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Question: Got any Grey’s Anatomy scoop? — Val
As a matter of fact, now that production on Season 8 is just about to get underway (on Friday, to be specific), every day seems to bring a new tidbit. Today’s: The show is casting a new intern, and not one of those know-it-all can-do types, either. The rookie — male, by the way, and presumably hot — seems right from the start to be in over his pretty head.

Question: Can you give us something else juicy about Castle‘s season premiere. Pretty please? —Ashley
The hour ends with a pretty big twist that I can only assume will reverberate throughout the season, and perhaps beyond.

Question: I’m going through major Nikita withdrawal over here! Any spoilers you can give us for Season 2 that will tide me over till the show returns? —Leslie
Weapons are expensive, and with no division insider, Michael and Nikita are flat broke. What are a bunch of trained assassins to do? Find a benefactor — and quick!

Question: This summer is unbearable thus far, so please give us a scoop on Fringe. Don’t care if it’s about Peter, Olivia, Walter, Broyles, etc. Just give me something  juicy! —Duncan
I’m having no luck finding out who Michelle Krusiec is playing, but I like the theory put forth by many of you in the comments section: She’s the daughter of Walternate and his mistress.

Question: Will Alex Hunter be back on White Collar in Season 3? —Mary
If series creator Jeff Eastin has his way, yes. “We basically had some scheduling issues with Gloria Votsis, which is part of the reason we haven’t seen her much this year,” he says. “In my mind, we have not seen the last of Alex.”

Question: What’s this I’m hearing about Eliza Dushku coming in as a love interest for Matt Bomer’s Neal on White Collar? What about Sara? —Katie
“They’re on a break” by the time Dushku’s minx shows up, reveals Eastin. “Eliza’s character happens to be there and Neal’s in a little bit of a rebound mode anyway. We get some sparks between them.” BTW, soon enough you’ll see why Neal might be “on the market” again.

Question: Any update on your Comic-Con party? —Tom
Details coming in the next two days via my Twitter feed! In the meantime, you may want to clear your schedules for Thursday night. You know, just in case.

Question: Do you have any spoilers on Criminal Minds, specifically regarding A.J. Cook’s (JJ) or Paget Brewster’s (Prentiss) returns? —Valerie
Not only is JJ back, but she gets a promotion! And re: Prentiss, much of the team does not handle finding out that she is still alive well, especially Dr. Reid, who feels betrayed.

Question: When will we find out who you were talking about in this Blind Item? —Vanessa
Depending on what my blood-alcohol level spikes to at my Comic-Con party, the secret could come out next Thursday.

Question: Do you have any scoop on The Good Wife? —Denise
I’m hearing rumblings about a very surprising new triangle unfolding during the first couple of episodes. Hint: Two girls, one guy.

Question: Anything on my summertime guilty pleasure, Royal Pains? —Megan
Californication‘s Madeline Zima has booked a guest stint as a nanny to the asthmatic son of a movie-star couple in this season’s ninth episode.

Question: Do you have anything on CSI: NY? —Janie
The season premiere will mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, which means it’s going to be an emotional episode for Mac who, as you know, lost his wife in the attacks. It doesn’t help matters that the new forensics tech Hannah — who’s book-smart but socially inept — starts hounding him with questions about his missus’ passing. BTW, word on the street is several pivotal scenes will be shot on location in New York.

Question: Got any scoop on whether Max is returning to 90210? Please say yes! He and Naomi are seriously loved! —Lucy
Good news/bad news. He’ll be back, but it sounds like only for a handful of episodes. Fingers crossed that changes. Max/Naomi ruled. In other 90210 news, a major male character will be following in the footsteps of David Silver and developing a drug habit. Guesses? Hit the comments!

Question: Is it wrong of me to want scoop on Once Upon a Time before it’s even started? — Helene
Yes. But I’ll give it to you, anyway. ABC’s upcoming fairy tale is adding a new recurring character to its canvas: the Magic Mirror in Storybrooke aka Sidney in the real world. As you’d expect, MM is a consultant to the Evil Queen. His counterpart similarly sucks up to dragon lady Regina as a staff reporter for her Daily Mirror newspaper. And if the show hasn’t already called Ugly Betty alum Michael Urie about this part, its powers that be are mad, I tell you, mad as hatters. Speaking of Once Upon

Question: I’m surprised after reading your Top 10 list that Fox’s New Girl is nowhere to be found.  To me, it easily looks like the best new comedy based on the previews I’ve seen.  Is the pilot really disappointing? —Wendy
Just watched it over the weekend and I’ve updated my Top 10 accordingly! You’ll also notice Once Upon a Time jumped from No. 6 to No. 4. Turns out ABC’s fairytale saga is even better the second time around.

