Glee's All-Time Best Finale: 'Don't Stop Believing' Vs. 'Unpretty/I Feel Pretty'

When the Glee All-Time Best Musical Number Bracket Tournament kicked off on June 30, we had 64 top-notch competitors entering’s candy-colored steel cage. Now, we’re down to just two.

Yes, folks, it’ll either be “Don’t Stop Believing” or the “Unpretty”/”I Feel Pretty” mashup that will earn bragging rights as the greatest song-and-dance number in the two-season history of Fox’s smash high-school dramedy. The choice is yours. Do you prefer the incredibly rousing New Directions number that started it all, or the affecting Season 2 duet that showed just how powerful a mashup can be?

Voting for the finals will last 72 hours. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorite, then hit the comments to justify your pick.

And if you’re interested in how we narrowed the field from 64 down to two finalists — click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed-in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mallory says:

    My vote is for U/IFP. The original DSB wasn’t all that spectacular. If this had been the Regionals DSB, I would have voted for it, but it’s not.

    • Miguel says:

      I totally agree with you. The regionals version has much more power than the pilot version. But my vote goes to the Quinn/Rachel duet, which really surprised me on how good it was!

      • Puckleberry says:

        The Unpretty/I Feel Pretty duet is not THAT good. Quinn’s voice is something NOT to be enjoyed, period!
        Don’t Stop Believing is Glee’s anthem!

        • sm says:

          Pretty Unpretty was a wonderful arrangement and the girls sang it well. But Don’t Stop Believing is the anthem of the glee club and each and all of them as individuals. DSB is the best song to represent Glee. That’s all folks.

        • Meagan says:


        • lace says:

          Quinn has a very pretty voice that isn’t showcased enough b/c Rachel gets all the solos.

        • Carter says:

          I’m sorry honey, I can’t hear you over the sound of IFP/U winning over DSB.

          I also know Dianna can’t hear you over the amount of happiness, positivity, creativity, and overall kindness she’s actually spreading around the Glee fandom throughout the world. I know she can’t hear you over the amount of fans she has (like me) who LOVE her voice.

          Stop being hateful, you should be ashamed of yourself. She has a beautiful voice. Sorry if you don’t feel the same way, but if you’re going to be a jerk about it, your opinion doesn’t really matter. At all.

    • yvonne says:

      Please, the Regionals DSB sounded like a nail screeching on a chalkboard. The original Don’t Stop Believin’ IS Glee.

      • Princess Adora says:

        Agreed! The original DSB had heart and MADE the show, can’t believe it’s currently losing :P

        • Mark S says:

          I have to agree. The first one was the best one. This is when they were the true underdogs before the Cheerios and Puck and the football players joined. This song defines the series.

          • Mark S says:

            For the record, I also think DBS is the better song than the mashup and I voted for U/IFP until this round.

    • Drew says:

      Yeah. Regionals was great cuz it had Naya and more people in it. original was EPIC, but now it’s kinda boring cuz it’s JUST Finchel and then studio singers. Plus, U/IFP is a testament to Adam Anders and his ability to arrange music. AND it’s a mashup so it’s ORIGINAL glee (more or less) and it includes clashing styles/voices (Dianna /Lea) in a way that makes them PERFECT complements of each other!

    • ted says:


      I think Lea is amazing but I’m over Dianna Agron and her nasally voice. I’ve been over her since she pulled that T-shirt stunt at the Glee Live concert and her “accidental” run-ins with the paps with her latest D-list actor boyfriends.

      • Mallory says:

        You’re “over her” because she did something in an attempt to say people shouldn’t judge each other based on sexual orientation and we should all spread love not hate? (Which is, you know, a huge part of what Glee is trying to do as a show.) Wow. That may be the biggest jerk comment I’ve heard all week. Bravo.

        • lainey says:

          She’s over her because she’s an attention who*e and her fans are psychotic.

          • Mallory says:

            Ha, that’s funny, because that’s exactly what I would call Lea most of the time.

          • Kim says:

            Except going to glee events and events she is nominated for what exactly has Lea done to get attention from the media?

            I am not agreeing with this person Dianna stance just wondering what PR stunts Lea is accused of pulling?

          • stop says:

            The funny thing is the people saying Dianna’s boy friends a re PR are
            Achele fans who want Dianna to be bi or lesbain for Lea anyway.

            Neither Lea nor Dianna are doing anything to get extra PR.

            Lainey don’t lash out at Lea becasue this idiot said something against Dianna. It isn’t Lea’s fault.

          • Dee says:

            personally, i’m over her because she couldn’t sing her way out of a paper bag.

      • Stacie says:

        It’s nice that 2 different songs represent the 2 seasons. But just like the quality of Season 1 versus Season 2, Season 1’s Don’t Start Believing is far superior than Season 2’s I Feel Pretty/Unpretty mashup.

        • sm says:

          Season 1 All of them were ostracized for being a part of something that each of them loved to do. They faced those who did the ostracizing and faced their own fears. They didn’t stop believing in themselves or to be true to themselves. (ie Kurt’s sexualality) and to accept they are different and to be proud. They became friends ( odd mash up of populars and losers).
          Season 2 They became closer to one another even in the midst of all the mayhem and in fighting all causing major drama for many of the club making each of them grow up and face their demons and be better people for it. DSB is the core value of the show and the characters and I’m proud to say IMO Pretty Unpretty was a song that met the need of certain circumstances (ie Rachel and her nose)not the characters as a whole. DSB–This is why the club has confidence in themselves

      • Mike says:

        what t shirt stunt?

      • Bailey says:

        That t-shirt ‘stunt’ was to show how people shouldn’t be judged based on their sexuality. And her ‘nasally’ voice is the result of a deviated septum when she was a kid.

    • Kim says:

      I hated the Regional version. It was like lets throw one more person in.

      The pilot DSB believing actually got this show noticed.

      • Jenny says:

        I agree. I actually thought the Regionals version wasn’t as good. It was like “Who else can we throw into the song?” I probably would have been okay if they just stuck with Lea/Cory/Mark/Naya going back and forth with leads.

    • Fsa says:

      I’VE BEEN VOTING FOR IFP/U ALL DAY LONG IT BETTER WIN! Gah, I even told my tumblr friends to vote. And don’t ask me how I vote more than once I won’t reveal my tricks. Point is, the whole Faberry fandom has been voting like a million times each so WE BETTER WIN!

      • Sure says:

        LOL. Finchel shipper trying to stir up trouble.

      • Samantha says:

        …so basically you’re admitting that you’re cheating and rigging the competition? Nice.

        • Posting in a troll thread says:

          Because clearing your cookies and voting again is SO cheating.

          Have you ever gone on a computer before? If they wanted everyone to only vote once it would log your IP address, they aren’t idiots. So maybe you should just learn a thing or two about how the internet works and come back later.

