White Collar's Hilarie Burton on Sara's Big Move, Possible Heartbreak, and 'Smooth' Matt Bomer

There are a lot of interesting developments during this Tuesday’s episode of White Collar (USA Network, 9/8c), and Hilarie Burton is here to tell us about a few of them – provided she can stop raving about her castmates. “They’re such a generous group of people, and that’s something that should be put out there,” she shares. “They’re just genuine, and when it’s real like that you want to scream it from the rooftops and make sure everybody knows.”

Burton indeed has much to cheer about , more than two years after bidding the role of One Tree Hill‘s Peyton adieu. In addition to getting upgraded this season to series regular on one of cable’s hottest dramas – where she gets to “roll around” with Matt Bomeroff-screen her relationship with beau Jeffrey Dean Morgan (of Supernatural and Starz’s upcoming Magic City, which she says is “awesome “) is going strong, as they raise the son they had together over a year ago. Also, her North Carolina-based production company is continuing to gain traction. In fact, I couldn’t help but start off our conversation with Burton by noting….

TVLINE | As I watch White Collar, it strikes me that you seem very happy, like you’re just having a lot of fun.
Well, you know all of them – they’re a good bunch, and they make it easy. And this isn’t just an actor truing to sell their TV show. They are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I haven’t been [on set] for a couple weeks, and they’re all sending me emails, text messages on my birthday…. For them to keep the new kid in their train of thought is rare.

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TVLINE | How has the role of Sara shaped up to be, versus your expectations going in?
When I first went in [midway through Season 2], it was just supposed to be a couple episodes. I knew I was coming in, being kinda bitchy, and maybe Matt and I would have a little dalliance. I had no idea it would turn into a much longer journey. And I’m really, really pleased with the stuff that I’m getting. [Series creator] Jeff Eastin is a wonderful leader, because he’s not a “yes man” who hands out random compliments. If he pays you a compliment, you’ve earned it. He’s been really honest with me about things he has wanted me to work on, and I like the choices they’re making for Sara. She didn’t win over the audience in the beginning, and I think she’s still working at winning them over.

TVLINE | You knew going in that the fans are very protective of the show’s “bromance” between Neal and Peter (played by Tim DeKay). Do you think they’ve struck a good balance?
When you have a big ensemble like this, it’s hard to make sure that everybody has “their story” every single episode, so it’s been nice that everybody is getting their own specific episode. Marsha [Thomason] and Sharif [Atkins] and Tiffani [Thiessen] and Willie [Garson]…. They’re all major talents, so it’s nice that they all get a chance to shine. And that in turn gives me an opportunity to work with everybody else, instead of just rolling around with Matt – which isn’t terrible! [Laughs] But it’s nice to leave the bedroom once in a while.

TVLINE | What are you loving most about Sara?
I like how layered she is. We saw last year, when she was helping Neal figure out what happened with Kate, a glimmer of her past. We saw that she’s someone who’s been hurt, when he sister disappeared, and as a result a lot of defense mechanisms have built up over the years for Sara. That’s what the audience was introduced to – the frigid version of her. And now that she and Neal are becoming closer, she has a lot of hope invested in him, that he maybe could change. So, the decisions that Neal makes, she is very affected by them, and that presents consequences for Neal, which is not something we’ve seen. I mean, Neal gets off, all the time, and I don’t know that she’s the kind of person that will let him off the hook.

TVLINE | OK, but what magnitude of change can she be expecting? Not a complete reversal.
No, I think she really loves his creative side. She loves that he has the ability to be devious, but she’s attracted to the Robin Hood sensibility of using his skills for good, not evil. She would love to envision that this new lifestyle for him — a serious relationship, a friendship with Peter, and perhaps a career with the FBI — is incentive enough to be a good guy for the long haul. If it’s not, that’s pretty heartbreaking. That’s sad. She wants to believe in this person, she wants to believe that she was wrong. It would really be horrible to find out that she was right all along, and he is a criminal.

