Glee's All-Time Best Finale: 'Don't Stop Believing' Vs. 'Unpretty/I Feel Pretty'

When the Glee All-Time Best Musical Number Bracket Tournament kicked off on June 30, we had 64 top-notch competitors entering’s candy-colored steel cage. Now, we’re down to just two.

Yes, folks, it’ll either be “Don’t Stop Believing” or the “Unpretty”/”I Feel Pretty” mashup that will earn bragging rights as the greatest song-and-dance number in the two-season history of Fox’s smash high-school dramedy. The choice is yours. Do you prefer the incredibly rousing New Directions number that started it all, or the affecting Season 2 duet that showed just how powerful a mashup can be?

Voting for the finals will last 72 hours. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorite, then hit the comments to justify your pick.

And if you’re interested in how we narrowed the field from 64 down to two finalists — click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed-in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Lacy says:

    I feel pretty/unpretty. Makes me want to cry and smile at the same time.

  2. hello says:

    this isn’t about what song best represents Glee, it’s about which musical number was the best. i love Don’t Stop Believin’, but as far as which song is a better musical number, i vote I Feel Pretty/Unpretty without a doubt.

    • thisiswhyyoustayinschool says:

      Bless this post. It seems as though reading comprehension is a skill many voters here lack. This poll isn’t about ships or actors or whatever other ridiculous things people are spewing on about, it’s about which song is the best. And at the end of the day, IFP/U is obviously the best. Just look at the numbers.

  3. thf says:

    The whole, ‘DSB is Glee’ argument isn’t a bad one. Even though the Faberry Mashup is my favorite Glee song, I was tempted to vote DBS because of what it means to the show. Also, I prefer the Pilot version to the Regionals one.

    But, alas, then I read the comments. All the Faberry hate is crazy over the top. You’d think Faberry shippers killed people’s families or something.

    So, I’m voting for the Mashup. Faberry is my ship. Haters gonna hate. And be asshats on internet polls, apparently.

    • Anon says:

      agreed.all this hate is doing nothing but isolating faberry shippers. so if you all think we’re that bad then wth im gonna vote and dgaf

  4. jill says:

    oh come on! how in the world are these two songs even close?? although DSB may not be the BEST glee song ever, it is the song that made glee. and on the show it was so powerful, with will walking into the auditorium and the original six members singing it. it was so simple yet moving. that was just classic television right there. lets go ppl vote for DSB!

  5. Chrissy says:

    Dont Stop Believing = Glee.

  6. Bananarama says:

    I just think that the all-time best should go to something that’s stood the test of time, is all.

  7. Anon says:

    I didn’t think that Cory/Finn was all that good in the first version of DSB, he couldn’t (can’t) keep up with Lea/Rachel vocally.

    Maybe Dianna and Lea’s voices clash, but I think it’s that what makes it sound so beautiful and awesome.

    Also, DSB is overplayed and IFP/U is a mashup that you can only hear on Glee.

    I would have considered DSB if it was the regionals(? I don’t even remember) version.

    • phylosaccount says:

      So what you’re saying is that DSB and IFP/U have exactly the same problem (the other singer can’t for the life of his/her keep up with Lea vocally) but you say that for Cory that’s a bad thing but for Dianna it’s beautiful and awesome. And yet the faberry shippers say that they are not biased…

  8. A says:

    Why isn’t there a Kurt/Rachel duet in this anyway? Best duets ever.

    (IFP/U is awesome though)

  9. kate says:

    Poor delusional Faberry shippers who can’t get their fix on the show itself. They have to resort to obsessing on irrelevant internet polls like this to validate their non-existent ship.

    Let them win their stupid internet poll. It won’t change anything.

    • sophie says:

      if we’re so delusional, how can we get our fix on the show? according to you, there is no such thing as faberry, aka it doesn’t exist. so tell me, kate, how are we supposed to get our faberry if there is no faberry to get?

    • B says:

      Don’t worry about us, we get our fix from the best fanfiction writers in the fandom.

    • BarbaraGleek says:

      I LOVE FABERRY! and I’m happy to be a Faberry Shipper!

    • Audrey says:

      I’d like to point out that the song itself is beautiful, and I do like it a lot better than Don’t Stop Believing. I stopped liking DSB before I ever considered the validity of Faberry as a ship. Which it does have, I’d like to point out, but that’s an entirely different rant.

      My ships do not define my opinion.

  10. Lily says:

    I always thought Teenage Dream was the most overrated song from season 2 but it seems that Unpretty/Pretty mashup is the winner of that competition. It was a good cover but it didn’t blow me away or affect me emotionally like some people. I am tired of glee of forcing down the message that everyone is perfect the way they are. How many episodes do u need about that? Unpretty/Pretty was a pretty song but a little bit fluffy for me.

    • yep says:

      completely agree. i do not understand the obsession with this song. i mean it was fine, but not spectacular. there are many more glee songs that have been incorporated in the show more creatively and have had a more emotional effect

      • Tootz says:

        PREACH!!! I thought the performances of ‘Born This Way’ and ‘As If We Never Said Goodbye’ in the same episode was far more emotive (and others in other episodes have been even more so). IFP/U is totally overrated.

    • somuchtruth says:

      I love you post maker

  11. Just stop hating people says:

    A performance is all about the message and feelings it gets across. Vocals and choreography is important, but the message of the song is what defines the greatness of a performance. DSB was great and started the show and all, but it’s been a bit overrated. It’s an amazing song with an amazing message, but Glee is all about acceptance. And if I get technical with this, IFP/U was a harder arrangement because of the harmonies. DSB is one of the easiest songs to sing because it’s harmonies are pretty basic, while the mash-up’s harmonies are a bit more complicated. And also the message of IFP/U is more powerful than DSB and Lea and Dianna were simply amazing. They are both wonderful singers so stop hating on Dianna. So my vote, after applying logical music theory to this and considering the message of each song, is for “I Feel Pretty / Unpretty”.
    Bitter Finchel/Quick/any other shippers who always attack the Faberry shippers without a legitimate reason, need to stop because it is hipocritical. If you are a TRUE Glee fan, then you would be OPEN MINDED AND RESPECTFUL to others.
    Take your close minded, childish, HURTFUL, and USELESS hate somewhere else because it’s y’alls fault that the arguments start

    • Riley says:

      A valid reason for dissing Faberry shippers is because most of you are delusional, and are really creepy for shipping something that can never be, and some of you are so adament about it. Your just like Brittana and Faberry shippers, they think one song can make a couple that is not a couple! And enouh with if your the Glee fan you accept ppl. Bull, if you cant take it then dont dish it.

      • Linda says:

        Please learn to spell before you bash. And are you serious? Brittana? That’s an actual canon ship. Do some research before you dish.

      • B says:

        Delusional, that’s a new one.

        I am in no way delusional, I am very aware that my ship will never be canon. That doesn’t mean it couldn’t work, however, if given the chance.

        What’s delusional is you thinking people actually care about what you have to say.

        Also Brittana is canon, get it right.

      • J says:

        “A valid reason for dissing Faberry shippers is because most of you are delusional, and are really creepy for shipping something that can never be, and some of you are so adament about it. Your just like Brittana and Faberry shippers”

        Don’t you hate it when Faberry shippers get accused of being just like those darn Faberry shippers?

      • Mel says:

        Wait. I thought we were talking about two songs, not two ships… I think that the wrong here it’s you.

