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Good Wife Season 3 Scoop: Hotel Hook-Up Aftermath, Plus Will's Blast from the Past

It was an “exceptional” moment on Thursday morning when CBS’ The Good Wife netted nine Emmy nominations, the most of any broadcast network drama series. (The next closest was Friday Night Lights, with four.) But what good is all that prospective gold if no one knows to find you in a new time slot come Sunday, Sept. 25, at 9/8c? Series co-creators Robert and Michelle King trust that the wealth of Emmy love will help them on that and other fronts as the new season draws near.

“We start shooting [on Friday], so for the cast to come in with that kind of jacked feel is a real lift,” says Robert. “But I’m also hoping it gives us another layer of attention for [moving to] Sundays.”

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That Good Wife has drawn Emmy’s eye over its first two seasons is a bit of a surprise for the married showrunners, who didn’t foresee the legal/relationship drama as being awards-show bait. “It never even crossed my mind, one way or the other,” says Michelle. Adds Robert, “It’s not something we thought was even possible” – if only because “the emphasis on awards is moving more towards cable [dramas].”

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Of its six acting nominations, first-timer Josh Charles’ arrival in the Supporting Actor race most pleases the Kings. “I’ve loved him since Sports Night,” says Robert, “so it was a joy to see someone who I think has been doing very subtle work be acknowledged.”

It must also be acknowledged that Good Wife will have its hands full this fall battling NBC’s primetime football lineup and those intermittently frothy Housewives, all while at times getting time-shifted by CBS’ own Sunday NFL match-ups. What do the Kings have planned to hold onto its audience if not grow it? Here’s the sneak peek Robert gave us.

‘EXCEPTIONAL’ AFTERMATH | Those who were rooting for the Alicia/Will hook-up that came at Season 2’s end needn’t worry about any pesky “time jump” skipping (too much of) the good stuff. Instead, Season 3 picks up almost continuously. As for whether this was a one-time romp to get it out of their angsty systems, or the start of something more, “That’s one of the questions of the first episode, so I don’t know if we can answer that without people not needing to tune in on Sunday,” King says. But this much is certain: “Most of Alicia’s life doesn’t get easier, it gets more complicated – and not in any Perils of Pauline way.”

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BLAST FROM THE PAST | As speculated by TVLine, the character being played by House alum Lisa Edelstein will figure into the embezzlement secret from Will’s past — “although hopefully in ways you wouldn’t expect,” says King. “She is someone who knows Will from his first law firm, and they have this strong relationship.” Um, how strong…? Could she become a fourth (fifth?) wheel in Good Wife‘s romantic mishigas? “We can always do with more wheels!” King laughs. “But I shouldn’t say that’s our intent at this point, because there are so many other fish to fry.”

DIANE’S BIGGER DEAL | Speaking of Emmy nominees: Christine Baranski will lay claim to a bigger story as Season 3 gets underway — which is of course great news for Good Wife. “Because Diane was on the outside of this [Will/Alicia/Peter] love triangle, we felt like she may not have been as central to the plot last year as she will be this year,” King admits. “But Christine Baranski is someone who is going to be the core of one of the plot threads this year. Diane is trying to figure out what is the next step in her life, and that will force a lot of issues at the law firm.”

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But wait, there’s more Good stuff: Coming soon to TVLine, the scoop on the emotional storyline ahead for Archie Panjabi’s Kalinda, plus what Peter taking over the State’s Attorney office means for Matt Czuchry’s Cary.

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  1. KJ says:

    I must be a huge TV nerd, because it makes me really happy that a Lisa Edelstein character is once again making things awkward for a Josh Charles character. Bobbi Bernstein FTW!

    • xav says:

      I feel the exact same! Sports Night reunion!

    • Callie says:

      I’m happy to see Lisa Edelstein back on the screen too with JC. I’m glad that they don’t plan to have her/Will & Alicia in a love triangle. This show has better writing than that. Looking forward to October!

