House Exclusive: The New Season Will Take Place Where?!

It looks like House won’t be hiding out in paradise for long.

Fresh intel about the Fox drama’s new season suggests that the hit-and-run fugitive — who fled to a tropical island after driving his car through Cuddy’s living room in the finale — will first be seen this fall (spoiler alert) behind bars!

A Fox rep declined to comment, but a source reports seeing House production vans setting up shop outside a Los Angeles-area prison. That, combined with some recent casting buzz, strongly suggests that Season 8 will kick off with Dr. Crankypants doing hard time.

Makes sense, considering Cuddy’s final words to the cops were to arrest the bastard should he ever set foot in Princeton-Plainsboro again.

Of course, if my theory is accurate, questions remain: For instance, how much time has lapsed since the shocking finale? Was there a trial? How long will House be in the pokey before his inevitable return to P-P?

One more question: If I’m right, what do you think of all this? Personally, I think it’s brilliant. It both appeases fans who were livid about the violent nature of his crime and kicks off the new, Cuddy-less season in a provocative way. It’s a win-win. Well, except maybe for the jailbird himself.

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  1. crazyaunti says:

    LOVE LOVE house TO rescue show they need to put more Wilson in it with house. 2nd they need to bring back Amber Tamblyn[not sure on spelling] play her off as Houses daughter or maybe Wilson. I really dont think they did a good job last season with Wilson and House.[ODD COUPLE MOMENTS PLEASE] The pregnancy TAUB could play off in dramatice way and could provide both serious and light moments. SARCASM bring back PLEASE. AND then there is DR CHASE WHO HIDES a secret about the dictator that needs to be exposed. I like Lisa Edelstein just something was missing. GO HOUSE

  2. Scarlett says:

    Actually, they didn’t sink to an all time low this season. The all time low for House still belongs to season 1.

    In my view, we as viewers don’t deserve anything other than TPTB’s & crews creative talent, and their hard work and effort. They’re giving it their all. If it’s not too a lot of people’s liking, that’s unfortunate and a loss, but a viewer doesn’t deserve to see a specific story play out just because that’s what that one person wants.

    It seems like if your view of the show is so low, why would you want LE to be persuaded back? You seem to think it’s unredeemable at this point so why not just be happy she’s going to The Good Wife and stop bashing the show and its creators?

    I don’t understand why people just come to comment so they can hate on the show and the people working on it. The House fandom is attrocious sometimes… I hope they don’t listen to a lot of the venom spewed out because it would be totally disheartening to someone who’s put 7 years of their life into it.

    Yeah, they won’t be around for that many more seasons. They are on season 8 – it’s not an ensemble show really – that’s ancient in terms of TV shows today. It’s great that they made it so far and for me, still produce quality TV.

    I loved Heroes, but when I felt it declined I stopped watching it and moved on. I didn’t go on websites and bitch about it months after (or even right after I stopped watching) or attack the creators and/or actors of the show… I discovered House instead.

    • I think it was more that so many of us that just enjoyed a good show (because there just aren’t very many these days!) saw the incredible potential for storylines. I can’t help but like House, the character, and root for him to make it despite the odds being against him ya know? Of course we always see things differently than TPTB that goes for any show I think. I’ve enjoyed discussing it because it helps me put things in perspective. I used to love discussing the plots and the characters because they used to be so riveting.

      I for one appreciate all the hard work everyone who works on the show has put into it for years. Shore created one of the most brilliant, interesting, complex characters I have ever seen on television. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a character so brilliantly portrayed. For that Shore is a genius in his creation, the writers who gave us good scripts are fantastic and the actors who gave the characters LIFE are just brilliant. It was a good run while it lasted, at least up until Season 7, in my opinion of course. I’m not moving on to The Good Wife because frankly the show doesn’t interest me but I have fond and funny memories of House, one of the best shows that ever aired on TV. :)

      • Scarlett says:

        I agree about so few good shows these days!

        I do understand the view on those who didn’t like the developments, who have lost interest, etc. Everyone watches a show for different reasons, through different eyes, and wants to see different things.

        But I’ve just seen so many people lately personally attacking the actual show runners and actors and that’s just upsetting.

        Personally, I do look forward to season 8, and I still think the character is one of the most complex and fascinating on TV… I loved a lot of eps this season – more than season 6. Probably an unpopular opinion, but oh well!

        Plus, Hugh Laurie always makes the show worth the watch for me and is capable of amazing depth. I’m going to enjoy him while he’s on the air because it seems like after House is over he’ll be doing a lot more music and probably less acting (though you never know, no one saw House coming for him either!).