1. Awake (midseason)
2. Smash (midseason)
3. Suburgatory
4. Once Upon a Time
5. New Girl
6. A Gifted Man
7. 2 Broke Girls
8. Terra Nova
9. Alcatraz (midseason)
10. Pan Am

Question: Going for a reply two weeks in a row: Who are they planning to bring back for the final season of One Tree Hill? —Jamie
Tyler Hilton’s back as Chris, and rumor has it the first time you see him he’s got a gun in his hand.

Question: Can you share anything else about the Vampire Diaries premiere? What does Damon get Elena for her birthday? —Will
Um, nothing. This is Vampire Diaries. Don’t count on there being any cake and goody bags, if you catch my drift. Besides, Elena isn’t really in the partying mood. She’s got more important things on her mind.

Question: Looking for anything you can tell me about Make It or Break It. Will there be a Season 3? —Lisa
I hear a decision will be made in the next couple weeks. My guess? No news is probably bad news.

Question: Yo, what are the odds Body of Proof will allow Dana Delany a couple days off to reprise her role as Special Agent Jordan Shaw on Castle so she can knock a little sense into Beckett?! —Michelle
The odds are slim to none, but thanks for bringing up Body of Proof! The show is adding some new blood in the form of Dani, a smokin’ hot twentysomething who is hired to drive the medical examiners van. She aspires to someday be a part of the M.E. team, but the fact that she lacks an internal censor could very well hold her back.

Question: Any scoop on Rescue Me this season? —Laur
The July 13 season premiere features a marriage proposal, the formation of a very unlikely friendship and a time jump — but not this time jump.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to askausiello@tvline.com. Also, you can keep track of my scoops on Twitter via @MichaelAusiello. Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Chad says:

    Oh, come on.

    The Castle twist is that Castle has/hides/destroys the envelope that Montgomery sent at the end of season 3. I’m calling it now.

    • kate says:

      Are you saying that Castle is the one behind all of what’s happened?

      • Lisa says:

        If I may Chad. I don’t think that is what he meant. I think Castle makes a decision based on what he thinks is best for Kate because Montgomery SENT HIM the files. He either doesn’t tell Beckett he has them (my choice), or he tells her but much later in the season and she gets pissed and throws him out of her life again.

        • Chad says:

          Bingo, Lisa. Sorry about the confusion, Kate. I do think that Castle was the recipient of the envelope that Montgomery sent, but that Castle will take measures to protect Kate from the information within.

          And I agree, Lisa. I think he’ll keep them, but not tell Beckett he has them.

          • K says:

            All hell will break loose if Beckett finds that Castle has kept information from her. That will not go over well that is for sure

          • K says:

            That will not go over well

          • L says:

            For sure.

          • Mallory says:

            can someone please remind me again what the information is even most likely going to be? If Kate knows about Montgomery being the third man now, what significance does that other info have? Please help a confused girl out! :D

          • Lyndsey says:

            Mallory, those cops were working for someone else (whoever hired the assassin to take out Kate) so that had to be the information Montgomery had. Remember he wouldn’t tell Kate who it was in the airport hanger so that she wouldn’t try to go after him. Obviously whoever this guy is, he’s very powerful & very dangerous. I would definitely agree that he sent those files to Castle who will try to protect Kate from getting herself killed!!

        • lame says:

          This sounds like one of the story archs AWM mentioned earlier and could carry over to season 5. The other interesting leaks are that Beckett did have a vest, will have a massive contusion and pain but no entry wound and that she’ll be required to see a NYPD recommended shrink. This could lead to the January revelation also mentioned earlier, remembering what Castle said in the cemetary?

      • Sue says:

        I’m sure they’d never do this for obvious reasons, but wouldn’t the biggest twist of all at the end of the series be that Castle is the dragon? That would be something no one would have seen coming.

        • Kvivik says:

          No, sorry. Biggest twist is if the dragon turns out to be Castle’s biological papa.
          Castle’s not devious enough for this kind of thing…plus he’s not old enough to have that kind of loyalty with cops.

          • Chad says:

            Ooh, ooh! Or, the twist could be totally unrelated…how about the new Captain putting the kibosh on Castle’s involvement with the force?

          • Ang says:

            I love all this btw.
            I’ve been wondering about kate’s dad. What if he was involed somehow? castle has never met him before, so that guy could have been her dad or just saying he was.
            And where have you all gotten leak info? I would love to read all this!
            I speculated that she was prepared for this. I had thought she got the envelope. But it is so interesting to read the idea that it was sent to castle.