    • Stephanie says:

      So funny because those are my exact thoughts!

    • Stephanie says:

      so funny because those are my thoughts exactly!

    • Corbin paige says:

      Why wasn’r U/IFP on the set list for the concert? It would have been a showstopper. Dianna and Lea were both dissed on that tour.

    • Corbin Paige says:

      Both Dianna and Lea were totally dissed at the concert b/c U/IFP would have been a showstopper. Way too much Klaine!

  2. Lore says:

    i really like better dont stop believing because was the song that made me watch Glee in the first place

  3. BarbaraGleek says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty!!!

  4. FaberryGleek says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty is the best duet ever! :D

  5. Elijah says:

    “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” for the win. “Don’t Stop Believing” is good, but “IFP/U” is uniquely Glee – and that’s a good thing.

    • Captain says:

      Nothing is more Glee than the song that started it all AND is most commonly associated with the show. IFP/UP is a great mash-up but lets not pretend there’s anything more Glee than Don’t Stop Believin.

      • Elijah says:

        Says you. I think “DSB” is good, but the Regionals version is better. “IFP/U” is one of the best things this show has ever done, though, including but not limited to song selection.

      • James says:

        Yes but the poll is best song. Not “which song is more Glee” or which is the most iconic song, but the best musical number.

        I prefer the IFP/U mash-up rather than the Journey cover. It was surprisingly well done.

        Case in point, check out a piano-only version of it:

        Adam Anders deserves a lot of praise for the arrangement.

  6. Glorya says:

    IFP/unpretty!! my favorite song

  7. Helen says:

    U/IFP is my favorite glee song so I had to vote for it…

  8. R says:

    Awh, I’m so torn. DSB is a great song even though I prefer the Regional one, it still represents Glee for me. But at the same time IFP/U touched me in so many levels, one of the best duets on the whole show in my opinion…what to vote, what to vote..

  9. C. says:

    The mashup is good, but Don’t Stop Believing IS Glee.

  10. James says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty. Because it’s an amazing mash-up and the best duet they’ve ever done.

    • BarbaraGleek says:

      Yeah!! Totally agree. BEST DUET EVER! :)

      • Jake says:

        Not gonna lie, U/IFP is definitely up there in the best duets Glee has done, but I think the number 1 spot goes to Happy Days Are Here Again/Get Happy…Hummelberry is EPIC. U/IFP made it way too far in this poll.

  11. Jesse says:

    Somebody to Love should have taken the crown. Neither of these songs compare.

    • Jake says:

      Completely agree! somebody to love was magical and probably deserves the title…and while DSB is definitely up there, i’m baffled as to why the pilot version made it into the bracket as opposed to the Regionals version which is paramount. And how about the best mashup Glee has done, Any Way You Want It/Lovin’ Touchin’ Squeezin’?

  12. Alice says:

    please let’s dont make this poll a war ship… just vote for your song, love glee and the amazing actors on it..

  13. are you kidding me says:

    DROMP was robbed

  14. Mix says:

    You know, DSB is Glee, so it should win. Pretty/Unpretty was good, but not as much as DSB, for sure…

  15. Gilly says:

    DSB started it all, it is GLEE. Regardless of the version, only two versus were changed anyway. IFP/U was cute but it WAS NOT a defining moment in Glee, its forgetable, how did it even GET this far? All these insecure little girls keep voting for it. I can’t believe some people are willing to say, in the history of Glee, this is their best song! I hope Faberry and their stalkers stay away from this poll.

    • Chad says:

      O_O I’m not a faberry shipper but back then I voted for IFP/U because I loved it, and i know a lot of people who did the same. Let’s not fight, shall we? Just vote whatever song you liked the most…

      • Gilly says:

        But most Faberry shippers ruined the poll, along with those other subgroups (Klaine, Finchel, whatever). You and I both know, IFP/U shouldn’t have got this far. IFP/U is an overplayed concept my Glee, its a song about women overcoming their insecurities and I understand that, but its an old subplot of Glee, and its boring quite frankly.

        • My says:

          I actually think IFP/U is a better song to represent the theme of Glee than DSB is. All of them are underdogs, all of them have their insecurities, and they are constantly fighting and overcoming them in their own ways. They are always struggling and accepting of others but have trouble accepting themselves. I’m not a Faberry shipper but I can agree it relates to Glee much more.

          • Deliah says:

            They are underdogs who rise above to accomplish their dream, DSB fits the song more, which is why it is used to promote Glee, for movies, television and awards shows. When your heard DSB is takes you back to what Glee is, when your hear DSB you think of Glee. IFP/U is not nostalgic like that, and is a forgetable cover. A year from now you won’t remember the song or performance but when your hear DSB bet you’ll think of Glee and what it is. IFP is orginally about a boyfriend who puts down his girlfriend and its cover was nothing special. I myself am sick of the Rachel is jealous of Quinn thing and vice versa, its old and season one to me.

          • Marcus says:

            Deliah, when I hear DSB, I think of my high school prom, not Glee.

          • Deliah says:

            @Marcus, did you go to prom with a guy or a girl?

          • R says:

            @Deliah WTF does going with a guy or a girl have to do with it? I think of my high school prom too because that was our class song.

          • lol says:

            Duh, Glee is not all about insecure little girls. Please, no argument will convince me that I Feel Unpretty is better than Don’t Stop Believin.

        • Blah says:

          IFP/U is an overplayed concept by Glee. And DSB is an overplayed song by Glee. It kind of evens out. But if you think about it: IFP/U actually had a relation to the show, the song related to the plot that was going on. DSB was just the song that was played in the pilot. Did the song relate to the plot? No. Not really. It could have easily been any other song in Journey’s, or any band for that matter’s, repertoire. And it could just as easily be replaced by any song the show has done or will do.

          Both are very good songs, and both were done well (yes, ‘this’ could be better; ‘that’ could be done differently, but they were both done /well/, and that’s all we can really ask for). To say anything otherwise would be idiocy. So, frankly, by the songs alone I think it’s a pretty tough call for these two. So, look at the context of the songs. One is just a song used for the Club. The other is used as something of a plot device to show the security of one character on a specific subject versus another character’s insecurity about the same subject.

          Take DSB out of the pilot and put another song in its place. There wouldn’t be a very large difference. I can’t say you could do the same with IFP/U.

          (For the record. Yes, you can read this and think that I’m looking way too far into it, but I could have easily made a similar argument for any other song that could have been in this poll, but seeing how IFP/U is a finalist it only makes sense that I would make this statement here and now.)

        • theveiledfairy says:

          Actually, if you look at various other polls, IFP/U usually wins as the best song of season two.