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TVLINE | I enjoy that for foreplay, they practice escaping handcuffs.
Oh, sure! Who doesn’t? They definitely have a sense of humor with one another, and Matt is so wonderful to play off of because he is a smooth, beautiful man, and when he slow dances you around the room, it doesn’t matter that there’s a crew of 30 people watching. You get all red and blushy! He knows how to make you giggle.

TVLINE | Tell us about this week’s episode, where Sara’s bank account gets drained.
Sara – and a large part of the city – gets wrapped up in a crime, because [her bank chain] gets hacked into and all of the funds disappear. Peter says he’ll handle the situation, but then Neal and Mozzie get their own idea to handle the situation, and there’s a bit of curiosity on Sara’s part. For so many years she’s been on Peter’s end of things, where there’s protocol and proper channels for a situation like this, so she has never sat in a room before with two men like Mozzie and Neal and hatched a plan that could really, really work. It’s an intoxicating experience for her to be included in this backdoor solving of a crime, and she gets completely wrapped up in it. And that’s very, very similar to how Kate got wrapped up in Neal’s shady life, which could be very frightening for a woman, because we saw what happened to Kate. It was a fun episode to shoot – those boys are sweet to play with!

TVLINE | One side effect of her broke status is that Sara moves in with Neal. Is she privately thrilled, or tentative?
I think she’s curious. I mean, there are all these little things we don’t know about his world. Like, clearly he’s in good shape, but how does that happen? Well, she was tickled when last year she saw him with a gym bag. What hair products does he use? Because his hair looks nice. What is behind his façade? He can leave his apartment and be as slick and clever as he wants to be, but how is he at 7 o’clock in the morning? It’s terrible for Sara to be kicked out of her apartment, but it’s also not terrible to wake up next to Neal.

TVLINE | They never have what you might all a “casual” embrace. They always seem to melt into each other’s arms.
Well, they’re Types As. It’s “go big or go home” for these two, and that’s why they make good team, because they work hard and they play hard. And while that fire can burn out very quickly, it can also reignite very quickly. There’s always that heated spark between the two of them, so it’s fun watching them try to be domestic with each other. When Marsha and Moran [Atias, as Diane’s girlfriend] played the lovely domestic couple, it was clear that Neal and Sara were not in their comfort zone at all.

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TVLINE | Eliza Duskhu is going to be popping up as a possible romantic interest for Neal. Will it soon become evident why his dance card might be clear?
To be perfectly honest with you, I don’t think it will ever be clear, and that’s tribute to Jeff Eastin who creates characters who are not predictable. So even if Neal is wildly attracted to Sara, or another woman, he’s always going to have motives. It will be interesting to see by the end of Season 3 what path he’s going to take. But I don’t try to figure out what’s going to happen. I just enjoy the ride!

TVLINE | And what’s the latest with your production company, Southern Gothic? What have you all been up to?
I’ve actually been here in North Carolina taking a couple meetings. Nick Gray is going to do an edit on a pilot that he did that is very “Southern Gothic,” because scripted television is back in style on cable networks like USA, TNT and FX, while my other business partner, Kelly Tenney, shot a campaign for The Weather Channel, so the new commercials for Jim Cantore, their “extreme weather guy,” are produced by us. It’s all very exciting!

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  1. Amber says:

    Hilarie seems like a nice person, but I just hate Sara. She has no chemistry with Matt, and makes me miss Alex desperately.

    • Courtney says:

      This is not intended to be a factual statement, right? Matt Bomer would have chemistry with a paper bag. Their characters absolutely do.

      • Liz Dikinson says:

        Yeah, I know it’s months from the publication of this article, but I am just now watching Season 3 of White Collar and I can’t agree with Amber’s statement. Matt and Hilarie have fantastic chemistry, and I never thought I would have said that because I’m not a past fan of Hilarie’s to begin with (not a One Tree Hill fan…at all). Weird that you see it that way. And yes, Courtney, I do believe Matt can have chemistry with a paper bag!