    • Jess says:

      Agreed Chad, 100% agreed.

      • Chad says:

        Mallory–no one really knows for sure, but we know that in preparing for his last stand, Montgomery took some case files out of his safe, put them in a manila envelope along with a note, and put some postage on it to send out.

        Then, later, after being shot, he told Lockwood that neither he nor his boss would be able to kill Beckett because Montgomery “saw to that.” Presumably, he was referring to his action with the files.

        So the speculation is that Montgomery sent vital information about Beckett’s mother’s case–and (potentially) the identity of the Person Behind It All–to someone who he could trust to do the right thing with the info. I (and others) believe that person was Castle.

        Hope this helps! :)

    • Suhara says:

      I’m sorry, I’m a bit confused too now… I have watched the season finale (many times!) but what envelope with what info are you referring to?! :)

  2. Matt says:

    About 90210 – probably Liam.

    Sidenote – is Teddy officially not going to be in next season?

    • Jake says:

      Im hoping its not Liam, i think it should be Navid or Dizon.
      and Teddy is returing i think for 5 episodes.

      • Charlotte says:

        Dixon has already had a gambling problem. Which I suppose could mean he has an addictive personality which would make him likely to develop a drug habit. Or it could mean that they need to give the next “addiction storyline” to someone else. Not that Liam hasn’t had enough of his own issues already. Maybe Teddy returns for a few episodes, gets a drug habit and then leaves to go to rehab? It would leave the door open for his return.

    • Danny says:

      No – Teddy is not coming back

    • Erin says:

      I think it’s Navid. His character needs a bit more depth, as all of the bad things that have happened to him have been to other people he’s close to. He’s one of the few characters with no real demons thus far.

  3. nyla says:

    the LAST thing Grey’s needs right now is another new cast member. Good grief!

  4. laura says:


    • janey says:

      Or, get rid of the baby, let Cristina hook up with Avery, let Lexie go back with Mark and let Owen leave the show.

      • kate says:

        Or cancel the show. They are starting to repeat the stories. I’ve watched from the begining but it has been losing a lot of quality since the begining of season 6.

        • Leigh says:

          Hate to agree with that, because I’ve loved Greys for a long time now, but I do, I’m not even sure if I’ll watch next season at this point.

          Greys has turned into this soap that repeats storylines all the time and it’s just not entertaining, season seven bored me quite a bit. A new character isn’t what they need to fix it, they need to do better with the cast they already have. What happened to the crazy medical cases?

          Kinda hoping this guy isn’t permanent.

        • Anna says:

          The show lost quality around S3 (When Izzie/George hook up) and never recovered from the mess. S5 had probably the worse plot of television (Well, along with Glee’s entire existence) aka ghost sex. I take the show for what it is these days (And honestly, I just keep watching to see if Mark/Lexie are getting back).

    • el says:

      Agreed, focus on the ginormous cast that’s already there. None of the “new” guys seem particularly competent anyway so not sure why we need someone else who’s “over their head”.

      • Bethany says:

        Not to be redundant but agreed! Unless the new person will be a love interest for April because her and Stark is just icky for lack of a better word. Or bring back the original male nurse who was around the first coupl of seasons but has now seemed to disappear.

      • Tego Livi says:

        If they’re telling us about the new guy being “in over his head,” it presumably means some terrible things will happen–it will probably be a totally different (non-romantic) storyline about deaths or negligence.

    • Erica says:

      I hope we get to see an Owen and Cristina baby! I am pro choice and all but to use abortion as a method of contraception is nuts!

    • susela says:

      Well, they’ll need LOTS of new cast members if they want to keep the series going. The contracts of most of the original cast are expiring at the end of this year, and the show will try to survive with an ever-renewing cast, the way “ER” did. But I’ll be surprised if “Grey’s” survives the loss of MerDer; neither Pompeo nor Dempsey have given any indication that they’d re-sign after this year.

      • Leigh says:

        They’ve both basically said they don’t know yet (Last I heard, EP said she hadn’t been asked, PD said it depends on next season). Personally I don’t think they will or should at this point.

        They don’t need new cast members if they lose half the cast. They’d still have quite a number of them. They’d just have to give the remaining characters enough screentime to develop them properly. Which they haven’t really been able to do over the past few years because of how large the cast currently is.

