Glee Exclusive: Comic-Con Panel Deets Revealed

The absolutely not bummer summer for Glee breakouts Darren Criss (Blaine) and Harry Shum Jr. (Mike) just got a little hotter.

On the heels of news that the pair have been made series regulars for season 3, TVLine can exclusively confirm that they both will be making the trek to Comic-Con.

The heartthrobs will join Con vet Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) and Coach Beiste herself, Dot Marie Jones, during the show’s panel on Sunday, July 24 at 10 am, in Hall H.

Comic-Con 2011: Your Complete Guide to Which TV Shows Will Be There and When

Like many of Glee‘s other cast members, who are unable to attend because their brief hiatus is filled with movie shoots and the like, Glee boss Ryan Murphy will be apologetically MIA. However, the panel will not be hurting for behind-the-scenes talent. Co-creator/EP Brad Falchuk, co-creator/EP Ian Brennan, EP Dante di Loreto and choreographer/Glee Project star Zack Woodlee will all be on hand.

Wait, it gets better!

Fans who attend the panel will get a sneak peek of Glee: The 3D Concert Film!

Plus, and I think I saved the best for last: I’ll be moderating, so you can count on wall-to-wall scoop!

Who’s going? Who’ll be monitoring TVLine for highlights from home? Who’s going to clap the loudest during my introduction?

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  1. AnaB says:

    Don’t really care about the panel… but if there’s a signing, I’m so there! I’d love to meet Darren and Dot-Marie =)

  2. A says:

    Yeah D Criss!!!

    • Eloise says:

      The only good news so far.
      Now we need Naya and Heather and possibly Cory or Lea, even though they didn’t do it last time.

      Why are they all skipping out on freaking Comic-con???

      And I was kinda looking forward to having Ryan Murphy there.

      • Kvivik says:

        Please read article!!!


        The cast members are actors that are working on other projects during the summer hiatus and can not always schedule the time to attend a geek convention in those other jobs.
        Shum, Criss, Jenna and Dot Marie obviously have the time in their schedules to do this.

  3. Kay says:

    What about Cory Monteith??? I need Cory to be there!!!

  4. gleek says:

    I read that Lea will be there for Glee and for her animated movie Dorothy of Oz.

  5. Caitlin says:

    There’s not one member of this cast I would ever not want to see on a panel, and I’m thrilled that they seem to be bringing some Con newbies and fan favorites this year. But that said, I was really hoping some of the confirmed graduating foursome might make an appearance, seeing as it’s the last time they could do it. But maybe they’re the ones who had scheduling conflicts with other projects.

  6. KJ says:

    More interested in the creative team that’s showing up, but it should be awesome with YOU as the moderator! ;-) Any helpful hints for a newbie at comic-con to make sure I get a seat that day? I hear it’s pretty insane.

  7. JT says:

    All I want is Cory, Lea, Dianna and Mark. No news of them yet?

  8. S says:

    So happy that Darren is confirmed :)

  9. lisa says:

    The only way I’ll be ok with Cory not being there if he’s doing another movie. Fingers crossed for news about his indie film.

  10. L says:

    The Washington Post reported that Lea Michele was going to be on the Glee panel; were they wrong?

  11. becks says:

    Couldn’t care less about Darren Criss.

  12. deb says:

    Still hoping Heather and Naya are going.

  13. Ryan says:

    For such a large cast, 3 stars and 1 recurring person is kind of a sad showing, isn’t it?

    • S says:

      Yeah, I know Chris is filming his movie but I wonder what the others have to do that is so important that they don’t even bother trying to promote the series like they did before

  14. monica says:

    From the confirm members I only care for darren! :) sad that cory and lea are not confirmed yet!!

  15. Jenna says:

    Please get us Finchel scoop!

  16. Sivat says:

    Michael, please ask them why they fired Jessalyn Gilsig and if the have any plans for Terri next season.

  17. Mike says:

    Hopefully they got news on Bartie, man I love that pairing and would like to see them together again.

