The Glee Project Recap: Lip Bomb

If you don’t like the water, you probably shouldn’t be a dolphin trainer. If you hate airplane travel, you probably shouldn’t be a flight attendant. And if you can’t handle the idea of a chaste stage kiss in the midst of shooting a romantic scene, you probably shouldn’t be an actor. Which is why I’m scratching my head over Ryan Murphy & Co. deciding to give a callback this week to “awkward” cutie Cameron, who was so horrified by a smooch from duet partner Lindsay at the end of their “Baby It’s Cold Outside” duet that he was reduced to crying and calling his mommy.

“It was a terrible, terrible feeling,” Cameron announced, and I’d have understood his pain if he’d been talking about the way Lindsay completely blew him off the screen during their on-air pairing. Yes, girlfriend is irritatingly exaggerated every moment of her life — anyone else notice how she always gasps with faux shock and delight when she spies the board announcing each week’s assignment? — but she’s got a certain small-screen magnetism that draws the eye, and a solid belter’s voice. And sure, she totally copped Marissa and Samuel’s video kiss, but considering director Erik White had told her to crank up the volume on the scene’s chemistry from 80 to 100, you can’t blame her for trying the surprise smooch. Cameron, meanwhile, insisted that being a Christian and having a girlfriend somehow justified his outrage at having to show sexual chemistry with Marissa in his homework assignment, and Lindsay during the video shoot. That’d be a noble stance — if the guy had stood up, exited the competition, and pursued a career on the Christian charts or strictly as a performer in family-friendly/religious programming. But don’t audition for a show with as much overt sexuality and partner swapping as Glee, then cry when plot lines don’t jibe with your strict moral compass.

On the other hand, I’ve got to give a pass to Mr. Murphy and his cohorts for allowing Cameron to sing and dance another day. After all, at least the kid with the carefully rolled pant leg and artfully geeky glasses and meticulously messy hair has a singing voice, which is more than can be said for this week’s evictee Matheus. His two numbers this week — “The Lady Is a Tramp” and “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'” — exposed the serious limitations of his natural instrument, and not all the one-legged hopping or “surprising sex symbol” schtick in the world could save him. The producers tried to ratchet up a bit of he said/he said tension between Matheus and Alex as they had a battle over who could hit the higher notes, but it was about as thrilling as watching Mariah Carey demonstrate how to use a dog whistle. Also kinda weird: The judges seemingly acting as if Alex might only find a spot on the Glee cast if he’s willing to play a drag queen. Way to paint the kid into a rhinestone- and feather-encrusted corner!

What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Did the right contestant go home? Who are you liking at this point in the competition? (I’m on Team Samuel or Team Marissa, but not Team Anyone Else.) Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Denise says:

    I am glad Matheaus is gone. I love the divaness and desire of Rachel Berry (oops, Lindsay). Don’t really care for Samuel and this is really the first time we have seen much from Marissa. Loved the chemistry btwn Alex and the redhead (not named in article and I forget). Also, kinda like the Irish guy (not named) but he is hit or miss. I think my favorites are Lindsay, Alex and the redhead.

    • Stacie says:

      Sure Matheus was different, he won a couple of the little competitions, but he was in the Bottom 3, 3 times. If Alex gets there again it will be his 3rd time, same with Cameron. Meanwhile, Lindsay, Hannah, Marissa and Samuel have yet to see Bottom 3. I am not saying you can’t win if you were in Bottom 3, but I do know that you shouldn’t win if you are there 3 times. I think Samuel is clear front runner with Marissa being right there. I think she’s a little quiet, but it’s better than someone like Lindsay who has a great voice but is a little too outspoken. I like Hannah but I think she is just below the leaders on vocal and dance ability.

      Also, I would have liked to see what was behind Alex doing drag. Was it his decision, was it the people on set. I would be a little offended that he was in the costume if it wasn’t totally his choice. I know Glee is super gay friendly, but I don’t know it just seemed icky to me.

  2. Samantha says:

    Zach and Robert were setting Damian and Matheus up for failure when they gave them that boots song, like what the hell! has anyone else found themselves starting to like Damian. i still dont want him to win and he isnt my favorite but last week and even more this week he comes across as genuine, so i like him as a person. When lindsay kissed cameron again after the last chance performance, i would of swore he was going to bend over and puke. the whole christian thing was so weird. i liked hannah this week especially when Damian was chasing her around because she wouldnt look him directly in the eyes, she was funny. honestly i found myself cringing and looking away at alex wearing drag. im not a fan of matheus, but i did understand that ryan murphy was telling him to be over the top confident but it was hard because you have marissa telling you to stop because it is cocky and alex saying you cant sing. i thought damian was sweet to step in and say something. i usually dont have sympathy for people, but when matheus was sobbing, i felt bad. he truely felt hurt and alex is a bitch and i cant stand him. i think they should of sent them both home.

    • kim says:

      agreed with the poor song choice! Why they picked that song left me very confused. I originally like matheus at the start of the show but I’ve found his voice to sound more and more ‘disney cheesy’ so I’m glad he left.

      I was also confused why they had alex in drag especially if it was his first time doing it. Maybe its just me but I feel like a freshman in probably wouldn’t be doing drag especially in the judgement of high school. Than again that would fit with the Sue hating on the winner storyline. Can’t imagine her thoughts with an undercover drag student

      • Lauren says:

        I feel the same way about Damian. I haven’t liked him at all this season, but last night I finally saw something I liked about him. I’m SO glad Mattheus is gone. I actually yelled “Thank God” at my tv when I saw his name under “Not called back.” Just seeing him on screen makes me uncomfortable. I would not have enjoyed seeing him on Glee.

        I thought the Cameron thing was a little weird, too, but I also think Lindsay was a little over the line. She knew how he would feel about it, and surprised him with it anyway.

        Really loved Marissa and Hannah this week.

