Glee's Chris Colfer on Emmy Nod and Looming Exit: 'It's Definitely Not My Choice'

It’s an odd day for Glee‘s Chris Colfer. On the one hand, there’s cause for celebration, since he just scored his second consecutive Emmy nomination. But on the other, the good news comes on the heels of series creator Ryan Murphy’s announcement that he, along with Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, would not be asked back for the show’s fourth season. How’s he feeling? TVLine rang him up to find out.

TVLINE | Congrats! How does this nomination compare to last year’s?
There was almost more pressure this year because  I was nominated last year. Last year, everyone was kind of like, “What? That’s crazy that [he] was nominated.” So this year, I think a lot of people were expecting me to get nominated, but I was not one of them. I honestly didn’t think there was going to be room for me in the category [because the list of potential nominees] is so vast and a lot of my stuff is so dramatic [rather than comedic] on the show. So I didn’t think I was going to be included.

TVLINE | It has to be odd — bittersweet — to make the cut again when Lea and Matthew Morrison, who also received nods last year, did not.
It is. We all work extremely hard on our show, and I know how much Matt and Lea put into it every day, so I am disappointed to see that they didn’t get nominations.

TVLINE | Would “disappointed” also be a fair assessment of your reaction to being “graduated” off the show?
It’s definitely not my choice. But I completely understand that it works for the integrity of the show. One of the things that I love about Glee is, despite characters breaking into song in the middle of the hallway, it was very real to me. It always seemed like a very real high school environment. And I think by having some characters graduate, they’ll continue having that element.

TVLINE | And of course this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Kurt Hummel, right? There could be a spinoff.
As of right now, it’s just rumors. I’m not attached or signed on for any spinoff. There hasn’t been anything official yet.

Do note that the actor said “yet.” So thoughts? Feelings? Hopes? The message board below is just made for those sorts of things. Go to town

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  1. rebecca says:

    Let’s hope for spinoff! I need my Kurt fix.

    • Dawn says:

      Hi there. I have just gotten to know glee through youtube, and it really sums up my life in school. I was a geek who hung out with other geeks. I was shunned for it, but I did not care. I look at people for their inner beauty, and not cosmetic. In school, music was what got me through. We did not have a glee club, but we did have a high school band. My problem with glee is that even though it is to celebrate the underdog, it still focuses on the pretty people. I am however impressed with Kevin’s comment about being honored to play the role of Artie, a wheelchair bound student. My only question is that Couldn’t they find someone who could sing and act who is in a wheelchair in real life. I would also like to see a visually impaired or blind person on. We are very talented. Chris keep your head up for you are very talented and I believe that everything happens for a reason. Your future is bright. P.S. I will miss your interludes with Britany, they are a gas.

  2. Heather says:

    M*A*S*H lasted far longer than the actual Korean War. I see no reason the show has to kick off the stars in three years. Stretch it out!

    • 8daysaweek says:

      I love Glee but I feel like it’s really poorly planned out. It seems like they are all the same age to me although they never really address it on the show. I really hope they introduce some younger students who will continue on the show next year because as of now, I don’t see it having much life if everyone leaves but Sue, Will and Emma after season 3.

      It probably would have been smarter to start the show with sophomores and juniors, and from season 2 on have a handful graduate and a handful of the “new class” each year.

      • Joe Smith says:

        Agreed. They should have been rotating freshmen in every year, so that it’s not like ‘Ok, old class is gone, here’s a new batch for you’

      • Daisy says:

        I completely agree. They ALL attended the Junior Prom (and were planning to prior to the Glee Club performing there) so it seems odd to me too that all of a sudden some of the kids are older than others. In addition, if the producers didn’t stick to the show being in the context of a school year, it would be feasible for the show to keep its stars. I’m thinking specifically of The Vampire Diaries–the kids there are in high school, but the show doesn’t celebrate holidays or whatever so you never really know what time of year it is or how much time has passed between events. I know that this might not be feasible for Glee since much of the show is centered around Sectionals, Regionals, and Nationals as far as competitions, but they don’t necessarily have to do all 3 in a given season. They could very easily stretch it out over the course of a season and a half so that the season of the show wasn’t always a ‘school year’. I have to say that I’m a huge fan of Glee, but Rachel, Finn, and Kurt are my 3 favorite characters so unless they do something quick and bring in other people to LOVE, I might be done with this show after 3 seasons.

        My hope is that this is like Friday Night Lights because that show graduated a bunch of their characters after 1 or 2 seasons, which scared me because I loved every single character on that show, but they did a great job of bringing in new characters to love; that show is an exception though I think. It will be interesting to see what happens!