        @Anna George/Izzie and Dead Denny are the two low points I prefer to forget about. I don’t think season 5 was as bad as 7 though. 7 gave me new appreciation of season 4, which I never used to like, but now watch quite a bit. They need better storylines, with bigger medical cases like they used to have i.e cement boy etc. It’s the only way I can see the show getting someway back to where it was in the first few seasons ratings wise.

  5. xav says:

    As long as The Good Wife triangle doesn’t involve any romance between Cary and Kalinda, I’m good. But if it’s not Lisa Edelstein/Will/Alicia (which I hope it isn’t in order to subvert the oldest television trope in the book), it’s probably a girl and Cary vying for Kalinda.

  6. Meg says:

    I’d guess Dixon develops the drug habit on 90210. He’s already shown he has addictive tendencies with gambling, so it wouldn’t be surprising if that would translate to drugs.

  7. D says:

    JJ’s promotion means that she is now a profiler, right? Poor Reid. Emily was is confident, kinda like a big sister, it must be really hard for him to know that she has been alive all this time and didn’t tell him anything, but I hope he understands that it was for the safety of all of them, including his.

    • xav says:

      That’s what I thought too. I hope they elaborate on why she made the jump if that’s what happens because the other characters have talked to her about it several times and she always turned it down.

    • Alicia says:

      Hope the show doesn’t make a huge deal out of the Prentiss situation. Who cares if Dr. Squint n’ twitch feels betrayed, they should just fast track his schizophrenia if they need something to do with his character. If anything he should be upset with Hotch or JJ, who are the ones actually misleading the rest of the team.

      • Ashley says:

        The Prentiss situation IS a big deal: after going through all that grief and regret, the team is going to find out that not only is she really alive but also she, JJ, and Hotch kept this from them. Trust between the team is an important theme on the show and this will challenge it. And Dr. Reid’s many, many fans care that he’ll feel betrayed! They’re not doing this because they “need something to do with his character” – it’s well-established that Reid has serious abandoment issues and it wouldn’t jive with the character if he DIDN’T react strongly to all of this.

        • Magically Suspicious says:


        • indcit says:


        • Alicia says:

          Well I’m not aware of how much “grief and regret” the team went through because I stopped watching after “Lauren.” However, I understand the weight of the circumstances, but this is a Prentiss storyline and it’ll be some BS if they make it all about Reid. That’s what I was getting at.
          Prentiss is the one with the covert past, the one who nearly died, the one who still has a murderer out for her blood. The team should focus on hunting down Doyle and making Prentiss (as well as everyone else) safe again, not holding Reid’s hand. Prentiss has so few (let alone awesome/exciting) storylines that it’s bogus to have it co-opted by Reid.
          Like I said, if they want to do something with him, he has his own issues; the focus should be on Prentiss.

          • Penelope says:

            They’re trying to introduce Reid’s headaches again, which was SUPPOSED to be a huge plot LAST season, but with the whole casting fiasco never happened. And I doubt that the team would be like ‘oh cool Prentiss isn’t dead. So anyways…’ No, there’s going to be repercussions- it’d be stupid if there wasn’t! They won’t make the Prentiss arch be about Reid, but I do think they’ll try to use it to help jumpstart his headaches again (since apparently Jane Lynch is guest starring and can only do certain dates).

            I don’t like this whole JJ-Profiler business. She might be qualified, but I don’t think it’ll fly too well.

            Thank God Seaver’s gone, though. She was getting on my nerves (and everytime I saw her I said ‘It’s JJ!’ and then they showed her face.)

            Should be an interesting season at the least!

          • Ashley says:

            Saying they’re going to make Prentiss’ storyline all about Reid because he’s affected by it is like saying they made Hotch’s season 5 storyline all about Morgan because Morgan was affected by what happened to Hotch. Besides, Ausiello only said Reid would feel betrayed, not that he would co-opt her storyline because everyone would be too busy holding his hand to focus on the dangerous fugitive terrorist.

            The focus of this storyline will undoubtedly be on Prentiss, but the character and her actions don’t exist in a vacuum: the other characters will – and SHOULD – be affected by all this too. Honestly, as someone who did watch the episodes that showed the fallout that Prentiss’ “death” had on the others, I would feel cheated if that didn’t happen.

          • debra says:

            You say that Prentiss has had so few storylines.Well that is more than Reid had last season.He had one and it was dropped.You say you stopped watching after Lauren. What do you think happened after you stopped watching the show.Do you think the rest of the episodes were center around Reid. No! He continued to be shove in the background,while that useless Seaver character got shoved down our throats.

            Reid is my absolute Favorite.I like Emily too. But I’m fully aware that many Prentiss fans seem to have contempt for Reid.Reid fans will not tolerate another season like last season.He is the most popular character on that show.Whether you like it or not.

