Emmy Nominations: My Snappy Judgments

I’m Super-Ecstatic About:
* The nods for Friday Night Lights‘ Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton — and finally the show itself!
* Parks and Recreation up for best comedy series.
* All the Justified love, including nods for Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins, Margo Martindale and Jeremy Davies.
* Martha Plimpton snagging a lead actress nod for Raising Hope.
* Ed O’Neill finally getting a Modern Family nod.
* Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki snagging lead actor nods for The Big Bang Theory. Plus, the show itself squeaks into the best comedy race!
* The Good Wife‘s rockin’ female trio (Julianna Margulies, Archie Panjabi, and Christine Baranski) all making the cut again.
* Michelle Forbes’ supporting nod for The Killing. Ditto Mireille Enos for lead actress.
* Glee‘s stellar guest stars — Gwyneth Paltrow, Kristin Chenoweth and Dot Marie Jones — all making the cut.

I’m Rolling My Eyes About:
* Two words: 
Kathy. Bates. Love her, but no.
* Two more words: The Kennedys.

I’m Super-Pissed About:
* Emmy flunking Community. 
* No love for Cougar Town.
* The absence of Fringe‘s Anna Torv and John Noble.
* Southland getting bubkes.
* Sons of Anarchy’s Katey Sagal getting screwed.
* Diddlysquat for Parks and Recreation‘s stellar supporting cast, particularly Nick Offerman.
* No major nods for The Walking Dead.

Okay, that’s my two cents’ worth. Now it’s your turn. Post your own snappy judgments below. And click here to view a list of all the major nominees.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. jb says:

    I think the drama categories are total crap. I cant stand the fact that its always dominated by cable shows. I mean the fact that in the lead actress category there was 1 nominee from network tv. And after her amazing work this past season, Anna Torv deserved a nod. I think this may be the year i dont bother watching.

    • flutiefan says:

      really? who is the “1 nominee from network tv”? i count…4.

      Kathy Bates, Harry’s Law
      Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights
      Mireille Enos, The Killing
      Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: SVU
      Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
      Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men

  2. One word, Parenthood.

  3. Patrick says:

    How was Jon Cryer nominated, better yet how has he won an Emmy for that piece of crap show? I have no idea where this love is coming from for the Big Bang theory, that show is somehow worse than Two and a Half Men. However, NPH did deserve a nomination seeing as how he knocks it out of the park every week on HIMYM. Community did get jipped and I agree that the supporting cast of Parks got screwed, that is the best comedy ensemble on television right now. I’m also excited to see Conan nominated again and to see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon get its first nod.

  4. zoot says:


  5. Crystal says:

    I’m pretty thrilled with all the nominations, except Sean Bean got snubbed. TRAVESTY. And even though The Walking Dead had six flawless episodes, it felt more like a miniseries rather than a season. So I completely understand why the show didn’t recieve any nods. Yet.

  6. J says:

    What about Parenthood!

  7. Carolyn says:

    Very disappointed that John Noble didn’t get it. Very surprised and pleased about Idris Elba. I have Luther Season Two heading this way from Amazon UK and can hardly wait to watch it.

    Idris was fabulous on The Wire.

  8. C-O says:

    Denis O’Hare (Russell Edgington) in True Blood?!?! He was brilliant!!

  9. Ray says:

    Biggest snubs:

    Nick Offerman – I mean Ron F***ing Swanson. Come on
    Courtney Cox – Does really great work on one of the top 3 funniest shows on TV.
    John Noble – The guy played both Walters totally perfect. I think he was the most deserving of all the snubs.

  10. Tricia says:

    I can’t believe they nominated Paltrow for Glee. I know they just did it so she’ll show up & bring “star” power. She was horrible on Glee & she can’t sing.

    On the flip side, Jeff Probst is the gold standard to reality hosting.

  11. Cass says:

    No offense or disrespect to the nominees, who I’m sure are all fabulous and talented, but how can the Emmy voters really snub John Noble and Anna Torv? FRINGE itself should be nominated, but two of its three phenominal leads being passed over again is unpardonable. And I was hoping to see some love for COMMUNITY–for the show itself as well as for some of its cast, namely Joel McHale, Alison Brie, and Danni Pudi. I hope Season 7 of BONES gives Emily Deschanel some material the Emmy voters cannot ignore, because she is stellar. But congrats to Martha Plimpton and FNL for breaking into the race, and Cat Deely as well.

