Glee's All-Time Best Semifinals: 'Don't Rain on My Parade' Vs. 'Unpretty'/'I Feel Pretty'!

Do you like your Rachel Berry solo, or with a side of Quinn Fabray? That’s the question you’ll have to grapple with as we continue with the Semifinals of’s Glee All-Time Best Musical Number Bracket Tournament.

Yes, folks, it’ll either be “Don’t Rain on My Parade” or the “Unpretty”/”I Feel Pretty” mashup that will earn the second of two coveted spots in the finals of our month-long tournament to determine which song-and-dance routine ranks No. 1 in the two-season history of Fox’s smash high-school dramedy.

Voting for the finals will begin on Saturday, July 23, around 4:00 p.m. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Semifinal voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

And if you’re interested in how we narrowed the field from 64 down to 4 — click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed-in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. L. says:

    The war just started.

    • OK says:

      Awesome comment. Made me laugh.

    • A stan says:

      Can’t be much of a war. Lea vs Lea. win,win.

      Which ever song wins it will still be be Lea vs Lea in the finals. Another win/win for Lea fans.

      She is glee, she is the lead only fitting..

      • L. says:

        Yes it’s Lea vs Lea, except that there is Dianna Agron (Quinn Fabray) in one side, and the Faberry shippers represent a devoted community.

        • A stan says:

          I get that but in the end a song by Lea is going to win.

          I think DROMP should win but I see unpretty probably will win due to ships and well it is a very good song arrangement with great vocals, Lea is outstanding once a again and Dianna ups her game doing her best work.

        • Eli says:

          Wait, there actually are Quinn/Rachel shippers? Where on earth did they get that possibily from?

          • ted says:

            The possibility that two talented and smart girls have more chemistry with eachother than either of them do with an idiot who tugs them around on an emotional leash consistently.

            P.S – That’s Finn.

          • Caitlin says:

            I think it’s more Lea/Dianna shippers than Rachel/Quinn. It’s people who know that they lived together for 6 months while season 1 was filming and hunt down pictures of every hug and elbow bump and are convinced they’re in love with each other. It all seems a little creepy to me but they’re rabid.

          • really?oh really? says:

            do you have tumblr? -_-‘

    • L. says:

      I love both songs, but I voted DROMP. I will vote for DROMP until the end because when you ask me my favorite Glee performance, I don’t have to compare them one with another, DROMP just pops in my head.

      • Olina says:

        I always used to think that until I listened to My Man. I can’t believe it wasn’t in the poll :(

        • sm says:

          Yes I agree My Man Lea was outstanding I just can’t believe it got nowhere. So my next outstanding Lea vocal is Don’t Rain On My Parade. IMO so far superior to Pretty/Unpretty vocals. I loved the arrangement. The girls sang is great but it was not as stellar as My Man or DROMP. Just goes to show you how fans do control these voting contests. Vocal range, pitch, delivery, purity of sound don’t mean a thing to people just their bias in their preferences of characters.

  2. Laurie says:

    I love both performances so much, but I had to go with DROMP because it’s such a hard song and Lea was spectacular.

  3. Glee kid says:

    The war is pretty much over. Once Mike Chang was eliminated I was crushed. I felt that there was no hope, besides DSB, everything else is just song no real performances. Mike Change brought the house down. Too Bad. Down with DROMP

  4. M. Chang says:

    Since I am no longer in the running. I need to vote for my next favorite character on Glee, Quinn. She is hot. (Opposed to what you haters think, that Brittany is the hottest girl in the world)

    • Jack says:

      Quinn is basic and boring.

    • Jeff says:

      Quinn is pretty. Not sexy, note cute, not real interesting, just pretty.

      But the song was good especially for Quinn.

      DROMP is better over all, but Unpretty is very good too.

      • Puck says:

        Seriously people. Quinn isn’t interesting… Do you watch Glee? You guys probably watch it for Mike Chang’s dance moves and don’t really pay attention to what is happening in the story. Quinn is a character that brought the cheerleaders to the glee team. She had a kid. Cheated on Finn with none other than Puck. She gets kicked out of her house. Lucy Caboosey hot mchottie. The most boring character on glee would be that less attractive girl Brittany

        • lol says:

          they are called haters bb. they are most likely referring to dianna tbh. quinn is the most interesting character on glee.