        • Isabella says:

          I agree with you, Scarlett. I love Hugh Laurie and feel he is a truly great performer; I will watch to the bitter end for this reason alone! And there are other good reasons to watch HOUSE too.

    • tripoli says:

      Very well said Scarlett. That is probably the best comment I’ve read on this site regarding House. Or any other show, for that matter.

  3. Laura says:

    I, for one, am looking forward to season 8. Hugh is there, and that is all I need. The Huddy was badly managed and Cuddy was terribly written. No way to salvage that, so it was best to move on. I am hoping for an awesome new DoM and to go back to great writing!!!! Bring. It. On.

  4. LadyA says:

    After committing such felony, in the real life (or even a fictional life), House would lose his licence and convert to playing piano or serving cocktails in some bar.
    REALLY what a waste of one of the best tv show ever…
    the writers are being delusional if they think this may appease fans…

    • Kath G says:

      You know its not easy for a doctor to loose their licence to practice medicine. Doctors go to jail for various crimes all the time, you only loose your licence if you do something bad that results in the harm of a patient or illegal act on a patient, or do not follow state board requirments in the practice of medicine. He would only get a short term suspension of licence not total loss.

      • Earth Orbiter says:

        Kath G: Wrong. Moral turpitude, whether it is committed on a “patient” or just another individual, will get your licensed yanked every time. Also, any laws that are broken, felonies or misdemeanors, where the abuse or diversion of drugs is involved, will also result in ( especially in House’s case) a PERMANENT revocation of your license to practice medicine in any state.

      • tripoli says:

        I would put a lot more stock in your comment Kath G. if you were using the correct word. It’s lose you want, not loose.

    • Ann says:

      Please, in real life all the characters should be in jail!

  5. Nam says:

    I was appeased the moment I learned Cuddy would not return next season. However, the violent nature of House’s act in the finale was a big disappointment. I pretty much despised Cuddy, but I can’t condone House crashing his car through her home.

    I’ve been hoping it was all a Vicodin-induced hallucination, but if it wasn’t, then I’d hope that House would not only go to jail for his crime, but have to endure some court ordered therapy/rehab as well. He experienced a bit of personal growth in “Broken,” but the writers didn’t really let him sustain that, and I think that was a misstep. They’ve got another opportunity here. Something tells me they’ll waste it, as usual, but I’m willing to tune in and find out.

  6. Carol says:

    The plot line suggested by Ausiello, if correct, is not at all shocking or surprising. I imagine that House’s time in the Big House will be covered in a brief montage at the start of the premiere episode. Then we will see him miraculously back at the hospital, with his old team of cliches and the now egregious Wilson. Without the cracked relationship with Cuddy, House will have no believable reason for being at PPTH, no plausible explanation for being allowed to stay on, no truthful way to achieve redemption or self-forgiveness.

    I think I am going to continue watching because I started with the first episode seven years ago and I feel duty bound to stay on until the bitter end.

    But all the enjoyment in watching “House” has evaporated now that the main character has been distorted beyond recognition: Gone are the layered intelligence, the sparkling wit, the sobering ethical dilemmas, the genre-busting characters like House and Cuddy, the challenging medical mysteries, the ambiguity and nuance, the plain old fun of watching great actors with gripping scripts.

    Truly, RIP House, M.D.

  7. Anne says:

    I always just watched for House. I didn’t even get involved in online forums until S6. I must say that if the online community sample is indicative of what the average viewers are feeling, it’s a problem. Nielsen ratings uses a small percentage sampling to project data, but it’s just raw numbers. Online communities can provide some insight and right now that insight doesn’t look good for House.

    Obviously they took a wrong turn. And apparently they still are.

    • Carol says:

      Absolutely right, Anne. Online communities are by definition only a miniscule part of the viewership for any show. But they are opinion leaders, that is they represent the tone and trend for a much wider audience of less engaged viewers.

      The “House” show runners made the rather serious error of thinking that the outrage over the season finale last May was among a tiny portion of “rabid” fans. In fact, many people who were not fans of House/Cuddy were disturbed the violent turn of the finale, the remorseless stance of the central character, and the cavalier explanations offered by the writers in the aftermath. Even Ausiello called House a “would-be assassin.”

      It was not just a small bunch of mindless maniacs who interpreted House’s assault on Cuddy’s home as unpalatable and revolting. Many of us long-term fans, who turn in each week to see Hugh Laurie in all his brilliance, were left stunned and appalled by that finale.

      Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if TPTB are trying to offer a serious shot at fixing what they have broken.

      • Scarlett says:

        “Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if TPTB are trying to offer a serious shot at fixing what they have broken.”

        But seriously, how can you tell that from what little spoiler/speculation is in this article? All it says as fact is that they will be filming outside of/in a prison. It doesn’t say how they will handle that at all, or tell us anything about the episode or how it will play out.

