No Reprieve for Law & Order: CI: 'It Was a Good Series Finale,' Says USA Network Boss

Though franchise founder Dick Wolf had been angling for Law & Order: Criminal Intent to earn a reprieve by delivering a solid 10th and final season, a resurrection simply won’t be happening, USA Network’s top brass tell TVLine.

Asked if there was any chance for a semi-miraculous save and Season 11 order, given the warm welcome that returning regulars Vincent D’Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe received, USA co-president Jeff Wachtel answered, “No — and this is said with respect for the show, respect for Dick [Wolf], and most significantly with respect to the audience.”

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At the time that Season 10 was greenlit, with D’Onofrio’s Goren and Erbe’s Eames back on duty, Wachtel says, “We had a conversation internally, and [NBC Universal chair] Bonnie [Hammer] was phenomenally supportive of [the idea that] you’ve got to honor your contract with the audience. We as a cable network don’t want to pull the plug and leave people being upset — ‘Wait, what happened to my show?’ — so we very carefully and wonderfully staged a final season.”

Despite premiering strongly (with 5.6 million total viewers) and averaging some 1.6 mil in the coveted 18-49 demo throughout the season, Criminal Intent was not profitable for USA — a liability that was foreseen well ahead of time. “Given the ratings we could anticipate, and given the expense of the show, we knew it was a money-losing venture for us,” Wachtel notes.

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Though some viewers feel the episode that closed the decade-old procedural didn’t scream “series finale,” Wachtel contends that all signs were there if you looked for them. “The fact that we introduced a psychiatrist (played by Julia Ormond) into the mix, and that a significant part of the season was about the healing of Bobby Goren and taking him out of an awful journey and into a place of relative emotional health…. For a Dick Wolf show that was much more character-based than you ever see.”

As the final hour wrapped, Goren emerged from his final mandatory shrink session and headed off to a new crime scene with Eames. “We felt that was a great place to leave things,” says Wachtel. “It was a good series finale.”

The silver lining to Criminal Intent‘s definitively final run? As part of its legacy, it leaves its lead-out, In Plain Sight, a healthier series. “That was a great opportunity, to pair [them] on Sunday nights, where both had a lot of strength,” explains USA co-president Chris McCumber. “This past Sunday, when [In Plain Sight] didn’t have the Criminal Intent lead-in, it actually grew [in three target demo measures]. The tandem ended up making In Plain Sight an even stronger show.”

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  1. Nora says:

    Not surprising, but still a bummer.

  2. Mikaylah says:

    I’m going to miss it, but I am glad they brought their original leads back for a final season. Goren and Eames are my favorite detective pairing, even more so than Olivia and Eliot. And now that is over too. :(

    • I found D’onofrio’s performance the best intuitive delivery I have ever seen and brought such a high I.Q. to this genre…..I watched every episode intently and learned so much….Jeff Wachtel needs to bring this particular show back!!!!

  3. DJ Rogue says:

    This sucks.

    I’d rather have L&O:CI than than Suits or that football show. But, hey, at least CI made In Plain Sight an “even stronger show”!


    • George says:

      Sorry Suit is a show with potential. The Law and Order Franchise and all other mediocre procedurals you can find on broadcast need to wise up. TV quality has change over the last decade. Instead of being content with high rating. They actually consider if what there doing on there show is distinct and is the best quality of work they can produce.

      • Emgee says:

        As much as I enjoyed CI, the original L&O is still the best of the franchise.

        And Suits is an awesome show.

    • DReeder says:

      I couldn’t agree more. As we continue to lose the shows that were worth watching, Law & Order C.I., The Unit, 24 etc, they push these STUPID shows, Burn notice, white collar, In plain sight etc, down our throats.

      • Jill Berry says:

        I absolutely agree with you! I loved Criminal Intent.. And ,especially with Goren and Eames.. I felt like they were my friend These STUPID, uninteresting shows ,they have on, now, like Barf Notice. ETC.. are more for 10-13 year olds… I can’t watch 15 minutes, without being bored out of my skull!!..