    • lol says:

      Dianna sucks. Kind of a lot. And really,if you want people to stop hating on belovedly beige/basic/mediocre fave, stop cheating yourselves into unearned victories and people will have no need to get angry.

      • Clarce says:

        Well, that made sense.

      • Interesting. says:

        Matter of personal preference, you silly human being. It’s a poll. If it wins, it’s automatically an earned victory, considering majority rules.

        • Jack says:

          Not when the majority is the same few people who apparently have no lives and can spend hours voting over and over like it effing matters in the end.

          • B says:

            If it doesn’t matter why are you here bitching about it?

          • Interesting. says:

            And I suppose you know everyone who’s voting? Quit generalizing. There are people like that in every section of this blasted fandom, be it Finchel, or Klaine, or Faberry, or Kum, or whatever other ship you’d like to name. A few people might get carried away, but not everyone is like that.

          • Linda says:

            You are aware you can only vote once, right? Unless you have multiple computers, but if you try to vote again, it won’t allow you to. Don’t just state something that you don’t even know if it’s true or not.

          • Nope says:

            Nope I’ve seen the shippers telling people how to clear their browsers so they can vote as many times as they want. Truth.

          • Interesting. says:

            Truly? I haven’t heard of this…

      • Anon says:

        Unearned victories?seriously…its about having an opinion! stop the hate by having none? no thanks. we don’t hate anybody here. you guys started the hate towards faberry shippers. You need to back off.

      • Gleek says:

        No need to speak about Dianna like that. Or anyone else for that matter. I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions but when you start bashing people (and someone who is a really nice person at that) then I think there’s something not right about it. My suggestion, keep those comments and opinions to yourself and stick to voting.

      • Maa says:

        WOW, this made soo much sense. So, we’re supposed to just shut up and let y’all finchel/quick/whatever shippers rule the world, that’s it?

        Also, how can it be an unearned victory? It’s a poll, it asks for the popular opinion. If IFP/U wins, it’s completely fair.

        And people actually get ANGRY because we’ve got a different opinion on freaking TV characters? GET A LIFE.

        And I’m not even gonna comment on your ‘Dianna sucks’ comment. Honestly, ppl who waste time hating on goddamn glee fandoms shouldn’t even be allowed to use the internet.

    • sophie says:

      preach, my friend!!!

  12. Clarce says:

    Stop being butthurt that IFP/U is actually close to winning the poll, and then blame the Faberry shippers. It saddens me.

  13. Tally says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty. Amazing.

  14. fhdf says:

    You are all really rude.

  15. sophie says:

    okay, everyone needs to leave their ships at the door and their ignorance in the trash. this is ridiculous. vote for the song you think is the best, which is what the competition is about, not who is going to end up with whom eventually (and, oh by the way, finn and rachel will not be together at the end of the season/series according to the people who actually write it).

    the best song of the series has to be i feel pretty/unpretty. no getting around it, no “which song is more glee” or whatever. best vocals, best story, and best music. i love dsb as much as the next person, but if we were going to go with “show anthems” then y’all should’ve kept somebody to love in the running. ifp/u stands out. ifp/u makes a point. ifp/u takes two voices on opposite ends of the spectrum and makes them work beautifully together. ifp/u talks about belonging and struggling with the way you look and looking beautiful but not feeling beautiful. ifp/u is the best song of the series, hands down.

    • Huggable says:

      There are so many better Glee covers than IFP/U it’s laugable. Faberry shippers are just lucky it got paired with easy competitors in the polls.

      • Tootz says:

        So agree Huggable, the only reason people are so bonkers for IFP/U is because it’s recent. It was a nice mashup but hardly groundbreaking. It’s a shame it seems to be about avid fans favourite pairings/characters rather than epic performances.

        • sophie says:

          whoa, tootz bambada. i voted for it because it was an epic performance to me. go be irrelevant elsewhere, please.

          • Tootz says:

            We clearly have different definitions of what’s ‘epic’. Whiel you’re of course entitled to find IFP/U epic it is clear what is more epic (and I don’t find DSB to be the best Glee song or the most epic performance, merely it is in this poll of the two).
            Why don’t YOU go take your own advice. Cos we disagree I have to abandon my right to express an opinion?! Sorry but no.
            I think a song that hooked the vast majority of Glee fans and got them into the show in the first place, that is STILL iconic to this day and emotes millions of fans STILL is slightly more ‘epic’ than a song most people couldn’t remember (seriously, most Glee audience members who are not part of the obscure Faberry ship, and even though it’s fine to ship whatever you like you have to admit Faberry is a bit out there and highly unlikely to even slightly come true, I doubt would even be able to remember what episode the song was in). The fans who tend to remember it the best are these Faberry shippers who really need to read back their posts, they are doing themselves no favours in their arguments (hint: if you don’t want to seem biased because of your ship of choice, simply use the ‘musical taste is subjective’ argument rather than the frankly unbelievable ‘it’s the most emotive song on Glee EVER’ one that is fooling no-one, neither Lea or Dianna is putting in their best vocal performance in that song).

      • sophie says:

        for someone who’s handle is “huggable”, i really just want to punch you in the face. get off my comment and go be an asshat somewhere else.

      • Marcela says:

        of course. because Don’t Rain On My Parade sucks, right?

    • phylosaccount says:

      you ruined the beginning of your post (“everyone nees to leave their ships at the door…”) at saying that I feel pretty/unpretty has to be the best song of the series (Bwahahahahahaha). The song that could carry that title (from a technical vocal/performance standpoint) would be Don’t Rain on My Parade. Fact, not opinion. And from these two DSB is better. And I don’t ship anyone with anyone.

  16. pbf says:

    How about that season 3, eh?

    • thf says:

      Yeah, Brad tweeted that they were writing Quinn/Rachel the other day. So I’m pretty excited.

      *wait to be eviserated by haters*

      • pbf says:

        I’m excited to see where the season’s going to go. With certain cast members for sure having an expiration date for the show, I’m interested to see how they handle certain storylines. I’m mildly hopeful but mostly intrigued.

      • Interesting. says:

        Just ignore the haters. You know they’re just hypocritical, self-absorbed prats who can’t accept opinions that differ from theirs, even though this show is about acceptance.

      • surroundedbydelusions says:

        yeah and of course their scenes will be romantic, not fighting over finn or anything

  17. Marianne says:

    Don’t Stop Believin IS GLEE! Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong. FACT!

    • Linda says:

      I wasn’t aware that we weren’t allowed to have opinions.

    • ellie says:

      Actually, Glee is Glee. Don’t Stop Believing is Don’t Stop Believing. That would be two facts right there, and your statement would be an opinion. Perhaps a very strong opinion, that some people, perhaps even a majority, might agree with, but an opinion nonetheless.

      • janeyb says:

        agree w/marianne.

        IFP/U is nice, but if they never made DSB in the pilot, the show would have never gotten anywhere. That song alone sold MANY people, industry and fans alike, on Glee.

        I’m gonna throw it out there… FACT. lol

  18. Miah says:

    DSB? obviously. vs. IFP/U? huh?!?!?! i’m confused, and why does it have so many votes already? it is nice and pleasant, DSB is iconic, epic and defines glee. also, the original DSB poops on the regionals one.

  19. ST says:

    It’s not about what song is Glee, it’s about the best song, musically.
    The way IFP/U was mashed-up was amazing. Therefore it is the better song musically. Yes DSB holds a special place in Gleek’s hearts as it is THAT song, but in terms of musicality IFP/U deserves the win.