  2. Valerie says:

    But Neal IS a criminal and that is what season 3 is reminding us of so far. If Sara’s trying to change him or hope that he will change then she’s definitely heading down the path of heartbreak. Remember El said she married Peter knowing who and what he is and loving someone is different from loving the IDEA of that person. Personally, I’m looking forward to Eliza Dushku stirring things up with Bomer in Ep9 :)

  3. MGL says:

    I am not real big Sara fan. I love Neal and Peter and Neal and Mozzie, but really have not enjoyed the season as much as the first season. Bring back Alex.

  4. PJ says:

    ‘Sara’ really isn’t a good addition to the show. Her character is very shoe-horned in (for e.g. last week, it was totally unnecessary for her to wear the bustier to get it into the apartment – the young con guy could have just taken it up with him in a bag, without creating the extra attention from the guard on duty), and sorry to say, Hilarie really isn’t a very good actress. Her scenes with Matt are stiff and kind of awkward to watch.

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the character/actress is included because of Jeff Eastin’s little crush on Hilarie. That’s very sweet and all, but it hasn’t made for the best creative decisions for the show this season.

    • gem says:

      Obvious for a few of you not for everybody… There’s actually people who does love Hilarie’s performance… Some of them are professional critics…
      So everybody is entitled to their opinions but no need of the “It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the character/actress is included because of Jeff Eastin’s little crush on Hilarie.” to explain your disagreement.
      You don’t like her but please try when you’re talking not to establish a statement when you’re talking about YOUR opinion. That would be very awesome ;)

      • PJ says:

        I though it was obvious that every comment made here was the poster’s personal opinion – I wasn’t aware that needed to be spelled out.

    • Neldam says:

      Love Hilarie, and her character Sara. She’s beautiful, and spicy. Great addition to the show.

    • melanie says:

      Sara is very good addition,Sara like Peter doesn’t try to change Neal, they just think that the life he has now using his skills like amodern Robin Hood is good for him, while Mozzie thinks he should just act like an normal criminal take his treasure and leave all of this behind him.

      In her interview Hillarie doesn’t say Sara is trying to change Neal, she actually likes the guy he is now the modern robin hood, using his particular set of skills to do good…

      I think Neal doesn’t seem to have any kind of internam moral battle against himself to actually be what Peter, Sara & El expect of him… But yeah it’s very delicate balance for him to maintain, because the temptation of the darkside is always there…

      But the latest episode did make a great point, is Neal compltely reformed? No! Does Neal wants to be part of this life, with this crazy family of friends he has including Mozzie, Peter, Diane, El, Jones, Sara etc… Yes he does! peter’s old boss said it perfectly, he doesn’t know how much Neal has changed, but he knows for sure Neal wants be there…

      I don’t think anybody in that show is expecting him to be more than what he already is expect actually Mozzie who wants to betray Peter and leave everybody behind…

  5. Katrin says:

    As a great actor Matt has such great chemistry with all of his costars including Hilary, so difficult to predict how it will go.

  6. Sam says:

    This is a little off-topic, but I just recently watched the pilot of WC and I had a concern. When Neal and Peter discuss Diana’s sexuality, they dance around the term for like 45 seconds, to the point where it felt like an 80’s drama where they have to speak in euphemisms to avoid being offensive. Please tell me this type of malarky stops. It was a little sad, especially in a show where the lead is married to a man in real life.

    • PJ says:

      The way Diana’s sexuality is addressed in the pilot is intended to be humorous and light-hearted, which it was to me – it’s not intended to be “dancing around” it. Throughout the seasons, Diana being a lesbian is treated as something that just *is”, not as any big deal – it’s actually one of the things the show has done really well.

      • Helen says:

        I agree with PJ. Peter is an FBI Agent and doesn’t go around talking about any kind of sexuality, especially that of his friend, Diana. He is a classy, well mannered guy, and it is not any big deal with him. We are supposed to be talking about the White Collar show and characters here, one of which is Neal Caffrey. Matt Bomer is not a White Collar character and his private life is no one else’s business but his. Matt is a great actor and that is what he should be judged on and nothing else.

  7. roberta says:

    Eu amo Hilarie e adoro Sara!!Ela e Neal são perfeitos um para o outro.
    Obrigada Matt!

  8. Kris says:

    What about Hilarie coming back for the final season of OTH? I think her and Chad should come on for at least one episode. I need me some closure!