        • Chris says:

          There’s no actual proof that Hotch has a clue that Emily is dead. Only that JJ does. It’s possible he doesn’t know.

          In fact it would be awesome if he didn’t. He was wary of Prentiss from the start and the loss of trust over lying about what was happening before and after and how it affects the team (especially Reid who had put his trust in Emily over the headache thing etc). Well if you think Garcia is the only one to go Mama Bear over the team, think again. Hotch isn’t just the boss. He too sees these peeps as his family and he won’t be easily convinced to really trust Emily or JJ that easily. In fact it might be just the thing to make him take up that little job offer from Strauss.

          • CM says:

            Yes, there is proof that he knows. Everyone related with the series said on twitter that Hotch KNOWS that Emily is alive. Erica Messer, new boss-lady, has also said it on her chat and some interviews. Him and JJ are the only ones who know. The rest of them don’t have a clue, until Morgan finds out the true in the season premiere.

    • Jill says:

      I don’t think JJ’s going to be a profiler. I vaguely remember reading some recent interviews with AJ Cook where she said that JJ’s happy with the role she plays for the team. Plus, I don’t think profiler is a promotion from where she is now (more like a career change). And I’m really glad they’re planning to address the team’s feelings towards Emily’s fake death, instead of making everyone understand and glossing over it the way they sometimes do. I’m sure it’ll be resolved in just one or two episodes, but I’m kind of looking forward to Reid and Prentiss getting into it.

      • CM says:

        The new boss-lady, Erica Messer, said herself that JJ would be a profiler in this season, and that the liason with the press would be dealt by every member of the team instead of just JJ.

        • indcit says:

          On the other hand, Erica Messer did say that agent Seaver would be back for next season, only 48 hours before Rachel Nicols was sacked.

          • Sam says:

            No one gives a f-ck about Seaver.

          • CM says:

            She also said that they are going to explore the story of Seaver’s serial-killer father and as so, she might return for some episodes. I hope they give a good end to the story of her character. What they did was wrong. Rachel is a sweetheart. They brought her into all this mess and they did to her what they did to AJ and Paget, kicked her in the a*s without previous notice.

          • BT says:

            Please. Anyone with a even a hint of common sense knew Seaver would be gone the moment NBC unveiled the list of picked-up pilots and Paget’s wasn’t on it. When a character fails so spectacularly that they have to bring back the two characters she was supposed to replace, it’s bad; when you consider the financial motivations behind getting rid of the two characters in the first place and add in the huge raises two other actors got, it’s really a no-brainer. Good riddance to Seaver – I just wish they’d sell versions of the season 6 DVD that digitally removed her from every episode she was in!

    • Mandy says:

      Isn’t Hotch’s boss gone? Stark, I think her name was? She was gone (I think she was going for cancer treatments maybe) and Hotch was looking after things. Maybe JJ is getting her job. That would be interesting to see her as everyone’s boss. Hotch would need to get used to that.
      I can’t wait to see how Reid reacts to Emily’s return! He is an amazing actor and play vulnerable so well.

    • indcit says:

      I’m feeling that JJ’s promotion won’t be that of a profiler, but rather that of Strauss’s position. It will be interesting to see how the team handles her being above them, even above Hotch.

      • Penelope says:

        Erica Messer (sp?) keeps saying JJ’s coming back as a profiler. I immediately thought she’d take Strauss’s job too, though. Then again whose to say Strauss is leaving the BAU? She just left to deal with an ‘issue'(which apparently everyone thinks is cancer for some reason. Was that released?) Keep in mind she’s got 3 kids, is the unit chef of the BAU, is dealing w/ buget cuts, and still has a life out of work. Who knows why she left!

        • CM says:

          She’ll be back for the season premiere, we might find out what’s wrong with her then.

        • Mike says:

          Just cancel CM it is dead. They keep backstabbing there own actors what they did to Rachel Nichols was cruel as hell.

          Just kill this show off. JJ a profiler now. What the hell this show is now the JJ show. Kill it off!

          • Peter says:

            you are so right Mike

            This show is dead and has become laughable. The seaver haters are gonna miss her when they see the show next season with all the soap stuff coming along with JJ’s family

          • Suncatcher says:

            Things got so bad with viewers beating up on Rachel Nichols, that both Thomas Gibson and Joe Mantegna in interviews this Spring kept asking viewers to lighten up on Rachel – to be nicer to her. They felt she was a “very nice person and a fine actress.” They also said it was not her fault that CBS let AJ Cook and Paget Brewster go. She just joined the cast in the middle of the mess – and got blamed for everything. Kudos to Gibson & Mantegna for sticking up for Nichols.