  12. Pat says:

    For me the most egregious snubs are John Noble and Sherlock. Noble has been giving one of the best performances in a drama series for the last couple of years. Sherlock either as a miniseries or stand alone movies was top notch entertainment, a brilliant updating of Sherlock Holmes. That the Kennedys was nominated over this is, well it proves to me that not many people actually watched their for your consideration dvds. And both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman should have been in their respective categories as well. Fail.

    But Johnny Galecki, BBT, Parks and Rec, Martha Plimpton (although I miss Garett Dillahunt as well), Game of Thrones, and the top category nods for Friday Night Lights were all the right calls. Standing O for that.

  13. Chad says:

    Nurse Jackie is NOT a comedy, that still bothers me that they submit Edie Falco as a comedy. She is good, the show is great, but its not comedy to me, way more dramatic than funny. Same goes for Big C. Great show but more drama than comedy.

  14. Roy says:

    I was so happy with the nods Glee, The Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife got, that I totally forgot about Fringe until reading this article.
    Quote: “The absence of Fringe‘s Anna Torv and John Noble.”
    Especially Anna was amazing this season, I thoroughly enjoyed her this season on Fringe. And although I loved Kathy Bates on Harry’s Law and apparently Connie is sacred on FNL, why on earth did they get more Emmy voting love than Anna.

  15. Touskite says:

    If you’re not gonna nominate Anna Torv, at least don’t nominate Kathy Bates instead. This is utterly ridiculous. Rolling my eyes indeed!

  16. Big D says:

    The most outrageous snub again is that of John Noble from Fringe. Also dissappointed at the lack of love for Cougar Town and Community. I’m thrilled for Johnny Galecki and Walton Goggins.

  17. Holly says:

    I’m happy for Parks and Rec and FNL. Community should have gotten a nomination instead of Glee or The Office.
    I’m mainly disappointed with the supporting actors and actresses in a comedy. I like Modern Family but it doesn’t deserve all those nominations in my opinion. Jon Cryer again?? Really????
    Kristen Wiig??? Yes, Bridesmaids was great but she did not have a very good season in my opinion. Any woman from Community or Parks and Rec deserves a nomination more.

  18. Lorie says:

    I’m royally pissed about Kyra Sedgwick’s snub. Kathy Bates over Kyra?! Puh-leeze!! Don’t get me wrong. I like Kathy, but Harry’s Law & The Closer + Harry & Brenda Leigh Johnson are in different leagues.
    And WTH does John Noble have to do to get an Emmy nom?

  19. JK says:

    I have to say that I am disappointed to see all four of the guys from Modern Family in the best supporting actor in a comedy. I love the show, and they are all great, but really, do four of them need to be nominated? There are some amazing actors on Community, How I Met Your Mother, and Parks & Rec who should have been nominated over most of them.

    That being said, I am rooting for Chris Colfer to win this category, but I don’t think he’ll win because his stuff is more dramatic than comedic. But he did some amazing work on the show this season–he made it watchable. He tackled some tough storylines with heart, emotion, and passion. I can’t believe he is only 21!

    Honestly, I think the problem is that there is too many shows that have solid ensembles right now, and they are all going after the same category.

  20. Shawn says:

    HIMYM is the most watched show on tv and got NO NOMINATIONS…either show wise, or characterise…. I am not watchign the Emmy’s this year. Stupid lame shows like Glee and 30 rock which have no plot get nominations but not HIMYM…a disgrace…NPH and Jason Seagal are awesome every year…and never get recognizes. Terrible.

    • dudaynibarney says:

      you’re right ! i mean i’m here in the Philippines but still this show has been famous for like 5 years .. and it was terribly to hear that the show doesn’t get a nods for its wonderful acts ?? and for NPH and Jason Segel who knocks it off ??

      why would they do that .. its a very terrible move .. well i wish the rating of this show (63rd Emmy) will drop for like 10% of viewership for their horrible decision !

