The Glee Project Recap: Naked Ambition

This week’s Glee Project elimination came down to a choice among a hammy cabaret Carrie Underwood cover, a deeply uncomfortable strip tease, and a performance of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” that was the vocal equivalent of a single tear dramatically rolling down a diva’s cheek. To be honest, if I’d been in Ryan Murphy’s chair, I’d have pulled a reality TV shockeroo and sent McKynleigh, Matheus, and Alex home in one satisfying swoop, but that would’ve cut short the entire run of The Glee Project‘s inaugural season and created some issues for the fine folks at Oxygen. But since I’m still missing the heart and humor of last week’s evictee Emily, I guess maybe I’m still a little bitter.

This week’s theme was “Dance Ability,” and the remaining contestants kicked things off with an ad-libbed dance to “Hey Soul Sister” in which dreadlocked Samuel stood out by sheer virtue of not being groan-inducingly awful. (Matheus’ one-legged hop was particularly atroshe.) This led to a hilarious interlude in which self-proclaimed choreography expert Alex — he of the incredibly sluggish pirouette — declared that he’d thrown the challenge just to give his fellow competitors a chance to shine. This moment should’ve come with a warning label of TV-HP (that’s “Honey, Please” for the uninitiated), but then, Samuel went and brought his own brand of bad mojo during the main challenge of recording a video to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch It.” Look, I understand nobody’s got a patent on silly rap ad-libs, but Samuel admitted he’d stolen Hannah’s “skidoosh” catchphrase, which seemed a little ski-douche-y, for lack of a better word.

Speaking of Hannah, I haven’t been a fan of the redheaded “funny” gal at any point this season, but I’ve got to admit she stood out in the completed video. Matheus, meanwhile, got labeled a diva for asking for a bottle of water. (Okay, yeah, his mini-emotional collapse when Zach asked him to stay on his mark was a tad unprofessional, but I’m not sure the judges were fair in calling it a “huge meltdown.”)

Anyhow, as previously discussed, the Bottom 3 came down to McKynleigh, Matheus, and Alex. The gal who shares a name with Glee’s fictional high school did herself in with a performance that strained so hard to “show personality” that it bordered on Mime School 101. By the time McKynleigh took one final, horrified glance at her ring finger to end her rendition of “Last Name,” I knew she was a goner.

Then again, at least she’s got a solid singing voice. I’m not sure the same can be said for Matheus, whose take on Jay Sean’s “Down” was filled with flat, phlegm-y notes and, eventually, a bare torso. But I don’t think we can blame the diminutive muscle man for going the strip-tease route, considering Ryan Murphy told him to “go nuts” in portraying himself as a potential Glee sex symbol. Plus, while I’m not sure I really see Matheus as someone who’s going to make Darren Criss or Mark Salling lose sleep, he’s at least managed to stand out among the Glee Project pack without making me aggressively dislike him.

And then there’s Alex. I loved how Ryan summed up the kid’s incredibly cocky attempt at sounding humble by asking, “You think you’re better than [your competition]?” I didn’t feel much of anything from his rendition of “I Will Always Love You,” but I suppose he’ll be good at stirring up some drama in the house for a few more weeks before his inevitable ouster.

And now I turn it over to you. What did you think of this week’s Glee Project? Who would you have sent home? Was McKynleigh the right call for elimination? Who’s standing out as your favorite? And will anyone answer that last question with an answer other than Cameron? Sound off below, and for all my reality recaps, follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ryan says:

    I was sad to see McKynleigh go. I really wanted to kick the other two kids in the face.

    • jess says:

      I agree! McKynleigh’s was my favourite performance of the 3. I really wanted Matheus to go just for the fact that I was so uncomfortable watching his performance!

      I really liked Alex until this week, he’s got an amazing set of pipes but wow is he cocky!

      • Jenny says:

        I was uncomfortable watching Matheus too. It was a very long way from being sexy. Was happy to see Ryan call Alex on his cockiness. Right there shows his real attitude and on an ensemble show that Glee is the Diva Attitude wouldn’t last.

      • Melinda says:

        I have to agree that I was more than a little uncomfortable with Matheus’ strip-tease.

    • filmex says:

      Totally agree. McKynleigh is the LAST one of the three I would have let go. First Emily, and now this. It’s starting to look like the fix is in.

      How does Emily get let go for “underperforming” during the video shoot, yet Alex sleep walks thru the entire thing? Then he has the gall to contend he was merely corralling his massive talent so the little people would have a chance to win something.

      If ANY of the girls had said anything like that, they would have been gone in a New York minute.

      Then Alex plays the gay card, when it’s so obvious being gay has really curtailed his ego (not!). Perhaps McKynleigh should have played the race card, “trapped between two worlds” etc. etc. but one doubts that would have worked with Ryan Murphy to the same degree.

      This show is starting to leave a bad taste in the mouth. McKynleigh improves, does a great song rendition, yet loses to a creepy pervy imp and a diva whose self-acclaimed talent is bigger than all Mount Rushmore.

      Wonder which girl will be sent home next week.

