song in this case. It’s never going to be a truly representative view anyway so it’s just a bit of fun. People need to calm down and stop with the bashing. It’s unnecessary and petulant.

        No hypocrisy here.

  48. noah says:

    if the DSP was the regionals version, I would’ve vote for it, coz all of ND’s members had participated in it, but it’s the pilot one, where only Finn and Rachel sang, so my vote goes to PUP

  49. jo says:

    My vote goes to DSB

  50. who cares says: