Gossip Girl Exclusive: Is Stargate: Universe Stud Serena's New Boyfriend?

Is Gossip Girl cooking up a West Coast romance for Serena? Examine the following evidence and you tell me.

Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that actor Brian J. Smith — best known as Lt. Matthew Scott on Stargate Universe — is joining the cast as a chef named Max.

Lost Hunk Joins Gossip Girl as [Spoiler Alert]

Viewers will first encounter Max in the Season 5 premiere on Sept. 26, and, per an insider, his scenes will take place in Los Angeles — which just so happens to be where Serena was spending the summer.

Coincidence? Speculate away in the comments.

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  1. Lois (From SMALLVILLE) Stinks! says:

    What happend to the priest that was just announced? And why is it all these hot guys are going after Serena? I dunno, I’m starting to get annoyed by her. She seems to always be in a pity-party of one!

  2. Sandra says:

    A new guy for Serena? Really? Huh, are they trying to make me stop watching this show?

    • Bri Nelson says:

      I completely agree. Season after season, Serena and a new man. It got old 2 seasons ago

      • Captain says:

        It’s not even Man, it’s MEN. If it was one guy per season, I wouldn’t mind so much but she has like 4 boyfriends every year and she always goes back to Dan anyway. I’m guessing their waiting for the Dair storyline to die-off and they don’t know how to write for her unless her legs are open.

  3. Liz says:

    Ugh having such a bad reaction to the new season of GG. WTF happened to Ethan Peck, this season seems to be going nowhere. After last season being a huge tease I’m not really excited!!

  4. Nina says:

    Boo. I kinda still want Dan/Serena together. Waiting for that to happen seems never ending.

    • Kary Ann says:

      I was rooting for Dan and Serena too! They are so sweet together. Serena isn’t as annoying and flakey when she’s with Dan. Ugh at her having yet another guest star boyfriend.
      This sucks

  5. passacaglia says:

    I could not care less about what happens to the other characters, I just want Dan and Blair to get together!

    • Ditto says:

      Yes!! Me too. Hard to see how they could bring that back around though. Clearly she won’t end up with the Prince. Would really like a steamy Dair hookup but that ship might have sailed.

      • Paris says:

        Dair and steamy should not be in a sentence together hahaha that is laughable. Dan and Blair work best as friends that banter with each other. If Dan/Blair actually get together, I am done with the show. Blair can not hook up with every main boy in Gossip girl. Just so you know I am not a Chair shipper.

      • Captain says:

        I don’t know. There were atleast two big hints in the finale, that they are far from over.

    • Madison says:

      I’m ready for Dair!!! Chair has gotten way to abusive/degrading for me to ever be behind them again. If that’s the way GG wants to portray a loving relationship no wonder the show has problems.

  6. S&C says:

    Who cares about Serena?

  7. Evan Meadow says:

    Stop giving Serena boyfriends so she can learn how to actually have a life without one!

    That girl is defined solely by the fact she NEEDS a man. Its ridiculous. Not to mention she constantly chooses the WRONG ones.

  8. ck says:

    Well, it was kinda ridiculous that everyone in the cast seems to have dated each other (on the show), so they have to bring in folks to play the love interest. The problem is the writing (post S2) is so bad, we cringe reflexively.

  9. Lisa says:

    So is this confirmation that the writers and producers are trying to kill the show?
    Whatever, I don’t care just give me Chuck and Blair and then I’ll watch

    • Bri Nelson says:


    • Courtney says:

      Exactly I don’t care about anything on Gossip Girl anymore. Just give me back Chuck and Blair. It looks like they’re repeating the same mistakes that destroyed the show the second half of last season.(Maybe they want it cancelled.)
      Terrible cast integration
      Way too many guest stars
      Putting Chuck and Blair in seperate storylines

      Disaster written all over it

  10. Charles says:

    I’m still rooting for Serenate. We’re really tired of Serena getting 4-6 boyfriends per season, really.

  11. Monique says:

    Here comes another great add-in. Chill out, he’s a guest star so it won’t last, I’m all for the eye candy! Still rooting for Serena and Nate myself, but it won’t hurt to have some eye candy meantime!