      • R says:

        I have to agree. The show is really coming off as a fix, I get why they saved Cameron, the awkward hipster vibe he has going on is very in right now but in my opinion he had the worst performance last week.

        Now with McKinleigh going home after FINALLY being memorable?!?! (and being the most memorable of the 3 if i might add) Definitely a fixed competition

      • Saulo says:

        Matheus is definitely a creepy pervy imp. Well said!

        I LMAO when Alex says his mother is the *only* person who knows he is gay. Come on!

        • Sarah says:

          Why is that unbelieveable? This episode was filmed a couple of months ago. Clearly more people would know now with it being currently on air.

  2. BRETT says:

    I have to just say that I am a little shocked at the fact that all these sites are recapping this show. This show, that literally NO ONE watches. (Have you seen the ratings?) There are many other reality competition shows on right now that post higher ratings. Cue the attack in 3…2…1…

    • Michael says:

      Michael recaps Glee, so I think it fits that he’d recap the Glee Project even though other reality shows are more watched.

    • filmex says:

      So the show is losing to “60 Minutes”, “True Blood”, etc. etc. The fact of the matter is the show is valuable because it promotes “Glee” during the off-season, it’s aggregate numbers over 8 showings during the week, DVR and On Demand viewings all mean a lot more people are watching it rather than that 9PM EST number might indicate.

      You sound like a Neilsen family member circa 1986.

      And once the winning cast member completes their arc next fall on “Glee”, odds are Oxy will re-run the series to show how they got there, and release the DVD set at the same time. No way they lose money on this thing.

      You must shock easily.

      • BRETT says:

        Wow, how nice of you to get so… passionate. I was just curious. But um, THE CHALLENGE: RIVALS posts higher ratings and its recaps are no longer to be found. But I guess since GLEE is reviewed, it only makes sense for this as well. Just curious!

      • sunshine says:

        We watch the show over and over again On Demand.

    • Orestria says:

      Plus, it’s on *oxygen*. most of the people I know who are watching the show are watching it online because we don’t get that channel. Not to mention we don’t even live in the united states so we can’t even watch it on the oxygen website. I think true blood and glee share a lot of the same fans, so I wouldn’t be surprised if people are just tivo’ing glee project

      • Lili says:

        That’s true. I don’t even live in the united states so I can’t even watch it on the oxygen website!!!

        A lot of people who comment on these websites are from other countries.

    • karenb says:

      No attack necessary. I just want to say that I love this show. I love the format and most of the kids are likeable. My kids and I are hooked on the glee project…which is more than I can say for how we felt about S2 of glee. It just may get us interested enough to tune into S3.

  3. noa says:

    1. McKynleigh
    2. yes
    3. Cameron
    4. probably not.

    thanks Michael, great recap as always!
    sharing your sadness over losing Emily.

    BTW- the song is called “U Can’t Touch This” and not “Can’t Touch It”.

    • Tego Livi says:

      I always thought it was dumb to title it “U Can’t Touch This” because Hammer never said the “U.”

      I would’ve dumped McKynleigh before the show ever started just because of the stupid spelling of her name.

  4. glenbots says:

    they need to start skimming the fat in this show. i mean that as a milk reference or something, not like the bigger contestants.
    mckynleigh has too many vowel consonant combinations in her name, and im glad shes gone, for other reasons too. but matheaus or whatever is driving me up a damn wall. i cant stand him. i thought alex’s performance was amazing but hes a ditch. diva and…

    cam is my favorite, sorry. but i do like hannah, and i love me some damian. not to win, but he is great.

  5. egk says:

    The numbers are pretty schmaltzy, so hard to tell, but here is my rundown.
    Sam – I liked him, but knowingly stealing from someone else loses him for me.
    Matheus – I find him UNWATCHABLE. Really. If he gets the part, I would find something else to do when he’s on screen.
    Damian – I like him.
    Alex – he lost, so he made up the BS excuse of “I lost on purpose.” Be an adult and just be sorry you lost.
    McKynleigh – I think she’s beautiful and talented, so I was sorry to see her go.
    Hannah – ok, nothing special
    Marissa – do they ever even focus on her? I don’t recall her standing out in any way, except she’s a little pretty.
    Lindsay – can’t stand and she’s not even that good. Hope she or Matheus are the next to go.
    Cameron – like him, but kinda sick of “look at the quirky guy” – is he a professional “quirky guy”?

  6. Jenny says:

    Agree with your complete assessment of the episode last night. I have not liked this show pretty much from the start. Yet I continue to watch because it is such a train wreck. I do like the inside aspect from those behind Glee, but the actual contestants I can’t stand them. They are all whiny and over dramatic. I watch just thinking, “This is the future of a show I love.” Cameron is about the only one that I could picture on the show and me wanting to actually watch.

    I honestly would have sent all three home as well based on those final three performances. McKynleigh and Matheus were a total joke and Alex is nothing than a Mercedes/Kurt clone and he isn’t even good at it. I just can’t believe that this group was the best they found on their searches. I don’t know if half of these people would make it past Hollywood week on AI.

