Glee's Greatest: 'Unpretty'/'I Feel Pretty' Battles 'Faithfully' for Semifinal Berth

It takes two to tango, but alas, there can only be one semifinalist representing the “Duets” division in’s Glee All-Time Best Musical Number Bracket Tournament.

That means you’re going to have to choose between Rachel and Quinn’s poignant mashup of “Unpretty” and “I Feel Pretty,” or give in to your inner romantic and opt for Rachel and Finn’s cover of “Faithfully.” Yes, the power is in your hands as we come down to the wire in our semi-scientific attempt to determine which song-and-dance interlude ranks at No. 1 in the two-season history of Fox’s smash high-school dramedy.

In fact, every day around 4:00 p.m. ET over the next week, we’ll launch a new set of bouts that will have you mentally humming your favorite Glee moments and anxiously wondering how in the heck you’re gonna decide between ’em. So make sure the right choice is made by heading down to our polls to vote for your favorites (Quarterfinals voting will be open for 48 hours), and hit the comments to justify your picks.

And if you’re interested in the matchups we’ve got planned for the coming weeks — or in how we narrowed the field from 64 down to 8 — click here to check out the entire 64-player bracket (then click again for a zoomed-in view), and sign up to follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Laure says:

    Faithfully was beautiful and I loved it, but I Feel Pretty/Unpretty moved me so I have to vote for it.

  2. Megs says:

    Hard choice, but Lea and Dianna were just amazing together in this song!

  3. Taylor says:

    Unpretty/I Feel Pretty is the best mash-up the show has done. Their voices complimented each other beautifully, the message was great, and the scene was really cool.
    Faithfully was done well, and was the climax of Finchel in season 1, but it doesn’t compare to its opponent.

    • andrea says:

      Really cause I think Faithfully is really strong vocally, and I feel pretty/unpretty was well don’t it doesn’t match the powern of faithfully

      • CA says:

        While Faithfully may be more powerful in the sense that the vocals were stronger, IFP/U had an emotional depth that overshadows that. Just because the vocals may be softer, that doesn’t mean that it’s the weaker song. Sure, the vocals of Faithfully give me goosebumps every time I hear it, but the sentiments that are the driving force behind IFP/U do far more than give me goosebumps. They make me FEEL the message. That is why, in my opinion, IFP/U is the more powerful song of the two and deserves the win.

  4. Stacy says:

    Easy choice. As much as I loved Faithfully, I Feel Pretty/Unpretty is one of my favorite songs the show has done. Tomorrow is going to be really tough though…I can’t decide between DROMP and Songbird!

  5. Elijah says:

    It’s a difficult choice, but the “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” mash-up is one of the most creative musical choices the show’s made.

  6. othfan says:

    unpretty better win this pool! it’s my most listened song in i tunes! pretty sure somebody to love lost to don’t stop believing so I want this one to win!

  7. Amy says:

    As hard as it was, I definitely voted for I Feel Pretty/Unpretty. It is one of my favorite Glee songs – easily Top 5. Seeing and hearing it for the first time brought tears to my eyes. It was so unexpected (Rachel and Quinn?) and beautiful.

  8. kate says:

    Cory sings better in Faithfully than Dianna in Pretty/Unpretty. Dianna has a very nasal voice and no vocal range. Lea has a perfect voice all the time.
    Faithfully until the end!

    • sm says:

      Yes Cory’s vocals beat hers all the time. I do feel Pretty song was pretty but tat was all. Not powerful and emotional with the conviction and beliefs of the club. Fathfully hands down.

      • Mark S says:

        While I get what you are saying, Pretty/Unpretty is about self image. It did not have the really high note from Lea and might not be a power ballad, but I would say that it is emotional due to the content. I would say accepting yourself is a big part of Glee. I really can’t argue that Cory VS Dianna sing off part, but who would have thought a Dianna song would even made the top 8. Pretty/Unpretty FTW!

        • well says:

          It wasn’t a Dianna song though… It was another awesome Lea song with Dianna quietly singing along.

          • Mark S says:

            It is in the duets, so it is a Lea and Dianna song. I am not saying Lea didn’t do the majority of work, but there are very few songs that Lea does not do the majority of the work on the solo end.

          • well says:

            And I consider them all Lea songs with mediocre background singers helping out, especially in this case.

    • ayie says:

      I actually prefer Dianna’s voice in this song than to Lea. And that’s a rare coz’ it’s Lea freaking Michele. Hahaha. But what I also like in this duet is that their voice really compliment and balance each other. And their chemistry is burning!!!