        • Carol says:

          You are completely correct: we don’t know what is in store for season eight. That is why I used the phrase “seem as if” to indicate ambiguity, rather than making a flat statement about intentions we cannot discern yet. I hope that House and “House” right themselves and discover a plausible way back.

          IMO, Greg Yaitanes’ feeble Twitter attempt to gin up enthusiasm by teasing about a replacement for Lisa Edelstein is the diametrically opposite of effective ways to restore interest in the new season. Just my opinion.

          • Lori says:

            Don’t be stupid, GY just stated the obvious: they’re going to replace LE, plenty of good actor/actress out there for the role. And of course people are curious to see the new dean!

      • Dani says:

        This is very true. The easiest way for network bosses to gauge public opinion is to read responses on forums, fan groups etc, so whilst it may not be a exhaustive sample of the audience’s opinions, it’s a potent one. Going on this things aren’t looking great.

        I’m still shocked that TPTB were shocked by a significant fraction of the viewers reactions to such a violent act. This talk of ‘appeasing’ the viewers with the jail sentence is laughable. You commit a crime you go to jail, but it doesn’t take away what the character is now capable of. I don’t care whether he crashed into Cuddy’s or any other character’s house, in my opinion, House is now a husk of who he used to be and consequently less interesting.

      • Tara says:

        You probably didn`t read the article. House is obviously in jail. That means House has to face consequences for his actions. Where is your problem with that? Probably we have to watch the season opener to experience that house feels remorse. We don`t know and have to wait how the story continiues. Additionally Peter Blake the writers of 8×01 said several times on twitter that Houses actions weren`t okay, thus they don`t have cavalier explanation for their title character but they don`t deny that these things can happen for several reasons.

        And BTW i haven`t watched the House season 7 final live but the next day at work my collegues cheered and said it was about time. It was outrageous act indeed but they were all happy that it meant the end of the definitive end of the House/cuddy drama. It is the bitter truth. One of TPTBs mistakes were that they draged this Huddy thing out for too long. It severely hurt the show, IMO.

        • Dani says:

          I’m aware that House will be in jail next season. My problem was that now the deeds been done they can’t go backwards no matter how remorseful he is about it: he’ll always be capable of the the act. Interesting characters have boundaries, but now I feel like the plot is dictating to the characters and so he’s capable of anything.

          If you didn’t like the Huddy arc then fair enough. I personally was ambivalent towards it but welcomed the prospect of them exploring a relationship for dramatic purposes, and simply to see if the writers could make it interesting. IMO they couldn’t. There were other ways they could have ended the romantic element to the relationship permanently without resorting to something that glorified a violent act by showing the protagonist taking control of his own life by turning somebody else’s upside down.

    • Jade says:

      Wrong, online communities mean nothing, casual viewers are the ones who make ratings. The huddys were so loud at the end of season 6, according to you ratings should have been great but in the end we had a premiere with only 10 millions, obviously only the huddys online were happy with this romance

      • Dani says:

        And yet Fox actively sought the opinions of viewer panels after the finale. People who sign up to them are rarely ‘casual fans’. Sure viewing figures count, but TPTB subsequently want specific answers as to why there’s been a drop in viewing figures and generally get feedback from ‘more dedicated’ fans.

        • Ann says:

          Why do you think they let LE go? I’m sure they made researches before Bombshell and they realized that both Cuddy and huddy were a big turn off.

          • Dani says:

            I believe she walked rather than being let go. Other actors were perhaps lucky that their contracts didn’t happen to come up this year. I can’t quite grasp why LE or indeed the Huddy arc are getting all the blame for the show not being what it was. Firstly Lisa didn’t write it and secondly, whilst putting House and Cuddy’s relationship front and centre may not have done them any favours, the quality of the POTW cases has gone downhill significantly, as has the characterisation of practically everybody else. The ‘A Little Man and Two Babies’ Taub storyline is pure melodrama.

          • @Dani says:

            No, only HL and OW were already under contract fo r season 8. LE wasn’t worth the price she wanted and she decided to quit. The producers didn’t do anything to stop her because she proved to be useless for the show: she is not a leading actress and her arc was a big failure for the show.

          • Dani says:

            No it was the poor writing that had a detrimental effect on the show. The show’s not improvised by the actors. That Cuddy’s character was reduced to caricature is not Lisa Edelstein’s fault.

  8. James says:

    The actors on this show are the most talented on TV. I thought the writing was exceptional the first 5 seasons (though even in S5 there were a couple of weak scripts thrown in). But after Broken there was a decline. The writing became so uneven that the script was visible. Good writing is invisible. It doesn’t stand out in front of story or character, but is so seemless that the characters feel real. When the audience became more aware of script inconsistencies, continuity issues and uneven narrative, the heart of the show was lost. The have been going for gimmicks, schtick, shock & awe, easy laugh, and overall cliche for too long. They needed to go back to the heart of House and make the character real again. Unfortunately, after the crash into Cuddy’s scenario, the only way to do that would be an overused hallucination theme. Then, they’s have to build in Cuddy’s death during the hallucination time to justify her absence when he became conscious. They don’t want to do that because they need to keep the hope alive that Lisa Edelstein will come back for a few episodes. No matter if you like Cuddy or LE, Edelstein has a large following and any show with a business sense would want the added numbers she brings.

    No, Ausiello. This is a lose-lose. They can’t write the story that would save the character, and the story they can write won’t redeem him. This will go down in the books as tragic…

    • tripoli says:

      House doesn’t need saving. Not everyone believes what he did was the be all, end all for the character. It may have been over the top, but it was very much in line with who the character is. House driving his car into Cuddy’s House was the most real thing he’d done since the end of their relationship. That was House showing his true feelings, moving on, no matter how odd or wrong it may have been. It was a very House thing to do. He’s always been a reckless guy, capable of things that might be completely unacceptable for most. It’s kind of ridiculous to discount this act as simply a murderous rampage that should be explained away, as if it never really happened. I for one am eager to see how this all plays out next season, no matter what route they decide to take.

  9. CE says:

    How is House being in jail brilliant? How many times in 7 season has he ended up in some kind of institution? Sounds like a snoozefest to me.

  10. Hiota says:


  11. Anie says:

    Lisa’s fans, please! Stop watching House and commenting about House. Go with Lisa to TGW.

    • Carol says:

      I am a fan of Lisa Edelstein, a fan of Hugh Laurie, and a fan of “House” since day one. Why would you rudely tell me to stop watching the show, just because the departure of LE is a huge disappointment? I intend to make up my own mind about the show and its direction without your assistance, thankyouverymuch.

    • Luc says:

      Please stop being so shallow-minded as to assume everyone who doesn’t like the direction of the show must be a Lisa Edelstein fan. It’s a free country, and we can speak our disappointment. It’s pathetic that the people who talk bad about Lisa Edelstein and/or Huddy fans are actually putting more emphasis on her than anyone else. She’s moved to a better show and they are happy about it. The discontent is obviously not just about her.

    • doddle says:

      hey I watch the good wife AND House, and TGW is an amazing show, no stupid romances, it’s a very clever show, it reminds me House in the beginning, good stories without any personal development with the characters around Alicia Florrick.

      • @doddle says:

        You obviously never watched TGW right? This show features romances pretty much. Hello, think about the Alicia/Will/peter love triangle.

        • doddle says:

          yeah but it’s about Alicia! the case in each eps are great (love dialogs they write), you seem to know this serie, it’s very clever don’t you think? and the actors are all amazing. And romance with Alicia, her boss and her husband is not cheap as for Taub or House for example.

  12. Tiago says:

    Ausiello, do you know anything about the new cast? Please I’m anxious. :-)

  13. joe says:

    The show is on life support, that got rid of Chicago Code and kept a show that jumped the shark long ago

  14. Sara says:

    Knowing that no there will be a terrible storyline huddy is already a call for me to watch again.
    DS has always been great and I’m sure he will find a way to make sense of everything.
    I am also immensely happy by Katie Jacobs disappeared from media (i wish that her dont return and stay on the spa), she was largely responsible for the disastrous last two seasons.
    And huddys, for God’s sake, will fill the patience of another.
    All this talk of a drop in ratings insane ….
    Everyone knows that the show began to wane when focused on Huddy, only you want to see this garbage.
    I already said long ago that even if you win (huddy happen) would lose!
    You are extremely pathetic and ridiculous.
    You should be ashamed to be here, shut up and go after his beloved LE.

    • sigh says:

      Very mature. It would be nice to be able to respond on these articles without this juvenile name calling and bashing.

  15. Tania says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the series is called *House*, right? I’m looking forward to *House’s* return and the progression of this VERY interesting character.

    • J says:

      Well, for the huddytards the show sould be called Huddy or Cuddy *roll eyes*

      • sadtroll says:

        Oh please, cats like you LOOOOVE the Huddy fantards. Who else can you *roll eyes* at for being so ridiculous. You love them. You need them. Without them your eyes wouldn’t get a work out.
        That’s probably why you guys try to label anyone who didn’t hate Huddy as a huddytard. You’re trying to make more of them for you to love.

