Castle Scoop: 24 Baddie is the New Boss!

24‘s evil queen has found a new home on Castle.

Penny Johnson Jerald — best known as President Palmer’s diabolical wife on 24 — is joining the ABC hit as a series regular.

Spoiler Alert: Fresh Castle Season Premiere Intel

She’ll play Captain Victoria Gates, a by-the-book former Internal Affairs investigator who instantly clashes with Castle. Her nickname is “Iron Gates,” so she’s clearly not someone you want to mess with.

Jerald replaces Ruben Santiago-Hudson, whose Captain Roy Montgomery was killed off in last May’s finale.

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  1. Shea says:

    I can go along with this. :)

  2. Deion says:

    *Goes to watch the first three seasons of 24 in anticipation.

  3. timelord says:

    damn i thought it was going to be a nice MILF

  4. Jackel says:

    Why? One of the great things about Castle was that the entire cast portrayed likeable characters. Penny on the other hand gets casts for unlikeable characters… I’m hoping this doesn’t change the feel of the show.

    • DJ Doena says:

      You should watch Deep Space Nine, where she plays Captain Sisko’s girlfriend (who also happens to be a starship captain).

    • Samantha says:

      The character is supposed to start off this way but everyone quickly learns that she is loyal to her team. Looking forward to the storyline that will unfold.
      Nice to see another woman added and one of color! YAH!

    • side3 says:

      You need to check out “The Larry Sanders Show”…she is very likeable there.

    • april-ann says:

      The ENTIRE cast portrayed likeable characters? I found Beckett unlikeable from the start but thought she got a little better last season. But really “instantly clashes with Castle” and “she’s clearly not someone you want to mess with”. Beckett 2.0?

    • kim says:

      i sure hope it does not change the show to much or else it would be not worth watching as i have been enjoying it as a fun show

    • PEGGY says:

      Amen to that. We see enough crap on TV. Hope the writers soften her a bit. Last thing we want to watch is real-life Adam-Henry bosses.

    • christy says:

      Jackel – you are SO right. I think the character’r relationships MADE the show. Now, we’re going to have someone stirring the pot? I like the comradeship of the cast. Too bad they don’t bring someone in to add to that, not break it apart.

  5. Jonathan says:

    WOW! Great casting choice, it’s about damn time she found some great work. Next to Kiefer, she had the best acting going on in those first three seasons.

    • Katarzyna says:

      Totally agree :) Liked her very much on 24, as a matter of fact, now I’m going to go and re-watch the first 3 seasons of that show… It’s really great casting choice, that’s for sure :)

  6. Chad says:

    That is friggin fantastic!!!! Love it.

  7. xav says:

    Ah, the wife of the Emissary!

  8. Dan says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo… why, oh why?

    I hated watching her on 24, now I have to put up with her on Castle.

    Bad times.

  9. Bella says:

    This could be great! I really liked Captain Montgomery and hope Mr. Santiago-Hudson finds a new acting home somewhere soon. Penny was a great villain in 24, but I also remember her as a totally different character on Deep Space Nine. So, I can see this starting out as contentious, but then improving once she sees how helpful Castle actually is on a case.

  10. Kelly says:

    It’s Cassidy Yates from DS9!!!!!

    • TJCrinc says:

      thats what i said when i saw the pic. And the spoiler supposedly says she has a flirtatious side, so maybe some jealousy is in the future. though i wouldnt let it go on too long.

  11. Bella says:

    Plus, it will be fun to see how Castle handles this, as he’s generally used to getting what he wants.

  12. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    Hmmmm I think I might just like this choice.

  13. Amy says:

    woohoo! i like this choice..cant wait for the show to start

  14. Paige says:

    I don’t know how this will go but I trust the writers to give us a good character, even if she clashes with Castle at first.

  15. Tom says:

    Here we go… another police show with an angry black woman captain. Has Castle jumped the shark

    • Samantha says:

      *SIGH* Really? Jumping the shark?
      Marlowe has said that she at first clashes with Castle/Beckett but eventually proves herself to be loyal to her team.
      I don’t see a problem with her not looking to kindly on the unorthodox partnership. Castle carrying guns and shooting people certainly is that. Can’t wait!

    • znachki says:

      @ Tom – Tough and by-the-book does not equal angry.

    • Amy says:

      Yeah, “Castle” jumped the shark about being another police show with a wisecracking white man.

      If you think that statement makes no sense, you’re right! For the same reason your statement makes no sense either.

      • Kate says:

        @Amy: Really? There are dozens of cop shows, sure, but none of them can compete with Castle! Samantha’s comment makes perfect sense, yours and Tom’s do not. I think that anyone who has watched Castle for a little while will tell you that it is unlike other cop shows.

      • Jon says:

        “Keen Eddie” was a police show with a wisecracking white man. I miss that show.

  16. Hope says:

    I hope she doesn’t annoy me as much as she did on 24. Fingers crossed it was just the character that annoyed me…

  17. Beth says:

    Ugh…HATE her from 24 – bad acting, bad character… And there’s nothing I hate more than a show putting someone in “power” who is there just to play foil to the protagonist. NOT good news for “Castle”.

  18. Mick says:

    Very good casting. Loved Penny on 24! I’m happy to see her get some work.

  19. Chrissy says:

    For some reason, I didn’t remember where I saw her but she was the person I pictured being cast in this role. I can’t wait til September!

  20. Kath says:

    Great choice!

    Welcome aboard, Kassidy Yates.

  21. verver says:

    Great actress–looking forward to this!

  22. Lisa says:

    Did anyone else misread the tweet and think the new captain was behind the JB murder, I.e. ‘the big bad’?