  4. Templar says:

    Like Erbe, but D’Onofrio always seemed more like a criminal [or vicious killer] to me. Couldn’t watch him.

  5. Mikey says:

    Did anyone really expect another season of L&O:CI? We were fortunate enought that USA Network gave them a home to begin with, since NBC was going to dump this show first (All of the L&O shows began on NBC)
    It was bad enough when they had to split D’Onofrio’s schedule (but I did love having Chris Noth back at L&O as Mike Logan) But then they let him go (again) and gave us Jeff Goldblum…..and it was rushing headlong downhill from then on….
    As glad as I was to have Goren & Eames back together, I felt cheated by the shortened season (what was it 6 episodes?) but knew it was
    the end.
    It’s quite obvious Dick Wolf has closed the door on Law & Order:The Franchise. First they cancelled original series without any ‘farewell episode’, then they screwed up SVU by not working out a deal with Chris Meloni, cutting Mariska’s time (altho with the new child, completely understandable) AND bringing in Jennifer Love Hewitt, plus 2 other detectives to replace Elliott. Then they came out with the dreadful LA version (altho the revamped, Skeet-less version was MUCH improved) they allowed too long a time between the fix to really capture and audience.
    I really don’t see SVU going a full season for 2011/2012…unlike L&O (the original) which was basically 2 separate stories (the cops and then the lawyers), changing characters wasn’t that difficult to deal with…but with SVU focussing on the cops in this unit, to make such a major change in key members is going to have an impact. Especially since NBC/Dick Wolf instead of beefing up roles for Fin & Munch, they decide to bring in new team members to focus on. NBC – go take a look at what those changes did to CBS’ Criminal Minds!!

  6. tahina says:

    Goren and Eames will be greatly missed. Regardless what they say, but it didnt feel like a typical series finale for me. :(

  7. Adam says:

    I mean, you figure if they spent the entire time advertising it as the “final season”, you don’t really need to clarify that it is indeed done. How many other shows have had a good-bye like LO:CI was given? They’re usually just cancelled (Mothership, LOLA). LOCI was given that final season bringing back the original people on their terms…very rare for any network to do that. It was for the fans and not about profit and I have to give credit for that.

    Goren and Eames are back at major case and Goren is no longer in the deep hole that we left him in previously. We left them in a happier and healthier place. I say the fans should just be happy that they came in knowing that it was ending and be happy they had a chance to say good-bye with a strong 8 episodes. They could have just cancelled it outright after the terrible season 9 or the not as terrible but incredibly lackluster season 8.

    Frankly, I’m more excited to see D’Onofrio’s new movies than new LOCI. Procedurals that go on too long is a waste of any actor’s talent (Hugh Laurie is wasted on House nowadays which should have ended long ago). According to imdb there’s a lot coming out for the guy. I thoroughly enjoyed the Goren character, but I always thought it was a shame that D’Onofrio’s talent wasn’t on the big screen as much.

  8. cathiecat says:

    Why there is no room for this great procedural/character study show but we have to endure Suits! I’m a lawyer and I hate it. CI was always the most incisive, thoughtful part of the franchise, and the one which appealed to a demographic responsive to that presentation. Generally that skewed older. But look at the success CBS enjoys playing to that same age group! NBC Universal needs to wake up and see who has income and the time to watch shows with a continuing story line. It’s not 18-24 year olds.

    • George says:

      Suits is show with time and potential. The Law and Order Franchise is hanging by a thread. There are too many procedural doing the same bland and formulaic stories. We need procedurals that are distinct and are willing to do ambitious and complex story lines. That what lacking on broadcast authentic and ambitious crime drama. Much like the Housing Crisis I think were seeing the start of falling franchises. Procedural may be great money makers but they need to understand that there high rating do not mean they are consistent with quality. Since The Sopranos premiered in 1999 the quality of scripted programming has changed.