    • Jenn says:

      There are plenty of people here who also watch the show for House. However, the House we knew and loved died when he purposely drove his car through someone’s house. The fact that he was someone he’d been in a relationship with and that it was apparently a fit of jealous rage only makes matters worse.

      Those of you chalking all of this up to people being pissed their precious ship is gone are completely missing the point. But, then, it’s much harder to argue with a reasoning argument when you can write it off with such eloquence as “bitter huddytard.” Because that doesn’t reflect poorly on you in the least.

  16. Andie says:

    A Cuddy-less season sounds fine to me. I watch for Chase so since I know he’s back, I’ll be watching.

  17. tahina says:

    Regardless of what some think that House would rather be alone or with Wilson(bromance), there’s going to new female characters on the show this season to fill the void of Cuddy, and one of them could well be another love interest for House, maybe a definite one.

    • Luc says:

      I wonder if they’ll go that route again. They have been unsuccessful at portraying any romantic relationships so far, and they are very aware of that. Besides, romance is just a detractor for House and prevents the exploration of his issues. If they go for another romance, they shoot themselves in the foot.

      They should maximize Hilson because it’s all that’s left.

    • doddle says:

      behhh are you crazy? romances in this show are dumb, and no rhythm in the eps because of these stupid storylines.
      Stop with it and give us House S1.

  18. Ange says:

    It was a brilliant show in the first three seasons. Then it started repeating itself with the new fellows who were slight variations on the old, and House getting jealous every time Wilson found a new woman to date, and Cuddy turning into the Boss from Hell. And the boring, boring storylines about Foreman and Thirteen and Taub’s womanizing.

    Too bad, but I think the creativity got used up long ago. Now it’s running on fumes.

  19. Nancy says:

    the show is legit doomed. without cuddy in it at all a huge portion of the show is lost. and without ending the series with any sort of huddy relationship or resolution makes it feel like house is a totally stagnant character and no progress was made from season 1

    • tripoli says:

      So having him live happily ever after with Cuddy is what you call progress? Ridiculous. The show was never about that stupid relationship, other than as a mild, dysfunctional flirtation, which only served as a reason to put Cuddy into more scenes.

  20. ines says:

    season 7 sucked!!!I´m happy that in s8 Cuddy and all the huddy crap will be gone. Huddy ruined the show. Hope this season be the last and provides a good endin for this amazing show!

    • doddle says:

      sadly you’re right, huddy was badly written since S5 and it ruined characters as House and Cuddy, that’s why I don’t want anymore female love interest in this show, writers are not really good with such storylines, 13 and Foreman behhhhhh, Taub and Rachel behhhhh, Wilson and Sam behhhhhh and of course House and Cuddy behhhhhhhh

  21. Bill Real says:

    Why can’t people seperate fictional characters and real life people? I hate Cuddy with ever fiber in my being, but I’m a Lisa E fan (not enough of a fan to join TGW community, though). House and Cuddy were inevitable since the begining, I think they happened to soon, they should have been a couple in the last season of the show or preferably the last couple episode of the series. I don’t think Huddy ruined ‘House’ the writers did that. House just isn’t what it use to be. Also, I hate how they handled 13 (to accomodate to Olivia Wilde’s movie career, if she can’t do the show, get rid of her simple). I think this season should be Houses last, but FOX is such a blood sucking, money grubbin’, pit bull they’ll prolly keep House going another year or two.

  22. tvfruitcake says:

    I may in the minority but I am relieved that Cuddy is gone. I will miss the strong woman that she used to be but not what she was in the end. House will always be House and should be allowed to be himself. If this invigorates the stories and gets it back to what drew me in from the beginning I will not miss an ep. But if it goes downhill I’m gone.

  23. Daia says:

    Win-Win? Really? How does this appease anyone who didn’t like the finally? It doesn’t change what House did? Jail time does not reverse this fundamental problem with the characterization, And how is this provocative at all? If this is an indication of the creativity to come, it is surely lacking. It’s going to take much more than this overused cliche to repair the damage. And, maybe the PR team needs to reconsider their direction if they are looking at “jail time” and “who’ll be the next DoM” to garner excitement. TPTB need to really start listening, because they apparently still don’t get it.

  24. Liz says:

    More than what anyone has posted so far, the fact that there are only 2 pages of comments after so many hours instead on the 10-12 that House spoilers use to bring in, says that interest is waning. Something has been lost, and mostly it’s fans. Hope TPTB take note.

  25. sara says:

    Everyone needs to take a breath. Remember last year when we were given the spoiler about a wedding, cause some of the cast was seen in tuxedos. And then we got Small Sacrifices, a wedding between two people none of us had ever heard of. Or the major spoiler for the finale about House and Wilson watching an explosion.