  20. Tootz says:

    ‘Jump’ should have been in the finals. Using Amber Riley’s voice to imitate Van Halen on electric guitar was inspired, quite possibly the most inventive use of music composing on the show. People forget it cos it was so long ago, a shame really cos most of the recent stuff pales in comparison.

  21. Jenn says:

    Why is it that every time I go into a post about Glee, the comments are filled with people sniping at each other? It doesn’t even appear to be a ship war since it’s not limited to Faberry. Is there just a subset of this fandom that hates anything that isn’t a) canon and b) pertaining to season 1? People are allowed to dislike whatever they want. But the amount of hate spewed in these threads by some people is completely over the top.

    I voted IFP/U. Why? Because I like it more. Yes, that’s right: I could not care less about DSB. I see where someone would vote for it because it is nostalgic. But personally, I’m apathetic and find it to be a pleasant enough but subpar cover. I’ve never even considered reading something with Faberry, let alone shipping it.

    • Chris says:

      “Is there just a subset of this fandom that hates anything that isn’t a) canon?”

      Yes, they’re called Finchel stans who feel they’re well within their rights to spew vitriolic hate at every other Rachel ship because their ship is canon and endgame and every other ship is simply the product of delusional shippers insane imaginations. They’re a fun bunch, especially when they’re sending death threats to the writers and actors for daring to break Finchel up.

  22. sophie says:

    ugh, you know what? fine. faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry faberry. it is the best ship in the world, we have the best shippers in the world, and none of the douchecanoes on here will make us feel “delusional” and stop shipping it. if you watched the show, you would be able to see how well they work together, as friends or lovers, and you need to stop telling us that we are doing something wrong for believing in something.

    • Interesting. says:

      That’s not exactly helping your case… I know you must be frustrated, but just ignore them. It’s not worth it.

    • wow says:

      that was really obnoxious. and i do watch the show, which is how i know quinn and rachel are straight girls. i dont mind you liking a ship but stop manipulsting canon to validate it, it exists in fanon and thats it. chill out

      • sophie says:

        you’re really obnoxious. guess we’re even.

      • sophie says:

        also, could you please inform me how exactly it is that you know that quinn and rachel are straight girls? because i don’t even know if my real life friends are straight, and we’ve actually had conversations about this…but maybe you’re just omniscient and so you can just read their minds. i guess quinn must be imagining some guy naked all those times she stares through rachel’s clothes. and i suppose that whenever rachel touches quinn, she wishes it was finn, even though she’d never be able to reach him.

    • BarbaraGleek says:

      Yeah! I love Faberry!!! It’s the best ship in the world!

  23. explain says:

    To those of you who are writing long theses on Finn’s characterization, please explain to me the mess of contradictions that is the character of Quinn Fabray. She’s the worst written character on Glee and that is saying a lot in this crappily-written show.

    And don’t confuse your lady-boner for Dianna Agron with Quinn’s characterization and please don’t get delusions of grandeur from Brad Falchuk throwing you scraps of bone from the writing table.

    • Interesting. says:

      I agree. The show’s writing is terrible. And yes. Quinn is likely the most poorly handled character of all. They made it even worse with the Lucy story line (which was absolutely ridiculous, in my opinion). It’s possibly why I don’t like her character. It’s too easy to misunderstand. But what I know, or at least what I think I know, is this: Dianna does the best with what she’s given. That’s not much.

      Her character is horridly written. And please stop calling these people delusional. I’m getting quite tired of that.

      • Richard says:

        Diana does best with what she’s given? Are you blind? Or just a major fan of hers? Shes an average actor, she has had plenty of opportunity to prove herself and she hasn’t delivered. Out of the orginal cast she is one of the least popular, after Tina. She is only relevant when her character has something to do with Rachel. If you are that DELUSIONAL, about her acting skills, check out ‘I Am Number 4’ and you won’t be able to deny s**t when you see it.

        • Interesting. says:

          Calling an actress S***? Can’t you even express yourself maturely? First off, I’d like to point out that ‘I Am Number Four’ was a terrible movie, through and through, based on an even worse book, penned by, excuse me if this offends you, an author I consider bordering on illiterate.

          Additionally, at least you admit that something about Rachel’s character brings out the acting in her. That something is called on-screen chemistry. While I’m not a Faberry shipper, even I can see that Lea Michele and Dianna Agron work well together on set.

          • Richard says:

            I meant the movie was sh*t, but now that you mention it. Diana can add to the list. Everything about the movie was bad including the acting. And no it is not on screen chemistry, its called Lea picking up dead weight.

          • Richard says:

            Why would Lea win? Did you not see the people nominated along side her? Women who have been on TV for years and have higher quality written shows, which gives them heavenly material? If you think Lea Michele will ever win an Emmy over Edie Falco or Amy Poehlar your bananas. The point is Lea was recognized by the Emmy council, being nominated isnt as notabke as winning but its a pretty big deal and recognizes ones talent, especially considering it was her first year on television. Emmy and awards are made for the purpose of recognizing ones talent. Emmy’s are for the best in televison and Lea was nominated amoung extreme heavy weights. She needs to be proud. You can’t compare Dancing With the Stars to the Emmy’s, especially since DWTS invites people like ‘The Situation’ and is based on votings from VIEWERS. Diana cant act, and I’m not using Lea as a platform to state that, its just she a convient example of what Diana is not.

        • Interesting. says:

          No, it’s called on-screen chemistry. Frankly, this is also a matter of personal preference. Many of the scenes Lea stars in are dreadfully boring, to me. (Which is not to say I don’t think she’s a talented human being, as she is.) But, even though I don’t like Quinn’s character, I have to say that Dianna’s body language is one of the best on the show. Particularly in scenes where an aloof character is so close to breaking down, slipping off that thin edge of sanity…I find it quite beautiful, actually. Still, my main problem with the show is RIB’s inconsistent and ridiculous writing.

          • Richard says:

            No, I’m pretty sure its called picking up dead weight. And thats he difference Lea is actually talented though. I didn’t just make an opinion on Dianna’s acting by Glee, I’ve seen her on CSI:NY too, bad job. Who says her character is breaking down, on the verge of the crazy ward? You asume that. Dianna can’t really act, which is why shes never mentioned come awards season, or at all for that matter. Yes, the writing is bad. But its not that damn bad, and compared to other poorly written shows (ahem, House) Glee is god.

          • Interesting. says:

            Funny…did Lea win? Perhaps she should have. Either way, she hasn’t won yet. My point by stating this is that nominations and those who win the prizes don’t necessarily reflect level of talent. For example, in Dancing with the Stars, the people who win often win due to popularity with the general audience, and not necessarily due to talent. And yes, I saw her on CSI: NY, for the minute and a half she was on. But honestly, I agree with the reasonable person who said that only those who are talented actors/actresses and/or singers should be able to judge Dianna’s execution on screen. The rest are personal opinions, to be taken as a grain of salt. I am not an authority on the matter and I’m willing to bet you aren’t either. Those who are constantly praise her performances. By stating otherwise, you refute what would be, for example, Lea’s own experienced opinion.

          • jeff says:

            Quit using Lea to support you argument about Dianna.

            They are two different actresses if you don’t like Dianna acting find but you look like you are just trying to pump up Lea instead.

            Lea doesn’t need your help her works stands on its own.