  2. Carlos says:

    This is one of The reasons networks should do more show like this: clever, interesting and with talented people.

  3. xav says:

    I’m not really wild about Alicia and Will in a relationship so the show is going to have to wow me on that front. Their hook-up was way too schmaltzy and filmed in a ‘The CW teen drama’ way. The only real thing I care about is Kalinda and Alicia’s relationship. So hopefully Cary doesn’t co-opt all of Kalinda’s screentime while the writers try to shoe-horn him in.

    • rony says:

      What I wonder is what will happen to Alicia and Peter will they divorce? How can she forgive Kalinda and not Peter? I hope maybe Peter comes down on one of the firm’s criminal clients like Bishop and it causes friction between them. And when Bishop demands that Alicia do something about him or when Bishop tells her to warn Peter off, it reignites her feelings for him.

    • KJ says:

      Ugh!I care very little about W/A, I feel like its the weakest plot of the show!

    • Tania says:

      The way the closing scene between Alicia and Will was filmed was so clever. It really was brilliant in its execution. To compare it to the dreadful CW dramas is nonsense. The irony here is that your comment reads like a person who watches a tremendous amount of tween/teen drama. Clearly, you are watching an intelligent program like The Good Wife through Gossip Girls/Vampire Diaries eyes. ::Sigh::

      • xav says:

        I’m actually not watching it through Gossip Girl eyes, I’m watching it through eyes that are used to seeing quality writing executed flawlessly. No need to insult because someone found the CGI they used absolutely horrible and the scene stuck out like a sore thumb.

    • tvlover44 says:

      I’m into the whole show, including the Will-Alicia relationship, and I absolutely loved the way they handled that in last season’s final episode, including that last scene between them. Looking forward to more, including seeing how the characters negotiate this new situation!

  4. Luc says:

    “plus what Peter taking over the State’s Attorney office means for Matt Czuchry’s Cary.”

    Does it mean that they’re giving Cary HIS OWN storyline? Really? Since Matt Czuchry is the only regulare who didn’t get a nom (what a shame!) let’s hope they’re going giving him more screentime and storylines at least. He deserves them.
    And the only relationship I really care about it’s the Cary and Kalinda one.

    • Cindy says:

      Exactly my thought!!! More Cary please!!!

    • Ashley says:

      I couldn’t agree more. Cary deserves his own storyline and character development. He shouldn’t simply be brought in every time we need to show a conflict with the SA’s office. Also, love the Kalinda-Cary relationship and hope that continues to develop.

  5. Kimm says:

    Michelle and Robert,

    How is Alicia still gong to be “The Good Wife” if she slept with a man outside of her marriage? I was disappointed when Alicia and Will hooked up and will watch the first episode to see if I will continue to watch this show. One time can be portrayed as a horrible mistake, but if the hookups continue, I’m out. I guess you went with the rabid online Will/Alicia shippers, but I think you missed a golden opportunity to support reconcilliation and redemption for both Kalinda and Peter. You have real actors and they can do anything as evidenced by the emmy noms and critical acclaim. Yet, I think you may have screwed the whole show up and are now banished to fight for your lives on Sundays or at lease until CBS cans one of its horrible new shows. I hope you can fix this issue and continue to create/produce/write what is my favorite show on television period.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I basically posed that question by them months ago, second-to-last question:

    • cathiecat says:

      Please remember that Alicia did take Peter back, and that relationship was supposed to be based on honesty. Keeping the Kalinda hookup secret showed her he had no scruples. She didn’t go with Will until after she moved Peter out and they were separated. I think her honor is intact. The real ramifications will be impact on office life.

      • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

        I think Julianna said it best herself:”Oh, I think the girl deserves a little loving, man. It’s been a long time coming, and she needs to be held. [Laughs] There is definitely one camp saying, “She’s still married to Peter and she cheated on him.” Wow, REALLY? You think she cheated on Peter? WOW. Her world has been turned upside-down and she packed him up and shipped him out. Wouldn’t you be happy for her to get a little something? I don’t know if I’m “pro” her being with Will, but I’m “pro” her being with Will for the last episode, for sure. I just hope that she’ll be able to separate an exceptional moment from a complicated life.

        • tvlover44 says:

          julianna’s response just cemented my love for her to an even greater extent – could not agree more! (and thanks for this coverage, matt!)

      • Truthalways says:

        I think her honor is intact, once she walked into the hotel room her honor went out the window. She had her honor go out the window way back in season 1 with the Kiss, showed she had no scruples so lets not keep putting the cart before the horse.
        From the start she told Peter that she still loved him but when a women goes to work for an old school friend this is where infidelity sets in. So take a good look at what she has been doing since the start and add up the score card as to who has been cheating.

    • Smarty Pants says:

      Kimm, you’re an idiot.

  6. nikki says:

    Oh god. I’m so tired of Will/Alicia. Please kill one of them

  7. jaded says:

    UGH! Hate Will/Alicia! This plot is ruining the whole show for me! Can they get back to the cases and the Peter/Alicia marriage..Even the politics is more interesting than that chemistry free relationship that is Will/Alicia!

  8. rachelle says:

    I can’t believe people are crying about Will and Alicia. Her husband banged a hooker 18 times and Kalinda. if Alicia sticking around after she found out about the hooker wasn’t enough to establish her as a good wife, then idk what was. It’s dumb as hell to expect her to keep putting up with Peter’s bull. Does being a good wife mean always putting yourself last and letting your husband walk all over you and get away with humiliating you?? I root for Will and Alicia because Alicia deserves to be selfish FOR ONCE. She’s a human being, not a robot. I really hope at least one person agrees with me and understands what I’m trying to say. Alicia is a great wife and mother and has proven herself time and again! Hooking up with Will doesn’t negate how valuable she is in her role as a wife and mother. Also, I bet the people doling out judgments would not stay in a relationship with someone like Peter (sleeping with a hooker 18 times, spending money that rightfully belongs to his children on that hooker, sleeping with someone else, lying right to your face about it, humiliating you in front of everyone, etc.)

    • Jessie says:

      I agree with you, there’s only so much you’re supposed to take

    • John Graydon says:

      I sure agree with you! It’s just unbelievable how many naive people there are who still don’t understand that the title was meant to be ironic, and who complain when Alicia stops being a doormat, for a change.

      Somehow these people actually BLAME Alicia for not standing stupidly beside Peter, while he banged hookers and whoever else he could get into bed. She should have ditched the bum two years ago.

      They think she should “work on her marriage”? Like Peter did? Enough is enough — and Peter made the decision to cheat on her at least nineteen times that we know about!

      • tvlover44 says:

        well-said! exactly how i feel… and thanks for pointing out the ironic nature of the title, which seems to have been overlooked by many fans (especially ones who seem to judge alicia, and/or alicia-will).

      • Mona says:

        Get a hooker and bang her 20 times, then tell us all how it felt.

  9. Alessandra says:

    I really hope Lisa Edelstein will bring something new and refreshing. The show is amazing but is slowly getting old. It needs new blood and I´m sure Lisa will bring some exciting new plots.

  10. Ashton says:

    They said months ago that the title “The Good Wife” was always supposed to be a little sarcastic. Which is clear to anyone paying attention to the show. I think the writers of this show are brilliant. They have a strong cast and know how to use them. I doubt Will and Alicia will start a relationship after all this because that wouldnt make her life more complicated so for all you W/A hatters just calm yourself. You’ve trusted the show this far why would you loose faith now?

  11. MGL says:

    I love this show and have been secretly wishing that football stayed on strike. The only bad part about Sunday is the delays caused by football overruns. Love Will and Alicia and though I suspect it will be very complicated, I hope they are together or wanting to be together, some of the time. Writing has bee superb so far, so I expect no less. Go Emmys!