  21. Parks and Rec Fan says:

    Overall, I am fairly happy with the Emmy nominations, with a few exceptions:

    -Nick Offerman not getting nominated- should have taken one of the Modern Family spots.
    -The two nominations for Best Actor in Big Bang Theory, one should have gone to Rob Lowe or Joel McHale
    -No Bets Writing in Comedy for Parks and Rec
    -Nothing for Walking Dead

    Besides that, everything was fine

  22. Mandy says:

    Agree with the “super pissed about” catergory, especially the lack of recognition for Community, Southland (especially Shawn Hatosy) and Nick Offerman. Lame. I am also disappointed in the fact that Jason Segel’s excellent work as Marshall didn’t get recognized. The loss of his father provided excellent material and Segel really stepped up. For shame!

  23. melo says:

    Don’t let your Hollywood political leanings affect your judgement. The Kennedy’s was a fairly represented and well acted mini-series. It was a shame that so many networks let themselves be censored by the Kennedy family. Greg Kinnear and Barry Pepper were awesome. It was the best miniseries of the year by far. Its only fault was that it took on a powerful liberal family in a liberal dominated medium.

    • justin says:

      ummm… i don’t know whay THE KENNEDY’S you were watching… the one i watched had an emotionless greg kinnear do a terrible accent for a couple of hours… and katie holmes sleep…

  24. Matt from Texas says:

    “Sons of Anarchy’s Katey Sagal getting screwed.
 Again” This statement is so true, she gets screwed every year along with show.

  25. lethihat says:

    no Chuck??? Emmys suck, it’s always the same shows that get nominated…

  26. Gaby says:

    Paget Brewster definetely deserved a nomination. The show gets no love from the industry, but she was finally given a storyline worth her talent, and should have at least been nominated for the brilliance she has managed over the years on a sometimes less than spectacular show.

  27. flutiefan says:

    eye roll: Jon Cryer. the man/character is sniveling. he just breathes quickly a lot while he delivers his lines with a slight self-deprecating chuckle. it’s horrible. i like Jennifer Aniston, but it’s just like her “clear the throat” move she does for every character. Cryer did NOT deserve this. maybe NPH, maybe a Community member, maybe Nick Offerman. but NOT Cryer.

    Super-piss-off: John Noble. i don’t always watch Fringe, but even i recognize his stellar performance. i mean, come on.

  28. Nev827 says:

    As usual, Castle gets snubbed too. Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic were stellar this season, as was Will Beall’s writing. But the comedy-dramas always get squat.

  29. Brandon says:

    Im happy Joan Cusack got a nomination for her guest role on Shameless but I also reallly wanted a nomination in lead actress in a drama for Emmy Rossum, one for Shameless in best drama, and finally one for supporting actor for cameron monaghan

  30. Cathy says:

    Courtney Cox, Mae Whitman, KaDee Strickland, Bob Newhart and Lauren Graham deserved nominations; I love Modern Family, but it wasn’t quite on par as last year, although Ty Burrell is just amazing.

    Steven Levitan (Modern Family)tweeted to Dan Harmon (Community) that he got robbed, and Harmon responded “If I was, you weren’t the thief. Thank you and congratulations.”

    Class act, both of them.

  31. Kate says:

    I’m super-pissed that Bob Newhart wasn’t nominated as a guest star on NCIS. I mean, he’s never won an Emmy in all those years of fantastic shows and what he did in his episode on NCIS was heart-wrenching. Yes, he’s so old my dad introduced me to watching him but, like Hal Holbrook, he’s still got the chops.

  32. Sam says:

    How about the snub of Yvonne Strahovski for supporting Actress for Chuck. She was sooo great in Phase Three episode, that alone should have been enough for a nod.SHe was a jugernaut!!

  33. O'Brien says:

    I maintain that HIMYM is the Lost of sitcoms. It is an incredibly well-done show all around, and it was off the chain this past season. I do not get it. Ever. Maybe if they made a dramady category? Glee, HIMYM, and Bones (though, this was a suck year compared to S5) could get their lovin’ there.