    The only “fact” is that House production setting up near a prison. That could mean anything,

    Don’t forget, we have David Shore back in the driver’s seat, and yes I did that on purpose

    • Dalia says:

      Yes, and David Shore was at the drivers seat when Huddy started in Help Me and just before Massage Therapy when they replaced the original premier with Now What and then created such a sappy relationship that turned House into a weak, mewling has-been of a man. He was also the man who gave us an inconsistent pain management story in S6 (as well as Lucas and a non-existent continuance of a therapy plot). He did create a great character and has given us great stories, but he’s also failed a lot over the past two years. His heart has not been in it and it has shown in the uneven writing and the inchorent narrative. Just because he’s back in the driver’s seat doesn’t mean they are back on track since he was driving when in veered off. Be hopeful for the new season, but don’t expect everyone to suffer from convenient amnesia. The only person worth shipping is Hugh Laurie. He hasn’t ever let us down with his performance, even when the scripts, props, producers and networks do.

    • Luc says:

      They had a clearer direction before he was called back. He created an amazing character, and I’ve loved his stories in the past, but Huddy made more sense when it was approached with history and depth, not the redirect he gave than removed House from his fullness and took him to just a guy afraid. And his decline into the abyss was dispicable.

      Shore wrote the exit episode for Amber T, too and it was the weakest of the season. I like Shore, but he’s been hit/miss for two seasons, and his direction didn’t do much of anything good this season. Katie Jacobs had a truer vision; the networks just didn’t want to make an investment on that creative approach. They should known better. They wanted Vogler – he flopped. They wanted Huddy held-off and Lucas in – it flopped. And as a writer, Shore should have known better than to reduce his characters to one-dimensional. Your confidence in Shore is not shared.

      • History Lesson says:

        Actually, Hollywood lore says that David Shore “thought up” the character of House, but Brian Singer actually “created” him, and was responsible for his development for the first two or three years. Following Brian Singer’s last year with the show – which, at the time, “House” was the most watched TV show in the whole frakkin’ world – and his subsequent departure, it all when the crap. I think Katie Jacobs took over as show runner and “Huddy” was born, and “House” became the most criticized show in the world. David Shore had pretty much bowed out and started flogging a reboot of Rockford Files which was eventually shelved. I think David Shore is back on “House” under duress. I think, in his mind, he’s moved on and wants to get into other things. And I think Hugh Laurie feels the same.

        • History Lesson says:

          Sorry about that; my “Syntax Check” was on the fritz and having only a double-digit IQ myself, I missed the error on my proof-read. I meant to write “went to crap” at the end of Line 4.

          • Lucy says:

            Don’t know who started what, but David Shore built the idea of Huddy along with Katie Jacobs. He did enough interviews talking about how Cuddy was the only one, so he was certainly “in the drivers seat” with the story some people seem to be faulting with the demise. That being the case, he is hardly the savior of the show at this point.

            I personally don’t blame Huddy. I did a graph of the ratings for all seven seasons, and the patterns were the same, so within the seasons there was no “blame” to be found since the trends mirrored every year. The overall ratings dropped in season 4, pre-Huddy. There were two things that likely caused this: the survivor story had a confused fragmented fee and the writers strike caused the season to be rushed and unresolved. Although the finale that year was powerful, the show lost steam that season and never regained its footing.

            That being said, there has never been the backlash that is experienced from season 7. Even though there’s always been varied interpretations and reactions, there was always a clarity in understanding the character and story. Even if you didn’t like it, you understood the stroy and felt the character. This season fans and critics completely missed the point in the finale, which means they didn’t tell the story well.

            Too many people want to take an easy route and point to Huddy, but that argument only makes sense if the negative come from Huddies. Since it spans the viewership, and critics who have never been invested in Huddy are saying the season laced continuity and clarity, that it was uneven writing and choppy, and it was out-of-character, there is a deeper problem.

            Nevertheless, Shore was in the drivers seat when the “problems” started to be noted in reviews, so it’s hard to embrace the concept that everything with be righted now because of him. As a group, they need to go back to the character profile because the House of season seven is not the House people loved.

  26. Marie says:

    I find this depressing. I don’t want House to have done what he did or to have sunk so low. I saw House as flawed, but I never thought of him as a felon. I don’t want to watch him in prison, and I don’t consider the story a “win-win”.

  27. peeveem says:

    Opening episode – House has done his time and is being released. Outside – Thirteen waits, ready to give him a ride.

  28. Dan says:

    Will they change the name to Jail House?