    • Kayla says:

      I watch the show On Demand when I’m bored, but agree it’s a horrible show. The majority of the contestants are unlikable and those who don’t fit that category are forgettable. Lindsay is one of the few that I like, mostly b/c I want to see her sqaure off against Rachel.
      Alex is a total diva and couldn’t pinpoint his Glee counterpoint until you mentioned Mercedes/Kurt. Alex like Kurt plays the gay card when it suits his purpose.

      • keem says:

        What’s ‘the gay card’. Is this an american thing? I’ve seen it a few times but it just sounds weird to me.

  7. G says:

    Matheus needs to go. He is impossibly annoying and it’s just embarrassing watching him try and be ‘sexy’.

    This show is getting so lame. They are clearly setting specific contestants up to be eliminated. McKynleighwas a sweet and likeable girl who had a great performance and wasn’t a diva at all. Matheus and Alex are impossible to work with and need a reality check. Matheus should have gone weeks ago.

    BTW, why is Alex claiming to be the best dancer? Seeing him during the homework challenge was sad…

  8. Joey says:

    I’m fairly confident that Alex went to the “Jacob Lusk School of Stank,” because that kid was giving off the stank all friggin’ episode! He was so sad and pouty during his confessionals. I’m pretty sure he felt that he did nothing wrong. He just wanted to give other people a chance to shine. (Really? REALLY?)

  9. bobeau says:

    Agree entirely about dropping all three. Hope we never again get such a bad final three.

    Right now I could easily see Damian, Samuel, Hannah or Cameron on Glee. I’m personally rooting for Samuel, like the way he moves, but he has a ways to go to open up…. and if/when he does, will there be much there? Don’t know yet. Weirdly, the mini-drama around his lift from Hannah is the most interesting he has been on camera. They could pair Hannah and Samuel next week.

    No question that Damian is ahead of everyone now. He is made for TV…. particularly TV aimed young.

    • Taylor says:

      That would be cool, but they won’t be paired. A promo revealed songs and pairs.
      Lindsay and Cameron are doing Baby It’s Cold Outside. Damian and Matheus are doing The Lady is a Tramp. You can watch their vids on YouTube.
      Marissa and Samuel look like they’re doing You’re the One That I Want. No clue what Hannah and Alex will do. Maybe River Deep, Mountain High?

      • Mocha says:

        I saw a preview that was maybe for the homework assignment and not the video, but in it Marissa and Cameron were paired and Cameron called his mom to say he felt like faking intimacy with her made him feel like he was “cheating”. I hope that doesn’t mean he gets sent home–I love him!

        • sunshine says:

          Love Cameron’s voice! Gotta say, though, that I’m a bit worried at his chances at winning. First, he wasn’t very “vulnerable,” then he lacked any personality in the “dance ability” episode and now the previews for next week show him worried about “cheating.” Focus, dude! Keep your eyes on the prize!

  10. Taylor says:

    I was so mad to see McKynleigh go over the other two. She has an amazing personality as shown in the bonus videos. It’s amazing how the parts they cut out make you like the people they don’t focus on (McKynleigh, Marissa, Damian).
    I’ve disliked Matheus and Alex from the get-go. Matheus comes off as this annoying self-righteous douche. Alex comes off as a less appealing Kurtcedes love child. Plus, his voice just makes my skin crawl.
    I like Samuel and Hannah, but I wasn’t a big fan of him taking her catchphrase. I will say that I was happy to see him be upfront with her about it. I’m sure he told Nikki, and they edited it out. Regardless, Hannah shined in the music video.
    And I have to say this. Lindsay’s face during her portion of the video was hilarious!!! Specifically “and I’m magic on the mic.”

    • Cabbie says:

      Wow. That’s harsh. They’re only kids.

    • filmex says:

      Totally agree that Lindsay’s face was magnetic. Let’s face it, she can be annoying as hell, but those eyes just pop on camera. If she doesn’t win, she ought to at least get a contact lens commercial, or Lenscrafters or something. Her eyes dance, that’s all there is to it.

  11. Lindsey says:

    I’m glad McKynleigh went home… She seemed sweet, but her personality was totally overpowered by the rest of them. I thought she did well opening up on her final song, but I didn’t get the feeling she would go back to the group and be anything other than forgettable again. I love Cameron and Damian, and I think Hannah is really fun! Samuel is interesting, but definitely did not like the way he stole Hannah’s thing. I hope he did give her credit with Nikki and they just didn’t show it. I remember reading that Ryan Murphy said we’d be surprised by the winner… I feel like that knocks out Cameron and Lindsay, cause they seem like obvious choices. I have a feeling that Damian may actually pull it out, because he has a likable personality and they could use the accent and cast him as an exchange student or something. Also, I do not miss Emily AT ALL! So glad she is gone! AND I find Matheus pretty endearing… How can anyone not like the guy? He’s hilarious!

    • Stephanie says:

      I’ve been thinking it will be Marissa since last episode. She’s been lurking like a dark horse and then the “anorexic” sign clinched it for me. Ryan Murphy said there was a story line he’d never thought of, and I’m nearly sure this was it. Think about it–everyone on the show has been an obvious like or dislike except for her. People are forgetting about her. Now. They are going to slowly start giving her more screen time, and when she wins it, it will be like everyone liked her from the beginning. Extremely smart move.