  9. Jim M. says:

    This whole tenth season didn’t have the same old “feel” about it. If they explained allowing Goren and Eames to return after being fired (Goren) and quitting (Eames), I missed it completely. And then their new Captain was a former killer who was caught be Goren and Eames a few seasons ago – that was really weird (Season 2, episode 1, “Dead”). And the finale seemed a little off also. When Goren walked out the his shrink’s office and Eames was waiting with a car and a cryptic smile on her face… I was wondering if it was one of those dreaded “dream sequence” or “after-death experience” episodes!

    Better it is gone I guess than languish on with writing like season 10’s offerings.


    • ecidnac says:

      “When Goren walked out the his shrink’s office and Eames was waiting with a car and a cryptic smile on her face… I was wondering if it was one of those dreaded “dream sequence” or “after-death experience” episodes!”

      I guess I was the only one who caught the reference. The scene echoed the reverse back in season 6. After Eames was kidnapped by Jo Gage in Blind Spot (#6.1) she was put on leave and had to go to therapy for PTSD. In Siren Call (#6.3) she leaves the therapist’s office and Goren is outside, leaning against their black SUV, with a small smile on his face. She says, “9 more sessions” and they head off to a crime scene. (She gets the captain to let her work on that case.)

  10. Bfleet says:

    At least we still have Law & Order: UK! LOL.

  11. Kristin says:

    I totally loved that show. I’m reliving the early seasons on Netflix right now and I’m so, so bummed I won’t get to visit with Goren and Eames any more. You could tell in interviews how much Erbe and D’Onofrio liked working together and it showed in their performances.

    The cases might not have been as sensational or “gotcha” as SVU, but I think the villains were more complex and just as layered as the main stars themselves (at least on the really, really good episodes).

  12. Bev Klumpenhouwer says:

    Well this news just ruined my day. I was really hoping for a return.

  13. Susan says:

    Totally agree with the comment above that we’re seeing the end of the L&O franchise. I can’t see SVU lasting a whole season with the changes they’re making to the show. Hey, at least CI got a decent send-off–better than the travesty that has been inflicted upon SVU

  14. Well I will say this, “Criminal Intent” had a fairly good run on both NBC and USA Network. I think this series wouldn’t have fallen into limbo last year had the 9th season gone in a different direction after Vincent D’Onofrio/Kathryn Erbe departed (where was Chris Brancato then).

    The only thing that’s positive really about this is, “L&O: CI” is the only “Law & Order” in the franchise to have closure. “Law & Order: Trial by Jury” (2005 NBC, 2006 CourtTV/TruTV), “Law & Order” (1990-2010) and “Law & Order: LA” (2010-2011) all got the NBC boot. I hope Dick Wolf works on some new “Law & Order” projects on day… he’s still got some major cities in the U.S. > Chicago, Miami, Washington D.C., Honolulu… the possiblities are endless really.

    “Law & Order: SVU” is the last one standing, I prey Warren Leight (“L&O: CI” writer/EP-seasons 6-7) pulls it out of the ditch that Neal Baer drove in these past few seasons.

  15. lethargic says:

    It really was a great way to end the show. If by great you mean it was just a normal episode and absolutely nothing happened.

  16. wmcc520 says:

    At least they got a chance for a series finale unlike the original Law and Order which got screwed by NBC.

  17. Smidnite says:

    Sometimes it’s best to let go. Perhaps a few other networks should take heed….

  18. Marc says:

    The only way it was coming back was if they could make money on it. At this point in the run, it is too costly for all the burden to be on USA and a few more eps won’t help the syndication package. The only hope was if somehow repurposing in NBC could pull enough of an audience to offset expenses, and it didn’t. Despite excellent writing, it just couldn’t make money anymore. I don’t blame USA’s other shows. I blame NBC execs–schedulers and programmers–over the past five years. They showed repeated stupidity, especially when they scheduled CI ahead of L&O, a mistake they repeated this past year with LOLA and SVU. Both L&O and CI should still be on NBC making money.