          • just a average fan says:

            Naw Dianna doesn’t bring enough to Quinn to make her interesting. This isn’t news is it?

            I thought it was pretty common knowledge that Dianna’s depiction of Quinn
            is average at best.

          • really? says:

            LOL is right at that statement.

        • Joey says:

          Dianna does bitch well but after that there isn’t much more. Some of her line readings are do far off and the few times she has been given any comedic material it has fallen flat.

          She is limited as an actress and a singer. But she is pretty no one can take that away from her.

          I will say she manages a few times to up her acting and singing when paired with a strong acting and/or sing partner such as Lea. Now if she can get that to be more consistent that would be a plus.

          • Ditto says:

            This, you’ve said it all in a nutshell. Buuut Dianna can’t base her career on having a good acting partner. Lets just say I saw ‘I Am Number Four’ and she deserves a Razzie.

        • JAck says:

          And despite all that, Dianna still can’t make her interesting.

        • Katie says:

          Seriously? Quinn is boring, she’s sooo boring she always has to be paired with someone on a song just to keep people interested. You forget Quinn was even singing when you listen to IFP/U. She’s a one dimensional character, and how can you even understand what she says she talks so quiet and talks in one syllables.

          Matter of fact, Dianna Agron is a one dimensional actress, she has the same facial expressions in all her scenes. She got the role because she’s a cute unknown actress, oh and blonde. What RM wanted or wants to be.

          • Sophie says:

            I’ve always been amazed by how Quinn keeps getting interesting storylines but fails to be a character that I care about at all. I’ve finally realised that it’s because of Dianna Agron’s performance! Nothing she does in this show is memorable, not even Pretty/Unpretty, which is why I voted for DROMP. Also because DROMP is just a better performance, vocally and dramatically.

          • yeahyeah says:

            you can have your own opinion, but since there’s a bunch of Dianna hate going on right here I would just like that I think she is perfect as Quinn and that she plays her very well. I think she is a great actress and will do great in her career.

    • jumbo says:

      Typical that your only reason for liking her is that she’s “hot.” And even that, she isn’t. She has a bland face, pretty but bland, and her body is horribly pear shaped.

  5. rag says:

    glee sucks!!!!! it really does… all it does is waste an hour of tv prime time…really isnt worth it….and its not “hip” to follow glee..people…say it if u hate it….

  6. Megs says:

    DROMP Should win, it was like a defining moment for the series. First time I rewatched a song that many times. IFP/U is a great song but doesn’t match the power of the other, its hard cause it’s emotion versus power. Both are great but I think I have to go with Barbra’s classic

  7. Jack says:

    If DROMP doesn’t win this then it is a dark day in the world of Glee.

  8. Paris says:

    I have to go with Dromp. Lea left it all on the stage and the range she showed was amazing. When she sang that song, I stood up and cheered because it was that good. She killed the song in a very good way. This solidified my love for glee at the end of the prime first half (first thirteen episodes). Even though I liked Unpretty/Pretty Mashup, it just doesn’t compare. To me Lea did a great job and Diana only did a good job. It felt like her voice was holding lea’s back in my opinion. For me, Dromp had a more powerful impact.

    • Waterboy says:

      This, I felt the same way about IFP/U, I felt Dianna was holding Lea back as well. Besides, the episode Born This Way sucked so bad, and IFP/U performance was nothing spectacular just them singing about their feelings in the choir room. .again. And, the whole Rachel is jealous of Quinn because of her looks is so old, especially when they look about the same to me, which is why them singing it was so, next. *shrug*

      • Kent says:

        If Rachel was actually ugly it might have carried some weight but since
        she is very pretty with a nice body not so much.
        PLus she has a lot going for her.

        • Pheobe (from Friends) says:

          Exactly, I think thats what “Waterboy” meant. I’m so sick of that storyline, its like Glee get off it already.

  9. hh says:

    faberry fans versus lea fans lol.

    • Leslie says:

      Not a a fan ob Faberry and didn’t see it as some great moment in their relationship or lack of one but the song was nicely done. They figured
      a way with the arrangement to actually make it work for Dianna and gave Lea and softer side yet still used her voice to enhance the song and Dianna limited range.

      But I still have to go with DROMP it was just so right for the situation and she did a great job.

      Unpretty/ I feel pretty will probably win though.

