New Angels Seek New Charlie, as Robert Wagner Bows Out: Whom Would You Suggest?

Well this is unfortunate: It turns out that TV icon Robert Wagner will not be voicing the unseen boss man of ABC’s new Charlie’s Angels after all.

While the news comes as not a total surprise — Wagner’s voice was not used in the pilot sent out to the press, though such post-production add-ons are often MIA from not-for-review screeners — it’s still disheartening, given the Hart to Hart crimesolver’s want to follow in the footsteps of his passed-on peer and pal, John Forsythe.

Why the exit? A statement to TV Guide Magazine, supplied by ABC and production studio Sony, simply reads: “Due to his scheduling conflicts, Robert Wagner will need to step away from his duties as Charlie on Charlie’s Angels.”

The situation somewhat echoes what happened to NBC’s short-lived Knight Rider reboot, which had to drop Will Arnett as the voice of K.I.T.T. in favor of Val Kilmer.

So, sad as it is to see Wagner not continue on, whose voice do you suggest ABC use to deliver assignments to Angels Rachael Taylor (Grey’s Anatomy), Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) and Annie Ilonzeh (General Hospital) from the Townsend Agency’s squawk box? Remember, it needs to be distinctive and authoritative as well as warm.

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  1. AC says:

    Mark Hamill. He is an incredible voice artist and owns any role he lends his voice to.

  2. Richard says:

    Darryl Hammond – then they could have any voice they want.

  3. kat says:

    Sam Elliott

  4. sondra says:

    Robert Forester or Johnny Depp

  5. George says:

    After watching the Previews. This show has a serious problem. What makes it more than just a Burn Notice Clone. I’m not even expecting it to be any near quality of Burn Notice or to have any real aspirations siince on broadcast TV.

  6. Petra says:

    Alan Rickman would be kind of hilarious.

  7. Seanti says:

    Jaclyn Smith

  8. Alex says:

    The reason Will Arnett wasn’t able to do Knight Rider was reportedly not scheduling conflicts but because he was currently doing ads for Chevrolet while the new KITT was a Ford Mustang.

    So it makes me skeptical of Wagner’s departure. Perhaps he’s fleeing a sinking ship? Maybe he’s seen some of the episodes and realizes this thing is gonna bomb hard?

  9. Kevin says:

    Kiefer Sutherland or perhaps Gregory Itzin aka President Charles Logan on “24” or maybe Dennis Haysbert or if by any chance RoboCop himself Peter Weller, he was great on DEXTER last season and I rather predict Jack Coleman of HEROES to be the new voice of CHARLIE. ABC needs more than one new series to finally break the curse this upcoming Fall and CHARLIE’S ANGELS is one of them and hopefully save ABC and the series and it destined to be the hOTTEST new show of the season.

  10. TheDude says:

    Shatner was an excellent suggestion….if not him then James Caan or Victor Garber.

  11. juju says:

    John O’Hurley is the perfect choice. I, personally, would love to hear old curmudgeon Ed Asner take it on, but that would definitely change the Charlie personality from the John Forsythe days.

    So I still think John O’Hurley has the best voice for this job.

  12. julie says:

    After reading the other item about Fran Drescher’s show coming back, I thought of the PERFECT choice for Charlie’s voice. Charles Shaughnessy! Plummy English accent, warmth, sparkle… He’s done as St. John on Mad Men, right? Charles Shaughnessy for the win!

  13. Kevin says:

    Really don’t think CHARLIE’S ANGELS won’t be on the same boat KNIGHT RIDER was when the series got canned after one season ’cause of the voice over changes involving Val Kilmer replacing Will Arnett so I think the perfect voice for Charlie is Martin Sheen. Of cousre he’s the proud pop of CHARLIE SHEEN. This reboot gives ABC a fighting chance to survive and will last and probably go on if there’s a chance Season Two is around the corner an in the same house CBS’ Hawaii Five-O was. :)

  14. sara says:

    the guy who plays clint on one life to live

  15. Chris says:

    How about Gene Hackman

  16. CJ says:

    Roger Moore – he has a strong voice, and if they decided to reveal Charlie, his legacy as James Bond could only help establish why he doesn’t reveal himself.