    Really looking forward to S4.

  23. XK says:

    Ooo. I hated her character on 24!!!

    I like the more light-hearted episodes of Castle, so hopefully the inter-office tension fades quickly.

  24. Lorie says:

    Great choice!

  25. Bubbles says:

    Oh yeah…who else can see cat fights in the future for Beckett? And of course who will be there to pull her off the new Captain….or at least distract her? :) I will miss Capt. Montgomerey, but this could be fun to watch play out for a while. :)

  26. tahina says:

    WOW! I can already see the fireworks going when Castle and Gates clash! I never watched 24 but am sure everyone who has will probably agree it’s goint to be must see TV in the making.

  27. Linda says:

    If she’ll be anything like her character on 24, I’m gonna love it! (i’m gonna love it anyways)

  28. Sivat says:

    In my mind, Sherry Palmer survived the shooting at the end of season 3 and went into hiding to recuperate.

  29. Wendy says:

    Certainly looks like she can play the badass type.

  30. tangodancer says:

    Well, not everything is how it looks or seems to be or is it? It reminds me The Mentalist Sp agent Highower(Aunjanue Ellis) who also replaced the last Agent in charge of the CBI team, she was no nonsense, hard-nose boss,who had hard time getting usd to Patrick’s antics, and became his best ally later on. Fingers crossed. :)

    • HC says:

      This is what I had been thinking every since I heard they wanted a black woman that is a hard-a**. Plus, The Mentalist already has the good female cop and the plucky side-kick. That’s why I was hoping they would go another way…

    • Robin says:

      I wanted Aunjanue Ellis. I think she would have been perfect. I’m not so sure about this actress, or this change to the captain’s position. I think the success of replacing Montgomery will rely heavily on how the new actor fits into the cast, so I’m a little nervous. The show has really picked up speed in Season 3, not only dramatically, but with audience attention too (I know a lot of people who just caught onto it this season) and I hope they won’t be killing the momentum.

  31. Amy says:

    this makes me so happy. loved her in 24. Her character in 24 is what Dolores Umbridge is in Harry Potter – that character that was always vindictive and bitchy and… oh I’m happy! :)

    • TJCrinc says:

      oh god dont start with umbridge. all that pink and the attitude made me have several dreams about her dying horribly.

  32. Alex says:

    Ugh…. i will not enjoy watching her on castle week after week. i am not a fan of hers at all.

  33. Geoff says:

    Awesome! Always been a huge fan of her on both DS9 and 24.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Interesting. I could get behind this.

  35. AJ says:

    Was really hoping for Gina Torres, it would’ve been priceless too watch Castle calling her captain.

  36. raelee514 says:

    Oooh, that is going to be fun.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I wanted Reiko Aylesworth. :(

  38. Brian E says:

    Sherry Palmer wasn’t evil! That was just her way! :)

    This is very exciting news. They do need some conflict in the dept.

  39. Big D says:

    The prodigal Ausshole returns. I was a huge Ausshole when you were at TV Guide and EW. But when TVLine was blocked by the firewall where I work I let you slip off my radar. This week I am on vacation with no connection to the web except my Android. I checked out TVLine and it is awesome. I’ll be on the site constantly now. Very cool to see you have Mitovich and Slezak with you.

  40. Vince says:

    I think Penny Johnson will make a great captain on Castle. I loved her as Sherry Palmer and she was even better as Beverly way back on “Larry Sanders”. Good casting.

  41. DeeJ says:

    Boring idea. Been done before – too many times. Do we really have to have the antagonistic boss thing again?

  42. While I have enjoyed Penny Johnson in many roles in the past (and she will always be Kasidy Yates to me), I think she may be a bit of a mis-cast, especially given what the proposed temperament of the new captain. I do believe PJJ is strong enough to handle most primetime roles, I just think that what is proposed here is atonal to what makes “Castle” successful. Always willing to be proved wrong, but I have a feeling that I will quickly lose interest with “Castle” if the camaraderie of the station house is compromised for more than a couple of episodes. Sorry.

  43. Tom says:

    Yada, yada. How many times have we seen the “tough new boss” theme in cop shows? I really have a bad feeling about Castle. I think the show peaked in the middle of last season and we’re in for a long, painful decline (a la Bones).

    • c-dawn says:

      I am a little worried about doing the whole bad @$$ boss thing and changing the dynamics of this group. The great thing about Castle, its it is not like other cop shows. This is the only “cop” show I have ever enjoyed enough to watch week after week. I tried the Mentalist and as soon as it became predictable, I had a hard time keeping interest. I hope they aren’t doing the same with Castle. They need to continue to break the mold, not fall right into it. These writers have brought us great characters and great plots within their relationships. I want to trust them, but this news worries me…

  44. Erin says:

    When I saw this headline, I was really hoping it was Nina Myers. I miss Nina Myers…

  45. Dana says:

    I cannot wait for the premiere after the great Finale last May!! Love the new captain

  46. Big D says:

    I hated Sherry Palmer on 24 as well, but she we were supposed to hate her, so PJJ was doing a great job. Kasidy Yates was extremely likable and cool. DS9 is very underappreciated. And I was reminded recently how great she was on Larry Sanders when IFC marathoned it. She should make a great addition to Castle which is one of the very best shows on TV.

  47. Jon says:

    Her 24 character went from strong and likable to someone you absolutely hate. She is a great actress and the spoilers sound like the Gates character will bring some good dynamics.

  48. Annie says:

    Definitely changes the feel. Really DON’T like it. She totally distracts!!!