      • Chadbrochill says:

        Bro, chill. Let’s just play some game cube and drink some natty light.

    • Darsy says:

      I had to speak up, here. I don’t give a flying fart about shipping, but that duet was everything I love about Glee, right there–Dianna’s not-the-best-in-the-world vocal at the beginning notwithstanding.

      Whine if you lose, sure, but don’t make crappy blanket statements.

  16. Chris says:

    Unpopular opinion:

    Well, if you really think obout it U/IFP is more about being a gleek than DSB ’cause the duet is about struggling with accepting yourself and feeling good about who you are and DBS is about persistence,which is a great lesson but you know…

    • Mallory says:

      I totally agree with you! U/IFP goes way more with the whole show theme of self-acceptance and self-love and not being what other people want you to be. I will never understand why DSB is the show’s “theme song.”

  17. Captain says:

    I feel like people are forgetting we’re coting for performance. I adore the Quinn/Rachel duet, it is constantly playing on my iPod (I listened to it today) and I think it is a brilliant mash-up. But the performance wasn’t anything spectacular. Don’t Stop Believin was magical. It wasn’t that it was their best stage production or best cover but there was something about that moment that made me think “Wow, this show is going to be great.” There’s no other performance that can top that feeling.

    • Captain says:


    • Kyle says:

      Jeez! Pretty/Unpretty is about girls feeling good with theirselves over someone else’s missery, while DSB is about believing in the future, keep fighting, etc. So, DSB brings a message. Quinnchel was fine, but the original Glee cast was soooooooooo much better

    • somuchtruth says:

      EXACTLY. The IFP/U scene was just boring. DSB was magical and what made me continue to watch Glee. DSB is Glee.

      • appalling says:

        You and your opinion are boring. You obviously can’t put your hate towards certain aspects of this fandom aside to actually appreciate the amazing cynematography, the colors, the harmonies, the mash up of two VERY different songs and how well Lea’s and Dianna’s voice sound together. I say it’s a shame they cut it short but yet featured Kurt’s 4 minutes performance. Now THAT was a bore.

  18. JKR says:

    As a faberry shipper agree with you DSB is epic amazing and sung by the cast, the song we will hear in Emmy awards, Golden Globes, and others, Faberry fans doesnt hate anyone, we just have fun and love our favorite characters, hurt me to see hate when this show is about spread love and acceptance, let’s learn that, and we wont stop beliving that hate will stay our of this poll.

    • please says:

      Faberry fans have an unnatural hate for Finn who they think is getting between the union of their two favorites. Delusional much???

      • seriously says:

        pretty much all the faberry shippers i know hate Finn, not because he gets in the middle of their OTP, but because Finn is a moron. in fact, most of the people i know who watch the show dislike Finn, regardless of who they ship or if they ship anyone at all. much of the fandom’s anti-Finn stance has nothing to do with ships at all, and has everything to do with the fact that Finn is a hypocritical, immature dumbass who isn’t good enough for either Rachel or Quinn.

        • wow says:

          All your arguments are invalid. Rachel will still be kissing at the end of the episode. Quinn will probably be off in the background with Puck or whichever supporting character they have lined up.

          And this is a good example of your biased interpretation of the show. As I said, these shippers have an unnatural and unhealthy hate for someone who’s perceived to be a barrier for your ship. A ship that will never ever be validated in canon.

        • wow says:

          All your arguments are invalid. Rachel will still be kissing FINN at the end of the episode. Quinn will probably be off in the background with Puck or whichever supporting character they have lined up.

          And this is a good example of your biased interpretation of the show. As I said, these shippers have an unnatural and unhealthy hate for someone who’s perceived to be a barrier for your ship. A ship that will never ever be validated in canon.

          • Interesting. says:

            I’m not a Faberry shipper and I can say with the utmost certainty that Finn is an immature, hypocritical imbecile who has the emotional maturity of a five year old. It’s plain, to a lot of people, that Rachel AND Quinn (who, mind you, I don’t exactly like) would be better off without him. In fact, I don’t ship anyone on this show, and never will, unless independence is introduced as a person and Rachel goes for it.

          • not a Finn fan either says:

            To the comment above me: You clearly aren’t watching the same show as I am. In the last episode of Season 2, Finn clearly had a realization of how much he f*cked up. He admitted as much to Rachel. I’m not a Finn fan but Finn isn’t as bad or stupid as you make him out to be.

          • Interesting. says:

            Saying, “I’m sorry.” doesn’t automatically make things right. Certainly, he’s trying. However, until I see some consistency in character, he’s still a hypocrite to me, and I don’t trust at all that he’s learned anything from what he’s done. In my opinion, he’s the biggest hypocrite of all, particularly since he cheated on Quinn before we were even told she was pregnant, and then he encouraged her cheating on Sam with him (the thing that hurt him so badly in S1). Sorry, but he’s…I detest him. And unless I see consistency in season three, he’s still a hypocritical imbecile. However, I do acknowledge that he’s trying to make things better. With Rachel, anyway. I don’t see him trying to make it up to anyone else.

          • Kylie says:

            Honestly, how is Finn that bad? He dumped Quinn because she lied and cheated on him (understandable), he dumped Rachel because she technically cheated on him, it should have mattered that Finn slept with Santana because at the time Rachel and Finn were NOT together, in FACT she was with Jesse in ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP, so what if Finn lied about it he slept with Santana in the past Rachel should’ve left in the past instead of being an insecure little bitch. Finn didn’t come after Quinn after him and Rachel broke up, he was interested in Quinn after SHE kissed him after the “big” game. (Lets go ahead and throw in the fact that Quinn wasn’t interested in Finn till she realized he was her ticket to being Prom Queen, and convinced herself she could be into him besides that “little” fact. Also, mind you that Quinn chose Sam over Finn, but Sam broke up with her before she could finalize it) It was obvious that Finn started dating Quinn again to get over Rachel,(which is prolly why he forgave Quinn sooner) he had the mentality of ‘If you can’t love the one you want, love the one your with’. Frankly, I dont see whats so bad about Finn, and yes I know he kissed Rachel in S1 while going out with Quinn, but she slept with Puck. So, let that slide. Remember these are teenagers, emotiona change every week. And, I never saw Finn pining over anyone when he was Rachel, but he pinned over Rachel while he was with Quinn. Its still douche, but to set the record straight Finn never cheated on Rachel, and Quinn is a bitch actually.