          • Richard says:

            Why would Lea win? Did you not see the people nominated along side her? Women who have been on TV for years and have higher quality written shows, which gives them heavenly material? If you think Lea Michele will ever win an Emmy over Edie Falco or Amy Poehlar your bananas. The point is Lea was recognized by the Emmy council, being nominated isnt as notabke as winning but its a pretty big deal and recognizes ones talent, especially considering it was her first year on television. Emmy and awards are made for the purpose of recognizing ones talent. Emmy’s are for the best in televison and Lea was nominated amoung extreme heavy weights. She needs to be proud. You can’t compare Dancing With the Stars to the Emmy’s, especially since DWTS invites people like ‘The Situation’ and is based on votings from VIEWERS. Diana cant act, and I’m not using Lea as a platform to state that, its just she a convient example of what Diana is not.

          • Interesting. says:

            I wasn’t really comparing them. I was simply making a point. What is nominated and what is not isn’t necessarily a reflection of quality. You’ve stated as much yourself: Lea, though extremely talented, is not as known as she has not “been on TV for years, has not starred in well-written shows” like Edie Falco and Amy Poehlar. This does not take away from the fact that she is talented. Either way, this is a useless argument and I won’t deign to continue it. It is my opinion that Dianna Agron can act. It is yours that she cannot. Let us agree to disagree and be done with it.

          • Juhk says:

            @Interesting’s second comment. The fact that you said it’s not really a big deal that Lea was considered/was such a big contender for Emmy noms shows how little you know. For this early in the business, she is doing great, and much better than Dianna.

          • Interesting. says:

            @Juhk. I believe you misunderstood me. I never stated that it isn’t a big deal. In fact, I implied I would have liked for her to win. I think she’s very talented, and that she deserves every nomination and every word of praise she’s received. It’s fantastic, and amazing, that she was nominated. I am merely stating that being nominated is not necessarily a reflection of quality. It is also correlated to how well-known you are. I’m not here arguing whether or not she’s doing better than Dianna. This is a given. She’s Glee’s lead. However, it does not take away from the fact that Dianna is talented in her own right. She’s managed to turn what has been consistently written as a one-dimensional character into a flawed human being, regardless of whether she’s likable.

            Still, I must stress that I never stated, or believed, that being nominated for an Emmy is not a big deal. That would be an extremely erroneous statement. Please don’t misconstrue my point.

          • Richard says:

            How could you not recognize the Emmy’s as a big deal? Its the highest honor an actor in television can receive. They don’t just nominate anyone, hence the fact that Diana would’ve been nominated. Just because Lea is Glee’s lead dosen’t justify the fact why she should/is nominated for more awards. Jane Lynch is supporting and she gets tons of press, recognition and exposure, because she can actually act. Diana Agron is NEVER mentioned by critics as being spectacular or one to watch out for. She’s actually critized for not being able to keep up with her counterparts. Hm, you probally think Miley Cyrus can act too? Diana Agron will never be nominated for an Emmy, just for awards shows that aren’t actually credible like the Teen Choice Awards (ha, ha). Diana uses the same expressions and body language no matter what her character is feeling. Shes a cute girl but then there are hundreds of those, ooo, that can act too!

          • phylosaccount says:

            And you just confirmed you’re just a crazed Dianna stan. “Which is not to say I don’t think she’s a talented human being, as she is”, I think you think Dianna is not just a better actres than Lea (bwahahahahahaha) but also a better singer (BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA). I’m not experienced enough in acting, granted, but I am enough with singing.

          • Interesting. says:

            Never mind. It’s plain to me that you’re both set in purposefully misconstruing my statements. I won’t continue this pointless jabber.

        • Gleek says:

          I don’t know what it is about this polling that brings out the worst in people. Once you start bashing on the actors/actresses who work hard on this series that we all like (I assume so as everyone is here for the GLEE best all time song, if not why are you even here?) no matter what kind of story line is thrown at them, then something’s got to be wrong with that. Okay, so people like Lea more than Dianna and vice versa but no need to speak ill of the other to make your favorite look better. I love both Dianna and Lea and I think they work well together and apart. They each have their own strengths. How hard is it to keep calm and keep nasty opinions to yourselves. I do wish none of the actors/actresses see this poll, its embarrassing being a Glee fan right now with all this hate. Just vote and move on.

  24. Just stop hating people says:

    Sophie: you’re right and I agree with everything you said.

    And also I wasn’t attacking every shipper out there and I was just naming a few ships because there are many out there. I believe that if you ship something, then you ship it. That’s all right and I won’t argue about it. What I was saying is that calling other ships that aren’t canon delusional is a bit disrespectful and I’m talking about ALL of the ships out there, not just Faberry. Many of these ships would work if they were given the chance. And for the record, and this goes to anyone who may have thought that I was dishing something, I wasn’t dishing anything out at all and a lot of the people that are telling you to stop being hateful aren’t either. Being respectful and being able to accept others’ opinions is what’s going to stop all of this unnecessary arguing.
    Vote for what you like and don’t hate. Think about how dissapointed the cast of the show will be if they read these hateful comments. Leave others alone if you don’t agree with them and don’t start an argument that in the end won’t matter.

    • sophie says:

      thank you. i really appreciate this. =)

      • Just stop hating people says:

        Sophie: You’re welcome and I understand why you ship Faberry just like others ship other things, and I like that you do because you’re one of the few out there that think outside the box and what is canon. You’re a rational person and you’re trying to stop people from hating like I am. I just don’t understand what’s so bad about shipping something that isn’t canon and I find all of this hate unecessary and extremely hurtful. It sucks that many people out there (and thankfully not all) are acting very hipocritical. It’s saddens me that people are capable of dishing out so much hate when the message of this show is acceptance =(

        And now I will wait for others (and not all) to viciously attack me for not shipping what they do or for thinking differently and trying to stop all of the unnecessary hate.

        • sophie says:

          i think i like you =)

          • Just stop hating people says:

            Sophie, I think I like you too =}
            And I’m just a girl who believes that we all have a right to like and ship what we want without making some ridiculous ship war over it. I like Faberry because they’re awesome characters with promising futures that could create a great storyline if the writers were actually good and could have a great friendship or relationship (and *gasp* I’m being open minded again :O which is a rarity in most of these comments). I also think Finchel could be okay if they improve Finn’s attitude and make him less douchy and act less like a man-child.
            It gets me really upset and mad that people just love to put down others just because they think either differently or outside the box, you know?

    • really though? says:

      Sophie: stop talking to yourself. It’s weird.

  25. Kay says:

    I personally like I Feel Pretty/Unpretty better, but Don’t Stop Belieiving is a classic in terms of Glee. It’s the reason many people are even watching the show.

  26. sophie says:

    also, shut up about what songs should have gotten to the finals. they didn’t, so your whining is not only obnoxious, but completely irrelevant.

    • Paris says:

      we all have a right to an opinion. i think dromp is far superior to the fluffy mashup of Unpretty/Pretty and should be versing DSB. If you don’t like those comments, then ignore it. Some people are miffed and they have a right to be.

      • sophie says:

        oh, i believe you have every right to your opinion, but this is not the proper forum in which to share it. if you have something to say about the competition at hand, go for it, but your complaining has no place here. also, “versing” is not a word.

        • Paris says:

          your comment disgusts me. why do u have to be so rude? I am sorry that I made a mistake with “versing”. I can share my thoughts on this forum because it is about glee. I do not see you complaining when there was this long theses about finn’s characterization. I just think Unpretty/Pretty Mashup is overrated and because I don’t agree with you, you decide to attack my comment. Dromp is superior and I am sticking with it. I can complain if I want, you can just ignore me.