    • tex says:

      faberry fans ARE lea fans.

      • mince says:

        Yes, but not all Lea fans are Faberry fans.

        Some people don’t see why Rachel would ever want to be friends with Quinn.

        Rachel is just to forgiving though.

      • Andrea says:

        That’s not entirely true. A lot of them are Dianna stans.

  10. lol says:

    voted for Unpretty mash up just for quinn and faberry.

  11. Amy says:

    This was such a HARD choice. Both are brilliant. To decide I had to go with which one I listen to more and connect with and that is Unpretty/I Feel Pretty. It hurt to choose. I will be happy with whichever one wins. Don’t Stop is going to win it all though.

  12. Waterboy says:

    Voted for DROMP, the emotion was so amazing, and everytime I see that performance I’m just in awe. That song soldified my love for Rachel, and really made me realize how talented Lea Michele is.

    Now, I have never been in ‘awe’ of a Quinn performance. I’m usually just swaying back and forth when she sings. I love IFU/P but lets face Lea helped Dianna out with that song big time. She carried all the high notes and registers. When IFU/P starts to play I sway back and forth until Lea’s part and I’m like damn.

    Faberry shippers, uhhhh ew. But cool, name though.

  13. Lily says:

    I voted for Dromp because I wanted some competition for Don’t stop believing another glee classic song. When people look at glee, they remember don’t stop believing and dromp

  14. othfan says:

    Unpretty ’till the end!!

  15. Sarah says:

    Voted for IFP/U…DROMP is amazing vocally but it’s just not a song I listen to on a daily basis unlike IFP/U

  16. JKR says:

    Unpretty!!!!!!!!!!!! Love Dianna Agron with heart and soul!! And of course Lea but i’m going with my faberry heart

    • Jules says:

      “And of course Lea” Why is she such an after thought? She carried IFP/U herself, with little to no help from “Dianna Agron!!!!”

  17. IFP says:

    voted for IFP/Unpretty because of the great arrangement of the song. and it was an emotional moment between quinn and rachel. aside from that, a lot more people can relate to it.

  18. Kim says:

    Ahh so difficult!! I had to relisten to both songs, and DROMP gave me chills, as it always does. So, despite being a Faberry shipper, and love IFP/U, I voted DROMP. Glee is Lea Michele, and always will be.

  19. Alice says:

    IFP/Unpretty of course.. guys can we please dont trash the actors? They are sweet, kind people, we are here for the music, the songs and glee, let’s be kind with this one. :)

  20. Jane says:

    unpretty/i feel pretty will probably win, you have your Lea fans who many of course are also Faberry fans + Dianna fans against those who may just be Lea fans.

    Plus those who care about none of that and will just pick a song.

    Odds are on unpretty/IFP winning.

  21. Mikaylah says:

    I like Unpretty/I Feel Pretty because it has a lot of emotion significance in the show behind it, but I think DROMP is the better song/performance. Lea was so powerful vocally on that song.

  22. Alicia says:

    How are they going to put those songs against each other?! I love both songs equally.

  23. Helen says:

    It’s kind of hard to choose but I voted for U/IFP because there’ll always be Lea + Showtunes in the show so this could make’em give us more Quinn/Rachel duets and that would be awesome ’cause they sing pretty well together…

    • kimmy says:

      Except not, one reason Dainna doensn’t sing as much is becasue it is hard to find stuff to fit her voice.

      They got lucky here, created a good arrangement, kept it simple for Dianna and let Lea enhance it with her vocals.

  24. Matt says:

    Dianna Agron’s Quinn is one of the most fascinating characters on the show, and she’s the reason that I started watching and the reason I continue to watch. She acts wonderfully, so many layers and subtleties. Her first season story arc was a joy to watch.

    I prefer Quinn to Kurt, Rachel, Finn, and all of the others. Dianna Agron is a fantastic actress and her voice is like butter.

    • HMC says:

      THIS!!!! Dianna gave Quinn a heart. In my opinion she nail it in original song, BTW, Prom, she is amazing. My favorite character as well

    • Mary says:

      Really? She just doesn’t do much for me at all.

      I don’t dislike her but I am never drawn to her either. Some of the others that aren’t may favorites I at least look for their reactions shots, not so much Dianna.

      I watched tour video too and would say she was in the bottom 3 or 4 for lack of any stage presence.