    • Megan says:

      Thankyou! I hate Quinn!!!!I mean as much as the mashup was good, the original in West Side Story was so much better!!! And also Faithfully is a classic Glee duet…. I honestly though Lea was great in Pretty/Unpretty and Dianna is a good singer, just not as good, so I have to bote Faithfully!

  9. Jesse says:

    One thing “Glee” rarely achieves is performances that are better than the original, or that bring out shades or textures to a song that I never heard in the original. “Teenage Dream” is one of those rare occasions of a cover that I think is better than the original, and so is “Unpretty.” I used to listen to TLC years ago in high school and I think this new version is now the definitive recording of that song.

  10. Jesse says:

    One thing “Glee” rarely achieves is performances that bring out shades or textures to a song that I never heard in the original. “Teenage Dream” is one of those rare occasions of a cover that I think is better than the original, and so is “Unpretty.” I used to listen to TLC years ago in high school and I think this new version is now the definitive recording of that song.

  11. Diogo says:

    Despite my love for Faithfully, I voted for Unpretty/I Feel Pretty. <3

  12. Cas says:

    Until the moment I hear IFP/U I would have thought anyone was crazy if they said I’d be voting for a song with Quinn singing as one of the best ever, but I was wrong. She doesn’t have a great voice, but pair Dianna with Lea and it works. Lea Michele really can sing with anyone.

  13. Miah says:

    faithfully, and finchel annoys me. unpretty is so overrated it’s laughable. and the emotional content what? yh a girl and her bully convincing said girl to get nose job…touching.

    • Pepper says:

      The emotional content is the following: the pretty girl who is used to get all the attention because of her prettiness, feels bad and unwanted because the ugly(?) girl can sing so beautifully that it touches everyone and they forget all about admiring the beautiful girl.

      Seriously, whenever beautiful and pretty Dianna talks/sings/cries about how absolutely horrifying it is to be beautiful, it makes me cringe.

      • Deanna says:

        I thought it went even deeper than that, actually. Once you find out Quinn’s past, you realize that she has been where Rachel was. She once felt that same way about herself that Rachel feels, that she needed to change herself to make herself beautiful in order to fit in. So even though no one but her knows it (yet), it’s enough that she knows it.

        And I know I’m in the minority, but I actually like Dianna’s voice. I don’t need every singer to be a power ballad belter in order to consider them talented.

        • leanna says:

          I don’t like Dianna’s singing not because she isn’t a powerhouse, but because her voice is extremely nasally.

    • agg says:

      Yeah, I agree. Unpretty is overrated. To be honest, I think it’s because people’s expectations were so dismal in advance (I mean pairing Quinn with Rachel, really) that because it was even passable, they lapped it up.

      • Samantha says:

        Yeah because this totally make sense. (I mean pairing Finn with Rachel, really) Let’s pretend No Air or Keep Holding On didn’t happen.

        • Ling says:

          No Air and Keep Holding on were critically acclaimed; the general consensus was that they’re better than the original… I don’t understand this comparison.

          • Samantha says:

            Woman why are you lying NO AIR and CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED ROTFLMAO…Better than the original. LMAO What is air? LOL

          • Angie says:

            Ummm she’s (he?) right? I distinctly remember reading “more heart than the original.” What’s your proof beyond utter reactionary stupidity?

    • yey says:

      but actually thinking about the whole episode esp after Quinn and Rachel duet we found the main reason why quinn sang that song..oh yeah she’s the bully alright we know that but she knows how it feels to be in rachel shoes and the look of quinn at the ending of the song you know there’s pain…

  14. amoeba says:

    IFP/UP is the best mashup in the show. It was such a revelation… I hope they do more duets with Lea and Dianna. Amazing and beautiful.

  15. Alice says:

    Both songs are very good. But my heart is with unpretty. It moved me in so many ways. amazing song.

  16. Gloria says:

    I feel pretty/unpretty!! My favorite song!!!! Dianna’s voice was amazing and Lea.. well Lea is Lea.

  17. Aly says:

    why is it Quinn vs. Rachel? Shouldn’t it be Quinn vs Finn?

    • Angel says:

      Haha, this. Finchel x Faberry. Which one should I vote? lol

      • tex says:

        faberry, always faberry. actually any other couple vs finchel, you pick any other couple.

        • zelda says:

          Too bad Faberry isn’t a couple. Unless you mean a couple of girls who dislike each other strongly.