  27. elise says:

    So… let me get this straight. (As much as possible in this ~discussion) If I vote DSB I’ll be praised for either 1. being true to what makes Glee Glee, 2. having good taste in classic songs, 3. understanding that Dianna Agron is, to sum, a piece of crap, or 4. coming to my senses and joining the masses in the Finchel revolution. But if I vote IFP/UP I’ll be hated/degraded for either 1. being a Faberry shipper which would make me 2. delusional for believing in something not explicitly stated on-screen and 3. supportive of a homosexual relationship (which from the overall feeling of the comments here is something vastly inferior to any heterosexual relationship, no matter how dysfunctional, that is/might be on the show as well as being wrong?), 4. not being a true Glee fan for supporting what “started it all”, or 5. being some Dianna Agron stan who can’t seem to function “normally” and understand “reality”. Did I get the gist of it? Right…
    I’ll be voting IFP/UP mostly because I’m not a fan of Journey. U MAD?????

    • sophie says:

      spoken like a true human being, elise. well done.

    • B says:

      Will you marry me?

    • Ryan says:

      At least you have enough sense to acknowledge Dianna Agron is a piece of crap. Worthless bitch can’t sing or act. She’s lucky she’s commercial pretty or her ass would be jobless.

      • B says:

        …did you miss the point or..?

      • sophie says:

        ryan, would your last name happen to be murphy? because you’re certainly a big enough douche to be him.

        also, shh b, you’re already married ;)

      • ST says:

        Do we not watch the same show? Did you not see the second half of season 2?
        Cause really, if that’s not good acting then acting must’ve changed A LOT since I last heard.

        • Hugh says:

          I’m sure what you saw what great acting….. I am also sure Dianna Agron was not doing it.

          • N says:

            Really? You do know that she has to play someone pretending to be something else right? I may only be a young high school student who enjoys acting out the plays being studied for Lit class but even I know that that in itself is a feat. Unless you have the proper experience, don’t you dare criticise anyone based on their chosen profession.

        • Dick says:

          You must have down syndrome, step away from the computer.

          • elise says:

            …really? I- Really? Well, if you want to go there, by all means. Obviously if you’re intelligent enough to post an offensive opinion on a irrelevant topic, then you’re intelligent enough to anticipate a reaction in return. Good luck with that.

          • B says:

            You’re clearly, as your name states, a dick. Step away from the computer.

      • Richard says:

        LOL! This comment made my day. Spoken like a true man. I do have to state the fact that she will be jobless aftee Glee, she better save the pennies they’re throwing her. Cause all the real talent (ahem, Michele) who actually get commercials (like the HP computer pad for Lea), movie deals, and acting jobs wont have to struggle for the almighty dollar come to 2012 when they’re characters are gone.

        • B says:

          I know, because it’s not like Dianna has already been a star in a major movie, oh wait..

          • Richard says:

            LOL? And what does that mean? The movie BOMBED at the box office and went straight to DVD fast as hell. If you saw the movie, you’d know the plot and acting was soooo bad. What has Diana done? Cause she damn sure is not the face of Glee, does she have a commercial on TV they play every freakin 5 minutes, can she sing? Can she act? Does she have any creditable projects in the works? Is she eye candy? Pretty much, but then again so are a bunch of other chicks. And Lea Michele isnt to bad to look at. .and she’s. wait for it. . .TALENTED. *gasp*

          • Common sense says:

            Oh no, they must be getting desperate if they are using “I am Number 2” as ammunition. The movie was garbage, the cast was garbage, the numbers were garbage. You have once again proved the point everyone is trying to make… thank you for bringing it up first.

          • Cindy says:

            Yeah, evidently 145 million worldwide earnings is considered a “bomb”…Sure not like a franchise ala Harry Potter or Twilight but that is a good chunk of change. It cost 60 mil to make and earned 145 million plus over 11 mil in dvd sales. IAN4 is 33rd highest grossing out of 434 movies in 2011…yeah DIann’a film bombed bigtime. LOL

            Oh and Dianna is the least popular of the Glee girls with over 500,000 twitter followers…haha, right…guess that’s why the paps follow her and take pics of her rather than the other ladies?

            I really do not understand why in the world a poll on two songs brings out the hate for actors…like horrid comments about them are truth. I believe it is all in the eye of the beholder on whether they enjoy an actors performance (or even a musical one) and that is what this poll is about….which song do you like the most…that is it in a nutshell!

          • Richard says:

            @Cindy, shut up. How much money did it make in the U.S? How long was the movie promoted. It prolly made that much in DVD sales. Ha ha, 500,000 Twitter followers? Dosen’t The Situation have more than that? 500,000 stalkers is not an accomplishment especially on Twitter. Lol, and the “paps” take thousands of pics of Lindsey Lohan dosen’t mean she’s relevant. Besides, where do you even see pics of Diana cause I don’t anywhere.

        • Cindy says:

          Seriously Richard, how rude and crude are you? Telling someone to shut up? You made your comments and I gave facts back. Nothing but the facts….you seem to be full of hate and think only what you say is the truth. Whatever. I just don’t understand hate being the only thing in these comments instead of discussing the songs. But telling posters to shut up? If you can’t take responses especially especially those with facts, then maybe you should shut up?

          • Richard says:

            I didnt even read your whole comment but I bet it was just blab. So, once again shut up.

        • DA says:

          @Richard You know i’ve been reading through this poll and your unnecessary bashing of Dianna stuck out to me. Do you have repressed feelings for her just like Karofsky has for Kurt? Or even Sue for Will? Maybe. You seem to be noticing her a little too much, watching her movies, her TV appearances for someone who speaks so ill of her. Obviously you are entitled to your own opinion but that kind is not needed here.

          • Richard says:

            Repressed feelings? No, I just can see. I saw one movie with her in it, and she cant act. I know your a fan and you want to defend her, just like Selena Gomez fans try to defend the fact she cant sing. Maybe if you payed attention during Glee and her performance you’d understand.

          • Jesse says:


          • DA says:

            Obviously you’re one who needs to have the last say in things so i’ll leave it at this… 1. So Dianna’s been in a movie that wasn’t well received. I’m pretty sure everyone in Hollywood has done so. 2. Yes I’m a huge fan, I’m proud of it, and yet I don’t delight in putting down other singers/actors/actresses in the process. 3. Now you’re bashing Selena Gomez? I’m not a fan of hers but she’s not even in this discussion. 4. Trust me, I pay attention. I pay so much attention. I really shouldn’t reply to people like you but it irks me to see not just the Dianna hate but also the general rudeness to other posters. But then again this is the internet and I know things like this should be expected.