      • well says:

        lots of us have different opinions. ia with the OP. quinn always fascinates me and dianna’s dramatic scenes are way better than some of the actors’ scenes except santana. and dianna on BTW is captivating.

        • Truny says:

          I don’t see it either with Dianna. The piano scene was good but that karate chop move in the NYC hotel scene was horrific.

          Lea, Chris, Cory and Naya are pretty top notch consistent.

          Dianna can do it but is not always consistent.

          • Franken says:

            Agree and disagree. Disagree about the piano scene being good, Dianna’s facial expressions stay the same no matter what her chracter is suppose to be feeling. I think in the piano scene the writers wanted us to feel sorry for Quinn because she believes she will be a Lima loser and wants Rachel to move on and do better and bigger things. Even though that was prolly the INTENTION, Dianna made Quinn come across as a bitch to me. Same, with the Lucy Caboosey mess, we were suppose to feel sorry for her, but Diana is very limited as an actress, so I laughed instead. I think Quinn was suppose to be a likeable bitch like Santana, but it dosen’t come across that way.

            Ths hotel scene was kinda funny though, agree about the others being consistent.

          • Truny says:

            I meant the piano scene was Quinn good. It relations to other dramatic Quinn scenes.

    • Cindy says:

      So totally agree, Dianna makes Quinn a very complex and fascinating character—so much story to tell with this lady and I love the way Dianna portrays her. You can see in the way Dianna is in real life how “different” Quinn is and what a wonderful actress she is!

  25. kakdasafkls says:

    dianna is better than lea when it comes to dramatic scenes and lea’s better in comedy
    i don’t get how their acting relates to choosing what you think is a better song tho?

    • Denny says:

      I think Lea is better around. I do agree Lea is a little better at comedy than drama but both are very good. Dianna’s drama isn’t anything special.
      I guess if the actor doesn’t grab you the song doesn’t mean as much. So
      Dianna not being able to grab these folks attention the song means less.

      • k says:

        a lot of people love the song tho…not just the faberry shippers. it’s well loved than the majority of the glee fandom.

        and i disagree. dianna’s dramatic scenes are really good..especially if you compare it to the casts. she and naya are the best in dramatic scenes.

        • Sammy says:

          Sorry but Dianna is hit and miss with the drama too. She gets it once in awhile but usually nothing much is there.

          I say for girls Naya/Lea pretty much equal, than Dianna for drama. All the girls are ahead of Dianna in comedy chops.

          I also have seen growth in all of them but Diann is pretty stagnant.

          • love glee says:

            YES!!!!!!!!!!!! My opinion as well. I just could not stand Santana season1 but season 2 she evolved into a wonderful explosive interesting character while Quinn became stagnant and extremely uninteresting to me. Quinn was not ever a favorite character of mine but I enjoyed her banter with Rachel season 1. But season 2 Santana and Rachel left Quinn character standing still in a hurricane. I am so taken by these 2 characters. Yes IMO Naya Lea and Dianna are equal in drama. But Naya and Lea have such an advantage over Dianna when there is comedy. They have such timing and play off other characters to a tee. I voted DROMP Rachel hands down nailed it the elements of vocal technique emotion and theatrics to demonstrate her prowess as the diva of the New Directions. Pretty was pretty for an episode but not memorable as a song to move me to anything other than say How Nice.

    • Laney says:

      Lea is miles and miles and miles and miles and miles better than Dianna at everything that has to with talent tbh. Comedy, drama, singing, you name it, she can absolutely do it better.

    • YU says:

      I can never believe Dianna’s dramatic scenes. She’s always laugh crying. Lea’s dramatic scenes are amazing though, I mean she came from Broadway lol.

  26. sam says:

    I love Don’t Rain on My Parade. And will love it forever and consider it my favorite song. But Pretty/Unpretty, tho…. PRETTY/UNPRETTY.

  27. faberry ftw says:

    although lea has amazing vocals that move people to tears,
    everything is faberry and nothing hurts.