  34. juliandrescoher says:

    Its ridiculous that Courteney Cox still doesnt get any Emmy recognition… What is it going to take? I am just appalled by this… You got it very wrong Emmys very wrong…

  35. Carrie says:

    I agree that “Community” & “Fringe” need some Emmy love, as does the supporting cast of “Parks and Rec”. What about the cast of “Parenthood”??

  36. Gen says:

    It’s so sad that they overlook a lot of amazing shows. Fringe is phenomenal! Anna Torv and John Noble deserve some recognition. A lot of network shows are overlooked, but I guess that’s life.

  37. Piper says:

    Emily D. EARNED it this season! Maybe not the win, but AT LEAST a nomination. Ugh!

  38. Amber says:

    I am pleased about Amy Poehler and Parks and Rec. Pissed about Nick Offerman though. Glad to see Rob Lowe didn’t make into the best actor category since it was not a good fit for his small role on the show.

    I’m also happy for John Slattery, Elisabeth Moss, Carlo Buono (also on Mad Men) and glad January Jones isn’t in the category to split the vote. I am happy for Julia Stiles, Johnny Galecki, Louis CK, Christina Hendricks and Jeremy Davies. THRILLED about Margo Martindale.

    Very surprised and happy for Connie Briton, FNL, Kyle Chandler, Walton Goggins and Timothy Olyphant.

    I don’t really think Jane Lynch, Alec Baldwin, or Glee deserved nominations this year. Even Chris Colfer I’m iffy about. And I say that as a huge gleek.

    I’m VERY annoyed Modern Family took so many supporting actor spots. As much as I love the show, I think there are other deserving actors on great shows who deserve to be nominated. Case in point: Danny Pudi. I also think that guy who plays Arlo Givens on Justified got robbed of a guest actor nomination.

    Very angry over lack of Community nominations. It totally deserved that spot over Glee for best comedy. Even 30 Rock I would have given Community a spot over. Joel McHale also deserved a nod. Upset about lack of Walking Dead nominations too, but to be fair, the show only had a 6-episode run, which seems more like a mini-series than a full series. But I very much expect it to get a nod next year.

    With apologies to Timothy Olyphant, I am very much rooting for Kyle Chandler to take best actor. Though I sort of suspect nobody can beat Jon Hamm.

  39. Molly says:

    So glad to see Peter Dinklage recognized for his brilliant portrayal of Tyrion Lannister!

  40. Bill Dauphin says:

    Very happy to see Cat Deeley and SYTYCD get noms: The show always got recognized for great choreography, but Cat is brilliant as the host, and the overall show is always top quality. If there were Emmys for Reality Competition Show Judge, Travis Wall would deserve one for his recent guest judge spot, in addition to the nom he did get for choreography: Rarely have I seen a judge give contestants sharper or more useful notes.

    My big shock is that TNT’s Men of a Certain Age didn’t get anything. Nobody else has mentioned it, so maybe I’m the only one watching… but… SRSLY? No nom for Andre Braugher? Nothing for the brilliant writing on that show? I hope people pick up on MoaCA, ‘cuz it’s incredibly good.

  41. Jessica says:

    What about Shameless???
    I’m so happy Travis Wall was nominated for Best Choreography. Hope he wins!

  42. Cat says:

    Where’s the love for “It’s always sunny in Philadelphia” and “Community”?? they’re the best comedies on tv!

  43. Fiona says:

    Has the CW (WB/UPN) ever gotten anything…. ever?

  44. Ed says:

    No Sean Bean? What a joke.

  45. Jake L says:

    How does Justified get 4 acting noms but NOT a Best Drama nomination? Maybe next year…very happy to see FNL make the cut finaly though. Too bad it’s too late to help it increase viewership.

  46. David B. says:

    First of all, while i was a little surprised that NPH didn’t get nominated this year, he won an Emmy last year for his work on “Glee,” so don’t feel so sad. On to other thoughts.

    Surprised that Parsons & Galecki got in for Big Bang, and kudos for nominating Matt LeBlanc for “Episodes” and “Louie C.K.” for Louis in some surprise choices there. Strong category.
    PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: Steve Carell, he hasn’t one yet, he should’ve won at least once by now, and this season was his best anyway.