  3. karenb says:

    Gotta say, I totally agree with you, Slezak! You’re so smart! That’s why I come read your recaps so that you can set me straight! :)

    As much as I lovvveee Cameron’s voice, you bring up two very good points! 1) It’s called acting, Cam and 2)glee may be a little too risque for our Resident Nerd. Although, I will say, it’s very refreshing to see a young guy so dedicated and loyal to both the Guy Upstairs and his GF.

    I would be thrilled if Samuel, Damian, or Marissa wins the competition. Although, I do think it will be a guy and not Marissa.

    • gerritv says:

      Looking forward to Cameron’s next single, ‘I Kissed A Girl And Didn’t Like It.’

    • filmex says:

      I’d rather see Matheus topless again than hear one more pious word out of the mouth of Born Again Beck.

      It was hilarious watching Lindsay plant, not one, but two smooches on his mug, then watch him Waaaaa! and call mommy.

      What is he even doing trying out for this gig? If cast, he’d be lucky if it was a girl he got to kiss. What if the script called for him to kiss Blaine or Kurt, what would he do, crap in his pants and call his preacher?

      Most disappointing were Ryan Murphy’s comments. He wants a Christian character? This just in, he doesn’t need an American Taliban student to play a Christian, anyone can do it. That’s why it’s called acting.

      Send Cameron back to Texas. Talk about high maintenance! Let him tour the flat plains on the tent revival circuit. He has no business being anywhere near show business.

  4. Melinda says:

    I think there might be a bigger answer as to why Cameron had such a strong reaction to Lindsay’s kiss. I think his reaction might be because he enjoyed the kiss and/or kissed her back. He was upset because he felt like he cheated on his girlfriend. I think if the kiss had been mutually planned and he had been prepared for it he would have been fine. For the record, kissing is not viewed by Christians as a sin, but cheating is, so if he felt he had cheated on his girlfriend, he would have felt horrible.

    I just hope that if Cameron wins and Ryan writes him as a Christian character, that Ryan will take the time to find out what being a Christian means to Cameron and not use the typical Hollywood storyline of Christian who abandons his faith. i.e. Jack and Grace on “Secret Life of the American Teenager”

    • Tess says:

      Exactly! Especially your point about Ryan doing his research on Christianity and the ‘Secret Life of the American Teenage’ thing. I found it embarrassing when Camerson said as a ‘Christian’ he isnt allowed to kiss someone while in a relationship, maybe he should go back to Bible School, because no where in the Bible does it say that. I have to admit a Christian character might be cool on Glee, especially if he opposes such things as Kurts sexuality and Quinn having a baby out of wedlock. It could portray a different point of view and show that not everyone thinks exactly like Kurt.

      • Amy says:

        It is possible to be a Christian without hating gays or judging people. In my opinion, it’s impossible to be a Christian if you DO hate and judge. The Bible is clearer about condemning hatred and judgment than it is about condemning anything else. A Christian character who actually remembered that? Please, yes!

        • Melinda says:

          Amy, it is indeed possible to be a Christian without hating or judging gays. I am very much a Christian and do not hate gays. In fact, I have several friends who are gay. While I don’t believe homosexual relationships are necessarily what God had in mind when He created us, I think he understands and accepts us for who and what we are. I believe God loves, and wants each of us, no matter what. Being a Christian does not mean I’m perfect. I sin. I do things I shouldn’t. Being a Christian reflects my belief that Christ died so that my sins would be forgiven and that I try to make good choices and live according to the example set by Christ. Also, you are absolutely correct about the Bible condemning hatred and judging others.

        • Ben says:

          Yes Amy. I didnt’ think about it this way before (I thought, Cameron has some growing to do if he wants to win) but seeing this comment I agree. Even in a show like Glee, what is wrong with an actor (and a character) who won’t just kiss every girl he has feelings for. Hell, thats just as much a part of the American high school experience as any other area of growth.
          Actually, in a sense saying Cameron is clearly unsuited is a bit hypocritical – and stereotyping Glee. Imagine if Chris Colfer didn’t want to kiss girls and was uncomfortable doing so… would there have been any problem with the Glee writers accepting that and not having him kiss Britney? I personally don’t think so.
          Cameron might be giving Ryan Murphy ideas about a specific character that is different from anything on the show. If it is, and if it can create the same environment of tolerance for Christian beliefs that Kurt has for gay rights, its a win win in my book.

          • Sookie says:

            I hope that Ryan Murphy can bring a Christian Character to the show who will display the characteristics that are truly Christian which is about tolerance and love. My fear is that he will bring in a character like Quinn’s father.

          • Hannah says:

            But the thing is, it’s not about Cameron kissing every girl he has feelings for. It’s about him kissing people who he has no sexual feelings towards at all. In real life, people kiss people. Because actors portray real life, they have to kiss people too. The kissing is hard, but it’s not personal, and it’s part of his job.

            In my opinion, actors who say “I’m going to be the kind of actor who doesn’t do onscreen kisses” is like saying “I’m going to be the kind of vet that doesn’t euthanise animals.” It’s unrealistic. It’s a large, and important part of the job, and at the end of the day, Glee is a job.

    • K says:

      I’m sorry, but as an actor you have to be prepared for anything. Sometimes a co-star might go off script (Jane Lynch is known for it). Sometimes the writers will hand you something you have minutes to memorize before you perform. You go with the flow while maintaining your professionalism. I agree with Slezak. If he can’t handle a little improvisation, he shouldn’t be an actor.

  5. KelKel says:

    Melinda I think you hit the nail on the head. I was really confused. I’m Christian and I’ve acted and done plenty of stage kisses. No bigee nor was I ever made to feel sinful about it. Your explanation makes way more sense. I can see him getting upset if he liked it and because he was not prepared for it. Heck the fact that he kissed back could all lead to guilt and the feeling of betrayal to his girlfriend. I also think Slezak makes an excellent point that maybe this isn’t the field for him. I think his discomfort has less to with religion and more to do with being sheltered which he admitted to. I can see why Murphy and Co. found that refreshing. He was able to articulate where he was coming from and whether you agree with it or not it’s good to see someone who knows who he is and why. I just don’t know if his devotion will let him to really dive into this particular show. You have to be able to separate reality from fantasy. It’s acting…he’ll have to toughen up if he wants to continue in this field.