  12. Katy says:

    NOT ANOTHER guest star boyfriend for Serena! Was really hoping she’d take some time in L.A. to work on herself and her career. The revolving door of boyfriends is exactly why a lot of people hate her character!

  13. elaine says:

    Different Brian Smith.

    Brian J. Smith from “SGU” just confirmed to me via Twitter that it’s not him.

    Too many Brian Smiths indeed.

  14. ZR says:

    sick of all the serena boyfriends, plus they all look the same.

  15. Zara says:

    Well according to his twitter he starts work on Friday on a project he can’t talk about yet. He LOOKS like he could be on Gossip Girl… and he hasn’t commented publicly in a response to anyone on twitter, which he usually does in a situation like this when someone asks. All points to him showing up in the season premiere. A job is a job…

  16. Jess says:

    oh my god could you all shut up….serena and blair are the best thing on that show and i don’t think it’s gone downhill at all….i’m a big gossip girl fan….and look forward to this season….if you were a true gossip girl fan you wouldn’t all being complaining about a new guy on the show….nowhere does it say that he is being serena’s new love interest so all of you need to shut up and wait until the start of the season before you start judging

  17. CJ says:

    Booo. It’s really hilarious, NO ONE is happy about this. It’s like GG writers didn’t learn anything last year. 700 000 people stop watching because of too many guest star no one care about. So much waste time really :/. They have great MAINS, why not focus on them and yeah, FIX THE MESS THEY’VE MADE WITH CB???

  18. summer says:

    As long as Serena is not with boring Dan and Nate I’m fine. Girl should end up the show alone though. It’s the same for her every season.

  19. Shannie says:

    Hmm forget about GG give me back Stargate Universe please!!!Would much prefer that show was still on.

  20. Sammy says:

    Chace Crawford call your agent. While Lead Actor Emmy hopeful Chace Crawford cameos once per episode we get yet another guest star. This season is shaping up to look like a train wreck. Where is Josh Schwartz? I want more Blair/Serena, more Nate and more Chuck and Blair instead we get a string of guest stars in multiple states. Josh Schwartz always showed such class and respect dealing with the fans of Chuck while it seems he has abandoned Gossip Girl altogether.

  21. Chip says:

    Brian was great in Stargate Universe and Red Faction: Origins. He tweeted recently he had big news so I guess this is it! Glad to see he’ll be on the show.

    I still want Serena to end up with Dan though.

  22. Simonjacko says:

    You call that a “hunk”??? Far from any hunkness I’ve ever seen. Get some glasses.

    • Vanny says:

      Actually, watch him act and you will see that he is very attractive, and a good actor to boot. He is still fairly new, but already I think he might go far…

  23. Chris_1791 says:

    If this is true that Brian J. Smith is joining the cast of this show I guess I will have to start to watch the show. I have never seen even 5 minutes of the show but with Brian in it the show should really be good. Brian has the ability to get everything possible out of a character regardless of the script he is given.

    Brian, I wish you the best bud. You know I believe in your acting & you!

    Good Luck!

  24. Lore says:

    Seriously? if Dair it is not happening,a new lady for Dan would be nice, but not Eve aka Charlie, that actrees is flat, i dont liker her at all, i wish she was a gonner like Vanesa, i thought finally some great news, and then Eric is gone now, Nate was just hanging there in some episodes, at least he is attending classes in Columbia, come on people, Dair was the only good thing last season..

  25. laura says:

    not this guy please. he was so terrible on stargate atlantis. if he’s on GG for more than a couple of eps i will have to stop watching

  26. ginger says:

    Come on! Nate and Serena should be reunited. Love their chemistry and they have so much in common.

  27. dee123 says:

    He has serious gay face.

  28. ScottB says:

    Wow. They changed the actor already. Earlier today it was supposed to be the actor who played Penny’s boyfriend on Big Bang. The tall dumb one who came up with “appateazers”

  29. the world says:

    who cares about GG, what does this mean to my favourite show of Stargate Universe?????????

  30. Jeri says:

    Dan won’t want Serena. She’s a real slut, smile at her and you can have her.

  31. Adam Higgins says:

    Want to see you favorite Gossip Girl characters made into Barbie dolls?

  32. V says:

    I watched Stargate Universe and I liked him on the show but you’d have to pay me to ever watch this show.