  17. Abe Froman says:

    William Daniels, he was great as KITT.

  18. Kornelius says:

    Michael Ironside

  19. ATL says:

    Jeff Goldblum

  20. WAYNE says:


  21. jeff ceragno says:

    How about Robert Vaughn……get him out of those silly commericials

  22. Ryan keely says:

    James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Patrick Stewart.

  23. Todd says:

    Forster. Hands down. Great voice.

  24. swthompson says:

    I’m pretty sure Robert Wagner owns a piece of the show. The talk of NCIS conflicting seems more logical.

  25. Renee says:

    Benedict Cumberbatch. You know…BBC’s Sherlock Holmes.

    • Renee says:

      Although if it in ANY WAY slowed down the making of more Sherlock Holmes episodes, then I withdraw my suggestion. He does have an amazing voice though.

  26. Pennagirl says:

    How about Vincent D’Ornifrio (since L&O:CI) is gone. Or G.W. Bailey from the Closer.

  27. kel says:

    Gilbert Gottfried

  28. Celeste says:

    How about Kevin Pollak? He can also do any other Voice that they could/would want. He’s fantastic!!!

  29. PJM says:


    You can just imagine that one, huh.

    “Good morning, Angels (hu-HAH!)”

    “Charlie, you’re so bad!”
    “I know you are, but what am I?”

    OK, seriously, you don’t want someone with too dramatic of a voice. Edward James Olmos? The clients will want to kill themselves if he sends the Angels out.

    That said, how about Mel Brooks? Distinctive, has a positive lilt. He might get a little ferschnookered once in a while (oy!), but he’d do a good job.

  30. Kevin says:

    LEE MAJORS. Remember back in the ’70s he was married to FARRAH FAWCETT before the original series made her into a breakout star. I really think the star of Six Million Dollar Man and The Fall Guy will be the perfect choice to voice CHARLIE in memory of his late ex-wife.

  31. susela says:

    Tom Bergeron.

  32. mgb says:

    Adrian Paul or Patrick Stewart

  33. Nitehork says:

    Howabout James Earl Jones?

  34. Why? says:

    I say Nobody. Charlie’s Angels sucked as a TV show, the movies sucked too. If they are really dumb enough to remake it – it will suck again.BTW @Sondra who said Johnny Depp —– you an idiot!!! Why would he take a step DOWN and do television?

  35. Daryl Zer0 says:

    William Devane would be perfect. Or if you want to paly the Farrah angle, get Ryan O’Neal.

  36. Play-Doh says:

    Jim Dale, who narrated the American versions of the Harry Potter audiobooks, as well as doing the voice-over narration for Pushing Daisies.

  37. JAson S says:

    Should be Charlie Sheen. HE’s got the gravelly voice down and he could do it becuause how hard is it to read a few lines in a microphone every week. Plus he’s Charlie!!

  38. shellonwheels says:

    James Garner would be a fab Charlie and Bill Cosby for Bosley’s character!

  39. Kerry Hollington says:

    How about Sam Elliot or Tom Selleck? My Fiance says Alfred Molina….I think my fiance hit his head. Or for a throw back choice, how about Barry Bostwick or Bruce Boxleitner?

  40. Doozerbabe says:

    Scheduling conflicts?! That’s ridiculous. He could record a whole season’s worth of voiceovers in a day. He was perfect and, as silly as it sounds, his voice was the major reason I was going to tune in.I don’t care who replaces him. The real reason has to be the sinking ship theory or maybe there’s still some bad blood from his Charlie’s Angel movie lawsuit.

  41. Tim says:

    My vote would be Kelsey Grammer, David Hyde Pierce, Pierce Brosnan, They have the voice you would know and it seems warm and respective
    unless you are Camille er never mind

  42. David says:

    William Devane, Kate Jackson, or Jaclyn Smith

  43. Baw says:

    Charlie Sheen

  44. Dan says:

    Michael Weatherly would be an outstanding Charlie!

  45. Jerri says:

    David James Elliot.
    Richard Dean Anderson.

  46. Scoot says:

    How about Martin Sheen?

  47. Gavzee says:

    I think Eric Roberts distinctive voice would work well

  48. Kevin says:


  49. Kerry says:

    Samual L. Jackson