          • fgd says:

            fanon couples count too. and they dont dislike each other really. also couple=two.

          • lol says:

            lol, they dislike each other. No matter how nice Rachel is to Quinn, at the end of the day Rachel thinks she’s a trollop and a vindictive harpy.And fanon only exists in people’s deluded mind.

          • jess says:

            well quinn is a vindictive a harpy. no reason for rachle to like quinn.

            and yes quinn was a bitch way before Rachel had her yes son finn.

            i give it to unpretty mostly cause it was a good arrangement. somehow they manged to make dianna sound decent.

  18. Michelle says:

    This one’s extremely easy! I Feel Pretty/Unpretty was hands down the best duet the show has ever done :D The mash/up of the songs, the message, the way Lea’s and Dianna’s voices harmonized…just wow! Faithfully on the other hand I found pretty boring…like every duet between Finn and Rachel tends to be.

  19. yagga says:

    love how all the finchel shippers are like
    and everyone that is sane is just like yeah ifp/up was better

    • jo says:

      you know what else is funny ? call all the Finchel shippers insane when you do a comment this…

      Do you know what’s really insane ?? hate on fictional characters, or romantic fictional pairs. You don’t have to like them but attack who does…come on you have agree with me…it’s crazy!! no?!!?

      • Awkward says:

        What’s insane is your lack of proper grammar and punctuation.

        • jo says:

          Yeah !!! good point there !!! lol i’m so sorry, you know english is not my first language but that’s no excuse right?

          Although i’m pretty sure you understood what i was trying to say…your main focus was on the bad grammar. Good for you and great comment.


    • jajaj says:

      I wouldn’t call the Achele fandom a sane bunch.

  20. Stephanie says:

    I am SO happy Unpretty/I Feel Pretty is winning. It’s one of my favorite pieces of the season (and the show, really).

  21. muddcat says:

    This was an easy round. I Feel Pretty/Unpretty is in my top 5 glee songs ever, and I would definitely vote it song of the season. Lea’s and Dianna’s voices harmonized perfectly – who knew? Faithfully was a good duet (as most everything with Lea is) but it just can’t compare to the emotional power behind this mash-up.

  22. mallory says:

    Faithfully doesn’t even compare to IFP/U. Not even close.

  23. Chase says:

    Unpretty/I Feel Pretty is such a gentle storm. It speaks so eloquently and succinctly to the theme of the episode as well as the fragile, complex relationship between the two characters involved. Michele and Agron shine throughout. Begs the question, what took them so long to finally make it happen.

  24. Morgan says:

    In my opinion, Faithfully should win.
    When I heard Unpretty/I Feel Pretty I was so excited to see it done in the episode and when I did I was incredibly disappointed. It felt forced and overly emotional (like a lot of this season).
    Faithfully is amazing vocally and worked perfectly within the context of the show and I think that’s why it should win.

  25. Ren says:

    Faithfully has nothing on I Feel Pretty / Unpretty. I repeat, NOTHING.

  26. Noah says:

    I love both the songs, but because I’m a Faberry Shipper till the end I go with P/Up.

    The vocals are really strong in Faithfully but there’s a lot songs just like it. I don’t find something like P/Up very often.

  27. a third party observer. says:

    I am faithfully … devoted to how incredible ‘I Feel Pretty/Unpretty’ was. I can truthfully say that I believe it was much stronger as a duet and their voices complimented each other much better than that of Lea’s and Cory’s. Even if Faberry shippers didn’t own the internet, ‘I Feel Pretty/Unpretty’ would hands down be the winner as it was an amazing duet and the song of this season.

  28. Jos says:

    Faithfully is a great song I listen to all the time, but the only duet that could have rivals IFP/U for me would have been For Good.

  29. Kiddo says:

    Faithfully was good. I’ll admit that.

    But I Feel Pretty/Unpretty was hands down amazing. Best duet on the show.

    While Faithfully was a song for two people who (seemingly) love each other, and all that jazz, it was just, ultimately, a love song which had exceptionally better than average vocals. Nothing really special. And everyone on Glee has ‘better than average’ vocals. Except Lea. Because she’s just God’s voice, but that’s not the point. Point is- It was just like every Finchel duet. Good, but not spectacular. It’s nice to hear, but it’s not going to give you fireworks. Their voices are great, but they don’t mend as well as the show thinks they do, really- well, at least not like our next song. But, moving on.