  9. steve says:

    I am just not a fan of hilarie’s character sara in general nothing to do with the romance between her and neal. She just doesnt bring anything to the show and her character is kinda pointless i say get rid of her.

    • indy says:

      amen to that!

    • Neldam says:

      I disagree; she’s very cool, and we love her character. She’s beautiful, and smart; a true challenge for Neal’s character.

    • melanie says:

      I compltely disagree, I love Sara, her romance to Neal is great and the breakup is obviously temporary, she has shown how loyal she is too Neal… I don’t want her to go…

      I think the tension that led to the breakup is not about breaking the low, Sara lives on the ground, while Neal is dreamer who lives in the clouds…

  10. Mito fan says:

    The lesbian couple of WC is about the best portrayal of a gay couple on tv maybe watch more than the pilot. A show’s characters and who they are in real life have no bearing on each other.

    • Eli says:


      You have won the award for Stupid Comment of the Week!

      Seriously, “the best portrayal of a gay couple on tv”? We didn’t even see one half of the couple UNTIL SEASON 3!!! Your inane comment is an insult to every show that has ever given a proper portrayal of a same-sex couple.

      PS: I’m not complaining at all about WCs portrayal of Diana and her partner, I actually like they didn’t make a big deal about it. It’s just moronic people posting moronic things that annoys me.

      • Kavi says:

        Yeah really,there is nothing to complain about how they have been handled considering the character status of Diana, missing season one completely except the pilot,then minor season two character.The fact that they are a healthy happy couple that no other character makes a big deal about is the best part.That is the way any relationship should be played out.The real moronic types are those that bring an actors actual orientation into the mix when it has no part in it which happens quite a bit with WC or constantly whine on the Sara actor/character.

  11. giokn90 says:

    Thank you Matt for the answer about OTH.
    I guess you asked her and she answered in that way :)
    Do you have any rumors about it?
    Maybe you’ve talked with someone of the crew :)

    Cheers from Italy

  12. Abby says:

    I have been pleased with Hilarie’s performance of Sara as well as her addition to the cast! I think Sara is spicy, flirty, intelligent, and a good fit for Neal. She challenges him intellectually as well as personally and professionally… trying to be one of the people in his life that will help him to see there is life outside of being a conman. That he has forged these relationships with Peter, Elizabeth, her and the crew in the FBI that gives him a reason to settle and “use his talents for good.” And she doesn’t take his BS. The game between them was starting to dissolve until she found the passport last week. I also think Hilarie is a stellar actress. I look forward to whatever project she is involved in! She is dynamic and versatile.

    • Neldam says:

      I love Hilarie’s portrayal of Sara; I think she does a bang up job, very playful, much like Neal Caffrey; & she is very pretty.
      I hope they keep her on the show, because her character’s personal dilemma will add alot of spice to the story line.
      Question :
      Am I the only one who has noticed that Hilarie seems way too thin? I can see her rib cage in some of the clothes, and makes me want to feed her ! Thin is nice, but she looks Emaciated.

      Keep up the good work on this amazign show, we love tuning in every week !

    • melanie says:

      Amen to that!

      Sara unlike the haters are suggesting doesn’t want to change Neal i think she likes the guy he is now, but she understands the temptations he has to cross the line to the other side.

      She is pragmatic woman, i loved when she said “i cross line that i am sure i can cross back” she is alsoloyal to Neal, i think her feelings are now even stronger now that she knows that his first instinct was to make her part of his plan to run away with the treasure, even though she wouldn’t want to do that, yeah women are like that!!!

      His feelings for her are also stronger now that he knows how loyal she can be to him…

  13. Deena says:

    Sara is growing on me for the reasons Hilarie allued to in the interview. She is another person that ties Neal into his inner stuggle on whether he is going to be “a con or a man” like Peter said in one episode. That sounded way deeper than I meant it to be but the closer Neal gets to people maybe he won’t want to escape with Mozzie.