    • Melinda says:

      I will have to agree that Cameron will need to toughen up for the industry, and I think that he’ll get there, given the opportunity. I would like to point out one additional thing, Cameron’s feelings are his own and he’s entitled to feel what he feels. We all are. What I really enjoy about Cameron is that he stands up for his feelings without being preachy or suggesting everyone should live by his standards. I think he was processing some very intense and unexpected feelings. I just watched that kiss again and the poor boy was in emotional overload. Watch it again and see what you think.

      • Sookie says:

        What I was thinking was that Cameron is living with these girls and it is a much more intimate thing than just shooting a TV show and going home to your family. No doubt Lindsay has probably been flirting with him all along and he probably feels some attraction. That is probably where the feeling of cheating comes from.

  6. Beth T says:

    Michael – my first thought on the cameron Kiss thing was the same as yours – boy is going to have a tough time as an actor on Glee – unless of course Ryan writes him exactly as he is.
    That said – I’ve never really been a fan of Cameron for the win – or any of the other “big” personalities that tend to get showcased.
    I was delighted that Marissa and Samuel were acknowledged as standouts this week – I prefer either of them to the rest of those left. I also like Hannah, and I’m starting to appreciate Damien.
    I originally was pulling a bit for Matheus – but I think you hit the nail on the head about his limited vocals. Made-for-TV “drama” aside – I do think he was the right one to go, although I wouldn’t have been sad to see Alex gone instead. Or -as already mentioned – if they both were sent packing.
    I don’t remember if it was Zach or Robert that pointed out from here on in each elimination was a case of (as a writing coach once told me) “murder your darlings”. True. Although – there are a couple non-darlings left for me! ~coughalexandlindseycough~

  7. Amy says:

    I have liked Cameron from the beginning of the show because he is nerdy and cool with it, which isn’t really being represented on Glee. I am disappointed he flipped out, just because you would think he would know what he is getting into auditioning for Glee. Surely he has seen the show before. If they keep him around to bring a Christian on the show, I’m with Melinda. I hope they represent a true Christian and not a stero-typical one who just goes around condemning Kurt, acting holier-than-thou, etc. As a Christian, I find that just as annoying as everyone else does. It would be refreshing to see someone on network television who is comfortable and open about their faith and real about it.

    • Jaycinth says:

      I think we’re going to get a stereotypical Christian because there are probably already less-uptight Christians i the club already. Rachel and Puck are Jewish, and Kurt seems to be a bit of an atheist, but what about the other ten or so members? At least a few of them must be Christians- Christianity is such an enormous group in the U.S. So if Murphy adds a character specifically described as a “Christian,” I think we can plan on him or her being a raging stereotype, at least initially.

      • Melinda says:

        Jaycinth, I think you’re right that some of the other characters being Christians; Quinn would certainly be one. However, I was raised Christian, and have always described myself as a Christian (well, except for a short time when I though Agnostic sounded cooler), but I have not always tried to live as a Christian, and truth be known, I still fall short much more often than I’d like to admit. So with that being said, there may be Christians on the show, but none are making an outward effort to try to live in the most Christ-like manner they can.

        I still have hopes that if Cameron wins and Ryan writes a Christian character, he’ll look closely at what really makes Cameron tick and write from that point of view. I doubt it will happen, but I can always hope. :-)

    • Melinda says:

      Hollywood has an awful view of Christians. Unfortunately many of us have earned the Hollywood version of Christianity. I hope that with time Hollywood will discover that we aren’t all like that. Thank you to all of you who have shown in this thread who we really are.

  8. BC says:

    Just found your post by accident but glad that I am. I think Cameron is a bit over the top but you can’t say “Well, it’s not so much my ‘Religion’ as it is my morals…” Wait!! Good morals go hand in hand with being a Christian and they are not separate. I think Cameron is trying to belittle his own beliefs to gain an upper hand with the Judges.

    As for the judges themselves, I think they should look at all the material before deciding who has to do a “last chance” performance. They’re not always picking the best material for the kids so they have to make some large jumps to fit the shoes they’ve been placed in.

    Definitely agree — Marissa and Alex are great and together would be a great addition to Glee — but I also love Damian. It’s nice to see a kid from Northern Ireland get a shot on US T.V. Man, are we not the greatest land of opportunity? :)

    • Lily says:

      Darren Criss’ (Blaine) father is irish and Chris Colfer (Kurt) has irish roots… so there is already a lot of irish blood in Glee.

  9. Kath says:

    It’s strange that Damian has struggled so much, given that he’s already a pro. He’s been a part of the Irish group “Celtic Thunder” since he was a boy. Their concerts are always airing on PBS and my mom has seen them in concert every time they come to Chicago- so he clearly has experience performing in front of a live audience and in front of a camera. Hmmmmm…..

  10. Dominique says:

    I think that part of talent is what contestants can do with direction, and how much they grow. In that context, I think that Damian is the one who is growing the most. I also like Melissa and Samuel, who are both steady and drama-free. I believe that the most talented is Lindsay, but I am not rooting for her at all because of her arrogance. It comes down to this: if Glee is looking for a villain, Linsay is the one. Otherwise, go with the one with the most potential.

  11. Danielle says:

    I’ve seen Damian in 2 Celtic Thunder concerts. In my opinion, The Glee Project is the best thing that could happen to him. Whereas Celtic Thunder showcase him in a stilted way, the producers of The Glee Project are getting him outside of himself, and the results are starting to show!

    • Ben says:

      I agree with you. Celtic Thunder has become so cheesy, and I’m glad that Damian is shaking off the cheesiness, which got him to a bad start. Because he has a positive attitude, he’s learning fast to be more hip. Cameron was hip to start with, but now too much in his head. I really like Hannah, who can meet a challenge. I assume Alex is next to go. Then, it will be a fascinating competition.