  18. E says:

    So no heather and naya? Nothing about the brittana storyline at all? Glad I didn’t buy tix to comic con this year…. Best part of the panel is Zach Woodlee.

    • Jasmine says:

      Well, it hasn’t been denied that they’re not going but I know Naya’s working on her album and I don’t know what Heather’s doing, but I hope they can both go.

    • Lily says:

      Yeah, the choreographer can also reveal some items of the Glee project.

  19. HD says:

    I so want to see Chris Colfer there but I know he will be filming his movie and has a lot of other projects to conduct.

    I totally dislike Darren Criss and don’t care for his presence. For me, he isn’t a real member of Glee, he is just some little singer who is surfing on the success of this show. Blah.

    • sophie says:

      Marry me.

    • Dear HD says:

      I’m willing to have your babies.

    • Aha says:

      Yes, he’s short, but Lea’s even tinier than he is. So what?

      • paley says:

        At least Lea’s a girl. I’m really looking forward to Darren having scenes with Cory. He’s gonna crane his neck looking up. lol

        • Jane says:

          He already has.
          He slung an arm around Cory in Blame it on the Alcohol.

          Height difference was super cute.

          I might ship it, in fact.

          • nonnie says:

            And in another scene, they were both conveniently SITTING on a sofa. Hahahahahaha.

            I want a Finn/Blaine duet. I’m quite used to Finn having a much shorter duet partner from all the Finchel duets.

          • D says:

            Oh no, please, that was horrible to watch. On the other hand, Chris/Kurt and Cory/Finn would do a wonderful and sweet duet.

          • Lily says:

            I want an Artie/Blaine duet or Sam/Blaine duet. Kurt can have a duet with Santana… Would love to see more Kurt/Puck interaction…

        • E says:

          What’s being a girl got to do with anything – do you object to Dot-Marie being bigger than Darren?

          Have you see the photo of her giving him a piggy back?

    • Emma says:


      He’s a sweetie, and he’s only doing what the “writers” script for him.
      So aim your malice at Ryan Murphy.


  20. rae says:

    two cool asians! love them both! darren’s a half-filipino.

  21. Jocelyn Handelman says:

    I think it is funny how everyone wants to see Lea and Cory. The reason why they picked Darren and Harry is because people don’t know them as much, but will have larger roles in Season 3! I think it is awesome that they are targeting the other characters rather than just the leads. Besides, all of the leads did Comic Con last year. This year, they needed to change it up!

    • inez says:

      I think it’s natural for people to want to see THE BIGGEST STARS ON GLEE. (And I’ll included Chris Colfer on that list.)

      And FYI, Lea and Cory did not do Comic Con last year. It was Heather/Naya/Jenna/Kevin/Amber/Chris. That’s why people wanted to see Cory and Lea this year.

      • Hamish says:

        The biggest star on Glee is Dot Marie Jones. ;-) I think she was a terrific addition to the cast.

      • Kurtsies4eva says:

        Cory, Lea, Dianna, Ryan, and Matt all went two years ago. But I really wish Lea and Chris particularly went this year… since they had really big storylines. But since they are both so amazing, I’ll bet their busy *sigh*

  22. nicole nguyen says:

    Lol i love glee<3 im like the biggest gleek around:) i cant wait til the seseason starts and ill be at that panel=) #gleeked

  23. Jasmine says:

    I only hope Heather and Naya can go!

  24. suzy says:

    darren would be the only reason to go. he’s a true inspiration and sweetheart. and if people actually knew him from starkid or listened to his music, they’d understand that he’s not “surfing on the success of glee.” he was talented and wonderful back then, too. okay? okay.

    • sorry says:

      He maybe a total sweetheart and an inspiration to you but you can’t deny that he has “surfed on the success of Glee”. The other cast members worked hard to make Glee what it is today. He just happened to come on Season 2 AFTER is became a worldwide hit.

      • E says:

        LOL – how come Chord isn’t there with him too then? Just confirms Chord really that dumb that he can’t even achieve riding on Glee’s coat tails.

        • Jane says:

          Lol this is true.
          Chord fails to make an impression yet again.