      However, I do think everyone here who says that they are “uncomfortable” watching Mattheus needs to step back and look at themselves. He IS a grown man, but he is a little person, which is different from most of the population. It makes me uncomfortable when people make that comment. Why? He’s quite cute and I think could possibly add a lot to the show. I seriously bet if he’d have been cast without being on this show, been directed and put into the show without this competition, there would be many more “I love him!” and “he’s SO cute!” comments than this unfortunate label of “makes me uncomfortable.”

      • Darsy says:

        For the record, if any of them had done a striptease, it would have made me uncomfortable. It has nothing to do with his size. I think he’d make a great sexy addition to the cast, but that was a step too far.

        • Katie says:

          Ditto…. nothing to do with his size, that was just a completely-cringeworthy moment. Wouldn’t have mattered which of the contestants it was, one of the judges looked like I felt, like he wanted to crawl under his seat and hide. The others laughed uncomfortably, how are you supposed to focus on someone’s singing and performance when you’re wondering when they’re going to stop taking off clothes??!?!

        • Stephanie says:

          That “uncomfortable” comment has come up from week one, so it has nothing to do with the striptease–which I agree with you was uncalled for, for any contestant, but this is the first time he’s done it so there are other reasons people keep saying this.

      • Lindsey says:

        Yeah, Marissa could be another under-the-radar contender, like Damian. I agree that they have been keeping her under wraps and may unveil her as a favorite when the time is right…

      • lace says:

        My dislike of Matheus has nothing to do with his size. His striptease was uncomfortable and I would have said the same thing if it has been any of the guys currently on Glee. I find him cute like a little kid, and once again it’s not his size. His personality annoys me and I don’t think he’s the strongest contender. Not a fan of McKynleigh either, but if it were up to me I might have voted for her to stay over the other 2.

        • Lake says:

          Jovany Barreto did the striptease thing at his audition and earned my dislike. Same thing for Matheus.
          I think Damien is getting the winner’s edit as the guy who started off meh and then improved. I don’t find him to be particularly interesting, and I think there are far better candidates among this group, particularly Cameron and Lindsey.

  12. samantha says:

    The only contestants that arent getting on my nerves at this point are marissa, damian and cameron. I liked that lindsay was completely non existant this episode. I cant recall her saying one word. Samuel kinda bothered me. If i was asked to freestyle on the spot i would probably use hannah’s thing too but not flat out say it was my own. As pervy as damian’s comments of marissa’s booty were, i found myself laughing. You have to admitt that the sentance about not being able to touch it was pretty clever. Cameron is just falling more every week but he will probably go to the top again soon. Hannah really stood out to me in the video and lets just agree alex and matheus should be the next to leave.

  13. Emma says:

    This show will lead to the downfall of Glee (which is already skating on thin ice after it’s lackluster second season)

    I don’t get Ryan Murphy, he’s obviously trying to milk Glee for all it’s worth but surely even he must realize the fans want the final season of the core characters to be about the CORE CHARACTERS!

    • Cabbie says:

      I agree. The show needs to focus on Rachel and Kurt and Finn. They’re adding Blaine so why add anyone else?

      • filmex says:

        Well, according to the latest news right here, Rachel and Kurt and Finn will all be gone by the end of next season, never to return again, so it’s wise that they integrate new talent if they want to keep the show going strong.

  14. Lindsey says:

    Oh, and Alex is so irritating! Hope he’s the next to go… His rendition of “I Will Always Love You” was kind of impressive though, even if he did come from the Jacob Lusk School of Wailing.

    Also, in regards to the show… I think it’s surprisingly good! It’s really cool that they have the actual casting director, choreographer and vocal coach from the show working with the contestants. What a great way for the contestants to see what being on Glee would be like and a great way for the crew to see who they could see working with! I actually find myself more interested in this show than I usually am in Glee! The music videos have been turning out really good, and I love watching the bottom three sing for Ryan Murphy. There are several contestants that I would be excited to see appear on Glee. :)

  15. Cabbie says:

    I don’t understand what The Glee Project is ultimately trying to do. Ryan and crew constantly tell the performers to “Be Themselves” – but isn’t acting all about being someone else? Aren’t these supposed to be TRIPLE THREATS, not just interesting personalities? Most can’t dance and there hasn’t been any acting so far.

    I think they are missing the real talent in their quest for someone with a big personality who stands out. I wonder how many of the current cast of Glee would win The Glee Project.

    • Stephanie says:

      Acting is about putting yourself INTO a character, not becoming someone else. When you “play a character” it becomes fake. Two different people would play the same character in different ways. It’s what you yourself bring to it that makes it interesting and believable.

  16. 1Ems1 says:

    Skidoosh is from KUNG FU PANDA. Hannah needs to stop trying to claim it for her own. That’s like me using “fetch” and claiming it as my own.