    • Esile says:

      If you are implying that Finchel is a more toxic relationship than what Faberry could be, than your whole post is invalid. Did we not forget that Quinn torments Rachel, was the only one out of the Glee club to ENCOURAGE her to get a nose job, SLAPPED her for no good reason, and just when it seemed as though they were on their way to friendship, was willing to get Rachel and the Glee club disqualified from Nationals just because of her obsession with Finn? I mean everything can go both ways. If you think Rachel worships Finn too much, you can’t then go around and support Faberry because Rachel “can’t stop talking about how pretty Quinn is” or because “Quinn is always thinking about Rachel.” If you think Finn is abusive to Rachel, hm, let’s see Finn accidentally hit Rachel during a dance routine, Quinn purposefully slapped Rachel, and it doesn’t matter how she felt afterward, the intention was there. You think Finn brings Rachel down? Try the fact that Finn told Rachel she was beautiful in front of the entire glee club when she was going on about a nose job, while Quinn somewhat vindictively encouraged Rachel to get a nose job. And if you think that Finn was trying to squash Rachel’s dreams by kissing her and “distracting” her during Nationals, do you even remember the scene between Quinn, Santana, and Brittany, where Quinn is ready to tell on Rachel to Will, which in effect would have stopped Rachel her dream of even PERFORMING at Nationals. And if you think that the only reason that Finchel is supported is because tween fans like the idea that the high school quarterback will fall in love with the nerdy girl, Faberry is no better. Faberry is the dream of tween lesbians that a high school cheerleader that tormented them was simply closeted and in love with the tormentee. And having said all that, I would love if Quinn and Rachel would become friends on the show, and I honestly think we would have already gotten there if certain other things weren’t eating time up on the show. My only point is that ALL relationships on Glee are toxic if you spin them certain ways, and that we really shouldn’t be the pot calling the kettle black. Sorry if my post came of harsh, I’m just tired of seeing Finchel and Faberry fans fight, when essentially, no one is better than the other.

      • Interesting. says:

        Agreed! Regardless of how I feel about Finn, all glee relationships have the potential to be toxic if you look at them from certain angles. Though, to be frank, even I thought Quinn was eventually going to come out as a lesbian. I’ve been watching the show since the Pilot was first released, and…well, Quinn’s always seemed a little too obsessed with Rachel. I’m not a Faberry shipper, since the only ship I like is RachelxIndependence, but I genuinely thought Quinn was going to come out, eventually. The fact that she treated boys as accessories, drew pornographic pictures, drew one particular picture of Rachel (however ugly) with hearts around it…Well, I thought she was gay. Oh, and as to why I’ve paid attention? I’m a Psychology Major. I do it unconsciously.

      • elise says:

        …actually my post was to point out the different standards to which the two sides of this poll are being held. But your argument is more rational and worthwhile than most, so I’d like to open a discussion, if I may. I do believe that the relationship between Rachel and Quinn, as it stands, is just as toxic or dysfunctional as the relationship between Finn and Rachel. Where I personally make differentiations is that Rachel and Quinn are tentative friends at best, enemies at worst. Finn and Rachel are boyfriend and girlfriend. There are different expectations and standards that come with those two types of relationships and if you put Quinn’s transgressions besides Finn’s they are rather equal. But if you put the two side-by-side within the roles of frienemy and boyfriend, the scales slide a bit. Quinn’s cruel and rude, I get that. That is shown on-screen. And I don’t hold her actions, as they stand, any higher than Finn’s. But as I said, she’s a tentative friend at best. Finn’s actions would be a non-issue if he held the same relationship with Rachel that Quinn does. But he doesn’t. The toxicity of the two relationships holds different value because of the types of relationships they are. That being said? The toxicity is still there.

        • Interesting. says:

          I certainly do not mind, and I actually agree that the toxicity of the two relationships hold different values. However, I disagree that Quinn would be a tentative friend. Actually, I believe Quinn and Rachel could be great friends, if they’d move past the Finn between them. Honestly, the majority of their conversations revolve around the boy. It’s ridiculous, and tiring. Quinn is cruel, yes, but not necessarily without reason, as Rachel has proven time and again that she can also be quite ruthless. However, that is not my main point. My main point is the fact that Quinn needs a friend who could make her realize she could be more than she is at present. That friend is undoubtedly Rachel, as this girl has proven several times that she can bring out the best in people in this sense. (Mercedes, for example.) At the same time, I think Quinn could temper Rachel’s recklessness in terms of emotion. Quinn’s cranial (and by this, I mean intellectual) about her relationships, while Rachel has her heart on her sleeve. I honestly think they’d balance each other out. The characters have that potential. I simply believe it’s the poor writing and execution that shuts it out. (Take the promo for Original Song. They looked pretty friendly there, and it would have worked out, in my opinion for the best.) They’d just have to get over this ridiculous game of ping-pong they have with Finn.

          • elise says:

            Ah, then we agree! I also believe that there is major friendship potential for Quinn and Rachel. I just wanted to make the argument in terms of the current environment of their relationship so as to not set off the “delusional thoughts of what could be/might possibly be” argument. And I think that taking time to evaluate their next steps in life and goals away from a romantic high school relationship is a good thing for the both of them. And I would say that no matter who they were involved with. It’s all about potential with those two characters, and not always with each other. But as it stands, and as much as I wish it were different, the current climate of the Rachel/Quinn dynamic is still in pseudo-hostile territory.

          • Interesting. says:

            Yes, it is. Unfortunately. RIB wastes away a lot of potential. Still, I’m glad to have had this chat. Thank you kindly for being both interesting and reasonable. Er. No pun intended.

          • C says:

            I want to marry you both.

      • Tootz says:


  28. chimi says:

    lol I don’t even ship Faberry but all the bitter Finchel stans make me want to vote for “Unpretty / I Feel Pretty.”

    • whut says:

      Who’s bitter? Yikes, it can’t be the fans of the CANON couple who have a scene in every episode. It looks like the fans of the imaginary Faberries who are BITTER.

      • chimi says:

        Most of the people on here calling other people names and insulting actors and ships are Finchel stans who don’t like that there’s a song giving DSB a run for its money. So they’re saying IFP/U is doing well because of “delusional Faberry shippers.”
        No, maybe some people just legitimately enjoy IFP/U more than the Pilot version of DSB. Maybe if I wasn’t so worn on DSB at this point. Maybe if it were Regionals version instead.
        I don’t really care about Finchel and I don’t really care about Faberry. But you all need to calm down.

        • whatever says:

          That doesn’t make you less delusional. All your arguments are invalid.

          • chimi says:

            The fact that we have different opinions doesn’t mean I’m delusional. It doesn’t even mean you’re delusional, but the fact that you’ve just written me off without trying to argue your point makes you seem kind of rude.

        • Sally says:

          What to Finchel fans have to be mad about? Finchel is end game since the Pilot. Finchel fans get their time in the sun all season long. Also, their ship is um, REAL! And no delusioned and imaged like Faberry. Dont hate, now.

          • B says:

            Exactly, they have no reason to be mad and yet they still attack us for having a different opinion.

    • kole says:

      So what, DSB is still winning.

  29. poor tvline says:

    TV Line must be in a quadry. If they let IFP/U win, they’ll be known as the site that let a miniscule group of rabid shippers get the best in their polls thus making it irrelevant. No, on second thought, I bet Ausiello is laughing at the rabid fans who were conned into clicking on this poll to increase the view count of his site.

    • theveiledfairy says:

      “miniscule group of rabid shippers”
      Yes, because people only vote along shipping lines. Even when they don’t. Because guess what? I don’t ship Faberry. I don’t ship Finchel. And I STILL voted for IFP/U.

      • really though? says:

        Stop lying. You ship it. I don’t know why people think their vote and opinions will be more valid if they pretend not to be supporters of a ship the song they’re voting for represents.

        • sophie says:

          actually, she doesn’t ship it. i know because she’s a friend of mine and i’ve tried getting her to ship it. she’s just a rational person who isn’t a complete dickwad, that’s all.

        • Linda says:

          You are the reason I lose hope in humanity.

        • Mallory says:

          If you think U/IFP represents Faberry as a ship, I view you as 1000 times more delusional than 98% of the rest of the commenters view actual Faberry shippers.