    I don’t get the appeal of “Friday Night Lights,” I’ve just found it kind of boring, and I’m snuck into so many categories, including Best Drama, but nothing wrong with nominating Kyle Chandler here. No Bryan Cranston this year due to lack of eligibility, so while nothing surprising the with nominees, it’s kinda wide open.
    PREDICTION: Jon Hamm, slightly over Steve Buscemi
    PREFERENCE: Michael C. Hall, he’s gotta get credit for that show at some point.

    Out of the blue and creatively smart nomination for Martha Plimpton for the underappreciated “Raising Hope,” was fun to see. No Toni Collette or Mary-Louise Parker this year, is kinda odd, though. Cable did strangely bad in comedy across the board. I think a line in the sand has been drawn and the great dramedies of cable are being snubbed out. Why the laugh-out-loud cable comedies are being snubbed too, I don’t know.
    PREDICTION: Laura Linney
    PREFERENCE: Tough call, but I’m gonna lean to Amy Poehler.

    Didn’t guessed Kathy Bates would’ve been in, but glad she is. Again, FNL? but bigges question mark, “The Good Wife,” and Julianna Margulies in particular, underacts to death on that show, which I think brings women right’s back about twenty years. (Mary Richards would’ve beaten the crap out of her by now.) I haven’t seen “The Killing,” yet, so I’m gonna withhold judgment there, but the usual crop of Hargitay & Moss round it out. Why I can’t find Anna Paquin, or Chloe Sevigney here, I’m not sure.
    PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: Elisabeth Moss, always amazing on “Mad Men,” Time to honor her for it.

    No NPH, no Rob Lowe, no Rainn Wilson, again speaking of laugh-out-loud cable comedies, nothing from the group on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”. Lot of “Modern Family,” the arbitratry “Glee,” nomination for reasons beyong logic, and the particularly interested Jon Cryer nomination, for reasons that can be left unsaid. It’s not that “Modern Family,” doesn’t deserve the nominations, but it does seem a little too crowded.
    PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: Ed O’Neill, partially a lifetime achievement vote, I admit, but a deserving one.

    Here, I like “The Good Wife,” nominations, oddly enough, with Charles and Cummings being two of the best actor around, and have been for awhile. Walter Goggins for “Justified,” was a surprised, and Peter Dinklage, not as surprising to me, but “Game of Thrones,” did seem to do better than I think most predicted. Aaron of “Breaking Bad,” last years winner, ineligible this year unfortunately, but why no love “True Blood,” or “Big Love,” in these categories? Odd.
    PREDICTION: Wow, is this one up in the air, despite the tendency of Emmy to award Andre Braugher, I’m gonna go with Alan Cumming, just for fun.
    PREFERENCE: Josh Charles, mainly as a long overdue should’ve won for “Sports Night,” vote.

    By far, the biggest screwup this year was not nominating Mayim Bialik for “The Big Bang Theory.” With due respect to Betty White, do we have to keep nominating her for everything she does? “Hot in Cleveland,” has a moment or two, but c’mon it’s not in the caliber of these other performers. Even Jane Lynch, I love despite the fact I can’t stand “Glee,” and again, better, more interesting options exist on cable in this category. Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Funny…”), Rosemary DeWitt (United States of Tara), Anna Deavere Smith, Eve Best (Both from “Nurse Jackie”). A talented group, but not a creative list this year from the Emmys.
    PREDICTION: HOPEFUL PREDICTION: Kristen Wiig, and maybe we can then end the notion that a SNL actress should get nominated every year now.
    UNHOPEFUL PREDICTION: Betty White, again.
    PREFERENCE: While I like the two “Modern Family,” choices, Jane Krakowski is long overdue.

    A lot of intriguing, new nominees here. Kelly MacDonald and Margo Martindale, somewhat surprises. Michelle Forbes, a great surprise for “The Killing,” round out the usual, continued run of “The Good Wife,” two nominees, one deserving, (Baranski), one iffy (Panjabi, despite her winning last year)
    PREDICTION: I think it’s a little wide-open, but I’m gonna take a shot and say Kelly MacDonald
    PREFERENCE: Christina Hendricks. Character gets more interesting every year, after that parts tougher to play than it looks.