  12. Ruby says:

    I went from adoring Cameron to wanting to smack him in one episode flat. What a boob. I’m glad Matheus is gone…I wanted to like him, but he was just so awkward, and Ryan Murphy was totally wrong in asking him to ramp up the sex appeal, because he had NONE. Alex needs to go next, and I’m actually surprised he wasn’t the one this week. His attitude is awful, and he’s not good enough to pull the diva routine. Lindsay needs to go too…Glee already has a Rachel Berry. I like Marissa and Samuel the best. Marissa is really underrated…that girl has a fantastic voice. I also like Hannah. The Irish kid has the cutest personality but he won’t win.

    • filmex says:

      Don’t agree with you at all regarding Lindsay. She comes alive in front of the camera, and that’s all that matters. We don’t know anything about how the Glee actors are off the screen, they could all be just as arrogant as Lindsay sometimes seems.

      Totally agree with you on Matheus, however. I think he was totally sabotaged by Murphy’s direction. He was appealing as the small, insecure kid who tried harder.

      Why in the world Murphy told him to sex it up is anyone’s guess. That wouldn’t have been his role on the show anyway. He was so lost at sea trying to follow Murphy’s direction that he ended up doing a sad stripper Chippendales routine, which was ghastly.

      He did what he was told, and was hurt for it. Instead of being the imp with the insecure charm, he came off as a sexed up perve.

      It seems Murphy is so living out his own fantasies, he is now hurting the kids trying to make the show.

      • Julia says:

        “sexed up perve”…. perfect. That whole striptease song had me squirming in my seat and looking away.

        As much as I love Marissa, Hannah, and yes, Cameron, I think Sam has it wrapped up. He’s the the most UNlike the current cast of characters.

        Michael, BTW I’m absolutely obsessed with this show. It has taken over AI’s spot in my heart. I even find myself checking up on the booted contenders once they leave. Do you feel the passion?

  13. Leigh B says:

    WAHHH-WAHHH… Poor little Jesus Freak can’t handle a freakin’ kiss?? Is he Amish? Has he NOT seen GLEE or any TV shows dealing with teens? HOW could you audition for a part on GLEE and NOT think there would be a stage kiss at some point? I’m really surprised Ryan didn’t send his little “I’m-such-a-goody-goody-whiney-ass-Bible-thumper” back home so he could pray with his sexually-repressed girlfriend!

    And Alex.. Honey… This whole “no-one-knew-I-was-gay-until-I-came-out” is pure fantasy on your part. That’s like telling us no one knew you were black. And you SERIOUSLY expect us to believe YOU have NEVER worn drag…? Seriously? Yes, Alex, you have a great vocal range but your Black Diva-ness has got to go… As in yesterday…

    As for Matheus –he was really beginning to creep me out. A singing dwarf who likes to rip his shirt off to flash his abs.. Uhm… What’s the word I’m looking for…. Oh: EWWWWW!

  14. Missy says:

    I still think Cameron is the winner though. He’s always painted in a positive light. Even Samuel was vilified some with his stealing Hannah’s rap. The only other one would maybe be Marissa???

    • lulu says:

      I’m not a fan, but I think Lindsay will win. I can’t see the other contestants telling the panel how irritating she is, so they won’t boot her off. She has too much talent…..wait a second, was she planted on the show to be a real life Rachel Berry? ;)

  15. Mayra says:

    The only person I really like is Marissa, but I doubt she’ll win it.

  16. T says:

    I like Cameron, and I think I just understand the kid. Sure he’s 21, but he’s also from a small town that’s been brought up a certain way, and I’m sure coming to Hollywood is a culture shock. Think of it this way, if I wanted to be a professional derby racer, and I feel off my horse and broke my arm, I’d probably cry and call my mother. But then I’d get back on that horse and do it again. It’s just new and weird, and he has to learn to separate his real feelings from his fake feelings. That takes practice. I’m sure not even Leonardo DiCaprio’s first fake kiss was a BREEZE. It’s weird. I also have a feeling the show probably blew the whole thing out of proportion.

    I like the kid (Cameron), but I also don’t think he’s right for Glee. He might even be too good for Glee. Give him and Damien their own weird TV show. That’s I’d watch.

    • William says:

      I don’t think that that analogy is right. If you wanted to be a derby racer, and had ridden a pony all your life, then you had to ride with a derby horse to race, then felt like you were cheating on your pony because you were riding another horse and for some reason you feel you need to bring up your religion, that’s what Cameron is doing. It is something that is obviously what is going to be asked of him, and he couldn’t handle it. That’s not good.

      • Ben says:

        No, I think the first poster is right, and people like William and Slezak are jumping to the wrong conclusion because they can’t understand Cameron’s perspective.
        My impression is that he might be able to do screen kisses in the long run, but right then and there it came as a shock and he wasn’t ready for it.
        It’s only fair to allow people room for growth, after all isn’t that what Glee is about?

    • lulu says:

      I agree with every word, except have Marissa and Samuel make cameos on their TV show. ;)

  17. Sue says:

    I love reading all the varied comments and opinions about these kids. For myself, I am rooting for Damian. I think an exchange student from Ireland would be a great plot. I can’t stand Alex and his divaness. He reminds me of Jacob Lusk from this year’s American Idol, and I couldn’t take him either. I think Lindsay would be perfect for Rachel’s replacement, when she graduates, so I don’t want her to win the Glee Project, but would kind of like to see them hire her the next year. I also think Samuel could have an interesting role, as he represents another group that isn’t on the show already. Also kind of like Cameron, for his geekishness. Hannah seems like a nice girl, but I don’t see her on the show. We already have Lauren and Mercedes to represent the large body type. We don’t really know that much about Marissa yet, so am hoping she steps forward next week and lets us get to know her better. Wasn’t it the show with six left that Ryan said he wished he had chosen differently? Wonder who that will be.