        • Volcfom says:

          In regards to prom, the show might play it off that only half were juniors, and the other half went as dates. I’ve gone to a Senior Prom as a Sophomore, so it is a workable angle.

    • Joe Smith says:

      True, but M*A*S*H was vague enough about it’s timelines that while the series lasted longer than the Korean War, the actual story of the show didn’t. The problem with a High School setting is that each season IS another year in school. I’m disappointed that the main actors will be leaving, but it’s not really a big shock.

  3. Roger says:

    I don’t know if a spin-off would be successful. I know there is a huge following for Blaine, Kurt, Rachel, and Finn. But would an unsuccessful spin-off be better than (what I feel is gonna be)an awesome farewell and sendoff for the characters at the end of season 3? I dont know the fate of GLEE because I do believe it will lose viewership after the third season because of the fact that some original cast memebers will be gone… I will still give it a chance but I know some that will not. I wanna see GLEE succeed but its a pretty uncertain future as of now.(even if Ryan Murphy kept the original kids on people would think it is unrealistic and stop watching, its kinda a lose-lose situation he is in)

    • Joe Smith says:

      As much as it’s nice to talk about a spinoff, I don’t think it will necessarily reach the same audience as Glee did.

      Look at Saved By the Bell. They graduated, went to College, got a new primetime show for it (Which I thought was pretty good), but they never captured enough of an audience, because the premise was too different.

  4. Tiffany says:

    So Kurt, Rachel, and Finn are the only three graduating off? I can see them leaving Brittany and Puck back, but what about the others?

    • Jessica says:

      You’d have to assume everyone’s not in the same grade. Glee club would have people ranging from 9th to 12th grade don’t you think? If they were smart they’d add a few new cast members this year that are new 9th graders or transfer students.

    • Roger says:

      Kurt, Rachel, and Finn are just the first 3 confirmed to leave. I think i read an article on TVLine about how all the characters fates will be reviled in the first episode in september so I guess we gotta hold tight til then :/

    • Angel says:

      No, those are just the ones he will confirm. I’m sure Puck has to graduate because Mark looks 30… Quinn and Santana’s names have been thrown around as well. Right now season three is shaping up to be Blaine, Mercedes, Tina, Mike and Brittany. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

      • JAG says:

        Blaine also was considered a Junior for the past season. Meaning at the end of Season 3, he would be graduated off as well since he will be a Senior this year.

      • Kurtsies4eva says:

        Sam might stay on too. And Blaine’s story would be a little pointless w/o Kurt! (:

  5. SpyKi says:

    If there’s no Kurt/Rachel spinoff I will murder someone.

    • Lisa J says:

      It almost seemed like the bond that Rachel and Kurt had when going to NYC (sneaking into the theatre) was a set up for a spinoff. I think a show focusing on their efforts to make it on broadway would be fabulous! Think about all of the awful off-off-off-broadway shows they could do.

      • Mariamaria says:

        Yes!! Wonderful idea! I’d also like to see it spun in a Sex and the City type way, with four friends bonding over relationship and career troubles (ideally Kurt, Rachel, Santana and Blaine) I would love to see more cat fights between Rachel and Santana. And put it on FX so it could be more mature :-)

    • Lily says:

      Who ? Ryan Murphy ?

    • gleelover says:

      TOTALLY that is the most veridic statement in the world I will TOTALLY join you

    • Shester says:

      I know! If so, I am gonna be pissed! I was under the impresssion all were the same age. But IF there’s others staying on the show, there will be questions about “Why?” “How?” and my personal fave, “WTF???!!!” I NEED my Kurt fix! Klaine is my OTP. Finchel’s okay. But if Klaine stays on TV, I’m perfectly fine with Finchel still being around.

  6. Charissa says:

    I would love for them to plan a spinoff, because otherwise I may not watch a fourth season of Glee. Kurt is my favorite character on the show and I love Finn and Rachel as well. I know they’re trying to keep the high school environment realistic, but it just won’t be the same without those three.

  7. Joann says:

    Congrats Chris! You deserve it!

    Ryan Murphy must be on drugs. I will not watch season four without Chris. It’s absolute madness.

  8. jack says:

    i think this is a great idea. glee formatted this way can be a unique laboratory for up and coming new talents. youtube is full of really talented kids that could fit in and sink or swim in the public eye. a sort of ted mack amateur hour with back stories. nothing wrong with a new concpt for tv dramady. i’m hoping thaddeus wins their talent search show.