        • whut says:

          I thought Darren fans were adamant that Chord not being made series regular had nothing to do with Darren. Hah. Aren’t all the Darren fans saying that?

          You still can’t deny that Darren is surfing on the success of Glee.

          • Emma says:

            … Isn’t that what Chord *should* be doing too? Except he didn’t cause the writers screwed a lot of people over. Him especially. lol.

          • jai says:

            I think that “surfing on the success of glee” line was pretty stupid…it’s like you are accusing him of joining the cast after it got famous like it was his idea? Glee made that character for season 2 and he went for it and he was casted.
            Another thing that people who watched Glee tend to overlook(which causes them to look like dumbasses) is that the reason why alot of the characters seem to be uninteresting is because the writers focus almost no attention on most of their characters including Sam, Merecdes, Santana, Mike, Tina, and a few others.
            The only people they truly focus on is racheal, finn, and kurt. And whenever characters get involved with them(like Quinn, Puck, Sam, and Blaine) they also get attention from the writers
            It’s not the actors fault that most of them dont get a plot it’s the writers…so a lot of the things that are being said about these guest stars are really ignorant

      • You do realize that Darren had auditioned for a role (the role of Finn, which is unbelieveable hilarious, but true nonetheless) before the show became a huge success? And that he constantly is praising the show saying that he is “too lucky”? Just because he didn’t get a role until he auditioned for Blaine doesn’t mean he’s just riding Glee for success. Now everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but you might want to know what you’re talking about before you have one.

    • Megan says:

      I completely agree. Although I love Glee, I love Darren more. He will always be Harry Freakin’ Potter to me. He deserves to be recognized for his talent and he worked (and still works) very hard to be as successful as he is.

  25. comic con says:

    How can you have a Glee panel without Lea Michele, Chris Colfer or Cory Monteith??? Booooooo!

  26. Beth says:

    I just hope Lea gets to go. I don’t care about the others if only she’s there.

  27. L. says:

    Basically boring, I remember that all the funny and interesting interviews/panels were the ones with all the cast, or at least the main characters, like the first Glee comic con panel.

  28. starkid says:

    Darren was at Comic Con last year on the Harry Potter fan panel.

  29. Eloise says:

    Yay Darren is there, But I also wanted Lea and Cory and Chris (he’s probably busy) and Naya and Heather and Kevin and Amber

    … Basically everyone.

    Please tell me this is not the entire list?

  30. Mike says:

    The event in 3D? can we be able to see it in cinemas here in France or even see a concert live at Marseille?

    Faithful gleeks and saying thankyou for the talent! Cheers :)

  31. V says:

    Well, considering that the Glee kids get literally only a month off between the end of their tour and the start of filming season 3, you can’t exactly blame them for not wanting to do more press now. What’s amazing to me is that almost all of them are doing movies, albums, writing books and screenplays, solo concerts, and other outside projects when they only get a few weeks off from their intense Glee schedule of shooting, singing, dancing, and promoting!

  32. D says:

    I way prefer the original cast and especially Chris Colfer and the ones that were there in season 1 and the beginning of season 2. I don’t care for the newbies and particularly not about Darren Criss. I don’t like his presence on screen and his over-acting behaviour. I don’t understand what poeple see in his bland and dull acting.

  33. Kevin says:

    Darren, Harry, Jenna, Dot. I guess we know who will dominate the Q&A.

  34. Kevin H. says:

    Finally, some people who get it–yes, Criss is overrated. I’m still not forgiving him for being at the Traflagar Square World Premiere of Deathly Hallows Part 2 and doing his same annoying schtick. Last time I checked Dan, Emma, Rupert, Tom, Jo Rowling, etc. were the pioneers, not you.

    • J says:

      Haha it’s funny because he was there with Joe Walker and they’re both from a musical theater company who have a huge viral Harry Potter musical that is well known. Him being Harry Freakin’ Potter totally couldn’t have been a reason why he was there and why he was at the New York Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 premiere, too. No, probably not a reason why he was there. Not at all.