  17. Mandy says:

    While I have only seen a few episodes, I think Cameron, Marissa or Lindsay would fit in great and Ryan would have alot to write for any of them. They are believable to exist in Lima, Ohio (unlike say Samuel) but aren’t too alike the people already existing on the show (for example Emily was a poor version of Santana)

    • Kate says:

      See I think Cameron, Marissa, Samuel, and Damian are the only ones left who are not very similar to an existing character. Lindsay to me is just a less likable Rachel Berry. I do agree that Samuel isn’t your typical Ohio kid but, as someone who grew up in a small Ohio town, I do think there’s usually one or two California-esque kids in every high school.

      • sue says:

        I agree with Kate about small towns having kids who aren’t typical. Samuel could make for an interesting storyline. Right now, though, Damian is my favorite for the part. He would be an exchange student, which makes perfect sense. He has a good voice, a funny, quirky personality, and it seems that all the others like him. He could fit into a group well. I also feel that Alec is the whiny Jacob Lusk diva and that Hannah’s body type is already well represented on the show. Lindsey was shown as very unlikeable in the Vulnerability show so I wouldn’t be in favor of her winning. Cameron is probably the favorite to win right now, so I guess he won’t, since we’ve been told the winner is a surprise. I’m enjoying the show, both for the backstage looks and for the music videos.

        • Mocha says:

          I’m probably in the minority here but if the winner is not Cameron, Damian, Marissa, or Samuel, I wouldn’t mind if it’s Lindsay. I really like her voice, and if Rachel’s graduating this year someone has to fill her shoes, or at least act as a foil to her. I really hope that neither Matheus nor Alex wins–Alex plays the gay card way too much and is like an even more egotistical blend of Mercedes and Kurt, and Matheus just annoys the heck out of me. I’m liking this show a lot more than I thought I would–it has very little of the catty drama present in other shows (at least so far) and the music videos are very fun.

  18. Alex deserved to go for throwing the competition earlier. If you’re not “in it to win it” (as Randy Jackson would declare) then why are you here? “I’m gay.” also, is not a reason.

    However, Matheus’s striptease was so uncomfortable, that if I were Ryan Murphy, I would have cut him immediately post performance and Alex would have never even sung.

    • Lindsey says:

      There’s no way Alex actually threw the competition. He just said that because he was bitter that he lost. But I agree that he needs to go regardless!

      • topsyturvy says:

        I agree. He just said that to cover his considerable ass. I thought it was great how he was called out for all that attention seeking crap he did during the performance … the pirouet and other LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! moves.

  19. Darsy says:

    I have to say I’m starting to feel uncomfortable with the fact that it’s essentially ‘attitude’ that lands folks in the bottom three. Sure, it’s important when you’re picking someone you want to work with, but like Emily’s one bad day, it seems like god forbid you make any waves in case they go wrong–and that doesn’t bode well for finding out what people are really like, and thus what kind of character to write for them.

    • Gabe says:

      I agree – the first guy they kicked off was cute and looked interesting, but he questioned whether his character would do something and out he went.

      • karenb says:

        I think a good attitude and being easy to work with is probably an important part of being an ensemble cast. Bryce totally blew it. I thought he was good looking, talented and did really well in the video. Hopefully he’s learned something from the experience.

  20. brea says:

    Just HAPPENED to watch 2-3 episodes of Glee Project. I (like lots of people, I think) can’t help consider that anyone that wins will be replacing a current character, and who wants that? (Rhetorical).
    So, right off,knowing that, I’m not too keen on any of contestants.
    I do think guy Damien (Irish kid) is a top contender BUT has anyone else noticed his looks are similar to Colfer’s? He could play his long-lost brother. On the other hand, he’s very cute esp. w/accent, so for that reason, I can see him winning this thing. BUT, (lol), I don’t think Colfer will be too happy w/that. Maybe I shouldn’t have written that. (Big Colfer/Kurt/Glee fan regardless). : )

  21. blackrising says:

    I really missed Emily this episode. Without her, the show lacks funny parts. :/
    Now, as far as the Last Chance performances go, I actually thouht McKinleigh did quite well. It was entertaining to watch and LOADS better than the other two. Matheus is really starting to annoy me and ripping off his shirt did NOT make it better. I don’t know what RM is thinking, trying to turn him into a sex symbol. That just means we’d get ANOTHER douche on Glee. Like we don’t have Finn already.
    Alex’s performance was…well-sung, but I was bored to tears. Not to mention that his whole ‘Oh, woe is me, I’m gay and everyone told me that’s wrong and nobody except my mum knows’ speech was so lame. First off, being gay does not automatically make you a great character. Also, doesn’t his family watch the show? If so, proclaiming you are gay in front of the camera probably means that by now, EVERYONE knows. We have enough characters on the show who have a problem with their sexuality. What I want to see is a guy or gal who knows they’re gay, are freaking PROUD of it and totally OWN their gayness. In front of the whole school, if need be.
    (Glee just makes it seem like every gay person is automatically ashamed of it, bullied because of it or at least has some kind of issue about it. Believe it or not, there ARE people who know what they want and don’t care who knows it. I’m proud to say that I adore women and am not afraid to tell the whole world.)