    • JAG says:

      I agree, it can be… except for the fact that no great influx of people has occurred in the past 2 years. They added Chord’s character to the glee club… and Ashley Fink’s character as well. But Ashley had already been around the school since Season 1… and there is talk that Chord may not be back since in Season 3 he didn’t get Show Regular status. You can’t drop 4 characters in one year… and 4 of the most popular people, too… and not have a ready influx of at least 4 incoming characters every year as well. This change will be incredibly jarring since there has been no build up to it in any of the last 44 episodes save for a few small throw away lines during the Season 2 Finale.

  9. Cinders says:

    I find it ironic that Kurt was chosen as one of the students to graduate, given that Chris Colfer actually is the youngest actor in the Glee Club. He just turned 21, while the rest of them run from 24 to 29. Chord Overstreet, at 22, was the next youngest but his status on Glee is questionable at this point.

  10. heather says:

    I really think that though I love glee losing 3 major and totally loveable chracters all at once is going to change the dynamic of the show so radically that I am really not sure if it will go past season 4!

  11. HD says:

    Chris Colfer so deserves his nomination and he has to win. He is inspirational and a stunning actor/singer/dancer/writer.
    I doubt Season 4 will be watched without the amazing character that is Kurt.
    A spinoff with Kurt and Rachel as lead characters would be great: I would watch it anytime, especially to watch Chris Colfer.

  12. Evyn says:

    I really hope they do a spinoff It would motivate me to watch season 4, I don’t think I´ll be watching it otherwise. AT least we still have season 3, and fingers crossed for a spinoff!!

  13. Angel says:

    Writing off Kurt makes absolutely no sense. Chris is the youngest cast member and believable for high school. He is a star. Why would any show let their stars go… usually they keep them as long as possible. Fox actually supports this!? What are they smoking??? Glee is shooting themselves in the foot.

  14. Jenny says:

    I LOVE Kurt Hummel, but I wonder if a show about him and Rachel Berry in NY would have the same heart as Glee? Or perhaps, since Glee has sort of left behind the darker humor it used to have, a spin-off could bring that back. Maybe Sue could move to NY as well?

    I still LOVE Glee, but it’s definitely lost a lot of it’s bite and turned into more of a High School Musical/after school special morality show. And though I am thankful for and totally appreciate the Kurt/Blaine gay-acceptance storyline, I’d love to just see him embrace NY life and not be such a victim.

  15. Breanna says:

    I will not be watching this show without Lea and Cory unless Naya Rivera and Heather Morris stay. And if Lindsay from The Glee Project gets to be on the show. Because she has a very strong voice like Lea. And they will need that stronger vocal.

  16. Josh says:

    Hahahaha, he said ‘integrity of the show’ while referring to Glee.

  17. Lily says:

    Two times Emmy nominee, Golden Globe winner, his wardrobe is 50 % of the budget… Seems high maintenance to me…

  18. Lily says:

    Did Chris Colfer mention which episode he will submit ?

  19. Martina says:

    This looks like a blind item reveal to me. Cory Monteith FTW!

    • Angel says:

      You are an idiot if you think Cory is a bit of a diva. He is incredibly humble and thankful for everything Glee has given him, especially considering his past.

  20. Inga says:

    I want Chris Colfer on my TV!

  21. John says:

    He thinks Glee shows a ‘real’ high school? Uhhhhh…. The song and dance in the halls is on par for how realistic the rest of the show is.

  22. cmj says:

    so much drama over the fate of FICTIONAL characters! I agree that the integrity of the show is diminished if the characters are there for 5 years. The challenge for the producers will be to get actors/characters to join the cast who will be as compelling as the original group.

    If you simply MUST have the same set of characters, go out and by the series of DVD, and save the drama for things that really matter.

  23. JAG says:

    I’d love to see a spin-off of the graduating members, but I’m not sure it’s going to get a green light. On the one hand you have a group of extremely talented performers that are well-liked and have a strong following that could give the initial audience a boost right out of the gate. You also have a whole new set of stories you could tell regarding their adventures in New York theater. But… who is gonna write these stories? The show runners have been the sole creative engine for the entire 44 episodes of Glee… using a 3-person rotation scheme. And honestly, we saw in season 2 that engine is already starting to sputter as far as great story output. Would they trust these characters to a new team of writers?

  24. Monica says:

    They all should be graduating. The entire Glee club went to the Jr Prom. So there should be no reason for them not to all graduate. And within the show they show them in classes together. Finn and Mercedes n Sex Ed. Puck Finn and Mike in Spanish. Brittany and Finn and Kurt and Quinn in Math class. Etc lol. They should all be graduating thts why they r gonna be bringing in a few this season to keep a few for season 4. They only mention those 3 because of their emmy nominations frm previous yr and their popularity in the show. But to make the flow on track they should all be graduating.