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty was both vocally and emotionally amazing. Just…the fact that two enemies can connect with each other and share insecurities with each other through song, showing they really aren’t that different from each other, not even just support, but getting some understanding from each other, it’s enough to make you feel warm and smile a little. AND THEN THE VOCALS. I swear. I can’t even believe it took them THIS long to put Lea and Dianna together for a song. I simply cannot. They are just amazing. Lea’s powerful voice with Dianna’s soft, but soothing voice. It’s like a storm. Just as Shelby had said on one of the episodes- You don’t need a powerhouse voice to make a difference. Hearing how to opposite voices can mend so well is just simply marvelous, and I sincerely hope that they give Lea and Dianna more duets.

    Now, with that being said, I feel I’ve made the reason towards my vote a little clearer. And like a comment above said- even if my fellow Faberry shippers didn’t rule the internet, IFP/U would hands down still win. Not for the people, but just…seriously. Have you heard them? It’s like God let us hear some heaven by letting those two sing together. Just, amazing.

    (Also Angels.)

    • tvlinencupboard says:

      Hm, I agree with you, it’s just that depending on what you see in the show both songs can have different meanings than what you say. It all comes down to personal preference, really.

  30. DaisyandChuck says:

    lol gtfo Finchel. Faberry wins everything.

    • FLT says:

      Ha. Except where it matters – actual recognition on the show.

      • tfd says:

        oh darling, faberry is mote canon then you think. I bet you were SHOCKED when Karofsky turned out to be gay, right? just pay attention, kay?

        • Lia says:

          Nope, I really wasn’t. I’ve seen it done before. Hope your delusions keep you warm at night.

        • zee says:

          What is extremely funny about this post is that you didn’t see Karofsky being gay coming.

        • falafal says:

          What is mote btw? I bet it’s that amazing language Quinn and Rachel use to tell each other how much they love each other that no one but the Faberry fandom understands. Right?

    • MakingGleebianHappen says:

      I’m steering clear of this fan war – I’m all about Faberry, but I’m not about to hate on anyone else’s fandom. What I want to know is this:

      Should the Gleebians (is that a thing yet? For Glee-loving lesbians? because it totally should be) who are so obviously dominating this tournament do the impossible and actually get Santana into the next round over Rachel, what are we going to do then? Faberry vs Brittana? THE GLEEBIAN WORLD MIGHT IMPLODE ON ITSELF!

  31. R says:

    Dianna’s voice is surprisingly great in this one. IFP/U is the best duet ever done on Glee, the message more important than a love song, it speaks to people :) Rachel and Quinn should sing together more often

  32. Abby says:

    OMG!! I feel pretty/unpretty is the best duet ever!!! No offence to anyone but well is my opinion.. Lea and Dianna should sing together again and again and again… because Their voices were amazing in this song. I wish we can have more songs like this one With this 2 wonderful ladies.

  33. airhead says:

    I reckon Upretty/I Feel Pretty was probably the best song of the whole season (especially when the other choices are songs like Friday. I mean, come on, what were they thinking??)

  34. ThereasonsY says:

    The thing about this is that these are two songs that are purely musical. Both of the songs express what the characters are too afraid to say and can’t say except in song. Why Unpretty/I feel pretty won in the end for me was the visuals. Having Lea sit there watching Diana’s picture getting taken for her nose was heart wrenching. Especially when she sings My outsides are cool my insides are blue. Every time I think I am through it is because of you and the frame shifts to pictures of her nemesis for lack of a better word. Heart breaking.

  35. Jenna says:

    Sorry, IFP/U doesn’t even come close to Faithfully. Not even in the same league. Lea and Dianna don’t have anywhere near the chemistry Lea and Cory have.

    • Jess says:

      Are you a Monchele/Finchel fan? I’m sorry Lea and Cory have no chemistry.. If you would get out of that irrational shipper bubble you live in, you may be able to see that Lea and Dianna have way more chemistry and just that communication factor..

      And before you say that I’m some shipper, I’m not, I don’t ship any of them together in real life nor in the show.
      Just stating a non biased opinion.

      • djalf says:

        If you were such a non biased bystander then why did you take the time to give such a lengthy response? And you clearly are not as intelligent as you seem if you don’t understand that chemistry only ever comes down to personal preference. Ever.

      • Jim says:

        Actually Lea and Cory do have a nice chemistry.. Finn and Rachel not so much. That is the fault of the writer making them so awkward for some reason. Well at least Finn, he always looks like he is pain kissing Rachel and he never knows what to do with his hands.


      oh that was hilarious

      • bwhahahah says:

        Hahahaha. This comment is funny.