    • m says:

      The thin body type is already quite represented as well. So your line of thinking would exclude everyone. Why do you feel the need to point out that Hannah is plus size and that someone like her is not necessarily needed for the show because her size is already represented? She’s in the majority(average woman is a size 12)when it comes to the general population so having more than 1 or 2 characters who are plus size would be rather realistic. Perhaps try judging her solely on talent, and not on her body.

    • lulu says:

      Exactly my train of thought. :)

      Also, “m”; I don’t think Sue means to say anything about Hannah, but Ryan is obviously making a major part of his decision based on characters. I think that Ryan would realize that he can have a new character, rather than two of the same. No offense to Hannah at all. She has a great voice, but often presents herself as overweight. She should try to showcase herself in other lights, in my opinion.

  18. jewel64 says:

    Damien is starting to grow on me. I wasn’t that impressed with him in the first couple of episodes, but I thought he was terrific this week. I liked Matteus in the beginning, but his striptease and his cry-on-a-dime schtick was wearing thin. I did feel bad for him with the confrontation with the bitch diva Alex, but he seems to cry at the drop of a hat. Like Cameron, he will have to toughen up considerably if continuing in the entertainment field. Alex is a divabitch and not a nice person. Like Lindsay, he is full of himself and thinks he’s got more talent than he really possesses. He is immature and needs to go back to high school; hope he goes next week. His ploy about “letting someone else win” last week’s dance moves competition showed what an immature, ungracious fool he is. His dancing was mediocre and you won’t find him anytime soon on SYTYCD. He has an overinflated view of his talents and needs to realize his limitations. He needs to learn how to lose graciously instead of snidely putting down the winner by saying he threw the competition. What a TOOL.
    While I respect Cameron’s views, I think his reaction stems from guilt. He was probably surprised that he enjoyed the kiss, more than he thought, and thus he feels guilty for having those feelings. Don’t know if he is right for all the sexcapades that goes on in Glee, although having a Christian character would be refreshing, as long as it is not one who is over the top with hating the Gay lifestyle, or being a smug, self-righteous prick. I know that character way too well; my father was that and then some. I like Cameron in that he reminds me of Buddy Holly, but I don’t think he’s as good as some of the other kids. But the two producers really like the guy; Ryan Murphy is more ambivalent and I’d have to agree with Ryan.
    Hannah, Sam, Damian and Marissa are really starting to blossom. I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets down to those four, though ultimately it may be battle between Marissa and Sam. Still, any of these four could end up with the role.

  19. Kurtsies4eva says:

    My favorites are (were) Damian, Marissa, and Matheus (in that order). Just because they have the most unique stories, voices, and personalities. I couldn’t believe they didn’t get rid of Alex this week! He has an awful personality and we don’t need another gay person on the show. Lindsay is a copy of Rachel Berry. Hannah is funny and everything, but we’ve already handled the overweight storyline w/ Mercedes and Lauren. Cameron cannot be on the show if he’s not willing to kiss anyone! I mean, this show is all about kissing. Darren Criss even kissed a boy and he said it was perfect. Samuel just irks me… idk why. I heard that RM wanted a male to win, so I really really hope its Damian! He just seems perfect for it. I <3 Marissa 2 and would love it if she won!!!!!

    • Josh says:

      Um, way to pidgeon-hole these people. Lindsay is NOT a copy of Rachel Berry. Lindsay to me is more of a Santana-in-Rachel-Berry’s-body in that she has ‘tude but looks and sounds like a Broadway star. They don’t have anyone quite like that- a mean-spirited Broadway diva-wannabe. As far as Hannah goes, why does it have to be about her weight? That just throws her in a stereotypical category based on appearance, which is what Glee ISN’T supposed to be about.

      And Cameron didn’t actually kiss anyone- he was shocked with a kiss twice, to the point where he didn’t kiss back because he didn’t know it was coming. I think he was just caught off-guard.

  20. jewel64 says:

    I think Lindsay is so warm, sweet and sincere. I like her so much! NOT!!!!
    Lindsay is talented, no doubt about it. Those eyes of hers are very penetrating and really grab your attention. She has a face made for the camera. Her personality is defective, though. She is self-absorbed and self-centered; while this is typical of many actors, she has to develop a filter so she doesn’t sound as arrogant as she really is. All her life she’s probably been told how beautiful and talented she is; she did not learn humility or sincerity; most of all, she hasn’t learned how to listen to people but thinks what she has to say is far more important than anybody else. I don’t see her as a team player, so I don’t think she would do well in an ensemble cast, so she needs to look for diva roles that constantly cast her in the spotlight. Good luck with that, dear, because Hollywood is full conceited but talented girls like yourself. Still, when Rachel Berry graduates after next season, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this girl as her replacement, although I’m sure the producers can find somebody who is more genuine and likeable to a TV audience, in spite of playing a Diva role.

    More on Matteus: he was another one that I initially liked, but I saw him getting a bit too full of himself as the episodes went on, and his personality (and crying) started to grate on me. I also think he was putting too much pressure on himself, which resulted in the meltdown in Danceability. Like others said here, he is limited vocally, but I still think he’d be an interesting character on Glee, even if for a one-episode shot.

    • William says:

      Every single thing you said there shows that you only saw what the editors of the show wanted you to see, and that you have spent no time actually finding out how accurate the attempts to portray Lindsay in that light actually are. You’ve only read the surface of what the show’s editing has given to you about her.

      • Edward says:

        No offense, but

        “you only saw what the editors of the show wanted you to see”

        is kinda the definition of watching a TV show. Most of us are not going to do extensive internet research on the various people/stars/actors.

    • Allison says:

      Wow, jewel64, that’s a pretty harsh assessment of Lindsay. (“defective personality, self-absorbed, self-centered, arrogant, lack of humility or sincerity, thinks she is more important than anybody else, not a team player, conceited, etc” ?? You seem pretty quick to condemn someone else… )
      She’s not my favourite but I think is undeserving of all that.