  29. EJB says:

    How about this scenario for Jail House MD

    A Titter like cop who has been investigating the murder of Dibala “finally” gets enough hard evidence to convict Chase and Foreman for murder. They go to jail where by sheer concindence the prisoner in the next cell is G House already in jail for attempted murder of one LISA CUDDY. House who since his incarciration has decided to embrace his gay side and has started a relationship with James Wilson in the next jail cell serving time drug trafficing and forging rxs of vicodin for House. Taub is James Wilson cellmate and he is in jail for failure to pay child support as with his super sperm he has about 100 out of wedlock children and he is now backrupt and making it with female prison guards.


  30. Ting says:

    I typically don’t post on these sites, however, I like to read the comments. I was a fan of the Huddy relationship BEFORE they put these two characters together, then they just slaughtered it. I am a HUGE fan of this show and wasn’t particularly thrilled with the way the season ended, however, I won’t resort to name-calling and bashing everyone else on this thread because they disagree with me. It is simply uncalled for and childish. We all came together because we are fans of the show and this is one thing we ALL had in common at one point or we wouldn’t be here. Agree to disagree, stop watching, keep watching, or play earlier seasons that you enjoyed, life is too short to be overly bitter and nasty about a tv show that WE have no control over. There is no reason why anyone here should feel the need to slam others. Come on people, enjoy the show or don’t and everyone bitching about people who won’t watch the show next season that is their prerogative and they are stating their opinions just like everyone else. The jabs at Lisa Edelstein need to stop as well, she is an actress, a phenomenal woman, and very beautiful… personal attacks based on her character or the way she promoted the show are absolutely ridiculous and immature. Come on people… stop the hating on everything! I know I will tune in because I have watched all seasons of House, I enjoy what the writer’s have given us on most occasions, and I love all the characters without feeling the need to rip them to shreds based on the stories they are given.

    • doddle says:

      “I was a fan of the Huddy relationship BEFORE they put these two characters together”

      Me too!

      “The jabs at Lisa Edelstein need to stop as well, she is an actress, a phenomenal woman, and very beautiful… personal attacks based on her character or the way she promoted the show are absolutely ridiculous and immature. Come on people… stop the hating on everything!”

      SO TRUE!

      • Live Long and Prosper says:

        You need to check out that big, full-page ad that LE’s fans took out in “Variety” after she announced her abdication. The on-line tweets include one from a fan, or group of fans, in the Netherlands (or one of those very pale, northern countries) which reads, and I quote: “Lisa, thank you for just being you.” Sorry, but its gotta be said: “Open bag, insert barf.”

        • doddle says:

          Show must go on, but huddies, anti-huddies, anti-edelstein here are really mad.

          • Luc says:

            Actually, House/Hope shippers are mad. Don’t limit it to Huddies because a lot of people who didn’t like Huddy were rooting for House to finally find some measure of hope and stability, a little less misery. Driving into a home, endangering life, appreciating acts of violence, alienating friends and becoming an overall degrading, destructive nutcase – with all the redeeming qualities removed -was not the House people had invested in for years. They have been betrayed by the writers and are angry that the character they love and invested in for years has been destroyed. I’m sorry Huddies are unhappy, but I’m more sorry for the non-shippers, who just loved House and now can’t find him in the story.

          • Isabella says:

            Many here seem a bit over the top. These are fictional characters, and there is no reason to insult the actors who play them because we do not like the way things worked out… I really like them all, and feel that LE did a good job, but I am not a fanatic about her and “Houses'” relationship. I’m sorry she left, though. It makes the ending rather less full in some way, unless she does a guest spot.

        • Lucy says:

          Funny how people say “thanks Hugh Laurie for just being you” and noboday says “barf.”. I really don’t care if LE is on House or not, but if she has somehow given someone hope and inspriation in this world, Good For Her. No actor is going to have 100% popularity, but if they’ve inspired someone then they’ve done a good thing with their art. I should hope every actor on that show could walk away and have some fans say “thank you.”. That means they would have done more than just entertained; they made a difference.

  31. sara says:

    Yessssssssssssssssssss!!! I can’t wait for House in the Big Cage!!!

  32. Luc says:

    It’s unlikely they will spend any substantial time on this jail theme. So, there is likely to be disappointment it that’s what is hoped. It will likely be a montage showing jail, the during the episode where he’s getting acclimated back to hospital, we will have flashbacks to explain Cuddy’s absence. Nothing too dramatic, but more laying groundwork. So, YES! Whatever!

    • tahina says:

      Speculation: Cuddy’s absence will be written out very subtle, she resigned her job as DOM and her whereabouts are unknown to everyone including House although not to Wilson, as she fears House will want contact her again. But we all know she can not hide for lon, he will eventually find out, and then…series finale we will see if they meet again.