    • Lucas says:

      They shoved her into the profiler thing back in Season 2 when she started toting around a gun.

      According to my sources, the real for the contract issue with Gibson was that they are pulling something akin to what happened to Paget last season. Hotch will be stepping up to Strauss’s role temporarily, following up on that bit in the last season so Hotch won’t be in all eps. But CBS doesn’t want to pay Gibson for every ep just as they didn’t Brewster or Cook cause it is expensive. Which would mean taking Gibson out as a star. At least during that story line. So they had to work out a “special guest star” role with a rate that would cover the wages enough that Gibson would be willing to refuse other roles to be avail to CM when needed. All par for the course in this biz.

      Meanwhile, JJ will be stepping up in the role of Team Admin Leader, handling the selection of cases, dealing with the locals, the media, the paperwork. Much as she did before. And when Hotch is back on the team she’ll stay in that role and Hotch will focus on profiling.

      As for the Reid story line. From what my sources say, it won’t be all is forgiven between Reid, Emily or JJ (remember she flat lied to him) and it could be the straw that breaks the camels back on the “might Reid be going crazy” storyline from last year. They assure me that there is no plan to get read of Reid but he might take a little time off for exhaustion etc after a nice blow up over the lies.

      • kate says:

        Wow! Sources! You should consider getting new sources because those you have are not very good, and just so you know, everything you wrote is a bunch of cr*p.
        Thomas re-signed for ALL episodes, as a cast regular, NOT a recurring character. He can be helping Strauss and profile at the same time, it’s not written anywhere that he can’t do both.
        JJ WON’T be dealing with the media. She will be a FULL-TIME PROFILER, just like the rest of them.
        In this season the media will be dealt by ALL TEAM MEMBERS.
        Gee, I guess my sources, which are none (except the Internet), are better than yours.
        Go read the interviews that have been given about season 7 and all the spoilers about season 7.
        Inform yourself before talking about something or else it will happen like what happened with your comment, YOU WILL MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF!

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Great scoop today, Ausiello, but a big UGH on yet another addition to “CSI: NY.” Didn’t work when they tried it two seasons ago; why are they doing it again? Give me more Adam (AJ Buckley) instead!

    • Rebecca says:

      Yes exactly Elizabeth! We barely get to see Adam as it is, why add another forensic tech? I want more Adam!

      • Jennifer says:

        Maybe they want to put Adam in the field…so they need a new forensic tech to pick up the slack with Adam out of the lab!!! Wishful thinking!!

  9. Marla says:

    Come on no more people on greys please. can we get a retake to season 6 finale and kill a few more…possibly Teddy, Jackson just to start.

  10. athena says:

    Thanks for the Castle scoop, and I’m even more anxious now, if it’s even possible. Can’t wait for the next season!

  11. K says:

    Does the twist have to do with Castle and Beckett?

    • Gill says:

      Whatever the twist is, it’ll for sure have to do with Castle and Beckett, I’ve been reading heaps of articles back from after the season three finale aired; where Marlowe (series creator) has basically said/hinted that pretty much everything that happens this season will somehow impact their relationship. So no doubt this mentioned twist will. People are speculating it might be Castle’s hiding of the files Montgomery supposedly sent to him (consisting of information to do with Beckett’s Mom’s case) or it may even be some kind special moment between the two; where things are said and/or things “happen”.

  12. Linda says:

    I don’t watch White Collar but didn’t Matt and Eliza play boy/girlfriends on her show, Tru Calling?

  13. Gavin says:

    Spoilers on Fringe???

    You didn’t have any Michael. What a let down. Off with his pants!

  14. Matt says:

    Nothing on any NBC shows? I will be back to submitting questions again next week, to be ignored again next week.

  15. mossi says:

    Is the Blind Item – Chord Overstreet? After all that went down last week, he’s my #1 guess.

    Really, Grey’s? MORE cast additions? No thanks.

  16. flakey says:

    Navid became quite the drinker toward the end of last season on 90210, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that brings him to coke or meth or something.

    DIXON doesn’t even drink so he would never and LIAM is too boring to do anything scandalous

    • flakey says:

      and anything Navid gets addicted to would ruin his relationship with Silver because of her mom… and give her a reason to run back to Dixon <3

      • Char says:

        The only way it’s Navid is if the drug is speed to stay up and study. Maybe college is harder than he thought it would be.