          • Interesting. says:

            1. Relationships don’t work without trust. Finn and Rachel agreed to tell each other the truth about everything. He didn’t tell the truth about sleeping with Santana. If he had, Rachel wouldn’t have had the right to react the way she did. Regardless, it’s debatable that she overreacted.
            2. Certainly, Finn didn’t go after Quinn. However, he was throwing all sorts of signals at her, and he did nothing to stop her. Even if he didn’t initiate the whole thing, he’s still just as guilty, if not worse for letting it happen considering it hurt him so badly in S1.
            3. Have you forgotten the episode in the back nine where he’s dating Rachel, and he has a musical number, after she gives him that admittedly creepy calendar, where he’s looking at Quinn, and even Brittany and Santana, longingly (before he breaks up with Rachel for the first time)? You did, didn’t you?
            4. Quinn can be a bitch, yes. But she’s a person who has feelings, who cares about Rachel and Sue and the Glee club even though she hides it, and no one deserves being broken up with after a funeral. This was something that just solidified my disdain for Finn’s character, because it was tactless and cruel, and then to tell her he loves her? No, I’m sorry. Even Quinn didn’t deserve that.
            Regardless, I agree that this is a show about teenagers, and that they drift and make mistakes, etc, but youth is not an excuse for poor judgment. Mistakes are still mistakes, and saying one, “Sorry.” doesn’t make up for everything. This is also a show about real life. I don’t see any consequences anywhere. But, I digress. It’s a TV show and it, perhaps, should not be taken so seriously.

          • Kylie says:

            1) Relationships dont work without trust, but remember these are “teenagers”. Secondly, Rachel lied to Finn too when she told him she slept with Jesse. In the episode ‘Furt’, Finn told Santana he didn’t want to hurt Rachel which is why he didn’t tell her about him and Santana. Yeah, a real douche right?
            2) How is Finn just as guilty for sending Quinn signals? He was SINGLE. Regardless of Quinns relationship status, especially since she initiated it!
            3) I remember that episode but Rachel was being extremely creepy and moving too fast for him, and Finn was still worried about his rep and image which is why he let Rachel go. Yeah, kinda douche. But in highschool, popularity seems to bw everything.
            4) Quinn is a beyotch and how does she care about Rachel? She has been verbally and physcially abusive since day one. She needs to enter an anger management program. Quinn seems to be all about herself especially after New York when she tried to get Rachel and Kurt disqualified. She has some character redeming to do.

            And yeah, its just a tv show. But theres nothing wrong with a little debate.

          • Interesting. says:

            Haha. I like you already. You’re right. There’s nothing wrong with a little debate. Therefore, here is my answer. (Clearly. Silly me.)
            1. The fact that they’re teenagers does not refute the fact that trust is necessary for a relationship to work. Secondly, if you utilize this argument, then it automatically means that Rachel lied once and Finn lied twice, considering he lied about not having slept with Santana twice (once before the agreement when they started dating again, and once after) while Rachel only lied the first time. Additionally, though I wouldn’t go as far as saying that his intentions are irrelevant, they don’t take away from the fact that he lied to her. By lying to her, it looked as though he had something to hide. She still would have been hurt if he’d told her immediately, but she wouldn’t have reacted so drastically. After all, they were supposed to be starting over.
            2. He sent her signals while she was dating someone else. He reciprocated and even sought her out and encouraged the tryst. Therefore, he is equally as guilty, not to mention hypocritical as I have mentioned time and time again.
            3. “Kind of douchy” doesn’t begin to cover it. He still had feelings for Quinn, as well. Either way, this one is a moot point. They’ve both been horrible to each other.
            4. Actually, in my honest opinion, what Quinn needs to do is break down. I’ve been waiting for it ever since the start of this season. Her condition is already fragile. I expected it to happen during the Prom episode, but I was disappointed. Still, this is how I interpreted the scene in Original Song, which I believe most (in my opinion, and I’m sorry if this offends anyone) have misconstrued. Quinn’s voice cracks while she’s delivering the speech. Not only that, but her eyes are watery. Her body language screams defensive. She’s trying to protect herself. However, what she says verbally is equally important. “You don’t belong here, Rachel.” And, “I’ll stay here and become a successful real estate agent” and “Finn will inherit Burt’s garage”, and all these little details people just seem to miss. She’s settling for this instead of chasing after her own dreams because she feels she’s lost the ability to obtain them, to succeed. And she tells Rachel that Finn is holding her back, which, in my again very honest opinion, he is. And it’s sad, because poor execution and writing have made Quinn and Rachel terrible characters. Frankly, they have a lot of potential to grow, which is why I’m so ecstatic they’ve hired female writers.
            Anyway. This rant has gotten long enough.

          • Kylie says:

            Aha, I like the way you think. And yes, your right. We have debated enough. You have good points, and I have good points. And, I’m excited for the new female writers too. Oh, regardless of what Glee has turned into, its a platform for a good debate.

          • Interesting. says:

            Indeed. This has made me happy, actually. Thank you for the exercise in intellect.

        • gabi says:

          Ahahaha. Show me a male character on Glee who isn’t a hypocritical immature dumbass, starting with Will Schuester. And don’t tell me it’s Mike Chang because Mike Chang has no lines.

          And show me a female character on Glee who isn’t a shrill, insecure bitch. And don’t tell me it’s Emma because she’s a neurotic bundle of nerves.

          • Interesting. says:

            Exactly. This show isn’t exactly an example of stellar characterization. Fact is, consistency doesn’t seem to be RIB’s forte. (When did Puck and Quinn deal with the Beth issue?)

          • le peace sign says:

            ‘Show me a male character on Glee who isn’t a hypocritical immature dumbass, and don’t tell me it’s Mike Chang.’
            Sam (the only thing he’s ever done to ‘hurt’ anyone was when he started going out with Santana before breaking up with Quinn), Kurt (you didn’t say I couldn’t put gay dudes here, so I’m just making a list of all of them), Puck and Karofsky (may have been immature and stupid once, but at least, they grew up – unlike Finn, who seems to be going back instead of ahead), Artie (used to be sexist, but it seems like he’s learnt his lesson), Blaine (I think he’s not good for Kurt, but he’s not a hypocritical immature dumbass either), and does Burt count?
            Funny how the only one that can be compared to Finn is Azimio.
            Also, ‘and show me a female character on Glee who isn’t a shrill, insecure bitch, don’t tell me it’s Emma.’
            Seeing that the writers seem to be really, really sexist, we just have Brittany to put here :|

        • I choose to remain anonymous says:


        • june says:

          ok! you can hate finn! just not Cory pls?=) Thank you!

      • kori says:

        lol i ship faberry and i dont like finn. its not even because i see him as an obstacle for faberry, not at all. i dont like his actions and im not a particular fan of his voice. i have strongly dislike finchel, but that doesnt mean i waste my time hating on the fandom.

