Men of CW's Ringer Talk Sarah Michelle Gellar, Lost Love, Buffy Comparisons at Comic-Con

Sarah Michelle Gellar’s return to series television for the first time since Buffy the Vampire Slayer creates extra-high expectations for Ringer, a noir thriller that will debut on The CW on Sept. 13. But that’s okay with her costar Nestor Carbonell. “They should be,” says the actor, who knows a little something about successful serialized dramas thanks to his role as Lost‘s Richard Alpert.

Ringer @ Comic-Con: Sarah Michelle Gellar Slays Us, Plus a Hot New Promo!

Carbonell and his costars Kristoffer Polaha (Life Unexpected) and Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four) sat down with TVLine’s Michael Ausiello at our Comic-Con interview suite to talk everything from The Little Engine That Could to Mary Pickford to uncomfortable questions from Comic-Con audience members.

Fall TV First Impression: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Ringer Twin Piques Our Interest

Press play below on our two-part video, then hit the comments to share your thoughts. And remember that if you’re not actually at Comic-Con, no worries! Follow our TV-obsessed team — @MichaelAusiello, @MegMasters, and @VladaGelman — for up-to-the-minute scoop on all your favorites.

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  1. NickC says:

    I always get a kick when i see an actress who was to good for tv after it made her what she is.FAIL making movies only to end up back on tv…

    • DL says:

      Since when was SMG “too good for TV”?

      • lauren says:

        Don’t agitate the troll.

        • NickC says:

          If you want to call me a troll like some katy 12 year old that’s on you….I was a huge fan of SMG since ep #1 of Buffy but she was to good to come back to Angel’s final season because she was a “Movie Star” and i think that’s gross…Now you might not agree with me but try to act like an adult.

          • lorna says:

            Ummm the episode Joss wanted her to do, she was filming in Japan, and also said she had a family tragedy at the time. She was available for the finale but Joss didn’t want the finale to be about Buffy…know your facts before you spout crap.

      • leo says:

        She did say she would never do tv again. Still love her eather way

        • Anne says:

          At the time, Sarah said that she was not planning to do a one hour drama after Buffy. She might try a half hour comedy. One hour dramas are a lot of work — 12 to 15 hour work days for six days a week. She had already worked those insane hours for eight years as Buffy, it was time for a break.

    • Lee says:

      Right, because a person’s priorities can’t change from her 20s to her 30s, especially after she’s had a kid. So SMG had aspirations to become a movie star. I see nothing wrong with that. Though I was certainly disappointed that she didn’t make any more appearances on Angel, I could hardly begrudge her for taking advantage of different and new opportunities after seven years as Buffy. Point is, who really knows why she’s chosen this time to return to TV: maybe she was excited by the premise of the show, maybe she needs the money, maybe she wants to be challenged, maybe she would like a steady paycheck now that she has a child, maybe–oh my gosh–she changed her mind because she’s older. As long as she is committed to her role, it hardly seems to matter. Regardless of her reasons, I’m glad she’s back on TV with these three gents, Kristoffer Polaha and Ioan Gruffudd in particular. By the way, your bitterness is showing and it ain’t pretty.

      • NickC says:

        Once again with the personal insults…you had a few good points only to ruin it in the end.It’s to bad…having said that your post was bassically speculation.Not fact.

        • Lee says:

          Frankly, I don’t see how I have hurled any “personal insults” your way. I just stated that your comment sounded bitter and it showed. I find it hypocritical that you should accuse others of engaging “speculation” and not “acting like an adult” when that is exactly what you’ve done. Pot calling kettle and all that.

      • Sid says:

        BeGRUDGE. Haha

        **I could hardly begrudge her for taking advantage of different and new opportunities after seven years as Buffy. **

        SMG Rocks!

    • Carrie says:

      Her movie career definitely wasn’t a failure. “Cruel Intentions”, “The Grudge”, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “Scooby-Doo” & “Scream 2” were all box office hits.

  2. Tiva4Life says:

    The Ringer is the american version of a Mexican soap “La Usurpadora” when I watched the trailer recognized it …here is the intro of the soap it’s almost like the tailer from CC *LOL*

    Let’s see if it has the same success like Ugly Betty from ABC which too as well, comes from a soap from Colombia “Betty La Fea” so good luck SMG :)

  3. Amy says:

    I am looking forward to The Ringer! If the writing is as good as the cast, then this is going to be a fabulous show!

  4. Kate says:

    This is what Sarah said about going back to TV when she was done or almost done with Buffy:

    Q: Do you have a post-“Buffy” plan?
    A:I need a break from television more personally than professionally. The grind of it. I need to travel, to decompress. You worry if you’ve done yourself a disservice. Is the work challenging enough? Are you getting lazy? That’s my biggest fear. But I’d love to do a sitcom one day.

    Would you ever want to go back to series television?
    SMG: Definitely not in the next five years but just because I physically can’t do it.

    Sarah do you think that you will stick to movies or will you one day return to the small screen (ie television) we all miss buffy LOTS
    Sarah says: Thanks, I miss Buffy a lot. It just depends. The schedule on a 1 hour television show is so grueling, I just can’t do it right now. But I never say never.

  5. jbird says:

    Kristoffer Polaha has the most soothing voice. I could listen to him all day! :) The show sounds interesting. As a SMG fan, I’ll definitely be tuning in.

  6. Samantha says:

    I’ve been in love with Ioan Gruffudd since he was in Horatio Hornblower. So glad he’s going to get more attention now (though I liked him being under the radar as well).

  7. Anne says:

    Sarah didn’t comeback to Angel because her aunt drowned in a YMCA pool in August of 2003.

    David Fury was planning to write an appearance for Sarah into the one hundredth episode of Angel around about that time. David Fury may not have necessarily known all the details as to why Sarah could not work on his episode; but, he did express displeasure about Sarah refusing to work on the episode. He ended up writing Your Welcome featuring Charisma Carpenter. Ausiello published Fury’s negative comments. I just wish Ausiello could have done some fact checking instead of just plastering Fury’s off the cuff comments all over the internet.

    Sarah actually took about three months off work to help look after her aunt’s affairs. She returned to work and immediately signed up to do The Grudge and was out of the country when Angel was filming its last remaining episodes. She offered to return for Angel’s finale but Joss Whedon did not want her to return at that point in the story.

  8. Liz says:

    Yeah, we were denied our Angel & Buffy reunion. That’s sucked so much, because I waited for years for the “shanshu” & all that, and we didn’t have it…
    Anyway, at least there are fanfictions.

    About the new show, it looks great & very interesting. I’ll definitely watch.

  9. Kris says:

    All of those movies were mostly when she was still filming Buffy or straight after she was on the popularity high of Buffy, after those her film career completely failed. I have to agree with Nick and Leo, SMG’s comments about leaving Buffy and only doing movies appeared to snub Buffy fans and never sat right with me.

    It’s nice to see her doing another show and I’ll be sure to give it a go but I’ll always be quicker to follow anything Aly does because she never had a bad word about Buffy/Joss/Tv.

  10. tamara says:

    I loved that Nestor mentioned Spain!! yes, we are passionate about Lost!!
    He mentioned it cause he was on a Lost panel last November, in a tv show festival in Madrid, and it was amazing! I was there!
    Nestor was there with Jack Bender.
    I was actually sitting behind Nestor’s wife and children in the front rows.
    The panel was so entertaining. Of course it was packed, and I was lucky to win a ticket so I went there early so I got a good seat.
    Amazing experience!