    As far as the rest of the episode goes:
    Hannah: I think she’s adorable. Period.
    Cameron: Meh. Never was a fan of him. I like him well enough, though.
    Damian: He’s such a cutie. I wanna pinch his cheeks. His comments about Marissa? Totally with you on that one, bro. *brofist*
    Samuel: Get in my bed. Now. And I do think he regrets not telling Nikki that the ‘Scadoosh’ thing was Hannah’s.
    Marissa: “The rest of us are commiting sins in our head” ‘Nough said.
    Lindsay: Not gonna lie, I am absolutely in love with that girl. I tend to be so distracted by her eyes that I don’t even get to appreciate the rest of her. *lovestruck sigh* And she was so cute in the music video. And damn, girl, move dem hips. You know the way she…- *chrm* Right. Gonna stop now.

    • Shirin says:

      “What I want to see is a guy or gal who knows they’re gay, are freaking PROUD of it and totally OWN their gayness. In front of the whole school, if need be.”

      We already HAVE that character.

      • blackrising says:

        Who, Blaine? He’s the only one I can think of who is even remotely close to what I imagine. Still not quite there, though. RIght now, he’s at an all boys school where gays are accepted, so of course he’d have no problem. I just wonder if he’d be able to act the same way if he were at McKinleigh High.
        Kurt? Definitely not. He’s out, yes, but let’s face it, he’s still terrified. Not to mention that I doubt him being gay came as a surprise to anyone.
        Santana has the potential to become such a person. But she still has a long way to go.

        Maybe I just think it’d be funny to watch someone being extremly open about their sexuality and, like, constantly making passes at their fellow gleeclubbers/schoolmates. No matter if it’s in the hallway or middle of class or whatever.
        Maybe that’s the difference between BLaine and the character I imagine. Blaine has a kind of quiet confidence (which is not bad at all) and yes, he doesn’t have a problem with people knowing. The character I’d like to see is actually so proud of their sexuality and certain of who and what they are that they WANT people to know. They LIKE screaming it from the rooftops at the top of their lungs and watching the surprised/shocked/amused faces.

        Then again, maybe that’s just because I’m much the same way. *shrug*

  22. Shay L says:

    I COMPLETLEY AGREE 100% with everything said! Alex is a Kurtcedes clone, and when he said he was such a GREAT dancer, during the homework assignment, I waited a beat-expected him to let the cat out of the bag like he did during Bad Romance ( which was uncomfortable to watch) and I was laughing bc even I knew that wasn’t as PRO as he made it out to be. Like Joey above said-go back to the “Jacob Lusk School of Stank!” I admit I’ve liked Mataeus UP until this point-thought his vocals were lackluster and I felt like he took Ryans suggestion TOO LITERALLY-just seemed like a desperate plea to not be kicked off! I didn’t think Mckynleigh should’ve gone home-frankly I was
    hoping for Alex just bc he was too cocky and couldn’t back up his PRO dancing-yawn!

  23. Taylor says:

    I’m sad to see McKinleigh go, honestly. I think that she performed the best out of the three and I genuinely like her. Matheus isn’t all that talented, so he should go. I don’t think he would make a good addition to Glee. I just don’t like Alex. At all. Part of me hopes he falls into a well. He’s just way too cocky.

    My favorite is Samuel, but I’d like Cameron on the show too.

    I don’t think Lindsay is as bad as the show is making her out to be, honestly.

    Hannah is just pretty awesome.

    Marissa doesn’t really stand out to me.

    I don’t particularly like Damian.. Watch the hate I get for that..

    I think the show is rigged though, it’ll be a guy who wins because they already plan on casting two women.

  24. D says:

    Am I the only one who thought the rub eh due dup duh due skidoosh thing was ridiculous??? First of all, how in the heck did that sound like good rapping? Before the blonde lady said it was really good, I was sure she was going to laugh at how bad it sounded. From someone like Hannah who is playing the funny card it could work, but for someone as “soulful” and “serious” (notice the sarcasm) as Samuel it didn’t work. Not only that, but the he stole my routine bit was hilarious. Am the only one who noticed that this was Andy from the Office? I nearly pooped myself I was laughing so hard when the blonde vocal coach called it original, have any of them ever seen the office?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Meh, craziness

    • J says:

      completely agree! How that was rapping I have no idea. I still don’t know what Hannah’s niche is, shes not funny (don’t know how she apparently thinks she is), she isn’t the best singer or the best dancer and that rapping was….not rapping lol

  25. Pedro says:

    I miss Emily… she was so funny and great. I can’t believe the fun part is now supposed to be Hannah or Matheus. The only thing I feel when I watch them is embarrassment.
    As for this episode, I just wanted all of the bottom 3 out! That girl’s performance was indeed too hammy for my taste. Matheus is so obnoxious and that strip tease was just the definition of embarrassment. Alex thinks he’s a lot better than all of them, which he’s not!