  33. Isabella McFarlin says:

    Why be so nasty about LE, or any of the actors? I think they all did (and do) a pretty amazing job of supporting the remarkable Hugh Laurie– who is, I think, one of the great actors of our time.
    Lisa Edelstein did a good job with her role. It is not her fault that the writers didn’t make her character a permanent “wife” for House. I thought they were ok together, sweet, even. I thought Stacy Warner was more of a real-seeming “fit” for him. But though I love this show, I don’t think any of it is worth getting rabidly grouchy about.

  34. Story says:

    Wow, only two pages of comments on a new “House” spoiler? The buzz is truly off this show. I hope that David Shore restores some dignity to his creation by declaring this the final season.

    • Shane says:

      Ah, but online communities are just a % of a % of the viewers. They don’t “reflect” the overall attitude. It’s not like this is a sample group or anything. *sarcasm, for those who missed it*

    • Hope springs eternal says:

      “David Shore” and “dignity” in the same sentence? Can you say “oxymoron?”

  35. Mandy says:

    one of the best seasons of House opened with him in a phyciatric ward, so I trust that an opening with him in prision would be just as compelling.
    I loved the crashing the car through the window situation and think they are doing great work with this.

  36. Jamie says:

    Hope springs eternal, but it’s only because I am hanging on to the House that once was, not what they have given us since mid season 6. I really hope they can get this back on track, but “jail” does not sound encouraging.

    That probably was a rhetorical question, though. Ausiello is just copying and pasting this PR mess.

  37. Death says:

    You All Need To Shut Up.

  38. AnneB says:

    I have no interest in seeing House in jail even though I think he has to have consequences for what he did to Cuddy’s house. I want to see him feel remorseful, pay compensation to Cuddy and maybe do some community service. I think he should also get some jail time but I don’t want to see that part because it will feel like a retread to me. We’ve seen House locked up before – in jail and in the psych hospital – and I would prefer to not see that again. Despite sinking to a new low in the finale, I still love the character of Gregory House and don’t like watching him suffer. I hope he can redeem himself in season 8 and maybe find some peace.

  39. Carol says:

    I love the show House wherever it takes place, but as Hugh Laurie has always said in all his interviews he doesn’t care what happens to House all he care about is that the show is done well. I hope season 8 blows all the other shows out of the water.

  40. Raisa says:

    And there it goes…down the drain. Not that anyone gives a crap about what I think, but this I think I’ve just retired from House.

  41. housefan says:

    Okay, why is everyone hating on everyone else’s posts? Go scream into a pillow if you’re that angry about it… sheesh.

  42. Jeff says:

    Sounds interesting. I for one am glad Cuddy is gone. Once Huddy was over, there was no need for her character. Plus, she was getting boring anyway. The show was never about Huddy, anyway.

  43. Melody says:

    Cuddy was destroyed when they added the kid in the show.

    The “HUDDY” Fans made it worse.

    This happened with Mulder and Scully. The writers should NOT have pandered to the lowest common denominator fans by romanticizing the characters.

    I intend to give the show a try. But thats the only promise I can make.

    I’ve come to believe that there is a reason shows on cable get more awards. 12 episode seasons work better.

  44. Kelli says:

    i agree…the character is way over the line, actions have consequences and this message should get to the public at least once in awhile, otherwise turn the show into sci-fi
    personally, love watching his struggle to find his way back to “normal” (or perhaps acceptable is a better word), behaviour…a hero/villain you can’t help but love

  45. dan says:

    i welcome an unhinged lunatic house. i hope they take it all the way. i also hope he stays in prison for a few episodes.i was very disappointed when his loony bin stay was only 15 minutes. huddy=death

  46. TK-Noodle says:

    I gave up reading the comments after the first dozen or so, so I don’t know if anybody else mentioned this, but the prison angle strikes me as being fairly similar to the Season 6 premier where they spend an entire two hours of side story rather than focusing on the medical mystery aspect that made the show so captivating to begin with. I must admit that was one of my least favorite episodes, so if they do the same thing and we have to sit through 2 hours of House in prison… well, I’ll still watch it, but I won’t particularly enjoy it.

  47. catsy says:

    Amazing! I have read all of this with a high degree of fascination. All of you who are upset about this, that or the other…..ummmm…you DO realize this is just a TV show and not the true life story of your best friend?
    You would think that the fate of nations, whether children eat or go hungry, or whether gas prices are gonna stabilize are dependent on whether LE was kept on the show or if House does “time for his crime”.
    TV = entertainment = turn it off if it bothers you. But the diatribes and name calling?

  48. agrippa says:

    with cuddy gone conjugal visits by dr.wilson won’t save house.this will be last season.