        • kids says:

          Well obviously if someone on the internet says it, its true. And I would hope that the fact that almost 100 people have been brutally murdered and there’s a famine going on and Haiti still doesn’t exist and Japan is still on the precipice of a meltdown, and so much more would be the reason to lose faith in humanity. Using this is as your reason is just… pathetic. S

        • theveiledfairy says:

          I don’t, though. I ship Brittana and sometimes Pezberry, in a cracky non-canon way. Other than that, I don’t really care that much.

  30. Whatevs says:

    Simple fact is this is my computer, my opinion and my choice. My choice? I prefer IFP/U over DSB. Thats who I voted for. I’m not even a Faberry shipper. The End.

    • theveiledfairy says:

      But didn’t you know that if you pick IFP/U over DSB you’re just a delusional Faberry shipper?!?! Even if you don’t ship Faberry! DELUSIONAL FABERRY SHIPPER ;P

      • Whatevs (still not a Faberry shipper) :P says:

        Oh no really!!!? If I pick one of my favorite duets over the most outplayed Glee song by my own personal will I will be a delusional Faberry shipper who has no chance of ever seeing their two favorite characters together just because neither of them are ‘not gay’ and have ‘nothing in common?’

        I mean its not like any of the characters on this show are gay anyway. I mean if someone says they’re straight it has to be true right? Look at Santana. She’s obviously making up her feelings about being in love with Brittany and really wants Finn and/or Puck.

        Quinn and Rachel will never be together because they are as straight as Santana!!!!

  31. jessica says:

    I think DSB should. I think it should win because the vocals were much better. I think Lea drowned out Dianna. That song would’ve been voted out in a heartbeat without Lea but mostly only its Dianna singing her solo part at most joint parts its hard to hear her. I also think that while IFP/U is partly about what glee is about acceptance, I think DSB defines it better, its why they all joined glee club, to have their dreams come true.

  32. lllll says:

    This really isn’t about ships or ship wars. This is about which is the better song. If it were the Regionals version of DSB, I would be torn APART. I love DSB! But I like IFP/U better. Shrug. I ship Faberry, yeah, but one of my favorite Glee songs is Borderline/Open Your Heart. So don’t say it’s about ships or Dianna stans.

  33. linny says:

    While Rachel seems dad and conflicted I couldn’t figure out what Quinn was feeling.

    Yes I blame the actress.

  34. Sarah D. says:

    Ship? Fandom? Wtf? Well I chose I feel Pretty/Unpretty because it’s a great song! Dianna’s and Lea’s voices combine perfectly. They should do more duets.

  35. Just stop hating people says:

    Wow. All of the people that are calling others delusional and hating on others amuse and anger me at the same time. Any non-canon ship isn’t delusional and frankly, Finchel isn’t even a great ship because Finn is an obnoxious, hypocritical manchild who isn’t good enough for any girl on the show. All the writters do is make Rachel all needy and ridiculous, and Quinn shallow and popularity obsessed (while ignoring all the potential of both of these characters to create a good show) to make Finn their Golden Boy and mask all of the disgusting qualities of that character. And I’m not shipping couple of the show while writing this by the way.
    IT’S A SHOW AND NOT REAL LIFE, so get a grip and stop being ridiculous by creating these useless arguments. People that are bashing need to stop because the bashing makes you look bad, and most importantly, pathetic. Vote for what YOU LIKE and not because of your need to put down others for not agreeing with you. Grow the hell up.

    Also, I hope Dianna succeeds in Hollywood so she proves all of you hateful and pathetic people wrong. She’s more talented than all of the haters (and she’s more talented than me. I’m saying this before some idiot says that I think I’m better than anyone in here) because she can act AND because she’s an amazing, sweet, and nice person. No I am not a Dianna-stan and no I don’t hate anyone that works on the show. I actually watch this show because I love the actors/actresses, not because the show is any good because frankly, it could be A LOT better.

    • Interesting. says:

      I agree. This show’s cast is the only reason why I watch this show. (It’s terribly written, and I would not be watching it otherwise.) Frankly, Dianna seems like she’s a wonderful young woman, and Cory seems charming and witty, and Lea is supremely talented. They all appear to be amazing, accepting jocular people.

      Also…I can’t help but fancy you due to the fact that you’ve pointed out the writers’ Saint Finn trend. It’s absolutely ridiculous. And Rachel? They turned her into a shrieking harpy. Frankly, I’m disgusted by their writing. Have you noticed that most of the female characters’ story lines revolve around the men they’re depicted as being dependent on? It’s really a terrible thing.

      • Just stop hating people says:

        I agree Interesting. The way they write this show disgusts me because all of the girls are written either needy, popularity obsessed, bitchy for no reason, or completely and totally ridiculous because they “need a man”. It’s disgusting an deplorable. And no, I’m not a lesbian. I’m a 16 year old girl who actually likes both boys and girls and appreciates the beauty of people, and I think that all the female characters need to be independent because, #1. Most of the guy characters are masaginistic douchebags who don’t treat the girls right *ehm Finn* (sorry Finchel fans for pointing out the truth and bursting you “Finn is a Golden Boy” bubble) and #2. The show would be better if BOTH Quinn and Rachel are single.
        You know, for a show that’s supposed to be about equality, they sure take their time to make all of the boys seem all innocent while making the girls look outright ridiculous. The way they write the show is kinda disrespectful to women out there and it is very sad as well.

        • Interesting. says:

          Agreed. As Quinn once said, “I think [they’ve] personally set the Feminist Movement back fifty years.” Exaggeration, of course, but the show still portrays females as unable to stand on their own.

          • Mallory says:

            Agree. The only female character who hasn’t been so needy is Lauren. Which makes me wonder what disaster Ryan/Brad/Ian will bring to Puck & Lauren’s relationship in S3.

          • Just stop hating people says:

            Yeah when realistically, women are just as capable as men in every aspect of life.

        • Mike says:

          Finn is a doucebag what show are you watching?

      • N says:

        Thank you! It’s horrible and what makes it worse is that both Quinn and Rachel were determined to make it without boys after their respective breakups in season 2 (Quinn at the beginning and Rachel later on). One can only hope that with new writers in season 3 this will change.

  36. BBB says:

    Well, “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” has more plays on my ipod than “Don’t Stop Believing”(pilot version). I’m a bit of a music theory nerd tho, the arrangement of mash-ups are bit more interesting to me personally. Getting chords to work harmonically/time sig/key changes/blah blah blah :P

    • kaykikz says:

      same here!! It’s like addiction to the over all arrangement of the song! I’m giving my apology first, I thought the song was originally written for the episode “born this way” but my naive mind is wrong. sorry to say that and I feel sorry to myself also for not hearing that by TLC. Its such an inspirational song to me (imao) because I myself felt the message of the song. bravo for the song arrangement!

  37. Linda says:

    IFP/U is winning. You haters mad yet?

  38. Ryan says:

    This is so frustrating, this damn song wins everything. I like it, but talk about overexposed. I can’t even imagine how popular it really could have been if they have given Lea a descent singing partner like Naya. I hope they come up with a PezBerry duet soon, so everyone can forget about this.

    • Mallory says:

      You’re seriously calling U/IFP overexposed? DSB could not BE more overexposed, especially by the heads of Glee.

  39. gabi says:

    I had to vote for both. Both of them were so good.

  40. what says:

    Why are Finchel fans being brought into this? Really? This shouldn’t be about ships, this should be about your preference. And if IFP/UP wins, or if DSB wins, then that’s that. Why is everyone taking this poll so seriously? Yelling at people for choosing the song they choose is not going to change anyone’s mind.