    If I could give any explanation for why Jeff Probst keeps winning, I would. Not that he’s bad, but this category barely exists, as it is, and I don’t know anybody that watches “Survivor,” anymore. Why no love for Heidi Klum or Padma Lakshmi here? Or how about Nick Cannon, for “America’s Got Talent”? or Mark L. Wahlberg for “Antiques Roadshow”? Strange lack of imagination here.
    PREDICTION: Jeff Probst, until somebody beats him.
    PREFERENCE: ‘Cause it’s the best of the shows nominated, Phil Keoghan. Would’ve have a problem with Bergeron or Deeley winning though.

    No cable in this category. That’s gotta be the first time in a while. They correctly put in “The Big Bang Theory,” and “Parks and Recreation,” but they kept the incomprehensible “Glee.” 5 out of six isn’t bad, but wouldn’t it have been more fun to see “Archer,” on there or something else out there. Maybe “Eastbound and Down”? Maybe I’m stretching, I can’t complain about the other five, all strong and deserving this year.
    PREDICTION: Modern Family
    PREFERENCE: Parks and Recreation, with a little neuron leaning me towards for Big Bang.

    A little more random thrown in here with “Friday Night Lights” and “Game of Thrones,” but the rest is an as expected. “The Good Wife,” still seems odd to me in this category. It’s melodrama while everything else strives for more and achieves it. I’ll give FNL a break in this category for it being it’s last year, although I’m still perplexed by it. Until “Mad Men,” loses though, it’s “Mad Men”‘s to lose.
    PREDICTION: Boardwalk Empire
    PREFERENCE: While “Dexter,” should’ve won last year, “Mad Men,” has just stayed strong and got stronger. Sorry, Dex, don’t kill me. “Mad Men,” again, but they deserve it.

    Two good surprises here with “Conan,” getting nominated this year, after the gasp-inspiring nomination for his “Tonight Show,” last year, which btw, was absolutely deserving. I watched it, and loved it, but Jimmy Fallon, has been my non-cable favorite lately, and him sneaking in was another good deserving surprise. But sympathy vote for Bill Maher. 24 nominations, zero wins. Where’s his Susan Lucci attention streak? He’s more than deserving and it’s unfortunate.
    PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I’d say until somebody beats them, but who’s going to?

    How come no Talk Show Host Category here yet?

    Or what really should be called the “random” category. Antiques Roadshow, always interesting. Deadliest Catch, always intriguing. Hoarders, always disturbing. Mythbusters, cool. Ah, they through in the emotional tearjerker, “Undercover Boss.” While I like it better that perrenial nominee “Extreme Home Makeover”, it shouldn’t be here.
    PREDICTION & PREFERENCE: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. Last year eligible. Arguably the greatest Reality show of all-time, and last year might’ve been it’s best yet.

    It took seven years, but finally someone voted for something other than “The Amazing Race.” With “Top Chef’s deserving victory, the category is just a little more wide open than before. And while they added the good dance show (“So You Think You Can Dance,”) they still kept the stupid one. (Dancing with the Stars)Here’s hoping next year “The Voice,” will knock out the especially crappy this year, “American Idol” from the category.
    PREDICTION: Top Chef
    PREFERENCE: Project Runway

    Well, those were my thoughts.

  47. The Laura says:

    Seriously, after the AMAZING season of Castle, why no noms??

  48. Pete McGillicuty says:

    I think you’re all forgetting about the best show that premiered this year (and was tragically cancelled) Criminal Minds : Suspect Behavior.
    Great title. Amazing cast that used the best of their strengths week after week. Just a travesty.

  49. Starr says:

    I think it’s ridiculous that Sons of Anarchy didn’t get any noms this year. I mean, Charlie Hunnam should have been nominated for Outstanding Actor, and the show should have been nominated instead of Dexter. Don’t get me wrong, Dexter is one of my favorite shows, but last season wasn’t as great as the previous ones.

    Also, Kathy Bates on Harry’s Law? Really?

  50. ana muller says:

    * Emmy flunking Community. 
    * Diddlysquat for Parks and Recreation‘s stellar supporting cast, particularly Nick Offerman. (RON SWANSON DOESN’T GET A NOD? THAT IS SOME SERIOUS BULLSH*T)

    i’m pissed.