  14. Ashley says:

    I’m not a huge fan of the Sara character. I just can’t buy the romance between Neal and Sara (he doesn’t seem to be terribly committed to it, so why should the viewers be?); her characterization is all over the place; Hilarie Burton plays her a little too cartoony-vampy for me to make an emotional connection to the character; and she doesn’t really add anything to the overall show.

  15. lee says:

    Love Hilarie work she is a great actress and a nice person before withe collar i have never heard of her but she is doing a great job.Honestly on the internet haters are always more vocal its normal.But the critcs love her and alot of people like her too if not Hilarie would never have stayed on the show.

  16. Jorge says:

    Matt, thanks so much for this!! So… I just can’t stay away from spoilers and I heard that Sara and Neal will break up soon and now I’m reading that they are going to move together? I guess I’ll have to wait till the next ep to see what happens. Hilarie seems like a very cool person which makes me like her character even more (I really disliked the way the character was portrayed in the beginning) and as for the alleged lack of chemistry between the actors posted in some comments… LMAO. Well if you dislike the pairing so much at least try to come up with something less subjective… well I’m glad Jeff and the writers think otherwise.

  17. amelia says:

    Hilarie Burton is an utter travesty as an actress. It’s a shame that the WC casting department can’t get its act together. Had Sara been played by a more competent actress, I am sure I would have enjoyed the character more.

    • Annie says:

      No you wouldnt enjoy Sara no mattar who was portraying her. If you hate her so much stop watching the show. Your rudeness is uncalled for.

      • amelia says:

        So you presume to know what is going on through my mind? I shouldn’t even dignify your utterly presumptious comment but just like I said, I don’t have issues with the writing; it’s the pitiful acting from the actress. As I already said, I probably would have enjoyed this character had they casted someone that was more capable. That is MY opinion.

        Oh and I should stop watching because of ONE actress? Get out.

      • PJ says:

        It is kind of hilarious that you’re accusing someone else of being “rude” given your posts here and elsewhere on this thread. Just saying.

        • Annie says:

          Didnt call anyone names and wasnt attacking anyone personally. You people act as if Hilarie murdered your entire families. It’s not her fault Alex is missing. Hilarie is not leaving so it’s time to get over it

          • PJ says:

            Take a look at your postings – you seem to be taking people’s comments about Sara/Hilarie very personally when they’re not directed at you. People have the right to express their opinions – telling people to “get over it” etc. comes off as very rude and aggressive. If you don’t like people’s opinions that are different to yours, you could choose not to read them.

            And many of the comments are from people who just don’t like Sara on the show, nothing to do with wanting Alex back. Those people are entitled not to like her, and say so, just as you are entitled to like her, and say so.

          • amelia says:

            Please. Where did I mention Alex? One does not have anything to do with the other. FYI not all of us are engaged in your petty “ship” wars. Hilarie Burton is an actress, and a poor one at that. I did not personally insult her; I said her acting is poor.

            If you can’t handle reading opinions that disagree with yours then maybe you should skip past them.

    • cg says:

      Hilarie is a great actress. Watch her work on the first six seasons of ‘One Tree Hill’ and she did a fantastic job on that show.

      • amelia says:

        I saw one episode of One Tree Hill on Soapnet last month, which was a complete waste of my 45 minutes. My opinion still stands that Hilarie Burton is an utterly incompetent actress.

  18. Cookie Monster says:

    I was not a fan of sara in the beginning.. but now I find her quite likeable.. and I’m satisfied with season 3 so far.. i can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen to neal and sara in the next episode.. seems like something big is about to happen..

  19. Dee says:

    Love Sara! And it looks like Hilarie has a great grasp on what makes her tick. I know she’s got a minority of fandom that hates the character, but I will continue to tune in regardless of how Eliza’s episode goes. I love Sara with Neal, but I’m curious to see where she goes with or without him!

  20. Annie says:

    Seriously people get a grip. Have you missed the part Jeff said he couldnt bring Alex back because of scheduling conflicts. What do you expect him to do a miracle????? And frankly all you Neal/Alex fans know what to do is complain. Go gush over her on Alex/Gloria posts and leave the rest of us who actually like Sara enjoy this articles without your bitchy remarks and negativity. Most people like Sara and that’s that. Please just accept it, leave your ship preferences and enjoy the show.