    • Roger says:

      As much as I agree with the fact they all are in the same grade and they all attended junior prom They were the ‘entertainment’ and had to go…so Ryan Murphy may try and pull some BS plot twist out of that or something. Altho most characters talked about dates and such before hand… tricky situation!

  25. AK says:

    It may not be his choice, but I think a lot of fans will be relieved when his exhausting presence is finally “graduated” off the show.

    • C says:

      I absolutely won’t be relieved. He, along with Cory Monteith and Lea Michelle, are probably the most interesting characters on the show and Chris is definitely the most talent actor, at least in my eyes. I thinking losing those characters will definitely make a big change to the dynamic of the show. I’m interested to see where the story goes without them, but I’m not sure I’m going to like it

  26. Jade says:

    I like the adults better than the kids so I’m not fretting too much. Also, wasn’t this a foregone conclusion a month or so ago? I will miss Kurt and his dad very much though. Maybe Kurt will make an appearance every now and again to visit his father.

  27. gleelover says:

    I cant LIVE without Kurt in myy TV every week !! him graduating is going to actually KILL me

  28. Michael says:

    I haven’t seen a show this strict about rotating in new musical talent since “Zoom.”

  29. kay says:

    If you want to see spin-off, you should voice it, loud and often, because producers are listening!

  30. Nessie says:

    I was really hoping that the show would revolve around the characters instead of the setting. Like other shows have done in the past, when the characters graduate the show moves with them instead of dumping them for new characters who fit into the setting.
    I’m invested in the characters who are on the show now, I would much rather follow their stories past high school then bring in a whole new cast, just to keep the setting of the show where it started.
    Glee could refer to how they all got started and the tone of the show, it did’t necessarily mean that the show had to always stay in high school.
    I’ll give it a try, but in the past, I’ve always watched a few episodes and then given up on shows that replace the core cast of characters, cause it’s never the same show I fell in love with.

  31. GaryArmstrong says:

    its odd, I always thought Kurt was younger than everyone else…i know when i was his age i hung out with the older kids in drama club

    re: spin off–fox should treat it like a six episode summer fill in…

    • Lily says:

      Glee already fill the summer with their live shows… If you calculate the “Klaine” skits with Blaine, Kurt and Britanny.. they are about 3 minutes and the actors changed it up here and there… there has been almost 50 Glee live performances. So over the summer we already had about 150 minutes of “Klaine” skits, which is about as long as 3 full episodes…
      Hope next time on Glee live there will be a bit more Klaine and Finchel skits.

  32. chriscolferiswin says:

    I think a spin-off would be a good idea considering how many people will probably stop watching Glee once they leave. Fans have already made a trailer, posters, a cast list, and named it! Dang these fans work fast…

  33. angel17sh says:

    Why are they graduating after season 3? Junior year lasted 2 seasons. It would make more sense if senior year was also 2 seasons rather than only 1.

  34. My says:

    While I’ll miss him on Glee, I hope this means a chance to see him perform live in a Broadway show!

  35. Deanna says:

    I love Chris!! I also love his character, Kurt. I am hoping that if he does leave after season 3 we will get to see a spin-off. I would like to keep both on my TV for a while longer. While I know Chris will be successful, on and off camera, I do want the opportunity to see him on a weekly basis.

  36. AmyR says:

    I would LOVE to see a spin-off with Kurt and Rachel, perhaps both going off to a Julliard-like college in New York – not only it would continue the school-like setting, but it would expand on it, bringing in students with all sorts of backgrounds, having them contend with a new location and environment and new experiences, while still pursuing their singing and performing dreams. So much potential here. But to see “Glee” make it through the characters leaving the show, they will HAVE TO bring in some new and exciting talent this year while putting more of a spotlight on the actors who are staying. It’s the only way they’re going to keep loyal viewers who will weather the transition.

  37. Sarah says:

    I am such a Gleek and chris and Darren are my two favourites so when they leave I don’t know if I would watch it when they leave but I would defenely watch the spin off that would be awesome klaine for ever xxx

  38. angel73 says:

    i dont know why they make all the announcement straight away season 3 hasnt even come on air yet and 3 main stars are out not coming back for season 4 even if there will be one no word of that too so its all pretty weird whats going on anyway i love kurt and blaine and i hope they dont break them up if they going to be realistic about things dont change things that are good anyway they ruin things by doing this anyway i hope season 3 is good if not what to say but downhill from there i guess