  19. Doug-H says:

    I have saved all of season 10 on my DVR and when not busy, I may go back and watch again.. But, it was a TV show and well done… I am surprised that USA Network said they lost money making it though… Maybe it is the over-exposure of CI in multiple TV venues ( several different cable homes along with Mondays on MY-TV)…

  20. L&O:CI may not have been profitable, but it sure looks like every effort was made to shave the production budgets while the show was on USA. It did not have the same feel once it was ‘demoted’.
    And I’m just waiting for NBC to air a “Law & Order” reunion special. The only thing I can see stopping it is the wariness of what Dick Wolf may have to say about the cancellations.

    • D. Adair says:

      I agree, once the show went to USA it began to look cheap, though I understand filming in NYC is expensive (even Woody Allen quit filming there for this reason).

  21. carmen says:

    No estoy de acuerdo con la cancelacion de LOCI, y muchos menos que pretendan hacer que veamos In Plain Sigh, es una linda serie, pero no basta, y jamas podria reemplazar a LOCI, allí no esta D’Onofrio, , es El el ue hiso que LOCI sea LA SERIE, queremos mas LOCI, depende que se pongan las pilas y le den la promocion necesaria y verán que va atener muchos éxitos. QUEREMOS MAS LOCI.

  22. TrulyRoxie says:

    This was my favorite of all of the L&Os, even over the flagship series. I was hoping for another season, but given that USA is into developing their own shows, I didn’t figure they’d do another season with a show they didn’t develop. Truly a sad day in my household.

  23. BHM1304 says:

    These dummies should have saved “CI” the best of the “Law and Order” brand in the US and had 1/2 seasons of both on NBC since Hargitay is only doing 12 episodes next season regardless on SVU. Erbe and D’Onofrio were both pleased about the work done on the final episodes and anxious to keep these characters going. Who the hell is going to watch SVU when Mariska isn’t on with Meloni gone? D’Onofrio deserved an Emmy his wonderful portrayal of Bobby Goren over the years. Brilliant actor.

  24. SoSueMe says:

    Templar = Obviously a man.

  25. Andrea says:

    I have no particular feeling for or against L&0:CI, but I do think that NBC has poorly handled the franchise as a whole. Taken as an entity, the franchise has spawned seven total series: L&O, SVU, CI, UK, LA, CONVICTION, and TRIAL BY JURY. I’m not even a consistent watcher of any of them, and even I know that.

    Yet, the entire franchise is in the process of exiting the television landscape with a collective whimper after being part of the conversation for decades? I think that’s wrong. The series finale of M*A*S*H is still talked about to this day. The finales of THE SOPRANOS and LOST were also substantive enough to generate conversation, but honestly, how many people remember the last episode of L&0: Mothership? Most don’t because it was all about L&O:LA, which has now been cancelled.

    With SVU now the only viable part of the franchise left on NBC, it’s glaring how the series that started it all has been treated. I’d really like to see an L&0 movie as a way to mark the franchise’s place in TV history.

  26. maggie says:

    I’m very sad that L&O:CI has ended. I was excited to see Goren and Eames back this season. It renewed my love for the show, which had gone away when Jeff Goldblum took over the show. Too bad some deal couldn’t have been worked out to cut expenses and save the show.

    • D. Adair says:

      Even though there’s fans who want more, CI had a good run and I’m satisfied with it ending. After 10 years, I feel like there really wasn’t anywhere else for it to go, story-wise anyway. I loved the final scene of Goren and Eames together, and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

      I thought it was unnecessary that he felt the need to point out that CI’s absence was somehow better for In Plain Sight’s ratings, there could’ve been other factors (like the story getting better, The Killing and Game of Thrones wrapping up for the summer etc), but of course, the networks are never wrong /sarcasm.