    • Jane says:

      I’m not secretly wishing football would stay on strike. I’m saying it right out loud. If CBS can’t figure out how to keep their Sundays shows on track, the, please, let football go away.

  12. Cate says:

    I too love Will and Alicia together. She has kept trying to salvage her marriage and Peter keeps letting her down. Now she has someone who has lived her for nearly 20 years- she deserves it.
    Also totally excited about Lisa Edelstein! Can’t wait to see his she is folded into the TGW world.
    Congrats to the show and amazing actors on well deserved Emmy nods! I love watching one of the best shows on tv.

  13. Robert Dunn says:

    What happened to Scott Porter from Friday Night Lights? Is he still a member of the cast. He is a good actor and he & Kalinda were an interesting match up. I think moving to Sunday was a mistake. As an N
    FL fan I cannot watch till January.

  14. Lynn says:

    Unless they address the elephant not in the room and add way more air time for Chris Noth, this show is going to start losing some of it’s credibility. Although the cast is top notch and it is admittedly well written, it got a bit ridiculous last season toward the end when it screamed for appearances by Chris Noth and due to him being on Broadway he was unavailable. He is such a powerful actor. Let’s hope the powers that be negotiate to make him a bigger part of the show this season.

    • Cailey says:

      Chris Noth only signs up for a certain amount of time, I’m pretty sure he’s actually off doing some Broadway show. The King’s have said they’d like to have him more. It’s not that they don’t want him, they just can’t have him.

  15. Carol says:

    Congratulations to the entire team at “The Good Wife” for the nine Emmy nominations! So well deserved. I am totally crushing on Alan Cumming’s character and I hope this nomination sparks more screen time for him. Reminds me of Michael Emmerson on “Lost” with the creepy, ambiguous, arch, and thoroughly riveting portrayal.

    And as a passionate fan of Lisa Edelstein, I am delighted that she is joining the show, even if it is only for a brief arc. My enthusiasm and anticipation are through the roof with her on board for next season. High quality deserves high quality and TGW is getting that with LE.

  16. Cailey says:

    I think some people have to remember that just because there is one thing on a show that you don’t like, doesn’t mean the show is ruined. The writers of this show take huge risks and are much different than writers of more popular shows, like House or Bones. Fir example, Having W/A kiss 17 episodes into the show. NO show ever does that. But it worked. It built suspense. It made people wonder, it raised ethical questions, and it was interesting because no other show would ever do that. Also, breaking KA’s friendship. That is a relationship that almost everyone loves, and they took a huge risk ending it (for now). But it worked, because now people want to see them fix their relationship. It could alter their relationships with others. And part of the reason that people watch us to see these progressions and have questions answered. So don’t worry, the writers know what their doing.

  17. Amy says:

    I hope this story line with Diane means more Gary Coleman. His character is fantastic and I love him and Diane together.

  18. Maria says:

    I’m glad tha our Queen Lisa E would be in this show. I’m really sure she is going to do an amazing job.
    And for all those LE hatters, please stop with the comments and learn to be respectful, if you don’t like her, that’s ok but you don’t need to insult her or her fans.

  19. melissa says:

    I like the good wife, and with Lisa E. now, I can’t wait to start the season

  20. Alicia says:

    I don’t care what people say about Peter, he has been upfront from the beginning. Holding back on the Kalinda deal is the deep secret from his SA past, why was she let go from the SA job with a name change ? If everyone was listening way back there is a dark side from her past in Canada with a ? abuse husband. I see it as not a one night stand that people seem to think, with that Peter did not lie to Alicia and she will wish that hotel never happened.
    Peter will find out and Will better watch his back, i know i would.

  21. Adrienne says:

    I hope this new slot doesn’t kill the show. Hopefully they put it there because demographics won’t mess it up.

  22. reyne says:

    Not everyone is a football fan.