    • Emma says:

      Um, are you the president of the Hillarie Burton fan club or sumptin’? Chillax. You don’t need to respond everytime someone doesn’t like Sara on this show. We’re allowed different opinions.

  21. Mikaylah says:

    I wasn’t a fan of Sara at first, but I have warmed up to her. The episode where Peter has to seduce the black widow is what did it for me, I think. Sara and Neal just lite up around each other in that episode, and it seemed like they were having fun with each other.

  22. raelee514 says:

    I like Sara, but I’m not sold on Neal and Sara, I just don’t care about that relationship at all. I miss Alex, that’s the female in Neal’s life that I care about.

  23. Kristen says:

    I think Sara is a great addition to the show- I’m glad she came back as a regular this season! Hilarie’s a great actress (maybe people should not be basing their opinions solely off of her One Tree Hill days) and I’m glad she is finally starting to receive some of the recognition she deserves. As I’d love to see her with more screen time, I think Jeff has been able to create a great balance- if you don’t like her, then you don’t even have to focus on her relationship with Neal.

    • PJ says:

      “maybe people should not be basing their opinions solely off of her One Tree Hill days”

      They’re really not.

  24. peter says:

    i think NEAL is gonna to get arrested at the end of the season 3 or he gonna give the treasure to peter at the end!!! but he’s definetly not going to runaway with the treasure

  25. genevieve says:

    I really hate the fact that they are trying to push Sara to the viewers. I really do not like the character Sara. Sara and Neal have no chemistry at all. I really hope the show goes back to being about Peter and Neal. I think Neal has good chemistry with everyone in the show. Sara in a romantic relationship with Neal is not working out.

    I think they have not found the right girl for Neal yet. I hope they bring a new girl that is much more interesting.

    I’m looking forward to Eliza Dushku and the Ross Mccall episode more than anything.

  26. Lee says:

    Hilarie is so down to earth and always gives good interviews. Funny and insightful. Thanks for this. I like that her character and the relationship with Neal isn’t clearly defined. It’s a ride I’m enjoying and look forward to learning more.

    • Kristin says:

      I agree. I love that both her character and Matt’s are just “together” without really defining their relationship. It makes it easier to relate to. I always look forward to reading/hearing Hilarie’s interviews. She seems to know what she wants, and she is very dedicated to/in control of her work, without forcing herself onto viewers.

      Matt, thanks for asking her about SoGoPro, too! It seems as though interviewers tend to focus more so on her past than her future. It’s great that she has such a passion for community theatre local talent. Many of today’s actors have a background in community theatre, and it’s great that she is giving back to it.

  27. R says:

    It’s amazing to me how any post about Hilarie/Sara turns into “let me tell you how I feel abut this character”. An interview with Willie Garson doesn’t spurn “I like this character a lot, I think he’s a great addition to the show” comments. People actually talk about what he has to say in his interview. But with Hilarie, it’s like there’s nothing more to add than overall opinion on her character. Does anyone actually read these posts?

    • genevieve says:

      I think people should say what ever they like as long as they dont attack people personaly.

      I think Hilarie seems like a very nice person. I just do not like the character of Sara. I feel like it does not go well with the show. Again my personal opinion. The Sara and Neal thing is being a little forced.

      Plus the interview is about the show white collar and the character of Sara, so people are going to talk about it. An interview with Willie Garson is different. He has been a part of White Collar since the start, he is not a new addition.

      I think people should comment as long as they dont attack each other.

      • Annie says:

        Why don’t you talk about what’s been said on the article? Nowhere here anyone is asking what people think of her and the character, so people need to leave their dislike for the proper posts. Comment on what’s been said, and not your opinion of her. We have enough of that everywhere already.

    • Annie says:

      Of course not. They see her name and that’s enough to reply with how much they dislike the actress/character with the obligatory denigrating comments.

      These interviews are reposted on twitter/tumblr/forums/etc and that’s where people usually comment about what’s been said to get away from the rudeness and negativity the haters bring to the article. It pushes people away, so all that is left are the ones who need to offend her and the ones that need to defend her while the real conversation is made elsewhere.