      • Molly says:

        HAHAHAHA I was in the middle of responding to this, then I realized I don’t give a flying freak, cause Faberry is almost nonexistent in terms of canon, and Finchel is CANON.

        • lolk says:

          lol finchel may be canon but to say cory/lea= better chemistry than lea/dianna. no actually to say cory/lea have better chemistry than ANY other couple would be lying.

          Their romantic chemistry is non-existent
          bye now

    • ThereasonsY says:

      I disagree, the ladies have a wonderful chemistry similar to the Wicked Elphaba Glinda dynamic where they could be friends if they can survive growing up together. They both despise and admire the exact same things about each other not realizing that hey have these traits within them. Rachel and Finn have that star-crossed chemistry which is different and almost impossible to compare. Maybe it’s because I am not 14 but I never get this shipper nonsense that happens on these message boards nor do I like the mashup-ed names. I would hope that fans weren’t just voting on because I like so and so and instead judging the entire performance and the significance to the show which is about self acceptance.

  36. Quinn says:

    I voted “Faithfully.” “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” was a very nice music video, but it didn’t do much for the plot. “Faithfully” was part of a big plot turn. I prefer it when songs match the story progression.

    • tfd says:

      lol, seriously? ifp didnt do enough for the plot? did you even watched the episode?

      • qon says:

        She’s watching other show. I’m sure. Hahahaha.

      • loljk says:

        Are you sure you are watching the same show? Because after I Feel Pretty/Unpretty, what happened exactly? Did Rachel give up the nose job? No, the Barbravention made her do that. Did Quinn come to terms with her Lucy Caboosey identity? No, Lauren made her do that. Did Quinn and Rachel put away their petty jealousies and become friends? No, because Quinn slapped Rachel after that and Rachel called Quinn “vindictive.” What the commentator states above is true, it didn’t not move the plot whatsoever.

    • Gia says:

      LMAO @ “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty” was a very nice music video, but it didn’t do much for the plot.

      I am offended you share your name with a girl on the honor roll…

      • GI Joe says:

        I feel insulted that she shares her name with a superficial shallow character actually, since unlike her alter ego on TV, this commentator is actually intelligent.

  37. Victoria says:

    Sometimes I feel like the only Gleek who doesn’t get the hype abou IFP/U… I just don’t think it’s really all that amazing. I must admit, though, that I haven’t ever thought much about it. I notice a lot of people here talking about how deep it is. I haven’t bothered to think that hard on it, so maybe that’s why I don’t think it’s all that incredible.

    • falfd says:

      I feel the exact same as you. Then I feel like a bad person because apparently it has this amazing message that I just don’t get.

    • Yep says:

      It’s just obsessed fan girls who are so happy that their talentlss Queen Agron doesn’t sound like crap that they’re shoving it into everyone’s face.

      • yu says:

        You mad that your talentless idioit man Finn is losing??? Hahahaha.

        • Yep says:

          I hate both “couples” (since Quinn and Rachel aren’t even real) equally actually. But if you think Agron is anywhere near as talented at Montieth when it comes to acting and musicality, there’s just no hope for you.

          • polyger says:

            oh really? hahaha. bitter fan is bitter. the poll is all about the song then you comment on the actor… hahahaha…. just accept that your losing this poll.

          • Yep says:

            I actually voted for Unpretty due to the awesome arrangement and the calming tone of Lea’s voice in it so your argument is invalid and further reveals your low intelligence and immaturity. But Cory is far more talented than Agron: fact.

  38. regine maestrado says:

    I Feel Pretty/Unpretty hands down!!! Love the song, love the voices, love the message and love the performance. Their voices balance each other. Lea’s powerful yet controlled voice + Dianna’s soft and calm voice = perfect combination.

    Sorry but I really don’t see any chemistry between Lea and Cory. And I really don’t like Faithfully at all, Cory can’t match Lea’s voice in that song, he’s like trying way too hard, his straining his voice.

  39. My goodness says:

    I mean – do all the freaks (faberries) come out at night? Yea, this was completely spammed :) I wish I could get on the Faberry train — but I just can’t. I like Rachel too much to support a friendship with a stuck up girl like Quinn.

    • MAcy says:

      Not only faberry fans love this song… And why calling them freaks? I like every actor in the show.. I love them all. This ship war is just annoying.

    • ben says:

      I am a Rachel fan but she is not innocent too. She has her fair share of bitchiness.