      You realize that part of the editing of “reality” tv involves creating characters and amping up the drama, right? We only see a small percentage of the actual footage filmed. What is used is arranged to create a story that will entertain people and gain ratings and accomplish whatever else the producers want to do.
      So, maybe the producers wants us to like the winner so we will watch them on Glee and pay money to go to the concerts, buy merchandise, etc. And since people often look for hereos and villains in stories, the show may be edited to make some participants seem nicer than others.
      Or, maybe because Ryan Murphy makes a point of showing how flawed people are and sometimes tries to mess with our conventions and stereotypes, he is trying to show different (positive and negative) sides to all the participants.
      In the end, everything is not as it seems in tv land.

      I think Lindsay is probably a lot like Rachel Berry. She seems like she has good intentions and genuinely doesn’t realize that what she says/does might hurt someone else. She seems really focused and is trying to do her best. I agree she would do well to learn that other people’s opinions are just as valuable as her own, but I don’t think she is the rotten apple you are portraying her as.

    • filmex says:

      The thing is Lindsay comes alive on camera. Her eyes alone deserve their own Bausch & Lomb/Lenscrafters commercials.

      In any case, you have NO idea what the Glee actors are like offstage. They could be the biggest group of divas ever seen, making Alex look humble. You don’t know, and if Lindsay makes the show, the audience won’t know either.

      All that matters is the magic in front of the camera. And Lindsay pops there. In front of the camera, she’s got “it”.

      • Edward says:

        Except that The Glee Project allows us, actually encourages us, to know what they are like “offstage.” so whoever wins will have that baggage going in, unlike the regular cast members of Glee. This is why Alex and Cameron are both TOAST. The winner will be someone who either has only had positive/triumphant arc on the show, or more likely has sat in the background with a more neutral nature, so they can more easily take on the new glee character they are assigned.

        So I am thinking Damian, Samuel, and Marissa will be the final three. Not who I want, who I think will be.

  21. James says:

    What an interesting show! Had this been a one-time audition, things would have been different. But here, we basically have a course on singing/acting/dancing, with 1 eliminated each week. Like in any course, what is important is how much each is willing to take direction, learn, and put effort in. Damian clearly did not shine at first, but I see him as having the best attitude and taking the process seriously. I think he’s in to win it!

  22. Moxley says:

    In defense of Cameron, I think it’s good to remember that he doesn’t have any acting background at all. So, even though he might understand in theory that acting-kissing isn’t really cheating, this was probably his first stage kiss, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t exactly know how to react to it. I think he said something at the end where he knows he’s going to have to get used to this sort of thing, so it seems like lack of experience rather than lack of understanding what would be required of him.

    • filmex says:

      That’s what religious homeschooling does to you.

      Anyone in a normal high school, who was exposed to normal socialization and who took part in theatre arts, wouldn’t have a melt down, cry and call mommy.
      He sounded like Evangelist Jimmy Swaggart crying, “I have sinned against you, My Lord!”, after he was caught patronizing prostitutes.

    • Edward says:

      In offense of Cameron, this whole episode set him up to not win. I have liked him up to now, and he is a cutie that would fit on Glee, but Ryan Murphy said it clearly at one point; if you can’t act you can’t be on Glee. And he also said he (Ryan) doesn’t see what his fellow judges see in Cameron. I think Cameron is done for at some point.

      • rikki says:

        Edward- I agree that Cameron won’t win without RM’s support. However, I don’t think anyone is saying he can’t act. He acted well, he just didn’t react well afterward, off-camera. That’s a different story. Still a flaw, but not as negative and blunt as “Cameron can’t act and therefore can’t be on Glee.”

        • Melinda says:

          Rikki, I don’t think Cameron acted poorly off camera at all. He didn’t throw a fit in front of the others, other than looking stunned, he didn’t throw a tantrum on the set. He went off for a private conversation with his mom and they filmed it. If anyone were feeling confused and upset and wanted to talk to someone, they wouldn’t want it held against them. At least I wouldn’t. Honestly, I think it was wrong for that to be held against him. If Cameron did anything wrong, it was talking to his mother while he was on camera. If it had been a private conversation this thread would look much different and we’d just be wondering why Cameron looked so stunned after the kiss.

          • Rikki says:

            You know what, Melinda, that’s a good point. I just assumed it was public because RM knew about it (and was kind of an ass about it), but Cameron reacted tearfully in what should have been a private conversation. I hadn’t thought of it that way.
            When I call his reaction a “flaw” above, I’m referring to what the producers would see as a flaw; frankly, I would probably feel the same way, and I still think Cameron is better than most of the others.

  23. Mom says:

    For all you adults writing in this column I want to tell you in case you didn’t know that REALITY TV is not REALITY! Each and every one of these kids are being portrayed as certain characters that the producers of the show want them to represent. This is done in editing. Sure they are words from each of theirs mouths but they are often used completely out of context creating the drama that sells and keeps each of us coming back week after week hoping to see our favorites move on and the villains sent home. Imagine how boring this show would be if each of these kids were portrayed as beautiful sweet Marissa? We wouldn’t want any of them to go and it would be unlikely that we would set our DVR’s to record the program week after week either. Drama sells! Before any of the kids are eliminated you can see how we are prepared for it. I have guessed each elimination so far because of that. This isn’t rocket science! It is “reality tv” which if you watch closely is very predictable!

    • Eloise says:

      Agreed- the eliminations are completely predictable. And the “last chance” performances seem to have no impact on whether or not someone stays or goes. Bryce was horrible in Week 1, but I thought that Ellis, Emily, and McKynleigh did fantastic during each of their elimination weeks. Meanwhile, pitiful performances are somehow sometimes deemed “incredible,” such as Matheus’ creepy striptease and Damien’s emotional song that he pretty much croaked. Also, the trend seems to be that you go home your third time in the bottom three. So if Alex or Damian is in the bottom three again, they’ll probably go. I’d bet on Alex, but who knows?

      • edward says:

        I think that American Idol and such leads viewers like you to believe this isa singing competition. It isn’t. It isto get a role on Glee, meaning there is some singing, some dancing, more than a bit of ACTING, and some character/personality. They would be stupid to go only on the final stage performance, being only a part of the final job.