  19. Gleek says:


  20. Darla says:

    Not the songs that I thought I’d see in the end. STL vs DSB, or DROMP vs DSB would have been epic. IFP/U was good but I can’t understand the hype. The episode Born This Way was bad, and the PERFORMANCE quality of IFP/U was nothing spectacualr or new, just singing in the choir room. I understand it was a Quinn/Rachel duet, but SO? (Btw, without Rachel this song wouldn’t have got past the first bracket). DSB is GLEE. I doubt anyone will recall IFP/U when Glee is long and over. DROMP was cheated.

  21. renata says:

    of course don’t stop believing thats where it all started!!

  22. Rachel says:

    Let’s be honest – this is “Inside the Box” vs. “Outside the Box”. Outside thinking ftw. Voting Unpretty!

  23. Lilly says:

    this shouldn’t be about ships, this should be about the song that started it all and remains the anthem for this show and the kids in that glee club. don’t vote for ifp/u just because you’re obsessed over a ship that doesn’t and will never exist.

    • Mallory says:

      That’s not why I voted for that song. In fact, I think Faberry is ridiculous. I voted for it because I believe it represents the show’s theme way more than DSB does. I voted for it because I think it was a genius mashup of two songs I never would’ve put together on my own. I voted for it because Dianna and Lea’s voices together gave me goosebumps. Don’t generalize an entire group of voters just because one subsect is loud and obnoxious.

      • Billy Ocean says:

        Lmfao? The show’s theme is about perserverance and never giving up no matter how big or small your dream is. They weren’t preaching that acceptance bull until the second season. Nothing was innovative about IFP/U, Glee has had better duets, I wasn’t feeling all the autotune in IFP/U, basically if your a Faberry shipper or an ugly chick who has feelings you like this song.

        • Mallory says:

          Kurt being gay was a big deal in the beginning of the first season. He needed to accept himself. And please, a HUGE part of the entire show has been the fact that the entire school treats the glee club like crap. AKA THEY DON’T ACCEPT THEM.

          • Billy Ocean says:

            The school dosen’t accept them because Glee club is not a popular club and is generally for people lower on the totem pole. Kurt accepting himself was an obvious plot for a gay character in today’s society. You will never hear IFP/U being the theme of Glee, or being their “song”. And the PERFORMANCE, was regular. Accepting yourself is a subplot of Glee BUT being the underdog and rising up to follow your dreams or destiny (whatever) is what Glee preached first and is their theme. DSB represents that. IFP is NOT Glee’s best song or performance. All these girls are whining about how they can relate, yeah yeah.

          • Mallory says:

            And I don’t think that the Pilot DSB was anything more than a REGULAR performance. DSB didn’t become epic to me till the Regionals. That’s the beautiful thing, Billy – you and I don’t have to agree with each other. I’ve basically not commented until now because 99% of Glee fans are complete assholes whenever they see someone with a differing opinion. Like you, in your first comment. Basically, I guess what it comes down to for me this – unlike most of the rest of the world, I DON’T think Lea Michele is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

          • Billy Ocean says:

            Mallory, DSB was epic for most fans and critics after the pilot. Which is why it reached #4 on Billboard, and #1 in Digital Sales, IFP/U did not do that. Maybe because not all Glee fans are girls or gay guys? And Lea Michele has got to be pretty damn awesome for her to be paired with Dianna Agron and make a song sound “good”, considering it would’ve been mediocre without her. Michele’s prolly not the best thing since sliced bread, but lets just say shes the best thing since grilled cheese and boxer-briefs, (which is pretty awesome btw)

          • Mallory says:

            What everyone seems to be forgetting here is that the poll is not about “what songs represents Glee” more. So really, the argument we’re having is pointless. The poll is about what song you like more. It’s opinion. So let’s both just shut up.

          • leslie says:

            @Billy “.. the best thing since grilled cheese and boxer-briefs.” ACCURATE. I will use this now.

        • Marcus says:

          Please stop making all male members of the human species sound like douchebags, Billy. And learn the difference between you’re and your.

      • Interesting. says:

        Love how there’s no respect from anyone on here. That one subsect is full of intelligent, talented people (not that I’m saying that this is limited to Faberry, and I don’t ship it either, before you start accusing me) who tend to respect other ships more than the average Gleek does. Please, refrain from generalizing, because you’re doing the exact same thing you’re preaching against.

        • Mallory says:

          You’re right. That wasn’t my point, but I worded what I was trying to say in the wrong way. My bad.

    • Rachel says:

      I agree – this shouldn’t be about ships. I voted Unpretty because I thought it was a beautiful and unique mashup, much more creative than DSB (although don’t get me wrong, I voted DSB in every other poll it was in, it’s definitely an awesome song and deserves to be in this final round more than any other song. I’m still voting against it, though!)

    • pamela says:

      “don’t vote for ifp/u just because you’re obsessed over a ship that doesn’t and will never exist”


  24. Sigh says:

    It bothers me that people are voting DSB on the grounds that it is THE “Glee” song, when the poll is essentially which is the best song on the show, not most iconic or what song represents it more. Unpretty is more catchy and easier on the ears than DSB. God knows that song is played out to death with Glee.

  25. Josie says:

    Don’t Stop Believing for sure. It was the song that started it all. The theme song for the whole show. IFP/UP was a nice duet, but it’s nowhere near as epic as DSB.

  26. Theo says:

    Anything with Dianna Agron’s nasally, eternally congested vocals does not deserve to win.

    • Linda says:

      u mad? Stay mad.

    • Lea says:

      Theo!!! Back to the dungeon, beard. :) :)

    • Eli says:

      You said it! Autotune is a god gift.

    • Jessica says:

      Bahahahahahaha…. I’d have to agree. Again why Lea Michele is one of the greatest talents to have ever lived, she managed to make a duet with Dianna Agron sound descent.

      • Eli says:

        Lmfaooooooo! Thnkyou! I think ppl are forgetting that if Lea hadn’t joined the song and sung over Dianna’s voice the song wouldve been poop. Besides Diana was autotuned in the beggining and you cant hear her in the end. Nuff said.

        • XiVa says:

          most duets that Lea performed if she wasn’t there they would suck. look at the Finchel duets if it wasn’t Lea the one singing with Cory some of them would be crap.

          • so true says:

            That comment just made my day. really How far would any duet without Lea’s voice have gone?

      • leslie says:

        Lea is a queen of duets. She doesn’t outshine them; she seems able to know just how to complement her partner’s voice, coming in at just the right parts and blending beautifully, all the while making it sound flawless and appear effortless.

    • Interesting. says:

      It’s a matter of personal preference. Please refrain from insulting a wonderful human being. If you don’t like her voice, that’s fine. But please don’t hate. It’s silly, and immature.

    • somuchtruth says:

      i agree so much with this comment. dianna agron – no thanks.