  27. MaryATo says:

    With all of the trouble in the LO franchise now I have a fantasy that LO SVU could include, say a two-part episode with Goren and Eames being brought in for some kind of super major case. This would bring together Goren and Bensen, and I have this vision of the two of them having an affair…now that Bobby has had therapy he would be attracted to Olivia partly because she’s just about as screwed up as he is. He wants to figure her out. Of course Eames would show some jealousy, which would add interest. Goren/Bensen wouldn’t live happily ever after, of course. I think that one of the reasons that CI died was that extreme celibacy like Bobby’s just isn’t as believable/interesting/admirable today as it was in the past. Bobby was too morally perfect…. Vincent was a wonderful romantic lead as a younger movie actor; it’s time for some romance now for the older set! It’s tricky pulling it off, of course…House and Cuddy getting together is part of what has ruined that show.

  28. Alex says:

    Oh Dick, it’s done. Stick a fork in it already. The damned L&O franchise is a dead horse, if you beat it anymore it’s gonna turn to glue.

    How about you dream up something original for this decade? Or retire ferchristsake. It’s not like you need the money.

  29. Michael Kiel says:

    It’s Not Often That ANY Episode In The “Law And Order” Universe Ends On A Happy Note But I’m Glad “CI” Did

  30. sell says:

    Dizer que estou arrasada é pouco. E vir com esta conversa de dar uma boa audiência para In plain Sight francamente me irritou.Mas eu também tenho que ser razoável.Vendo como as outras L&O, principalmente a Original, foram descartadas,fico feliz que resolveram dar um final digno para Bobby Goren.Embora eu ainda esperasse que ele encontrasse seu sobrinho Donnie, foi muito melhor do que aquela decrépita ‘Fidelidade’e o que se seguiu depois com Jeff Goldblum. Aliás, não é nenhum favor, no entanto, o que Rede USA fez, pois compensa em muito os mal-tratos que sempre impôs a CI,ironicamente a que tinha a escrita mais inteligente ( como se exige uma boa série de detetive),os melhores parceiros capazes de se comunicar só com olhares ou criar armadilhas incríveis para pegar os criminosos(imitados por outros shows como Castle, Life e recentemente até num ep. de CSI Miami…)o melhor interrogador de todos os tempos, Goren e os melhores atores para interpretar Bobby e Eames, VDO e Erbe ( concordo com BHM1304, que diz que VDO merecia ter ganhado seu Emmy por Goren há muito tempo e Erbe…Bem,nunca entendí porque Mariska Hargitay ganhou tantos Emmys visto que Eames é um personagem anos-luz melhor do que Benson,e Erbe muito mais atriz, mas é só minha humilde opinião…). Realmente tinha esperança de uma temporada 11, mas visto que já é oficial,dou Adeus a meu Lindo e amado Bobby Goren, certa de que vou continuar vendo-o nas reprises CI.
    PS.Translate portuguese,not spanish.

  31. Tetela says:

    For me, this cancellation is unjust, is a series that has as few activities of interest to D’Onofrio ecpectador.La hiso that the series is much better. Programs are usually based on what pleases the spectators and LOCI is the series for me all that was needed was the return of D? Onofrio and Erbe and plains give more promoción.In Sing is good but never could get to replace lOCI and is not intended to sweeten the mouth with something else. WANT MORE OF LOCI TENMPORADA.

  32. Mark Daniel says:

    Who cares if Wolf didn’t always make the best decisions. It’s not easy to juggle three big hits, and it’s the nature of the beast to expand until you implode.

    But I hold nothing but contempt for NBC and USA! A loyal customer for years, I sat through the original, Trial by Jury, CI and LOLA. And while I was sad to see the original go, I felt confident that LOLA would keep the faith. And LOLA did. Sure, they made some major changes but in the end, like all good L&O, they adapted. Ratings support that theory too.

    When USA offered CI a tenth season, I was really happy to have another chance to watch Goren and Eames. I was under the insane impression that good ratings and happy viewers might keep it afloat. Now, losing CI is simply devastating.

    And as I don’t watch SVU, everything that represents L&O is now history and reruns.

    USA is done with CI. Reciprocity is only fair. I’m done with USA.