  28. My says:

    I voted I Feel Pretty / Unpretty because the Faberry and Lea/Dianna dynamic is palpable. Of course DROMP is iconic and classic Lea/Rachel and will forever be remembered as one of *THE* Glee songs but I prefer both of them together. This is Dianna’s best vocal performance. I disagree with anyone who says she held Lea back… They both held their own. Has no one heard Lea in Spring Awakening? She has crazy range and her voice in IFP/U is that side… Not her being ‘toned down’ because of Dianna. The song is amazing. The harmonies, the way their voices simply work together, the arrangement, the message. I hope to see more duets and scenes with them together because their chemistry is off the charts.

    • Paris says:

      I am sorry but if Lea did not join Dianna, the song would have been subpar. I feel that I would have liked the mashup better if it was only lea singing. I just don’t find Dianna talented in the singing department.

      • My says:

        Okay… That’s great and all, but that’s your opinion. I thought they sounded amazing together and the song would be incomplete in that specific arrangement if both weren’t present to sing.

      • Sof says:

        this is so stupid of course if Lea wouldn’t join Dianna it wouldn’t be good, like most duets that Lea participates would be subpar if Lea wasn’t there. Look at the Finchel duets if it wasn’t Lea the one paired with Cory most of them would be bad. And it would suck if Lea only had solos, at least doing duets the others can participate too lol.

        now talking about the poll – voted DROMP, for me it should be the one to win the competition or at least be in the final against DSB.

  29. Alice says:

    IFP/unpretty yes their chemestry can be seen from any angle, this song was…. !!!! I can describe was this song made me feel.

  30. lol says:

    You “faberry/achele” kids just make me laugh. It seems like most of you are just Dianna fans who ship she and Lea together just because it means Dianna may one day be interested in your fat arses, which be honest with yourselves, will never happen. And she knows it and plays with you guys for publicity, and you still come and spam random polls for her. The girl is a first class manipulator, I’m kind of impressed.

    • LOL says:

      Achele has nothing to do here… this is a competition between two songs.. DROMP and IFP/unpretty.. who do you ship ?? monchele cuz that’s even worst.. WORST!

      • Iliana says:

        What an articulate comment. I guess that’s what happens when people spend all their time online reading Faberry/Achele fanfics.

      • phylosaccount says:

        Jesus… I don’t ship in the show because I find it stupid and I don’t ship real life people because it’s creepy as hell. Yet I think monchele is better than faberry simply because monchele at least respects Lea and Cory’s sexual orientation. The achele shippers want them to be gay for each other…

        And let’s see: IFP/U is winning… I suppose I can go throw up and then cry myself to sleep.

    • Yep says:

      Agreed, where did Faberry/Achele even come from? They did one song together. Fans can be really creepy at time, the whole ‘paring’or shipping of them is really embarrasing.

      • L. says:

        The Faberry ship is partially caused by the Achel ship since Lea Michel and Dianna Agron are like best friends.

        • Alice says:

          Exactly. first was Achele then Faberry.

        • Yep says:

          Still, ‘shipping’ or mashing peoples name together is for couples. They’re friends, not lesbian lovers. -______-

          • notacouple says:

            This times a 1000X the fangirls just can see that. For some reason they need them to be a couple more than they need air.

          • just a poll folks says:

            I have no dog in this fight.

            But I see Dianna as a average actor and this song was her best work in the singing department easily.

        • ha says:

          Even this is wrong Lea’s best friend is Jon Groff. Yes she is close to Dianna but lets not go to far.

    • Gial says:

      Right? It’s kind of pathetic honestly.

  31. Juan says:

    I had no idea what song Don’t Rain On My Parade was, but when the horns started and she started belting, it blew me away!
    Great way to leave us wanting more in the Spring.
    Leah’s best performance to date.
    (I have since heard the original and I think this one is better.)

  32. DarkEmy says:

    The best two songs that remain after the elimination of Somebody to Love.
    Sucks one of them has to go… xD

  33. cate says:

    Such a hard choice! DROMP is great fit for Lea’s voice, showing her range, but Unpretty is probably the song I’ve listened to over and over – best mashup since Halo / Walking on Sunshine. Faberry rocks!!

  34. Sally says:

    I really like Dianna/Quinn during this mashup, her emotions were there, she looked vulnerable….. Amazing song. Perfect.

  35. James says:

    This was such a hard choice. DROMP is my favorite moment from season 1, and one of my favorite songs (along with the classics – STL, DSB, etc) but I voted for IFP/U in the end.

    It’s the best mash-up they’ve ever done, it’s IMO the best duet they’ve ever done and it deserves some recognition.