  27. Cleo says:

    I don’t ship Faberry, in fact I actually ship Finchel pretty hardcore. But, I think the arrangement of IFP/U was incredible and I was genuinely surprised by how good Lea and Dianna sounded together. DSB might be the most iconic Glee song, but there is nothing original about the cover and in terms of a vocal performance as this was before Cory’s voice had become as amazing as it is now, vocally Lea totally drowned him out in the original so compared to Lea and Dianna’s IFP/U where the harmonies worked much better, I think in comparison for me the vocal arrangement of the original DSB falls flat.

    The best song to me is IFP/U so that’s why I’m voting for it

    • Hugh says:

      Uh huh…. thank you for pretending to ship Finchel, you Achele/FaBerry shipper. Vote for whatever you want, there is no way IFP/U if going to beat DSB.

      • Cleo says:

        Ummm I actually do ship Finchel and I don’t ship Faberry and think the concept of Achele is insulting to Lea Michele and her longterm relationship with Theo. But, obviously because I said something you disagree with that must mean I don’t ship Finchel and am instead just pretending. Because only a Faberry shipper would like IFP/U better then DSB, right?

        No. Just because I ship Finchel doesn’t mean I have to think DSB is superior to IFP/U. I voted for DROMP over IFP/U and would still be voting for that if it got to the final, but it didn’t and I genuinely think IFP/U is vocally superior to DSB. DSB is an iconic Glee song, but I think IFP/U sounds better and has an amazing arrangement.

        • Doug says:

          How was IFP/U an equal duet? Diana was soft and dull in the begining and then Lea drowned her out, midway to the end of the song. Lea also had to sing a lower register and key to match Diana’s voice and it still didnt keep her from drowing Diana out. Not an equal duet by any means.

          • Cleo says:

            I actually personally thought their voices harmonised really lovely together and read my post again cause not once did I say it was an equal duet, I just said I think vocally it worked a lot better then the original DSB. I enjoy Dianna’s solo parts of the song as much as I enjoy Lea’s. The arrangement had Lea sing in a lower register to match Dianna, yes, but Lea often has to not use her full vocal power when she is singing with less trained/experienced singers (like if you listen to most Cory/Lea sung songs from S1 she is either holding back or totally drowning him out, that has since changed as Cory has improved so much as a singer) so I don’t really get how that is an argument against IFP/U. I personally do not think Lea drowns out Dianna in IFP/U. My personal opinion is that the harmonies, arrangement and combined vocals of IFP/U are better then the original DSB.

            I am not forcing my opinion of the song onto anyone, just saying why I, as a Finchel shipper, voted for this duet over a Finchel led number

      • KLP says:

        pretty sure the girl doesnt ship faberry , we will never lie about who we ship….

  28. Gool says:

    I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again. Whenever a Faberry poll comes up, the vicious fighting comes up too. I would be inclined to think that it was other fandoms’ fault, but the fighting has now even occurred against DSB, and the only DSB fans are general Glee fans. The only logical conclusion I can come to is the Faberry fans make everything personal.

    • Marcus says:

      If it’s the shippers making everything personal, why are they the ones getting blatantly attacked in these comments? The only logical conclusion I can come to is that Glee fans in general are unable to handle the concept that everyone has different tastes and opinions.

    • Aly says:

      if you read clearly , we are not starting the hate… read please… the hate comes from others not us..

    • Leah says:

      Honestly? The only logical conclusion is that Faberry is one of the most hated non canon ships by the General Glee fandom.

      Looking back on comments from the other polls including IFP/U, most of the more argumentative comments came from people calling Faberry shippers delusional or from people insulting Dianna Agron’s voice.

      Look a couple of comments above and you’ll see a Finchel fan saying they voted IFP/U over DSB and then getting told they must actually be a Faberry/Achele fan and to stop lying. People attack Faberry shippers for liking Faberry, how is that not making it personal?
      People assume the only reason you’d like IFP/U is because you ship Faberry, how is that not making it personal?

      If people didn’t feel the need to call out Faberry shippers all the time and call them delusional or whatever then the fighting would stop

      • Gloria says:

        thank you.. so true.

      • loltastic says:

        Don’t have to give an lengthy thesis to explain why you’re a Faberry shipper. You still remain the most delusional shippers in the fandom, and that’s including the Sam/Kurt shippers.

        • Interesting. says:

          I find it amazing how much this reveals about human nature. Hypocrisy is a strange thing, isn’t it? For a group who enjoys a show about acceptance to call a LARGE group of people who share a different opinion delusional…


      • duh says:

        It’s because you guys are annoying as hell and cheat your way to every victory.

        • Interesting. says:

          You know, that’s probably the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. This poll doesn’t even let you vote twice. I just checked, to be sure. And I’m not a Faberry shipper. I just happened to think IFP/U was beautiful. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen any Faberry shippers be “annoying”, as you say. Exactly how are they annoying? What do they do to you that irks you so much? It’s such a waste of time to hate on other people’s ships, and it seems to me that it’s always this one. It’s always Faberry. And if it’s not Faberry, it’s Kurtofsky. Please. Just stop it.

          • Kils says:

            There are other ways to cheat, and only the Faberry shippers are obsessive enough to spend their time doing those convoluted tricks.

          • Interesting. says:

            And how would you know of these other ways to cheat? Isn’t the very fact that you’ve thought of them indicative of your own compulsion? Stop hating on the Faberry segment of the fandom. It wears me down, as it’s unproductive and utterly silly.

      • phylosaccount says:

        Don’t pretend like you’re new in this fandom. The faberry shippers are the most rabid and aggresive here, specially in this polls, the ones with the most fighting were the ones that included IFP/U. And, personally every Faberry shipper I’ve seen insults Theo, Cory and even the Groff, that’s just despicable and plain weird and creepy. Those are the reasons why the faberry shippers (not the ship itself) are the most hated in this fandom. They get the hate from genuine Lea fans for insulting Theo, the hate of Cory fans and the hate of the Groff fans. That’s 50% of the fandom at least.

        Now: I vote for DSB, it actually had a performance.

        PS: The faberry shippers are delusional, delusional is not an insult, they are truly delusional because faberry will never happen, neither as a romantic relationship and probably not friendship either. If the writers want continuity at least.

        • moi says:

          If the writers wanted continuity, Rachel never would’ve taken Finn back after Nationals, Quinn wouldn’t be so bipolar, and it would be clear if Blaine has ever had a boyfriend or not (in Blame it on the Alcohol he says he’s never had a bf before, during prom he says he has) and also his age (is he older than Kurt? younger? same age?)… Glee writers aren’t great with continuity, period.

          Also, Faberry have great potential to be friends, if Quinn would suck up her pride and accept help (see: Prom) Rachel would stop being so obsessed with Finn.