      I’m not a faberry shipper but in my opinion their fandom are the most creative, funny and smartest fandom. The fanfics, the video and picture manips and edits, comics and drawings and their trailers are perfect.

      • P. says:

        I agree with your comment. I’m not a faberry shipper either (it’s weird, I can’t even picture Rachel and Quinn together, it’s, like, so out of the blue), but I so enjoy the gifs and videos their fandom creates! I don’t know about the fics, ’cause I’ve never read one, but the other things are amazing.
        I voted for IFP/U. I usually don’t like Glee’s mashups nor Dianna’s nasal voice, but IFP/U was awesome. Faithfully it’s good, but…

      • fdakla says:

        Lol, if you were “not a Faberry fan” why would you watch their gifs, manips, videos, trailers, etc. It’s okay if you state that you are a Faberry fan, you come off looking biased either way.

        • P. says:

          Well, I don’t know about ben, but I do watch other fandom’s stuff too. Brittana, Klaine… but I’m Finchel all the way. I enjoy Glee after all. Don’t be so close-minded.

          • ben says:

            Rachel/dreams is my otp. But that does not mean I’m only limited to only rachel stuffs, I follow a lot of glee blogs may it be faberry, finchel, puckleberry, britanny, klaine, quam and others . As long as it is Glee because I wan’t to know everyone view or perspective of the show.

    • OMG says:

      Did you watch Rumors…she was a bitch and a half towards Quinn. How about Sexy? How about Special Education? How about Showmance? How about B/B asking Quinn to come on to Finn for her? How about in BIOTA she knows Quinn’s ex is making out with Santana and she says “Having a good time?” Good lord people act like Rachel is innocent in this bull crap Quinn vs Rachel. Rachel and Quinn’s battles are redundant and they are fighting over a boy who copies off a girl who thinks the square root of four is rainbows and doesn’t treat any one of them right.

      Finn sucks. Finchel sucks. Fuinn sucks. Anything with Finn sucks. IFP is better because it’s not a carbon copy of the original

    • mhm says:

      I agree. Quinn’s utterly useless on every level and I was hoping her big NY plan was getting hit by a bus and not coming back next season but also, she just got a haircut…

    • omg says:

      Aww, now it’s not fair to call Faberry shippers freakS, there aren’t nearly that many delusional shippers, so I think a better term would be freaK. ;)

  40. jmd says:

    i feel pretty/unpretty makes me so upset watching it, it is about quinn manipulating rachel to get a nose job and it’s really upsetting. i mean the song itself is fine but that whole sequence wasn’t really relevent to the overall plot. faithfully is the best song glee has ever done, in my opinion. it just focused on finn and rachel and really summed up their season 1 story, not to mention they sung it right after finn said i lvoe you for the first time. and it makes me cry, not gonna lie =)

    • Rachel says:

      Manipulating? Really? I’m sorry, but IMO Quinn went through the exact same thing Rachel did and the episode explained it later on with the Lucy Caboosey BS. She did it because she knows how Rachel feels. She, for once, publicly did something for Rachel. Not about Finn and not about attacking Rachel, but obviously Rachel approached Quinn and asked for her help. She simply obliged.

      • what? says:

        are you freeking kidding me? that doctor’s scene pissed me off to no end. yeah rachel asked her for help, and what did she do? encouraged her to get a nose job when the rest of the club who are actually her friends were told her that she was perfect the way she was. kurt and rachel and even puck and rachel had better interactions than quinn and rachel in born this way. and if she knows how rachel feels bc of the whole lucy crap, then why did she put rachel through the same crap she went through by torturing her for two seasons? it seems to me that she is threatend by rachel’s inner beauty so she tried to damage her physical beauty. rachel has better friends and support than quinn. i will never understand this “faberry” obsession.

        • x says:

          You obviously don’t understand Quinn’s character at all then. She HATES herself. She did all that body modification crap because she wasn’t happy with who she was. She picked on Rachel BECAUSE Rachel was happy with who she was… That’s all Quinn’s ever wanted. Do we watch the same show? Because Rachel is NOT innocent either. Rachel has definitely had her fair share of being terrible to Quinn, too. The one time Quinn isn’t being malicious to Rachel and people will try and say she is, lol! Rachel asked for her nose. Quinn didn’t see what was so bad about it (she did it before to make herself happy too, why would she deny Rachel of that same happiness?) and agreed. She didn’t try to damage her, not this time. What the hell gave that idea?