    So because of everybody who has said in the past that Lea and Dianna wouldn’t sound good together, that a duet would never work, that their voices wouldn’t mash well… I’m voting for IFP/U. It’s an amazing song and hopefully we’ll see more in season 3.

    Before trolls attack me, I’m a Lea fan first, a Dianna fan second and a Faberry fan 3rd.

  36. Paris says:

    Unfortunately according to the poll, Unpretty/Pretty will win and then be demolished by don’t stop believing. I really wanted two classic glee songs against each other. That would have been an epic glee final round.

  37. Shelly says:

    Ugh, forget this whole thing. IFP/U shouldn’t have even got this far, I rather see TD in the final round than this. I want someonw to tell me what was so great about this duet? And most importantly, what performance quality did it have? IFP/U was cute but seriously? Stupid fans, and subgroups (ahem, Faberry, which is ridculous) ruin things like this. No way, should have IFP/U gotten this far, I blame TV Line for the songs they picked to compete in the first place.

    • Julia says:

      Ugh, I completely agree with you.

    • GTFO says:

      sad because annoying Darren lost?? bua bua bua.. go cry somewhere else.

    • MathGeek says:

      I just wanted to point out that this type of polling setup only allows you to conclude that (as of right now) IFP/U is more liked that DROMP. It does not, however, allow you to conclude that IFP/U is more liked than Teenage Dream. This type of set up only allows you to conclude that, out of all the choices given, the winner is the most liked. It does not mean that IFP/U is the second most liked song. I’m just saying.

      Personally, I highly dislike IFP/U. While mashing up two completly different songs was nice, I found it boring from a performance point of view and a musical point of view. I was not engaged and the first time I saw it I actually switched back to watching NCIS. I think part of why it has surpassed other duets was because the two characters singing it were so unlikely. Other duets were, personally, more musically engaging and more engaging with their performance. I’m not saying that someone has to be jumping around and dancing for a song to be engaging. I go see classical music played live but I do want to be engaged and this song just failed it. I know people disagree but that’s fine. It’s my opinion, not theirs.

      • love glee says:

        SOOOOO AGREE with you. I posted earlier that Pretty was arranged beautifully and sung well. But not to vocal technical high standards like DROMP. Pretty was pretty so when it aired I felt at the end of the performance was How Nice. DROMP I was stunned by Lea’s stellar performance. The arrangement of Pretty Unpretty is what sold the song for me. It was outstanding.

    • F says:

      Teenage Dream sucks. There’s no emotion to it, the Warblers are robotic, and it’s an awkward performance. And if you are someone on Team Teenage Dream, aka Team Darren Criss OMG OMG OMG LOVE or Team KLAINE IS ALL THE MATTERS IN THE UNIVERSE, then you have no room to be complaining about fangirls pushing things through that don’t deserve to.

      • Shelly says:

        Oh, please. I didn’t even vote for Teenage Dream in any of the bracketts. Also, I hate Blaine. I like the Warblers though. I just don’t think IFP/U deserves to be here, I could understand TD, but IFP/U was not that spectacular. I’m not a fangirl, and I hate all these subgroups (Klaine, Finchel, Faberry, Brittana ect), they’re all anoying. I just watch the show.

  38. Pattate says:

    Well… I think Dianna is a good actress because I feel things when I watch a scene with Quinn, while I don’t feel anything with Darren for example. It’s my opinion, end of the story, haters gonna hate. Also, it was a difficult choice but I choose IFP/U because it’s still Lea, but with a little side of Dianna, which is better. But that doesn’t mean DROM isn’t great. Everytime I listen to it I get chills.

  39. BB_Baloo says:

    I think everyone is getting a little off topic here, here’s a thought… or rather, a suggestion, why don’t you re-watch both clips?
    It really helped me make up my mind.
    And yes, DROMP still gives you chills.

  40. Aoife says:

    I have to go with I Feel Pretty/Unpretty for this one. For so many reasons.

    It’s just such an emotionally powerful song/performance. There’s so much depth to it. Quinn and Rachel have one of the most interesting relationships on the show (and no, I don’t mean that in the romantic/sexual sense). They have so much history, so much negative history with each other, in many ways they are almost opposites, and yet, they have a lot in common.