  26. KJ says:

    I think they likely had a top two or three planned from the outset, and the first few weeks are just weeding out folks that they probably weren’t going to truly consider anyway. I also have read that they’re adding other female characters, so I suspect that they need the winner to be male. Originally I liked cameron, but I’m also liking samuel – I can see him fitting into the glee club group well. Damian has a pleasant accent, but I just don’t see much in the way of personality coming through.

    Regarding Mckynleigh’s exit – just because she killed it in the final song, doesn’t fix the issue that she wasn’t able to distinguish herself when she was performing with others. She’s beautiful, and has a nice voice, but that’s not enough to add much to the show.

    I also think about Ryan’s statement that Sue Sylvestor’s going to spend season three focusing her hate on the Glee Project winner. So I also am trying to evaluate each of them on what Sue would hate them for.

  27. Erin says:

    I think of the bottom 3 performances, Matheus’ was the worst. His vocals were horrible AND his performance was EXTREMELY uncomfortable to watch. I could tell Zach was getting uncomfortable too. McKynleigh, I think, gave the best one. It may have been cheesy and over-the-top but her vocals were amazing. I have absolutely no opinion on Alex’s performance.
    I guess the last chance performances really don’t matter because Emily rocked hers and got sent home and McKynleigh had the best out of her bottom 3 and got sent home. I hate how the Ryan led her on too, saying she did so well and how he wants a good country singer and all that crap. I have a feeling they might be looking for a boy, because 3 out of 4 of the people that went home were girls.
    I thought it was kind of dirty of Samuel to take credit for Hannah’s thing but is that even Hannah’s thing? Isn’t “skadoosh” from Kung Fu Panda? Besides, I have a feeling that bit was scripted a little bit to add drama. When Nikki said, “And that was like your own thing wasn’t it?” and he was like, *shifty eyes* “Totally.” Why would anyone think that was original? That doesn’t sound original at all. That sounds like something you would hear on the streets from a guy with a coin jar trying to make money.
    Haha Damian’s comments on Marissa… if any American guy had said that I would call him off for being a perv, but the fact that it was said in an Irish accent just made it adorable. Come to my house, Damian, I’ll booty pop for you any day….

  28. Mel says:

    Personally, I’m rooting for Samuel, I think he would be an interesting addition to Glee. Um…Matheus the striptease was uncalled for. It was creepy and painful to watch and I’m not saying that because he’s little, I’m saying it because it’s true. I really don’t get why it’s necessary to make him “sexy” I mean, not to be mean but he couldn’t pull off sexy if he was wearing it as a sweater. If it’s not in you, it’s just not in you.
    Alex had me channeling Ochocinco “Child Please” he needs the boot ASAP.
    The rest of the show was just okay for me but those bits stood out.

  29. topsyturvy says:

    The wrong person was sent home. Either one of the other two should have gone. There was something slightly original about McKinleigh.

    Alex said that no one (except his mother) knows he’s gay. To paraphrase Karen Walker, “What, are they headless?”

    My question is when are they going to start judging the kids on their acting? So far they’ve been making drippy music videos and with auto tune and the fast editing, does singing and dancing really make that big of a deal if you’re on the show?

  30. Laugh says:

    Just like on Survivor, if you aren’t shown that much (hello, Marissa) chances are you’ll be around a while so the viewers can get to know you later. I like Marissa, Cameron and Damian. I would’ve liked to have seen McKynleyigh (just threw in some consonants as a guess..too lazy to scroll up for correct spelling) written as a new bestie for Mercedes..I could see a jealousy triangle with Tina, a new-found popularity for Mercedes if she had a hot bestie cause McKynleigh is so pretty!

    Anyway, I really think Lindsay has had her 12 minutes and needs to go, although I hate to see the girls going every week. Can we bring back Emily and lose Lindsay?

    Gleeful podcast’s Ed pointed out (he was at the auditions in Chicago back in like March) that he’s pretty sure that the best of the best at the auditions actually were scooped up for the show already and that this reality show is made up of borderline people who they weren’t so sure about…not like these 12 were really the BEST.

    It’s painful to watch the scenes where they are just sitting around and talking to each other. They are all so immature and under so much pressure that I can really tell what KIDS they are. I don’t think anyone should take the things they say very seriously, especially after they see themselves on tv they might just put the pedal to the metal in the maturity lane. Here’s hopin’, anyway!