          • eewww says:

            Quinn was terrible to Rachel before Finn even came into the picture. And I’m sorry but was the Lucy Caboosey bs supposed to make us feel bad for her? All it made me surer of was that Quinn is part plastic and all parts dumb bit*ch and now treats people worse than she was treated as if that’s justification in anyway. It wasn’t about Rachel’s happiness, it was about Quinn’s jealousy, as always.

        • Gia says:

          I am not sure if you have noticed but 95% of the time when Rachel asks Quinn to do something she will do it.


          Rachel asked for the truth in Original Songs Quinn gave it to her
          Sam asked for the truth in The Comeback Quinn deflected

          Rachel asks Mercedes and Quinn to go sneak in Carmel High School, Quinn is nervous about going but does it anyways. (Theatricality)

          Rachel wants Quinn’s nose. Quinn is giving Rachel her nose (Born This Way)

          Rachel tells Quinn she better start expressing her self through music. Quinn sings Keep Me Hanging On. (Throwdown)

          Rachel asks Quinn to try to get with Finn…Quinn does it.(Brittany/Brittney)

          Rachel is the only one that wants to take a pic in the yearbook…why the hell is Quinn fighting for a Glee club page if only Rachel wants to take the picture (Mattress)

          • wow says:

            Talk about reaching. No matter how much you twist things around, that relationship doesn’t exist in a positive way outside of your deluded, little minds.

          • Gia says:

            What am I twisting all of this happened in canon. I even gave the episode to refer to it. There is nothing to twist…deny all of this happened with a quote or a scene.

          • readingcomp says:

            Did you even read what the other commentator said? She said “positive way.” No matter how you twist it only about .01% of Quinn/Rachel interaction is positive.

          • Gia says:

            I never argued the relationship was positive…I just said When Rachel asks Quinn to do something 95% of the time she will do it. Wow said I was twisting, I asked how was I twisting all of this happened in canon. The first time it happened it could have been a coincidence but it’s been going on for two seasons…it’s not a coincidence anymore.

            Most of the couples on Glee are not positive…if you think Finchel, Quick, Wemma, Fuinn, Pizizes/Luck are healthy relationships then you need help. You guys are talking like Glee is known for healthy relationships. Closes thing to it Barole and Asian Fusion.

  41. ayie says:

    This. Have you read the reviews of this song? This song is universally love, not just the faberry fans. And I don’t agree calling them freaks because I’ve seen them on tumblr and they are the coolest bunch of people I know.

    • Realist says:

      I’ve never read a single review from any credible (read: published and respected in their field, not some nobody blogger) music critic where the reviewer didn’t universally disdain the idea of mash-ups, much less mash-ups of West Side Story and TLC. Are you freaking kidding me? Please step out of your delusional Faberrytard bubble and realize how desperate you guys come off. The song was terrible, but the message was even worse.

    • pig says:

      Just because 10 Faberry shippers bought IFP/U 1000 times, doesn’t mean everyone liked it, honey.

      • addressing Pig. says:

        You’re giving the Faberry fanbase way too much credit. The song reached #3 and stayed in the itunes top 100 for about 3 weeks, and then ended up peaking back up in the 40 again during the Prom Queen episode. So please stop reaching because I know, you know, and everyone knows the song was very well reached.

      • kirsten says:

        so u think there are 124000 faberry shippers outside? (cause this is the selling number first week ;) )
        come on this song was a perfect mash up, people who never have seen glee before fell in love with it! it has nearly 2 mio youtube clicks
        finchel stans are more delusional than fabbery fans js…

  42. Quinn says:

    After “Faithfully,” Rachel and Finn became lovers.

    After “I Feel Pretty/Unpretty,” Quinn and Rachel continued their petty rivalry/general dislike of one another.

    • gfd says:

      rachel/quinn dynamic is far more interesting than finchel will ever be. there is nothing petty about their rivalry and they dont dislike each other. actually their deal is how much they are always thinking the grass is greener on the other side. yes, they are not bffs, but they are not enemies anymore either.

      • Quinn says:

        It looked like a rivalry in “Rumours,” the next episode, to me.

        • x says:

          And then it looked like a friendship in Prom Queen, the last scene they had together in the season.

        • gfd says:

          yes and then the episode after that it was like “quinn you are the prettiest girl ever, but more than that” and “give quinn this perfect corsage that matches her eyes” and “let me dry away your tears”. real rivalry.

          • Quinn says:

            Good points! But I could also use a little, specific example against you:

            In “New York,” Rachel is surprised to find that maybe Quinn isn’t quite the “vindictive harpy” she thought she was.