  17. Jess says:

    Kudos to CSI: NY for doing a tribute episode for 9/11; it’s going to be emotional for Mac and for all of us. Can’t wait to have my favorite show back!!

    Thanks Ausiello and TVLine gang. :)

  18. Fernando says:

    Thanks for the Body Of Proof & One Tree Hill scoop. Love those two shows

  19. Deanna says:

    I really hope there is a season 3 of Make It Or Break It! I mean, I love how the season 2 finale ended, but I really want to see them make it all the way to the Olympics. Please, oh gods of television, give us at least one more season!

  20. TvAddict says:

    90210 – why do they find the need to copy the original storylines? i hope it’s not Dixon ! they don’t need to do that to him right now, and he has no reason to turn to drugs

    OTH – super excited Tyler Hilton is coming back! he best not be trying to commit suicide! he best be shooting a film which requires him to have the gun

    The Good Wife – I hope the love triange does include Cary…we don’t see enough of him! Maybe they should bring Rory (Gilmore Girls) to be the other girl in the triangle

    Greys Anatomy – Well they’re running out of girls so I dunno who this guy will hook up with! nd he best not be there to ruin any of the relationships !

  21. Darren46 says:

    Castle – amnesia for Beckett? Nah, I guess that would be too much of a soap cliché.

  22. shyz says:

    90210: ok that’s BAD news. i love this couple very much. Naomax rules!

    But GOOD news is, i can stop watching already! ;D

  23. Lillian says:

    :( at MIOBI. I WANT IT TO BE RENEWED!!!!! THE FINALE WAS SO GOOD. :( keeping my fingers crossed!

  24. Hope says:

    Okay Aus enough about the TVD main triangle get with the Forwood program dude? I’m dying for some dirt on my favorite couple!

  25. Cathy says:

    Madeline Zima as a nanny? Too funny, since she played the youngest daughter on “The Nanny” for years…

  26. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the CSI:NY scoop :) it’ll definitely be an emotional season premiere, but kudos to the writers for making a tribute episode.

  27. Juliab. says:

    Thanks for the CSI/NY scoop. I’m happy to hear they will pay tribute to 9/ll and that we will learn more about Mac’s late wife.

  28. Eli says:

    About Castle spoiler; SERIOUSLY?! Every episode in every godda*** serie’s got a 50-50 chances of ending with a twist!

    The last spoiler wasn’t exactly extraordinary either … :(

  29. Angela says:

    As far as I’m concerned, JJ is NOT getting a promotion. She’s simply changing specialties. She’ll be equal to the profilers now, but she always has been. She wasn’t secondary. She wasn’t lesser. She’s still going to be a Supervisory Special Agent. As she’s always been. As the profilers are. It’s an insult to her old job to describe it as a promotion, and I’m sad that the new show runner apparently views it that way.

    • Penelope says:

      *Blinks. It is a promotion, though. Profilers are paid a bit more, get separate vacation time than the liasions (see the Fisher King), requires more training(which JJ probably fufilled if she went to the Pentagon), and moves up a ‘ranking’ on the FBI scale of authority. SSAs aren’t decided if you’re a liasion or profiler, though. It’s decided with how long you’ve worked for the unit, if what I’ve read is right.

      Yes, she was PROMOTED.

  30. AJ says:

    I really wish the Castle spoilers wouldn’t be so vague.

  31. Gie says:

    Naomi/max is a popular couple in 90210. Why are they breaking them up? Just curious.

  32. Ruairi Phillips says:

    90210 – I think it will either be a toss-up between Dixon or Ivy. Ivy could develop a drug habit when treating her terminally ill husband. Maybe she would become addicted to Raj’s medication e.g morphine or painkillers. Dixon had a gambling problem, that’s the only thing I would pin on him with the upcoming story-line.

    Although if they want to picked one character who they want to surprise the audience, then I would go for Silver. Think about it. Silver develops a drug addiction will studying film, leading to her becoming depressed or even suicidal. She is at her wits end, Navid is far to busy with his sister and uncle. Along comes Adriana, who has been down that whole route to help her friend in need. Adriana could bring her to AA meetings and stuff. Or if they wanted to show the true side of a drug addiction. Adriana being the good friend she is trying to become, locks Silver in her room to let her cold turkey. Them emotional scenes with silver crying for help and Adriana dropping everything for her would be heart-wrenching.

    I’m praying for the writing team to bring something that hasn’t been done before in previous seasons or original series.

