Big Brother Recap: Rock the Veto

Finally! We’ve waited weeks for the first major turn in Big Brother‘s 13th season, and on Wednesday night we may have just witnessed it. Was it Rachel’s tantrum? Was it the awful balance beam skills of several players? Or was it the applause-worthy outcome of the Power of Veto competition? Join us for the recap of the (thankfully) fascinating episode.

As the night starts, Rachel is yammering about HOH Jordan’s trustworthiness, cooing in her best World According to Paris voice about how Jordan should’ve elected Cassi and Shelly for elimination, not Dominic and Adam. I love Rachel’s grudge against Cassi, because we’re always treated to several shots of Cassi looking suspicious and jutting her eyebrow like a backwoods Jessica Biel. Fortunately for Rachel, several of her housemates share that contempt: Porsche (who I still call “Car”) thinks Cassi’s “controlliness” is becoming a problem. No word yet if she thinks her own illiteracy is of similar concern. More importantly, Daniele agrees about Cassi.

“I don’t hate Cassi, but if I see a bus, I’m not afraid to give her a little push,” Daniele tells us. She sees Dominic as a viable companion during the game, and if she can arrange for him to stay, she’s overjoyed — well, as overjoyed as Daniele gets, which is still pretty deadpan. I can’t disagree with that strategy, but there’s an obvious air of haplessness about Dominic’s gameplay that reminds me of Survivor: Nicaragua‘s Fabio. Yes, the lank-haired gent won that season, but it took luck in the challenges to earn the prize, not a mastery of the social game.

‘Power of Veto’ Competition | After Daniele is chosen as the POV competition’s host, Jordan randomly selects Rachel and Brendon to face off against Jeff and herself, and chopping blockees Dominic and Adam. Oh, good. I was just thinking I needed to hear more of Rachel’s braying and Brendon’s sputtered whines! The competition goes like this: Each teammate competes for himself, chews up a gumball, races across his/her own balance beam, and sticks the saliva-drenched gob on a board at the other end. The first to fill the board wins, and if a competitor ever topples from the beam, he/she has the option of signing up for two weeks of slop and reentering the game or dropping out and accepting defeat. I can barely type the word “slop” without imaging the mouthfeel of that molten garbage. Shivers.

Adam, who planned to sabotage his team’s efforts and earn the Golden Key from the veterans’ votes later, is no longer able to screw up Dominic’s winning attempts. As the whistle’s blown, the six contenders launch across the beam like an overcaffeinated Nadia Comaneci. Dominic powers hard against Jeff, who is equally capable and Romanian in his beam mastery. As expected, lightweight Jordan falls from the beam first, and thanks to Jeff’s cajoling, she opts not to compete again in the game. Rachel wobbles and tumbles next, and for reasons I cannot begin to describe, she chooses to accept two weeks of slop and continue in the game. Is she mad? Driven? Psychotic? All three, like Lady Macbeth? If you guessed that she fell again soon after and eliminated herself from the game for good, you’d be right. That’s Rachel for you: a real challenger whose thoughtlessness and ego undermine her tenacity.

In a victory so great that I emitted a yelp as it happened, Dominic wins the game. For once, the newbies earn a modicum of power in this veteran-commanded competition. He is ecstatic. Rachel, meanwhile, races off into the bushes to weep by herself, and worse, Jeff yells at her for snidely remarking when Jordan fell off the beam first. “No wonder America hates me!” Rachel sobs. Aw, Rachel: literally and spiritually sloppy. Forever.

Aftermath | Jordan’s left to select two new nominees for tomorrow’s eviction. As Rachel and Daniele’s eyes widen with demonic glee, Jordan selects Cassi and Shelly. Nooooo! I think we can agree that Cassi and Shelly were the two most humane players in the game, even if Cassi allegedly spouted off the homophobic “f” word during Big Brother: After Dark once. Shelly’s my all-beige Jerri Blank lookalike! Cassi’s my expressionless champ! I tremble in anticipation of tomorrow’s vote — but I sigh a breath of relief that I’m finally enjoying this game.

What did you think of Wednesday night’s episode? A thrilling turnaround? Do you find yourself impressed with Dominic’s efforts? Are you OK with watching Cassi or Shelly leave? Drop it in the comments, read me regularly at, and find me on Twitter at @louisvirtel!