    And despite their history, they aren’t enemies. They really aren’t. Once upon a time they were, but they really aren’t anymore. Rachel’s ability to forgive Quinn for her past actions is amazing, and so true to her character. And Quinn, no matter how much she acts like she hates Rachel, really doesn’t. Most of the moments in which she is honest, where she opens herself up, most of them are when she is with Rachel. She lets Rachel see her at her most vulnerable.

    And this performance highlights that. It highlights all of that. And musically, it’s beautiful. Just about everyone thought that a duet between Lea and Dianna would never work, that their voices are too different. And this song proved that wrong. Their voices blended beautifully and something about this duet brought the best out of Dianna. The arrangement is beautiful. I listen to this song nearly every day and I never get tired of it.

    DROMP is a fantastic performance, and I’m incredibly fond of it but it doesn’t have the emotional depth of IFP/U. And I’m a sucker for emotional depth.

    • Aoife says:

      Also, regarding the comments saying that Quinn is boring/Dianna can’t act/etc.

      Dianna’s acting is more subtle than, say, Lea’s or Naya’s. Doesn’t mean she can’t act. Personally, I think a subtle approach is perfect for a character like Quinn. Quinn’ was born into a family where all problems are just pushed under the rug. The scene in episode 1×10 where Quinn gets kicked out of her house says so much about their family, and the environment she was raised in. Finn pleads with Quinn’s mother to do something, to convince her dad to let her stay. But Quinn tells him that his efforts are useless, “If she wanted to do something, she would’ve when she found out that I was pregnant”. And when her mother insists that Quinn didn’t tell her anything, Quinn says this: “But you knew. And I needed you. I needed my mom. And you were so scared, of what he would do, if he found out, that you just pushed it aside, like we do every bad feeling in this house. If you don’t talk about it, it doesn’t exist”.
      Quinn comes from a family that ignores the bad, in the hope that it will disappear. They pretend everything’s perfect, even when it’s the furthest thing from perfect. Quinn has been taught to repress her true emotions, to only allow people to see the happy facade.
      Between that history and the life changing events she’s been through, it wouldn’t be surprising if she didn’t have a strong sense of self. To me, she seems lost, more than anything else. And it wouldn’t surprise me if she was suffering from undiagnosed and untreated depression. In which case, the way Dianna has been playing her is perfect.
      Don’t say the character is boring or the actress can’t act, just because you can’t be bothered to look a little deeper than the surface. The most interesting characters are the ones that you have to look below the surface to understand. They’re the ones with real depth.

      • Cate says:

        Excellent points! Plus Dianna Agron herself seems just lovely. Very intelligent and thoughtful – her essay-type tumblr posts are always fascinating. Of the young cast though, she is one of the few who is firstly an actress and secondly (or possibly lower on her list) a singer. She is the only one of the youngsters who had a fairly lengthy list of acting credits and I believe was cast very late on. If they were stuck for who to cast, they probably went for an actress who could sing a bit first and foremost rather than a singer who could act a bit.

      • funny says:

        Baloney. Dianna just doesn’t pull it off subtle or not. If it was just her part as Quinn would live with this explanation but in everything I have seen see no depth from her.

        I can take Quinn as a emotionless cold bitch but is that what all Dianna character as suppose to be?

        And wow very condescending pretending you have some insight on characters and other people who don’t like her acting just aren’t taking the time.

        • Sirman says:

          Finally, someone sees the light. Dianna’s acting is subpar. If I remember Lea was nominated for an Emmy last year, and Dianna. .was not. Nor will she ever be because he acting and delivery is not anything special. Also, thats bull about people saying she’s more subtle than Lea or Naya, no there are subtle actors in Hollywood that can actually act (Kadee Strickland, Ginnifer Goodwin). Its kinda obvious her fans stick up for her and do not see the light. I doubt she’ll be doing anything after ‘Glee’.

          • No says:

            Can I just point out that Lea wasn’t nominated for an Emmy this year AND half the cast of ‘Glee’ wasn’t nominated for an Emmy last year or this year. Not a very fair way to judge someone’s acting abilities.

          • nah says:

            Completely fair in my opinion. Dianna wasn’t even considered, her name wasn’t even mentioned, I don’t think most of the critics even know her name beyond the blond, pregnant cheerleader from glee. Lea was the victim of crap writing all season; her talent and capability as an actress were never in question.