  28. Robin says:

    Yay! Nice interview! I loved it! And yay for a sogopro mention here! :D

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Whoa, a THIRD person who actually read the interview for what it was. Thank you for the feedback, it’s always a pleasure to get an actor who has cogent thoughts about their character/dynamics on the show.

      • Annie says:

        Like I said, her name is enough to bring the haters who didn’t even read just to complain about the character. Honestly, who likes Hilarie/Sara doesn’t care about the complaints… so people actually discuss the articles somewhere else.

        Hilarie mentioned in a SoGoPro video posted a little while ago that she’s coming back next spring to shoot to White Collar, hopefully that means what I think it means :P

        I can’t wait for Eliza Dushko either. Seems like she comes along right when Neal and ara break up, and by the look of things he’ll be really upset about it and the situation will cloud his judgment/actions concerning Eliza.

        Somebody mention on tumblr a theory about how Sara will break up with Neal because she finds out about the treasure but doesn’t tell him the real reason, instead tells him she was just using him or something like that because of the raphael. Not sure how I feel about this but damn that’d sure be some angsty times.

        I love the 2 together, but I think there needs to be some tension again, sparks things up a little more I suppose :P It will make the making up even better.

        • Samantha says:

          Hilarie seems like a sweet person. Very nice article and all. I really try liking her character sarah but I really don’t. It seems sometimes out of places. I feel this season of white collar overall is pretty good. Like many I also look forward to dushku’s guest spot. She has played side by side with Matt before in tru calling years ago. Also can’t wait to see Beau Bridges upcoming episode.

  29. Justin says:

    I’m definitely a fan of the Neal/Sara relationship. So far, Matt Eastin has forged her character wonderfully. She was frigid and ruthless in Season 2, like she was supposed to be since some of her investigations led to Neal stealing things from her clients. But in this season, she’s become much more likeable to me and to Neal apparently. She represents the semi-law-abiding side of Neal that could improve the “bromance” with Peter, unlike Alex (who I like, too), who is way too much of a lone wolf or maverick to be Neal’s woman. She likes to work alone and as long as Neal is connected to the FBI and Peter, her and Neal will never happen! So let it go Alex lovers! I like her too, but that’s just the way it is.

    • Paulina says:

      I love Hilarie but Sara has been a flat character since she came back from Argentina. And NS just happened too fast. Neal barely grieved after the sudden, painful and tragic death of the “love of his life”. As for now I only see attraction between Neal and Sara, I don’t think this would work in the long run though.

      I’m glad she mentioned all the other cast members, hopefully she will have more scene with the other characters. I need to see her outside of the relationship.

      And I’m not sure why Hilarie mentioned that in tonight’s episode it would be the first time she worked on the “dark” side with Mozzie and Neal. That’s not true, Sara was never portrayed as never breaking the law or not doing anything that’s not considered good or legal.

      Yay for SoGoPro! Woot!

  30. Kevin H. says:

    Love Hilarie from her OTH days and so glad her production company is gaining traction.

  31. Lisa says:

    I love Sara. I think she’s such a complex, interesting character, and I hope we get to see a lot more of her. I don’t really understand the amount of hate she gets.
    I hope she stays on for a long time and we get to learn more about her! :)

  32. Erin says:

    I just can’t get over how shockingly skinny she is. Give that girl a burger!

    • Justme says:

      I hate it when people say that, It’s cold. I’m extremely thin. For some reason I can eat and eat, never gaining. I hear “Eat a burger!” and I feel sad. If they’d buy me the burger, I’d eat it! LOL. Then I’m left wanting a burger. It’s just cruel… *sniff*
      Though she is thin, I wonder if she goes to the gym a lot, or if she even has time with a baby and her production company.

    • cg says:

      Hilarie is just naturally skinny. She has been that way since her days on TRL. :)

  33. DanaJeanne says:

    I’m warming up to Sara. I didn’t like that she was originally introduced as such a frigid character who suddenly turned into a cutesy teenger with a crush. This season though she seems to have grown up a bit and is acting more like a grown woman.