  31. Sophie says:

    Well I agree with your argument, personally I would have sent home all 3 of them, McK did a lot of faces, not good even though her vocals were the best out of the 3 of them. Alex well… I’m not homofobic or anything but, there’s Brittana and Klaine already… What now… Will Alex be Karofsky’s boyfriend??? No… Besides he’s like a Kurtcedes! I personally don’t see him @ Glee. Matheus… Oh Matheus.. I didn’t like him from the beggining, I can’t be impartial commenting about him but here’s my thoughts about him: ok he fits the “I’m not accepted because of my size” and well Glee is all about freaks who aren’t accepted by the popular kids, but as Alex plays the gay card too much, Matheus plays the small card, besides I feel like he’s confident that’s going to get him on the show and I wouldn’t count on it, and the performance… OMG tears were falling through my cheeks and certainly not because I was happy or touched by his perfomance, the striptease was so uncalled for and his vocals my God… I sound better in the shower for real the whole sexsymbol thing just got pervsymbol!
    Lindsay is annoying is like Rachel way less talented, please don’t annoy us more!!! the last thing we need on Glee is a girl that feels the world is at her feet. Yes she’s talented I do like her voice but her personality is just the worse, of course maybe if she wins they’ll writte a character not as annoying but idk she doesn’t seem to fit.
    Hannah, well I have too agree that there’s already Mercedes and Lauren so they’ll throw her out.
    Cameron, wow I really like him I can see a character like that on the show butttttt yeah he’s like an Artie, although I’ll love to see him on Glee.
    Damian, I’m not such a fan but I can see him as a exchange student also, I feel is a little bit like Sunshine Corazon storyline hahah except Rachel won’t sent him to a crack house. He could be the one and I’ll be glad to see him also.
    Marissa, she’s talented and I agree she’s been kept on the shadows but she’ll stand out somewhere along the way. I read somewhere that she can’t win because people don’t relate to pretty talented people… Well what about Quinn? (season 1 Quinn). I think she could be a winner and could have an interesting story of why she feels and is rejected and get into the glee club, I mean it’s not all about fat/gay/pregnant/nerd/newguy@school/weirds, look at Rachel she is rejected well by personality obviously, got 2 fathers and she’s never feel pretty enough to get a guy’s attention.
    Samuel, mmm I personally don’t like him, he does fit the thing about “rejected” but idk… There’s something about him that doesn’t quite fit in just like Lindsay, talented but… No.

  32. Sophie says:

    About the thing I said that people don’t relate to pretty and talented people, well I feel there’s so much more on that. Pretty girls can have issues with fitting in also, you don’t have to be a hideous weirdo to be rejected. Look at Quinn’s storyline, she was a fat girl and she decided she did not wanted to be like that so she had a massive makeover, yet she was still a rejected girl. They could use Marissa’s storyline about anorexia.

  33. Gleeker says:

    I have to agree with Slezak, here. I really miss Emily. She was freakin hilarious! I could def see her on SNL. I really believe that it’s going to be Samuel who wins. He is so different! More importantly, he appears to be mature, professional and determined to win. I think he’s great. Cameron’s voice is AMAZING! I could listen to it ALL DAY! He needs to “get with the program” a bit, though. Damian cracks me up! Sometimes, though, I feel like I need a translator to figure out what he’s saying, and I don’t think sub-titles will go over very well on glee. Love Marissa, too. She’s talented, beautiful, professional and seems to actually be a really nice person. I would be happy with any of the above winning!

  34. Addie says:

    Samuel can I just shave his head? Those dreads creep me out.
    Cameron- I want to rip those douche bag glasses off of his face, and make him dress less like a creeper
    Damian- I loved his comments on Marissa! I could see him as a great member for Glee, but if he doesn’t win can he just do the new voice overs? I just want to hear the accent.
    Mattheus- I have a soft spot fir him, maybe cause he’s my height or that he would fit in in a show about misfits.
    Alex- Ok, I just want to know why he was cuddled against some gals bosom. Do all gay guys do that? Snuggle in a gal pals boobs?

  35. Benjamin D says:

    I was really sad to see McKinleigh go. I really like her, and think she has the best voice out of the whole cast. I don’t think she would have won, but Alex should have gone home this week. He’s starting to really annoy me with his diva attitude.

    Speaking of diva attitude, I can’t see (well, besides his bouts of it) why everyone can’t stand Matheus. He seems like a really wonderful person, and I think he would be perfect on Glee. I also read somewhere that Ryan Murphy told Matheus to ‘take your shirt off of something’ before he went on. Poor kid must have been terrified. I don’t think it is fair to call him out on that.

    Just read another comment that says that Murphy stated that we would be surprised by the winner. This makes me think even more that Damian will win. I’m sorry to say it, but I think that Damian winning would work best for Murphy because he would get most of the Celtic Thunder fandom to start watching Glee, if they didn’t already. I hope that this isn’t the case, and that the show isn’t fixed, but it looks like it might be. :/

    Even if Damian does win that way, I wish him the best. It wouldn’t be his fault at all if that happened, and I must say I do love me some Celtic Thunder. :D

    No clue who is going home next week. I hope it’s either Linsday or Alex.

  36. dilia says:


    he actually has alot of personality have u seen his bad romance bit? or his irish rap? or his comments on marissa?

    plus his accent is so cool and i can always understand it and damian is one of the few people who i find always has a great attitude and tries even when doing things that arent his strength (like dancing) and i thought he and marissa killed it in this vid when damian took his glasses off at the end of his part i luvved it

  37. airhead says:

    Not quite sure which one I find more annoying, but to put it shortly, I want Alex or Lindsay to go next.

  38. dilia says:


    <3 <3

  39. Caleb says:

    i for one like alex newell, though being gay put an old damper on that favorite jkjk. but over all i LOVE hannah and STILL am shocked that mckinleigh left. but im planning to go on one show like this soooo pleeease vote for me!