          I’ll admit, I’m a Faberry/Achele shipper both romantically and in friendship, but I love Theo, Cory, and the Groffles. I think Lea and Theo are adorable together, Cory is so sweet and Groff seems like a great friend to Lea. I’ll also admit, I think Finn is a hypocritical douche.

          As for my vote: DSB. It’s what hooked me on Glee… as soon as I heard it, I got chills. It still gives me chills. IFP/U caters to my shipper heart, and I love love love Dianna’s voice in it, but I honestly believe DSB deserves to win this because although the arrangement isn’t better than IFP/U, and although it’s pretty much a Finchel duet with a bit of back-up vocals, DSB represents Glee. FOR ME. I also liked the performance MUCH better. IFP/U had lovely shots of Lea and Dianna (well, Rachel and Quinn), but DSB was magical. Plain and simple.

          Not aimed at you phylosaccount, but everyone in here in general… why can’t we all accept that these are our OPINIONS — people will vote for who they want to vote for. Stop hating on Faberry and Faberry shippers because you’re all insecure that we’re “cheating” somehow and rigging IFP/U to win.

          • phylosaccount says:

            You must be the first civilized faberry shipper I’ve seen in these polls. Props to you :)

        • lol says:

          are you on something?

  29. FaberryGleek says:


  30. Chris says:

    Vocally, I Feel Pretty/Unpretty is so much better, but the original Don’t Stop is where it all began! I don’t know who to vote for!

  31. Meagan says:

    It’s really sad to see a show that preaches acceptance and joy have such downright mean people in the fandom. I see a lot of Faberry shippers take slack just for shipping something different than the norm. And for what? Because their opinions differ from the general population, because they see chemistry and potential in areas that we (I don’t ship them, only as friends) don’t? The funny thing is that I see plenty of people bashing Faberry and saying their shippers are “crazy” or “insane” and whatnot, but all of the hate I see in these comments are directed towards THEM. People are free to have different opinions and views on things and it’s disheartening to see people get attacked for it.

    • B says:

      Thank you. I’m sick of being called insane for my ship, and I have no doubt that if IFP/U actually wins that my part of the fandom with be ‘blamed’ for it, like it’s something bad.

      • Danny says:

        Face it. Faberry is just a really hated ship in Glee Fandom. Even more hated than Klaine.

        • Interesting. says:

          I wasn’t aware that Klaine was hated. (This is news to me, not me being snarky. I’m sorry if it comes across that way.)

          • Noah says:

            Its hated severly by people who hate Blaine for taking up screen time and hated by people who ship Kum (Kurt/Sam), although obviously some like both.
            It is pretty hated though.

    • Juhi says:

      I honestly think people dislike Achele shippers, and it spills over to the Faberry fandom (and btw, the Faberry fandom is ALWAYS hating on other ships and their shippers, don’t be a hypocrite, their favorites to pick on are Finchel and Klaine, and sometimes even Brittana because they are jealous another lesbian ship gets all the canon). I mean you have to admit the Achele shippers are kind of crazy. I mean no Monchele or Salgron shipper ever really thinks their ships are real, they are more like man I know Lea is with Theo and Dianna is with Sebastian, but I wish they were together, which is why they don’t get hated on as much. Whereas, if you read any Achele forum it’s like Theo is a pathetic excuse for a beard, and Lea and Dianna have been secretly together for all these years, etc, etc, and it’s kind of scary honestly.

      • Interesting. says:

        In my experience, I’ve never seen a Faberry shipper hate on another segment of the fandom. This does not mean there are not a few who do it. This is true of every following. It is most certainly not exclusive to Finchel and Faberry. However, the actions of the few do not reflect the opinions of the many. To formulate such a conjecture would be erroneous. As for Achele…I will have to refrain from commenting. I am ignorant as to the workings of that particular group.

        • Ling says:

          I can give you links oh purposefully ignorant one. It is certainly not just a few….

          • Interesting. says:

            Actually, the last thing I’d like to be is purposefully ignorant. That would be the pinnacle of idiocy. Do share, fair-minded debater. Though, I am certain there are just a few, as people tend to exaggerate (particularly when aided by anonymity).

          • Interesting. says:

            I’m still waiting for those links, kind sir or madam.

      • Catherine says:

        I agree with Interesting, I have never seen a Faberry shipper hate on other ships, to me they seem to just enjoy the gifs, manips, fanfictions etc made by each other.
        And the Finn argument is not valid, I’m pretty sure the majority of the fandom dislike the character.

  32. letlovein says:

    Who cares if DSB is GLEE, I’m pretty sure the poll is asking, “Which musical number do you prefer?” NOT “Which song represents GLEE more?”

    Don’t go hating other people for voting for a song you don’t agree with. The poll is clearly asking for someone’s own opinion!

  33. Gio says:

    I’m splitting my votes between them both!!!

  34. mile says:

    Why I Feel Pretty/Unpretty made it this far is beyond me…
    Don´t stop believing FTW.

  35. Avyre says:

    Really, glee-ness or iconic value aside, I would have to pick IFP/UP over DSB. DSB is a great song, and the performance of it was spot-on, as most Glee performances are. I feel like IFP/UP also had a spot-on performance. And musically, both songs are sound, with good splits between vocal parts and balance with the instrumental. There’s no technical difference between the two, so personal preference is the deciding factor. (And we know how that goes in this fandom). I love DSB, it’s a great feel-good, pumped up, let’s do this kind of song. But something about IFP/UP can literally stop me in my tracks. I could listen to it all day. DSB, for me, gets tiring after a while. Like I said, personal preference, I choose IFP/UP.

  36. Meagan says:

    It’s unfortunate that, win or lose, you guys get screwed over anyway. Lose – “HAHA those Faberry crazies couldn’t win!”, Win – “It was all those freaking insane Faberry shippers”. I wish more people were open to different opinions, but I’m afraid it seems a lot of the Glee fandom is closeminded.

    • Linda says:

      Which is surprisingly, because Glee is all about accepting others and yourself. :/

      • lon says:

        Then why don’t Achele fans except that Lea and Dianna are living their lives
        as straight people?

        Or that Rachel and Quinn have are straight or that Sam is straight or blah, blah.

        These crack ships don’t respect that.

    • B says:

      If IFP/U wins Faberry shippers are just going to be blamed for messing with the poll because they’re just voting for their ship. Which is just a ridiculous argument, because no one can tell me Finchel fans didn’t vote for Faithfully and the other ships for a song their ship sang.

      • hahaha says:

        I guess the Finchel fans have other things to do beside being fanatically obsessed with an irrelevant internet poll.

  37. fbfds says:

    Here we go with people being rude and disrespectful again.

  38. Paris says:

    Pretty/Unprety is so overrated and should not be in this round. Dromp should have won. This round we could have two performances that when people look at glee will remember it. It would have been a more interesting round so now I vote for DSB even though Dromp will always be my favorite glee peformance.