    -Mark Daniel

  33. tvfruitcake says:

    To quote a line from Eames to the network heads that made this decision,” You can go and do your little dance in hell now.” I no longer watch anything on USA. In my house we call them the U suck a** and the Now Boring Channel and skip them!!! And I freaking love In Plain Sight. But they are now forbidden under my roof. I still hope that another smarter network picks it up and runs with it, making it a success where USA and NBC failed.

  34. Allison says:

    DAMN IT!!!! It’s been my favorite show for years. I’m going to miss Goren & Eames so much.

  35. Jay says:

    Maybe the network would consider some made-for-TV movies of the show, with Goren and Eames of course, like what they did a few decades back with shows like “Murder She Wrote” and “Perry Mason”.

  36. eleanore mameli says:

    enjoyed many many episodes of law and order. loved goren and eames together. felt sorry for the detectives hard work going galley west. it does look as if the bad guys mostly win. no wonder in real life the divorce rate is so high amongst lawmakers. looks like a very difficult job, seeing the darker side of life, can’t help but bring some of home with you.

  37. grace says:

    I am so sad to hear there is no more CI. I am from Hong Kong and think this series with Detective Goren is one of the most brilliant TV detective shows ever. very sad.. almost felt a bit loss. CI is always about the skill to solve the crime by personality and the strength of the two. Very sad. Well, guess I will be spending less time watching TV then. the main actor and actress are just amazing and wish them the best of everything.

  38. Mrs. EJ says:

    I’m really bothered that CI is done. I really am going to miss these characters. What I was really hoping for this series finale was to bring back Nicole Wallace to get one final dig at Bobby. Or, maybe have them hook up or something. THAT would have been great. The whole Kismet/Facebook storyline was a bit lame, but, who am I.

  39. Kate Zee says:

    Wow. Truly the end of an era. For me anyway. Fan from way back. I have to say I am very sorry to see CI go. I feel like I KNOW Goren and Eames. I was more “invested” in these characters than any I have seen on TV. The last 8 eps were so well done. Really, I am very glad USA let it “wrap up,” as it were. However, I would love to see more. I guess I’ll just have to imagine what would happen next…

    Goodbye and God bless. snif.

  40. Karen says:

    L&O:CI was by far my favorite show. I am very disappointed it was not picked up for more seasons!
    I am, right now, boycotting the USA network in my home!!!

  41. Lily says:

    I wasn’t the least bit impressed with the ending to L&O:CI. It was very much an “up in the air” episode as opposed to a real finale. Vincent D’Onofrio is one of my FAVORITE actors and I definitely miss seeing him. I no longer watch SVU, so unless a new L&O show is created, I think I’m pretty much done with the franchise on a whole.

  42. ecidnac says:

    I hated the last episode. I hated the last season! As a fan since the beginning, I’m extremely dissatisfied with the way it was handled. This once-great show got a craptastic send-off and Goren and Eames deserved much better. The FANS deserved better, especially after having to put up with Logan/Barek and Logan/Wheeler. Nichols/Wheeler wasn’t bad, but there’s a reason people loved Goren and wanted more of a story line for him.

    I can’t believe they brought him back only to have him undergo yet more psych evaluations. I disagree very much with those who say his character was left in a healthier, happier place. I don’t think much was accomplished during the therapy sessions, except for boring banter between two very intelligent people who know a lot about psychology.

    The last captain was awful (and a criminal THEY put away in #2.1!) and I hated how Goren and Eames’ return was never explained. Also, I thought in the final season Eames might FINALLY get a chance to talk more. You know, rather than stand around doing about as much as a lamp on a desk. After 10 years you think she’d earned the chance to play more of a part, but she seemed content to simply let Goren do all the talking, as usual. (Perhaps that’s why they’re well-matched.) Very disappointing. In some episodes she seemed more decoration than anything, and I was surprised they bothered to give her lines.

    I know I must sound negative at this point for all my nitpicking, but I really feel cheated as a fan. I need to say something positive…


    I love how the executives have convinced themselves that instead of flipping off and mooning the long-time fans of Goren and Eames they “very carefully and wonderfully staged a final season.”

    How’s that?