            We could do this all day, I bet.

          • gfd says:

            well, that was also the episode Rachel didnt knew Cats had closed on Broadway years before, and was like, “yeah, it was totally worth it to lose nationals just to kiss finn” so excuse me if I prefer to ignore a lot that happened with rachel in that ep. ooc to the extreme.

          • Lol says:

            Of course, this all happened right before/after Quinn slapped Rachel. And they say Finn is abusive…

          • pol says:

            At the end of the day……. they are just fictional charcters!!!

          • gfd says:

            lol what? one slap in the heat of the moment is not abuse (and tbf, Finn is a jerk and and asshole that dont deserves rachel OR quinn, but abusive he is not). is like those people that think karofsky kissing kurt once was sexually assaulting him.

          • OMG says:

            Rachel is freaky she liked that slap…you cannot deny it either. :-P

      • kirsten says:

        oh believe me if there was not a lesbian romantic couple yet THESE 2 would be CANON ;)

  43. Kelly says:

    I love Unpretty/I Feel Pretty as much as the next person, but Faithfully by Finchel was absolutely perfect.

  44. JT says:

    I voted for the amazing vocal chemistry of Lea and Dianna!

    • ewww says:

      Vocal chemistry? you mean Lea’s voice covering up the general horror of Dianna’s? Real chemistry….

      • water says:

        at least she’s not overpowered here and it came out amazingly. unlike to any of the finchel duets… ewwwwwwwww…. cory is trying way too hard to equal lea and then poof! bad bad bad outcome. cory’s voice is ewwwww…..

      • JT says:

        OOvercovering? That’s the thing, Lea adapted her voice wonderfully to Dianna’s less powerful but sweet vocals, and numbers show it this combination proved to be very successful. It would be a massive waste to deny these two another duet (or two).

  45. Ryan says:

    I have to admit when I first heard there was going to be a Rachel/Quinn duet, I was skeptical to say the least. Pairing Dianna with the strongest, most powerful singer on the show? I’ll be honest I was expecting it to be a disaster.

    But when I finally heard Unpretty/Pretty for the first time I was 100% blown away. Lea and Dianna’s musical chemistry was off the charts, their voices complimented each other perfectly and now the only question I have is why the hell did it take so long for Glee to pair them up for a duet? It’s a crime that they’ve inflicted endless repetitive, chemistry-less Finn/Rachel duets on us time after time when they’ve had this hidden gem of a vocal pairing in their back pockets all this time.

    I really hope to hear at least one more Quinn/Rachel duet before we lose this cast forever. It’d be a crying shame if don’t.

    • blah says:

      Not all songs will be suited to the Lea/Dianna voices dynamic. It was like that “Unpretty” suited it very well, but we might not be so lucky with the next few…

    • Dana says:

      Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Dianna generally sounds like crap and just like ‘Lucky,’ got lucky in that they gave her the non-challenging parts that didn’t require her to do any real singing.

    • Kit says:

      Really it took so long to pair them up cause they had to find the right song.
      It is hard enough to find any songs for Dianna but one to be paired up with Lea took some though and a great arrangement,

  46. MollyS says:

    Oh man, this is not fair having to choose between these two. They are by far two of my favorite Glee performances ever, both filled with emotion and sung by a pair of amazing voices. But I’m going to have to go with “Unpretty/I Feel Pretty” because it is so much more universal than a love song. Still going to blast both in my car though.

  47. R says:

    Voted IFP/U because I think it’s special. I love Faithfully too but they have many duets and their chemistry is okay/good. I have never, in the entire two seasons of Glee out so far, heard the amazing vocal chemistry match that of Lea and Dianna in I Feel Pretty / Unpretty. Dianna brought her A game out for Lea and Lea showed us a whole new side of her vocal range. Simply breathtaking and I hope they get to do more duets in the future and explore the Rachel and Quinn story because they have a lot of potential to go on.

  48. Naomi says:

    Faithfully of course!!!!!!!

  49. Gia Ferrara says:

    I just have to say Unprety/I feel pretty is like the best song at season 2, for real, everything about it was perfect: message, meaning, sounds and how delightful was to listen Lea and Diana singing together, geez, after that, I fell in love a little more with those two. I worship so hard that song that I cant believe it

  50. Loldemort says:

    All these polls ever come down to is which set of stans/fandom is more willing to spend their summer nights at home rabidly voting on an inconsequential poll.