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  1. Kenny says:

    Is there any point at all in watching this show if Cassie leaves? I think not. What a bore it will be…

    • davey says:

      I can’t put my finer on it but for some reason I cannot seem to enjoy anything about this season! Cassi semed to be the only player worthy of cheering for but she’s gone for sure tonight – so I guess I can finally turn this crap off my television tonight!

    • Taylor says:

      There’s a rumor going around that Keith is sequestered. If that’s true, there’s a possibility that one of the eliminated contestants might come back before the jury starts to form. The only plausible reason is so that they can still do their Big Brother Fast Forward night (an entertaining night full of tension) and keep the same allotted number of days. Hope it’s true because I’d love to see Cassi come back.
      As for eviction, Cassi’s a goner.

  2. Christina says:

    Unfortunately Cassi is a goner. It’s a shame cause she’s the only girl in there willing to get in a fight with Rachel. If any player gets to come back I hope its her.

  3. darclyte says:

    I’ve heard/read that Cassi is pretty boring on the live feeds and that Lawon and Porsche are friendly, outgoing and fun. I liked Cassi in the premiere, but she’s played a pretty terrible social game. I hate to see her go though.

    BB is a numbers game and I’m not sure that Jeff & Jordan would have numbers to help them if she would have “backdoored” Brenchel. Keeping them in the game, at least for now, seems to benefit them in terms of having the numbers with the “Vets Alliance.” Booting one of them now could have the “Survivor” effect of booting someone from your tribe which gives the other tribe enough numbers to now pick you off one by one.

    Rachel & Porsche didn’t like Cassi because she’s prettier than they are. Rachel had this problem last year, and Porsche said prior to going into the house that no matter where she goes, she’s ALWAYS the prettiest girl. I’d HATE to go where she goes then. Brendan just doesn’t like Cassi because Rachel tells him not to. I don’t think she’s done anything to Brendan, or he’s seen any of the “actions” that Rachel assigns her, but he’s not going to argue with Rachel about her.

    Cassi made it worse with Rachel because of what she said about Porsche, and because she won’t be Rachel’s drone. Cassi and Rachel tried to have a conversation to resolve their “issue” but it went horribly wrong. They may show this tonight and I hope that they do because of Jordan’s comment on the situation. I’ll post a quick summary in my next post as although it’s not really a spoiler since it doesn’t pertain to noms and such, it is something that hasn’t aired.

    So, based upon what we’ve seen on tv (and not the live feeds or BBAD) it would appear that 13 should be getting the boot today. You have to figure that Brendan, Rachel, Porsche, Danielle, and Dom are all going to vote out Cassi. There are 12 HGs right now. The HOH and the 2 nominees don’t vote. That leaves 9 voters. Cassi already has 5 people going to vote her out, which is enough to send her home, so she’s gone.

    • darclyte says:

      You’d think that Dom would want to vote out Shelly over Cassi, but last night’s show made it seem as though he figured that she’d be a goner once he was off the block. Jeff will vote out Cassi over Shelly since Shelly voted with the Vets last week, as will Kalia most likely. Adam will probably vote out Cassi because Shelly and he are “buds.” So excluding Dom & Lawon that’s at least 5-7 votes against Cassi. If Cassi goes, the “Regulators” will officially go down as the LAMEST group in BB history as half of its members were the first 2 evictions.

  4. Sivat says:

    Cassi needs to GO! I hate her.

    • Jase says:

      Got some internet access in the BB house there, Rachel?

      • Sivat says:

        I’m not Rachel. I don’t even particularly like Rachel (I’m rooting for Daniele). I just can’t stand that c**t Cassi.

        • I find that hard to believe considering you wrote that you don’t like the others being “bitchy” to Rachel and that Rachel should dominate. So, you are obviously a Rachel fan. This just in…Rachel Sucks, and America hates her.

      • BRETT says:

        If you watch the feeds, or BBAD, maybe you’d see why there is such a dislike for Cassi. All she does is talk crap. At least Rachel talks GAME.