      • thf says:

        I agree with you. Love Quinn. Love Dianna.

  41. Giles says:

    I hope people know that winning a worthless TV poll won’t change anything in regards to who gets duets and all. Especially since it must be extremely hard to find a song that will fit Dianna well.

  42. Sigh says:

    Oh geez, stop bashing Dianna. It’s not a Lea vs. Dianna poll, people.

  43. Jay says:

    Do you people not realise that Di is Lea’s best friend so Lea would hate to know that people are bashing her so unjustly??

  44. Ben says:

    DROMP, I love IFP/U but DROMP is the song of the show imo. It is the single best performance and I doubt it will ever be beaten (though My Man got pretty close).

  45. Rick says:

    I’m sure Lea would LOVE to see all of these comments bashing her best friend in a meaningless online poll. Stay classy, fandom and stans, stay classy.

  46. Okay says:

    First of all – “Di is Lea’s best friend.” No, thank you. That position is held by Jonathan Groff. And despite the fact that the two girls ARE good friends, it’s completely justified for me to bash Dianna when I think that she’s overrated as both an actress, a singer and a try-hard hipster. She’s conventionally very pretty but her voice is nasal. On top of this the entire storyline between the episode with IFP/UP between Quinn and Rachel was disturbing.

    • x says:

      You’d be kind of blind to see they’re not best friends in some capacity, at least within the cast. Why are people so desperate to make this Lea vs. Dianna? They obviously care about each other.

      • Okay says:

        Regardless of whether they care about each other or not this also isn’t about their relationship on or off-screen. It’s about talent and quality of song. The song that deserves the most credit is Lea/Rachel knocking a Barbra Streisand song out of the park. Not if anyone thinks they’re BFF’s for life or if Lea would care that I hate Dianna. I’m sure the world will go on tomorrow, as will Lea and Di just because I think she’s an overrated actress who should barely call herself a singer.

        • Meagan says:

          Lea stan spotted.

        • Easy A says:

          Totally agree with you and your comments. And if you read the comments, 90% of the people on here agree with you. Dianna is pretty no doubt (like most people in Hollywood, anyway) but shes not a good actress by any means because:

          1) she holds the same facial expressions all the time, no matter if Quinn is sad, angry, mad or hungry.
          2) she whispers when she talks (or acts) I thought it was a Glee thing until I saw ‘I Am Number 4’ (that was so bad btw, if only XFinity had refunds)
          3) The same people who think Dianna can act are her stans, or prolly think Rebecca Black is Grammy worthy.
          4) Out of the orginal cast she’s not very popular, besides a number of people will be ditching Glee after Lea does (I’m on that bus), I doubt if Dianna left and Lea stayed, people would ditch.
          Dont get your hopes up, after Glee she is done.

      • Julia says:

        People know they are friends and care about each other. People also see how very close and how much she cares about Jon. They are also very close with other members of the cast. It is when a group of people as so insist that their ship is the ultimate and this is not just Lea/Di …

        Anyway I am sure some of the comment are by stans but I have been to several other sites that are not Lea site they are tv sites and they don’t seem to think Dianna is very good. So some of the comments may be from those fans too.

        Dianna getting some grief about her acting skills is not new to this poll.

    • JayJay says:

      The point still remains that Lea cares about Di so without a doubt she’d hate to see people bashing her, and I doubt she would appreciate the people who persist on doing so over a pointless internet poll

  47. Penny says:

    These arguments are pointless and stupid – just vote based on the quality of the song/which song you like best.

  48. yey says:

    my heart is breaking…THIS IS THE HARDEST!!!!
    i love DROMP coz just the quality of Lea singing it is beyond awesome and greatness…and i mean the performance is epic in an epic episode…it’s the NEW DIRECTIONS…
    while IFP/U… well, it’s not the most powerful song in terms of the belts and all that but the message is so powerful and i mean it’s all about GLEE…
    so definitely this is a hard battle…who ever wins is fine with me but please people just stop all the hate it won’t do any good…

  49. LC says:

    Oh, I love both of these songs so much.
    But I gotta go with DROMP on this one. It’s too much of a Glee classic and power performance. First song on Glee that gave me chills.

  50. Lauren says:

    I will never forget watching “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” when it aired… I got chills. No Glee song had moved me that way in a long time! It became one of my favorites instantly. Rewatching it again now.