    • Jane says:

      I hate it when Darren acts like a 5 year old with ADD when he is on the red carpet. He is so annoying.

  35. Darcy says:

    I enjoy everyone on Glee but I’m definitely most interested in what Darren has to say. I hope he or the EP’s can give scoop on when and how Blaine will be joining ND.

    • D says:

      Oh no, I don’t want to see him in ND. Make him stay in his closeted boy school and let the current members of ND (and especially Kurt & Rachel) do the show!

    • jennie says:

      Looking at that confirmed panel, I guess Darren would be the only one getting questions from the audience. Meh.

      I guess this year will be the lamest Glee panel ever. It’s such a shame because the main characters(Cory, Lea, Chris, Dianna, & Mark) are going to graduate next year and we’ll probably never get to see them at a Glee Comic-con panel again.

  36. Alexis says:

    Glee AND Bones panels this year? Wow Ausiello, you’re a pretty important guy! Totally wish I was going, but unfortunately I’m on the opposite coast.

  37. Kristine says:

    Congrats on you hosting the Glee panel! Can’t wait to see it!

  38. Lawrence says:

    So disappointed to hear Ryan won’t be there. He is usually the one who let’s story details slip. Brad can be pretty tight lipped and Ian only likes to tease so I guess we won’t get much detail on upcoming storylines. I suppose Ryan didn’t want to deal with all the crazy out there -regarding some of the cast graduating etc., so I have to blame some of the hardcore fans for him not going. But I’m glad to see Dot-Marie, Darren and Harry get their first time at the panel -they deserve some of the attention the rest of other cast has received. I just hope that Zach lets something slip regarding the Glee Project winner.

  39. brooke says:

    what about chris? :(

  40. angel73 says:

    i dont understand some of u that hate darren criss i guess u all dont no what talent is im happy for him thats all i have to say and get a life and stop picking on actors

  41. LOL says:

    oh darren will be there

    of course, couldn’t leave the cash cow out jfc

  42. pchach says:

    Glee is the result of a social experiment in which they had fourth graders write all the scripts for a show. Then they tested to see how many grown adults they could get to fight with each other on the internet over it. Embarrassed for all of you right now. If you think it’s a quality show, I don’t think there’s anything to be said for you, tbqh.

    BUT THE ORIGINALS ARE BETTER!!! Even though there are probably only two people on the cast with like…any talent at all. NEW PEOPLE ARE RUINING THE SHOW BY NOT BEING AS CRAP AS THE ORIGINALS!! HOW RUDE!! OVERRATED!!! Lol smh.

  43. Bonnie says:

    Today is the day when I regret that I don’t live in the USA most of all. I would totally visit this event. Darren Criss is very talented. *sigh* . Adopt me please…Somebody…Anybody =( Damned visas…

  44. i love heather morris says:

    Omfg why does comic con have to be far I know I don’t have the best voice but I do want to see the pre view to the mlovie omghahahahahaha gleek 4 life <3

  45. Mandy says:

    I don’t understand what this is doing at Comic-Con?!?! Nothing to do with Comics, nothing to do with sci-fi… Nothing to do with Comic-Con.

  46. Terrance says:

    Loving all the butthurt comments lol

  47. Cam says:

    I freaked out that I couldn’t go to Comic-con because I live in Hawaii, but the fact the Chris probably won’t be there lessens the blow a bit. Still pissed at the fact that the Glee Live Movie Preview on August 10 isn’t in Hawaii. And STOP HATING ON DARREN. Jeez,we get that enough on tumblr. *huffs* Okay. Ugly rant is over.:)

  48. charcus says:

    Darren is the best thing to happen in season 2, his music has sold one of the best so people clearly like him a lot.
    I’m very happy he got promoted on the show and hope to see more of Blaine in S3.

    • :O says:

      girrl I like Darren and Blaine Anderson. But being high and mighty about it is why a lot of old school gleeks hate us (and him). lmao.

    • Beth says:

      Darren Criss is one of the reasons why season 2 was so awful. Glee was so much better without him. I miss season 1.

  49. brittanie says:

    Wait so where is this?