  5. Jessica says:

    I only watch what is shown on TV, so not having seen any of the live feeds or BBAD, I was overjoyed when it appeared that the Vets Alliance was crumbling. And I was disappointed when Jordan nominated Shelly and Cassi instead of Brendan and Rachel. After some thought though, that was probably the smartest thing she and Jeff could do. That way if a newbie wins HOH tonight, Rachel and Brendan are huge targets. And if Brenchal win, Jeff and Jordan should be safe from nomination. If Jeff wins, they get a second chance to break up Brenchal. Win Win Win.

  6. Sivat says:

    Why are so many people rooting against Brenchel? Rachel is a great player and deserves to make it to finals regardless of what you think of her personality.

    • Rock Golf says:

      Based on what’s been shown on TV and Twitter comments, Rachel has become a completely unlikable psycho. Heck, even Jeff & Jordan can’t stand her and they’re her allies.

    • topsyturvy says:

      You must watch the show on mute otherwise you’d understand why so many people despise the high-pitched BRAYING of Rachel. She is not a great player when she does the kind of crap she did on last night’s episode.

    • Jeff M says:

      she is the biggest c**t to ever play big brother I can’t wait for to go what a cry baby loser of a person!

  7. Rachael says:

    I am Vegas, Brenden

  8. Jessica says:

    I don’t want to hate on Rachel, but she wasn’t even tolerable last year. She is good in competitions, but she is so awful when she doesn’t win. She’s even worse when she does win, all gloaty and threatening. Its not the watch Rachel win everything show and in Big Brother they should all expect that not everything will go their way. And Brenden is an idiot. He got so upset with Rachel for calling him Bookie because he is trying to get into the medical profession and wants to be taken seriously, but then did the whole I’m a superhero with a turtle sidekick act. I understand that was all about entertaining yourself, but Brenden can’t have it both ways, right?

    I don’t dislike anyone else on the show, not yet at least. It would be nice to get rid of Brenden or Rachel next so that we can see the house reshuffle a little bit and get to know these other characters.

    • Laurel says:

      I was thinking the same thing Jessica !

      Brendan will really be taken seriously in the “medical profession” wearing a leotard ,cape and mask while talking to a plastic turtle.
      I guess stranger things have happened…

  9. Mel says:

    I think Jordan should have listened to the Newbies and put up Brendan and Rachel. All she and Jeff would have had to do was talk to a few newbies to find out if they would be on their side. They will not get another chance like this again to get one of them out.

  10. Melissa says:

    I love that you called her 13. Awesome.

    Cassi and Dom both have the best shot at this game as far as the new players go. But I still really like J&J. I would have liked to see Adam go, or Jordan replace them with Kalia and Lawon and then Lawon could go and Cassi could have had an actual shot. But whatever. Jordan and Jeff crack me up, so I’m still rooting for them.

  11. JD says:

    with any luck, rachel and brendon will get backdoored next week. but i wonder, who would be better to save? i mean if you send Rachel home, Brendon will still be an idiot (nothing can help that) but at least you don’t have to listen to her nonsense anymore; if you send Brendon home, Rachel is likely to crumble and completely lose it (maybe even walk off of the show) because she is insane, and that would be fun to watch, even if you do have to listen to her horrible voice. it would be a tough call!

    • Sivat says:

      “With any luck”? I would much rather see that little snot Dominic or princess Kalia or gun-totin’ redneck Shelly or that gross prick Adam leave the house next week than Rachel or Brendon. I don’t love Brenchel but I would prefer the vets to dominate and teach these awful newbies how to play. I want a vet to win, preferably Daniele.

  12. BRETT says:

    I’m glad Cassi will be going, I would have been happy with either her or Dom. But I have to say how disappointed I am in Jeff and Jordon as of late. I found Jeff particularly annoying last episode. He was just mean. Rachel is no angel, but she’s right – he shouldn’t have called her out in front of everyone. Here he is blaming her for blowing up, but he caused it. I’m sick of “let’s blame everything on Rachel and Brendon.” Hint to Jeff and Jordon: I like you guys, but they are smarter than you.

  13. Jax says:

    That’s ok… Cassi will likely go tonight, but it’s not like she needs the money anyway. She’s the only truly famous one on the show. Successful model with a six-figure income, and I knew she looked familiar ’cause she’s been in a couple country music videos too. She’s already considered a winner over all the others!!!

  14. Jeffrey says:

    Cassi allegedly said the homophobic “f” word?!?! Um, no she said it. Clear as day.