    And regardless of my personal opinion on her acting, she and Matt Bomer pretty much combust the TV screen (did I use combust correctly?); I’ve yet to see anyone that Bomer doesn’t have great chemistry with– even Satchmo and June’s little Pug *G*

  34. Maggie says:

    Hilarie seems like a sweet person, and I wish her continued success. That said, I am not fond of Sara at all, and the show doesn’t feel at all like the one that I fell in love with before her character showed up. I’m hoping it’ll rebound and become a must watch again, but it seems to slip a little further each week on all levels.

    I thought Alex and Neal had chemistry that just crackled on screen, and I think she could have added a lot of depth to Neal’s struggle this season. In lieu of her being around, I would have liked to see a different character (or at least the first version of Sara) take center stage in Neal’s life – but Sara 2.0 (or 3.0 or whichever version we’re on now) doesn’t hit the mark for me at all.

  35. Michele says:

    Great interview! I love Hilarie & her character on White Collar :) I just don’t understand why people who don’t seem to like her feel the need to even read the interview and then comment negatively about her and/or her character on the show :\

  36. Emma says:

    Hilarie seems lovely but I don’t understand why her character is permanently on this show, it’s messed with the dynamic. She doesn’t have the same chemistry with Matt/Neal that Alex had. I can see Sara as recurring but not permanent. I like Neal focused on Peter, Mozzie, Diana and then Alex as his main love interest or antagonist with the occasional Sara or Eliza Dushku or whoever from time to time.

    • genevieve says:

      I agree with what you said. I love this show, but it is not the same show I fell in love with. I am NOT team Alex or Sara. I am team whatever makes the show better. I hope they bring more girls in and see who has the most natural chemistry with the lead. Sara was fantastic at first as the smart insurance bounty hunter. I think the reason people are not liking this character is because it seems a little forced because she when from disliking Neal to sleeping with him.

      I think she was great in OTH, but she is really not fitting well in White Collar. (My personal opinion.)

      The article is good and it gives us a better insight.

      • Nita says:

        “I love this show, but it is not the same show I fell in love with. I am NOT team Alex or Sara. I am team whatever makes the show better. I hope they bring more girls in and see who has the most natural chemistry with the lead.” —- Agreed! Can’t wait to see Eliza Dushku :)

  37. Mary Alice says:

    This has been a tough season for me; I’ve really missed the relationship between Peter and Neal and I’ve really disliked…I was going to write ‘hate’…this “new” Neal. If Neal is only a “criminal” – then what’s the purpose of the show? I thought the show was about redemption. Was it? Has the premise changed? Did I miss something? I really think this season is about glorifying the bad guy…Neal’s a criminal and he’s going to stay a criminal and Peter’s going to end up being hurt in the end. People can change. Neal could change. But I don’t think Jeff wants him to change. So this 3rd season is turning into a disappointment. If Neal is going to stay bad then I am wondering why I am even watching. The message of WC is apparently – where human nature is concerned – there’s no hope.

    • Spivey says:

      Neal will ultimately change for the good but it will take time so we should enjoy Matt’s fine acting on the way.

  38. rachel says:

    Hilarie is so sweet! I didn’t really like her in OTH but Sara has made me love her! Can’t wait to see what happens with her and Neal!

  39. Dee says:

    Bring back ALEX!! Please!!!

    The only love interest Neal has EVER had any chemistry with. Let’s not forget that hot kiss at the end of last season. Now if only they could sort out their schedules to bring Gloria Votsis back to the show!

    But who knows…maybe Eliza will be awesome.

  40. melissa says:

    i’m a fan of the neal/sara relationship – she has softened a lot since her first time on the show and we get to see Neal being romantic more often instead of just flirty with different women. i like the Alex character for Neal too, but Sara has something special about her. i hope she stays on

  41. maria says:

    Sara (Hilarie Burton) is an inspired addition to the show. The dynamic with Neal has shown the side of him that makes him think that being on the right side of the law could actually be satisfying – and Sara made him see this – however fleetingly it may seem. I am sure this story line will be further developed by the brilliant writers of WC. I’d say, keep her on!!