  33. Stephanie says:

    New pretty intern for Grey’s = another big yawn. Season five was overrun with interns and barely have we seen one since. Who exactly is doing all the grunt work anyway? But this show is not about interns but residents and attendings now. Not surprised at this scoop as show runner admits she doesn’t even know how many regular cast members she has.

  34. Jen Jen says:

    I love that your No. 1 for next season is Awake. The trailer left me emotionally awed. Sort of bummed it’s a mid-season start.

  35. Jake says:

    worst Ask Ausiello ever. smart TV? see very little of that here. where is info on the upcoming season of Breaking Bad? True Blood? would you ranking of current TV shows echo this AA? gah, I hope not…

    • Katie says:

      I agree. What’s up with all the tween shows? Seems like every time it’s Bones, Castle, House, Bones, Castle, House. That is getting really old. How about Breaking Bad? Dexter? Walking Dead? Mad Men? Parenthood? You know, the quality shows!!

  36. Kendall says:

    The (second) most important question about the new guy on Grey’s: is he a competent actor?

  37. Kevin says:

    I’m hoping Season 8 of CSI: NY will end up being its last.

  38. Wendy says:

    If the so-called twist on Castle is about the files, it is lame with a capital L. A blind person could see where that was going in the finale. And I’m one of the few who does not ship Castle/Beckett, but even I would call foul if it is used to be Plot Contrivance #3,000 in the push me, pull you game.

    • Wendy says:

      @Joel, not so certain there. Dexter is jumping, too.

    • TJCrinc says:

      this was already confirmed by the marlowe. on insidetv.ew the post about the finale, talking with he said he would deal with the immediate reaction to the shooting, then a time jump. so its already news. but there are several shows that will make a time jump, so this is just technically a tease and not a spoiler.

  39. Luc says:

    I’d like to see Cary and Kalinda become closer….I’m not sure I’d like to see a triangle. Anyway I doubt the spoiler is about them. Because unfortunally we rarely get spoilers which are entirely about “other” characters.

  40. Fudge says:

    Oh PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE continue the 90210 pregnancy and nerd-love storyline. It’s brilliant. Seeing Naomi unable to figure out WHY she loves this guy, just aware that she does, totally love him, is superb.

  41. Marco says:

    I just watched the Once Upon a Time pilot and I really liked it. Better than i could imagine but Jennifer Morrison doesn´t convince me in her leading role at all. On the other hand Ginnifer Goodwin is totally adorable.

  42. nikkie says:

    The good wife – if it’s a dumbass trianle regarding Will/Alicia and Lisa Edelstein, I will stop watching. The finale almost made me throw up. This will be too much

    • tru says:

      I agree with you. They need to change the name of the show as a good wife wouldn’t sleep with someone when she’s married. She should have divorced Peter before hooking up with Will. Besides we know that she is never going to leave Peter as then she wouldn’t be a wife thus I reiterate that the show title should be changed.

    • sophie says:

      Alicia and Will look terrible as a couple. I can’t stand them together. Will is a terrible character and the actor who plays him doen’t help at all. Such a bad part of such a good show.

  43. Sally says:

    Thanks for the Once Upon A Time scoop, I’m SO looking forward to this show. Jennifer Morrison will be great as lead, and the rest of the cast is amazing too.

  44. Meg says:

    Excited for Once upon a time!

  45. mollylikesyou says:

    I just started to like 90210 ‘again’ because of this NEW couple. And now they are planning to end the relationship. Man.. I feel like kicking someone’s ass right now.

  46. hfgbgf says:

    its not ivy it has been announced it is a male character maybe dixon bcuz navid is anti drug liam has already had issues and tedd is only fr 5 episodes

  47. rosana says:

    CSI-NY – 10th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy: i hope that means the return of Reed (Kyle Gallner).

  48. susela says:

    Re “White Collar”: Glad to hear Neal will be “on a break” from Sarah! I just don’t buy the two of them. She looks ten years older than him.

    • Mandy says:

      I don’t know why, but I never liked Neal and Sarah together. I don’t mind her as an actress, but I just never bought the chemistry. I think they are both too curious and controlling to ever let the other keep their secrets. They will end up in a spy vs. spy thing too. So I would be okay with this ending.

      • indcit says:

        I wonder who cast Hillary Burton and who decided to keep Sarah over Alex. If the show continues, I do hope they bring Alex back as a regular. She’s awesome and makes a hot couple with Neal, because you never know who is going to con whom.

  49. Aimee says:

    90210 will not be the same without Max and Naomi. Josh and Annalynne are amazing together. I am hoping that the new showrunners and writers will wake up and realize they have something special with them. Not sure if I will keep watching this show without this couple… :(