    • Deb says:

      I totally agree with you. Did not like the psychiatrist. They should have gave Eames that airtime. Her talent as an actress was wasted.

  43. Jeff says:

    Loved the series and really hate to see it go. Would really love to have it on a couple more seasons for proper closure.

  44. MaryATo says:

    I’ve been looking at the current most popular procedurals (NCIS, CSI, The Closer, even L&O SVU) to get a sense of recent trends in viewer preferences that may have doomed CI.
    First based on fan comments/reviews for all of them NO ONE ON ANY OF THEM is loved and admired as an actor as much as Vincent D’Onofrio; that he was never even nominated for an Emmy is a travesty. Dick Wolf’s and USA’s decision to bring him back for an “encore” shows how very respected he was.
    Review comments also show increasing SUPERFICIALITY for the latest hot shows…NCIS fans seem to be very, very simple-minded. The Closer is getting stupider and stupider (Monday’s most recent super-stupid episode almost made me decide to never watch again). The trend seems to be to interject COMEDY into the procedurals.
    I believe that in this deep recession and political climate the dark and complex sides of life are no longer attractive. CI’s humor was subtle, never the simple-minded fluff. Bobby was actually too good morally, intellectually, and behaviorally for today’s viewing public…he was never “crazy” at all, just very depressed. I wish the psych would have ended telling him “Bobby, no, you’re not crazy, quite the contrary! You’re gifted, gifted with deep intuition about human behavior including the roots of evil and you are totally dedicated to helping eradicate that evil via your job as a homicide detective. You’ve suffered terrible losses recently. Finally, you’re angry because since childhood you’ve carried the burden of seeing evil more deeply than others and conquering it, and you’ve believed you had to do it alone. Because you are so devoted to the good, you’ve had to suppress that anger; indeed your cause in life is to punish those who, unlike you, cannot suppress anger, hatred, rage. All of these experiences have led you now to chronic depression, but depressed people are closer to reality than normal people while schizophrenics like your mother live in a mental world outside of reality. So…gifted, devoted and certainly depressed…but absolutely not crazy!”

    • Dr. Jan Curtis says:

      Brilliantly stated…I totally concur!

    • jim says:

      Had to write. Really liked your post. Am a journalist and Dec. Goren is the greatest detective since Columbo.
      Sorry for the dumbing down of Americans with their big brother, housewifes, etc.
      Ill miss it. Jim

  45. richie says:

    Fake tough guy Meloni no longer on SVU?(remember him getting bitch slapped during a prison visit?) Delusions of grandeur, no doubt!

  46. Sheila Murray-Belisle says:

    I am trying to find the name of the music played at the beginning of a Law & Order Criminal Intent which I viewed Thursday August 20 at midnight. It was about a beautiful heiress Isabel whose date doesn’t arrive. She opens door to yoga teacher and they are both found dead.Goren saves her grandmother from dying of dehydration by her son. Does this ring a bell with anyone? If I knew the name of the episode it would be easier to search. Seeing it at midnight must be a rerun.
    Thanks for any possible help.

  47. Marilyn says:

    Bring back Goren and Eames! I can’t get enough!!

  48. Doug says:

    I’m really disappointed by the apparent end of Law & Order CI. Along with the Jerry Orbach years on the original L&O, this was my favorite version of the franchise product and I still watch the reruns that appeal to me when circumstances permit. A question comes to mind…if NBC / USA is not interested, what about another network? TNT comes to mind.

  49. Goren and Aemes are on EVERY Monday on USA. They have a marathon of Law & Order CI episodes.

    They are also on in the middle of the night – so you can tape them.

    I too am sorry to see them go!

    Roz Fruchtman

  50. vanessa says:

    I am very distraught about Goren and Eames being gone from television. Vincent D’Onofrio is by far one of the most amazing actors out there. They need to bring back Goren and Eames or if not, Criminal Minds needs to recruit Vincent D’Onofrio to the FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit. I am so annoyed by this. BRING BACK GOREN AND EAMES!!!