        Specifically on Alex; no chance he wins. For one, he is a diva without enough visible talent to back it up. Second, with all due respect, seeing him in drag made the most sense of any episode so far. I think Kurt is an over the top gay stereotype, but Alex makes Kurt seem straight. I say this as a gay man myself. I don’t think Alex can act any different than he is.

        • Eloise says:

          I’m not just talking about singing, I’m talking about the whole package. Their whole overall performances were great, especially Ellis and Emily (McKynleigh was a bit over the top). And they seemed to be just looking for flaws with Emily, because at that point I had her ranked as the second best overall. She’d be easy to write for because she’s so personable, but they booted her because apparently all Latinas are Santana clones.

        • derry says:

          dude, edward, I think eloise made that point. she refers to matheus’ stripping, among other examples. if matheus had stripped and sung beautifully, it still would have been a crap performance, which i think was her point. READ.

          • Edward says:

            Dude, Derry, I did read, and have now re-read, Eloise’s post several times. I don’t think her point was what you say, or what I said, at all. She only discusses the end performances. Her reply did clarify somewhat, but there is a difference between the last-chance stage “performance” and the contestants’ actual performances on set, in the recording studio, and on camera. They have to take all of that into account when deciding who goes. That was my point. READ.

          • derry says:

            dude, edward, look at her second post. where she makes the same point in an even clearer way. READ.

          • Edward says:

            Derry, two things:
            1) you criticized things I said in my first post, based upon clarifications Eloise made in a post after my comments. Obviously not right from a sequencing standpoint.
            2) I am assuming there is another post somewhere that is magically hidden from me, because I have read her posts several times and nowhere does she reference anything other than the final performances. Not the video, not being in the studio, not working with the choreographers, only the final performances. My point did reference those. So either there is a hidden post, or you are really reading far into her posts. From what I see, she is not making my point, not at all.

  24. bobeau says:

    Team Samuel – moves well and can sing. gives some very different looks to the camera. liked the hot, hungry response to Marissa’s kiss. still want to see more range – charm.

    glad Damian finally got called out for mugging. hope he can take that direction. he has a lot to offer.

    more marissa

    wonder id Hannah and Alex were too cutesie for Ryan.

  25. Jim McD says:

    Michael, I think you’re being too hard on Cameron. I mean, I’m with you, you’ve got to learn how to separate acting from real life. But it’s his first experience of any of this. And frankly, I’m glad Ryan and company ended up appreciating his honesty in the matter. Because he does represent a different sort of character for the show, and also not at all the stereotypical Christian. And he’s got tons of talent. (And crazy silly dancing.)

    You know, maybe if Cameron unpacked it his discomfort was as much with Lindsay’s uneasy desperation as it is with the kissing itself. She’s clearly got talent, and maybe she could be on the show as a sort of Election-type character, busy body pushy girl. But I don’t know… she certainly makes me uncomfortable.

    One of the great things I’m learning watching this show is that the best possibilities for Glee lie not necessarily in the most talented people but in the most interesting (and conflicted) ones. Marissa has a great voice, and she’s beautiful, but what’s her character? Sam might end up the same way.

    My big three at this point — Cameron, Hannah and Damian. And I really wonder if Hannah’s not the one to beat.

  26. dilia says:

    here is my order of the remaining contestants:
    1- DAMIAN:although i have been a celtic thunder fan for sometime i am completly impartial in saying this because damian has shown himsef to be loyal, funny, hardworking, and in possesion of a genuinely good attitude plus he has a voice noone on glee has and it is evident in the behind the scenes clips that he has a great sense of humor.

    2- MARISSA: i think there is more to her than we see and i like her voice i think she has a lot of potential as a singer and actress

    3-CAMERON: i liked him better before this episode. he seems like a great guy with lots of talent but i was unimpressed with his behavior when it came to being intimate with marissa and then lindsay. i understand he was caught off guard but so was samuel and if you compare there reactions theres really no denying it. i wonder what hes going to do in the episode 7 sexuality theme?

    4- HANNAH: she seems like a nice enough person but i just dont see the appeal and thats NOT because of how she looks. the “class clown” is not that funny and she just doesnt pop for me i dont know what original character she could bring to the show. nice voice though and i think shes giving it her all

    5- LINDSAY: i think shes got loads of talent and pretty eyes. i also think she is given a bad edit to create ratings and drama but i dont think they could invent others reaction to her so i think she probably has a bit of a big head but its not as bad as theyre making her out to be. i also dont know what she was thinking surprising cameron like that she could guess how he would react based off how uncomfortable he was in the homework assignment

    6- SAMUEL: he has a cool voice and interesting look but something about him doesnt sit right with me i dont have a real reason other than that he always looks angry and off camera he just seems kinda boring

    7-ALEX: i think he has undeniable talent but also an undeniable ego and he was kinda mean to matheus (and samuel last episode). i feel like he thinks hes better than the others no matter what he told ryan

  27. airhead says:

    Haven’t watched this weeks episode yet, but I’m definitely Team I-want-Alex-and-Lindsay-to-go-home. Plus, the way they announce ‘the call back sheet is up, so go have a look guys’ is getting old and seems overly dramatic and depressed for me. Change it up!!

  28. Jill says:

    While I agree that Lindsay resembles Rachel Berry, isn’t it possible that she is talented enough to act completely differently if the character called for it? She’s by no means my favorite at this point, but the editors have seen to it that she gets seen in the worst light possible. I love this show to pieces; that said, parts of it are making very little sense. For one: the 3 singoffs at the end have little to no bearing on the actual outcome.

  29. Jill says:

    While I agree that Lindsay resembles Rachel Berry, isn’t it possible that she is talented enough to act completely differently if the character called for it? She’s by no means my favorite at this point, but the editors have seen to it that she gets seen in the worst light possible. I love this show to pieces; that said, parts of it are making very little sense. For one: the 3 singoffs at the end have little to no bearing on the actual outcome.