    Also, I just wanted to make this clear: THIS WILL NOT AFFECT THE OUTCOME OF YOUR SHIPS. IT’S JUST A POLL.

    Also, I voted for DSB.

  41. N says:

    Hi there! I’m one of those delusional Faberry shippers who voted for IFP/U. Want to know why? I don’t really like Journey and Glee has done nothing to change that fact.
    Also, a forewarning. The rest of this comment is disjointed because I’m too disgusted for continuity in my paragraphs.
    This is an opinion poll, not a ship war people. The simple question this poll is asking is what song do you think is the best song, not what song best represents Glee, which message is better or whatever else you want to come up with. Just, which song do you like better.
    As for the comments on here. Really, I’ve just wasted a small portion of my life reading the comments only to find that it’s the Finchel shippers who are making fools of themselves. Yes, Finchel is a canon ship and yes, sadly, it may be endgame but guess what? That doesn’t make Faberry shippers delusional. Our ship is based purely on what ifs that would be interesting to see on the show if the writers did decide to do it that way. Just because we interpret something one way doesn’t make us crazy, just different. Stop insulting us and we’ll stop coming up with the flaws of your ship.
    Regarding the songs themselves, while DSB has come to be one of the most recognised covers sit back and think for a moment. What’s harder to do? Sing something that is an almost exactly the same as the original or arrange two songs from two completely different genres for two completely different voices only to have it sound that good. To be honest, I’d say that Anders, Lea and Dianna had a harder time working on IFP/U and did quite a good job. It doesn’t necessarily mean that DSB isn’t as good, just that it’s not as challenging.
    Dianna and Quinn critics! I’d like to point out some things to you:
    1) Quinn is written the way she is by the writers of the show who have time and again proven themselves to be rather unsympathetic to their female characters and the potential they contain. In fact, they do that to the male characters as well so it’s not like it’s fair to judge her based solely on what you see.
    2) At the heart of Quinn’s problems it’s not Finn she’s obsessed with. She just wants to be loved as both stated at the season 2 finale and seen by the way her family treated her in season 1. That desire is the direct source of her motivation for everything she’s done both good and bad.
    3) If you’re going to be fair then attack Rachel too. She’s not innocent in any way (not that I actually want anyone to be attacked).
    4) I’m not a rabid Dianna stan although I do love her but please stop insulting the woman. You do not know her personally therefore who are you to cast judgement? Glee itself doesn’t have the best writing and neither did I Am Number 4. Unless you are an established actor who has more talent than her then don’t comment on her abilities. Only her costars and peers have the right to do so and as far as I can remember, Lea Michele, who has actually lived with her and so knows her better than any of you, as well as her castmates all sing her praises.
    Finally, to those people dissing the message of IFP/U and calling out the so-called whiny girls, stop. Just stop. Those comments are just disgusting and, given the type of world we live in, totally uncalled for. It just shows how much of a douchebag each one of you are.
    Glee is a show about acceptance. Why can’t every part of it’s fandom be accepting?

    • Linda says:

      Please marry me, I beg of you.

    • Just stop hating people says:

      I bow down to you. Finally someone who thinks the same as me and many others out there. You’re awesome and thank you for writing this because it makes me feel supported since I think exactly like you do :)

    • Mallory says:

      I 100% agree. I don’t ship Faberry, but I’m not going to sit here and say all Faberry shippers need to be locked up in mental institutions. Seriously, this is the internet. We’re talking about a show whose characters DO NOT ACTUALLY EXIST, and people are acting like someone disagreeing with them is the equivalent of murdering their sister. We don’t know each other or these actors/actresses/writers/etc, and saying things like we do is immature and an absurd waste of time. Everyone needs to chill.

  42. wheredidmysociallifego says:

    Who gives a crap about ships? It’s about which song was better, not about finchel or faberry. and get over yourselves, no one is delusional.

    • Cindy says:


    • yesbutno says:

      it is about what song is better, but faberry fans are still delusional to ship an abusive couple that is faberry where the two characters do pretty much nothing but fight, hate each other, stab each other in the back, and share the same boyfriends.

  43. Sara says:

    While Don’t Stop Believing has become the kind of definitive Glee song, I personally like I Feel Pretty/Unpretty so much better. It was a great mashup, and Lea and Dianna are just great together. I think they have the best chemistry of any couple of the show and you can even tell from this song. Their voices blend so well together, kind of surprisingly since Dianna doesn’t have that strong of a voice and Lea generally over powers whoever she sings a duet with.

    • Frank says:

      Lea over powering anyone is the music producers fault or choice not Lea’s.

      I say when Lea in a song is over powering it is to off set the other singer.

      That is the case in both DSB and Unretty… but mostly DSB.

  44. M.Y. says:

    This isn’t about the ships. It’s stated this poll is about the BEST song in musical sense. I ship Faberry, but I’m voting for IFP/U because it really sounds beautiful. Have you ever cried when you listen to a very beautiful song? Only IFP/U, Landslide and For Good did that to me.

    I cried for DSB as well, but it’s because of the scene in Pilot. I cried for IFP/U since the first time I heard it on Tumblr. And when I watched the performance? Even better.

  45. M.Y. says:

    Also, all the Faberry hate only make the shippers vote their best. So keep on yammering.

  46. FOX says:

    After reading all the comments, its offical Glee is gold. Over 300 comments of people analyzing the characters and fandom, it really shows me how popular this show is. Regardless of the “poor” second season, Glee is STILL one of the highest rated powerhouses on TV and this (among hard cold facts and ratings, of coarse). Glee was a money making machine for me. Glee is actually more popular this second season than the first and I imagine the 3rd season will bring us our highest ratings. Glee is still TV gold.

    Sincerely, your money grubbing, blood sucking hound, FOX.

  47. Azrael says:

    Oh my lord.. I’m honestly scared by this! IFP/U was good, I mean, to be honest, I wasn’t actually paying attention to that episode because all the Rachel storylines annoy me to no end.. I did listen to it later, though, and it’s a really good mashup. But.. DSB was the reason I started watching Glee. It’s the epitome of Glee style, and I will stick with it til the end. DSB reminds me of where it all began, with the cheesy-yet-becoming humor and distinct personalities. The better song to me has to be DSB. IFP/U was good as a song, but Rachel overdoes every note (second season norm) and Quinn’s voice is weak and unimpressive as normal. Sorry to be rough.. but that’s how I feel

  48. pit says:

    DSB maybe an iconic song for glee but that doesn’t mean it is the best song, at the top of the poll it says which on do you prefer… so I voted for IFP/U. I love the song. It’s original and has a great arrangement. Its the most played song on my player.

  49. Sam says:

    Why do everyone thinks that only faberry shippers are voting for the mash up? Do you people really think they are that big??? I mean they are not even at the top 5 biggest fandom. My point is that there are people who voted for the song because they love it and they preferred it more than DSB. And can’t blame them too because I for one voted for it because I love the arrangement and how they managed to combine two different song into a beautiful song. Not to dish at DSB but I don’t really like their version. And my friends at work also feels the same way. Lea’s voice is too sharp for me and she overpowers Cory in that song. I much prefer Somebody To Love than DSB honestly.

  50. Amy says:

    I love both these songs and listen to them all the time. I went with DSB because that’s when I fell in love with Glee. Of course I think the best performance ever on Glee was Don’t Rain On My