  39. n says:

    Frankly, I think polls like this one are stupid. How can you even compare two amazing, fantastic songs like these two? How can you even make them compete against the other? They’re both differently arranged, sung differently, have different contexts on the show, etc. And the only thing we get out of it, it’s making different fanbases of this show feel like they need to compete against each other and prove some kind of point. Don’t Stop Belivin’ made us fell in love with glee and believe in it. I Feel Pretty/Unpretty gave us another fantastic lesson as well. I won’t be voting for either of these songs because I can’t choose and because there’s no point in it.

  40. Linda says:

    I keep seeing that IFP/U is overrated, seriously, and DSB isn’t?

  41. Sam says:

    Both songs mean a lot to me DSB is the beginning, it makes me cry when I hear it, how it all started and how this next season will be the last with the original cast.

    But I have to vote IFP/U Dianna and Lea are perfect, their voices were made to sound together, is the most played song in my Glee playlist, and also my favorite. Their chemistry is flawless, I’ve never seen anyone as perfect as them.

  42. Salesman says:

    If IFP/U was that great, it would’ve sold more than DSB and stayed on Billboard longer than a week. Sorry, but besides Faberry stans the song isn’t all that. And an online poll isnt going to change that. This poll is one out of thousands. TV Line didng even pick good enough songs to compete for this. Youd figure they at least watch Glee, as much as they post about it.

    • Leah says:

      Your comment suggest that IFP/U didn’t sell well and that it was only Faberry stans buying it. Considering it mashed up 2 songs and was the best selling duet of S2 your argument is flawed. It sold 124,000 in the first week and entered the Billboard chart at no. 21. There are not enough Faberry fans in the world to explain that number of sales. It also was at no. 3 on Itunes sales and stayed up in the top 100 for a few weeks before climbing back up into the top 40 during the time the Prom episode aired. It also peaked very high on the Itunes charts in many other countries, like Australia, Ireland, UK, New Zealand etc. Look at some facts and you can’t deny that it was one of the best selling S2 Glee songs.

      No, it did not sell as well as DSB, but it did sell extremely well for a mash up that was entirely original and is one of the best selling songs of this season. But, even without the sales this poll is about what song people like better, not what song sold better.

      Some people like IFP/U better and people need to deal with that

      • Salesman says:

        First of all I never stated I Feel Pretty/Unpretty didn’t sell well, it didn’t sell as well as DSB. So, stop trying to be a smartass. Second, Billboard is more accurate than Itunes and nothing about IFP/U was orginal. Its not even in the top ten of best selling ‘Glee’ song, nor is it the best selling mash-up (maybe of S2 but not overall). Sales often explain how popular or well liked a song is. Unpretty did well, but not oustanding or eye brow raising which is why the singers (or singer, discrediting Diana) have never dueted again. It did well, but not Glee well. Why do Lea and Darren sing the most? Because they SELL the most. Its all about the mula.

        I accept some people like IFP/U better, but they are a small percentage. And, the numbers dont lie, my friend.

        • minks says:

          This is just all kinds of wrong, dear friend. And I also hope you realise that you’re pratically comparing two songs from two different shows which only happens to have the same characters. Back when Glee was still a quality show DSB was its “anthem” and was sold as its front, of what Glee was about. IFP/U had no pretense to be anything more than a number on a episode. I wonder why it’s competing against such a well sold song now, huh? It must NOT be because of its quality.

        • Leah says:

          So it sold well but not Glee well? Funny that in the history of Glee only 12 songs have peaked higher then IFP/U. But, obviously that means it didn’t sell ‘Glee well’. It’s also the highest charting duet of S2.

          Saying they’ve never done another duet because the song did not sell well enough is ridiculous. They were well underway filming the last few episodes of the season when they saw the sale figures for IFP/U and so it was unlikely they would just chuck in another Lea/Dianna duet given how late it was in the season.

          Honestly? Given how well it did sell for a song that was original (the mash up in my opinion was very original and very well crafted) there is a good chance that they will have Lea and Dianna sing together again in S3

  43. your mom says:

    You should know what you are voting for — not the song that defines Glee. Not the Glee anthem, or the gleek theme song. It’s vote for the best song. The song that sounds better. In my opinion, it’s IFP/U. Not because of ships. It’s not because I ship Faberry but not Finchel or vise versa. I think IFP/U is better. Rachel and Quinn’s voices sound great together, and it’s pretty relatable to teen girls who watch the show.

  44. Sarah says:

    As much as I love DSB, and it makes me cry every time I hear it, IFP/U gets my vote. It showcased how beautiful both Agron and Michele’s voices were and it would be a credit to see them get just some of the recognition DSB has had.

  45. Carmen says:

    My vote Is for i feel pretty/unpretty!

  46. Hugh says:

    Where is River Deep Mountain High? :P

  47. Jase says:

    Wow. I’m surprised it’s that close. The Unpretty/I Feel Pretty mashup was brilliant, but Don’t Stop Believing IS Glee. A modern anthem for this show and its viewers. It better win!

  48. S says:

    I wish Don’t Stop Believing was out of the competition… it’s obvious that it will win.

  49. june says:

    Really guys? pretty/unpretty and don’t stop believing??? Quinn’s voice is so flat in that song. Am I the only one who heard it??? Most of you just vote it because of Faberry or Achelle. Thriller mash up should be there.

    • bianca says:

      Err you spelt Achele wrong. And no, also the song sends a message, has two amazing singers and apparently you are stupid. So yeah. :)

      • phylosaccount says:

        Bwahahaha you called Dianna Agron an amazing singer, you’re the stupid one my dear.
        And before the stupid replies, Dianna is truly a bad singer, as a trained singer for the past 7 years myself I can be sure of that.
        She mostly breaths through her songs, her range is not wider than half an octave and she doesn’t even have a belt, let alone a strong one.

        • leslie says:

          Do you think getting her deviated septum fixed then would make her a stronger singer? Because I can imagine that greatly hindering her singing ability. Honestly curious.

          • phylosaccount says:

            Well, it surely would increase the volume of it and also would increase her range so yeah. But still she needs a lot of training to be considered even a decent singer.

        • Mallory says:

          Well, I can’t think of a song that was a Quinn solo/duet that gave her a chance to really belt. They tend to give the power songs with stuff like that to Lea and Amber.

  50. Bananarama says:

    AHHHHHH. I voted “Don’t Stop Believin’,” even though I’m sensationally over that song. They play it in every damn club I dance in, srsly. But should any other song win this tournament? It is the Glee anthem. Although, I might have voted “Don’t Rain On My Parade” if it had made it through. And I do really love “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty,” but it’s just too new to win Glee’s All-Time Best Musical Number.