  30. Laugh says:

    I thought Cameron blew Lindsay out of the water in their “Baby It’s Cold Outside” routine. During their bottom 3 song I felt the opposite. I was so happy that they kept Cameron! I’m ready for Alex to go home next week all on his own and with nobody to blame but himself. Exit stage left. He’s had so much screen time that I’m certain he’s leaving very soon..unless he pulls out a surprise victory and they are featuring him so much so that we can watch his “growth” through this Glee Project season and be happy for his win?

  31. Lisa says:

    What is up with these guest stars? I hear Mark Salling and Jenna Ushkowitz might be on soon, but . . . Dot-Marie Jones? She doesn’t sing or dance. Harry Shum, Jr.? Doesn’t dance. Darren Criss TWICE? Thus far he’s one of the most minor characters. Max Adler? Doesn’t sing, dance, or even act really. Idina Menzel? What was she in, like 3 episodes? Where are Cory Monteith, Lea Michelle, Matthew Morrison, Kevin McHale, Jane Lynch, etc.? These are the people these kids need to model themselves after because they sing, dance, and act as main characters, particularly the Glee Club members.

    • Aaron says:

      Agreed! I forgot who Idina Menzel’s character was when she showed up. It’s not like these actors are super busy with tons of other projects. They pretty much only do Glee. And since this show was filmed before the tour started, that’s no excuse. What, can Ryan Murphy not get his own stars to show up for a ten-minute speaking and half-hour tutoring session?

    • Lily says:

      The winner of the Glee project will also be a guest star, so I guess they better get acquainted with their future colleages… who are guest stars…
      Maybe the guest stars are also more daring in their comments because they have less to lose…compared to the main roles who may be giving too many nice comments.

      • Hannah says:

        But Darren Criss will be a regular next season, and he gave negative critiques. Also, the winner of this show gets a 7-episode arc, but it is not limited to that. The character could become a regular.

    • Christin says:

      I think Cory Monteith was filming a movie. I can’t think of the name (it doesn’t look super great) but that would explain his absence thus far. Plus I think it’ll be more daring if they wait till further in the competition to pull out the characters everyone really wants to see.

  32. Andrea says:

    I love Cameron with heart and soul. He’s just perfect ♥ Hope he wins!

  33. Ryndt says:


  34. ana says:

    I’m definitely Team Marissa and Team Samuel too, but Damian is growing on me.

  35. Ruth C. says:

    I’m really surprised that so many people disliked Matheus. He was my favorite. If he’d won, his storyline could have been heartbreaking/inspiring. I’m very sad to see him go & I hope that GLEE decides to cast him anyway.

  36. Christin says:

    I am definitely team Samuel. There isn’t anyone currently on the show like him. I’m also a big fan of Marissa’s voice. I think this week she pulled out the acting guns as well. I really like Hannah but I don’t think she’s got the chops to win. All the same, I’d still love to see her and Damien on the show as part of the new class. I really do hope they pull from this show more than just the winner for the incoming class.

    It was definitely time of Mattheus to go home. I just have never been able to picture him as this sex symbol they were trying to paint him as. I hope Alex is the next name called. He’s got a voice, but like Murphy said, there’s no room for divas here. Not to mention the fact that part of Glee is having the audience fall in love with you. At this point, I can’t stand him!

  37. DestinyJade says:

    When I first started watching the show, I honestly liked almost everyone. Cameron had been my favorite because he was so cute- a handsome nerd with a great voice, who can resist?
    Then I started to not like Ellis immediately because she was redundant and insecure. Then Emily and Bryce because they so obviously wanted to be portrayed as “hot”, you know what I mean.
    Hadn’t liked Hannah or Sam as MUCH initially because Sam was a frontrunner and I wanted somewhat of an underdog, and Hannah because her voice wasn’t as good. But Sam deserves the title frontrunner, and Hannah is sweet and funny.
    Cameron’s refusal to kiss anyone is not going to work in show business, and the fact that he called his mother (deliberately putting her on speaker so he could be heard by the cameramen, it obviously wasn’t meant to be private) and the awkward way he carries himself as though he’s not comfortable with his own body has demoted him from my idea of who should win.
    Right now, I am definitely Team Marissa or Team Sam. Marissa’s beautiful and honestly has the best one there- people say Lindsey’s a belter, but have we gotten the chance to hear Marissa try to belt a song yet? Nope. By the ease with which she sings beautiful notes, I’m guessing she could actually be better than Lindsey period. On top of that, though she was taken aback by the order to kiss Sam and seemed a little nervous when told, she still DID it, and did it pretty dang well too, as we all saw.
    Sam is intense, and could definitely portray an interesting role on Glee. I could see him being the lone wolf that people fear almost more than Puck.
    Honestly, the best solution…would be Sam and Marissa TOGETHER on the show!!! That would just be great, now wouldn’t it? And I have to wonder if, after that kiss in which I totally saw the sparks, they will start to date now…

  38. Michaela says:

    My favorite at this point is Marissa. I feel like she’s maybe the best actress, from what we’ve seen. She also just seems like a good, real person. I’m glad she won the homework assignment too. Notice how she was the first girl to win? I think she could fit the description Ryan Murphy gave of the winner. Fingers crossed.

    I really like Samuel too. He’s seemed really cool except for that thing last week with Hanna. That’s probably why I like Marissa more.

    Damian is cute. He seems like a very good person, and he’s a good singer. Standing up for Matheus was sweet. Maybe I would like him more for that if I didn’t dislike Matheus so much at this point. I thought that Marissa actually had a point when she said he needed to be “confident, not cocky”. I think Matheus was right to stand up to Alex, though.

    I am so done with Alex. I almost feel like he’s playing the “gay card”, or whatever, and the producers are eating it up. Hopefully he’s sent home next week as the “surprise”.

  39. Linda says:

    So many people are going to be disappointed as the weeks progress. There’s only one winner and most of you won’t like it. That’s how the business works.